Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 17 - UFO Zones - full transcript

Our world is home to many UFO hot spots, where unidentified objects are reported with alarming regularity. But a select few locations have something extra. They're notorious for strange paranormal phenomenon to extraterrestrial activity.

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[narrator] Our world is home
to many UFO hotspots

where unidentified objects and aliens
are reported with alarming regularity.

But a select few locations
have something extra.

They're notorious for strange
physical and paranormal phenomena

in addition to extraterrestrial activity.

[man] He was taking pictures
of his five-year-old daughter

and the second picture
looks like a spaceman.

[narrator] But which came first,
the zone or the UFO?

Do aliens create them,

or does something about
these places attract them?

And do these places pose
a danger to planet Earth?

Join us as we journey
deep into the heart

of the world's most notorious UFO zones

on Unsealed: Alien Files.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades,

detailing every UFO account
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

Woomera Nuclear Test Range, Australia.

July 15, 1960.

A security officer spots
a strange white light

traveling across the evening sky.

As it draws closer,
the light takes on a reddish color,

leading the man to believe
it is a balloon that has caught fire.

Four other security officers

catch sight of
the same unidentified object

as it passes unchallenged
and disappears into the night.

An investigation is launched
into how any aircraft

could have penetrated
Australia's most restricted airspace.

But in the end, the UFO's identity
and purpose remain a mystery.

The incident is just one of many
that occur over the Woomera Test Range

during the early 1960s.

But nothing could prepare its personnel

for the shocking events of spring, 1964.

Unsealed case file:
the Woomera spacemen.

Cumbria, England. May 23, 1964.

Firefighter Jim Templeton is on a day trip
with his five-year-old daughter Elizabeth.

The two stop near the village
of Burgh by Sands to take pictures.

It's a happy memory for both
until the film is developed.

Looking at the photos,

Templeton is shocked to see
what appears to be an astronaut

looming in the background
behind his daughter.

He has no memory of any such figure
from that day.

Templeton takes the photo
to a local newspaper, and within hours,

the image is appearing in publications
all over the world, including Australia.

May 24, a day after
the Templetons' encounter,

the Woomera Test Range is set to launch
Britain's most controversial weapon.

Woomera was the test facility
running trials with the blue streak,

which was Great Britain's first
intercontinental ballistic missile.

[narrator] Originally designed
in the 1950s as a nuclear weapon,

the Blue Streak missile
has been re-purposed as a launch vehicle

for Europe's burgeoning space program.

But just as the rocket is about to fire,
something extraordinary happens.

There was, ostensibly,

a video of two white-garbed "spacemen"

running across the launch pad,
the launch area, of this British missile.

[narrator] Two mysterious figures
disappear without a trace,

leaving Woomera personnel baffled.

But this is only the beginning.

When the Templeton photo
began to be publicized,

immediately, press people
saw the similarities

between the two creatures
and the way they were dressed.

Templeton himself said that the creatures
that were described in the video

looked exactly like the creature
that was in the photograph,

the middle photograph, of his daughter.

[narrator] Not long after,

another disturbing connection
between the two incidents is drawn

when it's revealed that
the Blue Streak's assembly plant

is located in Cumbria, not far from where
the Templeton photograph was taken.

What was so odd about
the Woomera spacemen

is why were these creatures,
assuming they were actually there,

interrupting a highly classified
missile test launch?

[narrator] Woomera is just one

of a number of high-security
military facilities

that qualify as UFO zones.

Are extraterrestrials probing
our planet's defensive capability?

Is this the secret behind UFO zones?

Or is something else at work?

Planet Earth is home
to a series of UFO zones,

regions where intense UFO activity

coincides with strange and unexplained
events on the ground.

Some zones surround the world's
highest security military installations,

leading many to believe
the two phenomena are somehow linked.

Others, however, have a different,
more mysterious nature.

Zaostrovka, Russia.
September 16, 1989.

Residents of this port watch in amazement

as six saucer-like objects
appear in the sky,

chasing a seventh, darker UFO.

But amazement quickly turns to terror

when the port's massive crane
suffers a total power failure.

The aerobatic chase carries the UFOs
high into the evening sky,

enough for them to be seen from
the city of Perm, over six miles away.

The six pursuers close in on the dark disc
and score a direct hit,

blasting it from the sky.

The aggressors vanish

while their target plunges into a swamp

inside Russia's most notorious UFO zone.

Unsealed case file:
the M-Triangle.

The M-Triangle is a remote region
600 miles East of Moscow.

Surrounding the village of Molybka,

the area is notorious for
its frequent incidents of the unexplained.

Local inhabitants regularly report
seeing strange objects overhead,

and strange ghostly beings lurking
on the outskirts of the area's forest.

While not an officially restricted area,

the Russian military warns visitors

to avoid the M-Triangle.

This has not stopped
independent investigators

from entering the danger zone
attempting to uncover its secrets.

Many visitors to the M-Triangle

report disturbing auditory hallucinations
and waves of intense fear.

Journalist Pavel Mukhortov
entered the zone

with a group of fellow investigators

to report on the strange goings-on
within its borders.

Many of the team quickly fell ill,

but Mukhortov experienced
something very different.

He left the triangle
with a strange feeling

that he had somehow acquired
great knowledge

of physics and aerospace engineering.

In the months after his experience,

he applied for the Soviet space program
and was accepted

despite having no previous experience
in the field.

What is behind the strange events
in the M-Triangle?

The efforts of investigators
like Mukhortov

have revealed something
scientifically unique about the region.

The Earth's normal electromagnetic field
appears to defy the laws of nature.

Is there something about electromagnetism

that lays the foundation
for the world's UFO zones?

Ceballos, Mexico.

September, 1976.

This desert town erupts
in a chilling cacophony

when its entire dog population
suddenly begins to bark and howl.

Startled citizens rush into the streets,

where they are amazed
to see a massive UFO

nearly 1,000 feet long looming overhead.

The barks and howls
are quickly drowned out

by a deep pulsing hum
that seems to emanate from the craft.

One witness described it as one side of it
took up his entire neighborhood,

and the other side you can see
going off in the distance.

So, this thing was large.

[narrator] The craft hovers momentarily

before disappearing into
an infamous stretch of nearby deserts

with a long history of UFO activity

and other incidents of the unexplained.

Unsealed case file:
the Zone of Silence.

Some 400 miles South of the U.S. border,

is a vast stretch of barren wilderness
known as the Zone of Silence.

The region earned its name
following an incident in 1970

in which an Athena test missile
launched from a base in Utah

crashed on the desert plain.

An American unit dispatched
to recover the wreckage

discovered their radios
and all other electronic equipment

had mysteriously become inoperative
while in the area.

Further scientific investigation
revealed the zone to contain

exceptionally high levels
of the mineral magnetite,

thought to have been
deposited here long ago

by an unusually high number
of falling meteorites.

The intense electromagnetic field
generated by the zone's magnetite deposits

might explain
the equipment's interference.

Are aliens somehow attracted

by the presence of electromagnetism
in UFO zones?

Or are they responsible
for these strange readings?

If you look at all the alien plots,

it's still unclear whether or not
they're here to save us or slaughter us.

[narrator] Mounting evidence suggests

that planet Earth is home
to a series of UFO zones

where strange physical
and paranormal phenomena

occur alongside alleged alien activity.

The question is,
do aliens create these zones

or does something attract them?

Many experts have observed

strange electromagnetic readings
in many of these regions.

Could this energy be the secret
behind the world's UFO zones?

And if so, why?

Lago de Colbun, Chile.

May 16, 1998.

Thirty witnesses report the appearance
of a massive, disk-shaped UFO

over the nation's largest
hydroelectric dam,

roughly 120 miles south
of the nation's capital, Santiago.

Onlookers describe the object as dark
with a large orange light at its base.

The object hangs motionless in the air
for some 20 minutes

before disappearing over the Andes.

It's just the latest in
a long series of sightings in the area.

They are regularly seen
rising from the water

close to a nearby hydroelectric station,

and often appear to be drawing energy
from the power lines, as if refueling.

Prior to the station's construction,
the area suffered few blackouts.

Now it faces up to three outages a week.

How much energy does it take

for a craft to go 5,000 miles an hour,

or 10,000 miles an hour?

Obviously, a huge amount of energy.

[narrator] Is this the answer
to the mystery of UFO zones?

Are aliens using places
like Lago de Colbun and Woomera

as a source of energy?

And could others, like the M-Triangle,

represent the ideal hiding place
for their spacecraft?

Today, Chile ranks fifth overall
in UFO sightings

since record-keeping began.

It's an uncommonly high number

for a country
with a relatively small population.

Also uncommon is its government's embrace
of this phenomenon.

Recently, they opened
the nation's first UFO trail,

passing through
the region's most infamous hotspots,

and continue to encourage visitors
to seek out strange objects in the sky.

But why would any government
encourage its people

to confront beings from another world?

The answer may lie in another UFO zone,

thousands of miles to the North.

Unsealed case file:
the San Luis Valley.

San Luis Valley, Colorado. 1993.

NORAD radar picks up a series
of mysterious readings

over a two-week period

that suggests the flaring
of large-scale fires

or even missile launches.

Helicopter searches, however,
turn up nothing.

Officials are baffled.

But ufologists aren't surprised.

They know the Colorado-New Mexico area

has been a highly active
UFO zone for decades.

September, 1967.

Ranchers in the San Luis Valley
make a grisly discovery.

A dead horse is found on the King Ranch
at the base of the Blanca Massif.

It's been stripped of all tissue,

from the tip of its nose,
to the shoulders.

Its heart and brain have been removed,

and there is an odd
antiseptic smell present

that suggests the horse was
the subject of a careful dissection.

The mystery deepens

when investigators find a series

of huge unidentifiable tracks in the area.

The horse's owner, Nellie Lewis,
tells local reporters

that UFOs are responsible
for the horse's death,

warning that they would
one day return in force.

And according to reports, she was right.

Dulce, New Mexico.
March 24, 1978.

Cattle rancher Manuel Gomez

discovers the dead carcass
of a recently deceased bull calf.

The animal's sex organs had been removed

with a surgical precision
beyond the capability

of even today's
most sophisticated laser technology.

Over the years, Dulce has paid witness

to many strange and unexplained incidents.

There are rumors
of a secret base in the area,

and no one is sure who controls it.

[Greenewald] I think if the military were
to capture or be given alien technology,

I think they would absolutely
want to keep that to themselves.

Because, let's face it,
anybody with advanced alien technology

would, in essence, rule the Earth.

[narrator] Evidence suggests
the world's UFO zones

may be connected to a larger alien plot
against planet Earth.

And according to reports from
the New Mexico desert,

they aren't working alone.

Dulce, New Mexico. August, 1979.

Phil Schneider is an army engineer

working with a unit assigned
to construct a series of tunnels

to the Southwest of the Archuleta Mesa.

At the bottom, he is shocked
to see a seven-foot alien being,

and beyond it, a host of others

conducting operations
in an underground base.

A firefight erupts.

When the dust settles, the cavern
is littered with alien and human dead.

How did an alien race maintain a base

so close to a high-security
U.S. military installation?

According to Phil Schneider,
the answer is simple.

[Schneider] The government
knew all about it.

They had been in camp there

for, as best as believed possible,

about 400, 500 years.

[narrator] Less than a year after
he goes public with his story,

Phil Schneider is found dead
in his apartment.

Officially, his death is ruled a suicide,

but many believe he was murdered
for being the man who knew too much.

Other whistle-blowers have since
uncovered evidence of a secret lab

filled with horrors beyond imagination.

Human beings were kept in cages.

They were kept in prisons.
They were suffering.

[narrator] Is this the terrifying secret
at the heart of the world's UFO zones?

Are they places where aliens and humans

are conspiring against
the rest of the world?

And if this is true, how long can it be

before this conspiracy
turns into open aggression?

[Birnes] They're working with
the U.S. military that's guarding it,

they're working with U.S. scientists.

And at this base, they are
harvesting organs from human beings.

They're doing cattle mutilations.

But here's what's creepy.

They're doing human mutilations,

and there are these huge vats
of human organs

that they're using for stem cell research,

and for DNA research
to create a whole new species.

[narrator] This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.