Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 1 - Blast from the Past - full transcript

The search for a pair of drug couriers uncovers an assassination plot and a surprising secret that Carrie thought she had put behind her.

Previously on Unforgettable...

Senator, you are a potential
assassination target.

We just want to keep you safe.

Right, we just want to keep you safe.

We're talking about a
professional assassin.

We don't know how he delivers the poison,

but we know he does it
under cover of large crowds.

- Are you okay?
- I'm feeling a little off.

Carrie, is it possible you were poisoned?

Where do you think you're going?

To catch my murderer.

You and me together, we can solve anything.

We're the only chance I've got.

I think we've come up with an antidote.

Well, that's a big needle.

You may feel worse before you feel better.

Carrie, I lost you before for nine years.

If you're not in it, it's meaningless.

Wallace Kinkade, former CIA.

This is about a guy with a
grudge. A very dangerous guy.

I have to know I did my best for you.

You've always done your best for me.


It appears that...

Excuse me. I'm looking for Detective Wells.

Oh, well, I'm her boss. How can I help you?

Nice to meet you. I'm Eddie Martin.

I'm her husband.

Two behind the forklift,

another two by the cargo container.

You forgot the one on the truck.

Ah, no, I'm leaving him for you.

- You know.
- You don't forget anything.


Four rounds left, you?


Over here.

Shit, I'm out.

- Same here.
- Go, go.

We're screwed.

Move, move, move, move.


"Super Memory Cop Saves New York City."

You had a little help if I'm not mistaken.

Oh, come on.

"Carrie Wells, detective extraordinaire

for the Major Crimes Unit of the NYPD... "

Does not say "extraordinaire."

Well, it should.

"The dazzling detective
can relive in vivid detail

everything she's ever
experienced because she suffers

from a rare condition
known as highly superior

autobiographical memory... " Suffers?

I don't suffer. My memory is a gift.

It's... I'm like a superhero.

Superhero? More like
super full of yourself.

Look at this, I've hit the big time, Al.

Right next to a story about a councilman

busted with a hooker.

No mention of me in there?

Sadly, no. It's all about me.

There's got to be something.
It can't all be about you.

Knock yourself out. Nothing there.

Let's see. Yeah, right here.

"Detective Al Burns,
Wells' strapping partner,

a modern day Gary Cooper"...


"Is the real secret behind her success."

Does not say that.

Oh, but it does say that I'm
New York's most decorated cop,

boasting a 100% solve rate. Come on.

And are you ready for
this? You're gonna cry.

One of New York's most
eligible bachelorettes.

You got some competition, baby.

It also says, and I quote,

"With the dynamic combination
of brains and beauty,

it begs the question,
why is the alluring Wells

still single?"

It does not say that. That's bull.

What kind of a rag is this?

I can tell them why you're
single. You're a nightmare.

You'd marry me in a New York second.

Wedding's gonna have to wait.

Eliot wants us in his office now.



Okay, hey guys, we've gotta talk.

Oh, what kind of "welcome back" is that?

Especially for the most eligible
bachelorette in New York.

Yeah, yeah, I read that article.

Don't say another word. Jay,
you'll ruin the surprise.

What surprise?

Oh, man.

I'd like you to both meet a
detective out of Daytona Beach.

Carrie, I believe you
spent some time there.

Al Burns. Detective Eddie Martin.

Carrie, there's no introduction needed

because apparently he's your husband.

I wish I could say it was
good to see you, but it's not.

Right back at you.

How did you find me?

For a smart girl, that's
a pretty dumb question.

New York's most eligible bachelorette?

Last I checked, you were married.

To me.


You look good.

You too.

Whoa. You're married?

Yes. Sort of.

It... yes. It's kind of a long story.

Yeah, it is. And it's complicated.

- She's a nightmare.
- Told ya.

Well, as much as I just can't wait to hear

the whole sordid tale, I...

What are you doing here, Eddie?

I've been tracking a couple
of guys out of Daytona.

Got a string of dead bodies to their names.

And that's our problem why?

Four days ago, they got into
a van full of methylamine

and headed north.

I followed them to see if
I could find their buyers,

but I lost them coming
out of the Holland Tunnel.

Your CO signed off on this?

I took some vacation days.

It's kind of... kind of
a personal mission for me.

Yeah, I can see that.

While I commend you taking vacation days

and using them for work... Carrie, Al,

you could learn a thing or two from him...

Major Crimes does not
condone vigilante missions.

I'll leave you two alone for a moment.

Thanks, Eliot.

I think he meant for the
two of us to have a moment.

I don't care what he meant.

Al? It's okay.

Listen... ahem.

I know that I broke your
heart leaving the way I did

and just walking out...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I know
you think you're God's gift

to every man on the planet,
but... and nothing personal here,

the day you left was the
greatest day of my life.


Two alphas, one relationship?

Wasn't going to work.

- Wasn't going to work, huh?
- Mm-mmm.

You're still wearing the necklace.

Never took it off, huh? Hmm.

I think you're still in love with me.

You never filed for divorce, did you?

What? You wish.

You know, but staying
married to you was a great way

to keep all those... all those women
hell-bent on marriage off my back.

Look. I need you help.

You've driven halfway across
the country following these guys.

All by yourself. You suddenly need me, why?

I knew you were a cop, and
judging by how insane you are,

probably a pretty good one.

- This is personal to you.
- Yeah.


You remember Cody?

Of course.

Damn it, Eddie.

That's my favorite way of being woken up.

Seriously? You used my only
clean shirt as a napkin again?

Look at this. It's disgusting.

It wasn't me.

Just wait, let me get this straight.

So someone sneaks into the
house in the middle of the night

and eats your nasty pizza,

and wipes their face with my t-shirt

and then just leaves,
right? Don't smile at me.

Actually I messed up your shirt

because you look so much hotter in mine.

You're not going to charm your
way out of this. Don't you dare.

You want to see my night stick?

No, no! Get off me.

- Cody!
- Hey guys.

- Hey.
- Hi, Cody.

What have you got
partner? Come in, sit down.

Yeah, sit down, Cody.

So um, I spotted two
suspicious cars on Wormwood,

and I got the plates.

Oh, good. Good job.

Before you know it, you're
going to be in a patrol car.

Hey, hey, hey.

Stick to the license
plates, amigo, all right?

- Okay.
- All right.

He kept coming around after you left.

Kind of grew up an unofficial deputy.

He joined the academy.

I was on the DeMars case.

I think he was trying to
help because when they...

When they found Cody's body,

he was near where one of the
DeMars' mobile labs had been.

I led him right to them.

I'm sorry.

All right.

I'll do it. For Cody.

Okay. What about the other...

I'll rally the troops.
Don't worry about them.

You're married.

- No.
- No?

Well, technically yes, but I
was married for like, six weeks.

Listen, when I left Syracuse

I just needed to get away from everything.

I went to Daytona 'cause
they had good gambling,

cocktails, great sunshine-y weather...

And you got married.

And I guess it just
slipped your mind to tell me

since you've been back.

Nothing slips my mind.

Not a big deal, why mention it?

And now he shows up and
you're going to help him.

Actually, I was hoping
we were going to help him.

So, one of my exes
walks in asking for help,

you're volunteering?

Whatever you did in the past has no bearing

on what we have together now,
so as a mature adult I would,

of course, help your ex.


Unless it was Georgia Song.

That one... I mean, she hit on
you every time we were together,

and then she intentionally
spilled her drink on me.

And she gave you that ugly brown turtleneck

that I had to throw away.

I looked all over for that.

- Yeah, I'm in.
- Thank you.

Only to ensure this clown
doesn't get you killed.


And I'm out if your six kids show up next.

Six? One, two, three... no, we're good.

Angus and Malcolm DeMars. They're brothers.

Seriously bad guys.

A handful of unsolved
murders linked to them.

Mom left.

Rumor was, they killed their
father in a drug dispute.

Rumor was, the dispute
was with Angus and Malcolm.

They killed their father over a meth deal?

Yeah, with a crowbar.

Nice family.

Ex-cons with that much methylamine?

Why didn't you arrest them?

I needed to connect them with the buyers

to get them off of the streets for good.

They left Daytona on
Thursday, so I followed them.

Then you get to the
part where you lost them.

You got a profile where
they might be staying?

Yeah, based on the motels
they favored on the way up,

they like places that
offer ground floor units,

have minimal surveillance, and
don't ask a lot of questions.

Anything else you can give us?

Yeah, they like quick
access to their vehicle.

They always stay near the highways.

Occasionally they call in
for female company and, uh,


Angus loves Highway Hoagie,

so they always stay near one of them.

Look at this, I've hit the big time, Al.

Right next to a story about a councilman

busted with a hooker.

Hookers and hoagies.

Al, that article that I
was reading to you today.

Haven't we moved on from
your moment of glory?

No, listen. Not that one.

The one about the
councilman and the hookers.

There was a picture of him

coming out of a Metro Motor Lodge.

In the background was a Highway Hoagie.

Jay, look it up for me.

Check for Metro Motor Lodges nearby

and Highway Hoagies that are close to them.

Wow. It's kind of amazing
seeing your memory at work.

Amazing enough that
you're glad you married me?

Nothing's that amazing.

I got it.

Jersey City, just off exit 16.

Let's go.

So, you two staying married?

You know, I hadn't really thought about it.

Me neither. It's been what, ten years?

11 years, five months,
three weeks, two days.

Now that Eddie's here, I figure
you might want to disentangle.

Called a buddy in Florida. Had
him pull a couple of strings.

You could have your marriage disentangled

right here in New York.

When did you do all this homework?

Just trying to help a friend.

Yeah, a friend?


Help you, Detectives?

Your powers of deduction
are very impressive.

Yeah, I got a fifth sense
for that kind of stuff.

- Sixth.
- Huh?

These guys stay at your motel?

- Nope.
- Hey. Look again.

Angus and Malcolm DeMars.

Seriously bad guys. Handful of
unsolved murders linked to them.

Still doesn't ring a bell.

Excuse me, where did you,
uh, where'd you find that hat?

Room 113.

The photos you showed us earlier,

Angus DeMars was wearing this exact hat.

People checked out. Must
have left this behind.

I just cleaned it up.

This their garbage?

- Huh. - Tony's
All-Star. You know it?

Tony's is in Sunset Park.

Pizza tastes like cardboard
and it's miles from here.

So why go all the way to
Brooklyn for crappy pizza?

I know these guys. They're careful.

They don't leave anything to chance.

They're gonna do a drop,
they're gonna go in advance,

they're gonna check the
streets, entrances, exits.

A dry run.

Maybe we're not too late after all.


Oh, come on. Get a room. They're cheap.

Guys inside don't remember
seeing the dealers.

But I did bring you a slice.

Thank you.

Oh, you're welcome.

Thought the pizza was no good.

Oh, it's terrible, but I
figured since you're in New York

you might as well try a
piece of Brooklyn's worst.

Bring me a napkin?

No, but you could always use my shirt

like you did back in Daytona.

- One time. It was one time.
- One time?

- Well, actually three...
- Great story. What's next?

What do you think of that place?

Door is wedged open.

Nothing else around here.

Take a look at those windows.

Looks like someone was
on the inside looking out.

Let's check it out.

That's their van.


Meet the DeMars brothers.

Looks like someone got
to them before you did.

Now what?

We were following a lead.

We don't need to call Narcotics.

Major Crimes, you got your own rules.

This is my case. I followed
these guys for days.

Listen up, Detective, you
gonna work a narcotics case

in Brooklyn South, I
expect to be looped in.

That's Lieutenant Zartane
and you're out of line.

Memory freak show.

What did you call me? What did you call me?

It's so nice to see everybody
getting along so well.

Listen. I'm only going to say this once.

Yes, we broke protocol,

but I personally ordered my
detectives to look at this case.

We were already working with Daytona PD.

I didn't want to involve any other agencies

until there was something
to involve them with.

Now, clearly there is, so moving forward

I'm more than happy to
keep you in the loop.

Not a problem.

Thank you, Eliot.

You three have some explaining to do.

I specifically said this
was not a Major Crimes case.

Well, you know I have a
problem with authority.

And commitment, too, by the way.

I do not have a problem with commitment.

I just haven't met the right guy.

Okay, stop, just stop talking.

The point is, this is
now a Major Crimes case.

Don't screw it up.

Delson here.

- Oh, um.
- Oh, Carrie Wells.

- Yeah.
- Great photo today.

You actually look the
same as you do in the Post.

Me, oh my God, I can't take a good picture.

I'm barely recognizable.

Stop, I'm sorry. Who are you?

I'm Delina Michaels, the new ME.

The new ME.

Yeah, I would shake your hand, but...

Yeah, no, that's okay.

What happened to the old ME? Where's Jo?

Oh, you didn't hear? Dr. Webster passed.

Passed away? What?

No, her certification exam.

To the Cordon Bleu culinary school.


But she did leave you something.
Hold on, I got it right here.


- Here it is. To Carrie.
- Thank you.

Now, look. I know Joanne Webster
was your friend, your confidant,

and the world's best medical examiner.

And even though the word is
you can be a bit standoffish...

That's the word? Is it?

Yeah, but who cares? I
have the same quality.

And I know you're going to like me.

All right, well I will definitely

take your word for that, Delina.

DeMars brothers.

Yes, the DeMars brothers.
So, these are Malcolm's lungs.

Now I noticed a discoloration in the gums,

so I checked the lungs.

There's burning of the
tissue in the alveolus.


And what about this bruising?

Yep. Hematomas on both sides
of the cheek and the jaw.

And both of them have it.

Yeah. But I haven't
figured out the cause yet.

They were both shot
close-range, center forehead.

Hmm. Maybe a mob hit.

Could be.

Hey, um, I just... I gotta ask.

How long does that take?

- These?
- Yeah.

Depends on how many drinks I've had.

I could show you how.

Yeah, I might take you up on that.

- Girls' night out?
- Why not?

- All right.
- All right.

Jay, hey, call Organized Crime.

Get your buddy Jerry Marsden over here.



Come on.

Come here. Hey, come on.


Come on.

That's not how it goes.

Okay, that's not Jerry Marsden.

Let's get him before he
kills the coffee maker.

Hey. Come on.

Excuse me, who are you?

Oh, hey, I'm Denny.

Organized Crime. Call me Denny.

Where's Jerry Marsden?

Oh, yeah, he retired.
Last month. Guy's a legend.

Uh, Jay Lee, this is Al Burns.

- Let me introduce you to...
- Carrie Wells.

Wow. Wow.

Um, I'm a huge fan.


Well, you solved that case,
you know, when the Brady guy

took over the skyscraper.

You know, when that
lady was going to shoot?

You know, the police doctor...

Yeah, wow, it's always nice to meet a fan.

Hey, listen, I need you to
do this thing, where like,

someone gives you a date, and then, like,

you can tell them everything
that happened on that date.

So, my birthday's December
6, 1985, is when I...

Okay, so I'm... I'm not going to do that.

Show him your gift.

I'm not going to do that.

All right, should we get to work?

- Mm-hmm.
- Wow.

Okay, yeah, sure.

All right, so these are guys
who would all have an interest

in outsiders bringing meth into New York.

Wally Fitzgerald, I put that
guy away a couple years back.

Prison overcrowding, he's out, Al.

I don't see him as an
execution-style killer.

Yeah, so who's our prom king over there?

Oh, yeah, that's Vlad Nostrov.

Hey, I've had the pleasure.

Say boom.

- Uh, it's just Jay, man.
- That guy's a mobster?

Hey, hey, don't let his baby face fool you.

Guy's a killer.

Before he takes you out, he
makes you look right up at him...

I mean like, makes you, you know?

Then he kills you. Guy's a psycho.

Hematomas on both sides
of the cheek and the jaw.

And they both have them, huh?

He grabs their faces.

Which could leave bruising
on their jaws, right?


Okay, both of the DeMars
brothers had bruising

on their jaws consistent with someone
grabbing their face just like that.

Let's go pay your friend Vlad a visit.

And I'll loop Narcotics in.

What the hell is going
on? Get down, what...

Go, go.

What the hell are they
doing here? This is our case.

They're hogging the glory.

We go on three.

Whoa, you don't want to evaluate
the situation real quick?

I just did.

You know how to fire that thing?

Nice. Push.

Oh, God, you are so badass.

I'm going to Zartane. Cover me.

All right. Gotcha.

Go. Move, move, move.

What happened to cooperation?

Vlad's guys were on the
move. I had to make the call.

Your call you had to make was not us?

That's Vlad.

Eddie, look out.


Hey, hey, way to go Al. You
saved her husband's life.

Don't remind me.

I thought we were working together.

Couldn't wait, Detective.

You're an asshole, you know that?

And this? CZ Phantom.

Same kind of gun that
killed the DeMars brothers.

Zartane saves the day, huh?

Oh, this is nice.

Hey, Jay to the izzo.

What's up, bro? What you doing?

Another nickname.

You hear about that shootout
with Vlad and his boys? Right?

Boom, boom, boom.

I heard you did all right out there.

Well, you know, that's what I do. Yeah.

Hey, what about you? What are you doing?

What is all this?

Well, I'm running Vlad's people
against the DeMars brothers.

Maybe, you know, there's a link.

Okay, listen, about Carrie

and that hot new ME running around here...

What, Delina, right?


Okay, you do realize there's
no actual thought there, right?


- Okay.
- I'm just saying.

The both of them. Hot. Hot stuff.

Agreed. Dibs on Delina.

Dibs? What are we, 12?

Hot detective, hot new ME, you know?

What, you never thought about a threesome

with that technical head of yours?

No, dude, come on.

What is it, too much? Come on.

- Definitely too much.
- Oh, sorry dude.

What's going on?

Uh, been trying to find
a connection between

the DeMars brothers
and Vlad and his people.

So far no cell records,
no wire transfers, nothing.

I got to go talk to somebody.
Could use some backup.

I'll go with you.

No, you keep looking
into Vlad and his people.


You. Mr. Threesome. Come with me.

All right, hey, look. To be
continued, all right, bud?

Where we going?

I'd tell you man, I envy you.

Getting to work with
Carrie Wells every day?

You guys were partners back
in the 117 in Queens, right?

Syracuse, actually. It's complicated.

Oh, yeah, I bet. Especially
now with her husband around.

Did you know him back in the day, too?

You always ask this many questions?

No, I like to pride myself on my curiosity.

Start priding yourself in
minding your own business.

Ho! Guy's got a little
fight in him. I like that.

I see why you like Carrie, you know?

Whatever happens, be cool.


- Who we looking for?
- Quiet.

Screw you.

Get your own stash.

Hey. Let me hit that.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


Now, why'd you have to
get all friendly, Austin?

Aw, you bastard, Al,
why'd you punch me so hard?

Had to sell it for the crackheads, huh?

I thought you'd appreciate it.

Hey, what the hell's going on here?

Denny Padilla, meet Austin Caswell.

Detective second grade Queens narcotics.

Denny here likes to ask a lot of questions.

Oh, son of a bitch.

What's on your mind?

Five barrels. Methylamine.

Went missing right before Vlad was killed.

You hear anything?

No, and I won't. No way Vlad's
buying methylamine right now.

- Why's that?
- Doesn't need to.

There's more out there
than there are buyers.

So why take out two couriers
just to get his hands on it?

Something's not right.

Cooks are overstocked up
and down the East Coast

and believe me, Vlad's not burning anyone

of their methylamine these days.

DeMars brothers weren't
carrying methylamine.

It was something else.

But meth was all those boys knew.

You may have thought they were carrying.

Delina said there were burns on the lungs

of both Angus and Malcolm DeMars.

Methylamine wouldn't do that. What would?

Well, there are four possible chemicals.

Calcium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite,

coactive resinase, and dimethyl sulfate,

and all of them are pretty nasty.

Some of them can burn through flesh,

metal, one can even burn through glass.

Now, I know you Major
Crimes got your own rules.

This is my case.

That's Lieutenant Zartane to you.

You're out of line.

You know, I saw a glass
bottle at the warehouse.

It was melted.

Which one of those burns through glass?

That would be coactive resinase.

It's a kind of synthetic enforcer

used in the production of... holy crap.


Apparently the army's
been all over this stuff.

Early tests show we can
create plastics strong enough

to form the casings for missiles.

And a plastic missile would
be undetectable by radar.

And apparently, a bunch
of resinase went missing

a couple of weeks ago from this plant

in Silver Springs, Florida which is...

20 miles outside of Daytona.

So whoever hired the DeMars
brothers used them as mules

because they knew how to
navigate the back roads

and avoid cops.

Must have told them they
were carrying methylamine,

sent them to New York.

And then when they got
here, they killed them.

Hey, guys, check this.

It's an army video of a plastic missile

produced with coactive resinase.

The other two encased with metal.

They get shot down by artillery.

The plastic missile goes
on to hit its target.

Whoever killed the DeMars brothers

was trying to make a missile,
and they're still in New York.

And all we've got to do is find them

in a city of nine million people.

Hey, guys, I got the results on
the bottle from the crime scene.

Delina says that there
are definitely traces

of coactive resinase, but here's the thing.

Coactive resinase on its
own isn't strong enough.

It needs something else to weaponize it.


Copolymer transethermite.

Well, you're going to have to
help me out. I failed science.

Failed history and PE too.

Who fails PE?

Okay, so copolymer's all around us.

Shower curtains, toilet seats.

So these guys have no problem
getting their hands on some.

But they need a large amount

to mix with all that coactive resinase,

which is why Jay is looking for
any unusually large shipments.

So I pulled up the security footage

from the four stores
in the surrounding area

all reporting large sales of copolymer.

Our guys are analyzing all the buyers.

We're trying to match
with facial recognition.

Now that Eddie's here, I figured
you might want to disentangle.

Called a buddy.

You can have your marriage disentangled

right here in New York.

When did you do all this homework?

Just trying to help a friend.

Wait a second. I saw that guy.

Driving by the motel, and I
saw him somewhere else, too.

Thought I'd bring you a piece of pizza.

Thank you.

But I figured since you were in New York

you might as well try
some of Brooklyn's worst.

Outside the pizza place.
He's been tailing us.

Got a hit on the time and
date he left the plastic store.

Here we go. His name is David Lushing.

Runs a place over in
Bushwick called Real Plastics.

Huh. Normal order for this
guy is a couple kilos a month.

Last week, 40 kilos.

How big a missile are we talking about?

Big enough to give the
Manhattan skyline a facelift.

Let's get over to Bushwick.

I have nothing to hide.

We fixed our safety violations,

and if this is an immigration thing,

I have papers on all my employees.

We look like immigration?

Is there a part of the
building that's secure

that even you're not allowed to go into?

Yeah, the basement.

The property manager said
that they rented it out,

but I never seen them.

Only Lushing goes down there.

These are molds for warheads. Still warm.

Hey, Al.

Jay, we just missed him.
They knew we were coming.

How is that possible?

Who else knew?

Well, Eliot was keeping
Narcotics looped in.

You gonna work a narcotics case,

in Brooklyn South, I
expect to be looped in.

Wait a second.

Jay, check the ballistics on Vlad's gun.

How many bullets were left in the clip?

Got it. Four, Carrie.

Vlad's gun was out of bullets
when he was shot. I heard it.

Same kind of gun that
killed the DeMars Brothers.

CZ Phantom.

Zartane switched the guns.

- Zartane from Narcotics.
- Yeah.

He killed the DeMars brothers.

Yeah. But why?

Hey, Carrie, I'm on with Brooklyn South.

Zartane took off two hours
ago and never came back.

He's gone.

And so is the missile.

There's no way that Zartane

could connect with the
DeMars brothers on his own.

You're absolutely right. They're
being bankrolled big-time.

$700,000 were deposited electronically

into his bank account from
a fronting bank in Dubai.

What do we have on Lushing,
the guy who was trailing

Eddie and Carrie and bought the copolymer?

Well, David Lushing
served in the army rangers.

Guess who's in his battalion?

Lieutenant Greg Zartane.

They took down one of
Saddam's palaces together.

How do you go from war hero to terrorist?

Well, Zartane and Lushing were suspected

of trying to make off with
some of Sadaam's gold reserves.

Lushing took the bullet,
got a dishonorable discharge.

Zartane became a cop.

Now coming to Homeland, Lushing
got picked up two years ago

for smuggling weapons to a
bunch of Pakistani war lords,

did six months in a prison in Islamabad.

We got security footage from
around the plastics company.

The black van was headed
away from Real Plastics

seven minutes before you guys got there.

None of the other factories
claim it as their own.

- Boom, we got a BOLO out.
- Good.

Homeland intercepted communications

about shipping weapons out of
New York, anything like that?

Thinking it's probably a local target.

Been checking domestic chatter.

There's some peace summit.
Midtown, I saw it on the news.

Jay, check it out.

Well, guys, we're talking about

the South Asian Corporation Summit.

The prime ministers of India and Pakistan

are meeting at the Omni Hotel.

Tell Homeland to go to the Omni on 47th.

Whoa, hey, hey, guys.

Guys, hold on. I got a hit
on Zartane's personal car.

He just blew by a traffic cam

coming of the Hudson, Westchester Airport.

There's a second male in the car.

Looks like he's traveling
with his war buddy Lushing.

Skipping town before the fireworks.

Go with Homeland, find that
van, I'll get Carrie and Eddie,

go to the airport, grab Zartane.

Roger that.

Hey, guys, we got something.

Two men with luggage

matching Zartane and Lushing's descriptions

just got on an airport
shuttle from long-term parking.

They're carrying really heavy bags,

so it could be the missile.

Shuttle dropped them off
at the King West terminal

so you'd better hurry.

I'm on it, Jay.

Denny, they spotted that black van

half a block from the Omni Hotel.

Stand by.

Coming up on it now.

Got it.

Open up.

Jay. The van is empty,
brother. It's a decoy.

Carrie, Al, Denny secured
the van. It's empty.

There's no missile.

All right. Going up on Kings West now.

Place looks completely closed.

I don't get it. Why get
off at an empty terminal?

I told you, it's just construction.

Jay, what have you got on runway nine?

Oh, man.

Oh, man what?

I just checked all the arrivals
out, and one of the planes is

the Deputy Prime Minister
of Pakistan's private jet.

He's the last guy arriving
for that conference.

Al, that plane is landing in four minutes.

Zartane and Lushing aren't

trying to get out of the country.

They're going to shoot
that plane out of the sky.

That's the guy that's been tailing me.

You have a lot of guys
after you these days.


Now there's one less.

Okay. Two behind the forklift

and another two behind the cargo container.

You forgot the one on the truck.

Aw, no, I'm leaving him
for you because you know.

- You don't forget anything.
- Exactly.

Four rounds left. You?


Shit, I'm out.

Same here.

Hope I'm not interrupting.

As as a matter of fact, I come...

Here's the plane. We gotta move.

Go, go, go, go. I got this.

Yes! Ha ha ha!

We did it.

Way to go, partner.

Way to go.

She's talking to me.

She's talking to me.

She's definitely talking to me.

Thanks for having my back.


- Oh.
- Excuse me.

- Hi, Mr. Delson.
- Oh, please. Eliot's fine.

I, um, just wanted to make sure

that you were settling in all right.

Yeah, everyone's been great.

I'm glad we were able to solve the case.

Yes. Yes. Excellent work.

Was there something else?

There is.

I was in here earlier, and
I couldn't help but notice

that you had a bottle
of nail polish remover

near where the bodies were being autopsied,

and then I saw a curling iron and I thought

maybe this is a good time
to talk about protocol.

Wait. Wait.

You think I'd use this on my nails?

Well, it is nail polish remover.

And Korbel is champagne.

Doesn't mean I'm going to drink it.

The nail polish is for the acetone.

Helps pull up any foreign elements

like copolymer resinase.

In the van, for instance, which
helped lead us to the missile.

Oh, yes, it certainly did.

Yeah, and the curler allows
me to cut through the subderma

after rigor mortis sets in.

It warms the muscle mass
and allows me to cut shallow

without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Couple tricks I learned
in training. At Quantico.


Well, I'm really glad
we had this conversation.

Good night.

Good night, Eliot.

Well, you solve rate
remains at 100% thanks to me.

You always did like taking
credit for my hard work.

I have never...

July 11, 2004 we were both
putting our clothes back on

and you said, "You're welcome,"

when we both know I did most of the work.

Oh, wow. That's pretty cocky.


Doesn't sound like me, though.

Yes, it does.

You know, yesterday I said
I wasn't sad when you left.

What you said was, it was
the best day of your life.

Well, maybe I was a little bit bummed.

Well, we always did run
hot and cold, you and me.

We were either fighting...

We got so loud that one time
the neighbors called the cops.

Our fights got pretty loud, too.

What the hell were we
thinking, huh? Getting married.

We were wasted.

Yeah, you blame the alcohol
but how could you resist, huh?

Apparently I didn't.

- I have a gift for you.
- Really?


Divorce decree.

Thought these were supposed
to take six months to get.

Well, Al's got connections, you know?

Once you sign this you're
going to have a really hard time

keeping all those women
hell-bent on marriage

off your back.

I'll figure out something. I'm elusive.

Okay. I know pronounce us

man and ex-wife.

Suppose that doesn't come with a
"you may now kiss the ex-bride?"

Sure it does.

No, no, no, no, no.

You know what?

Maybe next time, I'll take
a real vacation up here.

You show me around?

Yeah, I'll show you around.


All right.

Thanks for your help.

For everyone's. Let them know
how grateful I am, all right?

For Cody.

For Cody.

God, it is... it's hard to
list all the unorthodox...

Really questionable tactics
taken during this case.

Hey, then don't, you know, all right?

I'm so not used to being interrupted.

Oh, yes he is.

What I wanted to say was good job.

Actually, if I may, I just want to say

it's really been an honor
working with you guys.

Not so fast.

It appears as though you've
impressed Carrie and Al

with your aptitude and moxie
and instinct, and I would...

We would.
- We would like to offer you...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
I mean, I'll take it.

Wow. All right.

- Wow.
- Great.

- Come here.
- Don't hug me.

Oh, Carrie Wells. Oh, my God.

Can you put me down?

Put her down or you're fired, Denny.

I'm sorry. I am so sorry.

- No, it's good.
- It was my bad.

Come with me. We'll start your paperwork.

Maybe you can tell me something about

that broken coffee machine.

Oh, yeah, so uh, Al did
it afterwards. I'll fix it.

Maybe I'll get a hug, too.

So, you're single again.

Thanks to you.

Want to make an honest woman out of me?

Oh, get married? Sure
as hell won't do that.

Right, I have too many
secrets to be an honest woman.

Come on, your secrets are your best part.

I thought my best part was my...

- That's not bad either.
- And then I've got my...

You've got a lot of best parts.

So do you.

Want to go, um, get a drink?

Oh, I like the sound of that.

- All right, let's do it.
- Okay.

Where should we go?

I don't know, your place?

Slow down, I'm just getting
over the divorce, remember?