Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 4 - Dollar and Scents - full transcript

Following her nose helps Carrie link the murders of a deli employee and a computer hacker to a seductively handsome securities dealer.

Hey, Patel!
Are you open or what?
Can we get some coffee over here?
Oh, my God.
MAN: (ON PA SYSTEM) The next planetarium tour starts in five minutes.
He doesn't have the binder.
He's never gonna pass the test.
Don't let him see it. (ALL CHUCKLING)
What's going on? You look...
You look like you're having a little trouble there, huh?
I got ditched by my team.
You did?
We took... We took all the notes together,
but they have the binder, so I...
So you can't answer the questions, huh?
Lucky for you, I remember everything. What grade are you in?
Sixth grade.
I was in the sixth grade once, too,
and I had to take a tour of the planetarium
and answer a bunch of questions.
Let me take a look at this.
We're gonna bring out your inner genius right now.
Okay, what is the brightest star?
Well, they're gonna expect you to say Sirius is the brightest star
because it is the brightest star that you can see at night.
But the real brightest star,
other than you of course, is?
The sun?
Exactly, you're a genius.
All right, what is the name of the ninth planet?
What is with these people?
This is another trick question.
What they want you to say is that there is no ninth planet
because Pluto is just a big chunk of floating ice.
But I think Pluto might get a second chance.
How do you know all that?
I remember everything.
That's so cool.
You're cool.
Hey, if those kids give you a hard time anymore,
you tell 'em you have a friend who's a cop
and she'll arrest them. (MOBILE PHONE RINGING)
Hey, Al.
All right, thanks. Okay.
CARRIE: Hey, Al, what do we got?
Victim's name is Sunil Patel.
Born in India, worked here about two years.
Friend of the family owns the place.
Register was untouched, so not a robbery.
He comes in, opens up the store, right?
First thing he's gonna do is
make the coffee.
But there are no filters.
So, he goes to get the filters
and before he can finish what he started
he comes face to face with his killer.
What about the owner?
Kamala Kapoor.
Patel always came in first,
then she'd come and help him open up.
Okay, what'd she have to say for herself?
Not much. She's pretty shaken up.
She's also 5'2", maybe 125 pounds.
As I recall, Emily Merris from Syracuse was five-foot and 100 pounds,
and she stabbed her husband 17 times.
As I recall, little Emily stabbed her husband while he was unconscious.
And as I recall, little Emily smacked him
over the head with a 40-pound mallet.
Are you always right? Mostly.
All right, I'll check her out again.
Thank you.
What've you got?
So it appears this young man died of asphyxiation.
There's minimal trauma to the nostrils, no ligature marks.
Honestly, I can't be certain
what the cause of death is until I open him up.
Well, whatever it was, he put up a fight.
Hey, Al, have you had a chance to... Sandra Russo.
Been a long time.
Hello, Al. I knew you'd be lurking around
here somewhere. Good to see you.
I thought lurking was more your thing.
Okay, so you two have met.
Well, Al, Captain Russo here...
Oh, of course, you've made captain.
No, Al, Captain Russo, she's...
Actually, I'm here looking for some help.
Really? Mmm-hmm.
What help could you possibly need?
Certainly not with your career, right?
Going so well.
Maybe with a case?
Did the commissioner ask you to do some real police work,
you got all excited and then you remembered,
you don't know what that is?
Actually, the commissioner did ask me to do a job.
Very good. And I do need your help.
Well, we're kind of busy here at Major Crimes, Captain Russo.
If the commissioner wants our help,
he can start by giving us a new boss.
Oh, he has.
He has?
You gotta be kidding me.
No. I would have given you some warning, but I just decided not to.
You're the new head of Major Crimes?
Al, look, for the last two years, Major Crimes
has been the jewel in this police force.
Mostly due to you and your brilliant partner.
I'm just here to keep that jewel sparkling.
That's my job.
Yours, like it always was, is to take the credit.
That's funny.
I remember you didn't mind taking credit eight years ago.
Or do you still not wanna talk about that?
I'm not talking about Tendler.
Not now, not ever.
Welcome to Major Crimes, Captain Russo.
Thank you. This is gonna be great.
So I haven't looked at samples from Patel's nasal cavity yet.
But I did find subdural hemorrhaging around the nose and mouth.
Probably caused by pinching the nose shut and holding the jaw closed.
How does that... How does that work?
Come here.
Okay, so you see this a lot in human smuggling, right?
You got a truckload of cargo at a checkpoint,
somebody's coughing, sick or they just won't be quiet.
Coyotes got a quick way of shutting them up.
I did a year with ICE down in Yuma.
Why would somebody wanna shut this guy up?
I don't know. But when you find out let me know.
Hey, so the Patel kid checks out.
He's squeaky clean.
He's got a family back in Mumbai, India.
Landlord says he's a great tenant.
Apparently he sends a quarter of his paycheck home each week.
Sure it's going to his parents?
Got nothing from the FBI or Homeland.
I mean, I'll keep digging, Al,
but I don't make this kid for a terrorist.
Let's be sure.
All right.
So, you and the captain?
You, um... You go back a little, yeah?
A little.
Well, hey, old times, right?
Very old times.
Hey, so we got a cause of death on Sunil Patel.
Care to share with the class?
It's like a two-handed suffocation thingy.
Bare-handed, maybe.
Yeah, you pinch the nose shut,
you hold the mouth closed like...
Well, turn around I'll show you.
Uh, no. Okay.
Jay, do a crosscheck for that MO in other homicides.
You got it, Boss.
Who's, uh...
Who's the new suit? Oh, that's your new boss.
Captain Sandra Russo.
She looks, uh...
She looks pretty tough. Any first impressions?
Known her a while.
She was my lieutenant back at the 117.
Only stuck around for a cup of coffee.
Long enough to make captain anyway.
Sounds like there's a story there.
Ah, nothing worth telling. All right.
Well, perhaps I should introduce myself.
How's my hair?
Yeah, your hair is good.
Hey, Al. I might have something for you on Patel.
There was a similar homicide last night
at a private club over on East 81st Street.
They found the body this morning.
Preliminary on-scene coroner's report
says suffocation, most likely by hand.
Well, cleaning crew found him, apparently, all right?
Michael Liu, some big international finance hotshot.
Look at this place.
It's a sex club with a bar.
You a regular here? Well, you know.
I'm a friendly guy.
Come on, body's in the back.
All right. Okay, look.
We've got hemorrhaging around the mouth.
Same MO as Patel.
Two in one day? Someone's on a mission.
You smell that?
DENNY: I'm more of a body spray guy myself.
I bet you are, Denny.
Well, it is very refreshing.
Listen, I want you to have Delina do
a skin scrape of his face and his neck.
Your body scrape request is my command.
DREW: Step away from the body.
I'm sorry. Excuse me?
RUSSO: Easy, easy, Drew.
Detective Wells, I'm Sandra Russo, your new captain.
I have heard so much about you,
and it is such a pleasure for me to meet you.
Well, it's an honor to meet you, too.
Thank you.
This is Denny.
Yeah, call me Denny.
Call me whatever you want. I mean, you're the captain, so...
Detective Padilla.
So, I hate to start off on the wrong foot,
but this is Special Agent Drew Miller,
and the Bureau's gonna run with this one.
Well, because, as you're aware, Detective,
when the FBI has an ongoing case,
the NYPD generally defers to a Bureau request for jurisdiction,
and that's what's happening right now.
I'll be taking it from here.
Excuse me.
What exactly is the FBI investigating?
Sorry, that's confidential.
All right, we're done here.
I like how you didn't take his shit.
Yeah, well, I'm just getting started.
This is gonna be fun.
Hey, Delina.
So, what's going on?
Suddenly I get a directive to give everything I got on Liu
to the feds and only the feds.
Well, I would think of it as less of a directive
and more of a, you know, suggestion.
Is that right?
Got it.
All right, well, I can pretty much confirm
the cause of death on Michael Liu is the same as Patel.
Manual suffocation.
But here's the interesting part.
You smelt something on Liu, right? Mmm-hmm.
Like a cologne? Yeah.
Some kind of cologne was on Sunil Patel, too.
Really? Around the mouth and nose.
It was faint, but it was definitely there.
Check that out.
Lavender, tea tree, ambergris. Right.
I mixed some up for you.
Now, it might not be exact, but you'll get the idea.
You smell that? What?
That's it.
Thank you, Delina. No problem.
Any time. All right, I just sent you the report.
You did? Yep.
Oh, boy.
Shit's about to hit the fan.
RUSSO: What part of "We're out of this case,"
do you and your partner not understand?
We just got this email to Major Crimes directed to Detective Wells
from the medical examiner's office
regarding a certain Michael Liu. What's that?
We're not trying to muscle in on the feds,
but these homicides are related.
All right, I hear you, but you know what?
You two have lived up to the hype.
But listen to me, I'm here to support you.
The best way to support us is to let us do our thing.
Look, I'm gonna tell you the department
is very, very happy with your solve rate,
but your success comes with a cost.
There are cops in every precinct
asking why they can't do things the Carrie Wells way.
I wish I could tell 'em.
But that's not your job. That's my job.
And my answer is, from now on,
this department is not gonna be run
like some rogue branch of the NYPD.
We are going to follow the standard rules
and procedures of this department.
Rules and procedures? Mmm-hmm.
Gotta love that.
What, you have something to say?
You know what? I think you were right the first time.
Let's just not talk about Tendler now.
Oh, And please make sure your partner understands my concerns.
Oh, I will.
All right, so have you got it?
What's with the cloak-and-dagger? What's up, Carrie?
It's complicated.
All right, so what we're doing, is it illegal?
Come on, Jay, you know me.
You're right. It's illegal.
Listen to me. There's a fine line between illegal and legal.
And I don't have time for all the politics on this one.
There is a direct connection
between Michael Liu and Sunil Patel.
The MO, the cologne.
Everything I get on Liu...
Gets you one step closer to finding Patel's killer.
Exactly. So, hand it over.
Okay, very interesting guy, this Mr. Liu.
A couple years ago a bunch of hackers
tried to shut down the New York Stock Exchange.
Michael Liu was a person of interest.
But the feds couldn't find anything concrete to tie him to the operation.
You see, the Exchange is one of the most secure sites in the world.
You need a direct line in.
And without any proof of that, the case fell apart.
All right, and what has Mr. Liu been up to since then?
Well, Mr. Liu was pitching some huge hush-hush deal all over town.
Met with big-money people.
The feds have been keeping a pretty close eye on him though.
I've seen him before.
What's his name?
That would be Philippe Huet. Big securities trader.
He was at Patel's crime scene, right near the deli.
Well, that makes sense
'cause Philippe Huet just started a trading company
that he runs out of his townhouse,
which coincidentally is right next door to the Deli News Deli.
So maybe Philippe Huet is our connection between the two victims.
You got it, Boss. Good job.
AL: Substances found on Patel's face and neck
definitively match those found on Michael Liu.
The two men were killed by the same person.
That's interesting.
Even more interesting, Philippe Huet,
who met with Michael Liu yesterday morning,
lives right next door to the Patel murder scene.
Honestly, Russo, I can't believe
we're still talking about this.
Well, Detective Burns and Wells
may have linked Philippe Huet to both murders.
Look, I don't want to have to call the deputy director on this.
Oh, you don't have to.
MELTZER: I'm right here, Drew.
Deputy Meltzer, sir.
Uh, we've already taken a lead on this.
Not anymore.
Captain Russo's team has developed some solid leads,
and I want all operational command on this to come from Major Crimes.
Are you sure, sir? I am.
Get them up to speed,
and the Bureau will provide tactical support as needed.
Nice work, Captain.
Thank you.
Well, looks like we're partnering up
on this one, Agent Miller.
For the past two weeks, we've been hearing chatter
about an imminent electronic attack on the NYSE.
We know Huet's been constructing a supercomputer cluster
with various financial hypercube architectures
in the basement of his townhouse.
There's nothing really illegal about building
a fast computer to make more money.
Well, let's just say Huet's motives are somewhat suspect.
Both his parents worked for the UN in Yemen.
They were accidentally killed in an American drone strike.
Well, then, why kill Michael Liu?
We think Huet was working with Liu
on another attack on the Exchange.
But Liu had a weakness for the boy bars,
and he liked to drink and he liked to talk.
Lethal combination.
But if you're so concerned about Huet,
why not just take a look at his computers?
Well, at this point, concern is just about all we got.
Not enough for a warrant.
Of course, if he were to voluntarily
invite someone into his house,
you may not need a warrant.
With all the SEC scrutiny he's been under,
he's not letting anybody close.
Unless he wants her close.
Who we talking about here?
You really think she can get in?
Oh, she can get in.
ADAM: The 2011 Montrachets are drinking beautifully now.
Adam, I'm sorry to interrupt.
I just wanted to thank you
for the recommendation of the '05 Lynch-Bages.
It was wonderful, and I...
You're welcome.
Oh, wow.
Oh, wow!
I'm so sorry.
I'm Talia. You're Philippe Huet, right?
You know me?
Well, I don't know you know you,
but I know you because of your.
Forbes cover article a couple months back.
Wow. That article was something spectacular.
I mean, what you said
about emerging growth markets
and how they're like wolves protecting their young.
You know, I use that with my own staff.
"Nurture and protection."
It was the perfect metaphor.
I'm just babbling on here like a crazy person.
So sorry. The point is that I...
What is the point?
Well, you just look so much better in person than you did on your cover.
Join me for a drink.
Are you in finance yourself?
No, I just have a little design firm
that you've probably never heard of.
Philippe, we have work to do.
Once my sister makes a plan like a business lunch,
she just sticks to it,
and any interruption...
I'm going to let them know
that you are running late, hmm?
I don't think she likes me.
I feel like I just busted in here
and intruded on the whole...
Please. This is why I love New York.
You never know what's going to happen.
This morning I never knew I'd be
having a drink with such a beautiful woman.
You say that to all the girls. You're a flirt.
Well, I'm French.
(CHUCKLES) You don't sound French.
My mother is, but I went to school here. And you know what they say.
Frenchmen make the best
That was a really bad joke. That was terrible.
Paris is my favorite city in the whole world, though.
And what're your favorite spots?
Well, Musee Rodin
and that little carousel at the base of the Eiffel Tower.
I think it's very charming.
Touristy, but charming.
Do you have a favorite restaurant?
La Fontaine de Mars.
You know Paris very well.
I love Paris.
I really should go.
My sister is going to be furious,
but I want to meet with you afterwards.
I'd love to. I should be done in an hour.
Where should we meet?
Do you know Sag Harbor?
Of course I know Sag Harbor,
but I can't get there in an hour at this time of day.
Actually, I can.
Chopper on the roof. You got to be kidding me.
Hey, LaGuardia's backtracking all the outgoing flight data.
We should know any minute.
She'll be okay.
Of course she will. Mmm-hmm.
Yeah, she's a force of nature, isn't she?
Yeah. Sometimes I feel like a storm chaser.
Hey, LaGuardia tracked them
to the east end of Long Island, South Fork.
Philippe has a place out there apparently.
That helicopter ride was something, but this is... Wow.
It's the weekend home. It's huge.
You're really rich, aren't you?
I'm a little. Just a teeny... You're a little bit rich?
SARU: I'm sorry to interrupt,
but you're needed in the study, sir.
But we just got here.
Manette says it's important.
Oh, Manette again.
I'll try to get this over as quickly as possible.
All right.
I can take care of myself.
You know, I'm used to being on my own.
You a regular here? Well, you know.
I'm a friendly guy.
Hi-Meteor Cola.
I thought you could only get that stuff in Shanghai.
I used to love it.
A few places sell them now, I think,
but they're not easy to come by.
Deshu's very particular about his stash.
Touch them at your peril.
MAN: Here you are, sir.
CARRIE: Thank you.
So do you have family in France or no?
No. Um...
My parents were killed in an accident several years ago.
They were working in a very dangerous part of the world.
They knew the risks.
Still it's...
It's hard.
Sorry to hear that.
So then it's just you and your sister?
Yeah, we're all that's left.
Would you ever move back to Paris?
No, my work is here now.
But I thought you quit the bank.
I did. Now I'm my own boss.
I'm setting up a trading firm
with a direct link to the Stock Exchange.
That is if your government will allow me.
Will allow you?
Your Securities Exchange Commission
treats me like I'm a criminal.
It's like I'm under constant surveillance.
You're very interesting, you know. Mysterious.
Well, mystery has a price.
Sometimes I feel like I can't trust anyone.
You can trust me.
MANETTE: Sorry to interrupt, Philippe.
We weren't expecting to hear from them till tomorrow.
Early risers.
Tell them I'll be right there.
Why do I get the feeling
that your sister's never going to let us have a moment alone?
Listen, let me just handle this call, and then I swear
no more interruptions.
Stay the night.
I want you to stay with me.
I would like that very much.
Let me go deal with Jakarta.
You know, this guy Huet sounds like he has some anger issues.
Assaulted an English banker
when some minor deal fell through.
Suspect in two other assaults
in an airport in the Maldives.
Also charged with drunk and disorderly.
Jay, watch the car.
You watch your back, Boss.
I hope you like the room.
Yeah, it's gorgeous. I mean, I may never leave.
If you need anything, dial seven on the house phone.
Good night.
(WHISPERING) What are you doing?
What are you still doing here? It's the middle of the night.
It is not the middle of the night. It's 10:00 at night.
Besides, I like it here. I feel rich.
Well, you're not.
I'm getting you out of here before you get yourself killed.
I'm not gonna get myself killed.
You're gonna get me killed.
He trusts me. It's fine.
Okay, he trusts you. Trust this.
Talia Oberfeld would never carry a gun.
Who are you? Meryl Streep?
Take the gun. PHILIPPE: Talia.
Are you decent?
Sorry. That phone call was a disaster. It went on way too long.
Oh. Nightcap?
It's the middle of the night,
and I have had such an exciting day
with the helicopter ride and everything.
Do you mind if I pick up where we left off tomorrow?
Be my date.
I'm hosting a party at Solstice.
Yes. Yes, and I'll make you a deal.
Since you're letting me get my beauty rest tonight,
I'll do whatever you want.
So, he's throwing a party at Solstice tomorrow.
Which is great.
I'll get another chance to dress up and role-play and...
I wish he was having it at his townhouse, though.
That way I could get a look and see if his servers are there.
Well, I'll tell Miller and Captain Russo that we will be there.
After what I just saw, you're not going alone.
Get out of here. AL: Yeah.
That's absurd.
Well, that's unacceptable.
What's wrong now?
Solstice just got shut down by the health department.
Really? Mmm-hmm.
Wow. So your party is...
Yeah, not happening.
Okay, well, I have an idea. Uh-huh.
I know it's gonna sound crazy, but you said
you had a house in the city, right?
Big, fancy like this one? Yeah.
Why don't you just move the party there?
You can send out an email. People would be there in, like, a jiffy.
(CHUCKLES) Do you think?
We have a date tonight, right?
We have a date. Okay.
Hey, gotta say that was a pretty slick move,
shutting down the restaurant.
How'd you pull that off?
You know, the old cockroach in a jar trick.
That works, right?
I did that once at a Sizzlers,
and they comped my whole surf and turf.
Jay, I'm joking.
Yeah, no, I know. I was joking, too. I mean...
RUSSO: The deputy health commissioner owed me a favor,
so Solstice will get its A rating back in a couple of days.
So you got Carrie's camera rigged in that ring?
Done and done. Carrie's got a mini receiver transponder.
We can hear everything and she can hear us.
Does she know what she's after in the basement?
Because she doesn't have much time.
Well, if Huet's system is operational,
it's gonna be lit up like a Christmas tree.
I still don't like the idea of her being alone.
Neither do I. That's why I plan on being there.
You, Boss? As who?
Ted Sprague. Talia's trusted business associate.
Yeah, I think throwing a new face at Philippe
is gonna raise some red flags.
Not to mention, he's pretty serious about Carrie.
I don't think he's gonna like seeing her with another guy.
Well, it's this or she's in there alone.
All right, you know what? Be careful.
Both of you.
¶ Yeah, something in the air and I feel it
¶ Yeah
¶ All I want to do is believe it ¶
Here you are. Oh, thank you.
Oh, yes, I'd say that's a 2004.
Great vintage, don't you think?
(CHUCKLES) Who are you?
These champagne bubbles are killing your brain cells.
You said you wanted a classy date, here I am.
Not a classy date.
You're my business associate, Ted Sprague.
Business associate.
All right. Okay, look.
We've got hemorrhaging around the mouth. Same MO as Patel.
Hey, Al, that guy over there,
he has a scar on his finger.
Michael Liu had the exact same scar.
CARRIE: Are you getting this, Jay?
JAY: I got something on it.
Those scars are a brand
from the Nine Monkeys criminal organization.
Talia, I've been looking forward to seeing you all day.
Oh, hi. This is my business associate, Ted Sprague.
Pleasure to meet you, Ted.
Yeah, some set-up you have here, Philip.
Well, I'll go mingle. CARRIE: Mmm-hmm.
I must say I wasn't expecting you to bring another man.
Do I have some competition?
With me there's always competition.
Well, it's a good thing I like a challenge.
Come on. Let me show you the house.
JAY: Okay, here we go.
Say hello to.
Zhang Leji,
Ram Kazi and Mr. Lin Chunhua.
Can we have profiles, please, Agent Miller?
The first two, Leji and Kazi,
have connections with the Nine Monkeys.
No national affiliation, but branches all over the world.
The hack we were investigating Liu for was organized by them.
And what about the other guy?
Lin Chunhua,
goes by the name Deshu in the States.
The guy's a stone-cold killer.
These guys are serious.
This one's my most recent purchase.
But this one...
This one's been in the family for three generations.
It's beautiful.
Your idea to have the party here was a stroke of genius.
The one downside being,
I'm rather quickly going through the champagne in my cellar.
Speaking of champagne, is that the powder room right there?
No, no, no. That's the cellar.
The powder room is upstairs. Okay.
All right, I'll be right back. Okay.
Jay, can I get a com check?
Got you loud and clear, Carrie.
Hey, Carrie, that painting back there?
Is that what I think it is?
Yep. Easy, Jay.
Wow. This guy's got some really good taste.
Yeah, well, we both know that. He likes me.
There's absolutely nothing upstairs.
I'm gonna head downstairs.
Copy that. Got ya, Carrie.
The cologne.
Excuse me. What're you doing here?
I'm looking for the powder room.
This is the guest bedroom.
The powder room is at the other end of the hall.
Thank you.
I was just making progress there.
I just found the same cologne upstairs in the guest bedroom
that I smelt on both dead bodies.
Does Deshu wear that cologne?
Well, I mean, I don't think he had it on tonight.
Listen, I checked out upstairs.
I'm going down to the basement.
Wish me luck.
Wish me luck. Well, good luck.
I'll bring you back a bottle of champagne.
Oh, boy.
All right, Jay, help me out here. Can you see this?
JAY: Looks like a Surveil Tech M130 keypad.
I'm gonna try to run a modified decryption program.
Carrie, can you put the camera right up to each button?
I'm gonna see if I can determine a wear pattern.
All right.
JAY: All right, it's gonna take a couple seconds.
WOMAN: It was definitely a rose varietal.
Fantastic. I forget what it's called.
What... Do you remember what...
WOMAN: You know what? I'm not sure, but it's based on the Grenache...
I'm gonna have to guess it's...
MAN: Absolutely.
We're all out. Sorry about that.
WOMAN: They're definitely...
I feel the same way about...
Oh, there's our host right now.
Excuse me for just one second.
Boy, what a party you have thrown.
Thank you, Ted. Can you excuse me?
Actually, um, before you go,
there's just something I need to discuss with you.
I need to divest $3 million or $4 million
before the end of the year.
I'm looking to place funds.
I don't know what Talia told you about me,
but I'm really not the person to talk to.
I think you'd probably be exactly the person to talk to.
All right, Jay, come on.
All right, maybe a couple more seconds.
It's still best to consult a professional.
Yeah, well, I thought that's what I was doing.
Could you go down to the cellar?
We're out of champagne.
Um, the thing is, it's a lot of money.
I don't want it go somewhere that means nothing to me. Mmm-hmm.
Right. I want it to mean something.
Oh, come on, Jay. I'm running out of time here.
Jay, come on, come on, come on, come on.
JAY: No.
Hey, try 7-5-3-6-2.
Okay, 7-5-3-6-2.
Carrie, try 2-4-2-5-6.
Any time now would be great, Jay.
Carrie, try 2-3-6-4-7.
This is gonna work.
Come on, come on, come on. All right.
Can you get us behind the server bank?
CARRIE: Let's see, he comes in and he opens up the shop this morning, right?
First thing he does is go to make the coffee.
There's no filters, so he
climbs up here to get the filters.
Jay, this orange cable.
I saw the exact same one in the deli.
Carrie, can you go in tighter on those?
No way. I don't believe it. What?
Those are multicore fiber optic cables.
They were invented by the Dutch.
I mean, I've heard of them. I've never seen 'em.
Jay, stay focused with me. Okay?
Basically, they're the fastest data cables in the world.
I'm talking 250 terabytes per second on a slow day.
Okay, and what would they need it for?
You could download the entire Harry Potter movie series
in about 0.06 milliseconds,
but my guess is Huet's got something else in mind.
Carrie, can you follow those cables to their source?
Wait a minute, hold on.
They're jacked into the system as output cables.
They're not for financial trades.
This is a direct line into the heart of
global trading through the Stock Exchange.
He's gonna hijack the world markets.
If you dump enough data fast enough
into the American and Pacific exchanges
and the system overloads, it'd be chaos.
So why run the cables through the deli?
I don't know.
But I have a feeling that Patel saw it,
and it's what got him killed.
Of course, anything involving schools or education that I would...
Philippe, can I have a word with you?
Ms. Oberfeld. Saru, hey.
Philippe just sent me down here to get more champagne.
My task as well. Of course, please, let me help you.
That's an interesting cologne you wear.
Thank you.
There's a perfumer on Lexington Avenue
who makes it particularly for me.
No one else in the world has it.
Now, after you.
Talia, what are you doing here?
I found her snooping about, sir.
I was not snooping about.
I was getting you some champagne
because you said you were running out.
Talia, how did you get in?
Well, I just walked right down the stairs.
All right, fine. I'm not Talia.
I'm a cop and I'm wired,
and backup's on the way. And guess what?
You're under investigation for homicide and terrorism.
All units, move in now.
No. Wait. We need more.
She has a play. Just wait.
(CHUCKLES) What are you talking about?
I'm talking about the two men Saru murdered.
I'm talking about the cyber attack you're planning
on the world financial market.
Murder? Cyber-attacks? This is insanity.
Saru, do you know anything about this?
No, sir, nothing.
I'm calling my lawyer.
What about those cables, hmm? What about those, Philippe?
I don't know what those are doing there.
Maybe you know.
They simply allow us broader data exchange in overseas trades.
Wait, Manette, I'm no fool.
I know something about network architecture.
You shut up. For once.
Manette, what are you doing?
They killed our parents, Philippe.
They offered us $20,000. They didn't even fly their bodies home.
I want them to feel loss.
I want America to feel what it's like
to have everything taken away.
How will this change anything?
I don't care. I want revenge.
No. Not like this. Philippe, don't!
All right, go. Go, go, go.
All units, go.
Drop it!
Drop it.
You okay?
I had him.
Yeah, sure you did.
Up the stairs.
All right, let's go.
Oh, I'm sorry. This way.
Lieutenant, good job.
It is good to see you and your partner in one piece.
We do what we can do.
You do.
I had my doubts, but you did a good job.
The syndicate behind Manette's plan is really gonna feel this one.
Quite an introduction to Major Crimes. Thank you.
We scare you away already?
No. Are you kidding?
Quite the opposite. It whets my appetite.
You know I love a good challenge.
Okay, um, thanks.
Hey, hi. How you doing?
So, um, even though I'm not Talia Oberfeld,
I want to say that you're lovely,
and it was actually a lot of fun.
Is this your idea of fun?
I can see how getting shot and me being a cop
might put a damper on things, you know.
I can't say I've ever seen an officer in such a revealing dress.
AL: Don't let her fool you.
She dresses like this undercover or not.
So, um, feel better. They'll take good care of you.
And sorry again.
Seeing as we're all dressed up, want to get a drink?
It's 5:00 in the morning, Al.
Oh, the night is young.
All right.
CARRIE: All right, go ahead.
You wanna ask me about Philippe.
You know you want to.
Go on.
Did you really have to kiss him like that? (CHUCKLES)
Well, he's French, and the French like to kiss.
French kiss.
And I was undercover, so I was working.
Funny. It sure looked real.
Well, maybe it was kind of real.
What about you and the captain? What's up there?
Ancient history. That's all.
You're gonna tell me someday.
Yeah, probably. Maybe.
What do you mean "kind of real"?
I like to kiss good-looking men. Remember?
Cheers. Cheers.