Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 17 - The Sun - full transcript

The sun. It's an immense powerhouse on a scale that almost defies the imagination. And it's the source of all life here on Earth. But what if that power was being tampered with? Are UFOs really visiting our Sun?

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The sun.

It's an immense powerhouse,

on a scale that almost
defies the imagination.

And it's the source of all

life here on Earth.

But what if that power
was being tampered with?

Recently, the latest
generation of solar

observation technology has

revealed something shocking.

UFOs have been seen
flying closer to the sun

than ever thought possible,

and even plunging through the surface

into its fiery interior.

Obviously this isn't a show of
force because let's face it,

we'd be gone if it was a show of force.

The appearance of these objects

is often followed by
explosive solar events

that could have catastrophic consequences.

Are UFOs really visiting our sun,

and if they are, what does
it mean for Planet Earth?

Join us as we reveal
an alien presence

on the sun,

on Unsealed: Alien Files.

Secret files hidden from
the public for decades,

detailing every UFO account,
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth

behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest

secret on Planet Earth.

December 21, 2011.

NASA's STEREO-A satellite,

one of a pair launched in 2006
to monitor solar activity,

captures a mass ejection
of energy and radiation

from the surface of the sun.

These ejections are sometimes
big enough to reach the earth.

Our planet's magnetic
field is the only thing

standing between us

and fiery destruction.

The images are made
available on the Internet.

A YouTube user identifying
himself as, "siniXster,"

examines them and discovers
something astonishing.

One solar burst reveals
a strange rectangular object

hovering in space near
the planet Mercury.

Its outcroppings bear
a striking resemblance

to the solar panels found
on our own satellites

and space stations.

But there are no known
spacecraft in the area,

making the Mercury object

a bona fide UFO.

SiniXster posts his findings
on the popular video site,

causing an instant sensation
among ufologists

and scientists alike.

But this isn't the kind of

attention NASA is looking for.

NASA claims the mysterious craft is in fact

a solar filament,

a massive jet of gas

protruding out from the sun.

Despite this scientific explanation,

the agency then abruptly shuts down

STEREO's image feed.

In a statement, NASA explains
that STEREO had gone...

...and that they are...

Why did NASA close the STEREO image feed

a day after the Mercury
UFO was revealed to the world?

Were the agency's technical difficulties

merely a coincidence?

Or was it conducting its
own study of the object,

far from the public eye?

April 2012.

Scientists with NASA's Solar
and Heliospheric Observatory,

or SOHO, are examining images

taken during a recent
study of our sun's activity

when they spot

something extraordinary.

It's a massive, arm-like object

unlike anything known

to naturally occur in space.

And on closer inspection,

it bears an uncanny resemblance

to a metallic space station.

News of the discovery

quickly spreads

across the world.

Experts are amazed,

not only by the object's enormous size,

but also its ability to
maintain structural integrity

so close to the fiery
heart of our solar system.

The alien station

is only an estimated 400,000 miles

from the sun's scorching surface.

At that distance, even titanium melts.

No known metal could
withstand the intense heat.

And heat isn't the only danger

posed by the stellar giant.

The sun emits intense radiation

that makes extended missions
within 1.3 million miles

virtually impossible

in craft constructed
with any known materials.

The closest any man-made
object has come to the sun

is the unmanned Helios 2 spacecraft,

that approached within

26 million miles.

If the object really
is an alien space station,

then it is the product
of an advanced technology

almost beyond comprehension.

But why are aliens so
interested in our sun?

Are they on a voyage of discovery?

Or do they have

another agenda?

Recently, NASA satellites and telescopes

have detected massive
UFOs in close proximity

to our sun.

These objects were spotted
by members of the public

viewing images on the Internet.

But the agency has since restricted
access to its archive.

Is NASA trying to cover up

the presence of UFOs near the sun?

And if they are there,
what are they doing?

Could their activities pose

a danger to Planet Earth?

November 9, 1965.

Hundreds in the American Northeast

see a bright object
that some describe as a...

...streaking across the sky.

At the same time, a small aircraft

flying near Tidioute, Pennsylvania

finds itself pursued

by two UFOs.

Air Force jets scramble
to come to the aid

of the beleaguered aircraft.

They open fire on the objects,

only to watch them fly off at
an incredible rate of speed.

In the space of an hour,

UFOs have spread fear across

much of the Northeast.

But even this will be overshadowed

by what happens next.

Shortly after 5:00 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time,

a massive blackout strikes the northeast

United States and Canada,

leaving 30 million people without power

for up to 13 hours.

Behind the scenes,

it triggers the activation
of the top secret

Mount Weather Emergency
Facility in Virginia.

It's an underground complex

designed to house the President
in the event of a nuclear attack.

In the end, the blackout's
cause is attributed

to human error on the part
of a power plant worker.

But given the recent rash
of UFO sightings near the sun,

some experts now have
a very different explanation

for what happened,

and it begins with the
way the sun burns.

The sun is a massive spheroid

of mostly hydrogen and helium gas,

held together by the
immense gravitational pull

of its core,

resulting in a constant explosive
release of radiation,

in a process known as nuclear fusion.

One of the byproducts of
nuclear fusion is helium-3,

an invisible substance scattered
through the solar system

by solar winds.

The Earth's atmosphere prevents helium-3

from reaching its surface,

but the moon has no atmosphere.

Its surface has been bombarded
by a constant stream

of helium-3 for billions of years.

And some experts believe
this massive deposit

could soon be the cause of the
next great world conflict.

That's because many scientists believe

that helium-3 could one day be used

in nuclear fusion reactors
here on Earth.

The nation that controls
the moon's supply of helium-3

could one day

control the world.

NASA, too, is researching
helium-3 as a potential fuel

for fusion-powered spacecraft

capable of traveling 10 times faster
than any current technology.

Could UFOs circling
the sun be there to collect

the abundant helium-3
to refuel their spaceships?

Theoretically, UFOs
fuelled in this manner

would emit a powerful magnetic field,

and some experts now believe

it was this kind of field that
disrupted the northeastern power grid,

causing the massive blackout of 1965.

Are UFOs responsible for
disabling our power grids?

Some experts have a very
different theory about why

UFOs are visiting the sun,

one that may lift the veil

on an alleged widespread NASA conspiracy

to keep proof of their presence
secret from the public.

January, 2010.

NASA's twin STEREO satellites,

the same spacecraft that
recorded the Mercury UFO

in 2011,

produce an astonishing
series of images

of massive Earth-sized UFOs

not only dangerously
close to the sun,

but actually diving
beneath its scorching surface,

and then bursting into
space from within.

Objects of such size
and proximity to a star

should be quickly pulled
inside and destroyed.

But these objects appear to defy

one of the most powerful
forces in the universe

with ease.

The photos create an instant
buzz among the UFO community,

who demand answers.

NASA responds, stating...

...resulting in the

photographic anomalies.

The agency dismisses
the sun-diving UFOs

as a simple technical glitch.

But then, in a surprise move,

NASA removes any
official trace of the photos

from the Internet,

with no explanation.

Why would NASA so quickly censor photos

it deemed worthless?

What are they trying to hide?

And how long have these
UFO acrobatics been going on?

The answer may lie
in a defining moment

in one of history's

greatest civilizations.

Recent photographic evidence

suggests UFOs have been flying

closer to the sun
than ever before.

Some experts believe

it may be a source of alien fuel.

Others suspect their
connection goes back

thousands of years.

Many ancient cultures
worshipped the sun.

But one ruler took that
devotion to a whole new level.

He was Akhenaton,

pharaoh of ancient Egypt during the
mid-14th century BC,

and husband of the legendary

Queen Nefertiti.

At the time of his ascension
to the throne,

ancient Egyptians worshipped
an array of gods and goddesses,

each associated with a particular
aspect of daily life.

But Akhenaton replaced all of these

with just one, Aten the sun God,

and decreed that people must
worship him, and him alone.

What's fascinating about
Aten is you have

this powerful being that comes
out of seemingly nowhere,

replaces the pantheon
of the old gods of Egypt,

and takes over and gives his
blessings to Akhenaton.

Why would he choose Akhenaton,

and why would Akhenaton choose to change

an entire system of belief
thousands of years old,

just in the blink of an eye?

It was a shocking
break with thousands of years

of religious tradition.

But this wasn't the only remarkable thing

about King Akhenaton.

There's some connection

between him and this deity.

And if we believe in the idea

that Aten was some sort
of extraterrestrial being,

then perhaps Akhenaton
was actually offspring.

For thousands of years,

Egyptian pharaohs were depicted in art

in a very similar fashion.

But Akhenaton was strikingly different.

His skull and features were elongated,

his body shape unlike
anything seen before or since.

Many experts have tried to
explain these features

as the result of hydrocephalus,

or excess water on the brain.

But ufologists have a very different theory.

Akhenaton was the husband of Nefertiti

and the father of Tutankhamen.

But UFO theorists
today call him the Alien King.

The resemblance between the ancient king

and modern eyewitness descriptions
of aliens is uncanny.

Further evidence of
the alien-Egyptian connection

can be found at the Temple of Seti

in Abydos, built 50 years
after Akhenaton's death.

In the Temple of Seti,

there are hieroglyphics
that were discovered

that highly resemble flying
machines on the temple wall.

Was Aten, the sun God, an alien?

And the sun-worshipping pharaoh Akhenaton

really an extraterrestrial hybrid?

If so, his heirs would carry

alien blood in their veins.

Could their descendants still
walk the earth today,

living proof of an

ancient alien race?

According to scientists

at the Swiss DNA genealogy center, iGENEA,

the answer is yes.

A recent study has proven that
up to 70% of British men,

and half of all Western European men,

are related to the Egyptian
pharaoh Tutankhamen.

This means more than 50%
of all men in Western Europe

may share a common ancestor,

the alleged alien-hybrid

sun King, Akhenaton.

NASA images have revealed strange objects

that may be massive planet-sized UFOs

plunging through the
surface of the sun

only to later burst back
out into space.

Some experts believe extraterrestrials

are using the sun as a refueling station
for their UFOs.

But new pictures, taken by NASA's
solar observatory spacecraft

SOHO, may hold the key
to the greatest UFO question

of our time.

It's an enormous hole appearing in
the surface of the sun.

And some experts think this hole

may be where the massive sun-diving UFOs

are disappearing.

They believe the hole is
in fact an interstellar portal

through which UFOs pass,
to emerge through

a similar portal in a star
somewhere else in the galaxy.

In this way, UFOs can travel vast

interstellar distances
in the blink of an eye.

And with an estimated
300 billion stars

in the Milky Way Galaxy alone,

the possible destinations

are virtually limitless.

If this is true,

then one of Earth's greatest
ancient civilizations

may be directly linked to aliens

from another star system.

Which leads some experts to think

that one day we may discover

that our true home isn't
here on Earth at all,

but rather somewhere else,

in a galaxy on the other side

of the universe.

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret

on Planet Earth.

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