Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 5 - All In - full transcript

Carrie and Al investigate a murder that leads them to Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Carrie runs into an old flame.

[dramatic music]


I don't think you got it.

You're gonna have to pay to find out.

I should've taken you for a
shark when I sat down with you.

Eight hours ago at the casino.

Thanks for the watch, by the way. Fancy.

Maybe you're just pretending to lose 'cause

you like to get naked.

You want to make this interesting?

Isn't it interesting already?

I'll call, and I'll raise you this ring

Keith Richards gave me personally.

I don't want the ring.

You're not getting my shorts.

Based on the way things are going,

I'd say I got a pretty good shot

of getting you completely naked.

We both know what I'm putting up.

Call it.


Hey. Thomas Warner, the architect.

You got 10 million bucks laying around?

He'll design your home for you.

He was getting some award last night,

told his wife he forgot
something at the office,

might have to work all night.

Cause of death looks to be
blunt force trauma to the head.

No sign of a struggle, huh?

No defensive wounds.

They're bagging his hands to
test his fingernails for DNA,

but so far it looks like
he was taken by surprise.

Or killed by someone who knew him.

[dramatic music]

[tense music]

So what do we know about Warner?

Well, the guy didn't become
the most successful architect

since Frank Gehry without
pissing off a few people

and came from humble beginnings.

Started his business in '86.

Got his big break with the Renstein house

over in Oyster Bay.

I took a tour of that house. It's amazing.

It has walls that open into
rooms and secret passages.

Then, there's the womanizing.

What about women?

Look who's decided to join the party.

No, I'm saying they could
be potential suspects.

Well, there's nobody so far,

but things got so bad
between Warner and his wife,

they had to separate a few months back.

We're talking lawyers, private
detectives. It got real nasty.

Then all of a sudden,
they're back together.

Supposedly, he swore off cheating.

Old habits die hard. I called his lawyer.

I haven't heard back. Warner has no kids,

his favorite charity is himself.

My guess, she gets it all.

Was it unusual for your husband

to stay late at the office?

Why don't you ask me your real question,

was my husband still cheating on me?

We're not here to judge what
went on in your marriage, okay?

We just want to know
where you were last night.

Our driver brought me home after
Tom went back to the office.

I had a glass of sherry,
took a sleeping pill,

and went to sleep.

Anyone else there to confirm that?

No, but I put the alarm system on.

Didn't deactivate it till
the maid arrived at 7:00.

Did you notice anything
unusual about your husband

in the past few days? Anything at all?

Well, I can't speak to the last few days,

since he was at a conference in Boston.

Looks like he was taken by surprise.

[suspenseful music]

Thank you. Sorry for your loss.

Please, find who did this to Tommy.

We'll do our best.

So what is it?

The travel case in his office,
the luggage tag was brand-new,

return date yesterday.

I'm guessing it wasn't from Boston.

SJU. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Maybe his cheating days
weren't behind him after all.

To test his fingernails for DNA,

but so far...

His assistant, she had
tan lines, like a sunburn.

What if she was in Puerto Rico with him?

I didn't kill Tom. He was my boss.

Who, historically, couldn't
keep it in his pants, right?

And you... you went to Puerto Rico, right?

We were there on business.

Then why would he want to lie to his wife

about where he was going
and who he was going with?

The reason the trip was a secret

is because of a project Tom was bidding on.

We all had to sign
nondisclosure agreements.

- You can check.
- You still could've killed him.

I mean, you were sleeping with him, right?

No, Tom was a mentor.

And he and Holly were doing okay, but...

there is someone who
maybe you should talk to,

someone who hated Tom.

- Who?
- My ex-boyfriend, Zach Follett.

We only dated for a couple of months.

He was really possessive, jealous.

Did Zach ever do anything about his

- suspicions of you and Warner?
- He followed me.

I got a restraining order,
but that didn't stop Zach.

One time, he put a dead fish on Tom's car.

Zach works at the Brooklyn
Navy Yard Fish Market.

He ever confront Warner directly?

One time, Tom and I were
in a business dinner,

and Zach came by.

And he told Tom he...

he said he was going to kill him.

Oy, this place stinks.

- I love the smell of fish.
- What?

I spent a summer in Alaska
working at a cannery.

Oh, look at you, a regular
Bear Grylls over here.

- Who?
- Come on, Bear Grylls?

TV guy. Rugged mountain man,

goes up into the mountains
with nothing but, like,

the clothes on his back
and some twine and stuff.

Hey, here's our guy.

Zach Follett?

NYPD. Just want to ask
you a couple of questions.

- [grunts]
- Both: [groan]


[dramatic music]

Come on!


Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Don't move.

You son of a bitch, you
got fish guts on my new tie.

Hey, don't worry about it.
It's an improvement, boss.

Cuff him.

You're under arrest on suspicion of murder.

- What?
- Come on.

Let's go.

Last night, Thomas Warner.

- Where were you?
- Look, I got an alibi.

I was 80 miles off the coast
of New York on the Alba Varden.

Go check with my captain.

I can't help it. I'm in
love. You ever been in love?

That's a complicated
story I'm not telling you.

The late nights he had
at the office with Julie,

- the trips.
- Were none of your business.

Unless they were. He's a stalker.

You must've followed Julie
before she and Warner left town.

What'd you see?

Actually, three nights ago,

I saw Warner coming out of
the office with another guy.

They were pissed, yelling.

I had the windows up.

I couldn't hear what they were saying,

but they walked right by me.

They start shoving,
took a couple of swings.

Can you tell us anything
else about this other guy?

Yeah, he's that guy.

Great, that narrows is down to every guy.

The real estate guy, the
one with all the hotels,

dating chicks half his age.

Dewar Linden?

Meet Dewar Linden, Manhattan
real estate gazillionaire.

Oh, my God.

How many zeroes are there in a gazillion?

Enough that we need to tread lightly.

So what do we have, other than a slugfest

between a couple of rich white guys?

Our dead architect

just dropped out of Linden's
latest tower downtown

and it looks like he bailed
because of a disagreement

over an earlier project.

The Sicilian Atlantic City.

Bro, this place opened, like, a month ago.

- I've been dying to go there.
- You know,

in my vast experience, most people

who kill for money are the
ones who already have it.

- Let's pay Mr. Linden a visit.
- Hold on, boss.

According to TSA, he just
left for Belgium this morning.

What, the day after Warner's murder?

Isn't that interesting?

Let me see what I can do
about getting Mr. Linden back.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Hey, Carrie.
- Hey, boys, what do we got?

We got latex, Carrie. Latex.

CSU found traces of it on the
doorknob to Warner's office.

All right? We just got the latest report.

Okay, so, the killer wore gloves,

didn't want to leave fingerprints.

- Guess what else CSU found, though?
- What?

Azelastine hydrochloride,

active ingredient in nasal spray.

A killer with a cold. This is great, guys.

No, see, we looked into
the azelastine thing, right?

It's also heavily used in...

Safecracking. What?

I was gonna say the safecracking thing.

- What's the difference?
- No, because...

- I mean, look, man.
- All right, guys.

- The case, the case.
- Sorry, right.

So the strange thing is,

there is no safe in Warner's office.


No defensive wounds.

Yes, there is.

Warner was famous for
maximizing space, right?

Now, I saw a groove in one
of the moldings in his office.

I'm gonna bet you that's a fake wall,

and there's a safe right behind it.

[suspenseful music]

I knew about the wall.

Something else you failed to mention.

But I've never been inside.

Tom kept his personal things in here.

He gave me the combination,

but he told me only to use it
in the case of an emergency.

Well, I would say this qualifies.

So what are we looking for in here?

I don't know,

but whatever it is, it's
what got Warner killed.

[dramatic music]

The girl's unbelievable.

She sees a crack in a wall
and presto, a hidden safe.

Warner kept a detailed
inventory of everything.

So whatever's missing,
the killer probably stole.

Okay, we'll have that
figured out in no time.

It's gonna take longer than that.

Warner was a hoarder.

There are over 5,000 items in there.

I've got the evidence
guys cross-referencing

the inventory list against
what was still in the safe.

- Right.
- Speaking of Warner's safe,

this thing is a monster.

Best security money can buy.

Now, I talked to my NSA guy,

he says there are only six
safecracking guys out there

who'd even have the stones to
try to break into this bad boy,

and only one of them was in New York.

This gem, Billy Ganz.

Did a three-year stretch up in Attica,

just got out a few months ago.

He used to be head of
security for Shane McCloud.

Vegas guy went to Atlantic City,
ran things there for a while,

till Dewar Linden showed up.

There were files on lawsuits in the safe

between Dewar Linden and Shane McCloud.

Warner's not part of any of them.

What's a lawsuit that has
nothing to do with Warner

- doing in his safe?
- Be sure to ask Linden

when you speak to him.

He's on his way back from Belgium.

That's right, I'm on escort duty.

I'll see you guys.

- What's up?
- Dueling billionaires.

Shane McCloud and Dewar Linden.

McCloud's having to shut
down his biggest casino,

the Arabian Kingdom,

just as Linden opens
his up right next door.

- Well, that would piss me off.
- It can't be a coincidence.

Shane McCloud's former head
of security, Billy Ganz,

is one of the only people who
could've cracked Warner's safe.

Plus, Ganz is off the grid.

- He skipped parole.
- All right.

Well, let's look into
Ganz's known associates.

You want to make this interesting?

Isn't it interesting already?

Holy shit.

- What?
- What?

You know something.

Just let me run something down
and if it turns out to be real,

I'll fill you in, okay? Will you trust me?

- Yeah, okay.
- Okay.

[rock music]

You look better than
you did three years ago.

You don't look so bad yourself.

I'm surprised to hear from you.

If you're looking for a rematch

on the strip poker, I'm ready.

[laughs] Are you ready to lose again?

Oh, thank you, by the way,

for letting me keep this little guy.

You couldn't have paid me to take it.

- Looks good on you though.
- Thank you.

Can I get you a drink?

I'm not supposed to drink on duty.

On duty?

You know, this is our second date,

I think I should know what you do.

- Let me guess. You're smart.
- Mm-hmm.

- You are fashionable.
- Oh.

You are a total control freak
that gets everything she wants.

I am gonna say that you are a doctor.


Very disappointed in you.

- I'm a cop.
- That's perfect.

I got a stack of parking
tickets you can fix for me.

That's below my pay grade.

And why would I help a felon?

Congrats on making parole, by the way.

So what was cop

doing counting cards in a
casino the night I met you?

Same thing I was doing
with you, having fun.

But I'm here on business right now.

There's a murder tied to Atlantic City.

An architect, Thomas Warner. You know him?

I think one of your guys is involved.

You could've handcuffed me

and brought me in for questioning.

But I think...

you called me 'cause you missed me.

I didn't kill him.

I'm a lover, not a fighter.

I'm gonna give you fair warning.

If you're involved in this...

I'm gonna catch you, and
I'm gonna take you down.

[tense music]

Okay, what have we got on Ganz?

So it looks like he's been
bumming it with his cousin

in Atlantic City, which
is very interesting,

since the fast pass on his cousin's Lincoln

was recorded coming into Manhattan

through the Holland Tunnel
an hour before the murder,

then back again an hour later.

All roads lead to Atlantic City, huh?

Yeah, we're thinking casino
guy McCloud sends his boy Ganz

to get something from Warner's safe.

Ganz gets his cousin
Curtis to drive him in.

You know, Warner surprises
him. Ganz takes him out.

Not bad, guys.

Not bad.

Carrie, remember how you complained

that I never take you anywhere?

Oh, right. Of course you remember.

[Dean Martin's "Ain't That
A Kick In The Head" plays]

♪ How lucky can one guy be? ♪

♪ I kissed her and she kissed me ♪

♪ Like the fella once said ♪

I'm surprised this place is closing down.

♪ "Ain't that a kick in the head?" ♪

Do you remember the last
time we were in Atlantic City?

February 9, 2001, full moon.

I remember you ditched me
to play blackjack all night.

Yeah, and I came back to
the hotel room $8,000 up.

Yes, I remember.


All that cash.

All that cash? That's what you remember?

♪ I go to sleep and keep grinnin' ♪

♪ If this is just the beginnin' ♪

So about that thing.

I went to see a guy, um,

who I thought might know
something about Warner's murder.

- And did he?
- No.

I'm guessing you have a past with this guy.

What? Define past.

Is it gonna get in the way of the case?

Have I ever let my romantic relationships

get in the way of our cases?

Don't answer that.

Okay, we need to get to Shane McCloud,

and hopefully, he points us to Billy Ganz.

- Blackjack.
- Of course.

♪ Fella once said, "Ain't
that a kick in the head?" ♪


- How you doing?
- Whoo.

Money plays.

♪ ♪

Split the eights.

Splitting eights.

Excuse me. Mrs. Applebee.

- She's not Mrs...
- Yes.

Mrs. Applebee, yes.

You know you're not allowed
to gamble in this casino.

I was testing you. Well done.

All right.

All right, have a good day.

Care to explain, Mrs. Applebee?

I have a plan.

That's just one of my pseudonyms.

The burden of being a good gambler.

You mean card counter.

- And yes, I see him.
- Excuse me.

- Mm.
- Hotel security.

I'll see you, and I'll raise you.

NYPD, Major Crimes.

We want to talk to McCloud.

Mr. McCloud's not here.


♪ Oh, ain't that a kick... ♪

- Follow me, please.
- Mm-hmm.

♪ Tell me, quick ♪

♪ Ain't that a kick ♪

Ain't nothing going on
in the Arabian Kingdom

I can't see from here, including you two.

Now, what interest do
two New York detectives

have in Atlantic City?

We're investigating a murder.

Hey, why don't you make
yourself useful, huh?

Go get me some sushi,
couple of salmon rolls.

A certain New York architect?

- You don't sound surprised.
- It wasn't me.

Now, if Dewar Linden, who
stole this town from me,

were to end up dead.

Puts up that Sicilian
mega casino next to mine

and buys me out for a couple of bucks.

Do you know what he's putting up tight

where you're standing right now?

A water park.

Frank Sinatra sang here
at the Arabian Kingdom.

Richard Pryor.

Linden and I used to be good friends.

I haven't seen him in 20 years.

Here's to another 20.

You know, it hasn't been that long

since you've seen your
security guard, Ganz.

Ganz is a nutjob. I had to fire his ass.

If I have ex-cons hanging around here,

I have the gaming commission on my ass.

Now, if you're not gonna arrest me...

Maybe we'll see you again.

In the meantime, if you
need a place to stay tonight,

we have rooms available.

I've already arranged our accommodations,

at the Sicilian.

The Sicilian.

I think we're done here.

[dramatic music]

Did you really have to bring so much?

Well, we're in Atlantic City.

You never know what you're gonna need.

Wow, you sprung for a suite.

Come on. Am I gonna get us a dump?

Well, December 13, 1994...

All right.

Dewar Linden originally

envisioned his masterpiece resort...

Would you check this out.

This guy's a total narcissist.

He makes his guests
watch his whole biography.

Rally car racing, you'll
find the Sicilian offers

a riveting experience for everyone.

[suspenseful music]

Why don't you make yourself useful, huh?

Go get me some sushi,
couple of salmon rolls.

♪ ♪

McCloud lied.

He said he hadn't talked to
Dewar Linden in 20 years, right?

But I saw McCloud's money clip.

It said Madrid to Marrakesh 2010.

So they were at the same
race. That doesn't mean...

It also said 152.

Car 152.

They were in the same car, Al.

Why would two tycoons manufacture a feud?

♪ ♪

My client, Mr. Linden,
flew back from Europe.

Business class. First was sold out.

Sounds unspeakable.

I'm so sorry, but since
you made the sacrifice,

maybe you can tell us why,
according to a witness,

you and Thomas Warner

were duking it out two
days before he was murdered?

You're accusing me of murder?

When we leave here, which
will be in about 30 seconds,

I'm filing a lawsuit against
you, NYPD, and the city.

Your tenure here will be a short one.

- Really?
- This kind of thing

never happened on Eliot Delson's watch.

He knew how to play ball.

I know how to play ball.

I played ball with the IRS,

who will be calling about your client's

- accounting practices.
- You're threatening me?

I played ball with
the housing authority,

who may want to look into
how Mr. Linden got the permits

for his latest project.

I played ball with the
media. The media loves me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What do you want?

You and Shane McCloud created a fake feud.

Why did you do that?

Shane and I are best friends.

We didn't love each other
at first, but every lawsuit,

every fight, the more people
started staying at our places.

Any PR is good PR.

Like professional wrestling, which I love,

but you won, Shane McCloud lost.

Atlantic City will be dead in two years.

Cuba's opening up. Shane'll go there.

And in a year,

I'll show up in Havana, and
we'll start the dance again.

No harm, no foul.

Well, except to the dead architect.

We checked out all the
plans in Mr. Warner's office

and guess which one came up missing?

The ones to your Sicilian,

taken by your best friend's
former head of security.

My guess, McCloud and Ganz
killed Warner for the plans

and now they're planning
on taking down your casino.

I don't believe it.

Besides, the Sicilian is heist-proof.

Are you willing to bet
everything you've got on that?

[dramatic music]

All I'm saying is, I got all dressed up,

and you could have sprung for valet.

We didn't have to park in the garage.

- For 60 bucks a night?
- It's not that much.

[engine revs, tires screech]

It's Ganz.

[tires screeching]


When I see Ganz, I'm gonna shoot him.

I'm gonna catch him,
and I'm gonna shoot him.

You're sleeping on the sofa
tonight. I'm taking the bed.

No way. I booked the room.

- You're on the couch.
- You know, be a gentleman.

I saved your life. That
should count for something.

[knock at door]

[clears throat]

Oh, it's okay.

[clears throat]

Oh, you wouldn't want
to shoot me, would you?

Is that a rhetorical question?

Mm. Wow. Nice suite.

We've got this under control.

Yeah? Well, if you have it under control,

you know that there's a
murder suspect in Manhattan

hanging out in Atlantic
City, shooting at cops.

We know there's something
big going on down here.

There is.

We think McCloud, Ganz, and his crew

are gonna take down the Sicilian.

But McCloud and Linden are friends.

Well, I don't know what
they are, but Ganz stole

the plans for this
casino from Warner's safe.

Well, that's why we're staying here.

Oh, that's why you're
here. I figured as much.

- So it's a heist.
- I love a good heist.

So other than this romantic hideaway,

have you found anything?

Did you find anybody who had
worked with Ganz in the past?

I mean, Jay said he sent you some names.

We're working some leads.

If Ganz and his guys
are gonna hit this place,

odds are they'll be around.

We'll keep our eyes open.

In fact, we should go downstairs now,

see what's going on down there.

- I'm feeling lucky.
- You, with the luck.

Oh, good, I can't wait.
Well, I'm gonna have to go

sort things out with
the Atlantic City cops.

- And no gambling.
- Goes without saying.

No, it does not.

[The Crow's "Barrel Fever" plays]

I covered for you back there.

But if your buddy shows up
again, we got to come clean.

Speaking of coming clean,

I may not be so welcome
at this casino either.

The Sicilian's been open for three weeks.

How could you be banned already?

Well, two Saturdays ago,

I had an epic run at the blackjack table.

I just don't think that they

appreciated my card
playing method, so to speak.

Two Saturdays ago I asked
you to meet me at the park

for that music fest, but
you said you were sick.

No, I said I'm really hot,

which technically was true

because I won 14 out of 16 hands.

Technically, you're full of shit.

- Damn it.
- Oh.

- Damn it.
- That's him, isn't it?

The reasonably good-looking
guy at the craps table.

He's better than
reasonably good-looking, Al.

- Tell me everything.
- Everything?

Everything you know.

Well, his name is Hunter Ellis.

He's a good strip poker player.

[both laugh]

And he's a sucker for
pulling an inside straight

and kind of a sucker for me.

Not helpful.

Nothing about him and Ganz?

Nothing that I know of.

I'll have Jay take a closer look.

- Keep an eye on your man.
- Which one?

♪ ♪

[exhales sharply]

[dramatic music]

- Thanks, Mel.
- Hey, Jay bones,

you got anything on this
Hunter Ellis guy yet?

I sure do.

Guess who just got
released from federal prison

in Allentown, Pennsylvania, two days ago?

Oh, he got restless quick, didn't he?

What was he in for?

Nearly beat a guy to death who
disrespected his girlfriend.

- Oh, my, a real romantic.
- But check this,

Hunter's been a person
of interest for a series

of bank robberies and jewelry
heists in San Francisco,

Chicago, Miami. Charges never stuck,

but it looks like he planned those jobs.

Denny, if Hunter Ellis is involved in this,

I don't think he's working for Ganz.

He's running the crew.

[tense music]

Feeling lucky. Boom.

There you go. You're my good luck charm.

Looks like you're having a good night.

It just got better.

I'm on quite a streak here. You
should ride me while I'm hot.

I did that. We got interrupted, remember?

I'm a little offended
you're betting against me.

- Oh.
- Blow.

I don't know you well enough.

- For luck.
- Your luck's about to change.


Oh, look at that.

Buy me a drink to help me
get over this crushing defeat?

I'll give you a tip.

I'm gonna go to the bar,

and if you know what's good for you,

you're gonna walk out of this casino

and get out of town.

What if what's good for me is you?

[lounge music]

♪ ♪

So there's an island in
the Caribbean, Dominica.

White beaches, amazing
waterfalls, almost no people.

Sounds like my kind of place.

It could be our kind of place.

You should, uh...

you should come with me.

Spend our days on the beaches,

spend our nights playing strip poker.

I may even win a game.

You could make grass skirts
and sell them to the tourists.

And I'll hunt and gather,
so we can eat at night.

Sounds like a plan.

Yeah, except we'd go stir crazy,

and after five days, we'd
want to kill each other.

No way, we would never fight.

We're about to.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Just so you know,

the department's not paying
for any spanktervision

you're buying up here.

I wish you'd told me that six hours ago.

Jay tapped into surveillance
feeds from around the casino.

It's easier to spot crew members
from here than walking around.

They look cozy.

Who's that with Carrie?

Hunter Ellis.

Has a long sheet. Could
be involved in the heist.

He took a shine to Carrie.

Really? How come I'm just
hearing about him now.

She just remembered him
from a pile of photographs

of Ganz's associates.

It's not that you have a history of lying,

but you have a history of lying.

We both do.

If this guy becomes a suspect,
I'm taking her off the case.

Okay, that's Ganz's
cousin Curtis on the floor.

He drove Ganz into New York
the night of the murder.

Anything goes down, he'll be involved.

Well, he can lead us to Ganz.

All right, I'm gonna go check this out.

You keep an eye on her.


Why are you here?

It's like my home.

I mean, I've been coming
down here for years.

When I was a kid,

I used to sneak down on the
bus from Philly. It's funny.

No one ever pays attention
to you on the bus.

Ganz is a murderer.

You know that, right?

I haven't seen that guy for years.

Well, I just saw him a few hours ago

when he tried to shoot me.

I had nothing to do with that.

I believe you.

Give me Ganz.

Give me Ganz and I will
leave Atlantic City,

and you will be free to
do whatever you want here.

What makes you think I couldn't do

whatever I want with you around?

I'm a much better cop
than you are a criminal.

Well, I did come here to gamble.

You don't want to gamble with me.

You'll lose, again.

You never know who's watching.


I'll give you a little, um, keepsake.

[phone beeping]

Hang on.

I got to get the...


[camera shutter clicks]

There you go.

So, um, am I gonna see you again?

For your sake, I hope not.

You were getting pretty
cozy there with Ellis.

I was marking the suspect.

You were doing a lot more than that.

Listen, if Ellis is part of his crew,

he will lead us straight to Ganz.

Why aren't we tailing him?

As a matter of fact, I
hacked into his phone.

[dramatic music]

We are tailing him.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Looks like Hunter's on the move.

Oh, hey, this could be going down.

All right, stay on him. I'm gonna call Al.

You got it.

♪ ♪

Just like old times, huh?

You and I together, working on a case.

I told you, I don't want to
talk about the Tendler case.

I wasn't even thinking about Tendler.

Apparently, you still are.

The guy's about to pull off a casino heist,

and he comes out here?
It doesn't make sense.

Jay said he tracked his phone

right around here, so here we are.

All right, I don't like this.

NYPD. Get your hands up.

Get them up, get them up.

Don't shoot, don't shoot.

That's it, that's it. Get out. Come on.

Let's go, turn around.

- What are you dong out here?
- I was told to be out here.

- Either of you Carrie?
- Why?

Where is he?

- No clue.
- Yeah?

You need to think harder.

- This really good-looking guy...
- He's not that good-looking.

Well, he gave me $500

to come up here and give
whoever showed up the phone.


Said you'd think it was hilarious.

It's hysterical. Go.

- Go.
- Go, go, go, go!

Carrie's boyfriend is setting us up.

He is taunting us.

Now we've lost his trail.

Yeah, Jay?

You get eyes on Hunter or his crew?

No, he just sent us on a wild goose chase.

That's what I was afraid of
'cause I just got a report

that an industrial dry cleaner

got burglarized and
cleared out a few hours ago.

Dry cleaner?

They handle large businesses in the area,

including casinos, and, get this,

it looks like a bunch of uniforms

from the Sicilian were part of the haul.

Those would come in handy

for anyone trying to
take down the Sicilian.

I'll send you guys and Carrie
a list of all the customers

that had items taken.

Thanks, Jay. We'll get back to you.

All right, so Hunter is playing us.

You need to call Carrie.

Tell her to meet you at the Sicilian.

And guess what, you're gonna
take me to the dry cleaners.


I told them no mayo.

Don't worry about the mayo, Ganz.

Mayo on a burger?

You lose all your taste buds in the joint?

The joint.

The place where I spent months

planning every detail of this job,

this operation that you
just put in jeopardy?

- That one?
- You told me

that hotshot architect
wouldn't be at the office.

What was I supposed to
do when he walked in?

I got the plans, didn't I?

- Nobody gets hurt on my jobs.
- Yeah?

Well, nobody would get rich
if I didn't take out Warner.

I saved our asses.

Warner was a visionary.

The man created beauty.

Then last night, you almost
destroyed more beauty.

The redhead cop?

I heard about that. What did you think?

Did you think that killing a cop

was gonna make our job easier?

Is that what you thought?

I was trying to take the heat...

Aah! [groans]

If you so much

as look at her again,

I will kill you.

Now come on, let's get to work.

Oh, that's not good.

What's going on?

Power surges all over Atlantic City.

It started 40 minutes ago.

Servers are crashing everywhere,
including the Sicilian.

Holy... Ellis must have
a hacker on his team, kid.

This is going down now.

Now, Sicilian security
confirms the servers are down

but report nothing else is
going on out of the ordinary.

Hunter should have made his move by now.

Maybe he's trying to smoke
us out, see how much we know.

Yes, I remember all that cash.

That's what you remember?

That guy, I saw him

playing penny slots at Arabian Kingdom.

Maybe he's just changing
up places to gamble.

No, no.

There's only one way to find out.

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

NYPD. Keep your hands on the car.

Hunter got you spying on me, huh?

Where's Ganz, huh?

- I want my lawyer.
- Yeah, you'll get your lawyer.

He's good.

Just this.

Stay in the car.

What are we looking for in here?

Al, I got to make a phone call.

Jay, hey, listen. I got
this poker chip here.

It's got what I think is
a sketch of the original

Arabian Kingdom Casino on it.

I saw the exact same sketch

on a cocktail napkin in Warner's safe.

Didn't Linden claim that the
Sicilian was the only casino

in the world designed by Warner?

Find out who designed the Arabian Kingdom.

[computer keys clacking] Okay.

Got it. It was designed in 1981

by a firm Wellington and Towne.

All right, anything about Thomas Warner?

Let me cross-check Warner with...

Holy... Warner worked
at Wellington and Towne

- from 1978 to 1986.
- That's it.

Warner designed the Arabian Kingdom Casino,

but he never got credit for it.

Maybe Hunter wasn't only after the plans

to the Sicilian Casino,

he wanted the blueprints to
the Arabian Kingdom as well.

The plans didn't show up
as missing in Warner's safe

'cause it wasn't part of the inventory.

It was more like a keepsake for Warner.

Exactly right,

and the Arabian Kingdom is right next door.

That is Hunter's target.

[dramatic music]

Our security system
went down 15 minutes ago.

We lost eyes down here.

How much have you got in there?

All of it.

- Over 20 million.
- Oh.


♪ ♪

Stun grenade. They're fine.

But we're too late.

How the hell did this happen?


They got into the secure
areas at the Sicilian

posing as guards.

Then somehow, the get
underneath the casino.

They dig down. They come up
through the floor in here.

Does your casino connect
to the Sicilian in any way?

It's that damn water
park Linden is building.

He was digging under his
casino, connecting to mine.

He wants to put in a river
or caves or some shit.

That's why he needed both sets of plans.

It can't be easy moving that much money.

They might still be here.

♪ ♪


Have I ever let my romantic relationships

get in the way of our cases?

Yesterday there were
slots machines right there.

This casino is closing tomorrow.

They're taking things out.

No. Hey, excuse me. What happened to

the slot machines that
were there yesterday?

The movers took them off
the floor earlier today.

The movers? Lorenzo Movers?

Yeah, how'd you know?

Al, listen to me.

That list that Jay sent us earlier,

Lorenzo Movers had a bunch
of uniforms stolen, right?

What if that's how they're
getting the money out,

inside the slot machines?

Where would they take the slots out?

The loading dock.

Go ahead, grab that end.

You got it?

[overlapping chatter]

- Police. Freeze.
- Don't move.


[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

I see Ganz. I don't see Ellis.

Cover me.

♪ ♪

- [police sirens wailing]
- [engine starts]

Put your hands up! Hands
where I can see them now.

All right, get out. Come on.

[sirens wail]

Where's Hunter Ellis?

He's long gone.

I mean, I've been coming
down here for years.

As a kid, I used to sneak
down on the bus from Philly.

No one ever pays attention
to you on the bus.

♪ ♪

Al, I think I know where he is.

- You got this?
- I got it.

You weren't gonna say good-bye?

That stupid story I told you

about taking the bus as a kid, right?

You didn't really think you
were gonna beat me, did you?

I can't go back.

And I told you I would take you down.

You remember that island?


I could have a drink waiting for you

and a deck of cards.

We make a pretty good team.

In another life, maybe.

She's a beautiful woman.

Yeah, I'm a lucky man.

Not that lucky.

Come on.

[Chet Baker's "Baker '56" plays]

♪ ♪

Ellis really thought he'd beat you.

Yeah, well, not a smart move on his part.

In his defense, he didn't
know about your secret weapon.

- He knew about my memory.
- I meant me!


Okay, secret weapon, what now?

We're in America's playground.

Maybe we should play. We
still have that hotel suite.

Wow, you have a one-track mind.

Tell me you weren't on the same track.

All right, fine. Let's
leave it up to chance.

Red, we go home.


- We go up to the hotel suite.
- Let's do it.

- I'm feeling lucky.
- All right.

All right, no more bets.

♪ ♪