Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - Free Energy - full transcript

Every day, millions take to the sky in commercial flights all over the world. But decades of evidence have revealed we may not be the world's only frequent flyers. Are we in danger of losing control of our skies to extraterrestrial beings?

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[narrator] Every day,
millions take to the sky

in 100,000 commercial flights
all over the world.

it's the safest way to travel,

but decades of evidence
have revealed we may

not be the world's only frequent fliers.

More and more,
our commercial aircraft are coming

face to face with the unknown.

[Nick] Bracing himself for impact,

the pilot only had time

to shout to his crew,
"Look out! Look out!"

[narrator] With passenger demand
expected to double in the next 20 years,

the human race
may soon be on a collision course

with extraterrestrials who may
have claimed our air space for their own.

Are we in danger of losing control
of our skies

to beings from another world?

How much do authorities know

and what aren't they telling us?

From mid-air abductions to near
disasters caused by unseen enemies,

join us as the terrifying truth
about Earth's alien skies

is unsealed.

[narrator] A global effort has begun.

Secret files,
hidden from the public for decades,

detailing every UFO account,
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

[narrator] Athens, Greece,
November 11, 2007.

Olympic airways flight 266 has just
taken off on a late night flight

bound for London when the pilot
spots something unusual to the west.

It's an incredibly bright star like object

with a constantly shifting shape,

but the airport control tower's
radar tells a different story.

Shortly after, two other flights
in the area report the same object,

and the situation escalates even further

when the Greek Air Force
makes visual contact with the object

from their radar station
high on nearby Mount Parnitha.

But their instruments,
like those at the airport,

detect nothing out of the ordinary.

Two F-16 fighter jets prepare for takeoff

with orders to intercept the UFO
and make a positive identification.

[airplane engine roars ]

But according to officials,
they later return to base empty-handed.

The UFO has disappeared into the night.

The Greek government launches
an investigation into the incidents,

but withholds its findings
for over a year without explanation.

When the government does release a report,

it quickly retracts the document
only moments later.

It then reappears with significant
portions of original text removed.

Clearly, there is something
the Greek government

doesn't want the public to know.

Leaked copies of the original document
reveal that two additional radar stations

tracked the object
and that the ranking officer

at the Mount Parnitha station watched
with his own eyes as the UFO

climbed and raced out of sight
at incredible speed

just as the F-16s approached.

With this key evidence removed,

the Greek government's official conclusion
is that what all parties saw was,

in fact, the planet Venus,
which, after the moon,

is the brightest object in the night sky.

It's a shocking government cover up.

But when it comes to civilian aircraft
encountering UFOs,

it's hardly the first.

Reporting a UFO can often cost
a pilot their professional reputation

along with their license,

but when these threats fail
and they do go on the record,

governments have their
own way of responding.

Unsealed case file:
Japan Airlines, flight 1628.

Anchorage, Alaska,
November 17, 1986.

Captain Kenju Terauchi, an ax-fighter
pilot with years of flying experience,

and the crew of Japan Airlines
cargo flight 1628

are en route from Paris to Narita, Japan.

It's a routine fight until two UFOs
appear right in front of the plane.

The crew watches in shock
as the two UFOs then merge

with a huge walnut-shaped UFO
before they disappear.

In the weeks after the incident,

Terauchi tells his incredible story
to Japanese journalists.

But the PR damage has already been done
and the airline quickly grounds him.

A week later, John Callahan,
then a division chief

with the Federal Aviation Administration,
attends a special meeting of the FBI,

CIA, and the president's own
scientific study team,

to review the Anchorage incident.

When they get done, the CIA guy
standing next to me says to the people,

"This event never happened.

We were never here.

We're confiscating all this data
and you're all sworn to secrecy."

[narrator] Why is the government
covering up such compelling evidence?

Are they afraid the general
population will realize

that we cannot control our own air space?

[narrator] For decades,
commercial aircraft have encountered UFOs

during routine scheduled flights.

Are the world's skies
no longer our own?

And if they aren't,
what disastrous consequences

possibly await passengers
all over the world?

Melbourne, Australia,
October 21, 1978.

Twenty-year-old pilot Frederick Valentich.

Takes off in a light aircraft on a flight
across the bass strait between

South Australia and Tasmania.

His destination is nearby King Island.

Forty-five minutes into the flight,

Valentich radios in
to the local air authority

to ask if there are
any other aircraft in his vicinity.

They see nothing on their radar,
but Valentich says he has spotted

a large unidentified aircraft

flying 1,000 feet above
and it appears to be following him.

Air traffic controllers
can only listen helplessly

as the young pilot describes
the terrifying scene as it unfolds.

The UFO speeds toward his aircraft

and begins a series
of dangerous close approaches.

He describes the craft as
"long, with a shiny metal surface."

Control responds asking Valentich
how he intends to proceed.

He replies that his intention
is to continue on course to King Island.

Moments later, the young pilot
calls in to report the UFO is hovering

on top of him again,

adding that it is definitely
not an aircraft.

It would be his last transmission.

Controllers then hear a series of chilling

metallic scraping sounds

followed by silence.

Air and sea rescue teams
are quickly dispatched

to search the sea
for signs of Valentich or his aircraft,

but no trace of either will ever be found.

The official report
into his disappearance is inconclusive,

and despite the compelling UFO
evidence from the radio transcript,

the case is considered closed.

Frederick Valentich was one pilot, alone,

flying a small plane.

What might happen if a UFO attempted
to abduct a commercial flight

filled with hundreds of passengers?

The truth is,
it may have already happened.

Unsealed case file: flight 94.

Syracuse, New York, March 12, 1977.

A DC-10 carrying 200 passengers
from Boston to San Francisco

is flying on autopilot
when it suddenly makes

an unplanned 15 degree bank to the left.

The autopilot is normally
controlled by a compass

built into the tip of the left wing,

but looking out across its span,
pilot Neil Daniels

and his two fellow flight officers quickly
realize this situation is hardly normal.

They all see a UFO
that Daniels later describes

to be as bright as a flashbulb,

that appears to be towing the jet
in a direction of its own choosing.

The DC-10 and all aboard are at the mercy
of an extraterrestrial intelligence.

The passengers and flight attendants
are unaware

of the drama unfolding in the cockpit.

For three terrifying minutes,

the flight crew
scrambles to regain control

while the aircraft is being dragged
toward an unknown fate.

But then, just as quickly as it appeared,
the UFO releases the jet

and disappears into
the distance behind.

Daniels steers the plane back on course

and the flight continues
without further incidents,

but the encounter
will affect the pilot and crew

for the rest of their lives.

Daniels is warned
to remain silent about the incident

under threat of dismissal by the airline.

He only goes public with the story

after his retirement.

The other members of the flight crew

have refused to comment to this day.

Was the flight 94 encounter
an attempted abduction,

this time on a grand scale?

Or is something else at work?

Could these alien actions actually
be threats intended to chase us out

of air space they've claimed as their own?

And did Frederick Valentich
pay the ultimate price

for refusing to turn back
after being duly warned?

Could aliens be protecting something
inside these mysterious no-fly zones?

Many ufologists believe alien
visitors are populating our skies,

which has led many experts to believe

they may be protecting something.

The question is what?

Beebe, Arkansas, December 31, 2010.

Shortly before 10:30 p.m.
on New Year's Eve,

thousands of red-winged
blackbirds drop from the sky,

across a wide area.

Emergency lines light up

as bewildered citizens
report the deluge of lifeless birds

scattering across
their lawns and rooftops.

[woman] Beebe Police Department,
can I help you?

[caller] Yes, ma'am. I was wondering
why all the birds are just, like, dying?

[woman] We are trying to find that out.

Some believe the birds were poisoned.

Others claim that New Year's Eve fireworks

frightened the birds
into plunging to their deaths.

But forensic investigation
points to a different cause.

It finds no indication of toxins
in any of the samples,

but it does find internal hemorrhaging
consistent with trauma.

The birds have all collided
with something in the sky.

A radar analysis of the sky
over Beebe on the night in question

reveal something astonishing.

It's a massive anomalous
shape looming directly

over the kill zone.

But what is this object
hiding in the night sky

over the southern United States?

Some experts believe
they already know.

Unsealed case file:
the Stephenville Lights.

Stephenville, Texas, January 8, 2008.

Multiple witnesses claim they see
mysterious lights in the sky.

At the same time, Steve Allen is flying
a small plane in the area.

He, too, sees the lights,

later describing them as glowing orbs.

But then, suddenly he realizes
the orbs are flying in formation

before an enormous UFO
that Allen estimates

to be a mile and a half long
and half a mile wide.

You look at that and you can
only describe it as a main

mothership-type scenario

where you have not one craft but

another one come out of the side,
another one come out of the other side.

[narrator] Rick Sorrells is hunting
in the woods when he, too,

witnesses the mothership pass
just 300 feet over his head.

He describes it as
"a seamless metal craft

the size of three football fields."

Sorrells later states publicly,
"I hope it's our military.

If it's not ours, then we're in trouble."

But according to Steve Allen,
the military knew of the massive UFO.

During his encounter,
he saw two fighter jets in hot pursuit.

Federal Aviation Administration
radar records

confirm the eye witness reports,
revealing a massive anomaly

over the Stephenville area that night.

The U.S. military claims to be
"unaware of any activity in the area."

But an independent
Mutual UFO Network investigation

has allegedly uncovered evidence
that radar information collected

by military planes in the area that night
may have been inexplicably deleted.

But how could a mother ship fly
undetected in our skies?

Some UFO believers point to the fact
that some of the most compelling photos

only show up after the event,

that the witness sees nothing
unusual at the time.

Does this mean
that the UFOs are somehow cloaked?

Some people believe that UFOs
are able to mask their presence

so that they can't be seen by witnesses.

[narrator] Do UFO mother ships
lurk in our skies,

appearing and disappearing at will?

And given that mass bird deaths,
like the one in Beebe, Arkansas,

are known to happen all over the world,
how many could there be?

Decades of close encounters between
commercial aircraft and UFOs

have led many experts to believe
aliens have invaded our air space

and established a regular presence there.

But what would happen
if we invaded their air space?

How would they react?

Many experts think we may, in fact,
already know their chilling response.

On July 20, 1969,
Apollo 11 landed on the moon,

a milestone event in human history
broadcast to millions around the world.

But for two minutes,
the live transmission failed

and what transpired
during those missing moments

may determine the future
of the human race.

Now, there have been some
unofficial radio communications

that have been circulated saying
that they saw two UFOs flying

over a crater on the moon,
along with other structures.

[narrator] NASA later blamed
the transmission failure

on a simple camera malfunction.

But could it have been
caused by something else?

Could extraterrestrials
have sabotaged the camera

to conceal their presence
from the people of Earth?

NASA hasn't returned
to the moon since 1972.

Is it possible they were warned
to stay away once and for all

by aliens already established there?

And what would happen
if we failed to heed that warning?

Recently, China has announced much
bigger ambitions for its space program,

intending to launch a manned mission
to the moon by the year 2020.

Some space experts believe
the nation intends to establish

permanent mining operations
on Earth's natural satellite,

but many in the UFO community
fear that when the Chinese land,

they will find
that an other-worldly presence

may have already claimed
the moon's mineral riches for their own.

What will the alien response
be here on Earth if we once again

violate their air space on the moon?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.