Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 16 - Plunder - full transcript

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[narrator] Do aliens exist?
And have they visited planet Earth?

These are perhaps
the most important questions of our time.

Skeptics say seeing is believing.

But many experts say

- they have already seen...
-[alien vocalizes]

[narrator] ... enough.

There were bodies that were
seen at Roswell army airfield.

So, you have to ask
if it really was a weather balloon,

which was unmanned, that had crashed,

where did the bodies come from?

[narrator] For decades,
eyewitnesses have come forward

with unsettling stories of alien bodies
recovered from crashed UFOs

Some have even provided
detailed accounts of military doctors

conducting alien autopsies
in top-secret government installations.

But is it true?

Does the government
possess alien remains?

And why is this information
being kept from the public?

Join us as we uncover the truth
about alien remains

and reveal the shocking secrets
hidden inside their bodies

on Unsealed: Alien Files.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades

detailing every UFO account

are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.

Varginha, Brazil.

January 20, 1996.

Three women spot a small figure

stumbling through the streets
in the early morning hours.

It's not an unusual sight here,

but on closer inspection,
this is no late-night partygoer

wending their way home
after a long night on the town.

In fact, it isn't even human.

The women flee in fear,

but not before getting
a good look at the creature.

They later describe it

as five feet tall with brown skin,

a large head, and red eyes.

Two days later, a similar creature
is discovered dead in the street

and is quickly recovered
by Brazilian security forces.

Over the next three weeks,

they reportedly capture
seven more creatures in the area.

The incidents receive
international coverage.

Many speculate that a UFO
crashed in the area,

and in a bizarre twist,

all alien remains were turned over

to representatives from the United States.

Why would Brazilian officials
hand over such a monumental discovery?

Was it voluntary?

Or were they forced?

Beyond a living specimen,

alien bodies remain
the most compelling evidence

of intelligent life on other planets.

If their existence is ever made public,

it would change
how we see the universe forever.

And could incite panic around the world.

According to experts,

it's this fear that has motivated
the U.S. Government

to develop recovery tactics

to ensure all alien remains
stay top secret.

Insider accounts reveal these operations
to be highly coordinated,

and have the highest level of secrecy.

They have been going on
much longer than most would expect.

Unsealed case file:
the Kingman Incident.


Veteran UFO investigator Ray Fowler

is contacted by a man
with an incredible story to tell.

His name is Arthur Stansel.

In a sworn affidavit,

Stansel states that in the early 1950s,

he was an air force engineer
designing landing gear

and studying the effects
of nuclear blasts on buildings.

But on May 21st, 1953,

he was sent on an assignment
unlike any before.

Stansel found himself
on a military plane bound for Phoenix

with 15 other specialists.

Their task was yet to be revealed.

Arriving in Phoenix,

the team was ushered aboard a school bus
with blacked-out windows.

Their destination was to remain
a secret... permanently.

En route, they were given
a briefing by a ranking officer,

who told them a top-secret
air force aircraft had crashed,

and that they were to conduct
a forensic investigation of the site.

Stansel's task was to determine

the velocity and angle of descent
at the time of impact.

Four hours later, they arrived
at their destination

that the engineer estimated to be
somewhere near Kingman, Arizona.

The mystery only deepened
when Stansel first laid eyes on the craft.

It was disc-shaped,

some 30 feet in diameter,

with a convex top and bottom.

During his investigation,

the engineer noticed a tent nearby

with a military policeman standing guard.

Inside, he saw the body
of a humanoid creature in a silver suit.

Its skin was dark brown,

and on its head was a metallic skullcap.

Finishing their investigation,

Stansel and the other specialists
were quickly ushered from the site.

They were ordered
to say nothing of the incident.

It was the last Arthur Stansel
ever saw of the Kingman creature.

Did the United States Government
recover alien remains?

And if so, why is this information
being kept from the public?

Reports suggest that for decades,

the United States Government
has aggressively pursued

the recovery of alien remains
from UFO crash sites,

both at home and abroad,
under an intense veil of secrecy.

It's an accusation
Washington has consistently denied.

But a recently released document

may blow the lid off this conspiracy
once and for all.

Unsealed case file:
the Guy Hottel memo.

Quantico, Virginia. April 2011.

The FBI's website is flooded by traffic

after the release of a secret memo

addressed to former FBI director
J. Edgar Hoover.

Guy Hottel was
a former special agent in charge

of the FBI's Washington field office.

In a memo dated March 22nd, 1950,

he records an eyewitness account
of a 1947 incident

that has since become
a milestone in human history.

The recovery of flying saucers
crashed in the deserts of New Mexico.

Hottel states, "They were described
as being circular in shape,

with raised centers
approximately 50 feet in diameter.

Each one was occupied by three bodies
of human shape, but only three feet tall,

dressed in metallic cloth
of a very fine texture."

The release of the memo sent shockwaves
throughout the worldwide UFO community.

It finally confirms what independent
investigators have long suspected.

That the U.S. Government has proof
that extraterrestrials exist,

but has deliberately kept it
hidden from the world.

But one burning question remained.

What incident was Hottel referring to?

Was it the infamous Roswell crash?

Or was it another lesser-known incident?

1947 saw an intense wave of UFO activity
across the New Mexico desert.

Unsealed case file:
the plains of San Augustin.

The plains of San Augustin,
New Mexico. Summer, 1947.

A retired rancher is driving
along a remote country road,

when he sees what appears to be a child.

Fearing for the child's safety,
he pulls over.

But as the rancher approaches,
he sees it bears no resemblance

to any youngster he has ever seen.

It has unusually large eyes

but no ears.

Its hands show four long fingers
but no thumbs,

and is wearing a strange gray coverall.

Seeing that it appears
frightened and confused,

the rancher helps the strange figure
into his truck and takes it home.

Returning home, he and his wife
offer their guest food and water.

But it refuses

and seems content
to remain silent in its chair.

The couple contacts
the county sheriff's department,

who make detailed notes
of the rancher's story.

They agree to send a deputy
the following day.

But when the couple rises in the morning,
their strange guest has disappeared.

The incident would seem destined
to become a footnote in local folklore

were it not for another incident
that happened just days before.

Barney Barnett, an official with
the U.S. Soil Conservation Service,

is working on the plains
when he discovers

a strange disc, some 30 feet in diameter,
only a few miles from where

the rancher would
soon discover his strange child.

Barnett claims to have discovered

at least three strange-looking bodies
among the wreckage.

They look like children
with large heads and gray coveralls.

But none appear to be alive.

Shortly after Barnett's discovery,

an army detachment arrives
and cordons off the scene.

Barnett watches as they quickly
load the disc and the bodies onto trucks.

They disappear, leaving no clue
as to where the bodies were being taken.

But many experts believe
they now know what happened.

The national security establishment set up

high-powered scientific teams
to study these, uh, technologies.

But because the technologies were
so far advanced of our human engineering,

our scientific principles at the time,

there was great difficulty
in understanding these technologies,

and more importantly, reverse-engineering
them for possible weapons application.

[narrator] But alien technology is just
one part of the conspiracy equation.

Important questions remain.

What happened to the bodies?

Where were they taken?

And what was their ultimate fate?

Mounting evidence suggests

that the United States Government has
long been engaged in a clandestine program

to recover any and all alien remains
resulting from crashed UFOs.

But according to many experts,
the operations don't end there.

In fact, recovery is just the beginning
of a bizarre odyssey with a grisly end.

Roswell, New Mexico. July 2nd, 1947.

Multiple witnesses report a UFO
falling from the night sky

in the desert outside Roswell, New Mexico.

The army dispatches
a team to the crash site.

But nothing could have prepared them
for what they would find.

There was a problem that they have yet
to address even over six decades later,

and there were witnesses,
one of which came out and said

that there were bodies that were seen
at Roswell army air field.

So, you have to ask, if it really was
a weather balloon, which is unmanned,

that had crashed,
where did the bodies come from?

[narrator] Over time, however,
many witnesses will claim

they attempted to access
the crash site that night,

only to be turned back by soldiers
who threatened them with physical harm

if they told anyone what they saw.

The army clearly
had something to hide.

According to some sources
inside the military,

the wreckage and alien bodies
were first transported

to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio

before finding a permanent home
deep in the Nevada desert

inside the impenetrable confines
of Area 51.

But others tell a very different story.

They claim that one or more of the bodies
was transported in secret

to another location
for history's first alien autopsy.

Unsealed case file:
the Roswell autopsy.

Washington, D.C.,
the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

It's here in the nation's capital

where at least one of the Roswell aliens
is rumored to have been brought

for postmortem examination
by the nation's top scientists.

The procedure allegedly produced

a series of stunning revelations
about alien physiology,

starting with the creature's abdomen.

[Bill Birnes] It had no digestive system.

It had a respiratory system.

But it had no stomach,
no alimentary canal, nothing.

[narrator] These features could explain
the behavior of the San Augustin creature,

suggesting that it and the Roswell aliens
are of the same species.

The intrigue continues
with the removal of the creature's eyes.

When they autopsied
the aliens at Walter Reed,

one of the things that
the medical examiners discovered

was that that black coating over the eye
wasn't part of the eye. It was a lens.

When they removed the lens,
they could see images in the dark.

The lens was a light-collecting device.
It was night vision.

[narrator] But the most shocking of all
is the creature's brain,

one radically different from our own.

Instead of two hemispheres,
the alien brain is divided into four.

Investigators observing the procedure
take careful note of their position.

They have seen this pattern before.

So, the aliens' hands were on a panel,
and we know this

because in the crash wreckage,
we could see

that there were handprints on the panels
where the aliens would put their hands.

So, somehow, their designs
from their brain made their way

from the headpiece into the panels
that were connected to the ship.

[narrator] The investigators now believe
that the Roswell extraterrestrial

controlled their spacecraft
through direct mental interface.

But this isn't the last connection
investigators will make

between alien and machine.

Decades of
eyewitness testimony have revealed

that America has long been involved
in an elaborate conspiracy

to recover alien bodies and probe them
for scientific secrets.

But what have they learned
from these autopsies?

Some experts have a terrifying theory

that completely changes
everything we ever thought about aliens.

Linda Moulton Howe is
an investigative journalist and ufologist

who has spent decades collecting evidence
surrounding alien autopsies

dating back to Roswell.

She presented her findings

to the 2013 Citizens' Hearing
on UFOs in Washington, D.C.

In my work, I think one of the most
interesting revelations

that came to me was,

for the first time, actually,
only about the early 1990s,

I began to hear through leaks
that in some of the early autopsies,

they weren't even cutting into
what we would consider to be tissue.

It was some sort of a fabric

that was either covering tissue,
but it was a fabric

and it was very difficult
for the scalpels to go through.

[narrator] The artificial nature
of alien bodies

has led Howe and a growing number
of other experts

to believe that many
of the extraterrestrials we encounter

are not individual creatures,
but rather a kind of manufactured clone.

Phil Corso said that there was
an autopsy of an alien gray

at Walter Reed Army Hospital in 1947,

and the autopsy showed that
the gray was an android.

It was simply an android,
a programmed android,

that had a specific algorithmic function.

It was there to, um, surveil, to record,

to take whatever information it could,
even to abduct human beings,

and report to those who controlled it.

[narrator] Could the aliens we encounter
actually be clones?

And if they are, who created them?

Are they under the control of a single
immensely powerful intelligence?

And if so, what is its plan

for the human race?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.