Unit 1 (2000–2004): Season 4, Episode 1 - Assistancemelding A-05/03, del 1 - full transcript

Request for Assistance

Rebild Hills
09.15, Tuesday February 25

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09.17, Tuesday February 25

- Duty officer.
- It's Kjeldsen... I'm here.

Do I just go inside?
The door's smashed.

Shouldn't you check
if anyone's there?



- No answer. Should I go in?
- You probably should.

Okay, I'm going inside.

There's been a fire.

Someone tried to put it out.
There's powder everywhere.

The television's on.

I think someone's here.

Someone's here.

What a bloody stench!



I've found a dead woman.


With a stocking
around her neck.

Y ou've called a sexy,
brown pussy

with lots of tie
with which to spoil you...


She has two kids in Kenya.

Interi report
on Savannah Nielsen

Aren't you off soon, Mum?


I'm on my way.

Savannah Nielsen was found...
... her severed hand...

- Mum!
- I'm going.

I'll just check you.

You're not even hot.
You'll be up by tomorrow.

I'll get it.

I didn't want you to be alone.

Hi, Mum.

He shouldn't be alone.
And with bare feet...

I'll make some tea.
Let me feel you.

You'll be up by tomorrow.

I brought the tablecloths
to iron for Friday.

You'll keep me company.

- Doesn't that sound cosy?
- Just great.

- Have you written a speech?
- No.

A speech from you
would make Ulf so happy.

You've got a visitor, Tobias.

- Hi, Camilla.
- Hi.

May I feel your forehead?
You're not hot either.

You'll be well by tomorrow too.

Bestial Murder

I'll be darned.

- Hi, IP.
- Ingrid...

- How are things?
- I'm doing well.

- How's the insurance business?
- Free weekends...


- What a mess with Fischer.
- What's up with him?

- Has he served his time?
- Not yet.

- Going to Rold Forest?
- Yes.

- A pretty girl.
- With lots of customers.

- Do you miss us?
- Well...

I miss you.


A little.

You've got customers.
Take care.

Bye, Ingrid.

- IP.
- Hi, Jette here.

We've got a police report.

A single mother claiming
her Leica camera stolen.

Ask her to send the receipt.

Pet... I thought of that.
But she says she lost it.

Check if she looks like
she can afford a Leica.


- Is he coming on Friday?
- I didn't ask him.

Who's coming with me?

Laursen and Pedersen.
On their way from Bornholm.

Who the hell are they?
New people every time.

They're all I've got.

Good, it will soon be over.
Is there only room for 40?

- Who did you forget?
- Hartmann.

From Europol.
Known him for 30 years...

I'm holding your party,
but 40 is tops.

Chief of police's office
10.45, Wednesday February 26

- You brought Ingrid along?
- She heads the investigation.

- Fine. Welcome, then.
- Thanks.

The minister of justice...

- Thomas Hagested.
- Ingrid Dahl.

- Hello, Ulf.
- Please sit down.

- It's getting close now, Ulf.
- Yes. On Friday.

- What then? Any plans?
- Well...

I don't know.

- Writing, perhaps.
- Not your memoirs?

Why spoil a brilliant career?

Why not?

This is about the murder
of Savannah Nielsen.

Perhaps you'd take over,

Last weekend I visited a friend
at his hunting lodge in Rold.

You'll soon find out that...

I visited her.

- As a client?
- Yes, what else?

I don't know her at all.

- When?
- Monday night around 9.

So we're agreed?

The minister means that
now he's told you, then...

any traces of him found at
the crime scene will be removed.

- I can't.
- Of course you can.

We can't risk
some cop leaking it.

- I agree. It's impossible.
- Why?

- You split Unit One up.
- Not again.

We get new people

They're fine, but what do they
tell their wives at home?

If we'd had the old team
we'd have had no problem.

Why not assemble them?

- They're otherwise engaged.
- IP sells insurance.

And you buried LaCour
in the IT section.

- No, he's in Hobro.
- And Fischer?

- We won't mention him.
- Who?

Oh, Fischer!
We won't mention him.

- Can't I have LaCour?
- Out of the question.

That case has cost
a lot of resources.

If she wants him
shouldn't she just have him?

- I can't support that.
- But I can.

What about that man... IP?
Is he still around?

- He is.
- Can you convince him, Ulf?

- I can try.
- That's sorted, then.

I still can't see
how it's possible.

You're asking me
to tear pages out of the file?

- Shield them from the court?
- Yes.

- I can't.
- By direct order.

Right, Ulf?


- What do I tell the local force?
- Think of something.

Did you take precautions?

- Yes.
- I need your DNA.

- Why?
- We found 32 used condoms.

Yours has to be identified
and left off the report.


- Congratulations, my girl.
- On what?

Getting something
on the justice minister.

Damn it, I'm out in three days.

I'll have a chat with him.


This is where you eat lunch
every day?

Like the old circus horse

who has to be close
to the smell of sawdust.

- Is that it, IP?
- It's cheap parking.

Oh, yes.

- You'll probably say no.
- Yes.

I'll say no.

I understand.

You can't give up your job
from one day to the next.

This job's double the salary.

I finish at 3 every day
and no weekends.


No. But thanks.

Why don't you
look for her pimp?

- Why?
- Black, possibly a Muslim...

She steals from him
and he chops her hand off

as a warning to his other girls.


- Will I see you on Friday?
- Yes. Thanks for the invite.


- Is the coffee fresh?
- Made this morning.

Oh, well.
Just give me half a cup.

- Drink from the lid.
- Okay.

Great going
sending Fischer to the FBI.

How could I have been so wrong?

How long has he been inside?

- He got six months.
- Bloody hell.

Horsens State Prison
11.15, Wednesday February 26

- See you.
- Yes.

Where are you going?

- To the workshop.
- I told you to stay in your cell.

- I made something for my son.
- Pack up your shit.

- Mind your tongue.
- No.

- Problems, J?rgensen?
- My name's Quist...

- Right... Quist.
- Yes.

Even birds crap on you.

- The workshop, Fischer?
- I'm off, J?rgensen.

Shall we get out of here?

- You take over before Hobro.
- No way.

That's when the fun starts.

Sure, I'll pull up
outside the station.

- You want to learn?
- Yes.

It's city driving
and reversing that cost.

You sound like an instructor.

- Will you get that?
- Where is it?

In my handbag.

The speed limit's 50 here!


What do I press?
Shit, I've hung up.

Did they leave a message?

- Yes, here it is.
- Check it.

- It's Ingrid. LaCour's back.
- Oh?

- And IP.
- How did she persuade him?

She doesn't say,
but we're to set up for them.

All we need now is Fischer.

If Ida hadn't ditched him
he'd still be in the force.

So it's her fault?

I'm not blaming her.
All I'm saying is...

sometimes when people feel bad
they do stupid things.

We've been there.

Not to rake that up, but
shit happens when you're sad.

No comparison. I didn't sell
impounded speed to bikers.

No, but you did
something else.

Oh, well...
That went well.

- Not too short, not too long.
- What do you mean?

Too short for me
to get bored.

Long enough for me
to get my teeth fixed.

- Hi, baby.
- Hi.

Hi, Koko.

- Great to see you.
- You too.

- Coming to the party?
- Later.

- I have a few things to do.
- Such as?

My boy hasn't seen me
in six months.

Hi, baby.


I'll see the kid next week.
Let's go, eh?

- I get in here?
- No, in the front.

- You're not sharing?
- No.

Hobro Hospital
13.57, Wednesday February 26

- Hi, Jan.
- Hi.

I've got a minute.
A fortnight's a long time.

- I haven't started.
- Got the medical report?

- When did you get back?
- Last night, from Nairobi.

- That's where she's from?
- Yes. Kenya.

The things I saw down there.

- What a life.
- Yes.

- Will you be long?
- I must start over.

- The first report is crap.
- When will you be done?

She won't be identified formally
until late tonight.

- Your appointment's at 3.
- Thanks.

- What's that?
- Just a routine check-up.

For what?

This hand is the key.

It had to come off.
But why?

IP thinks her Muslim pimp
was punishing her for theft.


- But what about this?
- The killer may be a Muslim.

If this was punishment

wouldn't he have used
something better

than what appears
to be a dull breadknife?

- This is about something else.
- What?

- Do you know what this is?
- Semen?

- What could that mean?
- Necrophilia?



Hobro Police Station
14.25, Wednesday February 26

Hi, IP.

Good to see you.

So how do we keep
the minister's name out of it?

- I'm so glad you're back.
- Thanks. But how?

- Hi, Ingrid.
- Hi.

Please do sit down.

We're taking a breather.

We've been on the go
since yesterday morning

when Kjeldsen found the body.

We've done 103 interviews

and searched the area
for a two-kilometre radius.

- But no murder weapon?
- We're still looking.

The victim was previously
a porno star

and we found that video
searching her home.

It was made in 1997
just after she came to Denmark.

There is very little blood
from the severed hand.

She was long-dead when it
was cut, so why wait so long?

There's semen on the front
of her clothes.

- Did he ejaculate post mortem?
- Possibly.

Then we've got his DNA.

We're vague
about time of death.

Anything from Monday
afternoon to Tuesday morning.

- How did she get clients?
- She advertised.

People either rang ahead
or they just came.

- We'll check the phone records.
- I'll get a warrant.

We'll appeal for others
to come forward

we'll find them anyway.

Full discretion and so on...

All interviewees
must be DNA tested.

There's a waste bin outside
with 32...

...31 used condoms.
- No, 32.

Yes, 32 used condoms.
Match them to the interviewees.

- And the anonymous caller?
- He's now been identified.

- Thomsen?
- Yes.

I got a call
Tuesday morning at 9.12

in which a male told us
to check a house in Sk?rping.

- Kjeldsen was...
- Where did the call come from?

It was from a mobile.

- Whose phone?
- Richard Hansen, a truckie.

He was on his way home
to the wife

but needed to unload so to speak
so he went to Sk?rping.

He saw the fire and put it out
with his extinguisher.

- Called anonymously...
- I'll talk to him.

- Did she have a pimp?
- No, she was a free agent.

Right, Kjeldsen?

She was.

It's terrible.

She shared the rented house
with a girlfriend.

Susan Barker.
She's also black.

She'd be alone for two weeks

and then Savannah would
be alone for two weeks.

They just sat there...
waiting for customers.

It must have been
very lonely.


when you arrived
was this petrol can lying there?


Maybe the killer had
filled up beforehand?

Good idea. Check the videotapes
at all the stations.

It's worth a try.

Just one more thing...
Rold Forest is a dead zone.

You can't use your mobiles,
police radios or GPS there.

Briefing tomorrow at 9.

I'll take that tape, Thomsen.

They've got better ones
at your hotel.


15.20, Wednesday February 26

I'm not wearing make-up.

I'm washing my underwear.

There's a knock on the door.

I feel uneasy.

I go out...

and open the door anyway.

- Hi.
- Hi, LaCour. Nice to see you.

I think he punched her
in the face right here.

She was unconscious
when he dragged her in here.

There's grazing to her heels
and blood on the doorstep.

He threw her on the bed and
tore her pants and tights off.

There was no sexual assault.

- No, she wasn't raped.
- No.

He tried in vain to strangle her
with the tights.

Then stabbed her.

- What knife?
- From the kitchen knife block.

- He put the pillow on her chest.
- To avoid bloodstains?

Or to avoid looking at her.
He stabbed her seven times.

And her hand?

Yes, her hand...

We know that an hour passed
before he cut it off.


- Was it a robbery?
- I don't think so.

Her bag was searched.

Look at this.

20,000 under the bed.
The most obvious place.

We also found an envelope
with 16,000 euros under the sofa.

- He wasn't after money.
- What, then?

I think it was someone
who knew the place.


He dragged her straight in here.

It's here...

He'd been here before.

He's a customer.

Great help.

She had about 3000 clients
a year.

Yes, but I think
this is more personal.

Perhaps he was very angry
with her.

And with good reason.

- Look.
- What's that?

HIV drugs.
She was HIV-positive.

Perhaps someone
who'd become infected?

Revenge perhaps?

There's something else
you should know.

- What?
- Come on.

- Did you get me on this case?
- Yes.

Did Palsby just agree?

No, but the minister
convinced him.

- The minister?
- What case were you on?

A bank robbery and the murder
of an old woman.

Ellen Nielsen.

She may have recognised the
robber. It was biker-related.

- We know... who did it.
- You're dropping out, LaCour.

Drive down there and park.
We'll go on in my car.

Yes, sir.

We know it was a biker,
but not who.

But we've found a way in.

Rold Forest
15.44, Wednesday February 26

- What's happening?
- We'll just wait a while.

Some spaceship will beam us
to Hobro, or what?

- This crap doesn't work.
- It's a dead zone.

We've got visitors?
Hi, Ingrid.

Let's get it over with.

Next up, a container of shampoo.
We nab it and drive to Krak?w

and exchange it
for amphetamines.

- Where is it?
- South of Arden.

- Anything for me?
- I'll talk to the carrier.

- Do that.
- Weren't you inside?

Not any more.
Johnny's in on it.

- Great.
- Johnny?

- Gaby's Johnny?
- Yes.

Would one of you tell me
what's going on?

Fischer's infiltrated
the bikers.

He was inside for six months
with Jack,

president of Heaven's Gate.

They're friends now.

Fischer's kept me informed.

It was our only chance.
Ellen's murderer is there.

It was our only way in.

The chief of police okayed it.
Cut the smoking!

It hasn't exactly been easy.

I've sold a lot of impounded
amphetamines to the bikers.

- I'm aware of that.
- LaCour reported me.

I was thrown off the force
and got six months.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- A year's work.

- And you take LaCour away.
- But I didn't know.

But why did Palsby agree?

He and the minister approved it.

The minister got you transferred

because he spent a weekend
at a hunting lodge in Rold Forest

and ended up
at Savannah's place.

We must make sure
he wasn't there.

- What? We can't do that.
- No, but we've got to.

- Is Johnny mixed up in this?
- No, he isn't.

He's just driving the truck
to Krak?w.

I talked to Jack.
He's okayed him.

How come?

Johnny ran into some hookers
and corrupt cops in Poland.

Oh, yes.

The bikers think
he owes money.

This will clear his debt.

- Does Gaby know?
- No one does.

- You must be raving mad.
- We're not. In this is a GPS.

LaCour can hear everything
and can trace us.

- And that makes it safe?
- Yes.

- Who owns the hunting lodge?
- A lawyer.

Stefan Clemmesen.
He's loaded.

I'm attending a party for Jack
at his place tonight.

He's filthy rich.

He buys IOUs
and sells them to Jack.

Before long
people owe three times as much.

Bloody hell, man.
I've been so angry with you.

A lot of people
share that feeling.

- I'm off. Keep in contact.
- Yes, right.

- I must pursue this case.
- Sure. We'll work it out.

- Clemmesen here.
- The police have found him.

- Who?
- The guy who put out the fire.

- What if he saw something?
- He did.

Relax. He won't talk.

Funny you should call now.
I'm looking at the new Audi TT.

- It's damned classy.
- Is this blackmail?


- Is this blackmail?
- Thomas.

We've been friends
for 15 or 14 years, right?

In all those years haven't
I always blackmailed you?

Here's an official list of calls

from Savannah's phone
for Sunday and Monday.

- No minister?
- Probably just showed up.

They're from all over.

Ask the relevant police districts
to check it out.

- Have you started a family yet?
- No.

- Richard Hansen?
- Yes.

Thanks for coming.

- Would you like a coffee?
- No, thanks.

This way.

Hans Helge? Did you find
a mobile at Savannah's?

Oh? I'd like it over here
at once.

Interrogation of man who notified police
16.15, Wednesday February 26

I left Prague Monday night
and haven't slept since.


You took the truck route...
Through Erzgebirge.

The whole mountain route
is lined with hookers.

- And the rest areas too.
- You've been there, I see.

- You weren't tempted?
- No.

But you drove through Hobro
where your wife lives

to Sk?rping to see Savannah?

- What do you want to know?
- She must be something else.

This is why people
don't want to help.

I found the fire.
I put it out, I helped you.

You're full of lies.

First you said
you arrived at 9 a.m.

- You contacted us at 9.12.
- Yes.

Your truck was seen arriving
at Savannah's at 8.30 a.m.

What did you do for 30 minutes?

She was occupied.
There was a car outside.

A car? What kind of car?
What year was it?

Colour? Make?
Did you see the client?

I must have fallen asleep.

Suddenly the car was gone
and I noticed the fire.

Anything else?
I want some sleep.

Of course.
There's nothing else.


- One last question.
- What?

Why didn't you
tell us this before?

- I must have forgotten.
- You saw who it was?

Did you know him?

I have no more to say.

We must ask all her clients
for an HIV test.

- Really?
- LaCour found HIV drugs.

I can almost understand him.

If a hooker had infected me

and I had passed it on to
my family, I would be mad too.

- Could you do that?
- Do what?

Go to a hooker?

- I'm saying, I understand him.
- Yes.

Have you tried it?

Why ask?

Have you ever tried it?

- What should I say?
- If you've ever fancied it.

What was that test about?

I have some...

stupid problems.

I couldn't...

I thought I had
a galloping malignant prostate.

But I don't.

It's so silly.

It started in Nairobi.

I'd done an autopsy
on a torture victim for Amnesty.

I got the torturer convicted
but his woman attacked me.

Not physically, but verbally.
She cursed me.

- What are you saying?
- She cursed my manhood.

- In what way?
- She cursed my manhood!

There's nothing wrong medically

but it still doesn't work.

Some curse
took your virility?


Come in.

- Ingrid Dahl. Susan Barker?
- Yes.

You and Savannah
shared a house in Sk?rping?

Are you ready?

- Is this Savannah Nielsen?
- Yes.

She just didn't understand "no".

Excuse me.
Gaby, make it brief.

We've identified the guy
who filled the petrol can.

- What does IP say?
- Premeditated...

- It was filled...
- Wait.

- May I contact you tomorrow?
- Yes, that's fine.

What did you say?

It was filled outside Sk?rping
at 08.12 on Tuesday

by Bruno Jensen, alias Koko,
who has a long criminal record.

- A biker?
- The police are on it.

- Is LaCour there?
- He's busy.

- Get ready for a briefing.
- Okay.

I have to run, Jan.

Where's Ulf? I need him.

We're here. I'm ironing.
The china's coming soon.

- Mum!
- Ulf! Ingrid wants you.

He's lugging things around.
Next, the sofa.

How else will you get
50 people in here?

It's for you, Ulf.

We've identified the arsonist.

- Biker-related. Koko.
- Bruno Jensen? No surprise.

- He's being picked up.
- So the minister's in the clear.

I spoke with his driver Frank.
He's an old Unit One man.

The minister frequents hookers.

I also spoke to Jensen
from the Copenhagen Police.

They often clean up after him.
He can be a bit rough.

- You kept quiet about Fischer.
- Fischer?

Nothing. Bye.

I'm on my way to Clemmesen's
to introduce Johnny to Jack.

They just accepted me?

They have checked that you
owe money to the Polish mafia.

Relax. We've fixed it.


We're losing coverage.
Bye, LaCour.

This is scary.

It's a bit late for you
to back out now, right?

- No, that's not it.
- No.

I can say you're sick
and replace you. But it's late.

No, it's that bit about
the dead zone.

It's like going from
one reality to another.

Interrogation of witness
20.55, Wednesday February 26

You say you come from Hobro.

- I need your address.
- 14 Rose Mews.

- You live on your own?
- No, with my wife.

- With your wife?
- Yes. Ditte.

- Yes.
- Yet you went to see Savannah?

I've never tried it before.

On Monday I was scanning
the ads in the paper and...

I saw her advertisement
so I drove out there.

- What time was that?
- About 9.30 p.m.

- She was drop-dead gorgeous.
- Yes?

I got aroused when she put my
condom on so it didn't last long.


I'd just got into her
and it was damned well over.

- It happens.
- Yes.

I was outside five minutes later.

- That was a brief encounter.
- Right you are.


Did you notice anything?

- Someone leaving or something?
- No.

- Any parked cars?
- No, there was nothing.

- It was just you two?
- Yes.

Well, Torben.
Thanks for coming forward.

I'm pleased I could help.

Attorney Clemmesen's residence
21.04, Wednesday February 26

- Hi.
- Long time no see.

- This is Johnny.
- Okay.

Angel Hair.

Want some?


- Koko?
- Yes, whatever you call him.

All I know is
the police are looking for him.

What do we do
if they find him?

I think I know how to keep
you clear of your problems.

- Do it.
- Tell you what.

I'm in two minds about the Audi.
What about a Jaguar instead?


Suit yourself.

Do you still coach
the youth team?

- As an assistant.
- Any new Laudrups?

Some good players.

What's so important?

- Koko's a problem for you.
- Shut up about Koko.

Get rid of him.

- Koko's done a lot for us.
- I'll say.

He shot the bank witness, eh?

- That was stupid.
- Yes.

Not half as stupid as this.

- That black whore in Sk?rping.
- I don't believe you.

He strangled her,

cut her hand off
and set fire to the house.

Where did you get
all that shit from?

From the police.
They're looking for him.

- You're having me on.
- Damn it, Jack. Listen.

You don't need this.

The brethren don't need it.

You've been an advocate
for the new direction.

All the money you're sending
to sick children in Africa

won't matter if Koko's nicked
for that murder.

Shut your arse now.

For the sake of the club, eh?

- He's in that particular club?
- Yes.

He bought petrol in the same
town as the burned house.

He's a violent psychopath.

He got into the club
because he's inventive.

- He doesn't fit their image now.
- Why is he still there?

Jack protects him.

Koko looked after Jack
while he was inside.

He's at the party with Fischer?

- I presume he is.
- We need to send the police in.

What's this about Fischer?

- Are you coming?
- Yes. What's up?


- Drink up and meet me outside.
- Already?

See you in a while
out in the van.

- Have you ever had a dog?
- No.

When I was 15 I had a bitch,
a big German shepherd.

It turned vicious.

It had to be muzzled.

I took pity on it so...

I shot it.

You know what made me happy?


I did it myself.

I shot it myself.

- Can you find Madum Lake?
- Yes, I can.

- We'll take Koko down there.
- Okay. But why?

Jack, is it too much
to ask why?

He killed a witness in Hobro.

It was stupid
but understandable.

The black hooker...

There was no excuse for that.


Where are you off to?

You wanted to get rid
of that rubbish.

Perhaps we could dump it
somewhere in Poland?

In Poland...

That sounds good.

Are we going to get
some Polish arse?

That's a good idea, Koko.

Fischer left the party
with Koko and Jack.

- But I lost them.
- How did you get away?

I just thanked them and left.

What's with the
emergency response I just saw?

Return to your hotel.

Yes. Goodbye.

Fischer, Koko and Jack left.
Johnny doesn't know where.


- Johnny?
- And Fischer?

My Johnny?

What's going on, LaCour?

- Ingrid, will you tell me?
- No, I'll tell you.

- But it's a long story.
- I'd like to hear it.

Yes, of course.
It's like this...

Fischer's been working
undercover for a year.

He's infiltrated
the biker world.

We think they were involved
in the murder of a witness.

- That's why he was in prison.
- And Johnny?

He's not directly involved.
He's our driver.

I'll be damned.

You knew this all the time?

I've fretted over Fischer
for a whole year.

And now this with Johnny.

- We're trying to concentrate.
- I'll shut up when I'm ready.

- Has Fischer been sprung?
- No, they let Johnny go.

Isn't that Fischer
on the screen?

He's on his way
south of Arden.

- To the container of shampoo?
- Yes, perhaps.

Does he know
we're after Koko?

- No, he doesn't.
- Send someone to Arden.

They're at Clemmesen's
to nab Koko.

- Contact them.
- It's a dead zone.

- Bring people from Aalborg.
- It'll take half an hour.

This is DCI IP J?rgensen.
Is this Stefan Clemmesen?

Your guy's not here.

I've already told
your colleagues.

May I talk to
Chief Constable Thomsen?

- Is there a Thomsen here?
- That's me.

Phone for you.


Koko's south of Arden.
The container terminal.

What are we doing here?

Collecting something.



I need a line.
Fix us a few, eh?

You asked me
if I had a dog.

I haven't
but my grandad had one.

An enormous German shepherd.
Mad as a hatter.

It had to be put down

My big brother talked
them out of it.

We took it on holidays
to Bornholm.

It turned out great.

It slept on my bed
till it got run over by a lorry.

Shut up about that dog.

- Is he high?
- He's sending a message.

This is a bad idea.
He won't fit in here.

- In this container?
- Koko's being liquidated.



- Empty those boxes.
- No, we want some pussy.

You can have pussy later.

- Down the back?
- Yes.

Bloody hell.

This is stupid.

- Who told you it was him?
- The police.

Who told him?

- They could be wrong?
- Not about Koko.

He must be stopped now.

The torch.

Do something, Fischer.

Hey, the cops!

What's going on?

- Stay inside!
- What are you doing, man?

Now we know it's him.
Just get him to talk.

I'll go to Krak?w tonight
and bring back some speed.

Jack's happy,
he talks and I tape him.

You took your time.

Hey, we came.
That's what counts.

Did you party afterwards?


Was it a good party?


What is it?

- What's what?
- What's up with you?

- What's up with me?
- Do you like it?

What's your point?
Like what?

- Being somebody else?
- Your point being?

- You like pretending?
- What is this?

I'm myself.
You having a vision?

Why didn't you
get nicked with Koko?

Why should I do that?

That was your chance
to get out.

- We've got it all.
- What?

Until it's on tape
you've got nothing for the court.

For goodness' sake.
We're stopping now.

- Run that by me again.
- Stop! We've got enough.

Shut up. Am I playing
cops and robbers for fun?

I haven't seen my son in a year.
Me stop?

Do what you want
but I'm going to Krak?w, okay?

Hobro Police Station
08.55, Thursday February 27

He can't see you.
And he can't hear you.

Was he the one you saw
leaving Savannah's house?

It must have been a shock
finding her.

He set fire to the house
while you were parked outside.

That's hard to forget.

- I won't testify.
- That's no use to me.

You really think
he should get off?

I've got a family
and he saw me.

He knows who I am.

The police station
will give you a cab home.

Jan's finished the autopsy.

From the liver and the fluid
in the skull I estimate...

she'd been dead
at least nine hours

before being turned.

On Tuesday morning,
into the position we found her in.

She was killed Monday evening
between 20.00 and 24.00 hours.


I hope she was unconscious.
It was violent.

The strangling failed.
That stab wound is 15 cm deep.

She survived that
and five others.

Only after the seventh
did her vital functions cease.

Why turn her over?

My client refuses...
as per the penal code.

Blah, blah...
You know the drill. Can we go?

- No, he's in custody.
- On what grounds?

You've been advised
of the charges.

Can you tell me where you were
from 8 to midnight on Monday?

Didn't you get it?
He's not talking.

I was with my little sister.

She was expecting.
I was there from...

8 to 4 the next morning.

- And where would that be?
- ?rhus hospital.

Call them.

- I bet it's true.
- I agree.

You're still in custody.

Check it.

He didn't kill Savannah.

But someone...

asked him
to clean up after him.

Her last client?

- The minister.
- I'll check on Koko's alibi.

Didn't the minister admit
to being there?

But would he have done so
had the fire consumed the lot?

Ingrid Dahl here.
The minister, please.


Thomas here.


I thought you'd sorted things.

I'm being questioned.

I did too,
but the police got there first.


- But how could they?
- I've no idea.

Shortly after we talked
Jack, Koko and...

one of the others left.

- Who?
- I don't know him.

Or rather,
I don't remember his name.

Fisker, Fischer...
or something.

Fischer? Fischer?

It's totally safe.

The police follow us
through Krak?w and Germany.

And the same in Denmark.

- They'll look after us.
- I know. I'm not an idiot.

After the delivery to Hobro
we're totally out of it.

Promise to take care.


- We're late for ?lborg.
- Take care too.


How are things?
We didn't talk yesterday.

Things are fine.
Haven't you heard?

- What?
- Gaby's pregnant again.

No kidding!

- Gaby's pregnant.
- About time.

Had I known
I'd have cancelled this.

What the hell...

Something's happening
that shouldn't.

We're stopping. What do I do?

Are you there, LaCour?
This looks bad.

Jack's blocking the road with
Angel Hair, Noller and Kivik.

Hang on. Stay put, Johnny.

What's up?

- Fischer, thanks for last night.
- You're welcome.

May I borrow this one?

- We've lost them.
- From where?

Shall we go for a ride?

Shall we?

Come on.

Just follow us.

They're ten minutes along
the 180, heading for ?lborg.

To be continued...

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