Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 28 - The Next Wave - full transcript

It's the stuff of nightmares. Emergency lines flooded with calls as UFOs appear in the sky. Mounting evidence has revealed that UFO waves are able to penetrate the world's most closely guarded airspace.

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It's the stuff of nightmares.

-[phones ringing]
-Emergency lines are flooded

with calls as UFOs appear in the sky

faster than authorities can track them.

It all seems too incredible to be true,

but mounting evidence
has revealed that UFO waves

are a very real phenomenon,
able to penetrate

the world's most closely guarded
air space at will.

A fleet of UFOs invaded
the air space over Washington, DC.

They flew over the Capitol,
they flew over the Pentagon.

They were seen by
hundreds of people.

[narrator] But what is behind
these sudden surges in alien activity?

Is there a pattern to when
and where they appear?

And do they pose a threat
to the human race?

From the dawn
of the atomic age

to fantastic voyages
through invisible dimensions,

join us as the shocking secrets
of UFO waves are unsealed.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files, hidden
from the public for decades,

detailing every UFO account,
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest
secrets on planet Earth.

Eupen, Belgium,
November 29, 1989.

Two police officers
patrolling a country road

as night falls
spot a nearby field

lit by a light so bright
they later claim

they could have read
a newspaper by it.

Arriving at the scene,
they are shocked

to see an enormous triangular
UFO hovering overhead.

On its underside are lights
at each of the three tips,

and a single red flashing beacon
at its heart.

The UFO begins floating
silently toward Eupen

-with the police in pursuit.

There, it hovers
above the astonished town

for over 30 minutes.

By the end of the night,
an estimated 1,500 people,

including at least 13 police officers,
report a UFO encounter

in one of history's
biggest mass sightings.

But for Belgium,
it's only the beginning.

For the next two years,
the nation experiences

an unending wave
of UFO sightings

that leave experts baffled.

By the time the wave
comes to an end in 1991,

some 13,000 people claim
to have seen a UFO.

Skeptics will claim the objects
to be American stealth aircraft

on routine maneuvers,
but the U.S. Air Force denies

any of its aircraft were operating
in the area at the time.

The Belgium wave is just one
of many that have occurred

over the past seven decades
in skies all over the world.

But what is behind
these sudden surges in alien activity?

Do they serve some secret purpose?

And most important of all,
do they pose a danger to our planet?

The search for answers begins
with the wave that started it all.

Unsealed case file:
the 1947 UFO Wave.

Bakersfield, California,
June, 23, 1947.

Richard Rankin,
an experienced pilot,

spots a strange formation
of ten silver disks in the sky,

speeding north
at 300 to 400 miles an hour.

They are unlike any aircraft
he has ever seen.

He fears that reporting
such an outlandish story

might jeopardize
his credibility and his job.

Rankin elects to wait and see
if someone else reports

a similar encounter.

He would not have long to wait.

June 24, 1947,
Mount Rainier, Washington.

Pilot Kenneth Arnold is flying
a search and rescue mission

when he catches sight
of a chain of nine UFOs

flying in impossibly tight formation

as though they were one aircraft
and at supersonic speed.

Arnold tells his story to the press,

and the term
"flying saucer" is born.

It's a landmark moment,
but the wave of 1947 isn't over.

Just two weeks later,
the UFO wave of 1947

will culminate with an event
that will change the course

of American history.

[announcer] July 8, 1947.

The Army Air Force has announced
that a flying disk has been found

and is now in the possession of the Army.

[narrator] Several witnesses report
a strange object crashing

in the desert
outside Roswell, New Mexico.

The Army dispatches
a group of soldiers to investigate,

but rumors would later tell
of alien bodies also among the wreckage.

But just one day
after announcing

they recovered a flying disk,
the military retracts the statement,

calling the wreckage nothing more
than a weather balloon,

launching decades of government deception
on the subject of UFOs.

But what could have brought
alien visitors

out of the shadows
at this particular moment in history?

Alamogordo, New Mexico,
July 16, 1945.

The U.S. military detonates
the world's first nuclear weapon.

It's an ominous event
in human history,

one that leads project director
Dr. Robert Oppenheimer

to say, "I am become death,
the destroyer of worlds."

Earth has entered the atomic age,

and humanity now
possesses the means

to utterly destroy itself
and turn the entire planet

into an uninhabitable wasteland.

The human race was now tampering

with the most powerful force
in the universe.

Many experts believe
this to be the moment

when the extraterrestrials
began to take a hard look

at human civilization.

The year 1947 saw
the first of many UFO waves

to appear in our skies,

an alien show of force
at the dawn of the atomic age.

Many experts now believe
the appearance of UFO waves

to be connected to incredible
leaps in technological innovation,

and it wouldn't be the last.

In the 1950s, the United States
would undergo a period

of unprecedented modernization.

By the end of the decade,

the nation is the world's
undisputed powerhouse.

Barring a nuclear conflict
with the Soviet Union,

it seemed nothing could stop
the United States' rise

as a superpower,
but one event would change this.

November 9, 1965.

Hundreds of people across
the American northeast witness

a UFO many describe
as a dome-shaped fireball

speeding across the sky.

At the same time
above Tidioute, Pennsylvania,

a small airplane
is chased by two UFOs.

Air Force jets
are scrambled to its aid,

but as the jets fire on their targets,
the UFOs accelerate and disappear.

The American northeast
is gripped in a state of UFO panic,

but no one could have predicted
what would happen next.

Shortly after 5:00 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time,

a massive blackout plunges
the northeast United States

and Canada into darkness.

For 13 hours, 30 million people
struggle without power.

Was this a show of force,

a demonstration
that whatever humans can build,

aliens can take away
in the blink of an eye?

Two decades later,
another UFO wave

will do just that and much more.

1982, Ronald Reagan
is in his first term

as President of the United States,
and Cold War tensions

reach heights not seen
since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The year also sees
a curious wave of UFO sightings

in the Soviet Union.

The Black Sea,
February 10, 1982.

Six sailors disappear
while investigating

a reported disabled ship.

Presumed dead, the men
miraculously reappear five days later,

claiming to have been pulled up
into a UFO by extraterrestrials.

200 miles north of the Black Sea.

Two soldiers are driving their jeep
through the country at night,

when, suddenly,
they see a blinding beam of light

shining down from the night sky.

It moves back and forth
as though searching for something.

Moments later,
an enormous flying saucer,

some 400 feet across
and over 200 feet tall,

lands in the field before them.

The two soldiers
continue to watch in disbelief

as a hatch opens and several
tall humanoids appear.

They walk around
the craft for a few moments

before reboarding
and flying off into the night.

A steady stream of UFO incidents

throughout the Black Sea
during that spring and summer

culminate in what remains

perhaps the most-ominous
UFO encounter in history.

Unsealed case file:
the Usovo incident.

Usovo, October 4, 1982.

Strange lights are witnessed
darting back and forth

over the nearby nuclear missile base.

Suddenly, the missile
control panel springs to life

and complex launch codes begin
to unlock the security system.

Someone or something
is preparing to fire the missiles.

If the missiles launch,
retaliation will inevitably happen,

creating an Armageddon
of mutual destruction.

For fifteen heart-stopping seconds,
base personnel watch helplessly.

But, suddenly,
the launch sequence shuts down

and the UFOs vanish.

Are aliens influencing the development
of our most dangerous technology?

One of their primary areas
of interest is our technology.

Nuclear power stations,
missile sites, military bases.

[narrator] Are aliens trying
to send us a message

about our dangerous experimentation
with self-destruction?

Or, like the New York blackout,

was it a terrifying show of force?

Starting in the late 1940s,

the world has experienced
periodic waves of intense UFO activity.

Many experts believe
they may be directly related

to sudden advances in technology,

but how much does the U.S. government
know about UFO waves ?

As it turns out,

they have been quietly
investigating these phenomena

for over sixty years.

Unsealed case file:
the Washington, DC, flap.

Washington, DC, July 1952.

Cold War tension is at its peak,

and America's capital

is the most heavily guarded
air space in the world.

But on the night of July 12th,

air traffic control
at Washington National Airport

picks up seven UFOs on radar.

An air traffic controller

makes visual contact
with one of the UFOs,

describing it as "a bright orange light."

Then, the objects do the unthinkable

and make a sudden turn
toward the White House.

One witness reports their movements
to be "completely radical

compared to those of ordinary aircraft."

Fighter jets take off in hot pursuit.

The mysterious craft vanish from radar,

but the UFOs aren't done
with Washington yet.

Wave after wave of similar UFOs
will menace the nation's capital

for over three weeks

and will become known
as "The Washington UFO Flap."

The shaken city wants answers.

Unknown to most,
the military launches Project Stork

to try to uncover
a pattern to the sightings.

The study concludes
that UFO reports from 1952

are three times higher
than the five preceding years.

America is clearly
in the midst of a UFO wave.

Despite compelling evidence
to the contrary,

the U.S. military publicly denies

that America is under attack
by an alien presence.

It does not contain
any pattern of purpose

or of consistency

that we can relate
to any conceivable threat

to the United States.

Why did the U.S. government
deny the Washington Flap findings?

Were they afraid
the discovery of a UFO wave

would create widespread panic?

The question remains,
did this cover-up put the world in danger?

Decades pass,

bringing countless waves
of intense UFO activity.

But it isn't until the 1990s

when a nation
on the other side of the Atlantic

would publicly acknowledge
that UFO waves exist.

Unsealed case file:
the Cosford incident.

Somerset, England, March 1993.

A police officer, leading a group
of scouts on an outing,

sights a strange craft
he describes as...

"Two Concordes flying
side by side and joined together."

Soon after, the Ministry of Defense
UFO hotline is flooded

with desperate calls
from local residents

The man in charge of the department
at the time is Nick Pope.

This was a wave of sightings
throughout the United Kingdom

that took place over
a period of around six hours.

There were several dozen witnesses,

including numerous police officers
and air force personnel.

[narrator] The military sightings
take place primarily

over the Royal Air Force base at Cosford,

some 150 miles north
of the first encounters.

But for Pope, the account
that stands out above all others

comes from a meteorological officer
at nearby RAF Shawbury.

An air force officer
with eight years experience

described to me an object
which he said

was quite unlike anything
that he had seen

in his entire air force career.

[narrator] It's an enormous,
triangular-shaped UFO,

shining a narrow,
laser-like beam of light

down at the ground
as though searching for something.

The giant craft moved slowly
toward the base

before suddenly deactivating its beam
and darting off beyond the horizon,

faster than any known aircraft.

The encounter leaves
the veteran airman severely rattled.

When I interviewed the witness
the morning after this sighting,

his voice was still shaking.

[narrator] The sheer number of witnesses
to the Cosford incident

forces the military to admit

that "an unidentified object
of unknown origin

was operating over the UK."

Evidence has revealed
the planet-wide appearance

of menacing waves of UFOs

may be tied to mankind's
rapid technological evolution.

Is there another major
scientific advance on the horizon

that may trigger the next wave
of intense UFO activity?

According to some experts, there is,
and it might soon reveal

the mystery behind the extraterrestrials'
most powerful technology.

The world has often wondered
how UFOs and aliens

are able to appear and disappear at will.

Many believe they don't actually travel
across space and time

in the same way as our airplanes.

Instead, they may appear and disappear
by leaping between dimensions.

We're clearly dealing with a technology
way ahead of anything that we have.

[narrator] Humans experience
the world in three dimensions:

height, width, and depth,

and the passage
of a fourth dimension we call time.

But, recently, scientists working
at CERN's Large Hadron Collider

in Switzerland are actively
looking for evidence

that the universe contains
more than four dimensions.

Inside the collider,
particles are smashed apart

at velocities approaching
the speed of light.

Experts project
the results of these interactions

may soon reveal as many
as seven more dimensions

that lie beyond the known realm
of human perception,

hidden dimensions that aliens
may be using as intergalactic highways

to cross the universe
in the blink of an eye.

But how will aliens react

when we reach
another technological milestone

and begin experimenting with the
very technology they use to reach us?

Will they see
this new breakthrough as a threat

and force us to pay the ultimate price?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.