Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 6 - The Return of Eddie - full transcript

The investigation into the murder of a freelance news photographer leads Carrie and Al to suspect it was more than a convenience store robbery gone awry

Come on.

Come on, bitches.

Get back.

Get back!

Don't, please, don't.

Down on the ground right now.

All of it. Come on.

That's it. That's all.

Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, wait a second.



I am sensing a presence is now with us.

Can you feel that we are not alone?

Oh, yeah, I... I definitely get the sense

that we are not alone.

I am being told

that you will discover something

from your past.

Is there a John in your life?


- Michael?
- Nope.

- A Steven?
- Nope.

- William?
- No, no, no.

How about if there's anybody
whose name starts with

the letters B, R, or T?

- Uh, lots of people.
- Lots of...

The spirits are correct. Yes.

No, but I must know thousands of peo...

Okay, uh...

What else are the spirits telling you?

That there will be a tall,
dark, and handsome man

coming into your life soon.

Oh, and young.

- Really?
- Yes, really.

You said the exact same thing
three weeks ago word for word,

and if I didn't know
better, I'd think you were

- making it all up.
- No, no, no.

The spirits are telling me
now that your skepticism is

because you're going through
a very bad period of doubt

in your life right now.

Listen, I am a super cop with a

100% solve rate and a perfect memory.

I'm not really that familiar with doubt.

All your chattering is interfering with

my connection to the spirits.

Although, in their defense,
June 18th, they told me

I'd be facing an uphill
struggle to overcome something,

and right after that, I got poisoned.

I predicted a damn poisoning.

And... my...

my dear Carrie, haven't the spirits

proven themselves to you now?



Oh, I don't know. I'm struggling with it,

because on April 25th, they told me that...

Hey, Al.

Really? Now?

Um, okay. I'm on my way.

All right, bye.

The spirits want to make
sure that they tell you

about the tall, dark, and handsome man

whose name begins with letter...

The letter A, I know.

Al, my partner. They
heard me talking to him

on the phone.

No, the spirits are
saying his name begins with

- the letter E, actually.
- Really, the letter E?

Mm-hmm. I will see you next week.

Okay, I'll be here.

No, I'm not asking you.

- I... I know.
- Okay.

Okay, thank you.

Hey, I'm sorry I'm late. Traffic.

Why does my crazy psychic have to live

all the way out in Queens?

What, your fraud of a fortune teller

couldn't see traffic in your future?

No, but she did see a very handsome man

- entering my life.
- Ah, look no further.

She also said young.


Masked man entered Bob's Quickie Mart

at 5:30 this morning,
ran out with 800 bucks.

So who's our victim?

Nate Orton, 49 years old.

According to witnesses,

he arrived just as the
gunman was leaving the store.

Single gunshot wound to the chest.

No ballistics.

Go, go, go!

Get back!

Count of one, and somebody's
pulling up a stump.

I said get back!

Wow! Aggressive.

Assertive. What are these
guys doing here anyway?

Our victim's not exactly famous.

- Stringers.
- We call them the horror paparazzi.

Instead of celebrities,

they shoot crime scenes, victims.

- It's gross.
- So they sell footage

of other people's misery,
trying to make a couple bucks?

That's pathetic.

He was one of them.

You guys,

look at the microphone on that camera.

Exactly the same as this one right here.

What if Nate Orton was filming the robbery?

He gets shot, the camera drops,

microphone breaks off.

But the camera's not here,

which means the killer
must have grabbed it.

But guess what.

The microphones have memory chips in them.

Listen, Delina, can you get this to Jay,

- have him work his magic on it?
- All right, I got it.

Those the witnesses?

On their way home from a prep school prom.

All of them were inside the store

when Orton was shot.

So far, none of them remember anything.


Hell of a way to end prom night.

Okay, so he hides his face.

No mistakes... didn't leave
any prints at the scene.

Pretty good for a punk robber.

- What about exterior cameras?
- Out of commission.

CSU find the vic's camera yet?

- Nope.
- Carrie was right.


SD card in the mic wand was intact.

- Which means?
- Which means maybe

we can hear everything that went down.

Okay, so I pulled out all
the ambient noise I could.

Check this.

Go back.

Ohh... butterfly.


What's... what's that mean?

He'd just been shot. Probably was in shock.

Unless he thought those
were his last words.

Or maybe like a Rosebud kinda thing

like in "Citizen Kane."
You know, it turns out

that was his sled when he was a kid.

How about a spoiler alert next time?

The movie came out in 1941.
You don't get a spoiler alert.

There was a butterfly.

One of the prom girls

had a butterfly tattoo on her ankle.

What if she was near Nate when he died?

All seven kids said they
were inside the store.

- So she's lying.
- Yep.

You call my daughter a liar again...

We're not calling your daughter a liar.

I'm gonna sue all your asses, okay?

Our asses have been
through a hell of a lot more

than being sued by someone like you,

- so please just sit down.
- Okay, everybody here

needs to stop talking about asses, okay?

Look, my daughter already told you

that she was inside the store.

She didn't see anything
that happened outside.

Uma, I understand that
you saw a man get shot,

and I understand how... terrifying that is.

Believe me, I do.

But this is so important...

You don't have to say anything, okay?

He knew you were there.

"Butterfly" was the last word he said.

You have a butterfly tattoo on your ankle.

I think he thought that whatever you saw

could help us solve this.

She already told you everything.


It's okay.

I was in Spencer's Caddy when
everyone went into the store,

'cause I was tired.

But then I got bored,

so I opened the door to get out.

And suddenly this van came up,

and a guy with a camera, he got out

and ran towards the store.

That's when the man with the gun came out.

I crouched down to hide.

The car was between me and the two of them.

I heard the shot, and
then the camera guy fell.

Okay, we're done now. We're done.

I know she's scared.

I know you're scared for her.

But you can help me catch this guy.

The sooner you help me, the
sooner he's off the streets,

and you don't have to
be frightened anymore.

I never saw his face.

He was wearing a mask.

I was still ducked down.

He ran past me, jumped into a car.

Okay, that's good. What kind of car?

I don't know. I can't remember.

Okay. Anything that you saw

can help us... anything at all.


I saw he had cuffs.

The shooter?

On his pant legs.

I remember thinking
that no one wears cuffs.

Let's go back to the car, okay?

Is there anything you
remember about the car...

the color?

Yeah. It was grey.

Anything else about the
car that you can remember?

Any specifics... make?

Take a breath.

Relax... and focus.


remember part of the license plate.

That's great.

Thanks, Jay.

RFK575 belongs to a gray Nissan Maxima,

which, according to LoJack,

went directly from Bob's
Quickie Mart to right here.

Cuffs on his pants, just like Uma said.

Looks like we got our shooter.

Gunman's name was Bud
Mayer. Crazy thing is,

this is not some kid
looking for quick cash.

This was a professional hit man,

hired contract killer out of Sarasota.

Ex-serviceman. Coast Guard.

What's a professional hit man doing

knocking over a convenience store?

See... I don't think he was.

Hit men kill people, right?

So what if the convenience
store robbery was just his cover,

and he was specifically there to kill Nate?

So Nate's murder was the
reason for the robbery

and not vice versa.

Nate Orton was exactly
where he was supposed to be,

where someone wanted him to be.

He was lured there; that's why
he got to the robbery so fast.

So we're thinking Mayer killed Nate Orton,

then goes to meet whoever's gonna pay him,

'cept he doesn't get paid,
right? He gets smoked.

So if Bud Mayer was
hired to kill Nate Orton,

- why do it this crazy way?
- 'Cause it's smart.

Convenience store, wrong place, wrong time.

Nobody checks into the victim's past.

Nobody tries to figure
out who wanted him dead.

Nate Orton was a stringer
for local news stations.

Why him?

Wasn't always a stringer.

Ten years ago, he was a war photographer.

Spent years in the Middle East,

Darfur, and the Congo.

Got an ex-wife out in Arizona, no kids.

- Parents dead.
- And where does this guy live?


- Apartment in Ozone Park.
- Get your partner.

Go check out this guy's place.

You getting texts from
your fortune teller now?

Uh, no, from Jay. Smart-ass.

What can you tell us about Nate Orton?

He was quiet. Paid his rent on time.

Friends, girlfriend?

None of my business.

I'll be downstairs, you need me.

Place isn't ransacked.

There's no personal pictures,

photographs of friends or family.

Seems like a lonely guy.

Wow, I know this shot.

It's pretty famous.

Nate must have been the
real deal back in the day.

Police... freeze!

Turn around and get down
on the ground... now!

Not unless you get down there with me.


You gotta be kidding me. Seriously?

How you folks doing?

You got three seconds to tell
me what you're doing here,

or I will shoot you. Any way to talk

- to your ex-husband, huh?
- Two seconds!

Oh, hey... okay. Okay.

I saw on the wire you
came across some handiwork

from an old acquaintance
of mine, Bud Mayer.

You have a lot of acquaintances

that seem to end up in New York.

No. But I've been tailing
him for two years now,

ever since he was hired to take
down a young prosecutor in Daytona.

You're always tailing
someone, you know that?

Bud missed the D.A.

But he killed the man's
24-year-old fianc?e.

Figure if he's plying
his trade in New York,

I'd see what turns up.

And what turns up is Bud Mayer's body.

Which you must have known
before you came up here.

Easy, compadre.

I got Mayer linked to
five other unsolved murders

in Florida alone, so naturally I thought

there might be something relevant up here.

And I mean... who knows? Right, Carrie?

- Yeah, who knows?
- Okay, slick.

But we ask the questions.

Keep your mitts off our
investigation, all right?

- Yeah, no problem.
- As far as I'm concerned,

you can put your mitts wherever you want.

For now, you're excused, Eddie.

Oh, don't be an asshole.

It's part of his charm.

Your victim, he's a
photographer, a video guy.

Where's his equipment?
No cameras, no computers.

I know where it is.

You're up here so often, Eddie,

maybe you should think
about getting a place.

Actually, I have a suite
at this hotel on Bleecker.

Every room has a massage chair.

You should come over and loosen up.

Sorry, I'm all booked. Oh! You meant her.

No, I'm good. I'm very familiar

with the Eddie Martin massage experience.

Whoa. What's that supposed to mean?

I've never had an unhappy customer.

I was an unhappy customer

when you used that massage
candle on me that gave me

- third-degree burns...
- You knocked it out of my hand.

Then you ruined my sheets
with it, and on top of that,

you massaged my neck so
hard that you actually

- slipped my disk.
- I am deeply committed

to my deep-tissue techniques, by the way.

- These hands are magic.
- So magic

that I couldn't turn my
head to the left or the right

for about... oh, I don't
know... eight weeks?

There used to be four
hard drives right there,

and now they're gone.
What if they got stolen,

and what if whatever was on them

is what got Nate Orton killed?

Invoices from WETX News.

Must have sold footage to them.

All right... let's get Denny on it.

I can do it.

No, we can handle it, Eddie.

How 'bout we just... let
you know what we find?


You know there's a...
great bar at the hotel.

If you're free later, wanna update me...

- No, I really can't.
- Okay.

Maybe later.

Yeah, no. Okay, maybe...

I... I'll... let me think about it.

Don't look at me.


Okay, so we talked to
the WETX News Director.

All right? A, she's
sending over all the footage

- Nate ever sold her.
- Good. What's B?

- Huh?
- You said, A.

There's gotta be a B.

I didn't know that was a rule.

There is a B.

Right before he was killed,

Nate got a phone call about
the Quickie Mart robbery.

- That's when he took off.
- Who called him?

It was a burner, so we can't trace it.

And here's the thing. We
think it was his own burner.

What the hell are you talking about?

According to the lady from WETX,

Nate handed out burner cells
to all kinds of people...

homeless dudes, anybody
who hung out on the streets.

And he told them to give him a call

as soon as they saw something go down.

Paid 'em 50 bucks if the tip
turned into a sellable video.

Smart. Might also be what got him killed.

Now, news director also said
he was one of their best guys.

Always worked hard,
handed in great footage.

Suffered some emotional
issues from stuff he saw

while filming in war zones.

Things he must have seen...

News director tell you
about anything Orton filmed

that may have put him in danger?

Yeah, about a month ago.

He called her saying he caught
the aftermath of a drive-by

involving Orlando Martinez.

As in... Orlando Martinez,

enforcer for the Delgado drug cartel?

Not a guy I'd wanna piss off.

Maybe he knew that.

He never handed in the footage.

If Orton filmed Martinez
or any of his people

in a drive-by, they'd want
to make sure that footage

never got out.

Eddie is here investigating a case.

What is so suspicious about that?

He's pursuing a dead hit man.

That's what's so suspicious.

Okay, listen, Al, Eddie
and I got divorced...

Newly divorced. For all I know,

you got married again last weekend.

- Last weekend? No.
- The case is a cover

because he's not done
with you, and you know it.

You know, you're jealous and protective,

and I want to tell you that is very sexy.

That's him.

I found something.


you sure did.

Look... that guy was a fly buzzing around.

I don't swat flies. I
go after big insects...


Here's what I think.

Nate Orton filmed you doing something

that would send you to
prison for a long time.

But you didn't want to go
to prison for a long time,

so you killed him.

I'm in the background of some video.

You can't see me doing nothing.

I should sue for... what's it called...

misappropriation of likeness.

You should. Wow, you're
a real F. Lee Bailey.

I know my rights.

I didn't have to steal that footage.

That guy Orton... he
didn't even have it no more.

How would you know that?

I got a call from another video guy

says he's got the footage.

Wanted to sell it.

So why would I kill your guy?

Who's this other guy?

I don't know. I killed him.

Messin' with you.

You're a real funny guy, Orlando.

Maybe we should keep you
in here a little longer

while we follow up on that.

I didn't get the guy's name.

But he was real slimy, you
know, skinny, real angry.

He had a sorry-ass moustache.

It's gross.

Stringers, after car accidents,


Andy Wilson.

He was at the crime scene.

Hey, Al, news station
says Wilson just called

from inside the strip club fire.

All right, thanks.

Wilson should be around here someplace.

He was just on the phone was WETX,

trying to sell them his unique angle

- on a strip club fire.
- I don't see him.

But look who I do see.

Hey, Eddie!

Taking in a little entertainment
while you're in town?

You never could resist a good strip club.

Hmm. Guilty as charged.

Apparently, that last call
to Nate from the burner

came in at exactly 5:21 a.m.,

which is odd, because...

Because the time stamp on
the store's security footage

had our hit man entering
the store at 5:25 a.m.

I love it when we finish
each other's thoughts.

Point is, Nate gets a tip about a robbery

before it's even started...
that's how he was lured there.

Before the cops, before other stringers.

Which means whoever wanted him dead

knew his schedule.

That's why they picked
that Quickie Mart, right?

Because they knew he'd be
right down the street at WETX.

See? She finishes my thoughts too.

Keep an eye out for Wilson.

- I'm gonna check inside the club.
- Sure.


You're remarkable.

And... distracting.

Well, so are you.

But I'm still able to do my job.


Meaning there goes Andy Wilson.

Oh! Oh...

Nice right hook.

Maybe there is still magic in those hands.

You're welcome.

Guess I can do my job after all, huh?

If you're done, uh, patting
yourself on the back,

I'm gonna go find his van.

Come on.


Okay! Okay.

I broke into Nate's van,

but I didn't kill him.

Why'd you run?

I thought your buddies
were coming to talk to me

about an alleged incident of
me messing with traffic lights

to cause accidents.

Talk to me about the drives
you took from Nate Orton.

Martinez offered me cash...

a lot of cash...

if I could get back the footage of his guys

at the drive-by.

Nate refused to sell it to him.

I... wasn't gonna do it.

But when I got to the Quickie Mart,

Nate was already dead.

So you... you snuck into his van

at a crime scene

and... and just took 'em?

Well, he didn't need 'em anymore!

They just were sitting right there.

- All right.
- Look, I'm a scumbag. I'm not a murderer.

Plus, I was with my girlfriend all night,

watching movies at her place.

No disrespect... I find
that hard to believe.

We watched "The Search
for Spock" on Netflix.

I swear. You can check it out.

No, what I find hard to believe

is that you have a girlfriend.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So your boy Andy Wilson's alibi checks out.

The girlfriend confirms they
were watching "Star Trek,"

"Search for Spock," and
"The Final Frontier."

"The Final Frontier."

We should lock them up just for that.

- You got anything?
- Yeah, a headache

from watching Nate's footage all night.

Car crashes, fires, bodies
gunned down on a sidewalk.

But... it might have paid off, boss.

These are from a fund-raiser

from an inner-city literacy program.

Nate filled in for
photographer a couple weeks ago.

But check this video.
This was in Nate's camera,

and the footage was shot
directly after the fund-raiser.

Now, apparently Nate saw some car accident

when he was driving home, and filmed it.

Spoke to Nassau County detectives.

The victim's name was Laura Parks.

She was on her way home
from the fund-raiser,

lost control of her car.

News director said Nate
was on to something big

but hadn't shown her any video yet.

Can't be this. It's old news already.

Unless it isn't. There's more, guys.

Take a look...

at that.


Let's go to the replay, folks.


- Who the hell's that?
- He must have been in the car

when it went over the
edge. Check the time stamp.

It's at least three minutes

after the car goes in the water,

and there's no sign that he
breaks the surface before that.

Gotta have some serious lung capacity.

- Can you get closer?
- No.

There's not enough light. No way to ID him.

Yeah. Nate Orton was trying to.

That's what got him killed.

Our drowning victim, Laura Parks,

Managing Director of Free City,

a charity that builds parks and playgrounds

in low-income neighborhoods.

You talk to witnesses who
were at the fund-raiser?

We're still checking on guests.

Valet says she came and left alone.

Autopsy reports a .09 blood/alcohol level.

Just above the legal limit.

And the cause of death
is definitely drowning?

Looks like it. Delina's going over

the autopsy reports with Carrie right now

just to see if there's anything funky.

- What are we looking at?
- Nate's photos.

I've been tracking Laura

through the entire fund-raiser.

There she goes eating hors d'oeuvres,

bidding on a trip to Barbados,

knocking down a second cocktail.

There's nobody arguing with
her, nobody hitting on her...

anything that's gonna let us see
who could have been in that car.

- No.
- Well, whoever was in that car

sure as hell doesn't want anyone to know.

He managed to get himself outta there

and still hasn't come forward.

You got an address on Laura Parks?

Yeah. She lived with her sister

out in New Rochelle.

Wow, that fund-raiser looked kinda boring.

Yeah, well, check this one out...

the one I told you about.

Guy held his breath for three minutes.

- Wow!
- Yeah.

Hey, Carrie.

- Hi.

Oh, this is Eddie. Eddie's going to be

- helping us out with this case.
- Hi.

Eddie! It's nice to meet you.

As in... "Eddie" Eddie?

Yeah, as in "Eddie" Eddie.

Wait, does everyone know?

What, that we were married for 30 seconds?

Yeah, pretty much.

So where are we on Laura Parks?

Yeah, so the work was done
by an M.E. out of Great Neck,

but the report seems
pretty straight-forward.

"Laura drowned, hit her head
on the side window of her car

upon impact with the water,

such impact being consistent
with a loss of consciousness

which rendered her unable
to get out of the vehicle.

There were no other wounds to the body."

Really? That's it?

Pretty much. Except for one detail

which may be relevant,
giving what we learned

from Nate Orton's video.

Laura's seatbelt was still fastened.

So it seems whoever was in the car

made no attempt to help her get out.

- Really?
- Hmm.

Okay, thanks, Delina.

Yeah. Russo needs these findings anyway,

so I gotta jump.

- Okay.
- It was nice to meet you, Eddie.

Nice to meet you too.

See you later. Bye.


Put your tongue back in your mouth.

Whoa. You know I only have eyes for you.

- You're so full of shit.
- What are you talk...

What's wrong with appreciating
a little beauty, huh?

You appreciated the beauty
of half the women in Florida,

which is why we're not married anymore.

No, we're not married...
we're not married anymore

because you left.

I'm right here.

Yeah, you are.

I'm getting Carrie, and we're heading over

to the sister's apartment.

Eddie! You're still here.

Your hit man's dead.

I figured you'd be heading down to Dayton.

Yeah, Eddie, you should probably...

head back to Daytona.

To Dayt... you want me to go?

It's just... it's just that, you know,

your part of the case is
over, the hit man is...

- Dead. Yeah.
- Dead.

All right, then, um...

keep me updated?


All right. Till next time.

Can't wait.


I miss something?


I'm heading out to Laura Parks' apartment.

Figured you'd wanna come.

I don't understand... you
want to see Laura's room

because you think she was murdered?

The other police said it was an accident.

Well, we have reason to believe

there was another person
in the car with your sister

when it went off the bridge.

What are you talking about?

Who was it?

Ms. Parks, I have to ask,

do you know if Laura
was involved with anyone?

Not that she told me,

but she didn't tell me everything.

I don't understand any of this.

I'm sorry. I know this is hard.

You mentioned the local police

returned a box of things
to you from her car?

After they ruled it an accident,

they gave it to me.

I haven't been able to open it.

Do you mind if we take a look?

Excuse me.

Wait a second.

- Table 9.
- So?

So Laura sat at table 17.

Okay, boss, so these are the guests

who were seated at table number 9.

All right, well, two of
these are senior partners

at the largest firm in the city.

That guy is on the Board of the Met,

and three others are on the City Council.

- Right, so...
- So...

before you accuse somebody of, at worst,

drowning a girl, and at best,

swimming away and letting her die,

I'd beef up my theory just a little bit.

- You can be sure... we will.
- So have you connected

any of them to Laura?

Check this.

- That's Thomas Noonan.
- The one and only.

New York's favorite real estate developer

and rising political star.

Okay, you have to be
very sure about this one.

We're sure Tom Noonan is the President

of the Board of Trustees of Free City,

the charity Laura Parks managed.

And on top of that,

his wife was out of town that weekend

at a conference in Zurich.

Yeah, but was he in that car?

That's what Al and
Carrie are gonna find out.


- Tom Noonan.
- Hey.

- Carrie Wells.
- Lieutenant Burns.

Thank you for your service.

Chris explained to me why you're here.

I was... shocked to
hear about Laura's death.

She was a wonderful woman.

She managed one of my charities

and did a great job.

We're actually also investigating

the murder of a journalist, Nate Orton.

- Does that ring a bell?
- No. I'm sorry.

It's interesting. You and Laura

were at the same fund-raiser
the night she died,

and in her car we found

a table number placer for table 9...

but she sat at table 17.

I... I don't understand.

What does that have to do with me?

You were at table 9.

If you say so. I don't remember.

Were you in the car with Laura

when it went into the water?

- Excuse me?
- Were you having an affair with Laura Parks?

For whatever it's worth, I was not.

But I wasn't the only person at table 9.

And, as I recall,

that particular fund-raiser,

I was there until the bitter end.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I have to get to my nephew's wedding.

Before you go, quick question.

Can anyone confirm that you were at
the fund-raiser until the very end?

- Chris.
- Sir.

The fund-raiser... what
time did we end up leaving?

Had to be after 1:00 in the morning.

You spent a few hours

working on your speech
for the Presidents Council.

I am truly sorry about Laura Parks' death,

but if you have any further questions,

please talk to my lawyer.

Chris will see you out.

Step right this way...

Oh, you know what? We're good, Chris.

We can show ourselves out.

Noonan has a photograph
of a cabin in there.

- What about it?
- I saw a picture of Laura

in front of that exact
same cabin. Noonan's lying.

Could be they were having an affair.

Noonan's running for Governor.

Maybe she was threatening
to tell his wife, go public?

So he shuts her up...

for good.

According to Chris Kane, his boss
Noonan was working on a speech

all night for the Presidents
Council on Economics.

If the alibi about the speech is a lie,

if Kane's covering for his boss,

Noonan could have been in that
car when it went off the bridge.

Guy like that goes to a fund-raiser...

driver brings him.

Limo driver said he had the night off.

He said Noonan was testing
out his new Aston Martin.

- Aston Martin... figures.
- All right, folks.

Check it out.

I started looking into Free City, right?

The charity that Laura worked for

that Noonan was on the board of?

Looks like they defaulted
to the tune of $790,000.

Jay. Get me everything
I need to see Free City's

bank accounts going back
for the last five years.

Laura had a note in her room...

790. $790,000.

Maybe she knew what was going on.

Noonan is the chairman of that charity.

If he's making a play for Governor,

the last thing he needs
is for $3/4 of a million

to vanish from those accounts.

Sounds like it's worth having

another conversation with Noonan.

Good luck with that. He's
completely lawyered up.

Besides, we don't have enough
for a warrant to get him in here.

Well, we don't really need a warrant.

We just need a shot at talking to

250 of Tom Noonan's closest friends.

We're gonna crash a wedding, aren't we, Al?


Ha ha ha ha!

Ooh, look at all this.

This must have cost a fortune.

Slightly nicer than the
last wedding we went to.

Sarah and Jeb's, August 23, 2001.

It was by a lake, and I remember

that you teared up during their vows.

Pollen count was off the charts up there.

Hey, how you doing?

This is invitation only,

and I asked you to speak
to my lawyer if you want...

And I asked you if you were
having an affair with Laura Parks.

- I told you I didn't.
- Really?

That's interesting, because
I got a picture of her

outside your private
cabin in the Adirondacks.

Leave now, or I will have your badges.

Talk to me now, or I'm
gonna make a big scene

at this wedding, right
in front of your wife

and maybe talk about your
little affair with Laura!

This is kind of her thing at weddings.

Well, not all weddings.

- What about Mark and Kari's?
- Well, that was kind of a scene.

- Right?
- Right.

You should start talking.


All right.

I had a brief liaison with Laura

nearly two years ago.

But I had nothing to
do with the car accident

or her death,

and we hadn't spoken in months.

Now, I have a plane to catch,

so unless you have a
warrant, get off my estate.

Well, I think Noonan's
definitely through talking to us.

At least he admitted he was
having an affair with... Laura.

Now, there's someone who
might have some information.

Maybe he'll talk to us.

Hey, Chris!

- Hey.
- Good to see you again.

Ah. What can I do for you?

Actually, um,

well, you know Free City,
Laura Parks' charity?

- Sure.
- We understand

that Mr. Noonan was incredibly
devoted to that charity.

- Oh, very.
- We also understand

that he was... incredibly
devoted to Laura Parks.

Did you know the IRS was investigating

Free City for misappropriation of funds?


$790,000 missing from
the charity's accounts.

I had... I had no idea.

Do you think Noonan knew about that?

- Because Laura did.
- You wanna rethink

being his alibi the
night of the fund-raiser?

Oh, God.

I never should have vouched for him.

You guys gotta protect me.

Talk to us, and we will.

Yeah. Noonan came to me that night.

Soaking wet.

He said that Laura had approached him

after the fund-raiser and said that she was

gonna tell his wife about the affair

and the missing money
if he didn't pay her off.


So he got into her car. She was driving.

They argued. She lost control.

They were in the water
and he... he got out.

He... swam away.

No, he left her to die, is what he did.

He told me that he tried to help,

but he couldn't get
her out. I believed him.

So I helped him with his alibi.

Look, you may not believe this,

but Noonan is a great man.
He could be a great governor.

But then that reporter
started asking questions.

- Nate Orton.
- He said that he had a video.

He was working on a story.
He asked if I had a comment.

I didn't tell him anything...

but I did tell Tom,

and he said he was gonna take care of it.

Next thing I know,

the guy's dead in an armed robbery.

Well, that wasn't an armed robbery.

What the hell's happening? You think Noonan

- had this guy killed?
- We're gonna find out.

'Scuse me, Mr. Noonan.

I'm headed to a technology
conference in Seattle.

- No more questions.
- We don't have any questions.

We're arresting you...

for the murders of Nate
Orton and Bud Mayer.

Went directly from Bob's Quickie Mart

to right here.

What can I do for you?

Fire away.

Al? I'll be right back.

Hey, Chris.

We just arrested your boss.

Is there, uh... is there anything I can do?

Must be crazy.

You know, I can't even...

imagine what it must be like
working with someone so closely

and having no idea who they really are.

How did he take it?

Ah, you know, not well.

I mean... poor Noonan.

Had to drop his fancy cigar, right?

A perfectly good Montecristo.

- You know your cigars.
- No, not me, my partner.

He likes nothing more than a good brandy

and a nice Romeo and Julieta No. 4.

I've got something special for him.


Guy held his breath for three minutes.


Bud Mayer. He's a hit man.

I'm the one who buys Noonan his Cubans.

But I keep a few for myself.

These... these are the best in the world.

That's so nice of you. Thank you.

He'll appreciate that.

Coast Guard, huh?

- Yep.
- Search and Rescue.

Wow, that's impressive.

I heard the training for that is...

is, uh, brutal. You gotta

hold your breath under water
for what... three minutes?


You got me.

Put your gun on the desk.


Put your gun... on the desk.


I get it. Laura noticed the money missing

from Free City's accounts,
and she comes to you.

Maybe you didn't mean to kill
her... we can work with that.

I didn't kill her. You
don't know what happened.

- Was it all about money?
- You have no idea

what it's about... not you,
not that son of a bitch Noonan.

Okay. You know, I've had bosses like him.

I mean, you're a war hero, right?

And the man has you doing seating charts.

I work hard. I deserve that money.

So you skimmed a little, right?

Laura noticed, and...

Yeah. I saw her driving away.

I flag her down. I
tried to reason with her.

But she got angry,

and th... the car...
it started to fishtail.

I tried to grab the wheel,

but the next thing I knew,

we were going over the bridge.

And I reach over to unbuckle
Laura's seatbelt, and then I...

I look in her face and...

I thought that if...

if I let her die,

all my problems die with her.

It would have been fine,

until Nate Orton started asking questions.

So you call your old Coast
Guard buddy turned hit man,

Bud Mayer.

You lure Nate down to the Quickie Mart,

and then all you had to do
was get back to the Bronx,

take care of Mayer, and
then when you realized

that we were gonna pin
the whole thing on Noonan,

you let him drown too.

That's enough. It's time to go.

You're gonna walk me out of here.

You're not gonna get away with this.

Turn around.


All right.

- Carrie.
- Yeah.

- Where you been?
- Oh, you know.

Just, uh... hanging out.

But I'm doing just fine, Roscoe.


Drop it, or I'll shoot her.

No one needs to get shot here, right?

It's okay. Just, uh...

take a breath!



- Not bad, Daytona.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Damn. Again with saving your asses.

- I had that shot.
- Oh, really?

I thought you were in Florida.

Lucky for you I changed my mind.

Yeah, well, that was a pretty
shitty way to say good-bye.

- You told me to leave.
- I didn't tell you to leave.

Don't worry about it, all right?

Fortunately, I can take it.

I don't give up that easy.

Yeah, good thing for me.

Because of... you know.

The case.

'Cause of the case.

- 'Cause of the case.
- Hmm.

That's pretty smart with
that Roscoe business.

I... I'm impressed that you remembered.

I must be rubbing off on you.

How could I forget? Roscoe Felton

took you hostage in that bank.

You barely got out of that one alive.

You almost had a heart attack.

You worry about me too much.

What's wrong with that?


Oh, no.

Hope that's not a sign.

A sign?

You don't believe in signs.

Speaking of which, you owe me an apology

- and my psychic.
- For what?

She said a handsome man
was gonna enter my life,

and guess what... Eddie showed up.

Eddie doesn't count.
He's not that handsome.

He's handsome.

Not as handsome as you.

They have no idea what they're in for.

- Think you'll ever get married again?
- No. I am not the marrying kind,

- trust me.
- Hmm.

What about you?

Life's pretty good.

Why fix it if it ain't broke?