Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - Inside UFOs - full transcript

Alien abductions are the only types of encounters in which eyewitness testimony can reveal details about the inside of UFOs. Details that can help us understand how aliens live and what they want from the human race.

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[narrator] UFOs:

people claim to see them all the time.

Disc-shaped ones,
balls of light, motherships.

We can picture them from the outside.

But what do they look like on the inside?

Who has been up there,
and what did they see?

Join us as we investigate
famous alien abductions

and the abductees' descriptions
of inside UFOs.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files
hidden from the public for decades

detailing every UFO account
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.

There is no end to the discussion of UFOs,

but no subject is as controversial
or riveting as alien abductions.

And alien abduction
is the only type of encounter

in which eyewitness testimony
can reveal details

about the inside
of unidentified flying objects.

Details that can help us understand
how aliens live and what they want.

Unsealed case file:
the Allagash Abductions.

Allagash waterway, Maine.
August 20th, 1976.

The Allagash Abduction
is an absolutely fascinating case.

This involved four men out fishing,
uh, two brothers and two friends.

They had had little luck with--
with their, um, catch,

so they decided to go out
onto the lake in a canoe.

[narrator] The four artist friends,
including Chuck Rak,

make a fire on shore to serve as a beacon
for their night-time fishing.

What they don't know

is that instead of catching
something below,

they are about to be caught
by something above,

something that will ultimately
drive their friendships apart.

As they were out on the lake,
they saw in the sky a bright light,

and it got closer and closer.

It descended until they saw this huge UFO.

[narrator] The men later estimate
the UFO to be 80 feet across.

Now, one of them decided
to try and signal at it with a flashlight,

and the UFO then came closer,
and by this time, the man were panicking.

They decided
to try and return to the shore.

They were canoeing furiously.

But a bright light shone down,
and at that point, there was a disconnect.

[narrator] Suddenly,
the men find themselves back on shore,

but something is not right.

They had no real memory of what happened

but they, next thing,
found themselves back on the shore,

and, intriguingly,
the fire had burnt down completely.

This was not possible.
It--it had been blazing.

So the implication was clear.

There was lost or missing time.

Something had happened to these four men.

Uh, maybe it had been an hour,
maybe longer,

and yet they had
no conscious memory of it.

[narrator] Missing time
is a classic symptom of alien abduction.

A lot of times
when they recollect an experience,

like an alien abduction or a UFO sighting,

uh, they realize that
there's a big chunk of time

that they just simply can't account for,
and that's what you call missing time.

Afterwards, they began to have
flashbacks, dreams, nightmares.

Uh, they went for regression hypnosis.

And what emerged was an account
that they were taken on board this ship.

[narrator] Hypnosis is still
heavily debated

among UFO researchers and scientists
as a tool to investigate close encounters

and buried memories
of traumatic experiences.

Hypnosis is the process

of putting somebody
into a very relaxed state,

and what that means is,
is they're not only very subjective to,

uh, maybe,
memories being implanted in them,

but it also
kind of brings their walls down.

If they have memories
that they have forgotten.

[narrator] During
the Allagash Hypnosis sessions,

the men begin to recall
an intense and vivid encounter

with several aliens
who allegedly took them aboard a UFO.

They saw strange entities,
uh, humanoid, but clearly not human,

and, but, again, some medical procedure,

which is often so central
to these alien-abduction experiences,

was carried out.

[narrator] But skeptics point out

that there are many key similarities
to alien abduction

that may be the result of autosuggestion.

People literally report
that they are floated

into the craft somehow,
often through the solid surfaces,

um, through walls, through ceilings,
through the hull of the ships themselves.

Often, after that, they find themselves
in an enclosed space of some sort.

Often, this is reported
as quite sterile and white in color.

[narrator] Skeptics hold up
these common descriptions

as reasons to doubt
UFO abduction testimony,

but if many of the descriptions
are all similar,

could it also be the truth?

There are frequent reports
of a table or a raised platform

in the center of what's often described

as a fairly round
but otherwise featureless space.

When you listen to stories of abduction

and the, uh,
settings that they will recollect,

some of them and most of them

will actually remember
being in some type of medical room,

medical examination room
with equipment around

and their abductors above them,

but you--you have to assume that
that's not the only part of the ship.

Many abductees provide similar reports

of being taken by aliens
to medical rooms inside UFOs.

Skeptics and believers all have
the same question.


Unsealed case file:
the Betty and Barney Hill abduction.

September 19th, 1961,
Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

This was a case of a couple
returning home late at night

driving down, uh,
the archetypal lonely country road,

uh, near Exeter, New Hampshire.

Betty and Barney Hill
were driving down the highway,

uh, when they witnessed a UFO.

[narrator] The couple
initially describes the craft

as multicolored lights
flashing across the moon.

The UFO rapidly descends,

and Barney stops their car
in the middle of the highway.

A huge, silent, disc-shaped craft
hovers in front of them.

Using binoculars, Barney claims
to see eleven humanoid figures

staring out of the row of windows.

And as the craft
then hovered over their car,

cast a big light down on them.

[narrator] Fearing for their lives,
the couple jumps back in their car

but are pursued by the UFO.

The next thing they know,

they wake up 35 miles
farther down the road.

This was a route and a journey
that they were familiar with.

So, what happened in that period
of so-called missing time?

[narrator] Despite the shared incident,

Betty and Barney Hill
tried to return to normal.

And under regression hypnosis,

out came an account that,

uh, it wasn't just
a distant sighting of a UFO,

but this thing actually landed,

and they were forcibly taken
onto the craft.

[narrator] Under hypnosis,
the Hills recount harrowing stories.

The medical examinations,

the abductors, uh, looming over them
taking bodily fluid and samples,

uh, they both recollected this,
and you got to ask,

"Well, what--what really happened
to Betty and Barney Hill?"

[narrator] Barney Hill claims
the aliens were almost human

and that they took him
to a small examination room

and placed him on a rectangular table.

Firstly, it does appear
that a lot of this is quite functional.

Um, it's minimalistic, it's sterile.

If people report a medical procedure
or physical examination,

the parallels
with our own operating theaters

are quite interesting.

[narrator] But the similarities
don't end there.

There are also motifs,

I believe, that one can recognize
from science fiction,

and, of course, the relationship
between sci-fi and ufology is complex.

Skeptics say abductees borrow from sci-fi,

other people say
it's the other way around.

But during Betty Hill's therapy,

she reports that the human-like aliens
scraped her skin with a knife.

They also pierced her with a needle,

and she even held a book

written in a language
she did not recognize.

But what are the abductees really seeing?

And why, despite the traumatic events,
are their surroundings eerily familiar?

One phenomenon that's been noted
with a lot of the abduction reports

is what's called cultural tracking.

The idea that the technology
the abductees re-report

is almost just a little bit ahead of us,
our own technology,

but not so far ahead of us
that it's indistinguishable.

A viewing screen is,
obviously, a viewing screen.

A computer does seem to be a computer,

even though it's different
in some respects from our own.

So there's a--a sort of familiarity here.

Which may explain why

experiencers and abductees
who are in different parts of the world

that experienced, uh, different abductors
with different physical features,

why the ships themselves
are different as well.

[narrator] With so many
common similarities

across many abductee reports,

the question remains,

is alien-abduction testimony
merely a fabrication,

or is it an attempt to make sense
of something beyond human comprehension?

Many abductees

who have allegedly
witnessed the inside of a UFO

report surroundings
of a strangely familiar

yet advanced technology.

But one man's now-famous encounter
describes something much more.

A mothership.

Unsealed case file:
the Travis Walton abduction.

November 5th, 1975.

National Forest, Arizona.

Travis Walton is employed
on a logging crew in Arizona.

After his shift ends,
the crew drive back to camp

when a bright light appears
just off the road.

Travis decides to get a closer look.

Now, Travis Walton
was a bit of an extrovert,

a--a bit of a daredevil,

and while all his,
uh, friends and work colleagues

were screaming at him
to get back in the truck,

Travis Walton actually walked
towards this UFO,

almost like he was challenging it,
like, quite aggressively.

[narrator] But suddenly,

Walton is engulfed by a beam of light
coming from the UFO,

and he disappears from view.

At this point, he was struck by a beam,
and it literally took him off his feet,

threw him through the air,

and his, uh, colleagues thought
that he had been killed.

[narrator] Walton's coworkers
drive away in a panic

and later report his disappearance
to the local sheriff.

But five days after the incident,
Walton's brother-in-law receives a call.

Travis Walton himself
turned up some days later

disorientated, disheveled,

miles away with little recollection
of what had happened to him.

It was only later
under regression hypnosis

that a fuller story emerged.

[narrator] Travis tells a terrifying story

of being subjected
to invasive medical examinations

and extended confinement.

Over the years,

Travis Walton has, uh, agreed to sit
a number of polygraph tests.

Now, again, if somebody was lying
or had something to hide,

I suspect he would've avoided
putting himself in that position.

[narrator] If alien abduction
is truly happening,

what do the abductors want?

If an intelligent civilization comes here
and sees a incredibly inferior race,

and their question is,
"How did the human race get there?

How did this life form
that has made these big buildings,

and they drive around in these cars--
How did they come to be?"

Well, what are they gonna do?

We could probably safely assume

they're gonna do the exact same thing
we would and experiment.

[narrator] While Walton's claims
of a medical exam

are a common thread among abductees,

it is his description
of the inside of the ship

that defies explanation.

He talks about multiple rooms,

and he seems to have had
some freedom at some point

to move around, uh, within the interior.

He saw, for example,

one space which he almost likened
to a Planetarium.

[narrator] Walton describes a domed room

with what seems to be
a control chair in the center.

He sat in this thing.

There seemed to be some sort of controls.

He played around with them,
and it was almost like the, uh,

like you see in a planetarium
where stars appear on the ceiling.

Now, he figured
it probably wasn't a good idea

that he continue to play
with these controls.

But it's one of the rare instances we have
in an abduction account

of somebody actually getting to try out
the technology for themselves.

[narrator] Walton is then escorted
to another room in the spaceship

that he claims is as large
as an airplane hangar.

He reports this as being a cavernous area

where, within the ship,

there were all these smaller craft,
rather like the one he was taken into.

[narrator] Walton witnesses multiple
disc-shaped craft parked in the room

that are each up to 60 feet in diameter.

The intriguing parallel here is,
I guess, the idea of an aircraft carrier,

and people talk in the UFO field
with alien abductions

about scout ships and motherships.

It's clear from Travis Walton

that he was taken
from a scout ship onto a mothership.

[narrator] Are UFOs encountered on Earth

merely the pathfinders
for a colossal mothership?

Again, if one considers
Travis Walton's account

of all these other spaceships

just existing within one space
in the larger ship,

it gives you
some sense of perspective here,

it tells you that the mothership
must be huge,

and I mean, some alien abduction accounts
talk about spaceships

the size of strip malls
and football fields.

Clearly, that's what Travis Walton
was dealing with.

When you look at the stories

about the shape and the size
and the color and the texture

of the alien spaceships
that these abductees are taken away in,

there just are a wide variety of species
and types of craft,

or UFOs that are visiting us
and are above our skies.

Alien abduction evidence
suggests that UFO motherships

may be hiding in our orbit
and sending scout ships

to examine our planet
and its various life forms,

including the human species.

But some experts maintain
their actions and methods

are not unlike our own.

Now, alien-abduction tales
are very hard to believe.

It's a tough pill to swallow,
don't get me wrong,

but when you truly compare it
and contrast it to the human race,

to the science that we know,
that we've learned from,

that we've developed
in just the last 100-150 years,

when you look at that,
we're on the same path.

There's absolutely no difference
between these crazy stories

that some like to dismiss
as just being fantasy

versus our science
that we've already done.

So, I think we're just pretty much
on a crash course for the same path.

It's just a matter
of who's gonna do it first.

In all of these abduction reports,
what's really critically missing

is some absolutely
definitive corroboration.

Eyewitness testimony is important,
and when it's corroborated independently,

that's evidentially significant.

But what we really need is information.

And I think it's only a matter of time

that if--if abductees
are truly experiencing,

uh, these types of rides
on an alien spacecraft,

some of them
are more joyous than others, admittedly,

but, if they really are experiencing this,

I think one day,
our digital technology will capture it.

The extraterrestrials,
if that's what we're dealing with,

would only have to slip up once,

and an abductee
would only have to get lucky once

and sneak something off the craft,
and it's game over.

And I look forward to the day

when someone will manage
to smuggle some artifact off a spaceship.

[narrator] And when that day comes,
abductees may end up being the ones

to prove the existence
of extraterrestrials once and for all.

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.