Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 29 - Rear Engineering - full transcript

UFOs. They can fly at blinding speed. Or hover effortlessly just a few feet above the ground. And they can do it all without making a sound. But how is this possible? The mysteries of anti-gravity propulsion are unsealed.

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UFOs: they can fly at blinding speed

or hover just a few feet above the ground,

and they can do it all
without making a sound.

But how is this possible?

Many experts believe the answer
is anti-gravity propulsion.

Advanced technology capable of controlling

one of the most powerful forces
in the universe.

And some believe this gift is no longer
exclusive to extraterrestrials.

Do we now secretly possess
advanced anti-gravity technology?

And if so,

how did it happen and what are
the implications for the human race?

From secret alien treaties
to the hidden labs of Area 51,

join us as the mysteries
of anti-gravity propulsion are unsealed.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades

detailing every UFO account
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

It's one thing to see a UFO in the sky,

but many eye witnesses
who experience a UFO up-close

report a powerful physical presence
that defies understanding.

Unsealed case file:
the Rendlesham Forest Incident.

Suffolk, England. December 27, 1980.

American airmen stationed
at the twin RAF Bentwaters

and RAF Woodbridge air bases
see strange flashing lights

appear in nearby Rendlesham forest.

But just as the airmen approach the light,

it rises and drifts off silently
through the forest.

The team follows.

Each time they draw near,

the light floats away
in the opposite direction.

When they at last get close enough
to see the object in detail,

they are shocked to discover
a triangular-shaped UFO

with strange markings on its hull

that bear an uncanny resemblance
to Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Deputy Commander Charles Halt
is highly skeptical of their story

until two days later
when the mysterious lights reappear.

This time, he decides to see for himself.

[Nick Pope] Colonel Halt routinely

carried with him a hand-held tape recorder

on which it was his custom and practice

to record his observations and thoughts.

[narrator] What follows is the recording
made by Halt as he approaches the UFO.

[Halt] OK, I see it, too.

It's coming this way.

It looks like an eye winking at you.

He's coming toward us now.

Now, we're observing what appears to be

a beam coming down to the ground.

[narrator] Moments later, the UFO
darts off into the night sky

at great velocity.

The Rendlesham object
is just one of hundreds of reported UFOs

that exhibit flight capabilities

far beyond those
of any conventional aircraft.

They can hover close to the ground.

In the blink of an eye, they can jump
to high speeds without acceleration.

And all without making a sound.

What kind of technology
could they be using?

Some experts believe they have the answer.

[Basset] They're negating gravity.

They're not flying.

They are-- What the term would be.

They're anti-gravitically
positioning themselves.

And these are not big crafts.

Some of them are just 20,
30 feet, 60 feet across.

And so, they're obviously generating
a huge amount of energy

for the mass that they have.
How are they doing it?

[narrator] Gravity is a force that causes
matter to be attracted to other matter.

An apple to the ground,
a planet to the sun.

But experts believe
anti-gravity technology

will liberate an object
from that attraction,

effectively allowing it to move freely
through time and space.

Solving the mystery
of anti-gravity propulsion

would unlock a source
of almost unimaginable power.

Unsealed case file:
the Paintsville train incident.

Paintsville, Kentucky. January 14, 2002.

A coal train rumbles through
the early morning hours on a routine run

from the city of Russell
to the town of Shelbiana.

Out of nowhere,
the train's two engineers notice

the dash gauges have begun
fluctuating wildly.

One man sees his watch
has mysteriously stopped.

And that's not all.

The train, too, has now lost all power

and is rolling forward on its own inertia.

But when they round the corner,
they see a group of at least three UFOs

hovering silently in their path.

With no power to brake,

the runaway locomotive slams
into one of the objects

with an unstoppable force.

But instead of being pulverized,

it's the UFO that tears
great metallic chunks out of the train

before darting off into the night
along with the other objects.

In the aftermath,
many experts are convinced

the train's engine and gauges fell prey
to an immense electromagnetic field

generated by the UFOs'
anti-gravity engines.

Is this the secret?

Are extraterrestrials able to transform
electromagnetic energy

into anti-gravity propulsion?

But if these craft are alien,

how do we explain the very
man-made-looking markings

on the Rendlesham object?

Some experts have a startling answer.

We have at least one and very likely

several vehicles from
extraterrestrial sources.

[narrator] Mounting evidence suggests
that UFOs are propelled

by advanced anti-gravity technology.

But some experts believe
this anti-gravity know-how

may already be in human hands

assembled from first-hand studies
of alien technology.

But how did we acquire this material?

The answer may be found
at the dawn of the modern UFO age.

Roswell, New Mexico. July 2, 1947.

Residents of the small frontier town,
watch in amazement

as a blazing, disc-shaped object
falls from the sky at a blistering speed.

It disappears beyond a line of trees
northwest of town

where it presumably impacts in the desert.

Curious, some witnesses set out
for the crash site to investigate,

only to discover all routes
cut off by military road blocks.

A recovery operation is clearly underway,

but it's unlike anything seen before.

It is conducted under extreme secrecy,

and any onlookers are told to keep quiet
under threat of violent reprisal.

The next day, the U.S. military announces
the recovery of a flying saucer,

only to quickly retract the story
under suspicious circumstances.

The military's official report claims
the Roswell object was a weather balloon.

But some government insiders
tell a very different story.

According to reports,

the wreckage of the Roswell saucer was,

in fact, taken to Wright-Patterson
Air Force Base in Ohio,

along with something even more incredible,

the sole survivor
of the craft's alien crew.

A member of a race ufologists
have come to know as "the Grays."

Even more astonishing,

reports allege the surviving Gray
agrees to help the U.S. military

incorporate alien technology
from the Roswell wreckage

into its latest aerospace projects.

It's an unexpected act of goodwill

that will later lead
to an unprecedented pact

between the United States
and its extraterrestrial visitors

called the Grenada Treaty.

Many experts consider an allegedly
leaked document entitled

SOM1-01 was a direct outcome
of that meeting.

The document states,
"any encounter with entities known to be

of extraterrestrial origin is considered
to be a matter of national security

and, therefore, classified top secret."

But the Grenada Treaty is one
that many experts now view

as a deal with the devil.

There was a meeting
with President Eisenhower

at Holloman Air Force Base in 1957
where he met with the Grays.

They're the ones with the big eyes
and the pale skin.

And, as the story goes,
there was an exchange.

We got some of their technology

and they take away humans for abductions.

[narrator] Is it possible?

Did a desperate President
of the United States

offer his own people
for abduction and experimentation

in return for advanced technology?

Unsealed case file: Area 51.

It's located in a remote stretch
of desert, 80 miles north of Las Vegas.

It has no sign or official name,

and until recently, the U.S. Government
refused to acknowledge its existence.

Unmarked security vehicles
patrol the perimeter.

Anyone daring
to cross it will be shot on sight.

Anyone daring to violate
its air space will be shot down.

It is Area 51.

According to experts,
it's the top secret proving ground

for America's most advanced
aerospace projects.

It's also rumored to have been

the final destination
of the Roswell wreckage

and that of all UFOs
recovered in the years since.

Conspiracy theorists believe that here,
far from the public eye,

scientists have been reverse engineering
this alien technology

into each new generation
of military aircraft.

But how far has this work evolved?

Have the scientists of Area 51 solved
the riddle of anti-gravity propulsion?

Ben Rich was a director at Lockheed-Martin
from 1975 to 1991.

Shortly before his death in 1995,

Rich confirmed that American
aerospace engineers

have long been working with what he called
"hand-me-down alien technology."

[Basset] He's famous for a statement
that he made.

"Whatever you see out there

flying in the sky,
cruising across the desert,

we're 50 years ahead of that."

[narrator] Are these allegations true?

Is the United States
secretly in possession

of advanced aircraft beyond imagination?

And have they successfully developed
anti-gravity propulsion?

Mounting evidence suggests
that the United States military

has secretly produced
highly advanced anti-gravity propulsion

through technology recovered
from crashed alien spacecraft.

But how far will they go
to conceal its existence?

Anchorage, Alaska. November 17, 1986.

Japan Airlines cargo flight 1628
is en route from Paris to Narita, Japan.

Behind the controls
is Captain Kenju Terauchi,

an ex-fighter pilot
with decades of experience.

It's a routine journey until suddenly,

two UFOs appear out of nowhere

directly in the plane's flight path.

Then, the captain and crew

witness the two UFOs join
a much larger mother ship

before vanishing into the night.

Later, Terauchi recounts the details
of the crew's extraordinary encounter.

He describes the UFOs, "Flying,
as if there was no such thing as gravity.

Speeding up and slowing down in ways
that defy all known laws of flight."

He concludes the object
had somehow "overcome gravity."

A week later, John Callahan,

then division chief with
the Federal Aviation Administration,

sits in a joint meeting of the FBI, CIA,

and the president's own scientific
study team to review the evidence.

But Callahan is dismayed when he realizes

he's actually been summoned
to hand over the investigation.

When they get done, the CIA guy standing
next to me says to the people,

"This event never happened.

We were never here.

We're confiscating all this data
and you're all sworn to secrecy."

[narrator] What did Kenju Terauchi

and the crew
of Japan Airlines flight 1628

see in the sky over Alaska?

Was it a UFO?

Or was it a man-made aircraft
powered by anti-gravity?

And how far will the authorities go
to keep special top secret technology

from falling into other hands?

According to many experts
and eye witness reports,

there's an elite security force ready
to be deployed at a moment's notice.

Unsealed case file:
the men in black.

Needles, California. March 2008.

Witnesses look on in astonishment
as a gleaming blue object falls to earth

in the desert near the Colorado River.

Among the onlookers
is a former Security Chief

of Los Angeles International Airport.

Not long after impact,
he sees a response team

flying toward the crash site,

but it's unlike anything he's ever seen.

Instead of the normal Air Ambulance Units,

a group of unmarked black helicopters
gathers overhead.

It leaves carrying a large, glowing object
suspended by a cargo hook.

He contacts the owner
of Needles's local radio station

to report what he's seen,

but its owner has curious news of his own.

In the minutes following he crash,
he saw a convoy of dark vans

and SUVs bearing government
license plates race to the scene.

Many now believe they were
the legendary men in black,

secret government operatives who appear
in the aftermath of an alien encounter

to seize any evidence
and silence all witnesses.

If they are from the government,
it's probably some super-secretive agency.

Could these be the foot soldiers
of the UFO cover-up?

[narrator] But Pope has another theory,

one that turns the popular idea

of the ultra-secret organization
on its head.

Are these some sort of alien police force?

Are these the extraterrestrial guardians
of the UFO secret?

[narrator] Are the men in black
aliens in human disguise?

And if they are, is their presence a sign

of a new kind of cold war
between extraterrestrials and humans?

And would the development
of an American anti-gravity fleet

mark the tipping point
when this new cold war turns hot?

Mounting evidence suggests
the U.S. Government has secretly developed

immensely powerful anti-gravity
propulsion technology,

but some experts believe
our extraterrestrial visitors

now see this as a threat
and have begun to intervene

in an attempt to prevent
anymore of alien technology

falling into human hands.

But is it too late?
Have we passed the point of no return?

And is an interplanetary conflict
over anti-gravity inevitable?

And what form
might the alien onslaught take?

Ufologist Steve Bassett
has a terrifying theory.

The extraterrestrials have technology

that could wipe out
the human race any time they want.

[narrator] The Paintsville object was able
to hold its ground against a runaway train

without suffering so much as a scratch.

If extraterrestrials are able to harness

that kind of anti-gravity power
in the form of a weapon,

they might be able to lift huge objects

and hurl them as projectiles.

In the event of a large-scale attack,

entire cities might be pulverized

by fleets of UFOs armed
with anti-gravity projectors.

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.