Unit 1 (2000–2004): Season 3, Episode 1 - Assistancemelding A-2/01 - full transcript

Request for Assistance

14.53, Tuesday August 22

What car do you drive?

A red Alfa Roeo.

And so you call yourself Romeo.

Do you want to know a secret?

Dare you?

I've never had an orgas.

Then I have a secret for you.

What's that?

Y ou can see it in the car.

The secret or what?

See you!

Romeo? Is that you?

Six months later

- Good morning.
- Morning.

Unit One HQ
08.19, Sunday February 1


I saw Ulla Christoffersen...

- The inspector from K?ge.
- Yes.

I'm helping plan
her 25th anniversary on the job.

- She didn't know what to do.
- Ingrid...

Is that why you dragged me here
on a Sunday? To tell me this?

No, I'm getting to the point.
She has... a really bad feeling.

Isn't it cold in here?

- She may have screwed up.
- I can believe it.

About six months ago
a woman is reported missing.

The parents believe
she's in the US with a guy.

So the police just put out
an alert for her.

- She's a grown woman.
- Only she's not in the US.

In October they find her bag,
personal items and a bankcard.

- Has the card been used?
- No.

So there was no travel.

- Then what do the police do?
- Still nothing.

That is a problem.

And she's not been
in her flat for six months.

And we found a card
from her American boyfriend

why he hasn't heard from her.

Nobody missed her?

No, which is Ulla's reason
for not doing much.

That's a bad excuse.

Is this a request for assistance
for your friend?


- Will you call or should I?
- I'll do that.

- Ulf, what about LaCour?
- Yes, what about him?

I want him back.

He's done a great job in Horsens.

- But I don't know if he's stable.
- No. But I do.

- I need him. We're a team, Ulf.
- Let's talk to him soon.

- LaCour!
- What?

- Hi, LaCour.
- Hi, Ulf.

- Are you packed?
- Yes.

Well, we're going to K?ge.



What did you tell him?

That you promised to behave.

Is Gaby fat yet?

She looks so beautiful.

And Johnny's running around
trying to please her.


I really missed you all.

- See you in K?ge.
- Yes.

Is that it?

Okay, Tom. Wait a second.

Okay, I'm back.
It's a trip from the Free Port.

Well, fix the mileometer.

Why would the cops be there
on a Sunday?

Yes, okay. I'll do it myself.
Have a good Sunday.

First I'll go to the Free Port
and then on to Jutland.

We are...

We're only looking, right?

For Sale

- Come here!
- It's not bad, you know.

K?ge Police Station
09.37, Sunday February 11

- Do they know I'm back?
- Yes, they all know.


Was Ulf very angry?

All I can do
is hope we find her alive.

At a boyfriend's.

We found her passport
in the flat.

Her name is Helle Holst.
33 years old.

She's been studying psychology
at the university

for ten years.

Her last phone bill?

Her last call was made
on August 22 at 17.16.

- Who was she talking to?
- She was on the Net.

- Reported missing...
- Three weeks later.

September 15.

By a friend?

Karina Larsen.
One of the few who called her.

- Would I wait so long?
- I sure hope not.

The girlfriend is one of the few
who phoned at all.

The only one to call regularly.

The parents rang three times
last year...

Once on her birthday.

They talked for one minute.

A lot of shit can be said
in a minute.

Some days she uses the Net.
Some days, no calls at all.

She seems to be a lonely person.
She's been haunting me.

I've lain awake many nights
thinking about her.

Thinking that the next day
I'd start an investigation.

But the next day a pile of work
made me forget.

We're here now.
And the show's on the road.

Could she have made a date
online that day?

I thought of that,
so we took her computer.


She did searches on Freud,
but that's not so strange.


- You said she was lonely?
- Yes.

- She used "Scor. Dk" a lot.
- What's that?

Oh, "score". Right.

She swapped intimate emails
with one "Romeo" for months.

But that stops three weeks before
she's reported missing.

Can we find out what Romeo's
real name is?

The IT division can.

That's good.

Hi, Ingrid.

No, but we're looking at
a beautiful house.

It needs a lot of work,
I'd say.

Yes. Just a moment.

Yes. Thank you.
It's a deal.

I think he's making a deal
with the estate agent.

Okay. See you in ten minutes.
Bye for now.

Sorry about IP.
Did he leave Kirsten or what?

They left each other.

- Who does his washing?
- Nobody does.

He only irons the front
of his shirts.

- Hi!
- Morning.

- Welcome back.
- Thank you.

- Did we just buy a house?
- Yes!

But not for the price he thinks.


The last sign of life from Helle
was on August 22.

In an online chat room.

12.07, Sunday February 11

No one knows who she talked to
or where they live.

Sorry I'm late.

Listen, LaCour has escaped.

His car's outside.

- Hi, Fischer.
- Hi, is that you?

- Didn't we say 12?
- I had to drive Mille.

- So what's up?
- Fischer, we've started.

Helle wrote intimate emails
to someone named Romeo.

- Intimate, how?
- What do you think?

- Nothing, really.
- They swapped sexual fantasies

but didn't meet.

- Very intimate!
- Not many other contacts.

A few numbers appear
more than once here.

One of them is hairdresser
Karina Larsen, her girlfriend.

- She reported her missing.
- I'll take her.

Then there's Martin Andreasen
who called lots.

- I'll take him too.
- Got enough room?

LaCour, will you take her flat?

You got the police log book
for August 22?

- No, but of course.
- I'll do that.

- August 22?
- The day she vanished.

Are we late, or what?

- Ulla's very sorry about that.
- Ulla?

- Someone you know?
- The chief inspector.

Yes, I know her, so what?
We're on the case now, right?

Yes, sure.

- Hi!
- Hey!

Fischer, damn it...

I mean...


Never mind.

- What's wrong with my hair?
- Isn't it a little bit pass??

- Pass?? What do you mean?
- A bit old-fashioned.

- That's a first.
- Well, I guess...

Why is it old-fashioned?

- I don't know what you do to it.
- Nothing. I just push it back.

- We're going for a beer tonight?
- No.

You mock my hair,
then want to drink with me?

You're a real turncoat.
Are you sure you're well?

How's your private life?

- Short version or long?
- I'll take the short one.

When I'm with Ida
I miss Victor...

and when I go back home...

then I start to miss Ida.

So that's...

It's a mess.

- Let's talk about it tonight.
- Okay.

See you.

Missing person's residence
13.05, Sunday February 11

Hi, this is Martin.
You do remember me, right?

I'm the one in a wheelchair.

I really want to talk to you.

I saw you the other day,
but I don't think you saw me.

But anyway...
I'll talk to you soon. Bye.

Hi, it's Karina. Where are you?
Dinner's ready and waiting.

It's Mum here.
I know you're away,

but you didn't wish your dad
happy birthday yesterday.

Hi, it's Martin again.

I've called a couple of times.
Perhaps I should stop.

It's just that...

Fuck it.
Catch you later. Bye.

Mummy here.

Hope you enjoyed Christmas
over there.

Your dad and I were alone
but we had a nice time.

We did buy you a little present.
Anyway, goodbye, my dear.

Damn it, Helle! Please call me.
It's been three weeks.

Interview of Karina Larsen
13.21, Sunday February 11


I didn't think
you were interested.

Of course we are.
But we've only just been told.

I only reported it
five months ago.

Please tell me what made you
report Helle missing?

Normally she would always
return my calls...

It could take a little while
but she would always call back.

I think something's really wrong.

You think
she's in some kind of trouble?

I can't find her
if you won't tell me.

- It's got to do with men.
- Men?

Yes, a lot of men.
An awful lot of men.

She can't control it.

She meets them in chat rooms.
And if they're "up for it"...

then she meets them for real.

But only once.
So they won't get to know her.

- But you know her?
- We went to school together.

She got the best exam results
out of all of us.

She's intelligent.


When she's in one of her moods

she's unbearable to be with,
she uses really bad language.

- Did she make money from this?
- Sorry?

- Did she charge them for it?
- Not at all.

She just wanted to find
the love of her life.

Don't we all.

These men you've mentioned,
have you met any of them?

- Got any names?
- Not at all.

That's her secret.

- Sorry, the door was open.
- Yes?

- Lene Holst.
- Hello.

- Helle's mother.
- LaCour, Unit One.

Thank you for coming.

My husband and I thought
she'd gone to see Jimmy.

That's her American friend
or boyfriend or whatever he is.

That's what she said.

But not what she did.

Her disappearance is
being regarded as homicide.

Lene, can you tell if anything
is missing from the flat?

I've never been here before.

- Did she have a room-mate?
- No, she didn't.

She'd never wear
such clothes.

- Did you talk to her fianc??
- No.

I called on her birthday.

June 23.

She said
she was getting married.

- Who to?
- An Italian, I think.



Hey! Sorry, but you can't
touch anything.

But it's Helle's.
It was her christening present.

Thanks for coming.

- Allan Fischer.
- Martin.

- Well, may I...
- This is where I met her.

- She's dead, isn't she?
- Why think that?

Then she is dead.

Isn't she?

We don't know.

- Did you know her well?
- No.

- But you called her a lot.
- Yes, many, many times.

We chatted on the Net.
Then we agreed to meet here.

I got a shock when I saw her.

I thought
she'd keep walking.

- But she didn't.
- No.

She took me
down the mall.

It was a great day.
She wanted to see how I lived.

- Did she?
- Yes.

Then we slept together.

I wrote to her in the chat room.
But she never responded.

Then I met her in the street
and she just passed me by.

And then what?

I followed her, found her address
and called her, but...

- But that wasn't a success?
- No, it sure wasn't.

It really wasn't.

When did you see her last?

- August 22.
- August 22?

- How can you be so sure?
- Because it's my birthday.

She got into a car.
Just over there.

- What kind of car?
- A red Alfa 156.

And sorry, no number.

- You're good with cars.
- Well, great car you've got.

- Fancy a race?
- Thanks for the chat.

Yes, a red Alfa.

Probably 112.

First letters SU,
probably local.

Flemming Sommer.

- What an idiot I am.
- Stop it. Nobody's perfect.

- Ingrid!
- But I need a warrant.

Let's see what we've got.

When it concerns computers,
the judge usually gets upset.

How can I convince him
that you've got the right man?

Give him the short version.
Our experts are the very best.

August 22.

Witness sees Helle disappear
into a red Alfa Romeo...

- Coffee?
- No.

A couple reports a fight
in a red Alfa on the beach.

Both say the number
begins with SU.

- Do you know Mr Sommer?
- A little.

A very charming man,
many interests, civil engineer.

The wife's a piece of work.

Mr Sommer owns a red Alfa.
The number begins with SU.

And I need
both car and computer.

Suspect's residence
15.31, Sunday February 11

- Hello. Flemming Sommer?
- Yes.

Thomas LaCour from Unit One.

And Allan Fischer.

- What can I do for you?
- Can we have a word with you?

Of course. Come on in.

- Go ahead. In there.
- Thank you.

We're conducting
an investigation.

Concerning one Helle Holst.
Do you know her?


- Are you sure?
- Absolutely.

And how about Sabina?
The name she used on the Net.

Yes, we've exchanged emails,
but I've never met her.

Shall we go, Mikkel?

Two men are talking to Dad.
I think they're police.


Is something wrong?

No, no...

Don't worry, darling.

- The red Alfa, is that yours?
- Yes.

- Can I borrow your keys?
- You've lost me.

- And your computer.
- And you have to come with us.

- What's happened?
- You can help us find out.

It's the police.
I have to go.

- What's going on?
- A stupid misunderstanding.

Don't worry, my darling.

- Mikkel, are you ready?
- Yes.

- Is that...?
- He needs the keys.

- Why?
- Mum, I have to go. Now!

- Suzanne, give him the keys.
- Okay, I'll pay for a taxi.

Thank you. Then all we need
is your computer.


I'm parked over there.
Come with me.

Ingrid, I'm at Sommer's house
and his car is ready for pick-up.

Interrogation of suspect
19.22, Sunday February 11

You two had
an intense correspondence.

You told her you're not married.
How could you dare to?

- You say you've never met her.
- I haven't.

I don't understand how
you can share things like this

with a stranger?

She could use it against you.

She didn't know my name.

You're an engineer!

It took us
less than two hours to find you.

Is that what happened?
She found out who you were?

And wanted your wife
to read this?

This is not something
a wife likes to read.

Did she ask for money?
Is that it?

You contacted her.
Was it in the chat room?

- You met her in the chat room?
- Yes.

The last sign of her was
in a chat room on August 22.

- Talking to you?
- I never met her.

A witness saw her
get into your car that day.

I... I was in Kuala Lumpur.

I was managing
a bridge project.

- When did you leave?
- August 1.

- When did you come back?
- October 15.

- You do know we'll check?
- Of course.

You asked me how I dared.

I wouldn't dare meet her.
I'd be terrified.

I realised I wasn't the only one.
She did this with a lot of people.

She told me intimate details
of every man she'd met.

She was a complete abuser.

I'm starting to believe
I attract abusers.

What do you mean?

My wife drinks too much.
She says I... No, never mind.

No, go on.

She says it's because
I'm away a lot.

I'm away a lot
because she drinks.

I don't expect you
to understand.

You can go now.

- What about my car?
- We'll bring it over tomorrow.


Going home?

- Tobias is cooking.
- Can I come?

- Sure.
- See you tomorrow.

- Are we going for a beer?
- I have to change. I'll call you.

IP, could you iron your shirt
on both sides

for Ulla's reception tomorrow?

Hi, Ulf.
We can't do more right now.

Sommer's alibi holds.
Forensics will examine the car.

I'm sure it's a date gone wrong
from the chat room.

- Have you seen my phone?
- No.

You can't go into a chat room.
You can't see who's in there.

Well, that's just the way it is.

Yes, we're checking out
his wife and son.

- Do you want a lift?
- Thanks, Ingrid's taking me.

Pity. I could use some help
ironing my back.

Yes. Bye, Ulf.

I'll wait outside, okay?

My drea

- Dinner's ready.
- I'll just open my mail.

Do that afterwards.

- Tobias?
- Yes?

- Have you been into my mail?
- What?

- Have you opened my mail?
- No, why would you think that?

- And you, Gry?
- No. Come on!

This is too much.
I can see it's been opened.

Why can't my mail be private?
What's up with you?

Worst of all, you're lying.

The cursor was there when
I hit "enter". I didn't mean to.


Did you read it, then?

- He sounded cool, that Staffan.
- Oh, no!

Can you open mail
with no password?

We said sorry.

- Tell me...
- No, you can't...

Only if some idiot leaves it
lying around.

I thought you were out.
I just...

- Good evening!
- Hans is helping me.

- Can I go in and...
- Yes.

Thank you.
I'll be down in a minute.

Rehearsals are going well.
That was Hamlet, by the way.

- Let me help with that.
- No, I have to do it on my own.

Yes, but I am allowed
to help you once in a while.

- Do you think you'll call?
- We'll talk often, I promise.

Yes, and... the estate agent
is very happy he sold the house.

Then he goes home
to his wife,

they open a bottle of wine
and then...

What? It wasn't sold?

But not for the asking price.

Johnny wants the house
for a much lower price.

How will he get that?

Johnny thinks
that the estate agent

will be so happy
he sold the house

that he'll let it go
for that price.

- Is that what Johnny thinks?
- Yes, it is!

Let's hope nobody
wants to pay more.

- I don't think Johnny thinks so.
- He doesn't?

- Did you write the song for Ulla?
- No, I just don't know how to.

All I came up with was
"Old cases shelved for ages".

I've heard better.

And I rhymed
prison with frisson.

- You must say something.
- A speech, check my bag.

There's a notepad somewhere.

- Ingrid.
- Pedersen from Forensics.

- Yes?
- The Alfa has a bad conscience.

- What's your conclusion?
- Helle was killed in the car.

- Are you sure?
- Completely.

- Can you mail me your report?
- Okay.

08.06, Monday February 12

This tooth was found in the car.
It identifies Helle Holst for sure.

Blood, brain and skull remains
were also found in the car.

Here and here.

She got her head crushed
between door and chassis.

- As Flemming was away...
- Someone else used the car.

Like somebody
used his computer.

I've checked the log file
and hard disk.

The computer was online
during Helle's final chat.

That leaves two options.
The wife or the son.

Listen to this...

The son was twice reported
for rape.

Both reports
were withdrawn at a later stage.

- Let's go there.
- Yes.

- Suzanne, it's not even 8.30.
- Please stop it.

This has got to stop.

- I don't know what you mean.
- Yes, you do!

- If only you had loved him.
- Loved him?

- What do you mean?
- Been a little bit proud of him.

This is not about me.

He needs to know he's loved.
Then things will be fine.

Mikkel knows that I love him.

- Who's here while you're away?
- Who's here?

Are you saying you're here?

Being here... like covering up
that he raped that girl?

It wasn't a rape...

- It was a friend from school.
- The girl at the gas station?

You gave her money
to keep quiet.

That's not true.

No, my dear...
And that's what's wrong.

Nothing is ever right.
Everything has been wrong.

I've been interrogated for hours
about the woman

that Mikkel killed.


Mikkel, I think it's for you, baby.

Arrest of suspect
08.45, Monday February 12

- Can I borrow your phone?
- What have you done with her?

I want to speak to my mum.

You show us where she is,
and then we'll call your mum.

Yes, okay.

When can I talk to my mum?

When we're done.

Go on with your story.

I read everything
she wrote to my father.

She was horny.

- She wanted him.
- Wanted him?

Yes... you know...
wanted him for real.

But he's got my mum.

You contacted her
in the chat room?

Did she think
you were your dad?

- When you met by the docks?
- Yes.

- And then she found out?
- No.

I knew all my dad's emails
almost by heart.

- He'd printed them out.
- She really didn't know?

No, I...
I hid everything.

I thought it would be...
sad for my mum, seeing them.

We're talking about Helle.

Did she really not find out
you weren't your dad?

- Yes, on the beach.
- Was she angry?

No, she was nice.

She just wanted
what my dad had promised her.

And did she get it?

She started to undress.

And take off her shoes.

She really tried.

That was it! I told her to piss off
and leave my dad alone.

I had to throw her
out of the car.

I wanted to drive off.

But she stopped me.
She wanted her shoes.

She said I couldn't do it.

I slammed the door.

She didn't move her head.

Her head kept...

getting in the way.

It's 10.56.
Interview terminated.

Can I speak to my mum now?

I'll call for some men
to accompany him.

It's unbearable...

Such a beautiful boy.

Good. They're sending
two cops over now.

- Wow!
- I've bought a new tie.

- You're fine as you are.
- Look at this.

There's no need, really.
Are you coming over?

Who, me?
I think I'll pass.

- You can't.
- Yes, I can.

will you bring the flowers?

- Are you coming, Gaby?
- Yes, in just a minute.

Dear Ulla, on behalf of Unit One
I'd like to congratulate you

on your 25 years
in the force.

Hi, Gaby. Hi!

I've only got the price down
by 150,000,

but the good thing is
we can move on April 1.

- That's not enough time.
- It's plenty of time.

- I must go to the reception.
- Your cousin can help.

Maybe, if we pay him cash.
But I really have to go now.

Yes, okay, but the real estate...


- Okay?
- Yes.

- Hello? Are you there?
- Johnny, I have to go now.

- What happened?
- Nothing. Not now!

And you'd just bought
your new house.

There was a lot of trouble
with the utility room floor.

But really, Ulla...

You'll always be a role model
for me.

And that's what I'd like
to thank you for.


- Hi. How was your speech?
- It was fine.

- Are you in pain?
- No, I...

- You should lie down.
- No, it will pass.

Actually now it hurts like hell.

- Shit, I'm having contractions.
- Stay there.

Ingrid Dahl from Unit One.
I need an ambulance.

That's fine, Gaby.
You're doing really well.



It was a little girl.

Johnny, I want to see her.

Are you okay?

Mikkel Sommer was convicted
and sentenced to eight years in prison
for the murder of Helle Holst.