Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - Unwelcome Visitors - full transcript

If aliens have visited Earth, why are they here and what are they truly after? Investigations have revealed the possibility that aliens are interested in experimenting on not only the human body, but the human mind as well.

Many experts believe

aliens may have visited Earth before

and will inevitably
descend upon us in the future.

But more unsettling

is the possibility that aliens

are already here

and that they are using us

for their own benefit.

Join us, as we investigate

the growing possibility

that aliens closely monitor planet Earth

and that our civilization just may be

their prized experiment.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades,

detailing every UFO account
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover

the truth behind
these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

UFOs and close encounters

have been reported
around the world for decades,

in densely populated urban centers,

along coastal areas,

in rural farmland,

and in barren deserts.

But why are UFOs here,

and what do they want?

There are several different theories

about why extraterrestrials
might be visiting the earth.

That this is the prelude
to some sort of Alien invasion.

That they're after our resources,

whatever it is,

and that they are scouting us,
studying us,

and this is a prelude
to them coming here,

all guns blazing,

to either exterminate us
or enslave us.

There's a lot of theories
on why they're here,

and I think when you truly
want to answer that question,

you have to understand
what the human race wants from the stars,

and that's the knowledge,
it's the experience,

it's the understanding
of what's truly going on out there.

Other theories are that
they are just scientists,

that the reason for studying Earth
is purely scientific.

They're interested in our geology,
our meteorology.

[narrator] Science tells us that
the Earth will eventually cease to exist,

and to survive this future catastrophe,

the human race must develop
the ability to colonize another planet.

[Greenewald] The human race
cannot be here for infinity,

so the same is true for other planets
out there in the universe.

Suns will die,

which means livable planets

that are perfect today

will not necessarily be perfect tomorrow.

Here on earth,

one way to transform
inhospitable environments

is called terraforming.

Terraforming is the process

by which one would take
a hostile environment,

an alien planet like Mars or Venus,

and one would effect,

through a number of different strategies,

changes devised at making the planet

more like Earth.

In many ways,
indistinguishable from Earth.

So if an alien civilization
wants to terraform Earth,

I think it's safe to say that
they may need another plant to live,

that we might be close
to being perfect for them,

because they evolved on a hotter planet
or maybe a colder planet,

so they need to turn the temperature down
or turn the heater up, so to speak,

but they could come and change
and morph this planet into what they need.

If you can build
a spaceship and come to Earth,

actually causing a volcano to erupt

or changing the path of a hurricane
would probably be child's play.

Recently one such incident

had the UFO community
and the public on high alert.

Unsealed case file:

the Popocatapetl UFO.
May 30th, 2013.

Central Mexico.

Active volcano Popocatapetl
is Mexico's second-highest peak

and only 40 miles southeast
of Mexico City.

Mexican volcanologists
obviously need to keep

a very close idea on all the volcanoes,

and particularly Popocatepetl
has been the subject

of some considerable concern,

so there are remote cameras set up
to monitor the volcano.

On May 30th, 2013,

there was a UFO that was
caught on camera

that was seen streaking across the sky
towards Mount Popo.

One day, scientists,
when reviewing the film,

saw an anomalous light,
and when they played the film,

it seemed to show this UFO actually,

at one point, changing direction
and flying directly

into the crater of the volcano itself.

[narrator] Why would a UFO fly
into the smoking caldera of a volcano,

and how could it sustain
such high temperatures?

A lot of people theorize
that these UFOs are helping

civilization on Earth
by stopping natural disasters.

Mount Popo is an active volcano.
It can blow at any time.

And some think that this UFOs
will have some type of physical effect

on the mountain itself,
on that volcano,

to, in essence, calm it down
to where it doesn't erupt.

In essence,
killing thousands of people.

[narrator] One theory is that
extraterrestrials monitor the Earth

and occasionally
use technology to keep us safe

from a global catastrophe.

Some people have said that
this is what happened

with the UFO at Popocatapetl,

that this was some sort of probe

sent into the volcano
to prevent it from erupting.

Many believe that the alien civilization
that's visiting Earth

is trying to help us,
to preserve us,

to stop any natural disaster

that might wipe out
a large corner of our civilization.

[narrator] But many
in the UFO community think otherwise.

[Greenewald] I don't believe
that the aliens are gonna come here

just to stop a volcano
in the middle of Mexico to save lives.

Death is a part of living.
It's just a fact.

So if these are physical creatures
and physical beings,

I don't believe they're gonna come
to a planet simply to play God.

It just doesn't seem plausible to me.

[narrator] Experts are divided
on whether alien visitors

are friend or foe.

But ever since the first atomic bomb test
on July 16th, 1945,

in Alamogordo, New Mexico,

UFOs have been appearing
in alarming numbers

over top-secret
nuclear weapons facilities.

It seems clear that there
is a connection of some sort

between the UFO phenomenon

and the development
of nuclear technology on earth.

It's interesting that the birth
of the modern UFO phenomenon in 1947

came very soon after the detonation
of the first atomic bombs,

first as a test, and then, of course,
at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There's a lot of speculation
that our nuclear development,

our nuclear arsenals,

the technology that could allow
the human race to completely wipe itself

literally off the map would be
of great interest to another society.

[Pope] It's also interesting that really
the first burst of UFO activity

took place in a geographical part
of the United States

where so much
of the world's nuclear industry

was- was actually based.

Roswell was actually the home

of the world's only atomic bomb
capable squadron in 1947.

[narrator] But what may have begun
in New Mexico

spread to all corners
of the United States.

Unsealed case file:
the Minot UFO.

October 24th, 1968.

Minot Air force base,
North Dakota.

There was an intriguing UFO encounter
at Minot Air Force Base in 1968,

and this involved, by varying reports,
one or even two UFOs

in close proximity of the base,

and one of the things
that made this case so compelling

was that the UFO was tracked on radar.

[narrator] In the early 1960s,

Minot became a major strategic
Air Command Base

with nuclear-tipped
intercontinental ballistic missiles

and manned bombers.

A incoming B-52 was on patrol.

It was coming in for a landing,

and it was radioed
that there was an unidentified craft

about three miles from their aircraft.

Now, there was a B-52
bomber returning to the base,

and personnel at Minot
were in communication with the B-52.

They said, "we are tracking on our
radar scope an uncorrelated target",

and they asked the crew
to look out for this,

and the crew themselves saw a UFO,

and subsequently, the perimeter alarm,

both the outer and the inner
perimeter alarm were triggered.

[narrator] These pictures
are actual radar scope photographs

taken of the unidentified Minot object.

Now, they couldn't
figure out exactly what this thing was,

but the B-52 confirmed by radar

that there was a fast-moving object
about three miles away.

Then, all of a sudden,
as the documentation says,

the craft went from three miles
to about one mile from the aircraft

like that at a very fast rate of speed,

something that they said their technology
at the time just couldn't do.

At one point,
communications went offline again.

So one has, all the way
through this encounter, the corroboration,

this UFO was seen visually.

It was tracked on radar.

It was seen by the military witnesses
onboard the B-52,

and it somehow triggered
the remote sensors

that set off the alarms.

In evidential terms, the case
does not get much better than that.

The B-52 crew claims

the UFO paced their aircraft
for about 20 miles

before quickly disappearing.

The B-52 crew was then radioed
about a second UFO being seen on radar

by the base that was either
slightly above or on the ground

just outside the military installation.

[narrator] The bomber is ordered
to investigate the second UFO,

but they cannot identify the craft.

The B-52 was able to do a fly-by
and see a brightly lit object

on or near the ground
that they simply could not identify.

After doing a pass,
they later landed back at base,

but they were never able to determine
what the origin of those two craft were.

Again, one is faced
with the inescapable conclusion

that our nuclear capability,

our nuclear facilities
are at the center of all of this.

[narrator] Many other reports suggest
that some UFOs

are immune to air force defenses,
but still have never attacked.

This leads some UFO experts to wonder

if aliens might be performing

reconnaissance of Earth
or perhaps policing us.

Does a civilization become interesting

and perhaps a cause for concern
when it develops,

as we developed,

not just nuclear technology,
but with our rockets,

the capability to ultimately
take our nuclear technology out

into the wider galaxy?

We don't know
what part our solar system plays.

It might not be that they care
about the human race.

It might be that they care
about this one planet,

the third rock from the sun,

because it brings stability
on a much grander scale.

[Pope] If extraterrestrials are interested
in one thing about planet Earth,

it would be that thing which poses
the biggest significant threat,

both to ourselves and, indeed,
to any other civilizations

that might be out there.

[narrator] Evidence suggests
that planet Earth

is being visited by extraterrestrials,

but exactly why they are here
and what they may be after

is still a mystery.

There's something about Earth
that would be helpful to them.

If they've got a breeding program,

a genetic study of some sort,

there is so much biodiversity on Earth,

and life seems to find its way
into almost every niche

that one could really say there's-
there's almost everything and anything

that you would want,
and it's right here for the taking.

[narrator] Unsealed case file:
the Corina Saebels abduction.

Aldergrove, British Columbia.
July 17th, 1991.

Corina Saebels and a friend witness
a huge boomerang-shaped UFO

in the night sky above her home.

Suddenly she vanishes,

only to reappear an hour later
with no memory of the incident,

and she cannot account
for the missing time.

Following her disappearance,

she has a strange feeling

that this was not the first time
she had been taken.

That could be something
that they could come to this planet

to mine for themselves.

Maybe that resource
is in the human body.

[narrator] Soon after, her daughter
begins drawing an alien that she calls,

"the doctor"

who she says occasionally enters her room
while she sleeps.

The drawing opens a flood
of hidden abduction memories in Saebels,

including needles piercing her stomach

and seeing rows of alien fetuses
in liquid suspension.

Now, in this incident,
it's reported that DNA

was actually removed.

It's as if these people
are being harvested

almost as a resource.

As the memories become more distinct,

Saebels comes to believe
that she is part of an ongoing experiment

to create alien-human hybrids.

The Corina Saebels incident
is really a classic example

of what you would call
a- a repeater abductee,

somebody who's had multiple experiences.

These things are seldom one-offs.

[narrator] Saebels makes another
startling revelation,

recalling childhood stories
that her mother told her,

stories of alien abduction.

They start in childhood,
they continue throughout the lifetime.

They seem to involve different members
of the same family.

[narrator] The question is,

what sort of interest
and use to the abductors

is genetic material
from multi-generational bloodlines.

Saebels claims her womb has been used
by Grays to produce alien fetuses,

but before they can be born,
she is abducted again,

and they are removed from her body.

Human DNA and genetic material
is being harvested

as part of a program
to create a hybrid race.

[narrator] But why would the Grays
want to crossbreed with humans?

It's been speculated
that the Grays might be clones

that are degrading
through successive clonings.

The idea one often hears
is that the aliens are a dying race,

that they're trying
to reinvigorate themselves

by bringing in fresh genetic material

um, to enable them to breed again,

to procreate, to survive.

Some believe that aliens may be among us,

and they may be after more than just
our physical resources.

There could be a thousand or a million
or even an infinite possibilities

of what they don't have,
but the human race takes for granted.

So maybe millennia ago,
these were biological intelligences

who lost their biology,
they lost their bodies,

and it's now, maybe, they want back
what they once had.

[narrator] Could some extraterrestrials
originate from vast cyborg civilizations?

And if so, what is the one key thing
these beings might be lacking?

The one thing that
they might want is a soul.

[narrator] If some alien civilizations
are seeking something

much deeper than just our DNA,

what might happen if they succeed?

[Pope] I mean, imagine something
which has existed as a clone for millennia

suddenly getting hold of human emotions,

anger, love, fear, hate, wonder,

uh, would they be able to control
these emotions?

Would they be able to handle them?

Look at humans.

You got some really good ones,
and you got some really bad ones.

The minute a machine can think for itself,

and all of a sudden,
a thousand years of human thought

is achieved in 72 hours by a machine.

When you look at that,
you're flirting with disaster.

[narrator] This is Unsealed Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.