Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 3 - Behind the Beat - full transcript

A music student's murder leads Carrie and Al to an illegal nightclub owned by an Albanian mobster.

All right, all right, look alive.

All right, everybody. You got this, Mark?

All right.

Watch this guy, he swings a heavy bat.


Hustle, Mark!

Get the ball!



Looks like you had a rough night.

Wow, you really know how
to make a girl feel good.

Thanks, Al.

- Hey, Carrie.
- Hey, Denny.

How you doing? Hey, you okay?

You look a little, I don't know,

you look a little tired.

Okay, what is it with you two?

I went out last night, okay?
I went to bed a little late,

I never go out, it was
one night on the town.

No big deal.

All right, so, um, you
know, who's the lucky guy?

No guy, Denny.

Just me, Delina, and Wang Chung.

Oh, wow, okay. Who's Wang Chung?

Don't get yourself worked up.

Wang Chung is a band from the 80s.

- Karaoke?
- Exactly.

Oh, whoa.

In that case, I would love
to Wang Chung you and Delina.

You know, Denny. I don't
doubt that for a second.

- What do we got Al?
- Davis Bennett. Second year student

at Manhattan Conservatory. Right in here.

Very prestigious music school.

Took one to the chest,

no shell casings.

Talked to the CSI guys.

So far, we assume he
was shot somewhere else,

dumped here.

What about security cameras?

Nope, none in this area.

He's just a baby.

Take a look, Al.

Hey, boys. Hey, where's Gary?

With Delina, getting
Davis's autopsy results.


You know, I should probably go help them.

Or you could stay here
and get caught up to speed.


All right. Meet Davis Bennett,

20 years old from Allentown, Pennsylvania.

First chair trumpet at Manhattan
Conservatory studio band.

Kid was good.

And I've been combing
through his credit cards,

phone records, and e-mails.

There's nothing suspicious there.

Where was Davis last seen alive?

Leaving studio band practice at 10:30pm.

Carrie and I will head over to the school.

Who runs the studio band over there?

Let's see, catalog says a Leo Hackett.

Hackett's at Manhattan Conservatory?

You know him?

Yeah, he, uh...

he taught me how to play the trumpet.


What? You two never wanted
to be anything but cops?

Always wanted to be a cop.

Had a Miami Vice backpack in school.

I dabbled in animal husbandry.

Animal husbandry?

What? My uncle owned a farm.

I'm sorry.

You were talking about your trumpet.

I was talking about the case, all right?

Leo Hackett was teaching jazz studies

at Ithaca when I was there.

This guy?

Can you play any Kenny G?

No, I mean it.

- That guy's
- We're done talking here.

What, no, I'm being serious.

- It was a compliment.
- Kenny G?

He's a fantastic artist. Very smooth.

Good morning.

What a night.

I was so hungover.

Oh, my God.

I want to do it again, by the way.

Yes, yes.

Um... Davis Bennett.

What do we got?

Poor kid. Let me show you.

So, stippling around the wound suggests

he was shot at close range.

A medium-caliber handgun.

Possibly a .38.

And based on his rigor,

he died between 2:00 and
3:00 a.m. this morning.

What about his toxicology?

Traces of Provigil, a
drug used for narcoleptics.

Was he narcoleptic?


So what's a kid like Davis doing

with a drug used for narcoleptics?

Well, some colleges, the
kids, the overachievers,

they use it to have laser-like focus

for hours on end.

Yeah, I guess it'll help a musician,

but is it worth killing someone over?

Why didn't you ever tell
me you were a jazz player?

Oh, this coming from the
person who never told me

she was married?

- Oh, well, it's different.
- Why?

Because it's me, and besides,

playing the trumpet, it's
not exactly a chick magnet.

I know, you always went
for the lead guitar player.

Actually, the drummer.


All right, what do you got?

We asked all these girls next door...

Hey, some girl out here,
she lives next door.

Apparently, she heard Davis arguing

with someone on the phone last night.

I'm gonna talk to her.


You heard Davis arguing
on the phone last night?


You know who he was arguing with?

No, sorry, I just heard
Davis getting upset.

I don't know what he was talking about.

Is there anyone Davis
was having problems with?

I had one class with him.

It's not like we really talked.

Can I go now? I'm late for rehearsal.

I thought the teachers
gave you the day off?

They did, in case we want to
talk to the counselor or grieve

or something.

And you don't want to?

It's not that, I feel bad
and everything, it's just

I can't risk losing my chair.

Can I go now?

Yeah, sure.

Mark Overton's finger work is solid...

I'd forgotten what this place is like.

These kids prioritize
music over everything.

It's kill or be killed.

Oh, look at all the greats
who guest-lectured here.

I would be impressed,
but jazz is not my thing.

I know.

Bon Jovi.

Al "18-Carot" Burns.

It's been a long time.

Long time.

"18-Carot," huh?

Hey, I'm Carrie, Al's partner.

Oh, pleasure to meet you, Carrie.

- I'm Leo.
- He was my mentor.

Oh, Al here was all heart, man.

Full throttle every time he played.

Always had a problem with his fingering.


Well, look at you. You're a cop now.

A lieutenant.

I'm sorry we're reconnecting

under such sad circumstances, Leo.

Poor kid, you know.

It hurts to lose a talent like Davis.

Seems like you're the only
one who cares around here.

Music school culture,
particularly this music school,

pretty cutthroat,
especially this time of year.

Westford Jazz Festival.

Well, it's where the best meets the best.

It's where you get noticed.

As you know, Al, if you don't
get noticed in this business,

you can kiss your future good-bye.

I mean, look at me.

Oh, come on, Leo.

You're at a top music school.

You're teaching future legends.

Still a "glass half-full" kind of guy, huh?

Good to see some things don't change.

Listen, Davis was last seen

leaving your studio band practice.

Okay if we talk to the students?


Everyone, listen up, please.

We have Lieutenant Burns
and Detective Wells.

They're gonna ask you guys a few questions.

Who's sheet music is that?

Matt Wexler.

He's your new first chair trumpet?

- Yes.
- Uh-huh.

- Where's Matt now?
- He's over there.


First chair trumpeter, Matt Wexler,

meet all-star quarterback, Al Burns.

I hate to break it to you,
but you're screwed, bro.

Man, I didn't do anything.

Sure you did. You ran.

Come on.

Oh, and then there's the matter of these.

They fell out of your backpack.

You're the dealer that gave Davis Provigil.

And we checked your cell phone records,

'cause you know, it's something we can do,

and we know you're the
person he was arguing with,

fighting with on the phone at 7:00 p.m.

the night before he died.

It's not what you think.

I disagree, Matty. I disagree.

I'm gonna tell you why.

Now that Davis is out of the picture,

who's first chair?


You took the kid out just in time
to get noticed at Lincoln Center?

Was I jealous? Yeah.

Did I occasionally wish
that Davis would drop dead

so I could be first chair? Sure.

But, I mean, any second chair
has had thoughts like that.

But they didn't act on them.

Hey, I didn't kill him.

Miles never would have shot Mingus

no matter how heated shit got.

Yeah, all right, you lost me there, kid.

We were composing together.

That's what the fight was
about, a song we were working on.

Davis was ignoring all my ideas.

Nothing new.

He had such a big-ass ego.

So things got contentious.

All right.

Well, if he was such a prick,

why work with him?

He was a genius.

That's pretty high praise
for someone you occasionally

wished was dead.

Well, he made me a better player.

I'm gonna miss him.

Well, then give us something, Matty.

It'll go a long way to helping us

forget about these.

Davis was having issues with a teacher.


What kind of issues?

Something shady was going on.

Anytime I asked Davis
about it, he'd clam up.

This teacher got a name?

Leo Hackett.

All right, so we're looking at Leo.

If anything, to rule him out as a suspect.

I'm sorry, boss.

I know this guy was
kind of a mentor to you.

See what you can find on him, Jay.

Okay, well, ten consecutive wins

at the New Orleans College Jazz Festival.

Three Teacher of the Year Awards.

25 years of looking after his students.

Doesn't seem like a guy

who suddenly flies off the handle

and shoots one of 'em.

But that's where the good stuff ends.

There have been complaints by
students citing verbal abuse.

Kids today, too soft.

So Leo yells. He yelled at me.

I was a better player for it.

Some of the students also complained

of psychological trauma

resulting from Leo's violent temper.

Trauma? That sounds trumped up to me.

I don't know, boss. Check this.

Manhattan Conservatory's
maintenance records.

They got guys fixing
something that Leo's damaged

in that studio every other week.

Holes in the wall, broken chairs.

Music stands.

Did this guy destroy things
when you were playing with him?

Sometimes, Leo's passion
would get the best of him.

That doesn't make him a killer.

He's got a string of assault charges, Al.

He put two guys he used to
perform with in the hospital.

Got into fights with them
after the performance.

And then there's this.

Leo owns a .38, Al.

Same caliber gun used to shoot Davis.

I'll talk to him.

You want me to call a cab...

Alone, thanks, Jay.

What the hell is this?

Leo, we just need to do a
ballistics test on your gun.

And what if I say no?

We're past that.

It's a warrant to search your place.

Unis are already there.

You think I shot him?

Ah, screw you, Al!

My gun is locked in a case where I left it.

Then I'm sure I'll get a call
any second to confirm that.

Speak of the devil.

Lieutenant Burns.

What's the combination on your gun case?

12-bar blues chord progression.

One, four, five, one.

What's wrong?

It's not in the case.

Does Leo have an alibi?

Not a good one. Says he was home, alone.

Until you asked me for my gun,

I didn't even know it was missing.

So what, Leo. Someone took it?

They'd have know you had a gun.

They'd have to know your combination.

I probably should have come
up with something better

than that. I mean...

1-4-5-1, everyone knows that
that's my chord progression.

Well, you remember my place in Ithaca.

Students, friends,
everybody was dropping by

all the time to jam.

Well, my place is the same today.

Anyone who came back could have taken it.

I don't remember you
having a gun back then.

I also don't remember you
beating the shit out of people.

I lose my temper sometimes.

I got my demons just like everybody else.

But you seriously don't
think that I shot Davis?

Jay, push in on that cocktail napkin.


I saw that exact logo on a matchbook

in Davis's dorm room.

Where's it from?

I'm on it, I'm on it.

Hey, oh, God, you're brilliant, I just...

I never get tired of watching you work.

- I don't know.
- Thank you.

- He was talking to me.
- I was.

He's stonewalling.

Ah, well, I got something.

Leo's napkin's from the
hidden, underground club

in the Bronx called The Drunken Rabbit.

Owned by... Marco Vrioni.

Vrioni? I know this guy

from back in my organized crime days.

He's got ties to the Albanian mafia.

Well, it looks like Vrioni is involved in

multiple enterprises.

Nightclubs, racketeering, drug trafficking,

and he's also big-time into race horses.


Owns a box over at the Aqueduct.

Start talking about The Drunken Rabbit.

What was Davis doing in a club

run by an Albanian gangster?

I don't know.

We know Davis is connected to it

and now we know you are.

All right.

I got Davis to play gigs there.

Playing for a nightlife crowd
is an invaluable experience

for a young musician like Davis.

There are plenty of jazz clubs in New York.

Why push Davis to play
for a bunch of thugs?

They paid the best.

You were taking a cut, weren't you?

How much?

What happened to you?

Alimony payments from two divorces.

Well, they don't pay themselves.

And offers for gigs of my own,

well, they've been drying
up for the past few years.

My life didn't turn out
exactly the way I'd planned it.

So, what? Davis finally refused to play.

Maybe he threatened to expose you

- and you shot him?
- I didn't shoot him.

- Then you tell me who did.
- I don't know.

That is not good enough!

You have a string of assaults
and your gun is missing.

A jury is gonna look at
that along with the money

you were taking from him

and they will draw their own conclusion.

Leo, you gotta give me something

or you're going away for Davis's murder.



Davis played a midnight set

at The Drunken Rabbit the night he died.

Was Davis having problems
with anyone at that club?

I don't know.

I... I would just give him the password

and then they let him in.

We're gonna need that password.

I don't know. They change it every night.

Give me some of the passwords.

Blue Moon. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag.

Song titles?

- Passwords aren't song titles.
- Hmm?

They're race horses.

Wait, what, how do you know that one?

Marco's not the only one
who likes to play the ponies.

Listen, the passwords
are the Aqueduct winners

of the ninth race of
the past four Saturdays

and I know tonight's password.

Jay, pull up that security footage

from outside the club the
night Davis was killed.

Got it right here.

There goes Davis at 2:05.

You know what that means.

This kid must have gotten
shot, like, shortly after that.

Like, 2:30 in the morning.

Guy looks like he's on a mission.

So all we have to do
is go down to the club,

talk to them, and find
out where he was going.

No one in a place like
this is gonna want to talk

to a couple of cops.

Well who said anything about going as cops?


Tequila Jack.

Should have bet on him, I
would have got the pick six.

Gotta deal with her for a second, buddy.

I get it all day.

And he loves it.

♪ You and I ♪

♪ Are just like a couple of tots ♪

♪ Running through the meadow ♪

♪ Picking up lots of forget-me-nots ♪

♪ You make me feel so young ♪

♪ You make me feel there
are songs to be sung ♪

♪ Bells to be rung ♪

♪ And a wonderful fling to be flung ♪

♪ You make me feel so young ♪

We'll be back in few.

I'm gonna talk to the singer.

Yeah, I bet you will.

I'm gonna go talk to...

I know, the drummer.

Knock yourself out.


Excuse me?

Your take on that last song.

Oh, thank you.

Yeah, playing it in B-flat.

That's tricky to pull off.

You know your Jazz.

I'm a talent scout from Chicago.

You have a name, talent scout from Chicago?

Roger Barren.


I was in here the other night and I heard

this amazing trumpet player.

Mm. Davis Bennett.

He's our biggest draw.

Especially with the ladies.

You haven't heard, Bennett's dead.

Died night before last.

Oh, my God. What happened?

Well, look, you are gorgeous.

Well, thank you.

And cool.

I'd love to hear more about your label.

Well, you're a very talented drummer.

Do you like to mix business with pleasure?

What about your boyfriend?

Him? No.

No, he's not my boyfriend.

My friend.

Look it... he's flirting up
a storm with your lead singer.

Yeah, Stella.

That's the boss's girl.

Marco is not somebody you want to piss off.

What's it like working
with the boss's girlfriend?

She can do whatever she wants.

Like tonight.

She changed the arrangement to her song

right before we played it.

Well, you know what,
you're such a good drummer,

I didn't even know.

Well, thank you.

Hey, Marco.

I'm Marco Vrioni.

Raquel Scott.

Why don't you join me in my office

for a private drink?

Sure, I like private.

Don't go anywhere.

So, tell me.

What are you really
doing here, Raquel Scott?

I'm listening to music, right?

I mean, I know that's a crazy
thing to do in a jazz club.

I'm a record executive out of Chicago.

Devin Schurtzer, you know him?

Never heard of him.

Really? 'Cause he's heard of you.

In fact, he says you get
the best young artists

to play here before they play
anywhere else in the city.

Glad my reputation's
made it out to Chicago.

We're interested in an artist.

We hear he's special.

Plays here, Davis Bennett.

Again, why are you here?

I'm a record executive, I mean, I'm going

to a bunch of clubs.
This isn't the only one.

We're actually looking
to sign a few artists.

Like who?

Mark Overton's finger work is solid,

but he's overrated.

I saw him last week at The Vanguard.

That stuff's so derivative.

Well there's Mark Overton,

he's playing at The
Vanguard Thursday nights.

I wanna go take in his show.

And then there's Mel Flower and Babkin.

They're playing at The
Stone Saturday night.

I'm gonna go see them.

They're blowing up, we wanna sign 'em.

You wanna join me?

Davis Bennett isn't playing tonight.



You can take her back to the bar.

Whatever happened to our private drink?

Oh, Kenny will set you up.

Don't turn around, we're being watched.

I have a clue. Wanna dance?

You don't dance.

- I do now.
- Oh.

Let's make it convincing.

I see you're starting
to feel the music, huh?

Just go with it.

Okay, there's a guy behind you.

- See him?
- Yep.

There's a button missing on his jacket.

I saw the exact same button
at Davis Bennett's crime scene.

That places him at the
lot where Davis was dumped.

But doesn't prove he's a killer.

Good point.

Well, maybe instead of
blowing our cover tonight,

we should have our guys go
pay him a visit tomorrow?


You ready to get out of here?


Especially since you've been flirting

with Marco's girlfriend.

Ah, I was not flirting.

Oh, yes you were. Take me home, now.

I would love to.

- Roger.
- Raquel.

Sorry about detaining you overnight.

Man, you're just doing your job.

And I've seen worse.

The drunk tank, New Orleans Jazz Fest.



Know this kid Davis, man.

He was the real deal.

We'll find his killer.

All right, go ahead and ask me.

Ask you what?

If giving up jazz was the
right thing for you to do.

You've been asking yourself
that same question for 25 years.

Nah. You said it yourself.

I never had the chops.

Chops you can learn.

You had heart.

You never told me that
when I was your student.

Well, you know me.

That's not how I do it.

Maybe it's not too late to start.

I'll give that some thought.

So, these are all the
guys who work for Marco.

That's him, uh, scar on his cheek.

Who's he?

Here we go.

Alec Hyka. Came to the States in '97.

He's been racking up arrests ever since.

And busted for drug trafficking,

arms dealing, assault.

It doesn't seem like he's done any time.

With a rap sheet like that? Come on.

Looks like Marco's attorney always manages

to get the charges against Alec dropped.

Lot of shady characters
in the club last night.

Maybe Davis saw Alec do something

he wasn't supposed to,
Alec had to take him out?

What's Alec's address?

It's 712 Bogart Ave.,
East Bronx, Apartment 3A.

You two, head over there.

- Hey.
- Huh?

You know, Al's not the only macho guy

who explored his artistic side.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, couple years ago, I dabbled

in a little ballroom dancing.

To tell you the truth,
I had a hell of a tango.

- Is that right?
- True story.

You know, if I had stuck with it,

I'd probably be on that dancing TV show.

Who knows, right?

Yeah, no way you're getting
laid with that one, Denny.

What? Are you kidding me?

It works like a charm.

My man, ladies love to dance.

Hey, hey you.


Oh, holy shit!


Okay, we know Alec was at
Davis's crime scene, right?

He's Marco's hired muscle, so chances are

he doesn't make a move
without his boss's say so.

We need more than that to come after Marco.

Carrie's right.

Look, I know these mob guys, all right?

They come in here with
their $1,000 an hour lawyers,

sitting with their smug-ass
grins on their face,

you know, just, like, they're
daring you to arrest them.

We need to get one of Marco's people

to break ranks, give us something.

Well, why don't you hit
up your girlfriend, Stella?

I mean, she's dating Marco.
She might know something.

Hey, Lieu, you got a new girlfriend?

All right.

That's a new necklace
you're wearing there, Denny.

Never seen you wear that one before.

Oh, yeah, I just... This is a friend's.

You're wearing your friend's necklace?

He means girlfriend.

I mean, it's not that defined... yet.

Eh, defined enough that
you're wearing her necklace.

She asked me to wear it, okay?

Something about, you know,
making us feel closer.

Something like that.

Aww, that's sweet.

Al, you could take a leaf out of his book.

When we were dating you
never wore anything of mine,

except that one time
when you wore my thong.

Okay, back to the case.

There was a photo in Davis's dorm room.

He was wearing a necklace.

Stella had the same necklace
at the club that night.

Ah, you see, look!

I'm not the only guy who shares necklaces

with his lady friends.

Stella and Davis had a thing.

Your crush Stella was having an affair

with Davis.

She's not my crush, okay?

I just liked her version of
You Make Me Feel So Young.

♪ You made me feel so ♪

♪ You made me feel so ♪

♪ You made me feel so young ♪

"You made me feel so young."

"You made me feel so young." Past tense.

And the drummer said that
Stella changed the arrangement

right before they went on stage.

What if she was singing
it for her lover Davis?

What if she was dedicating that song to him

because she knew he was dead?

I'm gonna talk to Stella.

Oh, hi.

Roger, right?

Kinda early for tonight's show.

You remember my fake name.

Lieutenant Burns, NYPD.

What's this about?

Davis Bennett.

I liked you a lot better
as a record executive.

Come on in.

This is your dressing room?

Welcome to the high-class
world of being a jazz singer.

I know you and Davis shared a necklace.

Tell me what else you shared.

That's crazy. I'm with Marco.

All it takes is one phone call, Stella.

We can have crime scene techs
comb through your apartment.

They'll find Davis's
prints, they'll find his DNA.

Davis and I started

seeing each other months ago.

He was just a kid, but when he played,

he could be any age.

It was jazz, you know?

I had to get close to that.

I didn't mean to break his heart.

That's why his plane took off.

He was in love.

I told him we'd never work,

but he believed love always wins.

Who killed him?

Stella, if Davis meant anything to you,

help us nail his killer.

I can't.

If he finds out I even talked to you...

If Marco finds out?

He suspected us for weeks.

Ever since he saw us talking after a show,

he started threatening me,

telling me to stay away from him.

I tried to tell Davis,
"You can't cross Marco.

He's crazy."

Two nights ago, Davis
followed me home from the club.

I let him up, I told him we had to end it,

but suddenly, Marco appeared there

with two of his guys and he threatened him

and he told him never
to come to the club again

and never to talk to me,

but Davis refused.

I begged him not to hurt him.

I begged him.

It's my fault.

Marco shot him, but it's my fault.

Hang tight, we got this.

You gotta feel pretty relieved
that Leo's in the clear, right?

I am.

Stella holding up okay?

Yeah, considering.

She's pretty torn up about everything.

You know, if there's one thing
I learned in high school, Al,

it's that star-crossed
love never ends well.

You had a star-crossed
love affair in high school?

No, me, no.

High school English, Romeo and Juliet.

I did okay in high school, Al.

Yeah, I'm sure.

How's Denny doing?

Well, he's just getting started.


Now, look, I am sorry about
what happened to your boy Alec.

I have plenty more where he came from.


You think you're getting
out of here, don't you?

I got your balls in a vice.

Stella's neighbors said they heard

what they thought was a car backfiring

at 2:30 in the morning,
but it wasn't a car.

That was you firing a
round into Davis's chest.

I had no problem with that kid.

Yeah, sure.

Till you caught him nailing Stella.

See, I imagine a guy like you doesn't stand

for some punk half his age
giving it to his girl, right?

They were never together.

That kid was stalking Stella.

He was obsessed with her.

Marco, come on.

You've heard Stella sing, right?

She can really sell it, can't she?

She wouldn't lie to me.

Oh, you seem like a generous guy.

I am...

with people I like.

Like Stella?

See, we looked into it.

- You bought her a necklace?
- So what?


She gave it to Davis.

Yeah, they'd been seeing
each other for months.

He didn't know.


You see Marco's reaction?

He didn't know about the affair.

Look at him. Doesn't he look happy?

Doesn't that make you mad?

How about you tell me
what you did with the gun

after you shot Davis?

We're done here.

Hey, no, I think Mr. Vrioni
can decide for himself

if he wants to cooperate.

Here's why we're done.

You've got your picture, we've got ours.

Take a look.

Mr. Vrioni was at a restaurant

in Manhattan with Alec
Hyka and ten other witnesses

at 2:30 a.m. the night in question.

I don't know.

Maybe he gave it to one of his thugs to do.

I don't think Marco knew
about Davis and Stella.

So then how'd it go down?

The only person who's
admitted to being with Davis

at the time of his death is Stella.


I don't know, why does she do it?

And how does she get his body
out of her place all by herself?

I said Marco didn't know about the affair.

I think he did know about the murder.

So what are you thinking, Al?

I think maybe I give Stella a ride.

You let Marco go?

We had no choice. Without a confession,

we didn't have enough to arrest him.

But what about my statement?

Your word against his.

We need corroboration.

But he's gonna know I've ratted him out.

And that you and Davis were together.

Oh, my God, Al, he's gonna come after me.

He might.

I'll see about protection for you.

You'll see about it?

Look, there are other ways
you could protect yourself.

You could amend your statement.

Maybe tell us a little bit more
about what happened that night

in your apartment.

I have nothing to say to you.

If you change your mind.


It's me.

I know you're in there, Stella.

My guy saw you come in.

Open the door, Stella.

Open the damn door, Stella!


It's Stella. Marco's here.

I'm on my way.

Hurry up, please.

He's outside my dressing room.

Stella, calm down, but listen to me.

I'll get there faster if you tell me

what really happened that night.

What? You son of a bitch!

- Stella!
- Okay, okay.

Davis came over and...

He was drunk and furious

because I hadn't ended things with Marco.

And he said he was gonna go to the club

- and teach Marco a lesson.
- Open the door, Stella!

He had this gun he said
he took from his teacher

and I told him, "Just forget it, go home."

She took the bait.

All right.

Hey, Carrie's a minute out.

And so suddenly we were
fighting over the gun,

and it went off.

And I tried to save him, but...

there was blood everywhere,
there was so much.

I panicked. I called Marco.

He came over with his guys to clean up.


Oh, my God.

He's coming through.

Hang on, I'll be right there.

Open the damn door, Stella!

Drop your gun.

How many cops out there?

Enough to get you killed if you try to run.

Guess I need a shield.


Stella, you don't have to do this!

- Oh.
- Hey.

Nice weapon of choice.

Thanks. You know...

I got a thing for drummers.


Got to hand it to you,
Marco, decent performance.

Could have stuck to
the script, but not bad.

I helped you, now you help me.

We did help you.

Proved you didn't kill Davis.

How about that immunity you promised?

I'm not a lawyer, right?

But isn't that immunity
from prosecution for murder?

Yeah, see, it doesn't include
failing to report a dead body.

Tampering with the physical evidence.

Right, not to mention
operating a bar music venue

without a license.

Mm, ouch.

Hey, what's up? I'll buy you a drink.

Sorry. Hot date.

With who? Stella?

Didn't they just walk her out of here

in some NYPD-issued bracelets?

You got a crime scene to process.

I got plans.


Come on, Al.

Come on, man, it's
gonna take me hours, man.


To another happy ending.

To another happy ending.




Wow, he really is good.

Well, he's not Wang Chung, but...

Hey, listen, nobody is Wang Chung.

I'm just saying.

You know, I think Davis
really did love Stella.

Everyone says his playing
totally changed two months ago.

Well, power of love, right?

I mean, you definitely
became a much better cop

after you met me.

Do you ever regret it?

You know, the path you took

becoming a cop, not a musician.


I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.