Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - Alien Journeys - full transcript

In order to survive mankind must find a way to navigate the galaxy. Alien encounters have offered a possible glimpse into the secrets of interstellar flight, but how would extraterrestrials know how to navigate the vast regions of space?

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[narrator] If aliens exist,

how do they navigate

the vast regions of space?

And if they have visited Earth,

did they leave behind any clues

about where they came from?

From holographic star maps

to intraterrestrial wormholes
inside Earth,

join us as we investigate

how spaceships
complete interstellar travel.

And the staggering possibility

that some aliens may have revealed
their directions home.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden

from the public for decades,

detailing every UFO account
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

The universe is such an infinite place.

That light from the stars
we see at night,

stars in our own galaxy,
takes hundreds of years to reach us,

and there are hundreds
of billions of galaxies in the universe.

Within the universe,

Earth is like a grain of sand
in the Sahara.

So, if extraterrestrials
have visited here,

how did they find us?

Where did they come from?

And how did they cross
such an unfathomable distance?

One of the popular theories
is a wormhole or a portal

that an alien civilization
could travel to.

Instead of point A and point B

having a straight line to connect them,

that you, in essence,
will morph space and time

and bring those points together.

[narrator] Unsealed case file:
the Oswald abduction.

October 15, 1979.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Respected concert pianist Luli Oswald

is driving at night with a friend

down a Coastal highway
30 miles north of Rio.

several hundred yards offshore,

she sees UFOs
launch out of the water.

They saw a UFO
and underwent what the UFO community

would say is almost like

a classic missing time alien
abduction encounter.

[narrator] Luli and her
friend later described

seeing a black UFO darker than the sky.

With a domed top
that is more than 300 meters across.

Two smaller UFOs chase their car.

Luli and her friend panic.

But the next instant,

find themselves driving safely
down the road again.

All is normal, except for one thing.

It's three hours later.

Investigators soon discover

other UFO encounters have been reported

on the same stretch of lonely highway.

But Luli's nightmare does not fully begin

until she undergoes hypnosis.

She asks one of the beings
where they come from,

and he describes a tunnel
connecting to a portal under Antarctica.

This was one of the upshots
of the Luli Oswald case

that actually there are,

I suppose, what you would call

portals, gateways, perhaps,

to other locations, other dimensions,

and that those portals
are hidden out of our sight

by virtue of being in our oceans.

Some people believe that

other dimensions are all around us

and that within them,

laws of physics totally different
to our own may apply.

Theories of wormholes and portals

and bending space and time,
that all sounds great,

but there is a possibility
that it's just a theory,

that none of it is true.

[narrator] But recently,
NASA discovered that a portal

may not be just
the cornerstone of science fiction.

Nasa's Themis Spacecraft
is designed to detect

electromagnetic fields that
interact with the Earth,

fields that create the Aurora Borealis.

But instead,
it found something remarkable.

Their Themis spacecraft

has located portals
in the Earth's magnetic field

which they call X-points.

Particles will actually spill out
from one side of the sun,

go through where the bridge of,
or the barricade

of the two magnetic fields join together,
will go through that,

and actually have quite a bit
of effect here on the planet Earth,

where extreme light shows

of the Aurora Borealis
will light up our atmosphere.

They are, from an undeniable
scientific mainstream point of view,

a way in which
from the sun's magnetic field

to the earth's magnetic field

there is this flow.

Imagine a canoeist on a lake.

Now, that canoeist will have to paddle.

But now imagine that same canoeist
on a fast-flowing river.

You know, they actually
don't have to do anything.

They just go with the flow.

That is maybe how extraterrestrials

are using the natural phenomena

that we find in the universe to travel.

[narrator] Many experts believe

NASA's Themis spacecraft
may have discovered the genesis

of how portals come to be.

And it may be the key
to extraterrestrial technology.

We're on the cusp of understanding

these little hidden discoveries
in the universe

that maybe one day we'll understand.

There's a portal
between point A and point B,

that instead of creating
that straight line

and traversing it over a 100,000 years,

that you can travel through a doorway

and get there in a day and a half.

[narrator] Our limited understanding
of the physical universe

may be the only thing preventing us
from navigating the galaxy.

But when the time does come
for humans to travel

well beyond the moon,
like all explorers, we will need a map.

Whether you are human
or whether you're alien,

if you want to get
from A to B, you need a map.

[narrator] Unsealed case file:

Betty and Barney Hill.

September 19, 1961.
Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Betty and Barney Hill
are driving a rural stretch

of New Hampshire highway

when they claim 11 humanoid creatures

from a UFO abduct them,

and one of these aliens
allegedly shows Betty a map.

When Betty Hill
underwent hypnotic regression,

one of the things that she recalled

was being showed what she could
only really describe as a star map.

As she drew this star map,

for quite a long time,

no one really knew
exactly what she drew.

The extraterrestrial
apparently explained to her,

this is planet Earth,
and this is our world,

and these lines
between the various dots

are effectively the routes
by which they travel.

[narrator] It's an astounding claim.

Can this map actually be

the location of an alien civilization?

Years later, an amateur astronomer
decided to find out.

Marjorie Fish,
a teacher with an astronomy background,

was able to look at the star map

and realize that it was accurate.

But the most amazing thing was,

it wasn't accurate
from the viewpoint of Earth.

It was accurate from the stars out there.

[narrator] The alien map

allegedly depicts routes
between two star systems

many light-years apart.

They were able to determine
it was the Zeta Reticuli star system,

but her star map was actually reversed.

It was the view
of the Zeta Reticuli star system

from the outside looking in.

That's an amazing discovery to make.

It's around 36, 37 light-years
from the Earth,

so, in galactic terms,
it's right on our doorstep,

which makes it a prime candidate

for where a civilization might be located.

[Greenewald] There are millions
and millions of stars that are out there.

This could have been anywhere.

[narrator] If the hills' map is true,

what kind of technology

would allow a civilization
the ability of interstellar travel?

After years of investigation,

an employee from NASA

writes a ground-breaking book
on UFO propulsion technology.

Paul Hill's book

Unconventional Flying Objects

was one of the only,
if not the only UFO book not to say,

"What are UFOs?
Who are they? What do they want?"

But to ask that critical question

that a scientist would ask,
how do they work?

How do they fly?

Paul Hill was one
of the leading aerodynamicists

that worked for NASA
and its precursor agency NACA,

and Paul had an extreme interest in UFOs

because he actually saw a couple himself.

He reported them while the military

was doing their investigation
called Project Blue Book.

And Paul Hill put together

a theory which he said,

unlike science fiction,
doesn't need any breakthrough physics.

It doesn't need any leap of faith.

It works with the laws
of physics as they are,

as we understand them.

[narrator] After studying
many disk-shaped UFO encounters,

Paul Hill's theory on UFO propulsion

is that the UFOs are able
to generate a force field around them

that isolates them from the environment.

The force field decreases
the force of gravity,

pulling on the UFO,
and therefore, the resistance.

It is, effectively,
a sort of repulsive force.

In other words,

the sorts of things that would slow down

a conventional object

like an aircraft,
or one of our own spacecraft

would be the weight, the mass,
the air resistance.

What you would need
to do is shield your object,

your UFO, from these external forces.

So you would need that shielding,

and you would also
need a repulsive force.

[Greenewald] That craft could
achieve those great speeds

because the internal environment
around the craft

was much different than
what was outside that bubble,

and it would be able
to fly through the stars

at great speed and at great levels

and to travel those light-years,
thousands of light-years that it needed,

to go from point A to point B.

[narrator] Close encounters
and scientific investigation

offer a possible glimpse
into the secrets of extraterrestrial,

interstellar flights,

and all roads lead
to one important concept.

Antigravity propulsion.

It seems clear that science
is beginning to look seriously

at the idea of exotic energy sources,
exotic propulsion systems,

rotating disks and antigravity.

These are the first steps in taking
humanity out of the cosmos.

The theory is that they could potentially
unlock those secrets of the cosmos.

Figure out how to do

a hundred thousand light-years of travel

in a very short amount of time,

where, yeah,
you and I can't understand that,

but an alien race
who had a million-year head start on us,

that's child's play.

[narrator] Unsealed case file:
the Janos incident.

June 19, 1978.

Gloucester, UK.

John Mann and his family

are driving down
a rural highway at night

when they spot
a convex object in the sky.

John pulls the car over and sees a silent,

black, disk-shaped UFO.

He drives away in fear,

but it takes an unusually long time
to arrive at their destination,

Time for which he has no explanation.

The Janos incident of 1978

gives us an incredibly rich narrative
of another civilization.

The story that emerged here
from the family

that encountered these
extraterrestrials was that

they were dealing with almost,

I guess you'd use the phrase,

Galactic refugees.

[narrator] Under regression hypnosis,

the Mann family recounts
an incredible encounter

with an enormous alien civilization.

A cataclysmic event

involving the destruction
of one of their own moons

had rained fire
and destruction on their own world,

and a huge ring-shaped spaceship

with 10 million passengers

had effectively taken the Janos people
away to seek a new home.

[narrator] The aliens allegedly
tell the Mann family

that they are parked in Earth's orbit

waiting for permission to land.

We get this incredible
account of a civilization

looking for a new home right here.

[narrator] The family allegedly
encounters one particular alien

who offers them
a stunning proposition.

And the leader had said,

If you will deal with us,

if you will give us permission
to make our home here,

as our world has been destroyed,

is that we will give you, the human race,

the secrets of our spaceship.

We will share with you our technology.

[narrator] John Mann then claims

he is taken around the spaceship

and shown its propulsion system.

[Pope] If humans acquired

the secrets of building ships

that would take us to the stars,

the value of that to the human race

would be incalculable.

[narrator] John Mann claims that he is
shown the alien civilization's journey

from Earth back to planet Janos.

But how did they get here?

Many modern scientists believe

that developing some form
of antigravity propulsion system

is the key to understanding
how many UFOs behave.

Of course, there's a lot of speculation

that any exotic energy source
and propulsion system

either uses or has as its
byproduct a plasma.

[narrator] Plasma is a
supercharged state of gas

created by electromagnetic forces.

But just how a UFO may
utilize it is a mystery.

Many reports of UFOs
describe a bright light

like a ball of plasma

that often turns
into a metallic-looking UFO

upon closer examination.

Could plasma be the key

to understanding how extraterrestrials

are able to perform interstellar travel?

It's all tied in with plasmas,
and again, all of this,

this link, UFOs, E.M. fields,

plasmas, rotating disks,

all of those links have been made

in the few but significant

scientific examinations
of the UFO phenomenon.

Technological advances in the fields
of physics and propulsion technology

are rapidly confirming
what many in the UFO community

have been considering for decades.

In the nineties,

a maverick scientist

stepped forward to claim
that he had effectively constructed

an antigravity device of some sort.

He constructed the ceramic rings,

which he put into magnetic fields,

using superconductors,

and, rotating this,

claimed that as much as
2% of the weight just disappeared.

[narrator] Just how important
would a scientific breakthrough

of that magnitude be
to the future of humanity?

If a civilization has a 100,000-year

or a 500,000-year or a million-year
head start, their technology,

their intelligence, their science,

their ability to really kind of traverse
the stars is going to be so far beyond

the capability of the human race,

we wouldn't even be able to fathom it

as a society right now.

[narrator] Is the future
of interstellar flight within our grasp?

And if so, what does that
say about our place in the galaxy?

The human race needs to go to the stars

if we're to evolve and survive,

and we can't do that
without interstellar travel,

viable interstellar \
faster-than-light travel.

If someone can give us that,

if we can trade that,

the value of that, we are talking

nothing less than the survival
of the human race itself,

and those are high stakes.

It is inevitable
that one day the human race

will step foot on another planet

and there will be some other
intelligent civilization to greet us.

The human race then becomes
that extraterrestrial entity

that is setting foot on an alien planet
to us, but a home to someone else.

It's inevitable when it'll happen.

[narrator] This is Unsealed: Alien files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.