Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 18 - Alien Spaceships - full transcript

Each year, there are thousands of UFO sightings all over the world. What are these different kind of UFOs? What is each craft's purpose? What powers them and how they are controlled? And most importantly- who is flying them?

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NARRATOR: Each year,
thousands of people worldwide

experience close encounters with UFOs.

They report the same kind of craft,
the usual cigar-shaped,

saucer-shaped, triangular-shaped,

ships that you can see through.

NARRATOR: What are these
different kinds of UFOs?

What is their purpose?

The study and classification of UFOs

represents a new frontier for science.

Join us as we investigate
key types of UFOs

and reveal that most sightings
may just be

the tip of the iceberg on

Unsealed: Alien Files.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden from
the public for decades,

detailing every UFO account,
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth behind
these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

Socorro, New Mexico.
April 24, 1964.

Officer Lonnie Zamora is
chasing a speeding car

when he spots a massive flame

bursting into the sky
near a local dynamite shack.

It's followed by a deafening roar.

Fearing an explosion, Zamora abandons
his highway pursuit

and sets out into the desert
to investigate.

There, he will have an
extraordinary close encounter

with an iconic object in one of the best
documented UFO sightings in history.

Unsealed case file:

"The Lonnie Zamora Incident."

Zamora spots a large metallic object

that at first glance, appears to be
an overturned car.

But on closer examination,

it's "like aluminum and shaped
like a letter 'O'."

Standing next to it are two small figures
in white overalls

that he at first takes to be small adults
or possibly children.

Zamora gets out of his car to question
the mysterious pair.

Suddenly, he's startled by the same
deafening roar from minutes earlier.

A flame bursts from beneath the object,
lifting it into the air.

It passes over his head and disappears
into the distance.

Following the encounter,
Lonnie Zamora provides the FBI

with one of the most detailed descriptions
of a UFO on record.

The agents are impressed by his sincerity,

yet they cannot explain his observations.

Zamora describes a craft
the world has come to know

as a flying saucer.

It's a term coined in 1947
by pilot Kenneth Arnold,

who reported a swarm
of disc-shaped UFOs

in the sky near Mount Rainier, Washington.

The experienced flyer estimated their speed
at 1,700 miles per hour.

Reports of extreme velocities are common
to saucer sightings,

along with twists and turns

that defy physical laws.

September 15th, 1991.

The space shuttle Discovery captures
stunning video evidence

of a flying saucer flying over Australia

at an estimated speed
of 54,000 miles per hour.

Any in-flight maneuvers at this velocity
would generate G-forces

far beyond the realm of human endurance.

In addition to their lightning speed,

flying saucers are infamous for
their involvement in cases of human abduction.

Many victims are subjected to cruelly
invasive medical examinations

and even surgery

in onboard operating rooms.

The first modern documented
flying saucer abduction

happened in rural New Hampshire in 1961.

Betty and Barney Hill claim

they were driving at night
when they were abducted

and taken aboard a craft Barney would
later describe as pancake-shaped.

Later, under hypnosis, both claimed
that while onboard,

they underwent extensive
medical examinations.

Since then, thousands all over the world

have come forward with similar claims.

Could the flying saucer
be designed to conduct these

lightning fast abductions
and medical procedures?

Is it a kind of scientific research ship?

And if it is, are the many other
kinds of UFOs

designed for a specific purpose as well?

For decades, eyewitnesses all over the
world have reported encounters

with UFOs of all shapes and sizes,

but what are the secrets
behind each type?

And are some more dangerous than others?

Unsealed case file:
"The Rendlesham Forest Incident."

Ipswich, England, December 26th, 1980.

American airmen stationed
at the twin RAF Bentwaters

and RAF Woodbridge airbases
see strange lights

emanating from nearby Rendlesham Forest.

NICK POPE: John Burroughs
and Jim Penniston,

together with some other
military personnel,

sought permission to go out
into the forest

to investigate what they initially thought
was a crashed aircraft.

When Burroughs and Penniston
approached the site,

they found, in a small clearing,
not a crashed aircraft,

but a landed UFO.

NARRATOR: It's a black,
triangular-shaped craft.

The security team claimed to have
approached close enough

to make note of strange markings
on the hull

that resemble Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The men quickly return to base
to report what they've found.

But when another patrol is dispatched,

they find nothing more than three
indentations in the ground

where the UFO once stood,
possibly left by the craft's landing gear.

A Geiger counter picks up heightened levels
of radiation in the small depressions.

News of the sighting spreads like wildfire
throughout the UFO community.

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt,
the deputy base commander,

is skeptical at first,

until he receives word two days later

that the black triangle has returned.

POPE: Colonel Halt threw together
a small team of men

and went out into the forest
to investigate.

In Colonel Halt's words,
he went out there

to try and put this whole business to bed,
to debunk this UFO nonsense.

Colonel Halt was not able
to debunk this UFO nonsense

because he himself
ended up seeing the UFO.

Colonel Halt routinely
carried with him

a handheld tape recorder

on which it was his custom and practice

to record his observations and thoughts.

NARRATOR: This classic recording reveals
the veteran military man

driven to a state of near panic by a
close encounter of the second kind.

HALT: I see it, too.
It's coming this way.

It looks like an eye winking at you.

He's coming toward us now.

Now we're observing what appears to be
a beam coming down to the ground.

NARRATOR: Despite this compelling evidence,
the British Government

blames the incident on an atmospheric
phenomenon known as charged plasma,

which creates an electrical field that
can induce hallucinations

and other psychological effects
in those nearby.

Was the Rendlesham Incident really just
a trick of the light?

Black triangles have
appeared many times

in the years since Rendlesham Forest,

inducing similar hallucinatory visions.

This has led some experts to conclude

that the bizarre phenomena are in fact
generated by the black triangles themselves

to keep their presence secret.

But are strange visions all we have
to fear from UFOs?

Dayton, Texas, December 29th, 1980.

Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum,
and Landrum's grandson, Colby,

are cruising a rural highway
at night when out of nowhere,

a bright diamond-shaped object
appears above their car.

They stop and get out
for a better view,

only to allegedly experience a wall
of blazing heat emanating from the UFO.

Moments later, a fleet of unmarked
helicopters arrive overhead.

The UFO quickly disappears into the night,

followed by the helicopters in hot pursuit,

paying no attention

to the victims below.

Over the next few days,
the women begin to feel ill.

They show signs of severe sunburn
and experience hair loss.

Cash's symptoms worsen
until she can't walk.

She loses patches of skin and hair.

Two weeks after the incident,

she is admitted to hospital for 12 days.

Their medical prognosis?

Doctors conclude all three victims

were exposed to a form of
ionizing radiation.

The Cash-Landrum Incident will become

one of the best-documented
alien encounters in history.

But many disturbing questions remain.

What was the source
of their radiation burns?

And if their encounter with
the diamond-shaped UFO was simply an accident,

could exposure to the UFO's
propulsion system

have caused the radiation sickness?

But while most UFO sightings are of single,
smaller spaceships,

there is another more
ominous class of spaceships

that strike fear in the hearts
of all who witness them.

For decades, UFO encounters have spread fear
and anxiety all over the world.

But these aren't the only type of craft
identified in eyewitness reports.

There is another breed of spacecraft
seen in our skies,

one that may represent
the greatest threat of all.

Unsealed case file:
"The Battle of Los Angeles."

Los Angeles, June 14th, 1992.

Dozens of witnesses report multiple UFOs

in the night sky over Santa Monica Bay.

But in a strange twist,

they say the objects didn't enter
the city's airspace from above.

They rose out of the ocean.

And it's not the first time a UFO threat

has appeared over
the waters of Los Angeles.

February, 1942.

America has just entered
the Second World War.

In the early hours of February 25th,

a strange aircraft
appears over the city.

Fearing a Japanese attack, anti-aircraft
batteries immediately open fire.

Thousands of witnesses watch
as the US Military

fires over 1000 rounds
at the hovering UFO.

But the craft is unaffected.

And then, as quickly as it appeared,
it vanishes into the night without a trace.

The incident becomes known as
the Battle of Los Angeles.

But in the aftermath, the Navy dismisses
the idea that any battle happened at all.

They claim the UFO was only
a weather balloon

and consider the case closed.

The Battle of Los Angeles

marked the city's first
recorded UFO sighting,

but it wouldn't be the last.

Over the decades that follow,

Los Angeles will become one of the world's
most active UFO hotspots,

experiencing threats from above and below
its coastal waters.

BILL BIRNES: The fascinating
thing is it might mean

there's an underwater base in the Pacific Ocean
or in Santa Monica Bay,

or in the Redondo Trench,
off southern California.

That has tremendous implications because
when people say,

"How do UFOs get back and
forth from outer space?"

The answer is they don't.
They're right here in LA.

NARRATOR: Compelling evidence of such
an installation would surface in 2010

in the form of a
National Science Foundation photo

of the sea floor off Catalina Island.

Many scientists, however, have dismissed
the dome-shaped structures

as naturally occurring volcanic formations.

But ufologists believe there
could be something else

lurking beneath the waves
off southern California,

launching UFOs into the skies

over Los Angeles.

Unsealed case file:
"The Stephenville Mothership."

Stephenville, Texas, January 8, 2008.

Multiple eyewitnesses report strange
lights in the sky over the small town.

Steve Allen is piloting
a private plane.

He, too, sees the lights, describing them
as glowing orbs,

and they're not alone.

The orbs appear to be flying in
formation before a massive UFO.

The pilot estimates the UFO to be an
astounding mile and a half long

and half a mile wide.

Ufologists will dub this type
of massive craft a mothership.

Rick Sorrells is hunting when the mothership
appears just 300 feet over his head.

He describes it as "a seamless metal craft

"with strange indentations
along the bottom,"

each of which he recalls being
"at least 3 football fields long."

Sorrells later goes public with
what he has seen, stating,

"I hope it's our military. If it's not ours,
then we're in trouble."

According to pilot Steve Allen,

the military was well aware
of the gargantuan UFO.

During his encounter,
he spotted two fighter jets

in pursuit of the craft
and the accompanying orbs.

Federal Aviation Administration
radar records

back up the eyewitness reports,

revealing tremendous activity
in the area that evening.

But the US Military later
tells a very different story.

It claims to be "unaware of any
activity in the area."

And mounting evidence is casting a
shadow of doubt on this sweeping denial.

Rick Sorrells has since claimed

that he was threatened and harassed
by a number of government agencies

after going public with his story.

And an independent Mutual UFO Network study
of the events reveals

the radar report clearly demonstrates
that there are in fact

unknown craft with superior
flight capabilities

far beyond known technology operating
and moving at will within controlled airspace.

MUFON also claims that radar records
had been deleted

from military planes
in the area that night.

Was the giant Stephenville UFO
in fact a mothership?

Could there be another huge spacecraft

lurking in the waters
off southern California?

And if so, how many of these spacecraft

and their satellite vessels are
threatening the world's skies?

Flying saucers, black triangles,
and gigantic motherships

have been reported in skies
all over the world,

but shocking new evidence has revealed
the extent of alien activity overhead

may be greater than we have

ever imagined.

May 5th, 2004.

A Mexican Air Force aircraft is on the hunt
for drug smuggling planes

when its infrared sensors detect an object
invisible to the naked eye.

The pilots pursue the object,
but just as they close in,

the object takes off at lightning speed,

only to return moments later
and do the unthinkable.

It begins to pursue the Mexican aircraft.

The hunters have become the hunted.

The crew's fear grows when another object
appears on the infrared sensor,

and then another.

Soon they find themselves
pursued by no fewer

than 11 otherwise invisible UFOs.

Luckily, the UFOs break off their pursuit

and the pilots manage to return
to their base unharmed,

but knowing they will
soon have to return to a sky

that may be filled

with invisible UFOs.

If extraterrestrials are employing a
sophisticated cloaking technology,

there's no telling how many
spaceships are populating our skies overhead.

Is the average UFO encounter
only a scout ship?

Is international airspace just a parking lot
teeming with cloaked alien motherships?

It's a disturbing thought that
leaves many people worldwide

looking nervously skyward.

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret

on planet Earth.

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