Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 2, Episode 7 - Maps & Legends - full transcript

The murder of an urban explorer leads Carrie and Al to not only search for the killer, but to pick up the trail of clues the victim was following on the hunt for a treasure supposedly hidden under the streets of New York.

I'm not doing this one.

Oh, but they're
not allowed to sleep.

How do you know he's sleeping?

Fine. I'll check.

Sir, you can't sleep here.

Can you call 911?


'Cause I'm gonna
have a heart attack

trying to keep up with you.

Ah! Scott?!

Scott Stevens.


Carrie. Wells.

We went on a blind date.

June 11.

It was a Saturday night;
Two years ago.

Sure. I remember. Yeah.

Yeah, well,
I definitely remember.

You had just finished
reading The Game.

Over the course of the night,

you managed to insult my hair

hit on the waitress,

and then you did a magic trick

where you set my napkin on fire.

Waitress a blonde?


Jenny from Schenectady.

She had a crow tattoo
on her ring finger.

Not ringing any bells, huh?

I'm the one who pretended
to go to the bathroom

and never came back.



All right.


It was nice
catching up with you.

Oh, no one.


I on my way.

EMTs were alarmed enough.

They sent the librarians
and other patrons to the ER.

Well, if this is Ebola
or any other virus,

and this guy came in contact

with other people on
the way over here,

then we are in big trouble.

Not a bad place to end up.

Better than the hospital
he escaped from.

A lot of viruses in hospitals.

Could he have caught
what killed him there?

Ah, it's possible.


Oh, no, no, no, no. It's okay.
He's not contagious.

Well, the good news is
a virus didn't kill him.

So is there bad news?

'Cause normally
I want that first.

See this? Turns blue

in the presence of nitroamines.

Our buddy here
was poisoned by RDX,

which is a primary component
of C-4 explosive.

He was building a bomb.

Unforgettable 02x07
Maps And Legends
Originally Aired - September 8, 2013

John Patton.

Admitted to Columbia

suffering from
seizures and lethargy.

They put him in triage.
He took off

when no one was looking.

The petechial rash
hadn't presented itself yet.

And it is similar
to Ebola, so the EMTs

were right to be concerned.

But when I saw the RDX
under his nails, I knew.

- Would such a small amount kill him?
- No, he would

have to be involved
with a much larger concentration

over a prolonged period.

So you're saying he was making
a lot of C-4 for a long time.

At least a week. Probably more.

That's a little outside
your area of expertise, Joanne,

don't you think?

Eliot, how did you get in here?

They usually make people
who are not cold dead stiffs

wait in the... reception.
That's how.

Aw, you've been rehearsing that,
haven't you?

Jo's pretty sure

our victim was using
a lot of C-4.

About that, until we get
further confirmation,

I'd rather not go too wide
with that theory.

You want me to cover up
my findings.

No, but I have answered about
60 phone calls this morning

about the Ebola attack on
the public library that wasn't.

So before we go announcing
a bomb-making scare,

I'd like a little more proof.

Eliot, C-4's only used for one thing:
to blow stuff up.

Yeah, look, maybe this guy's
digging himself a swimming pool

or taking a tree out
of his backyard.

- Oh, please.
- All I'm saying is, for now,

I'd like to keep this in-house.

I get it. We go wide
with "bomb-maker" now,

we've got to bring
in Homeland Security,

- they take it off our plate.
- And I like things

on my plate.
I imagine you guys

do, too, so... keep going.

Let's see what this guy
was trying to blow up.

And when we need help,

we'll ask for it.

Joanne, I love what
you've done with the place.

All hard surfaces
and sharp pointy things

for cutting people...
it's... so you.

One day you got to

tell me what happened
with you two.

It'll take
a lot longer than a day.

It's awful about John, but I'm
glad there's no bomb, you know?

- Kind of thing wreaks havoc on rents.
- Yeah, I'm sure.

And these boys seemed so nice.

But, uh, I guess everybody
says that. I mean, you always

hear it on the news when
they interview the neighbors

- and whatnot.
- So John had a roommate?

Yeah, Harold Estes.

Haven't seen him
in a few days though.

- Murray, I think I got something.
- Excuse me.

Mountain climber?

- Maybe.
- Mm.

Well, he wasn't climbing
mountains with this gear.

Any of this stuff got RDX on it?

Bomb squad cleared it.

What do you got?

Tickets from
the Transit Authority.

For trespassing.
Both John and Harold.

Seems our boys had
an interesting hobby:

Going into restricted areas.

Restricted areas,
bombs and a dead guy.

- That's a recipe for no good.
- Mm.

The guy on the right is the
library victim John Patton.

Other guy is Harold Estes.

He and Patton have
their own YouTube channel

full of videos they shot
of all the places

they explored together.

- Or broke into.
- They're

urban explorers,
also known as "Place Hackers."

They look for abandoned
and deserted places,

then they take pictures,
videos, whatever.

And these guys were two
of the most well-known.

Their videos have literally
hundreds of thousands of hits.

All right, I see both guys
in a bunch of these.

Who's holding the camera?

That's a good question.
The ones you're talking about

were posted
by some mysterious guy

- named GhostEx.
- Why mysterious?

Can't we just trace him
through his YouTube channel?

Could take a while.

I think I know a quicker way.

There were a lot of
tickets on that fridge.

Yeah, I know these guys.

Real pain in my ass,

pardon my language.

These urbex creeps,
they use service tunnels,

abandoned subway lines,

sewers, whatever to get into places
they shouldn't.

We're looking for the person
holding the camera.

And we don't have an I.D.

Our guy logs
into YouTube as "GhostEx."

You got any ideas?

It's probably this kid
named Alex.

That would be the "Ex" part.

Alex Daniels.

He's a real wild one.

Quick as a rabbit,

I pulled a hamammy chasing
after him once.

Two weeks disability.

You seen any of them recently?

Yeah. I gave that one,

Harold, a citation
just yesterday.


Down around Foley Square.

There's an old access
tunnel down there.

It's like bees to honey.

Back in the day,

this whole area
was under water.

It was called the Collect Pond

Kind of like the
local reservoir.

Nice. We could've gone

- This was the 1700s.
- So?

People haven't changed
that much.

I'm sure they had skin that
occasionally needed... dipping.

- Frequely needed dipping.
- Sometimes

several times a day.


Well, this part hasn't
changed much either, huh?

Yeah. You used
to love a good stakeout.

Did I?

Yeah. We had a lot of fun.

Right. Who wouldn't enjoy
listening to their partner

recount Silver Spoons episodes
scene by scene?

Facts of Life.

Facts of Life.

Yeah, that was a
little closer to what

was going on.


So, tell me, is it true?

There alligators down there?

Why don't you come down
and we'll find out.

I got a better idea.

Uh, is-is John okay?

You don't know?

We haven't seen each other
for a few weeks. We...

John Patton's dead, Alex.

That's why we brought you in.


And his roommate Harold
Estes is missing.

Do you know where he is?


How did... how did John die?

He was poisoned.

Oh, my God.

He was playing around
with RDX... a lot of it.

That's a chemical used to build
C-4. Any idea what he was doing

- with C-4?
- Uh, I have... I have no idea.

John does what I do.

I climb around buildings,
go underground, on bridges.

I make videos and take pictures
for my blog. That's it.

What about Harold?

I don't know Harold
all that well.

He was kind of new to the scene.

He's more into treasure hunting.
That's not my thing.

He turned John on to it, and...

that's what came between us.

So you guys had a falling out?

Harold and John

were being all secretive
about something.

I guess I felt left out, and
when I talked to John about it,

he just blew me off, so...

Alex, it's very important
that we find Harold.

You know how
to get in touch with him?


We're getting nowhere with this.

I got a pile of C-4
being made in this city,

and I want to know why.

Problem is all we got him on

is a misdemeanor
trespassing charge.

Yeah, but he doesn't know that.

I mean, can't you just go back
in there and play hardball?

Okay, you got a bat?

Eliot, I think

I see your point.
Let me take a shot at him.

This... this is
what I'm saying.

Hey, Alex.

Remember me?


And, uh, FYI:
there aren't any.

Alligators. In the sewers.


Well, that's too bad.

You wouldn't say that if you
were down there as much as me.

You like crawling around
in the dark, don't you?

I love it.

I can show you;
The offer's still open.

I have an offer for you.

And I want you to think

long and hard
before you turn me down, okay?


I want you to come on board
as a special advisor.

We have a bomb to find,
and I think you can help us.

That... that's hardball?

Yeah. She's not
really into sports.

What I'm saying is

I don't want to follow some freak
around the sewers of New York

when there's real police work to be done.
There are no maps,

no diagrams, no way for us to get
into any of these places without him.

For all we know,
he could be a part of all this.

In which case, he will be
right under our noses.

In which case, he could be keeping
the bad guys one step ahead of us.

I have a good feeling
about him, Al.

I'll bet you do.

Hey, I think I might have found
what Patton was after.

Okay, because of the RDX
traces he left behind,

we were able
to gather all the items

Patton touched
while he was in the library.

Seems he was obsessed

with this guy, Alfred Goodrose.

Now, Goodrose was a painter,
specifically a muralist,

in the city back in the 20s.

Patton had this
man's actual diary

with him when he died.

And the interesting thing
about Goodrose is,

supposedly he found
the famous Hussar Treasure.

Not that famous; I got no idea
what you're talking about.

The Hussar was
a British colonial ship

loaded up with Spanish gold

and Revolutionary
prisoners of war.

In 1780, it ran aground

in the East River and sank.

Now, some folks think
that the British

brought the gold ashore,
let the prisoners drown,

leaving a curse on the treasure.

Long story short, rumor is,

Goodrose found the treasure,
spent a single

gold coin, and then promptly
died of mysterious causes.

- Any of that in here?
- No.

It's just a diary; it's all:

"I had mackerel for dinner,
my daughter's birthday's today,"

stuff like that.

So maybe John and Harold
found the treasure

and one of them wanted
to keep it all for himself.

Right. They're gonna need
explosives to get it,

so Harold lets his partner
get poisoned

by selling C4
without proper protection.

That's a different
kind of curse.

I just got a call from
my friends at the Coast Guard.

You guys are
gonna want to see this.

Just discovered it.

CSU said best guess,

the blast took place a week ago.

How much C4 would you need
to make an explosion

- like that?
- About the size

of a football.

Our guys are making
a heck of a lot more than that.

And they're testing it
to make sure it works.

Guys, I'm sorry, when I heard
about the blast site,

I didn't have a choice...
I had to call Homeland Security.

So that's it?
We're just off the case?

I don't like it, either,
but they have

rather strict
operational parameters.

But we're already running down leads,
doing all the work.

Yeah, well, now we got a guy
making trial runs,

plus... and I'm probably violating
the Patriot Act even saying this...

I'm told that Mr. Patton

and Mr. Estes have ties
to the Earth Liberation Front.

Those spray-paint SUV dealerships
and tie themselves to trees.

Yeah. Homeland thinks they're
stepping up their game.

The Oil and Gas Summit
meets this week in the city.

They believe your C4 is
making its way there, so...

I'm sorry, but we're done.

- I don't think so.
- Homeland has

- the expertise, they have the manpower...
- We don't have to stop.

What did I just say?
This is now a terrorism case,

- and DHS handles terrorism.
- Exactly.

DHS handles terrorism.

We are investigating
a potential homicide.

Whether he was killed
or died by accident,

the guy was making a bomb.

John Patton was poisoned...
it is our job

to figure out how and why.

And if, along the way,

we happen to stumble
onto something else,

well, then...
it's a win-win.

Oh, that is good.

Good. She is good.

You're gonna clear it with DHS?

- Yeah, I think I will.
- Thank you.

So we're still working
the case. Good,

'cause I may have something.
Now, it turns out

most of these urban explorer
dudes use a GPS device

that sends e-mails
tracking where they are.

It's a safety precaution.

So I did some digging
on John and Harold's computers

and found tons of visits
by the both of them

over the past two weeks

to the old City Hall
Subway Station area.

Thing's been closed
and sealed up for decades.

Well, that's great...
Alex can show me a way in.

I'm coming with you.
Are you sure you're up to it?

Up to it? No, it's just,
I've been watching

the videos, and it seems
very physically... challenging.

Don't worry about me.

- You know, I-I should leave you two...
- No, no, no, you stay.

You two just try
to keep up with me.

- Why are you laughing?
- No, nothing.

- Why is she laughing?
- You know what? You should come.

But be nice.

- Hey, you guys ready for the nickel tour?
- Yep.

Put this on.

We really need all this?

I'll help you with that.
Oh. Thanks.

You know, these things,
they got to be tight

in all the right places.



Don't be sorry.
Why are you sorry?

It's dangerous
where we're going.

And being your guide makes me
responsible for your safety.

I can take care of myself.

You good with carbon monoxide?

Cave-ins, dead batteries?


I don't have to worry
about you down there.

You don't have
to worry about me.

Yeah, you know what?
Don't worry about me, either.

- My pack's good. I'm good.
- Here's the deal, man.

We're gonna take care of
each other down there.

I see something you don't,
I'm gonna point that out.

You see something I don't,
same thing.

Okay, scout master, let's go.

You we a a scout?
Cool. What troop?

Troop Move Your Ass.
You heard of it?

Give me
a hand, scout.

Okay, there they are.

We should be able to follow
as long as

they don't go down too far.

Here you go.

- You good?
- Huh?

Remember to stick together,
watch out for those alligators.

This way, guys.

It's a pretty steady descent
to about 30 meters.

That's when it starts
to get interesting.

These footholds can be
a little dicey,

so if you get into trouble, Al,
you just call out.

- Thanks, I will.
- The most important thing

- is watching out for each other.
- Right, trust,

- just like he said.
- Exactly.

It might be hard, since
you weren't exactly

up front with us about
Patton and Estes.

What do you mean?

They were both part of
the Earth Liberation Front.

Are you kidding me?
I mean, John might've gone

to a meeting once or twice,
but he was no ecoterrorist.

How can you be sure?

The dude thought
he was Indiana Jones.

He was a dreamer.

Come on.

Whatever happened
to behaving yourself?

So, how do you keep
from getting lost down here?

Well, I make my living
as a mapmaker.

It's how I got
into all this, but...

it's about seeing things,

things other people don't see.

Knowing what to look for,
what to look out for...

Keeping it all tucked in here.

It's kind of like
having a sixth sense.

You know what I mean?

- Not really.
- Yeah, actually, I do.

Whoa-whoa! Look out.


My pleasure.

Whoa, no-no-no!

Don't... touch those.

You never know which ones
are still carrying the current.

- All right? It's a bit of a jump.
- All right.

Go ahead.

Aw, damn it.

Lost 'em.

They're a hundred feet down.
It's too deep.

The old motorman's lounge...

up until the '50s,
when they abandoned the station.

It's just been sitting
here like this,

for half a century?

That's why
John came here.

He loved the privacy.

Being around the ghosts
of a lost way of life.

Yeah, you certainly
do get your privacy.

Guess it depends what
you need the privacy for.

Come on, guys,

take a load off.

Doesn't look like
a bomb factory to me.

I've seen this room before.

They're urban explorers,
also known as "placehackers."

They look for abandoned
and deserted places...

Something's different.

Where does that door go?

I don't know.

It's always been locked.

Not always.

What the hell?

Come on, after you.

Al, this is it.

Blasting caps, RDX,
the whole nine yards.

Oh, man.

And no protective gear.

This is where John was poisoned.

I made that map for John.

He was here. I can't...

I can't believe
he'd be involved

in anything like this.

Yeah, you said that,
several times.

What was that?

That's a fuse.
The place is rigged.

Come on, get out!

Run! Go! Hurry! Go, go! Run!

Are you okay?

Yeah. You?

Yeah, I'm okay.




That leg feels pretty bad.

All right, just stay
as still as you can.

We'll get you out.


Our packs are buried.

They're never gonna find us.

I think
we're too far down for the GPS.

We got to get you out of here.
Can you walk?

There's no way, guys.

I'm sorry.

I can get out, Al.
I remember the way.


You could get trapped
out there.

There could be other bombs.

I got to try, right?

You stay with him.

I'll get help, okay?

Hey, we've been in worse
situations than this.

Really? When?



Me, too.


Be careful.

You're all right.

What's the status. Murray?

We had our last contact at
Warren Street, but lost them.

Then came the blast.

Fire department and EMTs are
moving into the explosion area.

We still have no confirmation
that's where they are.

I'm heading down there.

Yeah, we're responding.

No, no, no.
No, no, no, no!

No. No. No.


Didn't know
you guys were a thing.

We're partners.
Hold still.

Lots of...

different kinds of partners.

What kind are you?

Partner partners.

So, not a thing.

Depends on how you look at it.

How's that?

It's great. Thanks.

How do you look at it?

Oh, no.

Hydrogen sulfide. It's pretty
common at this level.

It must be seeping in

from somewhere.

It's really poisonous,
really bad.

Don't worry. We're gonna get out
of here. I'm gonna carry you.

Okay? Come on.

Come on.

I can't. I can't do that.

We're gonna die if we don't
get out of here, right?



That's it.

I'll come from
the other side.

All right, we're gonna make it.

Let's go.

- If it's in the tunnels...
- I know, I know.


The footholds in
here are a little dicey,

so, if you get in trouble, Al,
just call out.

Thanks. I will.

How you doing?

I think I'm supposed
to ask you that.

I'm fine. Just let me
know if I pass out.

All right.

Let's catch our breath right
here, right here, come here.

Come here.

There you go.

Where are we?

20 meters, you go left
under Duane Street.

And if the tunnel's open,

it's another 120
meters after that.



Somebody else over here!
Give me your hand.

We got you.
Take it easy, m'am.

We gotta get down there.

Marty Auerbach, Transit Police.

I talked with
Al Burns yesterday.

- Yeah, yeah, you helped us find Alex.
- Yeah.

Thank God you got out.
What can I do to help?

They're down by the old
motorman's lounge.

There was an explosion.
We got to get 'em out.

I know. We heard about the
blast on the radio. Okay.

I know these tunnels
like the back of my hand.

You've been through hell.
You need to get checked out.

My partner's down there.

I know.

I'll find him.


- Pete, take care of this lady.
- Yes, sir.

All right, ready?

Yeah, mm-hmm.

Wait, wait, wait.

Did you hear that?


Hey, I got an injured person
down here!

We need some help!

Lieutenant Burns?


Lieutenant Burns!


Thank God you're okay.

All right,
I'll pay those tickets.


Great. Thanks.

Hey, Jay?

Hey, Carrie,
great to hear your voice.

Yeah, likewise.
What do you got for me?

Still can't get a reading on
either one of the guys' GPSes,

but, uh, maybe I can find a way
to drop a sensor.

It's all right.
We're bringing 'em up.

- Great.
- Is that Carrie?


Hey, Jo.

Oh, thank God you're okay.

Listen, Carrie, I think I found

your missing place hacker,
Harold Estes.


He's in a thousand tiny pieces

at the beach blast site.

The explosion atomized him.

- Are you sure?
- I ran the DNA.

It's a match.

But that explosion happened
over a week ago.

Transit cop we talked to said

he gave Harold a ticket
day before yesterday.

Marty Auerbach.

Yeah, that's the guy.
No, that's impossible.

Harold's been dead a week.

Science doesn't lie.

Then Marty Auerbach did.

Listen, Jay, dig up everything
you can on him.

I'm going back in.

Hey, I need two guys over here!

It's to the left.

Alex says it's this way.

Yeah, he's right,
but they're working on the gas

all the way back
to the main line.

This is actually faster.

We can't get to 'em.

Room's flooded with sulfide gas.

Okay, we've dug up more
information on Marty.

Turns out he's got a demolitions
license, and two months ago,

he signed for a shipment of RDX

using a personal credit
card to pay for it.

We got to get to them
before Marty does.

Okay, that's Jay.
Alex's GPS is pinging.

Great. Where?

Duane Street and Lafayette.

- All right, let's go.
- They're on the move.

Most people don't even
know this track exists.

When they widened the trains,

the city just built
different tunnels.

This is weird.

We're going down.

All right.

Where are we exactly?

At our destination.

Right this way, gentlemen.

Freedom awaits.

Hey, open the door!


Tunnel's too narrow.

There's an indent... it's
for the service workers.

Come on, let's go!

Step off.
I can't go.

Okay, here...

Jay, are you sure?

We are here,
and there is no sign of them.

I'm still getting a signal.

He's got to be there.

I don't see...


Oh. Hey, you.

Sorry. You okay?

- Give me a hand.
- Okay.

He saved my life.

That's quite a boyfriend
you got there.

- Yeah. Boyfriend?
- Boyfriend?

Listen, Marty's target
for the C-4 is underground.

Or he's just using the tunnels
to get to whatever he's after.

No, in that room we found,

there was an empty box
of blasting caps.

Whatever he's after,
he's after it now.

You got any ideas?

No. I mean,
Marty was just around.

He was the law,

and we didn't want any more
tickets than we already had.

The truth is, we knew those
tunnels much better than he did.

I made that map for John.

Alex, in the bomb room,
there was a map

that you made for John.
What was it?

I didn't get a good look.
I mean, I made a lot of maps

for John, mostly places
we liked...

abandoned subway tunnels,
some ventilation shafts.

What was the last map
you made for him?

I think I did one
of the Financial District.

Why the Financial District?
To rob a bank? No, no.

It was all
that Hussar treasure business.

John thought it might be
around there.

- Why?
- No idea.

Treasure hunters don't usually
share their secrets.

They're paranoid.
Everything is code with them.

Blah, blah, blah.
That's why I hate it.

Code. Maybe that's it.

Maybe John was trying to break
a code at the library.

He had that diary.

Alfred Goodrose's diary.

But there was nothing in that.

Maybe there was,
and we didn't understand it.

It was open to a page...

A lot of viruses in hospitals.

Could he have caught
what killed him there?

"September 1, 1927.

My daughter

on her eighth birthday:

you are the treasure
without measure

guiding me towards good

like... the North Star

directs a lost captain
safely home."


Guided by the stars.

Really, it's
about seeing things.

Seeing things
other people don't.

Knowing what to look for.

I got it.

Jay, I need you to tell me

who painted the mural

above John's head
in the library.

No way.

Alfred Goodrose.

I want you to cross-reference
anything about that mural

with his daughter's birthday.

September 1, 1927,
she was eight years old.

It's all there.

Guided by the stars,
treasure, the birthday.

Holy smokes.

What? What is it?

The painting is
of the exact night sky

of September 1, 1927,

only seen
from a very specific location.

What location?

It could be anywhere.

Wait a minute.

That's the
St. Paul's Chapel spire.

It's on the northeast side

because you can see the portico
with the columns.

Goodrose painted

the map to the treasure;
He painted it.

Jay, can you send me
those coordinates?

Text them to us, Jay.

Marty's probably already there.

Hold on, guys.
I'm coming with you.

These coordinates
can't be right.

You can't see
the Chapel spire from here.

Yeah, well, they've built a
few things since the '20s.

That's why Patton had to
double-check everything.

Goodrose's world has
basically disappeared.

There are people everywhere.

If het sets off an explosion
down here,

there could be thousands
of casualties.

Wait a second.

He wouldn't work out
in the open like this, right?

So where is he?

He's underneath.
How did I know

you were gonna say that?
There's another station.

It's the original one,

built in the '20s.

Goodrose's era.

They just built this one
right on top of it.

Get with the MTA and
the fire department.

Start evacuating the
area immediately.

How do we get down there?

Ventilation shaft.

- All right.
- No way, buddy.

You're not going down there.


I can't go.

But we can.

All right, let's do this.



Drop it.

No, I don't think I will.

Behind that wall,
in a sealed-off aqueduct,

is the Hussar Treasure.

Thousands have looked for it,

but I found it.

No, you killed the men
who found it.

Patton and Estes were dreamers.

I had a system.

I had access to half a century
of subway maps.

I found it; I deserve it.

Yeah? What about the people
above us?

Do they deserve to die?

I know what I'm doing.

The only two people
that are gonna get hurt

are you and your partner.

That's not gonna happen.

Put that down.




Now, you can chase me or you
can save the people topside,

but you can't do both.

Start pulling them.

I'll get these.


we can't get to this one.

It's too high.

That'll cave in
the whole ceiling.

Hope that climbing
wall pays off.

Actually, this is how
you steal eggs

out of birds' nests.

Didn't they teach you that
at scout school?

Guess I missed that lesson.

You were too busy flirting
with the Brownies.

- You...
- Yep.

Just earned yourself
a merit badge.

For what?

Saving the day.


I'll go halfsies with you.

Hey, Marty.

You know the Hussar Treasure
comes with a curse, right?

Where are you taking me now?

It's a surprise.

- Really?
- What's wrong? You're not up to it?

Oh, I'm up to it.

All right, hold this.

- Wow.
- Right?

This is amazing.

Looks even better

with some of this.

How did you find this place?

Alex told me about it.

Guess the kid's got something
to recommend him.

You weren't really jealous
of him, were you?

Me? Jealous? Of what?

His beard?

You want me to grow a beard?

No, I would kill you.

Oh, look at this.

We're a long way

from the rock quarry
in Syracuse.

Yes, we are.

Those were some good days.

So are these.

You really think
there's treasure down there?

Who knows?

This city's got
a million mysteries.

That's why I love it.

Let's stay a while.

Well, I think
we're gonna get wet.

No, I mean here in the city.


Hey, Al...


Me, too.