Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 16 - The Watchmen - full transcript

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For decades, dedicated civilians

have attempted to prove
the existence of aliens,

putting their reputations

and lives, at risk.

When witnesses are visited
by men in black,

they're interrogated,
they're made to feel scared,

either for their lives
or for their safety.

How far will governments go

to hide their agenda,

and what price do whistle-blowers pay

to reveal it?

Join us as we investigate

the war on truth

and the watchmen who fight it,

on Unsealed: Alien Files.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden from
the public for decades

detailing every UFO account

are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth

behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files.

Exposing the biggest secrets

on planet Earth.

April, 2013.

Record numbers of UFO sightings
pour in across the USA.

Over 50 sightings of glowing orbs
and triangle-shaped crafts

are reported in California alone.

Within 30 days,

over 200 reports

flood in across seven states.

MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network,

is on alert three status,

the highest-existing warning level.

So many UFO sightings
in such a short period of time

might be a disturbing warning sign.

But if the US government
will not investigate

or alert the public,

who will?

MUFON is America's largest
private UFO organization.

They investigate in place of
the authorities who claim...

MUFON dispatches field operatives

to investigate reports of UFOs.

Antonio Paris has led many
MUFON investigations.

He also heads up
his own organization,

the Aerial Phenomenon
Investigations Team.

The intent of Aerial Phenomenon
is to investigate UFOs

from a nuts and bolts perspective,

and that is to look
at what people are reporting

and try to identify
what that person saw.

Paris and his team

have uncovered evidence

that UFO witnesses have more to fear

than contact with alien life.

Niagara Falls, Canada,

October 14, 2008.

Employees of a popular hotel

witness a large, triangular
object in the sky.

It hovers for some time

and then silently vanishes,

but perhaps the most
disturbing encounter

was still to come.

The witness re-contacted us

and told us that several months later,

his hotel was visited by
two unidentified men in black,

and these two came into the hotel,

harassed the staff
for about 30 minutes,

and simply walked out.

The men in black are an unidentified group
or an organization

that would go around
to alleged sightings

of where there was some
type of UFO report,

and in most cases they try to

collect the information that
was reported by the witness.

Sometimes, they actually threatened
the witness for the information,

especially if there's
some type of evidence.

Who do these unidentified men work for,

and what would they gain

by intimidating UFO witnesses?

Hotel employees described
the men as terrifying,

almost alien in behavior.

The hotel manager reports
the incident to police,

but they launch no investigation.

Paris and his team

break the story.

Independent investigators
like Antonio Paris

have often broken through
the barriers of secrecy

enforced by the government.

A leaked government communique

indicates civilian investigations
present a threat

to their monopoly on UFO investigation.

Unsealed case file,

the Pixley Case.

July 23, 1956.

Pixley, California.

A C-131 transport plane

takes off from Hamilton Air Force Base.

A massive impact followed by a flash
of light knocks the pilot,

Major Stenvers,

completely unconscious.

The plane spirals into

a 9,000-foot nosedive.

Stenvers regains consciousness

and seizes the controls.

He pulls the plane out
of its downward spiral

and brings it to an emergency landing.

Stenvers is interviewed
by the local papers saying,

"It was as if we struck a brick wall."

The story quickly disappears
from the media entirely,

even though an Air Force spokesman
confirms the plane...

Was the story suppressed
because the Air Force jet

collided midair

with an alien craft?


UFO reports begin flooding in

from Southern Canada to Texas.

The US government denies
that any are UFO phenomenon.

Civilians are forced
to search for the truth

through a smokescreen of
alleged government cover-ups

and secrecy.

But an incident in July of 1952

would be nearly impossible to deny.

Unsealed case file,

the Washington, D.C., UFO Incident.

Multiple objects are detected on radar

by military bases across the capital.

They are grouped in formation

and moving fast.

Phenomena has passed from
one radar screen to another.

With a fair degree of certainty,

this was the same phenomena.

In July, 1952,

on two successive weekends,

a fleet of UFOs invaded the airspace

over Washington, D.C.

They flew over the capitol.

They flew over the Pentagon.

They were seen by hundreds of people.

They were chased by United States Air Force
jet interceptors.

They were seen by air traffic controllers.

And the whole event over these
two successive weekends

was reported in the Washington Post,
the New York Times.

You can even see photos
of UFOs over the capitol today

in photo archives.

Witnesses described the UFOs

as large balls of light

moving at incredible speeds,

leaving a streak behind them.

An Air Force colonel confirms

the jet pilots are, and have been,

under orders to investigate

unidentified objects,

and to shoot them down

if they can't talk them down.

Despite a rapid deployment
of fighter jets,

no combat engagements are recorded.

President Truman meets with

a team from Project Blue Book.

Without even conducting
an investigation,

Blue Book informs President Truman,

the strange lights
and photographed UFOs

are nothing more than
temperature inversion,

warmer air occurring beneath

a bed of cooler air.

Blue Book's explanation

is questioned by virtually everyone.

Was Truman's government

concealing the truth

even from him?

Not satisfied with
Blue Book's explanation,

Truman assembles
the Robertson Committee.

At the time,

their findings and existence

are kept secret

from the public.

What did the Robertson Committee learn

that demanded top-level secrecy,

and would their true findings

ever be made public?

Internal rumors of the existence

of the Robertson Committee

forced NICAP,

the National Investigations
Committee on Aerial Phenomenon,

to publicly demand access

to all existing UFO documentation.

NICAP members include

high-ranking military officers,

among them, the Director,

Donald Keyhoe.

These men aren't just challenging
the establishment,

they are the establishment,

and they are

demanding answers.

The release of censored documents

proves the government
officially does not believe

UFO phenomena to be real.

Was the Robertson committee
looking for answers,

or was it a smokescreen

maintaining a secret government
alien agenda?

January 22, 1958.

Armed with evidence he feels

will disprove the Robertson Report,

Donald Keyhoe appears
on television to discuss

the UFO phenomenon.

Keyhoe is adamant.

Evidence exists that
will absolutely prove

that the UFOs are machines
under intelligent control.

But, as Keyhoe attempts

to tell the world what he knows,

TV executives cut the audio

of the live broadcast.

A television executive explained,

this program has been carefully cleared

for security reasons.

What was Keyhoe trying
to tell the public?

Later the same year,

Keyhoe appears on ABC

with Mike Wallace to, again,

expose evidence of the reported
government UFO cover-up.

While on air,

Keyhoe claims it wasn't CBS censoring
him on the earlier broadcast.

He states it's the United States Air Force
trying to silence him.

How far would those in power go

to hide the truth

about aliens?

Government secrecy
surrounding alien contact

forces civilian groups to investigate
the phenomena on their own.

In 1958,

UFO activist Donald Keyhoe

exposes the government's
Robertson Panel

as a front to debunk the UFO question,

and accuses the military

of trying to silence him.

Keyhoe publicly challenged
those in power,

and that challenge
would inspire someone else

to take on the American

intelligence community.


Ground Saucer Watch, or GSW,

is formed,

a small UFO activist group

headed by Arizona engineer,

William Spaulding.

Spaulding is investigating a government
research installation

that had allegedly recovered
alien technology

from a 1953 UFO crash site

in Kingman, Arizona.

Spaulding claims to have two

signed affidavits from Air Force personnel

who were driven
four hours north of Phoenix

in the dead of night

to investigate a disk-shaped craft

half-buried in the earth.

The men allegedly saw two
4-foot-tall alien corpses

with large heads and brownish skin

being retrieved from the cockpit.

Spaulding lobbied the government for years
to access information

about the Kingman crash.

His efforts yield nothing.

How long would the veil of
national security prevent him

and other UFOlogists

from accessing information

in restricted files?

An unlikely chain of events

would open the door

to a brief moment of government transparency.

In the wake of the Watergate
wiretapping scandal,

a shamed Richard Nixon is forced
to resign from office.

The American public watch in shock

as their elected leader is discredited

and his cabinet dismantled.

To win back the trust of the people,

congress passes the privacy act

under the direction
of President Gerald Ford.

Spaulding's quest for the truth
now has serious leverage.

He is given access to

the restricted documents the CIA

had denied him for so long.

What Spaulding finds

shocks him to the core.

Unsealed case file,

the Durant Report.

The government publicly states

UFOs are not worth investigating,

but secretly monitors
civilian watch groups

in search of extraterrestrial life.

If aliens do not exist,

why is the government spying on those
who seek the truth?

Secretary of the Robertson Committee

and author of the Durant Report

is CIA operative

Frederick Durant.

It's revealed that both Durant

and the Robertson Committee were tasked

not with investigating evidence

but with establishing a protocol

for debunking

UFO sighting claims.

The conclusions of the Durant Report

raise one key question.

Why has the US intelligence community

gone to such great lengths

to debunk UFO phenomena

if they are convinced
it is pure fiction?

In 1977, William Spaulding,

with the backing of the Citizens Against
UFO Secrecy group,

files a lawsuit against the CIA

for violating the Freedom of Information Act,

and wins.

The CIA is forced to release

over 9,000 pages of UFO files,

files they insisted,
on multiple occasions,

they did not have.

Among the files are several
sanitized versions

of both the Durant Report

and the Robertson

Panel Report.

The released CIA files
expose a systemic policy

of ridiculing witnesses
and watchmen, spying,

intimidation tactics,

and control of public

information on UFOs.

If there was any doubt that
the government was taking

the business of UFO
investigation seriously,

the release of the CIA files

proves they were deadly serious.

At the 2013 citizen hearing
in Washington, D.C.,

Richard Dolan looks at
a post-disclosure world

and the price the watchmen
have been forced to pay.

Throughout our major
news organizations,

in which an open belief
in UFOs is a third rail

for one's career,

throughout our scientific
establishment, for sure,

and also throughout
our political structure.

All of these institutions and others

have treated the UFO topic
as nothing more than a joke,

something suitable for immature minds.

Can it really be that

the professors throughout
the United States uniformly

have dismissed this phenomenon

without any cooperation from
the intelligence community?

Ditto the world of science,
politics, and media?

The unending fight to reveal

the truth about extraterrestrials

has become more advanced

and more dangerous.

Modern whistle-blowers often

risk their lives to bring
the truth to light.

In 2002, Gary McKinnon hacked
one of the most sensitive systems

in the American intelligence infrastructure.

What he uncovers shocks the world.

Gary McKinnon is a British computer hacker

that allegedly got into
NASA computer systems

and found evidence that they
were actively covering up

an extraterrestrial presence

and the reality of a UFO phenomena.

One of the documents that
he said he saw was labeled,

"Non-terrestrial officers,"

which then listed
quite a few personnel.

The question is, what did this mean?

Could the reference to non-terrestrial officers

refer to agents from another world,

and if so,

where are they,

and what are they doing?

Some experts believe

the reference to non-terrestrial agents

is evidence of a long-held theory

that a secret base exists

on the dark side of the moon.

Identified and eventually arrested,

Gary McKinnon faces a possible
70-year prison sentence

for breaching American

secrecy acts.

Has McKinnon, an independent UFOlogists,

uncovered proof that
the United States government

has not only made contact,

but is dealing regularly

with extraterrestrials?

Without McKinnon's efforts,

the public would still be in the dark

about alleged non-terrestrial agents

engaged by government agencies.

RICHARD DOLAN: We are the game changers.

Someday, and it won't be
too long in the future,

something is going
to force someone's hand.

Who will be the next civilian

to risk everything

and expose the truth?

Will it be you?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files.

Exposing the biggest secret

on planet Earth.

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