Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 15 - The Laredo Incident - full transcript

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[crowd shouting in German]

[narrator] The Nazis.

Led by Adolf Hitler,

they were the greatest evil
the world has ever known.

In just ten years,

Hitler took Germany from crushing
depression to world domination...

but did he do it alone?

Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party
was bent on gaining

the highest level
of technology they could.

[narrator] Did the Nazis have
access to alien technology,

and did they use it
to transform their army

into a strike force
of unprecedented power?

Did this relationship stop there,

or was it just part
of a much bigger strategic alliance?

Join us as shocking reports
of Nazi dealings with alien beings

are unsealed.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades,

detailing every UFO account
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.

Greifswald, Germany. August 14, 1990.

Thousands watch in astonishment

as a strange formation
of seven lights appears

in the night sky over the Baltic Sea.

They hover in place for a full 30 minutes,
giving ample opportunity for onlookers

to capture compelling video evidence
of the incident.

Later, German UFO researchers
will use five of these videos

to pinpoint the formation's exact position

not far from
the Greifswald nuclear power plant.

Some see this as cause for concern.

Others, however, note the formation's
proximity to another landmark,

one that no longer appears on the map

but instills a far greater fear
than any nuclear reactor.

Peenemunde, the infamous
construction site of the V-2 rocket.

During the late stages
of the Second World War,

the Nazis launched more than 3,000

of the technologically advanced missiles
against the allies,

raining a new kind of death
on victims below.

The V-2 represented an unprecedented leap
in weapons technology,

one many believed was too great
to be explained by any earthly means.

Today, many ufologists are convinced

the Nazis received assistance
from extraterrestrial beings.

But the exact nature of this relationship
has so far remained a mystery.

The Nazi-alien connection can be traced
back to the ultra-secret Vril Society

in the days following the First World War.

Its members were fanatical followers
of 19th-century author

Edward Bulwer-Lytton,

and his novel,
Vril: The Power of the Coming Race.

In it, the author describes
a race of ethereal beings

living in an underground utopia

forged by their ability to wield
a mystical power known as the Vril.

Even the book was a work of fiction.

There were a group of people
that followed the story,

that believed it to be true,

that thought the Vril actually existed,

that this otherworldly power source
could be tapped.

[narrator] Society members, including
Heinrich Himmler and Rudolf Hess,

believed the ancient Aryans
possessed similar powers

drawn from a mysterious black sun
hidden behind our own.

[Bill Birnes] The Society really believed
in the black sun.

That was one reason why,

when the Nazis were developing
the uniforms for the elite SS,

and the black trench coats that were
worn by the German secret police,

that was why they were all black.

And the swastika was black,

and it became a black symbol 'cause it was
tapping into the power of the black sun.

[narrator] Hitler himself is rumored
to have joined the Society in 1919,

but the Vril Society will remain
a closely guarded secret

throughout the rest of his rise to power,

until an unexpected event
will force them out of the shadows.

Unsealed case file:
the Nazi Roswell.

Freiburg, Germany. Summer 1936.

Residents report
a strange disk-shaped object

has crashed nearby during the night.

Elite SS troops are on the scene
within the hour.

There, they allegedly find
not only wreckage,

but also the bodies of the craft's
alien crew, including one survivor.

The extraterrestrials are quickly
whisked away along with the debris.

From Freiburg, this strange cargo
is taken to Wewelsburg Castle.

It's the spiritual heart of Nazi Germany,

lavishly decorated
with the symbols of Nazism,

including the black sun.

There, it is reportedly
delivered into the care

of the fanatical scientist, Hans Kammler,

who years later, will oversee
the development of the V-2 rocket.

In the meantime, Kammler is alleged
to have devoted himself

to the study of the UFO's technology

with the intention of using it
to develop a Nazi super-weapon.

Many leading ufologists
believe that Nazi Germany

engaged in a secret program to use
technology recovered from a crashed UFO

to build a new generation
of super-weapons.

Some believe it was a flying saucer
propelled by an anti-gravity drive.

But there is another,
even more shocking, theory.

Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.
December 9, 1965.

Residents report a strange, bell-shaped
object streaking across the sky.

It appears to adjust trajectory
before crashing in the woods outside town.

When they gathered,
what they noticed was that,

almost instantly,

a group, a unit of American soldiers
who wore no insignia

and came with a flatbed truck, were there
to retrieve this object and take it away.

People were warned, Keep your mouth shut.
Don't talk about this."

[narrator] The army quickly loads
the object onto a truck

and transports it from the site.

Also seen among
the recovery team that evening

are personnel wearing the NASA insignia,

but no explanation is ever given
regarding their presence.

In the years that follow,
details of the Kecksburg object

are leaked to the public.

And to the amazement of many,

they match the reported description
of the most infamous

and potentially deadly piece
of missing Nazi technology

of the Second World War.

Unsealed case file:
Die Glocke.


Investigative journalist Igor Witkowski
obtains a series of transcripts

from the interrogation
of former SS officer Jakob Sporrenberg.

In them, he describes a highly classified
Nazi weapons development project

from the Second World War.

Its code name, Die Glocke.

English translation, The Bell.

According to Sporrenberg, Die Glocke
was reportedly a metallic object,

approximately nine feet in diameter
and 12 to 15 feet tall.

In operation, a powerful electrical pulse
caused two counter-rotating cylinders

to circulate a purplish, viscous
metal substance similar to mercury.

Code name, Xerum 525.

According to the former SS man,

this substance was likely radioactive,

as test runs of the device were known
to have deadly effects on any bystanders.

There were quite a few theories

about what Die Glocke ,
or the Nazi Bell, actually was.

One of the most prevalent theories
is that it was a anti-gravitational craft.

Obviously a piece of technology
like that would alter the war.

[narrator] Anti-gravity technology would
have freed German fighter aircraft

from the speed and maneuverability
limitations of conventional planes,

giving them supremacy in the sky.

But this isn't the only theory
regarding Die Glocke.

Some cite an even more
terrifying possibility.

What Die Glocke could possibly be

is a piece of technology
utilized for time travel.

And the reason many theorists
have come forward with this idea

is that it all indicates
that whatever this object was,

whatever Die Glocke was, the Nazi Bell,

it could be utilized for time travel,
and that in itself

would ultimately be
the Wunderwaffe of the Nazi party.

[narrator] Did the Nazis
really invent a time machine

using alien technology recovered
from a flying saucer,

and did it work?

Shortly after the war, the United States
undertakes Operation Paperclip,

a program offering asylum
to top Nazi scientists

in return for their help
in weapons development projects

and America's newly-established
space program.

Among them was a man who would appear

at the Kecksburg crash site
nearly 20 years later.

What were the Americans doing,

and what were NASA personnel doing
to recover this object?

The person in Germany in charge
of Die Glocke was an SS colonel

by the name of Kurt Debus.

He disappeared, too.

But he turned up in America
under Operation Paperclip,

where he became
one of the directors of NASA.

[narrator] Was Die Glocke a time machine,

and was the Kecksburg incident

the result of a test run of Die Glocke
from some two decades earlier?

[narrator] Reports suggest that a UFO
crashed in Germany in 1936,

and that the Nazis may have used
this technology to build a time machine,

one that may have crashed
in the Pennsylvania woods in 1965.

But did they achieve this on their own,

or did they have alien assistance,
as many attest?

A possible answer would come decades later
and from an unexpected source.


The Soviet Union falls.

Over the next two decades,

a series of top secret KGB documents
surface for the first time.

One in particular will catch
the attention of UFO investigators.

Entitled "Stalin's secret report
on task force 68,"

The document is a report submitted
by agents embedded in the U.S. military

in the days following
the Second World War.

It recounts what many ufologists
consider to be

the most important battle in history.

Unsealed case file:
Operation High Jump.


Allied forces have driven
Hitler's army from North Africa.

The tide of war
has turned against Germany.

But according to Admiral Donitz,
head of the German navy,

the public need not fear
for Hitler's safety.

His submarine fleet has constructed
a secret fortress

in a distant corner of the world
he describes as Shangri-la.

In 1938, the Germans made
a well-documented expedition to Antarctica

with the stated purpose
of establishing a whaling operation.

But was this true, or did this expedition,
in fact, lay the foundation

for Donitz's impregnable fortress?

By 1945, Germany is in ruins, and Hitler
is believed to be dead by his own hand.

But rumors of his survival are widespread,

and American intelligence is aware
that high-ranking Nazis are escaping

to South America through
an underground network.

The question is...

was this the end of the line?

December 1946.

Admiral Richard Byrd leads
a multi-national task force

on an eight-month expedition
to Antarctica.

Its code name, Operation High Jump.

Operation High Jump was apparently
a project that would take

the United States Navy down to Antarctica

and see how military technology
and our military forces

would operate
at such extreme temperatures.

Now, what was their true reason?

Was it to operate this technology to see
how it would function

in such cold weather,
in extreme environments?

Or were they looking for something else?

[narrator] Publicly,
the mission's objective

is to establish a research station,

and to test the fleet's ability
to operate in polar conditions.

But according to the KGB,
High Jump's real goal

is to destroy the remnants
of a secret Nazi base,

and lay claim to the frozen continent.

Approaching Antarctica,
the fleet is allegedly surprised

by enormous UFOs rising from
the depths of the Southern Ocean.

A battle ensues during which the aliens
down a number of allied aircraft

and sink at least one ship
before vanishing.

The attack appears to be a warning
not to proceed any further,

but Byrd refuses to bend
to the aliens' will.

It's the first of a series
of reported encounters with UFOs.

Undaunted, Byrd orders
the fleet to sail on.

Arriving at the reported location
of the Nazi base,

Byrd and his task force instead find

the gaping entrance
to a seemingly endless cave.

Byrd orders a squadron
of aircraft to scout the area.

It isn't long before
their worst fears are realized.

[Birnes] This was a wide enough entrance

where the planes flew in,
in fighter formation.

They were attacked by flying saucers.

Most of them were shot down.

Byrd was actually captured,

and he was told, "We will let you go.

You go back to your leaders
and you say you found nothing."

[narrator] Returning home,

Byrd makes no mention of any battles
or alien encounters,

but he does offer an ominous warning
that the world must be ever vigilant

to the possibility of attack
from the polar regions.

What did Admiral Byrd encounter
during Operation High Jump?

Was it really a secret Nazi-alien base?

And what has become
of weapons like Die Glocke,

alleged to have been built
with alien technology?

Mounting evidence suggests

the Nazis may have had contact
with extraterrestrials

and attempted to create super-weapons
from recovered alien technology.

Proof of these claims may yet lie hidden
deep within Germany's Government archives.

In the decades since the war,

Germany has totally reinvented itself
into a progressive beacon of peace

and an economic powerhouse.

But while the United States, France,
England, and Canada

have all granted public access to at least
some of their official records on UFOs,

Germany has so far released nothing.

This uncharacteristic veil of secrecy
has been the subject of growing concern

among Germany's UFO community.

And recently, one man
took his fight to court.

In December 2011,

a judge granted ufologist Frank Reitemeyer
the right to view a file

he claims to have been written
by Germany's Scientific Service

regarding research
into extraterrestrial life and UFOs.

But the German Government
has filed an appeal

to prevent the document's release.

Why are German officials fighting

to retain documents
they claim do not exist?

Do they fear the secrets of the past?

The Nazi regime virtually had
an unlimited amount of resources

to put into their technology research.

They were able to create
highly advanced weaponry.

They were able to create
highly advanced aircraft.

Really, their resources were
unlimited when it came to this.

I think there is no doubt that
their ability came from

uh, just having that
unlimited amount of resources

to take their technology
to the next level.

[narrator] Or do they fear
what knowledge of this technology might do

to our future?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.