Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Top 10: Military Encounters - full transcript

They're our first line of defense in the darkest of times. And they're often the first responders to threats from another world. Over the past 70 years the world's military forces have come face to face with thousands of UFOs.

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They're our first line of defense

in the darkest of times,

and they're often the first responders
to threats from another world.

Over the past 70 years,

the world's military forces
have come face-to-face

with thousands of unidentified objects.

Yet, the details of these encounters
remain classified.

But some of these armed showdowns

have proven too big
or too explosive to contain.

Join us as we count down
the top ten military encounters

between Earth's armed forces
and UFOs,

On Unsealed: Alien Files.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades,

detailing every UFO account,
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

Number 10,

the Cosford Incident.

Cosford, England, March 30th, 1993.

Military police on patrol
at Royal Air Force Base Cosford,

catch sight of something extraordinary.

It's an enormous UFO

speeding silently across the night sky.

The Ministry of Defense UFO hot-line

is suddenly flooded with calls
from area residents.

In charge of the department
at the time is Nick Pope.

There were several dozen witnesses,

including numerous police officers
and Air Force personnel.

Two Air Force bases in the UK

were directly flown over by a UFO.

[narrator] The airman watches in terror

as the giant craft creeps
slowly toward the base

while shining a narrow
laser-like beam of light at the ground.

Then, without warning,

it suddenly deactivates the beam

and darts off beyond the horizon.

The sheer number of witnesses
to the Cosford Incident

leaves the ministry with no choice
but to admit that,

[narrator reading]

Number nine,

The Battle of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, California,
February 24th, 1942.

Less than three months after
the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor,

an unidentified aircraft
appears in the night sky over Los Angeles.

Fearing another surprise attack,

American anti-aircraft batteries
immediately open fire.

Hundreds of witnesses watch in terror

as the army fires
over 1,400 shells at the UFO,

to no effect.

But then, just as quickly as it appeared,

the craft vanishes into the night,

leaving the city in a state of panic.

The following morning,
Secretary of the Navy, Frank Knox,

announces the UFO
was in fact a weather balloon,

and blames the fiery response

on a bad case of collective war nerves.

The government explanation
that it was simply a balloon,

a surveillance balloon
or a weather balloon,

that blew off course,
simply makes no sense.

After 60 years,
we still have no explanation

for what appeared in the skies
over Southern California

in February 1942.

[narrator] Number eight,

the Laredo crash.

The southwestern United States,
July 7th, 1948.

American radar picks up
an unidentified object

streaking across the sky
at over 2,000 miles an hour.

The signal appears to be that of a meteor,

until it makes
an unexpected 90-degree turn

in the direction of Laredo, Texas.

Two jets take off in pursuit of the UFO.

According to reports,
they open fire on the object,

which falls from the sky
just south of the border with Mexico.

In an unprecedented move,

the military dispatches a unit
across the Southern Frontier

to recover the wreckage.

Arriving at the crash site,

the troops are shocked
to discover a silver disk

over 90 feet in diameter,

made of a seemingly indestructible metal.

When the team is at last
able to breach the hull,

they find the badly burned body
of an alien being

Four and a half feet tall

with hands showing
only four claw-like fingers

and a distinctly non-humanoid skull.

According to the famous independent
ufologist, Leonard Stringfield,

who brought forth new
eyewitness accounts in 1978,

the wreckage and body
are then whisked away

to San Antonio Air Base for examination.

But their current location
remains unknown.

We are counting down
the top ten military encounters with UFOs.

Number seven,

Flight 19.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida,
December 5th, 1945.

Five US Navy Avenger torpedo bombers

carrying 14 crewmen take off
on a routine training mission

over the Atlantic Ocean.

Partway through the mission,

the base receives a troubling message
from the flight's commanding officer.

They claim everything looked strange.

The compasses went crazy

as if they couldn't find
true north anymore.

These Avenger torpedo bombers,

again, with 14 crewmen in all,
simply disappeared into the ocean,

right off the map, never to be seen again.

[narrator] The Navy immediately
launches a flying boat

on a search and rescue mission.

But this, too, vanishes,
along with 13 crewmen.

A passing ship reports
seeing a mid-air explosion

and finding an oil slick,

but no bodies or wreckage are ever found.

How could six aircraft
and 27 naval airmen

disappear without a trace?

Today, many experts believe
the men of Flight 19

and its rescue mission were
the victims of a mass alien abduction.

It's the first of many
mysterious disappearances

that would soon earn this stretch
of ocean a now infamous name,

the Bermuda Triangle.

Number six,

Operation High Jump.

Antarctica, December 1946.

US Admiral Richard Byrd,

leads a multinational task force
of 13 ships to the South Pole.

Publicly, the mission's objective
is to establish a research station

and test the allied forces' ability
to operate in polar conditions.

Secretly, operation High Jump's goal

is to destroy the remnants
of a secret Nazi base

in the wake of the Second World War.

But according to unofficial reports,

Byrd and his men
are astonished to find a startling secret.

Admiral Byrd's fighter squadron
found the entrance to inner earth.

This was a wide enough entrance

where the planes flew in,
in fighter formation.

They were attacked by flying saucers.

Most of them were shot down.

Byrd was actually captured
and he was told,

"We will let you go.

You go back to your leaders

and you say you found nothing."

[narrator] Returning home,
Byrd never speaks of the encounter,

but he does offer a cryptic warning

that the world must always be ready

to face an attack
from the world's polar regions.

Number five...
Rendlesham Forest.

Suffolk, England,
December 27th, 1980.

American airmen stationed at
the twin RAF Bentwaters

and RAF Woodbridge air bases

see strange lights emanating
from nearby Rendlesham Forest.

Sergeants John Burroughs and Jim Penniston
are sent to investigate

what they believe
to be a crashed aircraft.

Instead, the team is astounded
to discover a triangular UFO

resting on the forest floor.

They allegedly get close enough to make
note of strange markings on the hull.

Deputy base commander,
Charles Halt, is skeptical,

until two days later when word comes

that the UFO has returned.

Colonel Halt was not able
to debunk this UFO nonsense

because he himself
ended up seeing the UFO.

What follows is a sound recording

made by Halt as he approaches the craft.

It reveals a veteran military man
driven to a state of near panic

by a close encounter of the second kind.

[Halt] I see it, too.
It's coming this way.

It looks like an eye winking at you.
He's coming toward us now.

Now we're observing what appears
to be a beam coming down to the ground.

Despite the compelling testimony

of credible witnesses like Charles Halt,

the British Government dismisses
all claims of a UFO at Rendlesham Forest.

We are counting down
the top ten military encounters with UFOs.

Number four,

the Tehran diamond.

Tehran, Iran,
September 19th, 1976.

Reports flood in of a strange light
in the sky over the nation's capital.

The Imperial Iranian Air Force
dispatches a fighter jet to intercept.

But as the jet reaches
the strange diamond-shaped UFO,

its instrument panel shuts down

and its radio signal is jammed.

Moments later, a second fighter jet
is ordered to take off in pursuit.

In response,

the UFO reveals even more
other-worldly phenomena.

As the F-4 Phantom crew
was approaching the object,

A second UFO actually appeared
out of the first one,

and it actually shot straight towards
the incoming F-4 Phantom jet.

Now, the pilot thought this was
some kind of offensive maneuver.

As he goes to arm his missile,

he decides to fire, and the minute
that he goes to press the button,

everything shuts down.

[narrator] The pilot takes evasive action,

only to watch in horror

as the UFO releases a glowing orb

that he describes as looking like
"the moon, a round, bright light."

He fears the orb is some kind of weapon

that would blast him from the sky,

and quickly retreats back to base.

But the diamond-shaped UFO
and the orb,

disappear without a trace.

Number three,

the Malmstrom missiles.

Malmstrom Air Force Base,
Montana, 1967.

The installation is home to a fleet
of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

It's part of America's nuclear defense
against the Soviet Union.

The weapons are armed
and ready to launch at a moment's notice.

On the morning of March 16th,

two guards see a shooting star

moving in a bizarre
zig-zag pattern across the sky.

Seconds later, another appears.

The two men watch in disbelief

as the stars begin speeding
toward the base.

Suddenly alarm bells start to ring

and each and every nuclear missile
becomes inoperable.

It was like whatever this craft
or UFO was,

it was strategically shutting down
this nuclear missile silo.

[narrator] But then, just as suddenly
as the UFO appeared,

it disappears into the distance.

A declassified report
on the incident states that,

"There were no unusual discrepancies
in the missile control circuits."

According to the report,

the system shut down
for no reason whatsoever.

It's a terrifying demonstration
of alien supremacy

over our most powerful weapons.

Number two,

the Usovo Incident.

Usovo, Ukraine,
October 4th, 1982.

Villagers and resident military personnel

report strange lights in the sky

over a long-range nuclear missile base
in South-Central Ukraine.

They dart back and forth
in a series of dazzling moves.

At the same time,
in the underground bunker,

the missile control panel
suddenly springs to life.

Someone or something appears
to be remotely inputting the series

of complex launch codes.

The missiles are preparing to fire.

For 15 heart-stopping seconds,

base personnel watch helplessly

as the world teeters
on the brink of Armageddon.

But then, just as suddenly
as it switched on,

the control panel shuts down,

while at the same time,

the lights outside
disappear into the night.

No earthly explanation
for the chilling incident is ever found.

We are counting down
the top ten encounters

between Earth's armed forces and UFOs.

Among the thousands of reported incidents,

one event towers above the rest

in terms of both
the sheer amount of evidence

and its continuing impact
on the world today.

Number one,


Roswell, New Mexico,
July 7th, 1947.

Multiple witnesses report

a UFO crashing in the desert
outside Roswell, New Mexico.

The army dispatches a team
to the crash site,

but nothing could have prepared them
for what they would find.

And we learned right then and there,
it wasn't a plane.

The craft was open and kind of halfway,

and one... one body was inside.

Then we radioed in to have a truck
with a flatbed and a crane

and everything else
just come out to the site.

And we prepared to clear everything off.

[narrator] The American military has
just discovered proof of alien life.

The next day, it issues a press release

that will change the course
of human history.

[radio reporter] July 8th, 1947.

The Army Air Force has announced
that a flying disc has been found

and is now in the possession of the army.

[narrator] The human race
is about to enter

a brave new chapter in its existence.

But just one day after
the landmark announcement,

the military abruptly changes its story,

claiming the craft to be nothing more

than a standard issue weather balloon.

The Roswell case is considered closed.

In the decades that follow,

the United States would dominate the skies

with a fleet of high-tech aircraft

many experts believe were built
from technology recovered at Roswell,

with help from the aliens themselves.

Today, Roswell remains
the most famous government reversal

on the existence of UFOs,

spawning more conspiracy theories

than any other single event
in UFO history.

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.