Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 15 - UFO Crash Retrieval - full transcript

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For decades,

eyewitnesses have reported
UFOs crashing to earth.

Some believe crashed UFOs

may contain alien technology

that could change the course of history.

But someone is bent on keeping

knowledge of these incidents
from the public.

Top secret government retrieval teams
are removing downed UFOs

with lightning speed,

and threatening anyone who attempts
to catch a glimpse of them.

Witnesses often claim that

the men in black show up in
black unmarked vehicles.

They also have been known to be

in black unmarked helicopters.

Who are these men,

and who commands them?

Why are they determined to keep
alien secrets from the public?

Could knowledge of crashed UFOs

determine the fate

of the human race?

Join us as we investigate

secret UFO crash retrieval units

on Unsealed: Alien Files.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden from
the public for decades

detailing every UFO account

are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth

behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files.

Exposing the biggest secrets

on planet Earth.

Needles, California.

March, 2008.

Multiple witnesses see a bright blue object
streak across the night's sky

and crash to Earth in the largely
uninhabited desert region

along the Colorado River.

It disappears beyond a ridge,

where it presumably impacts.

But no sound is heard.

The onlookers include Frank Costigan,

a former security chief

of the Los Angeles International Airport,

who watches as a response team

approaches the impact site.

Costigan has worked in
conjunction with any number

of law enforcement and national
security agencies,

but this is unlike anything

he's ever seen before.

Instead of the expected search and rescue,

or air ambulance units,

he watches as a small formation

of unmarked black helicopters

gathers over the crash zone.

They leave carrying
a large, glowing object,

suspended by a cargo hook.

The former LAX security chief

contacts David Hayes,

the owner of Needles' local radio station,
to report the news,

but Hayes has news of his own.

In the minutes following the crash,

he allegedly watched
as a convoy of dark vehicles

bearing government license plates

raced toward the scene.

It's clear to both men

that both the helicopters and convoy

were working together,

and that this was not

their first operation.

Witnesses often claim that
the men in black show up in

black unmarked vehicles.

They also have been known to be

in black unmarked helicopters.

Whether you're an abductee

or just a UFO witness,

it's very possible that you're going
to see one of these black helicopters.

But when the Needles incident witnesses

report what they've seen,

authorities deny any
knowledge of a crashed UFO

or any government
response units in the area.

The case is considered closed.

According to experts,

the Needles incident is a textbook UFO
retrieval operation,

carried out with ruthless efficiency.

But who are these specialists,

and do they really work

for the government?

If so, the Needles operation

shows they have come a long way

from one of the first alleged

attempts at UFO retrieval.

Roswell, New Mexico, 1947.

A UFO crashes in the desert.

Multiple witnesses report
American troops engaged

in a large-scale operation
to retrieve the wreckage.

The military announces
its recovery to the world,

only to retract
the statement the next day.

The botched handling
of the Roswell incident

will give rise to a worldwide community

of UFO conspiracy theorists

that continues to this day.

But how could UFO retrieval
evolve from Roswell

to surgical operations
like that at Needles?

The answer may lie hidden

in the pages of a legendary

military manual.

Unsealed case file,

Special Operations

Manual 1-01.


In the years following Roswell,

America is experiencing a UFO craze.

But the Air Force doesn't share

the public's enthusiasm.

It reportedly issues
Special Operations Manual 1-01,

providing detailed instructions

for the recovery and disposal

of UFOs.

The procedures spelled out in the manual

bear an uncanny resemblance

to those carried out
in the Needles operation,

demanding that...

Why is the military prepared

to go to deadly extremes

to keep crashed UFOs

from the public eye?

What are they trying to hide?

For decades,

witnesses have reported secret
government response teams

speeding to recover crashed UFOs.

Their mission?

To keep onlookers away

and deliver the wreckage

to high-security facilities

away from the public eye.

The government denies their existence,

but the public record
tells a very different story.

Kecksburg, Pennsylvania,

December 9, 1965.

Residents report a fiery object

streaking across the evening sky.

At first glance,

it looks like a meteor,

until it suddenly appears
to adjust its trajectory

moments before crashing in a forest

outside town.

Many rush to the impact site,

but few get close enough to see

the mysterious aftermath.

When they gathered,

what they noticed was that,

almost instantly, a group,

a unit, of American soldiers

who wore no insignia

and came with a flatbed truck

were there to retrieve
this object and take it away.

People were warned,

"Keep your mouths shut.

"Don't talk about this."

24 hours after the Kecksburg crash,

the media take up the official
government position,

no UFO crashed near Kecksburg,

and the military was never there.

Was Kecksburg the work of the same
mysterious organization

that appeared in Needles, California,
over 40 years later?

If it was,

who are they,

and who do they work for?

The answers may lie in the
early years of the cold war.

Unsealed case file,

the Air Intelligence Squadron.


The Air Intelligence Squadron is formed.

Its ranks include seasoned veterans
of the Second World War

and Korea,

specially trained for the recovery

of downed Soviet spy planes,

and the thorough examination

of the technology.

But in 1953,

only a year after its formation,

the squadron receives an historic order.

Air Defense Command issues

Regulation 200-2,

expressing the military's direct interest

in the facts pertaining to UFOs.

Air Intelligence is to provide

a highly mobile response unit,

ready to recover downed objects

of unknown origin.

It's a rare admission
by the American military

of the existence of UFOs.

A 1955 map allegedly reveals

Air Intelligence agents

stationed across the nation,

casting the widest possible net

in their mission to recover

crashed alien craft.

But what happens to the wreckage?

Where is it taken, and who is in charge
of its safekeeping?

Many experts believe America's
UFOs are controlled

by the Majestic 12,

an ultra-secret committee

of high-ranking science
and intelligence officers,

assembled by President Truman

in the days following
the Roswell incident.

They also believe that the organization
quickly went rogue,

defying the authority
of even the president himself.

President Kennedy was very

concerned over the power

of this organization called
the Majestic 12.

The decisions were not being made

in the best interest of the United States.

They were not being made by the best minds
that the US could offer.

It's alleged that behind closed doors,

Kennedy demanded full disclosure

of the Majestic 12's UFO activities.

Some believe this challenge
to their authority

cost him his life.

Was America's secret UFO organization

behind the Kennedy assassination?

What secrets were they trying to hide?

The answer may be found
in one of the most dangerous

UFO retrieval operations

ever reported.

Unsealed case file,

the Fort Dix Alien.

Fort Dix, New Jersey,

January 18, 1978.

An eyewitness using the name

Jeffrey Morse reports a dozen

glowing UFOs hovering over the base.

A state trooper responds to the call,

but just as he arrives at the gate,

his headlights reveal a short,

gray-skinned alien.

Startled, the officer fires
six shots at the creature,

and then another at a UFO
that appears above.

The alien flees into the darkness.

A short time later,
Morse finds the alien dead

on an unused runway between Fort Dix

and nearby Fort McGuire.

Both bases are immediately
placed in security lockdown.

An unidentified unit arrives

and informs the base commander

it is taking control of the situation.

The unit allegedly retrieves the alien

and transports it to Wright-Patterson
Air Force Base in Ohio,

home to the infamous Hangar 18,

which many believe to be
a storage facility

for debris recovered at Roswell

and other UFO crash sites.

Morse is ordered to Wright-Patterson,

where he is threatened
with court-martial

if he ever speaks out
about the incident.

Did the crash retrieval team

dispatched to Fort Dix really
recover an alien body?

And if they did,

why are they keeping this
landmark discovery from the public?

Could they be protecting us

from imminent danger?

Many experts believe that
a secret government organization

has seized control of America's UFO
crash retrieval operations.

Are they working
in their own self interest,

or are they protecting the public

from an alien threat so extreme

it would cause mass panic?

Dayton, Texas,

December 29, 1980.

Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum

are driving along a rural
highway in the dead of night

when a bright, diamond-shaped object
appears above their car.

They stop and get out
to take a better look,

only to be struck by
a wall of blazing heat

emanating from the object.

Moments later,

nearly two dozen unmarked helicopters
arrive on the scene,

but the UFO disappears into the night.

The helicopters follow,

paying no attention
to the victims below.

Over the next few days,

Cash and Landrum begin to feel ill.

They show signs of severe burns

and begin to experience hair loss.

Doctors suspect they were exposed to some
form of ionizing radiation.

The incident raises a number
of disturbing questions.

Were the women the victims of
a targeted UFO attack?

Who was in the helicopters,

and why did they ignore them

in favor of chasing
the alien craft?

Many experts believe these
UFO response teams

are part of a decades-old
secret government program

to obtain alien technology for research
and development by the military.

But others believe they serve
an entirely different purpose,

and without them, humanity might face
imminent destruction.

Unsealed case file,

the Extraterrestrial

Exposure Law.


Witnesses report men
in white protective suits

leaving the impact site
with the crashed UFO.

Clark McClelland, a former
science officer with NASA,

has claimed the agency was directly
involved with the 1965 incident.

Four years later, in 1969,

the US government passes
the Extraterrestrial Exposure Law,

making it illegal for any citizen
to touch or be in the proximity of any...

Presented as a national security measure

to prevent possible contamination,

the law grants sweeping authority
to force any violators

into immediate quarantine.

Do UFOs really pose a significant
health risk to the public,

or is some other

agenda at work?

Fort Indiantown, Pennsylvania, 1969.

Sergeant Clifford Stone

is a member of the army's nuclear,
biological, and chemical weapons

crisis response team called in
to assist in the investigation

of what command is calling
"a downed Soviet aircraft."

Approaching the strange
pill-shaped aircraft,

Stone's Geiger counter crackles to life

with abnormally high radiation readings.

An open door reveals a torso,

but to Stone's amazement,

it isn't human.

It's an extraterrestrial.

Moments later, Stone is ordered
off the crash site,

while another unidentified
response team takes over.

The incident will inspire Stone

to begin a lifelong campaign

to penetrate the government's
veil of secrecy.

His findings may change the way we think
about the US government forever.

For decades, the US government has been

conducting secret UFO crash retrievals.

The Extraterrestrial Exposure Law of 1969

prevented any citizen from
examining recovered craft,

citing the danger of alien contamination.

But according to UFO investigators,

like former US Army Sergeant Clifford Stone,

preventing radiation sickness

or the outbreak of disease

is just another government ruse.

Its real objective is to
maintain complete control

over any alien survivors,

all in an effort to prevent first contact

with the general public.

And, according to Stone,

this has put the world in grave danger

from the outside and within.

At the NASA Department of
Astrobiology Conference in 2000,

a report was released, stating...

Retired Air Force Captain Robert Salas

is personally aware of that danger.

At the 2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure,

Salas testified about an event

that occurred at the Malmstrom
Air Force Base in 1969.

He and many other military personnel

witnessed a UFO

remotely disable 10 nuclear missiles.

The craft hovered over
the base for several minutes

before disappearing

and then re-enabled the weapons.

Salas believes it was a warning,

and also believes the government
and military have a secret agenda

in covering up the existence
of extraterrestrials.

And it's not for the common good.

There is a small group of individuals

inside the government
and outside the government

that are controlling this phenomenon.

For Salas, it comes down

to one basic truth.

It is not about
concern for public safety.

That window passed a long time ago.

This is such a complex thing

that, these secrets are so powerful

that the men that are controlling this,

the men and women that are
controlling this, uh...

I do think it's about power

and greed.

This is Unsealed: Alien Files.

Exposing the biggest secret

on planet Earth.

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