Unit 1 (2000–2004): Season 2, Episode 1 - Assistancemelding A-24/00 - full transcript

Request for Assistance

08.17, Sunday August 13

Today is Casper's birthday.
Hurrah, hurrah!

He'll get presents

and everything
he's been wishing for

with lovely chocolate
and lots of cakes.

- Today's my birthday!
- Congratulations, sweetie.

We forgot to buy presents.

No, that's not true.
Close your eyes.

- Now open your eyes.
- Wow!

It's great!
Just what I wanted.

- Is it too big for you?
- No.

Be careful
when you cross the road.

- Today's my birthday.
- Happy birthday.

- How old are you?
- Nine.

I got a mountain bike
with 21 gears.

- And you'll have?
- Three rolls, two pastries.


- Anything I can do for you?
- Casper will be here soon.

Come here, then.

- What's your name?
- Casper.


- No, Randi, not that kind.
- I'm sorry.


They are so beautiful.

Help yourself to some wine.


- I hope you're hungry.
- Very much so.

I think it's a bit overdone.

That's fine.
I see enough blood every day.

- Is it only the two of us?
- Does that make you nervous?

Yes. It makes me very nervous,
now I'm here.

But I would also have liked
to meet your children.



Well, another time maybe.


- Where are they?
- At Herlufsholm School.

At the boarding school?

S?ren went there
so it's natural for Gry to.

Then Tobias saw the school
and fell in love with it...

How do you feel about that?

What can I say, Jan?

Last summer I had a family.

Look, I don't want to hurt you.

All I want is to...

You're sweet.

Understood, yes.

We'll be there
as soon as we can. Thanks.

- Ulf speaking.
- Hello.

Got a call about a little boy.
Been missing for twelve hours.

Similar to the Lasse murder.

The missing boy from last year.

IP and Fischer were there
last year.

I'm on my way to London.

I feel like turning back.

- You don't have to.
- Nor can I.

And Svendborg?

Family, friends, playmates...
All interviewed.

Using full manpower, even dogs.
The boy's disappeared.

- Ingrid...
- I know.

If it is Lasse's killer,

we must get him this time.

- I'll call and check later.
- Please do.

The boy from Svendborg?

Ulf thinks
it may be Lasse's killer.

I did the autopsy on Lasse.
Stabbed. Raped.

Ulf and IP were there too.

We just stood there and cried.

You have to go.

Yes. And you stay.

Empty the bottle.
Eat the food.

I spent hours cooking.

Then I'll stay.

The nine-year-old Casper
fro Troense near Svendborg

has been issing
since 8. 15.

The suspect is a an, 30,

wearing sunglasses,
dark pants and a beige jacket

and driving a dark car.

Anyone with any inforation,
please contact...

IP speaking.

I was waiting for your call.

Can you give me a lift?

I've just reached the bottom
of today's bottle.

Okay. Bye.

Gaby doesn't answer
and IP's drunk. Good beginning.

No, you shouldn't have...

This is pure meditation for me.

For your information,
that's a dishwasher.

- Shit! Okay, next time.
- You're always welcome.

Thank you.

- See you soon.
- Yes.

It's odd Gaby doesn't answer.
And neither does Johnny.

You sure are quiet today.

- IP, is something wrong?
- No.

Ulf thinks this is similar
to the Lasse murder.

How can he say that?
We haven't found the boy yet.

Svendborg Police Station
23.15, Sunday August 13

- Hi, Mathis.
- Glad you came so fast.

Come with me.
I've sent the search team home.

They wanted to stay at it,

but the evening shift
will continue.

- Ulf's in London?
- At an Interpol conference.

People have been amazing.

They've been searching
all night.

- And the parents?
- The mother's blaming herself.

Look at this.

From Green Street, he rode

That should be safe,
in Denmark on a Sunday.

- It's an expensive area?
- Yes.

- Parents' profession?
- Dentists.

Why the delay in calling us?

The girl working at the baker's
didn't think it was unusual.

She thought
the man was family.

Until the mother came
looking for Casper.

- We lost valuable time.
- Do we know the make of car?

Sadly, no.
Randi's unsure.

- You've got the bicycle?
- What?

- He did prang the bicycle.
- Yes, I'll check that out.

- Anybody with information?
- Yes. Lots of people.

Especially after the local
TV station showed this.

Today is Casper's birthday.
Hurrah, hurrah!

That's how Casper's
day began.

Well, it's not exactly
my cup of tea...

But the parents wanted it.
Out of desperation.

- And it did work.
- We'd like a copy.

A couple driving
by this car park here

saw a man holding a boy
who was throwing up and crying

ten minutes
after the kidnapping.

When Forensics arrived
they found Casper's footprints

and in the vomit they found

traces of sleeping-pills
he may have been given.

Yes, I forgot. I have to brief
the evening shift. Thank you.

- What are you thinking?
- We spoke of Lasse earlier.

That was improvisation.
But this sleeping-pill...

This is calculated.
It's not the same.

Let's hope you're right.

It's strange,
Gaby not calling.

- Is Ulf going to London?
- Yes.

- On the evening flight?
- Yes.

So is Kirsten.

She said
she was going with a girlfriend.

- We only talk on the phone.
- IP, no!

As Strindberg said,
marriage is an eel trap.

Those inside want out,
those outside want in.

Scene of last sighting
07.03, Monday August 14

Good morning.

- You just got here?
- Yes.

- And you?
- I was here at 4 this morning.

I couldn't sleep a wink.

Neither could Mille.
What if it had been Victor?

- Have you been jogging?
- Just trying to wake up.


Jesus Christ...

He was really close.

Well, it's probably
a stupid place to jog.

You know
the boy was doped?

- Yes.
- Isn't that incredible?

Who the hell would do that?

- Let's move on.
- Okay.

Strange place to camp.
Have we hired a new man?

That's fine. Thanks.
See you.

Well, well! Johnny Olsen
with his own plane.

I read somewhere
he'd earned 25 million...

for kicking a ball around.

- 25 million?
- Yes.

- How much have you earned?
- Not that much.

I'm driving to Sweden tomorrow.

I don't know
what to tell Ingrid.

I never switch my phone off
on weekends.

About time, then.

Poor mother.

And father.

That's typical.

Not mentioning the father.
As if men had no feelings.

- Johnny...
- Yes, okay.

It's just not fair.
I wanted to be with the kids.

- And then...
- So did I.

- Why does she spoil it, then?
- Because she's jealous.

She left me.

But you're the one
who's happy.

Shall we sell the house
on the island?

Or just leave it to Mette?

I also have a little place
in Provence.

It sounds fancy, but it's not.
Do you want to keep that?

Mr Johnny Olsen,
are you proposing?

I guess so.

I've got Casper. No police.
Wait for instructions.

Good morning, everybody.

Briefing, Svendborg
07.57, Monday August 14

Casper's now been missing
for 24 hours

so the chances
of finding him alive are...

Forensics worked hard
last night.

We've found traces of the car
on Casper's bike.

And it is one of these.

A Nissan Pathfinder.

This one. 22 of these cars
have been sold in Denmark.

Five of them
on the island of Funen.

- Any of them reported stolen?
- No.

Did the witness notice
the type of numberplate?


- So is it Danish?
- Yes. She saw a DK sticker.

Ingrid Dahl speaking.
Yes. Good morning.

Look, here's the list...

We've got an email with a photo
of Casper holding today's paper.

It also says
not to contact the police.

It's good you did anyway.
Just a moment.


The family got an email.
It turns out to be blackmail.

Can he send it to us

Yes. No problem.

You click on
"Forward mail".

Mail it to Gaby,

Gaby at Unit One. Dk.

Great, Morten.
My colleague wants you.

Hello, Morten.
Thomas LaCour here.

Get into the menu
and find "Reply".

Have you found it?

Then you write
"Send instructions at once."

And then press "Send".

What's happening now?

- I'm getting an email.
- There's a reply.

Open it.

What does it say?

The message
couldn't be delivered.

- It doesn't exist.
- He'd be an amateur if it did.

Are you sure that no one
can see I forwarded it?

Just take it easy.
We'll be with you very soon.

- I'll call the IT division.
- Let's try to hack in.

- Shall I keep tracing the car?
- Yes. You do that.

This is Gaby from Unit One.

We need some assistance.


Ingrid, what's going on
inside this man's head?

- Baby, come here.
- No. I'm going to take a nap.

Nothing's happened to him.


It's just a stupid kidnapper.


- What do they want?
- I'm not sure. Money, I guess.

We'll get the money.

The police are on their way.


You called the police
without asking me?

- Are you insane?
- They said it was good I called.

I don't care what they said.

We're talking about
my son's life.

- You never loved him.
- Lene...

Get lost!

No... Please stay.

Abductee's home
08.40, Monday August 14

Is it Johnny's private plane?


The plane you arrived in.

No. He rented it.

- But I thought he was rich.
- No. And thank God for that.

That would have been
so terrible?

The IT division's ready now.

- When was it taken?
- Early morning, today's paper.

A few hours ago.

Let's see if we can trace him.
If not, we'll negotiate.

- I'll keep my men on stand-by.
- And a child psychologist.

- What's your password?
- Casper.

- We're ready.
- Okay.

- Hello. Are you Lone Duus?
- Yes.

I'm Fischer, Unit One.
Do you have a moment?


- Is this your car?
- Yes.

Did you lend it out recently?

- No, we've been to Bornholm.
- Sounds great.

- Got the ferry ticket?
- Yes. Sure.

- We were lucky to get a ticket.
- Really?

- I'm a last-minute person.
- Many of us are.

So no kindergarten
for them today.

- Have you got the ticket?
- No.

- I haven't got it either.
- Haven't you?

Thanks. No, it's okay.

Have a nice day.

- Here it is.
- It's okay.

Hi, baby.

Both good and bad. He's been
kidnapped, but he's alive.

If the idiot used his own car,
we'll catch him soon.

Yes, I promise.
As soon as I know anything.


Okay, good.
Kiss Victor from me. Bye.

It's him again.

Transfer 500,000 kroner
to overseas account.

Number to come.

I'm trying to trace it.
I think it's...


We need a log-in list
from the server sol. Dk.

Sol. Dk...

- Send it on to the office.
- Yes.

Thomas LaCour from Unit One.

We're receiving something.

He wants money
before we get Casper.

Does he think we're idiots?

Okay, got it.

We're trying to find
the provider number.

I need to use
the right search criteria.

- Got it.
- Okay, the number is...

The time was 09.16.
Did you get that?

Username is Henrik S?rensen.

Of PC Net Inc.

33 Lerches Street.
Thank you. Great.

- Yes.
- It's Gaby.

He's Henrik S?rensen.

- Hi, IP.
- Yes, Fischer, it's me.

- 33 Lerches Street.
- Okay.

- I'll find it.
- And wait for us.

Yes, I'll wait for you.

How hard can it be?
I just need an account number.

We're doing a lot of work

I don't care what it is.

Just a moment...

Things are happening again.

Police! Stay where you are.

Where's Casper?

I haven't got him, I swear.
It was just a joke.

Just a joke?
Do you think this is funny?

Is anybody laughing over here?
Do you see someone laughing?

Anybody laughing over here?
Do you see?

Don't think so.
Get him out of here.

Check everything.

- Can't you stop that?
- No. Look at it again.

Now look at this.

You change the background
and look what happens.

And see what happens now.

Same photograph.

You change the background
and add the newspaper.

- That's it.
- It's all fake.


Ingrid Dahl, Unit One.

Morten. Come in.
The others are in here.

- Where's Casper?
- He wasn't there.

- Where is he?
- Not with that guy.

- What about the photo?
- Tampered with.

Some psycho
trying to make a buck.

Listen, he was holding
today's newspaper.

Can't you hear her?
They've been manipulated.

You don't think he's...

We don't know.

We'll continue
doing all we can.


- We have to inform Philip soon.
- No.

You know him.
It will be worse if we wait.

Who's Philip?

Why do you always interfere?

Casper's real father
lives in England.

I haven't seen him for years.

- Was Casper born in England?
- Yes.

Is he a British citizen?

You should inform him.

No. I don't want him here.
I'm going upstairs.

Lene, listen for a second!

She hasn't slept or eaten
since yesterday.

Philip... can be
a real pain in the arse.

But if you think
he should know...

We can take care of that.
Give me his address.

13.15, Monday August 14

- Ulf Thomsen speaking.
- It's Ingrid.

- Have you found the boy?
- No.

- 36 hours. It's critical.
- I'm aware of that.

Casper's a British citizen.

They divorced four years ago.
We should inform him.

- Yes, of course.
- Personally. As you're there...

Yes. Certainly.

- What's his name?
- Philip Halland of Stratford.

Philip Halland.
How do you spell the last part?

S-T-R-A-T... Shakespeare!

That Stratford. Okay.

I'll leave immediately.
Anything else?

- An hour ago I was optimistic.
- Just keep going.

- I'll call you.
- Bye.

- I have to go.
- I heard.

- It's the boy's father.
- Of course.

I'll be back soon.

You said that yesterday.
I was at the pub till it closed.

You know police get-togethers.

I'm looking forward to tonight
at Troy's place.

I'm not going.

What? But you know Troy.
You and IP have met him.

What will his wife think?

We'll pretend
we met accidentally.

- But I can't say no now.
- Just get out of here.

I'll go out
and spend a lot of money.

I'm so happy you came.

- Well, bye.
- Bye.

Troense Bakery

IP, it's me. Get everybody here.
I think I've found the car.

I'm standing under the bridge.
Close to Funen.

The owner of the car
is called Bo G?rdmand.

Understood. I won't touch
anything before you get here.

I won't. I promise you.


You have a flat tyre?
Two flat tyres?

Can I talk to you for a moment?

The time is 14.25.
And you're under arrest.

- For what?
- Right, for what?

- Yes?
- I'm sure you know.

For what?

Would you mind answering?

I'd shut up
if I were you, okay?

Number 4.

Are you absolutely sure?

There's no trace of the boy
in his house.

Thanks for your help.

Bo, please sit down.

It was Bo's car
that hit Casper's bike.

And Casper's been
in the car.

We've got fingerprints,
the vomit and so on.

But there's no trace
of Casper in the house.

We've got enough evidence
for a kidnapping

but what has he done
with Casper?

Let's get started.

It's August 14.

It's 16.07.
Interrogation of Bo G?rdmand,

charged with the kidnapping
of Casper Halland.

DI Fischer
and LaCour present.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Bo, you're an actor.

Where do you work now?

You've done
kids' theatre, right?

That sounds interesting.

Children are the best audience,
don't you think?

We need to find a little boy.
Where's Casper?

- I haven't done anything.
- Is that so?

You were seen
driving away with Casper

and we have plenty of evidence.

Where is he?

I'm invoking my right
to remain silent.

Is that because
of what you did to him?

I'm invoking my right...

- That's great.
- You know your lines.

I'm invoking my right
to remain silent.

Okay, we got that.

The time is 16.10.
We're taking a break.

Little children...
That's not very popular.

They know that inside.

We could help
if you tell us where he is.

Think about it.

17.05, Monday August 14

- Philip's got him. In Stratford?
- Yes.

Thank God!

I've been having
terrible thoughts.

- When did he call?
- My boss went to Stratford.

- He saw Casper?
- Yes.

- When are they coming back?
- He can't do that.

He's seen
the Danish authorities.

British law says
your ex has a good case.

Of course our authorities
will support you.

- But if it goes to court...
- Yes?

It will take years.


- Philip's got Casper.
- Oh, no!

It will take years.

Why did you run away
with Casper?

- That doesn't matter.
- I'd still like to know.

Tell her.

He beat her up.
That's why she ran away.

Resuming interrogation
of Bo G?rmand.

Please sit down.

- I've still got nothing to say.
- But we do.

We've found Casper.
And he's all right.

You know, Bo,
maybe Halland has a good case,

but you're in a shitty position.

Didn't he tell you?

Do you think it's okay
to kidnap a boy?

- Do you know the pilot?
- How do you know Halland?

Hello! Anybody in there?
Come on.

- Stratford.
- Sorry?


I did a course there.
I met him down the pub.

His wife was a bitch
who ran away with the boy.

- He realised I was Danish.
- And?

- You two dads got together?
- What?

- Did he pay you to help him?
- No.

No? You're driving
a big, expensive car.

You're on benefits.
Something's wrong.

And recently 600,000 kroner
was put into your account.

That's money for a job
in London, smart-arse.

Don't be stupid now.

We've already traced it
back to Halland.

The prosecutor will love that.
Kidnapping for personal gain

can get you up to twelve years.

- It's not all mine.
- Sharing with the pilot?

- Yes.
- Does he have a name?

Or would you like
to take the fall alone?

- Preben Larsen.
- We'll bring him in.

- What did Lene say?
- What do you think?

- She won't see him for years.
- Sorry for asking.

I'll go to the hotel
and finish the report.

There's nothing more to do.


- Thanks for the good work.
- We're saying thanks.

It can't be right
that we can do nothing.

Maybe so,
but that's the way it is.




They told me
you were on your way.

- I thought you were in London.
- It was cancelled. Lise is sick.

I can't find the bottle opener.

She just had a virus.

I've made us supper.

It seems you've eaten nothing
but sausages for two weeks.

And a pizza once in a while.

How would you feel
if I moved back home?

Your name is still on the door.

- I asked you how you'd feel.
- Do you really mean it?

I mean it.

But there's nothing we can do.

Nobody understands.

All we can do is find the pilot
and then that's it.

Yes, it's really terrible.

Is he asleep?

I'm off to bed now.
I'm leaving early tomorrow.

I miss you too.

See you. Bye.

- Want to go out?
- What's up?

- She doesn't understand.
- Neither do I.

Any beer left?
Any of that special brew?

I don't know.

Come on, let's go out.

I just have to...

- Let's go.
- Yes.

- Hi, there.
- Hello.

- Want to come for a beer?
- No, thanks, I'm too tired.


Are we ready?
Sure you won't come?

I don't know.

- Do you want to go out?
- No. I'd rather stay here.

- Some party!
- Okay. Bye.

I've missed you so much.

So there was a happy ending.
I mean, for the boy.

Thank God
nothing happened to him.

- Nothing happened?
- He's with his dad in Stratford.

Nice place.
I've been there many times.

Sorry, are you stupid or what?


How do you think
his mother feels?

But didn't she run away
with him too?

And why did she do that?

Because he beat her up.
Is that okay?

And the boy?

How do you think it feels
to be kidnapped,

doped and put on a plane

and taken to a strange country
to a man you don't know?

How would you feel?

Listen, Gaby, of course
he has to see his mum.

- But British law says...
- And Danish law is different.

The father wouldn't
stand a chance here.

If it was the mother,
would you still freak out?

Why don't you shut up?

07.30, Tuesday August 15

Thank you.

Hi, Casper!

Johnny Olsen?

Your mum sends her love.

- What's going on here?
- I don't really know.

We were having some beers,
and a friend of the family came

and said he'd collect Casper.


We advised him not to do it.

Of course you did.

And then what?

He called five minutes ago.
He's arriving now.

Johnny Olsen,
a friend of the family?


- It's damned illegal.
- Yes, it's a mess.

What shall we do?

I was never here.

Neither was I.

It wasn't exactly by the book.

What kind of plane is it?

I mean...
it was to help the boy, right?

It's a cool little plane.

Bo G?rdmand and the pilot
Preben Larsen were each sentenced
to three years in prison.
The British Police are still investigating
the case of the unknown aeroplane
that returned Casper to Denmark.

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