Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 2, Episode 6 - Line Up or Shut Up - full transcript

When a young man is found dead in an expensive sports car he was delivering to a diplomat, each clue leads Carrie and Al to yet another possible motive for the murder.

♪ Lose... control...

♪ Lose control... lose control...

♪ Lose control, lose control,
lose, lose, lose, lose... ♪

♪ Control...

♪ You will lose control

♪ you will lose control

♪ lose... control...

Oh, my God.

Final days! Computers, tablets!

All digital, half price!
Closing sale, today only!

No, thank you. No, no, thanks. Flat screen.
I give you half price.

You need DVD player? No
one needs a DVD player.

Come on, Marshall,
they're closing.

- That's why the prices are so low.
- Come on in.

I got good deals for you.
It's, um...

Elon, right?

No, my name is Ami.

Oh, that's weird
because you told me it was Elon

three weeks ago, when you tried
to sell me a cell phone

at 5:14 P.M.
at 22nd and Sixth Avenue.

- No, not me.
- Yeah.

You. And also again in March.

March 18, 5:28 P.M.
26th and Second.

You were having another
going-out-of-business sale.

And, weirdly, here you are,
still in business.

What can I say? Times are tough.

That camcorder right there,

that model is two years old,

and I saw it online
for $255.95,

and you're selling it
"on sale" for $475.

That flat screen TV,

720p, not 1080p,

and if my memory
serves me correctly...

Which it pretty much
always does...

- It's plasma, not L.E.D.
- Okay, lady,

- what is your problem?
- You want to know

what my problem is? You are
ripping off innocent people

with your phony-baloney
going-out-of-business sale.

Here's the other problem:
I'm a cop.

So unless you want
to go out of business

for real, I suggest
you clean up your act.

Go in there, send Marshall
and his nice girlfriend

- on their way, okay?
- Whatever you say.

All right. You have a good day.

I'm on my way.

Get back, please.

Get back.

I need you behind the tape.

- Any witnesses?
- Nope.

No sign of a wallet

or phone. Whole thing's
a little funky.

Car's registered
to a big Swiss diplomat

by the name of Lukas Emminger.

I thought maybe car thief,

but it wasn't hot-wired.

Key's in the ignition.

Kid looks too young to be
part of the diplomatic corps.

Why do you take someone's wallet
and cell phone

and leave a car like this?

Meth addict looking
for a few bucks?

Single gunshot wound
to the head?

Maybe our Swiss diplomat
had some enemies.

Unforgettable 02x06
Line Up or Shut Up
Originally Aired September 1, 2013

Nice ride, huh?

"Nice" hardly covers it.

This slice of heaven goes from
zero to 120 in eight seconds.

Yeah, I had a Dodge Dart Swinger
in high school

- that was pretty fast.
- A Swinger?

- With the flower over the "i" in the logo?
- Yeah, that's right.

I'd forgotten.
Aw, I loved that car.

Okay, boss, if we're
gonna work together

on this case, there's something
you got to understand:

The Ferrari 458 is perhaps
the highest achievement

- of automotive engineering known to man.
- I noticed

it didn't have, like,
a cup holder

for the Super Big Chug
from Stop & Fill.

See, I got to have that
in any car I drive.

So when you're done
"examining" the evidence,

be nice if we had an I.D.
on our victim.

As a matter of fact,
I was just getting to that.

Our vic's prints aren't
in the system,

but it turns out the car was
involved in a chase last night.

Simple traffic stop...
ran through the signal,

then took off.

So, what, some...

- rich kid on a joyride?
- Maybe.

DMV confirms our Swiss guy
bought it this week.

That's why there are no plates...
It's still too new.

My money, I'd say
Emminger's our best lead.

Which is why we're heading
to his place in Mamaroneck

for a chat.

Jay, stay on the dead kid.

Sooner or later,
someone's gonna miss him;

- file a missing persons.
- You got it.

Come on, a Dodge Swinger?

Yeah, really.

Your chariot awaits.

Ah. I prefer the subway.

Sure you do. What's
that supposed to mean?

I don't know.
It's just... you've changed

your look
since we moved out of Queens.

- Like what?
- Well...

You're not buying your shoes at
Soles4less anymore.

Come on. One pair
of nice shoes?

First it's the shoes,
then you'll have the Rolex.

You're starting to look
a little bit like Eliot.

Nice. He's snazzy.

- Ooh.
- Detectives.

- Hi.
- Please, come in.

Forgive the chaos.

It's always the busiest time
of the day,

getting the children
out to school

and what with the packing.

- You're moving?
- Yes.

Back to Bern.
We've been in the U.S. too long.

And my family misses
the mountains.

It seems like an odd time for
you to be buying a new car

- right before you leave.
- Ah, yes,

the vehicle that you mentioned
on the phone.

You see, it makes a great deal
of financial sense for me

to buy a car of that price
and then to ship it home.

I'm head of the division
of economic affairs,

so you'll forgive me
if I take a little pride

in knowing
how to strike a bargain.

I'm not sure how you're gonna
feel about your bargain now.

That's my car?

- Mmm.
- What, you didn't... Know it was missing?

It was never delivered.

I ordered it from a dealer,

Nick Castigan
at Heritage Classics.

He said they would
deliver it to me.

You bought a $400,000 car
and you didn't check

to see if it was here?

Well, this might be hard
for you to believe,

but my life is full
of many things

that are more important
than automobiles.

- Do you recognize that young man?
- No.

Not at all.

- This is terrible. What happened?
- We think someone

may be targeting you.

I'm a commercial attaché.

Basically, I take meetings and
read contracts.

It would help if you could get us
a list of your recent dealings.

Oh, uh, of course. Uh,

It's highly sensitive material,
but I'll see what I can do.

One moment.

- Excuse us.
- Helen. You...

look beautiful.

Peter, good luck
on your history test.

And Celine...

You have a wonderful day,
all right?

- I'll follow you out in a minute.
- All right.

Do you think they're
in any danger?

We have to assume they may be.

I'd like to have someone
posted out front

and to accompany
you and your family.

That won't be necessary. The
consulate provides for our security.

No, not the paintings.

- Please, take the couch first.
- Yes, sir.

Oh, and extend my sympathy
to the boy's family.

- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.

This way.

All right.

Jay ran some background
on Emminger. Nothing.

You know, guys like him make me

miss the creeps we had
to deal with in Queens.

Really? You miss

- One-Eyed Danny the drug dealer?
- I loved

One-Eyed Danny
the drug dealer.

God, that's Ezequiel.

Ezequiel Nadal.

He's one
of my best delivery guys.

- What happened?
- We're hoping

you could fill some things in
for us.

You say you gave him the keys to
Emminger's vehicle at what time?

- 3:00? 3:30?
- Anything

seem odd or different

- about Ezequiel yesterday?
- No, not at all.

He's a good kid.

I gave him the car,
the location,

and he went on his way... he was
here maybe 20 minutes tops.

This is terrible.

Mr. Castigan, we had some
trouble identifying him.

Do you have contact info
for him?

Home address?

- Phone?
- Sure.

Let me dig it out for you.

I didn't know
he had another job.

He never mentioned
a delivery job to me.


He worked here,
you know, in the garage.

Ever since his mother died

two years ago...
day and night.

Worked harder than me
and his brother combined.

And he never mentioned

Heritage Classics
or Nick Castigan?


I walked him to
school every day.

It's only three blocks,

but I was always worried
that something...

he begged me to stop.

He was so embarrassed.

I finally did
when he turned 17.

Papi, your office.

Let it ring.

Francisco, right?

Do you mind if Francisco
shows me Ezequiel's bedroom?

You live here your whole life?



This is my room.

- Ezequiel's is down here.
- Okay.

What happened to your face?

I fell off my bike.

Some fall.

Francisco, was your brother
in any kind of trouble?

Something maybe your father
didn't need to know about?

- No.
- No?

You guys were close, huh?

You know, he, uh...

He-he was wearing
an expensive suit, but I...

I don't see anything
like that around here.

I don't know anything
about a suit.

Did he seem to have
more money lately?

- Did you notice anything like that?
- No.

I think he might have owed
somebody some money.

- Do you know who?
- He never said.

He just mentioned something
in passing.

What about a girlfriend?

Any friends maybe
I should talk to?

No girlfriend.

Ezy didn't have friends
like that.

No time.

He worked.

That's all he did.

In the morning,

he made the runs
to the auto supply warehouses,

and then in the garage
till after midnight,

just trying
to get the cars done.

- Sounds tough.
- He had a dream about

getting out of this place,

this crappy neighborhood.

He could have done it, too.

I bet he could.

What about you, Francisco?

You have the same dream?

Sometimes. Sure I do.

Well, then, it'll happen.

You just got to stay
on your bike.

Listen, if you think

of anything,
or you just want to talk...

you come find me, okay?


Okay, my preliminary indicates

he was clean...
No drugs or alcohol at all.

Handsome boy.


Okay, powder burns around
the entry wound indicate

the gun was close.

Close enough to see his face,
even if it was dark?

The barrel was within
two to three inches.

Whoever shot him knew
he was not Emminger.

And all of Switzerland
sighs in relief.

Mm-hmm. It was a .22
caliber round, by the way,

which is unusual for
a professional job.

Okay, so if it's not
a professional hit,

then, maybe it's personal.

Maybe he knew his killer.

I vote he knew him.

Here, take a look.

Right here.

His brother had those markings
on his wall.

I'm thinking gang markings.

Mm... maybe.

Thanks, Jo.


- Whoa. Hey.
- Oh.


Uh, sorry, but

you got to know
that the triple X

designation stands
for a lot of things.

I set the safe search as
high as I could, but...

Maybe we should
give this one to Murray.

- No, no, I'm on it.
- All right.

Wait a second.
There, that guy, right there.

There was a picture of that guy
in Ezequiel's room.

What is this?

Uh... message board.

of Street Racers. Wow.

All right, refine your search.

Triple X and-and
street racers.

We got it.
Looks like the Triple X

Burnouts is a crew working in
and around Washington Heights.

All right, so Ezequiel and
his brother were members

of a street racing club.

You know, Francisco said
Ezequiel owed somebody money.


Our guy here's the leader...
Steven McKinnon.

Maybe Ezequiel owed him?

This can't be right.

Yes, it can.

Hey, I'm Carrie Wells
with the NYPD. This is

- Al Burns...
- Is this about Stevie?



Get up! Now!

He comes in all hours,

then he sleeps all day,
and I worry,

but he says, "Don't worry, mom.

I'm a grown man.

I have my own life."

Would you like some sausage?

Stevie loves
the organic Andouille.

Oh, no, thank you.

That's more Al's speed than me.

Do you know your son's involved
in street racing?

Street racing?!

In that piece of junk?

It's in the shop every week.
Then I have

to take him to his pilates
class, and then drive him

to therapy.

I'm telling you,
it's a nightmare.


There are people


I'm coming, ma. Geez!

Did you make
the gluten-free pancakes?

My celiac is kicking up.

- Oh.
- The police, Stevie.

What do you have to
say for yourself?

- I paid those tickets.
- No, Steven.

We're here to talk about
Francisco and Ezequiel Nadal.

And the Triple X

Street Racing Crew.

Street racing, Stevie?

you-you want my keys,

just take-take my keys, okay?

But-but you can't
prove anything. Ooh.

- Stevie!
- Oh, you got to be kidding me.


Oh, no.

Let me drive!

I ran a 10k here once.

I know this neighborhood
like the back of my hand.

My car, I drive.

You navigate.

I love it
when you're articulate.

You know, I would have
caught him by now.

- Had a head start.
- Al, open it up!

Come on, put your foot
on the gas.

Faster, faster, faster! Whoo!

There you go.

You gotta get his attention.

Get his attention.
Maybe he doesn't see us.

Now, that is just
a little love tap.

You gotta get his attention.

Come on!

What's he got in that thing?

- He's gonna go straight. Don't follow him.
- What?

I know where
we can cut him off.

- Of course you do.
- Yeah.

Whoa! Watch out!

Take a left.
I know a shortcut.

Go straight past this house with
the lighthouse out front of it.

You're like a human GPS.

Hang a right at the picket fence
on the next block.

- You know how fast we're going?
- How fast?

Picket fence!
Picket fence!

Stop at the corner.

He could have passed us.

Wait for it...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You... you guys
have insurance, right?

Shut up!

Quite an interesting life
you lead, Steven.

Yeah, it's all right.

I had a nice little chat
with Francisco Nadal.

He tells me you're
the one responsible

for pounding his face.

And that's why I ran.

See, I knew
that kid was a punk ass.

So, we're starting
with an assault charge,

then evading, maybe
a moving violation or two.

Top it off
with murder and I'd say

this has been
a pretty good day for me.

Yeah, I didn't
kill Ezequiel, all right?

I run a street-racing crew.
I'm not a murderer.

No, you just beat the
crap out of 17-year-olds.

He owed me a lot of money
and wasn't paying up.

- Didn't Ezequiel owe you, too?
- Hell, no.

Ezequiel didn't
owe anybody ever.

He never lost a race
in his life.

His brother, though...


Yeah. I mean,

this kid lost two
big-money races back to back,

so when I...
put the squeeze on him,

Ezequiel stepped up and said
he would pay the debt.

He was supposed to meet me
last night with the money,

but he never showed.

How much money?

Ten grand.

I'm never gonna see it now.

I can't put the screws to a kid
whose brother got killed.

Yeah, that wouldn't be right.

No way, no how.

Ezequiel had a job delivering

sports cars.

Could he have been bringing one
to you to pay you back?

Nah. I couldn't do anything
with a stolen car.

All right, if you needed $10,000
in a hurry, where would you go?

My Uncle.
He's a dermatologist...

Ezequiel, Steven. Ezequiel.

Okay, and-and I had
access to a Ferrari

- or a Porsche or something?
- Yeah.

Chop shop. Cash money,
no questions asked.

They love those rides.

Strip 'em down, ship 'em out
in a matter of hours... boom.


I had to pry this out

of the precinct's hands,

but they finally sent it over.

Dash cam from the cruiser

that pursued Ezequiel
when he blew that light.

- All for a stupid stop light.
- Mm.

Why'd he run?

He knew if they caught him,
they'd impound the car.

Without the car,
he'd never get the money

to clear his brother
and get out.

That car was his ticket
to a new life.

And that's the crime.
Mm. So,

he's headed to a chop shop.

I figured maybe it's somewhere
in the neighborhood

where he blew the light.

I did a quick cross-reference
of the neighborhood and found...

hold on.

Hey, you need help with that?

No, no, no, no...
I got this.

Uh... there.

Like I said,

I ran a search on
all the garages

in the area,

that's the term you use,
right, Jay?

with criminal

violations and


Juno's on 11th Avenue.

Auto body shop registered
to Alma Delaney.

Convicted in Jersey
on a variety of charges,

receiving stolen goods.

Recently moved her shop
from North Bergen.

That's, uh, incredible.

Yeah. Carrie and I
are headed over there right now.

Oh, no, I meant,
it's incredible that,

uh, you did all this
computer stuff by yourself.

What's the matter, Jay?

Afraid you're gonna be obsolete?


Yeah, right...

- Did you help him?
- No.

These are some pretty
nice cars, Ms. Delaney.

Seems like these are the ones

always get the dings,
am I right?

Hey, you get that Charger

of yours knocked around,
detective, I'll take care of ya.

Yeah? Thanks.

Now I'm assuming
you have contact info

for the owners of
these vehicles?

Of course! Back in the office.

Uh, might take a while to find.

I-I'm not so good
with the filing.

Before you do that,

tell me if you've ever seen
this young man before.

- Uh... no.
- He wasn't here

- night before last?
- No.

Handsome kid like that,
I'd remember.

Even at my age, right?

You're sure?

You want to take a longer look?

No. My lungs is
bad, not my eyesight.

Never seen him.

What are these scratches here?

What are you talking about?

What-what scratches?

I got a car with scratches
just like these.

A Ferrari. It's evidence
in a murder investigation.

The murder of Ezequiel Nadal.

I told you,
I never seen the kid before.

I don't know nothing

about no murder.

You know about
the organized crime control act?

What's that?

It's the law
that makes running a chop shop

for stolen car parts illegal.

There's also a little thing
called obstructing a murder

investigation, so unless
you want to be making

the license plates you're
currently removing off

of stolen cars, I suggest

you take another look
at the picture.

A-all right, uh,
he, he was here.


Couple of days ago.

He was trying
to sell me something,

but I-I wouldn't touch
a car like that.

Because it was stolen?

Because it was fake.


I see it all the time.

That-that's why we do the
scratches... to test the paint.

Ferrari has a patent
on their colors...

Made only for them.

I did the test myself,
and it failed.

I-I sent him on his way.

Faux watches, sunglasses...
We all know about those,

but the world

of fake luxury cars

is a multimillion-dollar

Cars shine on the outside,
engine parts not so much.

"Faux-raris," right?

Buyers know
what they're getting?


I'm gonna say most don't.

Most folks probably can't tell
the difference.

I mean, some people think that
a Dodge Swinger is a slick ride.

Okay, so you put down
half a mil on one of these,

then you find out
you've been ripped off.

Guys have been shot for less.

Yeah, but why take it out
on the delivery boy?

I mean, I'd go after the guy
who sold me the car.

The gate is down.

What's he doing closed,
middle of the day?

Don't know.

Hey, Al, it looks like
the place has been tossed.

Nick Castigan?



Webster confirms
Castigan was killed

by a single shot to the head

a few hours before
we arrived on scene.

Okay, so either some buyer
figured out he bought a fake,

kills Castigan
to settle the score,

or the guys who make these
cars want their little scam

kept quiet.

Would explain
taking out Ezequiel,

if he'd tripped to what was up.

You guys okay?
I heard about Castigan.

Oh, the place was trashed,

but whoever did
Castigan was long gone.

And, uh, how were the cars?

I think they're
gonna pull through.

Did you have something for me?

Couple things.

One, we checked
Ezequiel's phone records.

The night he was killed,
he got a text asking him

to meet in the very location

where he was shot.

Number tracked to a burner cell,
so no way to trace it.

But it confirms what we're
thinking... he knew his killer.

What else?

Aha, check this out.

On Castigan,

I tried to get an idea of what
kind of inventory he moved,

so I ran a search
on Heritage Classics...

Google street view,
satellites, maps, anything.

These are over six months.

It's always the same cars.

He shifts 'em around,

but I don't think
he's selling anything.

So Heritage is what,
just a front?

You order the cars, they gotta
come from an importer, right?

I think Castigan just arranges
the fake titles

and registrations, and delivers
the fake cars to the buyers.

We gotta find who's bringing in
these cars.

Problem is, whoever killed
Castigan cleaned out his files.

Yeah, the DMV keeps records
of where cars are purchased.

You don't even have to wait
in line to get 'em.

Voila, all the buyers
whose cars came by way

of the late Mr. Castigan.

Our diplomat Emminger's name's
on here twice.

Three times, actually.

The Ferrari and
Aston Martin DB7 Vantage

and a Lamborghini Gallardo.
Are you serious?

Give me a few hours
in that garage.

They're fake, Jay.


Why would Emminger not mention

he bought other cars
from Heritage?

Maybe we should ask him.

Yeah, Carrie and I'll
head out there.

Yeah. Um, maybe you should talk
to Eliot first?


I am not interfering
with your investigation.

I didn't say,
"Interfering with," I said...

I know what you said.

The particular word you used
was very evocative.

Eliot, we have a list of people

who were ripped off
buying phony cars.

Our killer is probably
on that list.

And I simply wanted
to review that list,

maybe save you guys some time.

Review? I'm feeling the need
to use that word again.

Guys, come on.

There's some big names
on this list.

You are so right.

There are some huge names
on this list. Enormous.

Francis Rhinelander

That is a big name.
Lots of letters...

- Very big name, yeah...
- ln that name. It's huge.

Okay, I'll spell it out for you.

People who spend half
a million dollars on cars

tend to be rich.

And rich people are friends

with, one, other rich people,
and two,

elected officials,

some of whom can occasionally be
useful to us.

I knew you had other agendas,
but you are another agenda.

I am simply asking...

That we stay away from the
mayor's golfing buddies... yes.

Not stay away, just approach
with some discretion.

That's all.

Good. Carrie?

Great. Okay.

Uh, uh, where are you going?


Lukas Emminger...
he's first on that list.

No. See, this is what
I'm talking about.

You know you broke about
75 diplomatic protocols

that last time
you questioned him.

Yeah, but we're
gonna be discreet.

By the way,

the mayor doesn't play golf

He tore his rotator cuff.

Mr. Emminger,
do you have a second?

Of course.
Go ahead, Philippe.

I'll be in in a moment.

Detectives, any luck with that
poor young man:

No, not yet, but we did
discover that you bought,

in fact, three cars
from Heritage Classics.

I'm not sure I see the relevance
of my automobile purchases

in a murder investigation.

Just wondering why
you didn't mention that

in the first interview.

Well, frankly,
I find that dimension

of my job as a trade attaché

better left undisclosed.

While not strictly illegal...

I'll be in in a moment.

It could be misinterpreted.

All right, and that could be
uncomfortable for you.

I'm glad you understand.


So these cars you bought,

they were gifts, yeah?

- Yes, to friends.
- Oh.

I believe, in this country
you call it "lobbying."

Actually, in this country,
we call it "bribery."

Imagine, had
you discovered yourself

that these gifts were fake,
you'd be a little upset.

What do you mean, fake?

Wait... you weren't aware
that the cars you bought

from Heritage Classics
were counterfeit?

Oh, I see. No, I was not aware.

Mr. Emminger, it occurred to us
that realizing you paid

$2 million for fake cars

might make
some people very angry.

Oh, I assure you I had no idea
the cars were illegitimate.

Have you spoken to Nick Castigan
in the past two days?

Detectives, I hope
I've been of some help,

but I'm afraid I'm being rude.

Perhaps, if you need any
further communication with me

you can arrange it
through the consulate.

Thank you. Good day.

You know, he seemed
genuinely surprised.

I thought so, too.


By the way, you were
very discreet.

Nice discretion.

You were pretty good.

You couldn't help yourself
with the bribery line.

Jay, how you doing
finding the importer?

Glad you asked.
I've been searching

for the point of entry
on the Heritage vehicles.

Looks like

they could've come in
at several spots

along the eastern seaboard.

So then I thought,
what if I track Ezequiel

the night he was killed, see where
he might have made his pickup?

Turns out our boy
had a PATH Smartlink Card,

which took him to Jersey City,

home to the Port Authority's
Vehicle Preparation Center.

Got a name for us?

Almost. There are literally, like,
hundreds of importers down there.

I'm trying
to get some security footage.

Jersey City, huh?

This is terrible.

Ezequiel Nadal...

he's one of my best
delivery guys.

What-what happened?

Well, maybe you can
fill some things in for us.

You say you gave him the keys
to Emminger's vehicle

at what time?

3:00, 3:30.

Krinkowski Limited.

You got that on
your list of importers?


Listen, my pops started this
business 40-odd years ago.

We brought in three, four
million cars through here.

Never one iota of trouble.

Nick Castigan,
Heritage Classics.

You heard of him?

Not really.

Everything's "Classic" this,
"Blue Ribbon" that.

I can't keep track.

How about Ezequiel Nadal,
21, delivery driver?

Do I look like a guy that deals
with errand boys?

All right, then we'd like to see
the customs paperwork

filed this past month.

Preferably the 7501 forms.

Yeah, I know the form numbers,
but no, you can't.

Not without a warrant.

I thought you ran
a clean business here.

I loved One-Eyed Danny
the drug dealer.

Hey, Al?

That guy was at
Heritage Classics.


Hey! Police!

Al, keep him busy.

I got an idea.


Mr. Mullin, ballistics from
your gun match Mr. Castigan.

That and your previous
convictions for attempted murder

mean you're going away forever,
unless you help us out.

What I'm trying to tell you is

this is a business.

Just cars and such.

Maybe it's a little shady,

but I didn't have
anybody killed.

Not Castigan, not anybody!

My colleague tells me
Mullin's already gave you up,

said the whole thing was your
idea, your plan

to wipe the slate clean.

Why did you kill Ezequiel Nadal?

- I didn't.
- You're trying to tell us...

I didn't kill the kid!

Castigan called me up!
He was worried

what he was gonna say
when the cops showed up.

So I sent Mullin over there

to talk to him, that's it!

He's the one with the gun,
the record.

I'm just a businessman.

This is all Krinkowski.

He was afraid someone would find
out about the cars.

Told me to kill Castigan
and clean out his records.

And Ezequiel?

I'm telling you,

why would I kill a kid
who delivered cars?

He picked up the keys
from the girl.

He had no idea
what was going on.

Both of these guys are lying
through their teeth,

trying to pin it
on the other one.

Webster confirmed what Mullin
said about the ballistics.

He used a nine-millimeter
on Castigan.

The gun is registered to him.

Problem is, Ezequiel was
shot with a .22.

We pulled a dozen guns out
of Krinkowski's garage.

Any one of these guys
could have done it.

They didn't kill Ezequiel.

We broke an international
auto fraud ring and caught

Nick Castigan's killer,
and I'm thinking,

with enough pressure,

we can make 'em for
Ezequiel's murder as well.

It was a good day, Carrie.

I'm telling you

we're missing something.

Now I want to go into that

list of buyers again, see if one
of them has a registered .22.

Please, I got people from the
City Council calling me,

diplomats from
the State Department.

It's like half the traders
on wall street

bought one of those cars.
We're done.

I can't go to this kid's
father and tell him

we have the guy who murdered
his son.

I can't do that.

Then I will.

What's your take on this?

You're right.

You have who you need.

So what difference

does it make if you give us
48 hours

to rework the list?

Fine, stay on it.

But just so we're clear,
this is serious business.

The Swiss embassy's requesting

a letter of apology
from the NYPD.

- What? Why?
- Why? Because they can.

You got 48 hours. Go.

Hi. I don't know
if you need this,

but here's my report
on Ezequiel Nadal.

Anything new?

Not much.
Except I may have figured out

where he was planning on
spending the rest of his life.

Someplace hot.

What makes you say that?

There were some odd things
in his blood work.

Traces of vaccines;

unique combination of
chloroquine and proguanil.

You need those to travel

to tropical countries like
India, South America.

Wait a second.

Do you recognize
that young man?

No, not at all.

You look beautiful.

And Celine, have a
wonderful day, all right?

I'll follow you
out in a minute. All right.

Emminger's oldest daughter.

Listen, have it back...

- Eliot.
- Yes? Ugh.

You got a minute?


So, that personal apology?

I would like
to deliver it in person.


Who exactly do you want
to apologizing to?

Lukas Emminger.

Yeah. That's what
I was afraid of.

I'd really hate to miss him.

He leaves the country tomorrow.

You know, I was really starting
to love this job.

Do me a favor?

Be discreet?

Be careful.


I'll get Lukas.

I'm sorry I can't offer you
a place to sit,

but we're all packed
and leaving.

It's our last night here.

What's going on, detectives?

Just wanted to let you know
we found the boy's killer

and to apologize if
we caused you any concern.

Not at all.
We all have our jobs to do.

I was just wondering...
before you leave...

Why didn't you tell us your daughter
was in love with Ezequiel Nadal?

This is her picture, right?

Yes. What is this?

We believe your
daughter met Ezequiel

when he delivered

a car to your husband.

They went together
to deliver other cars.

Ezequiel posted that
on his Instagram.

I don't understand why
my daughter's relationship

with this young man is
police business.

I want to talk
to your daughter now.

Absolutely not.

Hey, Celine.


I don't have anything to hide.

You were running away

together, weren't you?

To India, Goa.

No! I forbid you

to answer any questions.


We met when he came
with the cars.

And we kept it a secret
because we knew.

We wanted to be different people
in a different place.

We were supposed
to leave that night.

Ezequiel said he was getting
some money

and he would meet me
on the corner.

So I packed a bag.

I went, I waited.

Never came.

Celine, you told me,

you promised me that you had
broken it off with him.

We were in love.


I don't understand.

Why are you here?

We found this text message in
Ezequiel's cell phone records.

"Meet me at the corner
of Avenue C and 14th."

Did you send that text?


Ezequiel was killed
at that address.

It's from a burner phone.


But you know the
number, don't you?

It's mine.
Ezequiel got us a phone,

but I-I didn't send
that message.

No, no, no, this could not be
my daughter's cell phone number.

Stop lying.

You must stop lying, Lukas.

- Mama?
- I'm so sorry.

Gisele, stop.

- No.
- Don't.

The phone...

I can fix this.

Was not a surprise.

I found it in your room,
and I showed it to Lukas.

We-we read the texts.

Stop now!

You knew it was in her bag.

You did.


did you kill Ezequiel?

I was just trying
to protect my family.

I spoke with both of them.

I-I offered him money
to go away.

He wouldn't take it.

Celine promised me
that she had broken it off,

and then I read the text

and I saw their plan.

I was about to lose my daughter
forever. I had just...

No! Celine!


I don't want to be here.

I want you to put
the knife down, honey, okay?

I don't want to be here anymore.

I know, but I need you
to put the knife down.

- Don't...
- Celine.

You don't get to talk!

Celine, look me.

Look at me.
Look at me.

Celine, look at me.

I know you loved Ezequiel.

I know you loved him so much.

And he loved you, didn't he?

Of course.

Of course he did.

Then how can you imagine
hurting yourself like this?

He wouldn't want you
to die, right?

He'd want you to live
and go to India and be free

and swim in the ocean.

But we can't!

Yes, you can, you can.

Celine, look at me.

You have your whole
life ahead of you.

Don't make his death
for nothing.

You can live life
for both of you, okay?

You can.

Okay, come here.
Give me the knife.

Give me the knife.

Lukas Emminger,
you're under arrest

for the murder
of Ezequiel Nadal.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Don't bother!

Perhaps you've never heard
of diplomatic immunity?

Let's go.

Good job today.

All for nothing, though, right?

Does that creep
really get immunity?

Or make your friends
at city hall happy...

No diplomatic scandal.

Funny thing about that.

Did you know diplomatic immunity
is a privilege

that can be waived
by the visiting ambassador?

after a lovely talk with me,

turns out the Swiss
see the value

in having a friend
in Major Crimes.

A point I believe I was trying
to make with you earlier.

Immunity's waived.

Emminger stands trial
for murder.

You just saying good-bye?

It's tough.

You know, even when
you know the truth, still...

Hate to see her go.

I'm sure she'll find
a good home.


Let me ask you something.
You didn't really have

a Dodge Swinger
in high school, right?

Sure. Why not?

I don't know, just...

not how I imagined you,
I guess.

Well, people will surprise you.


I had a '65 Shelby Mustang.

428 under the hood,
with a top-loading four-speed

and a traction-lok
rear end I built myself.

Ran it into a tree
night of my senior prom.

Still... that's more like it.




You want to take it for a spin

before they haul it away?

No, no, no.
Not my style.

Besides, I think
the Italians made

a big mistake with the Ferrari.

Is that right?

No back seat.

I don't think that's important.

August 14, 2000,

South shore, Lake Onondaga?

You were driving a 19...

1996 Chevy Impala SS.

Very usable back seat.

Very usable.

I'm headed to the subway.

You want to walk with me?


Listen, about those shiny,
shiny shoes of yours.

I like them.

Forget it.

I gave 'em to the
salvation army.

Al, why?!

That's okay.

They were Gucci
knockoffs, anyway.