Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 2 - Gut Check - full transcript

Carrie and her longtime partner Al inherit from the U S. Marshalls Service the task of protecting a woman who's testifying in a high-profile securities fraud case involving a Mexican cartel. The team is tasked with transporting her more than 1,000 miles by car to her next court appearance. But staying ahead of the people who want her killed isn't their only worry; their star witness isn't telling them everything.

We'll outsmart him. Every
step, we'll outsmart him.

We only got two, three hours head start.

They'll probably figure we're gonna

take him over to Fort Huachuca.

They don't make movies
like this any more, huh?

That's a good thing. All they do is talk.

That was quick.

Go ahead.

Alex, will you let me finish?

There she is. Carrie Wells.

You got my stuff, Zeke?

Not a cop, are you, Red?

I always wanted to use that on you.

July 11th, June 19th, October 31st,

all three times you used it on me,

all three times you said you
always wanted to use it on me.

That's weird.

It's all there.

Really? Feels a little light to me.

I won on Texas, I won on BYU,

and I won on San Diego state.

Oh, look at that. I'm short.

Hand it over.

Green Bay and the over tonight.


Speaking of tonight, you free?

I got tickets to this show,
En Tempera Mexico, a woman...

Okay, stop, just...

Why is it that every time I come to place

a respectable, illegal bet, you ask me out

on some disgusting date?

I've never asked you out before.

February 14th... Valentine's
Day, no less... 2011.

You asked me to join
you to watch your cousin

strip on amateur night at
the Kinky Kitty-Cat Club.

You missed out.

Just the fact that you
remember all those things

tells me that you're interested.

You know what it tells me?

That you're a pig, and I'm a super-cop

who remembers everything.

Come with me tonight,
or I'll let everyone know

that the super-cop is breaking the law

and making illegal bets.

Are you blackmailing me, Zeke?

How about I arrest your
ass, throw you in jail,

and then it's your word against mine.

So you're taking Green Bay
and the over tonight, right?

Yeah. Exactly.

You'll say yes someday, Carrie Wells.

Never gonna happen.

Hey, Al.

Sorry I'm late.

Whoa, sporting a new tie. I like it.

New? Just grabbed whatever off the rack.

Right. I've been working
with you for four years,

and you normally rotate the navy blue tie

with the burgundy spots,
or the burgundy tie

with the navy blue spots. That's a new tie.

Just once I'd like to
sneak a new look by you.

Okay, here's what I'll tell you.

I like it. It suits you.

Skinny, hip, edgy. It's
a good look for you.

It doesn't have anything to do with that

hot new detective that just
transferred in, does it?

Oh, come on. You think
I'm jealous of Denny?

Two men shot. Both had guns.

One was drawn, neither got a shot off.

Looks like a professional hit.

- Who are they?
- Don't know.

Neither men had ID.

This room and the
adjoining suite were booked

by a dummy corporation out of Delaware.

Killer used a silencer, so none
of the guests heard anything.

Hotel employee delivering
bath salts found the bodies.

Where's the other suite?

Back this way.

Figure there was a woman
staying in this room.

No telling if she's a call girl
or a colleague of the victims.

Nobody in the hotel got a good look at her.

What about the surveillance video?

Can we ID her from that?

Well, cameras have been
down for a couple of days.

Head of hotel security
should be on his way.

So the question is, did
she orchestrate this,

or was she the target?


- I'm Jerry.
- Jerry, hey.

I saw your picture down in the lobby.

Employee of the month, head
of security, very impressive.

I'm sorry about the issue
with our cameras going out.

We have been long overdue for an upgrade.

So you have nothing.

One of my outside cameras didn't go down.

This was at around the
time of the incident.

You can't even tell who was entering

and exiting the hotel.

Sorry again.

Surveillance system has a number of issues.

Just once, I'd like to
sneak a new look by you.

Wow, Jerry. That is a nice watch.

Much nicer than the one you had in your

employee of the month photo.

What is that, a Rolex?

How much did that cost you?
Those things are expensive.

This was a gift.


You want to know something cool?

My partner here, he's a tech whiz, right?

I, uh, am.

He could look at your surveillance stuff,

and he could tell you if someone had

tampered with it like that.

You know what, just let me
access the, um, mainframe.

And I'll let you know.

Look, I thought they were
gonna have a bachelor party

for someone famous.

I didn't think anyone was gonna get hurt.

I swear.

So you turned off the
cameras. Who paid you, Jerry?

I don't know.

All contact was done electronically.

I did leave the cameras
on in the stairwell.

This may be useful.

There's our mystery woman.

What's on that floor?

Guest rooms and health club.

She wouldn't have gone in the street

- in a bathrobe, right?
- Mm-mm.

I don't know, maybe the
locker room at the health club?

Worth a try.

Could still be in the building.

Health club services, hotel
guests, and local members.

He needs to check our membership cards.

I already told you, my wallet
was taken from my locker.

I see.

Figure there was a woman staying in here.

What about the surveillance video?

Can we ID her from that?

- Thank you, Officer.
- You're welcome, ma'am.

You missed a spot.

NYPD, let's go.

Makes sense why you were trying to keep

a low profile at the hotel.

You're famous.

Rosie Webb, out of Vedra Beach, Florida

star witness in the
ongoing Barry Madden trial.

Says here you helped him bilk billions

from innocent investors.

Just 'cause I work with the guy,

doesn't mean I helped him steal.

So you didn't?

It's complicated.

Complicated is two dead men
with guns in a hotel room

while you got away without a scratch.

John and Alex died protecting me.

And I'm sorry about that.

What happened in that room?

The guys were watching
TV and I was putting on

my avocado mask, getting ready for my soak.

And then, boom! I hear this
loud thud in the next room.

So I ran.

Someone went through a lot
of trouble to take you out.

Any idea who'd want you dead?

Barry embezzled money from
a lot of powerful people.

And I worked with him, so maybe someone

was out for revenge.

Word is your testimony
is gonna put Barry away.

Maybe he wants to keep you from talking.

Barry wouldn't do that to me.

We had a bond.

Do you want to bond with me, Lieutenant?

I like your tie.

Sit tight. I'll be back.

So I think that lady's
taken a shine to you, boss.

Sooner we figure out which agency's

protecting her, the sooner she becomes

someone else's problem.

What do you have?

All right.

Our two dead guys are
Alex Soler and John Kim.

Former military, both of them employed

by Firestone Security.

What's a private security firm doing

protecting a federal witness?

I don't know, but it's clear
why she's being protected, right?

I mean, Madden defrauded his
investors out of $20 billion.

It's a ton of cash.

Look into his investors.
That's also a ton of motive.

Hey, Carrie.


Listen, I've been all over that footage

from outside the hotel, and nothing.

I mean, I bet you nearly
solved the case yourself, huh?

Not yet, but, you know, you'd be

smart to put your money on me.

Hey, it's kind of like
that murder you solved

with the maid in the hotel room?

Wow, have you read every
single case I ever worked on?

Yeah. Oh, I'm sorry, is
that... that's a little creepy.

Well, no. Yeah, a little.

- I'm very enthusiastic.
- You are enthusiastic.

And it's endearing.

Anyways, you know, I'm sure
you will solve this one too.

I'm sure we will, Denny.
When you get back to work.


- Work.
- Yeah, right. Sorry, okay.

- Bye, Denny.
- Hey, boss.

Guys, turns out, Rosie belongs

to the U.S. Marshals Service.

They outsourced her
protection since they feared

they had a mole in their department.

Why's she up here anyway? Trial's in Miami.

They had to keep her out of sight.

The whole Madden case
rests on her testimony.

Well, now she's their problem.
They can come and get her.

Mm, actually, the Marshals Service

is requesting that Major Crimes take over

her protection and deliver
her to court by Monday morning.

We can't just leave in the middle

of a double homicide investigation.

I guess they'll have to find another way

to get Rosie to Miami.

- Miami?
- Miami.

See, here we go.

Okay, I think it is entirely possible

that our killer followed Rosie

from the great state of Florida.

Would be prudent to investigate down there.

It's our duty to hop on
a short flight to Miami,

drop Rosie off, find the killer,
and spend a day at the beach.

- Two days, tops.
- Three, maybe.

You know, just a simple
"yes" would suffice.


And we'll even have a mojito for you.

Oh, please do.

And I have a gift for you.

Aw, a free Highway
Hoagies, you shouldn't have.

I did not. I got you my AAA card.

What do I need your AAA card for?

Oh, you mean, I didn't
mention that because of Rosie's

recent lap band surgery, she can't fly.

And you'll be driving
the 1,300 miles to Miami.

Have fun.


- Are we there yet?
- Yeah, Al, are we there yet?

We are eight minutes closer than
the last time you guys asked.

You guys want to see the scar

from my lap band incision again?

Ew, no. Put your shirt down.

Let's just enjoy the view.

I think you've been
enjoying the view, Burns.

Oh, yeah, I see you
sneaking peeks back here.

Is this guy an animal or what?

Yeah, Al. Actually, I've
kind of noticed you checking

her out in the rearview.

You're so pretty, Carrie.

I mean, I'd kill for pores like that.

Can I get my video game back again?

If you promise to stop talking, okay?

Come on, get up there! No!

You guys, are we gonna pull over soon?

'Cause Doc says I got to
move every couple hours,

or the fluid builds up, and that's when

the gastro esophageal reflex kicks in,

and you do not want to smell it.

No, we do not.

So, Al, could you please pull over?

Okay. Roadside dining it is.

You remember our last road trip?

July 2002.

Drove down to Virginia
Beach for the weekend.

And had a big blowup 'cause I forced you

to eat at that diner.

What are you doing back there?

Please be quiet.

Oh, liquid diet. Sorry, guys.

Could you be quiet!

Sorry, Doc's orders,
but I'll keep it quiet.

- Okay, really that... okay.
- Doc's orders.

Actually, that...



Okay, jeez.

Actually, that fight happened
on the drive to Newport,

not Virginia Beach.

November 24th, 2001, we listened to Miami

crush the Washington Huskies.

It was raining, and then we spent

the entire night making up. Big time.

- Oh, did we?
- Oh, my God.

You are one of those memory people

who remembers everything!

People, dates, places, oh, my God,

I saw this on 60 Minutes.

You know the lady from Taxi has this?

Oh, sister, teach me your ways.

Al, are we there yet?

Oh, hey, what brings you
up to these parts, Delina?

I got an autopsy report for Carrie.

Figured I'd walk them up myself.

Well, uh, Carrie and Al are out of town.

So maybe you just came to see me.


Or maybe I was just getting
my cardio in for the day.

You do cardio? What for?

That's like airbrushing a Rembrandt.

Well, even a Rembrandt needs upkeep.

So I'm going for a long loop
around Manhattan this weekend.

You run?

I always do better when
someone's pacing me.

Well, running leads to
serious knee problems, right?

I mean, first the joints
go, then the tendons.

And then before you know it, you've got

a full knee replacement, and you're running

around the supermarket with scooters.


I guess I'll just leave this here, then.


- That was horrible.
- True. You choked.

But look, it happens
to the best of us, kid.

Just go after Delina and ask her out, okay?

She wants you to.

No, no, no, no, no, no.
Not after that meltdown.

I can't.

Look, you take her out for a drink.

It will be rewarding.
You will thank me, bro.

I will thank you both
when you get back to work.

Yes, boss.

So no one has more motive to
take Rosie out than Madden.

But if he is behind it,
how is he communicating with

the world out of sight of the
prison guards and officials.

Burner phone, easy to smuggle inside.

You like him for the hotel job?

I'm not sure.

But if he was behind it,
he's possibly orchestrating

another attack on Rosie.

Denny, check every outgoing
call from Madden's prison.

If he's using a burner, I want to know

who he's talking to.

There's like 1,500 prisoners there.

I mean, there's a lot
of outgoing calls, boss.

It's gonna be tough.

But rewarding. You'll thank me, bro.

- Okay, what about that guy?
- No.

Uh, oh, how about that
lady in the red hoodie?

Okay, I told you. I
can't remember something

I've never seen before.

How you two doing here?

Oh, Carrie's an imposter.

I asked her about him, and her, and him.

And she doesn't recognize any of them.

That is because I've never seen...

What about this? June 18th, 2009.

What do you got for me?

Don't do it. Give in, she'll never stop.

I'm not cracking. I'm not
even acknowledging her.

I stumped you, didn't I?

- It was a Tuesday.
- It was a Thursday.

And I know that 'cause that is
the day I found my dog, Mojito,

at the Biscayne Country Club.

They have the best mojitos there.

That's why I named him Mojito.

Anyway, look, here he is. Isn't he cute?

Oh, that's... yeah.

Oh, boo-ja, boo-ja.

And I found him on a Tuesday.

It was a Thursday.

Uh, it was a Tuesday, Memory Girl.

She's not so reliable, is she, Burnsy?

June 18th, 2009. It was a Thursday.

NASA sent a rocket to
the moon to find water.

The Orioles beat the Mets 5-4.

And I saw Up in 3-D for the third time.

It was a Thursday.

That is so freaking cool.

So tell me, like, every
time you look at Burns,

do you get flashbacks of all the times

you guys did the deed?


- Too many times to count.
- What?

I knew it. I knew you guys had history.

What is wrong with you?

We will delve into that
after I hit the can.

Stomach ain't what it
used to be. Literally.

Why are you encouraging her?

Coming from the person who
just had to show off her memory.

- You threw fuel into the fire.
- I was correcting her.

You were showboating.

You were showboating about
the two of us being together.

Can you blame me?

No, not really.

If you're gonna try to run,
at least give us a challenge.

I was just stepping out
here to get some air.


We don't have foliage
like this down in Florida.

Just stop talking.

Rosie, why do you keep
trying to run from us

when all we're trying to do is protect you?

You do realize there are people
trying to kill you, right?

Look, once I testify, that's it, it's over.

It's good-bye, Rosie,
hello, witness protection.

They won't even let me
bring Mojito with me.

Well, one of my outside
cameras didn't go down.

Oh, shit.

Cover me, Carrie!

Do you remember those guys?

I remember their car.

This is not good for my stomach!

Rosie, we have to get to the car.

- Okay, okay!
- Get up and run!

- All right!
- I want you to run!

Oh, I'm pretty sure this
isn't doctor recommended!


Let's go, let's go!

- Okay, get down.
- Go.

Holy shit.

- Go faster, Burns, faster!
- Yeah, Al, faster, come on!

Calm down, we got those two.
They're not coming after us.

- Who the hell were they?
- I don't know.

But if the word's out, we're
sitting ducks in the car.

- Oh, no!
- What?

You forgot my blender in
the restaurant, Carrie!

Are you kidding me?

Your blender?

Authorities arrived at
the scene to find one dead

and another injured, whom
they've taken into custody.

No word on the other shooter...

Hey, boss man.

Looks like Carrie and Al
are handling themselves well.

You'll come to discover that they give

better than they get.

One of the attackers is dead,
the other one's in custody.

How's it going with that burner phone?

I've tracked 70 inside
Madden's prison so far.

And then, I haven't linked
any one of them to him yet.

- But I will.
- Let me know the second you do.

Carrie and Al cannot get slowed down again.

The prosecutor says the
trial's had delay after delay.

And Madden's lawyers have
filed for a dismissal.

Judge Grumann down there
has lost all patience,

and he is going to dismiss the case

if Rosie doesn't appear on time.

So if Rosie's not there
by tomorrow morning?

Madden's gonna walk.

They'll get her there, boss.


I need to speak to this man.

Where is Rosie Webb?

I don't need to say shit to you.

What are you doing?

Care for some more?

Where's Rosie Webb?

With two cops.

A red-headed lady and a dude.

Driving a grey SUV with New York plates.

That's all I know, man.

I believe you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

I thought you were
supposed to be super-cops.

Why do you two bozos have
us out in the open here?

Let's get to a police station...

You know what, if you could
fly like a normal person,

we'd be in Miami already.

Flying will kill me.

We need to get you to Miami to testify.

Which means we need a new car, one that

no one's gonna recognize.

A car we don't know how
to pay for, by the way.

We'll be tracked if we use
our credit cards or an ATM.

- Well, we could steal one?
- Come on.

Problem is, I know you're not joking.

Wait a second.

I got you my AAA card.

What do I need your AAA card for?

Eliot is feeling very generous today.

I don't think I want to
know what you're about to do.

I saw his credit card yesterday. Platinum.

Eliot's gonna buy us a
car, and I don't even think

I'm gonna haggle on the price.

Come on, Rosie.

Ugh, you killed me, Carrie. Thanks a lot.

I'm gonna give Jay a call.

Hey, everything all right with you guys?

We're about to get on the move again.

What have you found?

So it looks like the guys who attacked you

are linked to this drug-dealing
network operating up and down I-95.

Drug dealers attacked us?

Not just any drug dealers,
Al, the Careyes cartel.

These are the guys
responsible for the massacre

of all those federales outside
of Mexico City last year.

Was Madden involved with the cartel?

I don't know, but check this.

Virginia state police recovered a 9mm

inside the cartel guy's car.

And you're gonna say the ballistics match

the crime scene in Rosie's hotel room.

They sure do. They killed
Rosie's security guys.

Great work, Jay.

I'll touch base when we come up for air.

All right.

Whoo! Check it out.

Your chariot awaits.

Never saw you as the station wagon type.

Yeah, well, according to Car and Driver's

September 2002 review,
this car is safe, reliable,

and turbo-charged, so hop in, sexy.

Oh, I called shotgun.

No, you get shotgun when you tell me

why a Mexican cartel is trying to kill you.

Get in the back!

Okay, so look, boss, it took awhile,

but I finally found a burner in the prison

that received a call two days ago

from that hotel room in Manhattan.

Rosie called Madden?

Oh, god, yes. Like dozens
of times over the last month.

She's leaving a trail of bread
crumbs for people to find.

There's no leak in the U.S. Marshals.

Rosie is the leak. Who
else did you trace calls to?

That's another interesting thing, right?

A law firm in Beaumont, Texas.

But his legal team's in Miami.

Now, the Texas firm's
rumored to be one of those

places fighting for,
like, fixers, or cleaners,

or even hit men.

Wait a minute, you said hit men.

I just got off the phone with
the Virginia state police.

Gunman at the diner was
found dead in an ambulance

with a puncture wound to his neck.

He died of cardiac arrest.

Now, they think the guy who
did it was posing as a cop.

Maybe Madden hired a hitman to
take Rosie out. Jay, call Al.

I can't.

They powered off their phones
to keep from being tracked.

No back door for you to sneak out of.

Bath's all yours.

Gross. Did you see this tub?

May I remind you I am the star witness?

And may we remind you
that some really bad guys

shot at all of us today.

Which raises the question
that you're not answering.

Why is a Mexican drug cartel after you?

I should take my soak.

You know what you should do?

You should talk to me, now.

Or you're not gonna take a soak,
you're not gonna get any food.

We're not gonna even let you sleep.

All right.

The short version, Barry handled money

for this company in Dallas.

Now, as his chief financial
officer, I naturally

- did my due diligence...
- This is the short version?

Like I always did, and I found out

this company was a front
for the Careyes cartel.

So when I told Barry this,
he saw it as an opportunity

to skim from them since he knew
they couldn't go to the feds.

And now they're after you because

you're Barry's right hand.

Yeah, what a relief.


Well, that means Barry's not after me.

See, I knew he wouldn't betray me.

Oh, you and Madden had a thing.


Yes, you did.

That's crazy.

You don't want to testify.

Where's all the money hidden?

If I knew, would I be
hanging out with you two?

How much did Madden skim from the cartel?

$3.4 million.

But they had hundreds of millions with us,

so, you know, who's gonna notice
a couple mil here or there?

The cartel.

That appears to be correct.

Go and take the bath.

Okay, okay. Fine.

But, I see you eyeing Burns over here.

Probably remembering all the times

you guys did it in hotels.

Hey, we are in Georgia.

Maybe you guys can pretend
you're Rhett and Scarlett.

Call if you guys want company. Seriously.

- Oof.
- Wow.

How many hotels has it been?

I bet I can guess within three.

Game on.

Let's see, there's Puerto Rico, Jamaica,

Albany, Puerto Rico again.

December 31st, 2001,
till January 3rd, 2002,

and I was wearing,

um, not much.

Boston? Nantucket?

We never went to Nantucket.

- That wasn't you?
- Quit stalling.

- Come on!
- Nine hotels.

It was actually eight, you're off by one.

Or you missed one. You
didn't include this place.

Maybe we should play Rhett and Scarlet.

Or maybe you should take a cold shower

in there with Rosie.

We're working. We're not on vacation.

And we're not doing any of that.
And she's right in the other...

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a...


- Put your hands up!
- Drop your weapons!

According to witnesses, you were involved

in a shooting and fled the scene.

I had no choice but to
detain you, cops or not.

Detaining us is one thing. You
kept us in a cell all night.

You've still got my
partner locked up in there.

Got a smart mouth on her.

I prefer handling this between us.

Look, I explained it to you.

We fled the diner because
our presence put civilians

in the line of fire.

I hear you, but I'm just doing my job here.

You separated us from a
federal witness in our custody!

Don't worry. She's in good hands.

So I say, "Put the stereo down,

or I'm sending 50,000 volts into you."

- Then what happened?
- He put that stereo down.

Turned out he was helping his brother move.

You cops are so brave.

Hey, you know, I haven't
had anything to eat in ages.

Do you think you could
find something for me?

Our boss said to keep an eye on you.

Oh, yeah, that's... you know, I'm sure

the dizziness will pass.

It's fine. Don't worry about it.

Um, English muffin okay?

Only if you get one for yourself too.

Thank you, Chapman.

Your partner's released now.

- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

Um, we switched cars,

so how'd you track us to the motel?

Someone sent an anonymous email,

Virginia state police sent out a BOLO

for the blue Volvo, and my guys saw the car

in front of your hotel.

Here we are.

Well, unless the car dealer
recognized us somehow,

the only other person who
could have squealed is...


Where is she?

Rosie was here a minute ago.

You just let her walk?

Nice work, Officer.

Did you see where she went?

She got in a brown pickup
truck with some guy.

Who the hell would Rosie know around here?

Wait a second.

Rosie rigged her video
game to go on the Wi-Fi

at the car dealership.

She was playing with someone online.


What if she asked the other
player to come get her?

Woodbine, it's a town
about 15 miles from here.

I'll get Jay to track him down.

And we should hurry,
we're not the only ones

looking for her.

Come on. Come on, come
on, come on, come on.

Got it.

Guy Rosie's been chatting
with is Mike Van Loon

out of Woodbine.

Got an address too.

This guy owns a brown pickup?

Uh, sure does.

Matches the description
that Al and Carrie gave us.

Nice, Jay, I'm gonna put a
bulletin out for the truck.

Hey, hey, hey, you get anything solid

on that hitman we think Madden hired?

Not yet, but I'm working on it.

If he's been tailing Al
and Carrie this whole time,

then he probably knows that
they got picked up, right?

Yes, which means he's already
on Rosie's tail now too.

Which means Al and Carrie are
running out of time, Denny.


The plates match the ones Jay called in.

This is Van Loon's truck.

So why is he pulled over
less than a mile from home?

Where is she?

Jay's calling it in to the locals.

Hasn't been dead long.

Injection mark in his neck.

Same MO that was used to kill cartel guy.

Madden's hitman.

Why hire a killer to kidnap Rosie?

Madden's supposed to have billions

stashed away in hidden bank accounts.

What if Rosie knows where
they are, but he doesn't?

Madden needs Rosie to get his money.

Where do you hide billions of dollars?

Well, I mean, you need
to hide bank accounts,

passwords, routing codes.

So if you're me, in your memory,

or flash drive, or a notebook?

I don't know, you could...

Rosie's charm.

Must have fallen off in the struggle.

That's the day I found my dog, Mojito,

at the Biscayne Country Club.

Oh, boo-ja, boo-ja.

Oh, that's... yeah.

Rosie was obsessed with my memory, right?

And in the diner, she
kept going on and on and on

about that story... that
story about her dog, Mojito.

And how she'd found
him at the country club,

the Biscayne Country Club.

What if she knew I'd remember
that, and she left this

to let us know where they were taking her.

I don't know, Rosie's that smart?

You can't judge a book by its cover.

It's a stretch, but it's all we got.

Members only, sir.

Hi, Justin.

Oh, hi Ms. Webb, didn't see you.

Go right ahead.

Thank you, Justin.


Always wanted to do that.

Check outside. I'll look back here.

How many hotels has it been?

I bet I could guess within three.


Drop it!

You took your sweet time.

Rosie was right. The
mojitos here are great.

Well, look at that. The flash drive.

And billions of dollars worth
of missing bank accounts.


Who can blame me?

What did I tell you about
running away from us?

I just thought that if
I got my hands on those

bank accounts, that I could
help Barry and keep him

from dying in jail.

But Barry sent that killer
after you so he could

stay out of jail and keep all the money.

Yeah. Should've known
the guy was playing me.

He plays everybody.

Well, I'm ready to testify now.

You know, I got your number.

You act all crazy and neurotic.

Crazy like a fox.

Very impressed that you left this

knowing we would find you.

Oh my gosh, there it is.

I was looking everywhere for this.



I remembered that you would remember.

I showed you the way, sister.

Oh, you owe me a blender, though.

I saved your life, you're still going on

about the blender?

What's the point of
saving my life if I'm gonna

starve to death anyway...

You're not gonna starve to death.

- Just buy a new blender.
- They're really expensive.

Would you two knock it off?

Ladies, ladies, ladies.

Eliot bought you some more
time, but we're cutting it close.

Florida highway patrol will
take you the rest of the way.

Oh, oh, this is good-bye.


Guys, bring it in. Come here.

Thank you guys so much
for looking after me.

No one's ever really
done that for me before.

All right, one more for the road.

- Okay.
- Um, okay.

April 6th, 1983, my sister's birthday.

- It was a Tuesday!
- I finally stumped her.

Gotcha! It was a Wednesday.

Keep an eye on this one, Burnsy.

Hey, guys, how's it going?

What's your diet? You eat healthy?

You want to see my scar
from a lap band incision?

You know, I'm really gonna miss her, maybe.

I don't know.


- So...
- Hmm?

Back to New York?

Yeah, after we get a mojito. Or ten.

Madden's going away for
the rest of his life.

His victims are getting a
good chunk of their money back.

I love me a fairy tale ending.

We didn't order these.

They're from a friend.

Rosie here?

No, there's only one
person I know who still

drinks apple martinis.

Hi, kids.

Hello, Eliot.

What are you doing here?

Thought I'd surprise you.

These cocktails are for a job well done.

Speaking of which, it appears
that my work on this case

caught the attention of the feds.

Lots of praise, lots of
applause, that kind of thing.


You are still taking
credit for our hard work.

It's very comforting to me to know that

some things never change.

Well, now, it seems that
some things do change.

It appears they appreciate
my value more than others.

What's going on, Eliot?

I'm saying that because of your hard work,

I am getting a promotion.

The Miami-Dade Field Office of the FBI.

You don't want to go
work with the feds, right?

I mean, we're way more fun.

There's no way you're gonna accept that.

I'm sorry, but it's time
for me to move on up.

So we have to break in another boss?

You were just getting to the point

where you understood
that I am always right.

Wow, I am touched by this
outpouring of sentiment,

but, honestly, I would
like to raise a glass

to the two finest detectives
I've ever worked with.

You are also the two
biggest pains in the ass

that I've ever worked with.

Before we drink, I want to say something.

To one of the smartest,


kindest people

I've worked with.

I'll drink to that.

Apple martinis are so 90s, Eliot.



I guess I have a going
away present for you.

I don't follow.

Oh, you will when you get
your next credit card bill.



You are a fine detective,
but you're a better man.

Thank you.

And how you put up with
that every single day,

I'll just... I'll never know.

And, Carrie, I will deny
this if you ever repeat it.

But you are the best.

Don't forget me.

Well, I couldn't forget
you even if I wanted to.

But the good news is, I don't.

Drink up.

He flew all the way to Miami
to tell us he's leaving.

Al, I think I'm gonna miss him.

I don't know, me too.

To Eliot?


To Eliot. For him.

All right.