Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 27 - Enemy Airspace - full transcript

It's the ultimate close encounter. There have been thousands of reported cases all over the world. But these claims are almost invariably dismissed by authorities with little or no investigation.

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[narrator] Alien abduction:
it's the ultimate close encounter.

There have been thousands
of reported cases all over the world,

but these claims are almost
invariably dismissed

by authorities with little
or no investigation.

When you deal with abductions, there's not
a whole lot of evidence to support

other than that testimony, and that's it.

[Greenewald] But there have been people
that have come forward

with X-rays, or physical evidence
of something under the skin

that defies explanation.

[narrator] Mounting evidence has revealed

there may, in fact,
be millions of victims,

virtually all unaware
they have been taken.

What are the telltale signs of abduction?

And why do aliens appear determined

to keep their activity secret?

From lost time and recovered memories

to terrifying accounts of alien surgery,

join us as we reveal
the hidden signs of alien abduction

on Unsealed: Alien Files.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades

detailing every UFO account
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

Melbourne, Australia, August 8, 1993.

Kelly Cahill and her family are driving
at night outside the city

when she spots something directly ahead.

It's a saucer-shaped UFO
hovering silently above the road.

Cahill screams, alerting her husband
to the looming threat.

But at that same moment,
the UFO speeds off into the night.

The family continues on their drive home,

keeping a lookout for the UFO.

Suddenly, a blinding light
appears before them.

Cahill slams on the brakes in terror,

but her fear is quickly replaced
by a strange calm.

Cahill feels her body relax

as she settles into
an almost dreamlike state.

Seconds later, the light disappears
and Cahill regains her senses.

She asks her husband what happened,
but he, too, was affected,

as were their children.

No one in the car
has any clear recollection of events

that took place just moments earlier.

Returning home, Cahill has
a nagging feeling

the journey has taken much longer
than it should.

Checking the time, she's shocked
to discover the family is an hour overdue.

It's a bizarre phenomenon
ufologists call "missing time."

Now, missing time is, again,

a key component
to this abduction phenomenon,

And it can happen
when you're driving down the road.

[Simone] People have reported
that they're driving around,

they see something strange.

Next thing they know, it's 20 minutes
later or it's two hours later,

or, in some cases, days later.

[narrator] In the days that follow,

Cahill begins to have dim recollections
of that missing hour.

There, they were met by a contingent
of humanoid aliens.

Then, she remembers
being overcome by terror.

The next moment,
the family was back in the car,

the UFO nowhere to be seen.

It might all be passed off
as a terrible dream

were it not for the mysterious
triangular mark

Kelly Cahill discovered on her stomach
following her ordeal.

Was the Cahill family
abducted by extraterrestrials?

And did they experience missing time?

For some abductees,

missing time may amount
to no more than a few minutes.

But for others, the ordeal has been
known to last much longer.

Unsealed case file:
the Chilean Timewarp.

Pampas lluscuma, Chile, April 1977.

Corporal Armando Valdes is part of
a border patrol

monitoring the nation's frontier
with Argentina.

Coming off duty,
Valdes and the rest of the patrol

take shelter for the night in a stable.

But the men are shaken from their sleep
in the early hours of the morning

when two strange lights
descend from the sky to land nearby.

They set out to investigate.

The patrol watches in astonishment
as Valdes approaches

one of the blazing objects,
only to vanish into its blinding light.

The UFOs then disappear without a trace.

The patrol scours the area
for their missing comrade.

Fifteen minutes later,
they hear a loud thump,

and are amazed to discover
the missing corporal

lying on the ground
a short distance away.

His fellow soldiers
stare at him in disbelief

as Valdes is suddenly sporting
a week's growth of beard.

Looking at his digital watch,
Valdes is shocked to discover

it displays a date five days
after the time of his abduction.

The encounter is one
of the most compelling instances

of missing time on record.

Was Armando Valdes abducted by aliens?

What happened to him during his absence?

And is there away to recover
the missing time?

Millions of people around the world
may have been abducted by aliens,

but have no recollection
of the experience.

Some victims become suddenly
aware of a past abduction

through a phenomenon
ufologists call "missing time."

But recalling the details
of alien captivity is a unique science

that harkens back to the modern era's
first reported abduction.

Unsealed case file:
Betty And Barney Hill.

New Hampshire, September 19, 1961.

Betty and Barney Hill are driving home
through the New England countryside

when they suddenly
find themselves pursued by a UFO.

The mysterious craft lands
directly in their path.

The Hills watch in disbelief

as a group of small humanoid creatures
emerge from them.

At that moment,
the scene suddenly fades to black.

The next thing the Hills remember,

they are sitting quietly
in their driveway.

They have no idea how they got home,

how much time has passed,
and what happened to them in the interim.

The Hills go to the police,

but they refuse
to investigate the incident.

It's a phenomenon all too familiar
to an abductee.

No one believes them.

Many victims are even ostracized
by friends and family.

The experience leaves the couple
deeply shaken.

The Hills become obsessed
with reconstructing the night's events,

but years of effort bring few answers.

In desperation, they look for help

from a most unexpected source:

a Hypnotherapist.

For some abductees
to recall their experiences,

they have to undergo
what's called hypnotic regression.

[Greenewald] What that means is
that they're put under a state of hypnosis

to help them recall those memories

that have seemingly been buried
into the back of their mind.

[narrator] Probing their
subconscious memories, the couple reveals

they were, in fact, abducted
by the aliens who approached their car.

Inside their craft, the couple claims
they were subjected

to terrifying medical experiments.

For ufologists, it's an historic moment.

Cases of abduction didn't really
start to surface publicly

or popularly until the late 1960s.

[narrator] The story of Betty
and Barney Hill is the first of thousands

of eerily similar abduction reports.

But what is the purpose
of these abductions and experiments?

Are the aliens simply trying
to gather knowledge about us?

Or is it all part of a larger plan?

It will take another ten years
for a possible answer to appear.

Unsealed case file:
the Eagle Lake abduction.

Eagle Lake, Maine, August 20, 1976.

Brothers Jack and Jim Weiner,

along with friends Chuck Rak
and Charlie Foltz,

are about to set out
on a night fishing trip

on the state's famous
Allagash Wilderness Waterway.

Before taking to the water,

they build a fire to guide them
back to camp.

Out on the lake, the men see
a glowing ball of light

some 80 feet across,
hovering above the trees.

It creeps slowly along the shore
in the general direction of the fishermen.

Curious, one of the men
takes his flashlight

and signals to the strange craft.

The object responds immediately,
changing course to intercept the canoe.

Alarmed, the four men attempt
to paddle to shore, but it's too late.

The looming UFO is already on top of them,

and they are overcome
by a blinding light from above.

But in the blink of an eye,

the men find themselves
standing on the shore, unharmed.

The UFO hovers nearby for a moment,

and then, disappears into the night sky.

The men notice that their camp fire
has died down to smoldering embers.

Hours have passed but they have
no memory of what happened.

Following the incident, Jack Weiner
begins to suffer recurring nightmares.

In them, he sees humanoid aliens

performing a kind of medical procedure
on his arm

while his friends watch helplessly.

Soon after, the others begin to experience
similar disturbing dreams.

The men each undergo hypnosis.

Together, they offer a chilling account
of the night as it unfolded.

The terrified men
were taken aboard the UFO

where they were subjected to invasive
medical procedures,

including the painful extraction of skin
and fluid samples.

The sessions lead their hypnotherapist
to a startling conclusion:

he believes the men were being tagged
the way humans tag animals

before releasing them.

What happened to the victims
of Eagle Lake?

Were they tagged by their alien captors?

And is there any way
to prove their story?

Millions around the world may have been
the victims of alien abduction.

Some experts believe these abductions

are a means of tagging selected victims.

But if aliens are tagging us,
what form do these tags take

and what is their purpose?

Alamogordo, New Mexico, 1975.

16-year-old Ted Davenport embarks
on a solo camping trip

into the wilderness
of the American southwest.

Alone on the trail,
he has an unsettling feeling

that he's being watched.

Later that night,
Davenport steps out of his tent

and is shocked to find himself confronted
by beings from another world.

He blacks out.

The next morning, Davenport wakes up
beside his burned-out camp fire

with a painful bump on his head

and no memory of the night before.

Five years later,
Davenport is in the Navy.

He is injured while on duty and is sent
for emergency medical treatment.

But an MRI reveals something incredible.

It's a small metallic object
lodged in his brain,

and some experts believe its presence
is no mere coincidence.

Well, in the abduction phenomenon,
there is, apparently,

uh, 10% to 15% of those
who we believe are true abductees

that might have been implanted.

Now, we're talking about implants
that are visible

on an X-ray or a CAT scan.

[narrator] Dr. Roger Leir is a surgeon
who has spent decades studying

suspected alien implants.

They're little rods which vary in length
from about 6 to 8 millimeters in length

and they're about as big around
as a pencil lead.

[Leir] They're all covered with some kind
of a coating, a biological coating.

[narrator] Some victims discover
strange triangular scars

or report what are called
"scoot marks" in their skin.

But often, what might be considered
a visible point of entry does not exist.

Ted Davenport is just one of thousands

discovered to have suspected
alien technology in their bodies.

But what is the purpose of these objects?

The answer may be found in one of the most
remarkable abductions on record.

Unsealed Case File:
the Betty Andreasson Incident.

South Ashburnham, Massachusetts,
January 25, 1967.

Betty Andreasson is enjoying an evening
at home with her family

when the house lights suddenly switch off
and on again for no reason.

Seconds later, an eerie, pulsating glow
appears outside the kitchen window.

The light reveals a group of humanoid
aliens converging on the house.

The intruders pass effortlessly
through the front door

and immediately freeze
the terrified family

in a kind of suspended animation.

The leader establishes
a telepathic connection with Betty.

Her fear is replaced by a strange calm.

Betty is then taken aboard
a small, saucer-like craft

hovering not far from the house.

There, she is subjected
to a series of medical examinations

and a bizarre test of her intellect

that induces what she will later describe

as a state that drifts
between ecstasy and pain.

Hours later,
she is returned to the house.

It's a traumatic experience

and it will take another decade
for Betty to share her story.

In 1977, she undergoes hypnotherapy,

trying to uncover the details
about what happened to her

onboard the alien craft.

Her sessions reveal something incredible.

Betty wasn't taken that night
to be given an implant.

Instead, she recalls the aliens removing
a brain implant through her nose,

An object that had been placed
inside her head in the 1940s

during a childhood abduction.

It's a memory that remained dormant
in her subconscious for decades.

But what was the implant's purpose?

And why did the aliens want it back?

Roger Leir has a theory.

I get asked many, many times,

are they tracking devices?
Are they behavior modification devices?

[Leir] On the basis of what I've seen
and the data that we have collected,

I don't believe that's the case at all.

I believe that these are
data monitoring devices,

and I believe that they use implants

to gain information
on the changes of our DNA.

[narrator] Are aliens placing implants
in abduction victims to monitor our DNA?

And if they are,
what is their ultimate goal?

Evidence suggests aliens
are abducting victims

in a chilling campaign to monitor
human biological processes

by implanting and removing
extraterrestrial devices.

Some experts believe
they may even be monitoring our DNA.

But why?

Aldergrove, British Columbia.
July 17, 1991.

Corina Saebels and a friend spot
a massive boomerang-shaped UFO

in the night sky above her house.

Moments later, she vanishes,
reappearing nearly an hour later

with no idea that she was gone

and unable to account
for the missing time.

She appears unharmed by the experience,

but Corina Saebels's
story doesn't end there.

In the time following her disappearance,

she has a nagging feeling
this isn't the first time

she has disappeared,
and that it won't be the last.

But Saebels soon learns she isn't
the only alien target under her roof.

Weeks later, she is shocked
to see an alien gray

entering her daughter's bedroom.

Racing to the young girl's aid,

Saebels finds nothing.

But soon after, her daughter
begins drawing pictures

of an alien she calls "the doctor,"

who sometimes enters her room at night.

The story unleashes a flood of repressed
abduction memories in Saebels,

including needles piercing her abdomen

and row after row of alien fetuses

stored in liquid.

Saebels realizes that she has been
part of an experiment

to produce an alien-human hybrid.

And that's not all.

In a sudden flash
of disturbing revelation,

she realizes that stories
her mother told her

were also veiled accounts of abduction.

Corina Saebels believes her family
may have been abducted across generations.

Why would you need to take humans,

put some type of physical implant in there

and do whatever genetic modification
they're trying to do?

[Greenewald] My guess is, they could
potentially make a life form

that they would like us to evolve into.

[narrator] Are extraterrestrials
secretly creating

a new race of alien-human hybrids
down through generations?

Are abductees doomed to a life
of constant fear?

Have you been abducted by aliens

without any memory of the event?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.