Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 25 - Alien Apocalypse - full transcript

Millions of people believe extraterrestrial live on Earth. Are the aliens here to enlighten us or destroy us? What if the worst-case scenario happened? What would aliens do? And how would they do it?

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[narrator] All around the world,

UFO sightings are increasing
in record numbers.

Some experts believe,

in the not-too-distant future,
the day may come

when aliens decide
to step out of the shadows

and invade planet Earth.

But what shape will
this hour of reckoning take?

Is our military prepared
for an alien threat?

My answer is no.

If they have the technology
we believe they have

And we don't?
We don't stand a chance.

[narrator] Join us as we reveal
the coming alien apocalypse

And how planet Earth might survive,

on Unsealed: Alien Files.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files, hidden from
the public for decades,

detailing every UFO account,
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

November 9th, 1965.

Hundreds of people in America's Northeast

observe a glowing dome-shaped fireball

streak across the sky.

Meanwhile, a small aircraft
flying near Tidioute, Pennsylvania,

finds itself pursued by two UFOs.

Air Force jets scramble
to aid the endangered aircraft.

They open fire on the objects

only to watch them disappear
at an unbelievable rate of speed.

Within an hour, UFOs had spread fear
across much of the Northeast,

but what happens next

throws the region
into a state of emergency.


Just after 5:00 P.M.
Eastern Standard Time,

a massive blackout strikes
the Northeast United States and Canada.

Thirty million people are left powerless
for up to 13 hours.

Despite dozens of eyewitness accounts,

the American government
denies any UFO connection to the blackout.

In the end,

authorities claim it was human error
on the part of a power plant worker.

But the blackout
raises an alarming question,

could humanity cope in the face
of a large-scale technological collapse?

What would happen if all the world's power
suddenly switched off?

With resources to last only a few days,

experts believe the world would
descend into anarchy,

and provide the perfect moment

for an alien force to strike.

But while blackouts are allegedly
caused by a distant threat,

a frightening incident in Brazil
reveals how a hands-on invasion

could quickly become a living nightmare.

Unsealed case file:
the Colares Incident.

1977, northern Brazil.

A violent wave of UFO attacks
blast mysterious beams of light

down on an unsuspecting small town.

Thirty-five people
are treated for injuries

that resemble radiation burns.

Two of them die within 24 hours.

Panic spreads quickly
throughout the region.

Villagers stay awake through the night,

banging pots and burning bonfires
to keep the menacing lights away.

The Brazilian military
launches an investigation.

Over 200 UFOs,

some plunging into the Amazon River,

have been reported
over a four month period.

The victims are interviewed
about their ordeals,

but the attacks leave officials baffled.

Noted ufologist Jacques Vallee

launches his own investigation
into the Colares encounters.

He concludes the mysterious light was,

in fact, "a complex combination
of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation,"

and that many of the injuries

were consistent with the effects
of high power pulse microwaves.

The Colares Incident
is one of the largest reported

mass encounters
with extraterrestrials in history,

Yet all evidence collected
by the official investigation

remains classified.

And no official report into the incidents
has ever been released.

Some experts are gravely concerned.

A. J. Gevaerd,
the Brazilian director of MUFON,

discusses the Colares Incident

at the 2013 Citizen Hearing
in Washington, DC.

Now, the situation went so intense

that the community leaders

went to the Governor of the state of Para

to ask that something is done about it,

and the government
asked the Brazilian Air Force

to start an investigation

to give answers to the population.

There was already,
and this is in the documents,

there was already a knowledge

that there was an intelligence

beyond that phenomenon,

and that phenomenon was not earthly.

[narrator] Was the Colares Incident

the precursor to a wave
of future attacks on humanity?

Will they cut us down one by one

in a series of violent confrontations.

Or is there an easier way
to eliminate the human race?

Many experts believe that aliens
are plotting an apocalyptic event

that will render us vulnerable
to a full scale invasion

and potentially kill off the human race.

Yet, some experts believe
there is a much simpler way

to bring the human race to its knees.

Unsealed case file: red rain.

Kerala state, India, July 25th, 2001.

Daily life is interrupted
by a bizarre event

that unfolds like a chapter
from the book of Revelation.

A blood red rain
begins pouring from the sky.

The local population is terrified.

They believe it to be
the first Sign of Kali Yuga,

the end of days as described
in Hindu scripture.

It isn't long before
people of other faiths

are seized by the same apocalyptic fear.

The bloody deluge continues
for two months,

baffling scientists
and the populace alike.

The townspeople nearby got sick.
They were throwing up.

They thought they had been poisoned.

[narrator] When placed under a microscope,

the rain is found to contain particles

that look disturbingly
like human red blood cells.

If you think the idea of aliens
trying to wipe us out sounds absurd,

just look at what we've done to ourselves

in the last 100, 200,
even thousands of years.

[narrator] Yet, despite years of study,

science is still in the dark about
the composition of the red particles.

The biggest surprise about the red rain

is that when they analyzed it,

they found organic material inside
the particles that was not terrestrial.

Its source remains a mystery even today.

It would be incredibly easy
for an extraterrestrial race

to send some type of biological agent

or a manufactured virus
to the planet Earth

without ever stepping foot
on the planet Earth.

Unsealed case file:
Fatima, Portugal.

In the summer of 1917,

the villagers of Fatima were allegedly
visited by a mysterious apparition

they believe to be the Virgin Mary.

[Steve] The Fatima event was seen
by huge numbers of people,

and so, it was extremely well known

and has gotten enormous
attention ever since.

[narrator] Three young girls

claim that this entity imparted
a number of prophecies to them

that they kept secret
well into the 20th century.

There's a very strong case
trying to be made

that what these children saw
was not a divine event

but rather, an extraterrestrial event.

Witnesses described the sun

as a kaleidoscope of colors

creating an ever-shifting
pattern in the sky.

And on several occasions
during the mass sighting,

as the crowd stood in awe,

clouds pounded onlookers
with a torrential downpour of rain.

For several days,
the local media headlines read,

"The Miracle at Fatima."

But disaster followed
just three months later.

In January 1918,

the world was infected by
one of the deadliest plagues in history,

the Spanish Flu.

It is said to have claimed
over 100 million victims,

ravaging an estimated
five percent of the world's population.

Were the rains at Fatima,

a method of transmitting a deadly
extraterrestrial virus to the Earth?

And if so, what is to prevent this
from happening again?

Many who have
encountered extraterrestrials,

whether during an abduction
or maybe a sighting,

feel that whatever entities
are visiting Earth

are violent in nature,
that they're not good.

They're not here to spread love and light.

That they're here for destruction
and really here to harm the human race.

Now, if that's true,
then what's the best way

that an alien race
could combat the human race?

And that would be
through biological warfare.

They would never lose
one of their alien soldiers,

if that's what they had,

with the use of a biological agent
in our atmosphere.

Their capabilities to fight a war
in that way,

uh, would so far surpass human technology

that they would--
They would win in an instant.

I don't think that we would have
a fighting chance.

[narrator] Are aliens seeding the Earth
with deadly diseases?

Will humanity succumb
to a series of lethal plagues,

leaving the planet open for conquest?

Many ufologists believe
the human race presents a resource

much too valuable
for alien invaders to destroy.

They may have another use for us.

Many experts believe

that aliens may be plotting
an apocalyptic event

to kill off the human race,

leaving the Earth open for the taking.

Some point to a full scale invasion,

while others think the invaders
will use biological weapons

to infect humanity with a deadly plague.

But recently,

ufologists consider humanity
may also be valuable resource

of slave labor,

and aliens may already be testing a plan

that would force us into submission.

Unsealed case file: Ted Davenport.

Alamogordo, New Mexico, 1975.

Sixteen-year-old Ted Davenport
is compelled by a strange,

indescribable force to embark
on a solo backpacking trip.

But early in the journey,

he starts to feel he's being watched.

At night, he is compelled
to leave his tent

and witnesses an unbelievable sight,

A group of small humanoid Beings.

Then, Davenport blacks out.

He wakes the next morning
beside a smoldering campfire

with a painful headache.

He's disoriented,
with a lump on the side of his head

and no memory of the night before.

Five years later, Davenport
is badly injured while in the Navy

and sent for emergency medical treatment.

Davenport is stunned to discover

an MRI scan shows
a metallic implant in his brain.

After coming to terms
with encountering aliens,

Davenport now claims to have
been abducted multiple times

since the implants discovery.

Despite many opportunities to remove it,
doctors refuse.

But why?

Davenport claims that aliens
use the implants

to control not only his brain,

but the brains of the doctors
who treat him, as well.

A further scan in 2001

reveals the implant is still there,

but he is far from alone
in this experience.

Well, in the abduction phenomenon,
there is apparently,

uh, 10% to 15% of those
who we believe are true abductees

that might have, uh, been implanted.

Now, we're talking about
implants that are visible

on an X-ray or a CAT scan,

not those that some believe
they have but cannot be seen.

Ted Davenport is just one of thousands

discovered to have
possible alien technology

implanted in their bodies.

The question is... what is it used for?

Many theories exist,

but the most terrifying
may have its origins

in a secret underground
government military complex in New Mexico.

The Dulce Base
is an alleged military complex

inside the Archuleta Mesa
in Northern Dulce, New Mexico.

There's no guard towers, no tanks outside.

The conspiracy says that there is a base
deep within this mountain,

that not only our
United States military operates in,

but after a deal
that we've made with aliens,

allegedly, they are there, too,

conducting whatever operations
they are inside Archuleta Mesa.

[narrator] Thousands of humans claim
to have been abducted

and brought to one
of Dulce Base's seven levels,

each of which
is more terrifying than the last.

On level four,

the experiments allegedly
focus on hypnosis and telepathy.

But it's the experiments involving
brain waves that are the most chilling.

Have aliens discovered
a way to tap into human brain waves,

essentially creating a door through
which we could easily be controlled?

A recent study by neuro-scientist
Norman S. Don,

points to a terrifying conclusion.

Don measured the brain waves of subjects

who had all claimed to have been abducted

or had close encounters with a UFO.

In all cases,

abductees were able
to achieve non-ordinary,

or trance-like states while awake,

something they were not able
to do prior to being abducted.

If this is true,

Don may have uncovered the primary reason

aliens are abducting humans
in record numbers.

If aliens can change the way
our brains function,

they could gain control
of our thoughts entirely.

Will aliens colonize the Earth
and enslave its inhabitants

in a brutal apocalypse,

or are they simply preparing
our civilization for a new master?

Many experts believe,

aliens could be plotting
a future catastrophe

to wipe the human race
off the face of the Earth.

But how could aliens
achieve their ultimate goal

with the least amount of effort?

In 2004,

three astronomers at the Kitt Peak
National Observatory in Arizona,

made a chilling discovery.

A massive asteroid measuring
nearly 1,000 feet across,

would enter Earth's neighborhood in 2011.

Astronomers named the object Apophis.

Weighing in at 20 million tons,

had it struck the Earth,

the asteroid would have exploded
with the equivalent force

of a billion tons of TNT,

causing a doomsday scenario.

In astronomical terms,
it was an uncomfortably close shave.

But Apophis isn't finished with us yet.

Its current trajectory
will bring it back to Earth in 2029,

passing within only
20,000 miles of our planet,

close enough to destroy
satellites in orbit.

But what if someone or something
nudges Apophis closer to Earth,

Locking it into a gravitational keyhole
only half a mile wide,

effectively placing it on a direct
collision course with our planet?

Well, you're an advanced civilization,
so you could be very precise

about how you change the trajectory.

They don't need
super-advanced laser weapons.

Eh, just bump a few asteroids.
We're finished.

Unless we have a way to,
you know, catch asteroids, it's over.

NASA has never publicly acknowledged

the existence of aliens,

despite dozens of sightings by personnel

and all existing photographic evidence.

But since the appearance of Apophis,

the agency has suddenly
shifted its focus to asteroids.

In April 2013,

it unveiled plans for
an unprecedented mission into deep space

to lasso an asteroid
and tow it back into Earth orbit.

There, according to officials,

NASA spacecraft will land on the object
for the purpose of study.

Does the space agency
possess vital intelligence

about alien plans for Apophis?

Experts believe this mission

could be an attempt to develop technology

that would save the world from an asteroid
on a collision course with Earth.

Can humanity defend itself
against the ultimate alien threat?

Or will an apocalyptic event

change the course
of our planet's history forever?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.