Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 11 - The Emergence of Greys - full transcript

Nations all over the world are rumored to have recovered metal debris from these UFO crashes. From self-healing hulls to sinister alien implants, join is as the secrets of UFO metals are UNSEALED.

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[narrator] Nations all over the world
are rumored to have recovered

metal debris from UFO crashes.

And some experts believe
these fragments may contain secrets

beyond imagination.

How much do we really know
about these mystery metals?

Have they already found their way
into our daily lives

without us even knowing?

And do they pose a grave danger

we have yet to understand?

From self-healing hulls

to sinister alien implants,

join us as the secrets
of UFO metals

are unsealed.

[narrator] A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades

detailing every UFO account
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

Del Rio, Texas, 1955.

Colonel Robert B. Willingham

is part of a squadron
participating in a simulated

bombing exercise that spots
a blazing ball of light,

brighter than a star,
speeding east across the sky.

Willingham watches
with growing curiosity,

until suddenly the object
makes a 90-degree turn to the south.

The pilot receives permission
to investigate and sets out in pursuit.

He follows the UFO toward
the Rio Grande, where moments later

it shudders and falls from the sky,
crashing into the river bank

on the Mexican side.

Returning to base, Willingham enlists
the help of a colleague,

and together they fly a small
training aircraft

back to the impact site.

There, they find Mexican troops

standing guard over a silver
disk embedded in the ground.

Willingham is startled to see
the bodies of three alien crew members.

The Mexicans demand the Americans
leave immediately.

But before he goes, the pilot
quietly picks up a small piece of debris.

If we start utilizing technology that,

from an evolutionary standpoint,

was created 10,000 or 100,000
or even a million years beyond

who we are and what we are today,

we start playing with that technology,

it could be a very dangerous scenario.

Returning to base in Fort Worth,

Willingham examines the fragment.

Its interior is honeycombed,

but the metal proves stronger
than solid steel.

His attempts to cut into it with
a torch have no effect.

The fragment is unlike any metal
Willingham has ever seen before.

But before he can probe
its secrets any further,

Willingham is ordered to hand over
the fragment to a laboratory in Maryland.

It's the last he will ever see
or hear of the mysterious metal.

Soon after, Willingham receives
a threatening phone call

warning him to never disclose

what he saw that day
on the Mexican border.

It will take over 20 years for the pilot
to come forward with his story.

What happened to the Del Rio fragment?

Who threatened Robert Willingham,

and why were they so desperate
to silence him?

Experts believe that for decades

the American military has been
involved in a secret program

to reverse-engineer recovered
alien artifacts

into the next generation
of high-tech weapons.

How do you develop a metal

that's very light, very malleable,

but at the same time
stronger than steel?

Maybe they existed from the future.

Maybe they existed on another planet,

but once we got our hands
on this technology,

we were able to figure out

what it was supposed to do,

then use our own industrial methodologies,

our own scientific methods,
to re-create it.

[narrator] And something that an alien
metal may have already brought

the next great leap
in military technology.

Unsealed case file:
the Dalnegorsk incident.

Dalnegorsk, Russia.
January 29th, 1986.

Residents of this small mining town
on the Soviet Union's Pacific coast

watch in disbelief as a red sphere

hurtles across the night sky

before crashing into a mountainside.

A crowd gathers at the point of impact.

There, they discover a smoking crater

surrounded by a wide area
covered by a strange black film.

On close inspection,
the film contains strange metallic beads.

The beads are discovered to be lead,

but of a kind unlike anything seen before.

Three soviet academic centers
and 11 research institutes

analyzed the objects
from this UFO crash.

The distance between atoms
is different from ordinary iron

in this material.

Radar cannot be reflected
from the material.

Elements in the material may disappear
and new ones appear after heating.

One piece apparently disappeared
completely in front of four witnesses.

[narrator] The CIA launches
its own investigation

into the Dalnegorsk incidents.

A declassified 1989 report states

that Soviet scientists are
convinced the object was

an "extraterrestrial space vehicle

constructed by highly
intelligent beings."

Samples of the metal are
smuggled out of the country

in the chaotic years following
the fall of the Soviet Union.

Recently, NASA's Langley
Research Center announced

the development of metal alloys

that when pierced by a bullet,

will actually close behind the projectile

as it passes through,

healing the wound as though it was alive.

Is NASA's new generation of living metal

the result of the re-engineering
of alien technology

recovered at sites
like Del Rio and Dalnegorsk?

And what other effect might
these exotic elements have on our future?

Many experts believe

that alien metals recovered
from crashed UFOs

are secretly being re-engineered

into the latest generation
of military technology.

But for every crashed UFO that
is recovered,

how many more land on earth unnoticed?

And what effect do these masses
of alien metal have on our environment?

Delphos, Kansas. November 2nd, 1971.

Sixteen-year-old Ron Johnson
is working on the family farm

when he spots a bizarre object
hovering in the night sky.

It's a metallic, mushroom-shaped craft
emitting a blinding light from its base.

Ron runs to get his parents,

but by the time they return
the UFO is almost out of sight.

The craft, however,
has left something behind.

It's a glowing ring
burned into the ground.

The Johnson later describe
it as a strange kind of crust,

[narrator reads]

Ron's mother touches the ring

her fingers immediately go numb.

Returning the next morning,

the family finds that an overnight
shower has left the ground soaking wet,

but the encrusted ring is bone dry.

Officers confirm the Johnsons'
description of the ring.

A UFO investigator visits the site

to take samples of the soil ring
for analysis.

It's found to contain
hydrocarbon particles

unknown to science,

along with a strange organic material

made up of white, crystal-like fibers.

But what could have caused this?

What transformed normal soil

into an entirely new substance?

The answer may lie within
the UFO's hull.

Man-made spacecraft rely
primarily on aluminum

in the construction of the outer shell.

But the periodic table of elements

also includes a number
of radioactive metals,

materials comparatively rare
here on earth.

Could the presence of these radioactive
elements be abundant in alien metals?

Was the hull
of the Delphos UFO radioactive,

or was it imbued with another
cosmic power we have yet to understand?

Just two years prior to the Delphos UFO,

in 1969 the U.S. Government passes

the Extraterrestrial Exposure Law,

making it illegal
for any citizen to retrieve

or be in the proximity of any personnel,

spacecraft, or other property

that has entered our atmosphere
from outer space.

Presented as a national security
measure to prevent possible contamination,

the law grants government agencies
sweeping authority to force any violators

into immediate quarantine.

Do UFOs really pose
a significant health risk to the public?

Unsealed case file:
the Tully saucer nest.

Queensland, Australia.

January 19th, 1966.

Farmer George Pedley
watches in amazement

as a massive metallic disk rises

from a nearby lagoon.

Clearing the treetops, it suddenly
accelerates, vanishing into the distance.

Pedley is astonished to feel
the muddy floor is totally smooth,

like the bottom of a swimming pool.

The saucer has clearly been resting below
the water's surface for some time.

In the end, 5 more of these UFO nests

are discovered on the farmer's land.

The incident raises
some disturbing questions.

Seventy percent of the world's surface
is covered by oceans, lakes, and rivers.

How many flying saucers
lie hidden beneath?

And do these strange new elements
pose a threat to the human race?

Many experts claim the mere
presence of a UFO

and the chemistry of its metal

can radically affect earth's already
fragile environment.

What happens when people come
into direct contact

with a metallic alien substance?

Suffolk, England. December 27th, 1980.

American Air Force Sergeant
James Penniston,

stationed at RAF Bentwaters
Woodbridge air base,

receives a report of strange flashing
lights in nearby Rendlesham forest.

Accompanied by airman John Burroughs,

Penniston sets out to investigate

what he fears to be a crashed aircraft.

When Burroughs and Penniston
approached the site,

they found in a small clearing

not a crashed aircraft,
but a landed UFO.

[narrator] Penniston and Burroughs
are shocked to discover

a triangular-shaped UFO

with strange markings on its hull
that bear an uncanny resemblance

to Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Penniston reaches out
and touches the hull.

It's smooth and metallic,

and he senses something
like an electrical current

running through his hand
and into his forearm.

Forty-five minutes
after they made first contact,

the UFO disappears into the night sky

at what Penniston later describes as

impossible speed.

But for James Penniston
and John Burroughs,

the encounter will have a devastating
effect on the rest of their lives.

[Penniston] For me,
shortly after the incident happened,

um, I started not feeling well.

At one point my gums turned white.

Um, a couple, three months later,
uh, while at home on leave

I became very ill
and went into the emergency room.

OK? The doctor there
listened to my chest

and came back and says, "well, what does
the Air Force say about heart murmurs?"

And I looked at him and I says,

"I--I don't have a heart murmur."

[narrator] What happened
to James Penniston and John Burroughs?

Did they fall prey to the toxic effect
of the UFO's metal hull?

And what else are these exotic
elements capable of?

Unsealed case file:
the Cash-Landrum Incident.

Dayton, Texas. December 29th, 1980.

Betty Cash, Vicky Landrum
and Landrum's grandson, Colby,

are traveling a rural highway at night,

when out of nowhere

a bright, diamond-shaped object
appears above their car.

The two women stop
and get out for a better view,

only to step inside a wall
of blazing heat emanating from the object.

Moments later, a group of two dozen
unmarked helicopters

appear in the air overhead,
but before they can intercept the UFO,

it shoots off into the night
at terrific speed.

In the days that follow,

both women begin to feel ill.

They show signs of what appears
to be severe sunburn

and begin to experience hair loss.

[police siren]

Cash is hit especially hard.

Two weeks after the incident,

she is admitted to hospital,

and her worst fears are realized.

Betty Cash has developed skin cancer.

She will survive the disease,

but the terrifying experience

will haunt her for the rest of her life.

Doctors suspect all three
occupants of the car

were exposed to a strange form
of ionizing radiation.

Could even the briefest exposure
to UFO metals

result in a lifetime of physical trauma?

We know that science
is not right all the time.

As quickly as we're putting
it into the history books,

we're rewriting it.
The people we hold in the highest regards

as the smartest
scientists in our history,

we're proving them wrong.

Many experts believe UFOs are constructed
from exotic alien metals

that may be hazardous
to human health and our planet.

But some ufologists believe
there is an even more sinister phenomena

attributed to extraterrestrial metals,

one that, at least on the surface,

does not appear to physically
harm its host.

And according to some,
many more people have been exposed

than we could possibly know.

According to one estimate,

10 million people worldwide

claim to have been abducted by aliens

in the half century since records began.

And some return with more than just
the emotional scars of their experience.

When you look at these objects
through a microscope

at low magnification, 50 to 100 power,

which is a typical biological microscope,

you can see a little piece
of metal sticking out

covered with some kind
of biological tissue.

[narrator] Dr. Roger Leir

specializes in alien implants,

shards of metal
placed by extraterrestrials

in the bodies of abductees.

Their true purpose remains a mystery.

Some believe implants
are a means of mind control.

Others think they are a means
of genetically altering people

into alien-human hybrids.

Leir is convinced they pose a danger
and has spent the last 50 years

surgically removing them.

And according to him,
it's a task with no end in sight.

In the abduction phenomena,
there is apparently a 10 to 15%

of those who we believe are true abductees

that might have been implanted.

Now, we're talking
about implants that are, uh,

visible on an x-ray or a CAT scan

[narrator] Based on Leir's estimates,

up to one million people

may be carrying alien implants,

and some experts believe

millions more may have been abducted
with no memory of the horrific experience.

Are undetected alien metals transforming
the very fabric of our lives

into the time bombs of alien apocalypse?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.