Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 2, Episode 8 - Til Death - full transcript

After a wealthy couple is murdered, Carrie and Al pose as a married couple to lure in the killer, who Al believes is linked to a series of unsolved homicides he once investigated.

- This is it, 872.
- You're kidding.

Why? You don't like it?

Ah! I think it's
beautiful. I'm just... wow.

What do you say if, we
officially christen the place?

Do you mean carrying me over the threshold?

You're gonna do something, do it right.


Don't drop me.

I've always wanted to live in a Brownstone.

- And now you do.
- And now I do.

Look at this.

- Careful, our fancy neighbors will see.
- That's the idea.

You know? This whole
marriage thing isn't so bad.

- Hey, can you hear me?
- I would hear you better

if you'd stop shouting.

- Where are you?
- That Japanese place on Green

with the amazing Sushi.

Where we went after we
closed the Burrell case.

Yashin, yes, and it was after
the Zuniga case, actually.

Right. So, what did I get again?

Some kind of roll with
the sea eel and something?

What am I? Your personal Zagat guide?

Come on. I know you
remember. It's almost my turn.

Fine, fine, fine, you ordered a Dragon roll,
which by the way no self respect in Sushi.

Now wait. I liked what
you had, with the sauce.

- Shinko. River fish.
- River fish. Got it.

Remember you kept leaning
across the table to get at mine?

And you got a stain on your tie, which
by the way was an improvement on that tie.

Thank you.

Did you want something?

Yeah. River fish.

Hold on. I get a call.

Can I help you?

Al Burns.

Got it. On my way.

Mister, you want to order or not?

Next time.

- Can you meet me somewhere?
- Next.

Victims are Glenn and Diana Truman.

Married, two kids in college.

He's some kind of Ad Exec,
she works for the Guggenheim.

Only things missing are the wedding rings.

- Just like the others, huh?
- Yep.

- Just like the others? What's going on, Al?
- Excuse me just one second.

Three and a half years ago, Green and I

worked homicide together in Queens.
We had two cases just like this one.

Husband and wife. Affluent like this.

Killed, like this. Wedding rings gone too.

Any suspects?

No arrests, nothing. All we had...

matching ballistics from a 40 caliber.

Then a few months in, we found out about
two other couples, Columbus, Ohio 2008.

Same exact MO. Two sets of two.

We kept at it.

Trail went cold.

I guess it's heating up.

Til Death

Alicia and Harvey Reid. That's the
first couple we found. Killed in 2010.

Both shot multiple times in the chest.
Married 18 years. Two beautiful kids.

- How was the marriage?
- By all accounts, solid as a rock.

They were both investment bankers.
On the boards of a dozen charities.

Couldn't find a single person
with a bad thing to say about them.

Yeah well, someone had a problem with them.

What's with the missing wedding rings?

No idea. But in each case, the more
expensive jewelry was left untouched.

Then one week later.
Lexie and Donald Grant.

Successful art dealers.
Penthouse in Chelsea. Same MO.

Killing couples is a pretty
rare serial killer profile.

I mean, you got... the Zodiac killer,
out in California. He killed couples.

Son of Sam shot at several
couples, parked in their cars.

Yeah, but all those victims were
teenagers. Early twenties at most.

The affluence in age with these couples
doesn't fit any pattern we can find.

Murray, if you could get on the ballistics.
I'm guessing 40 caliber. With some luck,

- we should be able to match.
- I get on it.

Burns? Got a sec?

What? It's not major
enough for Major Crimes?

I didn't say that. I said
we had limited resources.

And the choice of how to allocate
those resources belongs to me.

We're talking about a series of double
homicides, that I believe are related.

I know you have history with this,

but a serial killer who randomly
targets wealthy middle aged couples?

Ah, I get it. It's headlines, right?

Al, fortunately and unfortunately,
when we take on a case,

a certain amount of media
attention generally follows.

Yeah, you don't want your rich
friends waking up to the news

they're being stalked in their own homes.

I am simply asking that despite your personal
convictions we do not jump to any conclusions.

You don't have to jump to these
conclusions. They're staring you in the face.

Fine, use the team. You got 48 hours
to work this up as a serial killer.

After that, we're gonna dump it down in
Midtown South as a home invasion homicide.

Fine and by the way, you hired
me for my personal convictions.

48 Hours? Really? Not to
put a rush in on my tests.

You know what? Those lab techs owe me.

I am practically the only one
that goes to their bake sales.

You have bake sales in Forensics?

You would be so surprised to see what a
little centrifuging does to lemon meringue.

Okay, so we have the obvious cause of death.
Gunshot wound at the upper thoracic region.

Caused by a 40 millimeter projectile.

Marking is consistent with
a Sig Sauer P250 handgun.

Was the same weapon used?

- Inconclusive.
- But why these particular couples?

The only connecting factor is
that he takes their wedding rings.

It's a bonus grab. Those wedding rings
were probably worth a pretty penny.

So you got nothing unusual, Jo?

You know what? I don't know.

My predecessors in Queens were not
known for their intellectual curiosity.

Am I being catty?

Oh, good.

Okay, take a look at this. From 2010.

Unidentified hairs found on
the victim, Mrs. Grant, Lexie...

But a simple scan with
an electron microscope

would have indicated that
the scale pattern was equine.

Not human, but did they bother to look? No.

Victims are Glenn and Diana Truman.
Married, two kids in college.

He is some kind of ad exec.
She works at the Guggenheim.


- Horse hair.
- Exactly.

God, it's a tragedy. Yeah,
I know the Truman girls.

Everyone loves them. I can't
imagine how they'll get through this.

That's Annie.

What about Talia Grant? Lexie
Grant's daughter, 2010. You know her?

Let me see if I can find her.

I'm just wondering if maybe
they shared the same instructor

- or something.
- I'm not sure... here we go.

This is Talia Grant's class.

No, her instructor was Claudia Baker,
but she left us over two years ago.

- There's a Brenner in both of these classes.
- Those are Eileen Brenner's kids.

She's coming by here later today

- with one of her daughters.
- Thanks.

So we're talking Eileen and Howard Brenner,
married 15 years. They live up in Scarsdale.

Turns out they have two daughters.
One who rode with Annie Truman.

And the older daughter, who rode
with Talia Grant, back in 2010.

Okay, so they took riding lessons together.

- Great. You have more?
- Don't I always have?

For starters I got a series of
cell phone calls in 2010 from

Donald Grant to Eileen Brenner.

So? The kids are in the same
class. They're making carpool plans.

Yeah, but how do you explain calls
from the two other dead husbands,

Truman and Reed to Miss Brenner as well?

And the fact that the
number they used to call her,

isn't the same one her own
husband used to call her.

Now that's some pretty
secret carpool plans.

I don't know. They're all having affairs
with Eileen Brenner? I don't buy it.

And by all accounts, these
marriages were strong.

Okay, go ahead.

- What?
- Ask me five more.

- Jay.
- Right, so.

After I found those calls, I took all the data
you worked up from the first two homicides.

Cell phone records, bank statements...

Duplicated with Brenner's and
the last victims, the Trumans.

- A lot of data.
- Which is why

I ran it through a NSA
data mining search engine.

And found that.

What is that?

Those empty spaces represent three
hour time blocks of no cell phone use.

Which means, none of the
husbands made any calls,

used any cause and checked any e-mails
accounts within those three hours.

Wait a second. I know those
dates. August 8th, August 17th.

- The Reed and Grant murders.
- Exactly.

Those couples were killed within
twelve hours of the husband going dark.

Same goes through for Glenn Truman
and his wife Diana yesterday.

So the question is, what were
they doing in those three hours.

I might have an answer.

Turns out our Eileen Brenner
wasn't always Eileen Brenner.

Meet the former Eileen Hanson.

- Complete with the criminal history.
- A prostitution charge.

Oh, Several. Out of Florida 17
years ago. After graduating college,

she and a couple sorority sisters
apparently started a little call girl ring.

Our squeaky clean Scarsdale
soccer mom was once a hooker.

Prostitution, three
hours sounds about right.

Eileen Brenner?

- That's right.
- N.Y.P.D.

I'd like to ask you a few
questions about Donald Grant.

- I'm sorry, who?
- Donald Grant.

Uhm, that name isn't familiar.

What about Harvey Reed? Or Glenn Truman?

I'm sorry.

Beth, I'll be there in a minute.

I'm not talking to you.

Eileen, do you own an apartment

- on East 28 street?
- I may.

Well, if I was paying $6,300 a month and...

running an escort service
out of it, I think I'd know.

- Mam, is everything okay?
- Yeah, go on ahead, it's fine.

Look Eileen, we're not here to judge
you. I don't care how you make your money.

But you are the only thing that connects
us to six victims in a multiple homicide.

A homicide?

Yes. So, if you know anything at
all, right now is the time to talk.

I don't know anything
about anybody being killed.

We're gonna need the phone numbers
and identities of all your workers.

I can't give you that information.

Eileen, did you hear what I just said?

I'm sorry. I can't give you their names...

because I don't know them.

What do you mean, she doesn't
know who works for her?

That's how she runs this. She
only knows her girls by aliases

and their disposable cell phone numbers.

Okay, so all the husbands
used the same escort service

and the same apartment. That
doesn't mean it's the same killer.

Which leaves you... 39
hours. Oh, by the way.

I assume that you tipped
off Vice to the arrest?

- What arrest?
- Okay.

I hesitate to ask this, but how exactly
did you leave things with Mrs. Brenner?

We told her to keep doing what she's
been doing. In fact we insisted.

Oh good, you insisted that she continued
to operate a criminal enterprise.

We're not interested in a prostitution
bust. We're trying to find a killer.

Who's probably back to kill again.

Eileen Brenner service's the only
thing that connects all our victims.

Right. So now Major Crimes is
in business with prostitutes?

Is that a problem?

So Brenner only knows her girls
to their cell phones, right?

Yeah, and they were all
burner cells. So, dead end.

Maybe not. I tracked down the serial
numbers on the phones and check this out.

Most of the phones were purchased at a
campus bookstore at Hudson University.

At college? Oh come on,
she's recruiting students?

Maybe. Me and Murray are gonna
head over there right now.

Yeah, sure. Prepaid
disposables are popular.

But with, you know, the two year plans
you get locked in. Super expensive.

And, eh... the kids love
the whole privacy element.

Well, it would be very helpful if we
take a look at your past sales records.

Sure, eh... I mean, I need to see if
I can generate these kinds of receipts.

We can get you the phone ID-numbers,
if that'll help you find them.

So now, you're looking for phones
or the folks who bought them?

We'd like to know who bought
these specific phones, yeah.

See, now that I don't know 'bout.
That might be a little tougher.

Harvey, this is a pretty
important investigation.

All right, yeah, you said eh...

Major squad or whatever. It's just that
I'm not so sure what I'm allowed to do.

And I really feel like I should
give the Dean's office a call.

- Go ahead.
- Yeah, Sure. Okay.

You will have to excuse Harvey,
the bookstore is sort of his domain.

He actually attended Hudson.

Dropped out sophomore year and he's
been in that bookstore ever since.

I get it. My cousin Chrissy,

she's been a junior over at
Bennington for five years now, so...

Detectives, if what you suspect
regarding these cell phones is true

it would obviously be
quite disturbing to us.

Look Dean Proctor, we're not suggesting
the university was aware of this activity.

The truth is, we were aware.

Excuse me?

About five years ago a couple
of parents raised concerns

about certain income that their
children couldn't account for.

And we conducted an internal investigation

and found that several of our students
were engaged in this sort of activity.

And the students that were
involved were asked to withdraw,

which they did immediately
when faced with our evidence.

Sir, we're gonna need
access to your records.

There are no records.

After we were convinced
that the activity had seized,

we destroyed all records
of our investigation.

You destroyed records of criminal activity
to spare this school some embarrassment?

It wasn't only the school
that was spared embarrassment.

Our investigation uncovered the
identity of many of these girls' clients.

I assure you, if you would've seen that
list, you would've appreciated our discretion.

People have been killed, Dean Proctor.

If you or your university has
obstructed our investigation in any way,

your endowment will be
the least of your concerns.

Have you ever seen any of these men going
in or out of Eileen Brenner's apartment?

I don't know.

There are some medical offices on the first
floor. The psychologist and the podiatrist,

so there's a lot of foot
traffic, no pun intended.

You got a hard drive for these?

DVR's been out a while.

Don't want to record any faces, huh?

Hey, I just work the door.

Sure you do.

I got two in the front. Should
take in the whole sitting area.

And one back here. I could rig
up a special just for the bed.

No, that's okay. We just want an
idea of the clients and the girls.

We don't need the whole show.

This is all just sad.

What, you mean rich married guys?

Sleeping with girls young
enough to be their daughters?

Yeah, and the rich married guys get killed.

It seems like whoever is doing this,
is making a point about these men.

But why kill the wives?

What if it's not the men?
What if it's the marriages?

All of these couples, they seem perfect.

- The money, public displays, the romance.
- Storybook relationships.

Every one a lie.

Every one a lie. What if our
killer is punishing the hypocrites?

Husband and wife.


- Hey.
- Surveillance camera picked up our first one.

- Already?
- She's real class. Use your head, girl.


Why alone I'm feeling like
I don't want to watch this?

What, you mean rich married guys?

Sleeping with girls young
enough to be their daughters?

Yeah, and the rich married guys get killed.

That clock. Wait a sec.

When we were there this
morning it was accurate.

Now it says 3:34. What time is it Jay?

- It's 2:34. It's an hour off.
- It's an hour off.

So someone went in after we
left and changed it, but why?

Let's find out who it was.

- You put a camera in the clock.
- Okay, but I didn't kill anybody.

Not only do you record
these girls and their Johns.

You stupidly record the time and date.

We found these in your apartment.
September 15th, 5:45 pm.

Glenn Truman, September 15th.

You were working that
day. You saw him come in.

You saw him go out. You followed him home.

- And you murdered him and his wife.
- No. No, I swear to you. No.

All three men were in the
building when you were working.

All three couples were murdered when
you weren't. Am I missing something here?

I'm telling you, all I did was set up the
nanny cam in the clock. I didn't kill anyone.

I swear. I'm just a perv.

Jay, you get anything off the videos?

I think, eh, doorman
shouldn't quit his day job.

The shot selection is awful and with
the films taken together, forget it.

This man displays a
certain narrative monotony,

- you know what I'm saying?
- All right, you think he's our guy or not?

I doubt it.

His alibi for the Truman
killing checks out.

He did record all three of our victims,
but each with a different woman.

I sent the pictures of the girls to
that Dean over at Hudson university,

see if he can help I.D. them.

All right, so the question is,
if the link isn't one escort,

does anything tie these victims
together, other than their profiles?

Well, a killer choses his victims, right?
So if it's not the doorman, what has he seen?

You know usually, these high-end operations,
the girls like to check out the Johns first.

Some public place, restaurant, a nightclub.

Only problem is, because of the number system,
we can't ask Brenner. She wouldn't know.

Yeah, it's not like we can ask the victims.

You know what? Maybe there
is someone we can ask.

With what Brenner charges these guys, you
figure they gotta be heavy hitters, right?

I think I even recognize a couple of them.

If we can get them to talk to
us, maybe we're in business.

They don't have to talk to us.

You look good, Eliot. You lose some weight?

Oh no, actually I put on a
few pounds. Stress eating.

Don't I know it. So how is the
new gig treating you, Eliot.

Seems like you're getting a
lot of nice press out of it.

It's going well. Thanks. And, eh...

Yes, we do get the press.

Listen, I'm sorry to cut to the
chase, but I have a meeting later.

Exploratory committee. I'm thinking
about throwing the old hat in.

Mayor... 2017.

- On the Q.T.
- The Q.T.

Off course I'm accepting
support of all kinds.

It's funny. I have something that I
need to speak with you about on the...

- Q.T. also.
- And what's that?

Does the name Eileen
Brenner mean anything to you?

I meet a lot of people.

- Should it?
- She's a Madam.

And you are a fairly reliable
customer of her, so...

Yeah, it should.

No idea what you're talking about.

I didn't want to do this, Stanton.

Trying to shake me down, Eliot?

God no. No. Although...

Now that you mention it, should these
aspirations of yours come to fruition...

I'm sure I'll think of something.


What do you want?

Bar's called 'the Windover',
between Lex and Park on 57th.

According to Stanton all the first
meets take place there. I'm telling you,

this guy hasn't been this speechless
since the Dinkins administration.

He'll do anything for us.

He'll set up meets, gives us
names, as long as we keep his name

- out of it.
- We don't need him.

He was practically begging to wear a
wire. What do you mean, we don't need him?

He doesn't fit the profile of our victims.

Stanton Ward is divorced. Our
guy is not gonna target him.

Burns, believe me. This
guy'll be of help to us.

Oh, he's already helped us. We know
where the girls make their first meet.

What's the plan? We just sit and wait

for the perfect married John to show
up? Which could be God knows when.

No, we don't have to wait. Hey.

Oh no, see, I hate it when you do this.

- Do what?
- You know.

Have Burns soften me up at the jab,

then you come in at the
perfect moment with a left hook.

I prefer to think of it as an uppercut.

Listen, Eliot. I think whoever we are
after, is a person who grew up in a world

that was perfect on the outside,
but rotten on the inside.

By killing these married couples, this person,
in their mind is killing their own parents.

The ones who make them suffer
behind closed doors by denying

the lies in their own marriage.

This person is targeting perfect couples.

Ones who seem too good to be
real, because they aren't real.

All right, I buy your profile,
but... where do we find such a couple?

- Al, will you marry me?
- Thought you'd never ask.

- What can I get you, sir?
- I'll have your best Irish whiskey, neat.

You could order a Martini or something, Al.

Irish whiskey is a little
cop part, don't you think?

I like the taste my whiskey.

How do I look?

Suit's a little tight.

Ah, that's 'cause it fits.

Wow, that was quick.

- Hey.
- Hey, yourself.

- That whiskey?
- Irish. Can I get you one?

Only cops drink Irish.

- I told you.
- You're not a cop, are you?

Scotland Yard, retired.

Nah... I wish.

I play around a little with hedge funds.

I never know what that actually means.

Well, it means... I'm a little boring.

I have time to kill and
maybe some cash to burn.

You wanna burn some on me?

I'm old enough to be your father.


I feel old, you know?

- Yeah, maybe.
- You're nice.

Just go online and pick a time.


I'm Al.

- How did I do?
- Fine.

But you know, you could stop smiling.


I'm working.


Wow. I've always wanted
to live in a Brownstone.

- And now you do.
- And now I do.

Look at this.

Careful. Our fancy new
neighbors will see us.

That's the idea.

You now? This whole
marriage thing isn't so bad.

Okay guys. We are up and running.

I'm sorry, am I interrupting
something here, guys?

No, we're just practicing our
overt displays of affection.

Yeah, he's really getting into the role
playing. He's a total exhibitionist.

- Me?
- Yeah, you.

December 24th, 1999.
Madison Suits, room 108.

- I remember the window...
- Jay, do never get married.

- Okay guys.
- Marriage, don't do it.

- Ow...
- Speaking of exhibitionists,

we've kind of got you on a
bunch of screens over here.

So here's how it lays out.

I got surveillance cams all
throughout the Brownstone.

Two in this room, one in the
bedroom, one in the kitchen.

Now, they're all Bluetooth enabled,

so you can turn them on and off
with the remotes you see around you.

Oh, look at that.

We'd have constant visual
contact with Major Crimes.

Perfect little love nest for
the perfect little couple.

Perfect little trap.

Well, now we're just gonna have to show
our perfect little selves off to the world.

Ooh, that shouldn't be an issue for you.

Ah, don't start with me.

Remember I said constant
visual contact. Right?

We're working here.

We're working here.

- Oh! You can't be serious.
- Oh, I'm serious.

I am seriously in love with you.

Oh wow, that is a lot...

- of diamonds, honey.
- 147 actually.

Circular pair and marquise cut
diamond clusters. Internally flawless.

Have you got any that
are externally flawless?

- Well, sir.
- To match her?

Brother, that's...

Oh, it's beautiful, right?

- I'm in love with you.
- Mmm, say it again.

It's gonna... I'm in love with you.

- We'll take it.
- Very good, sir.

Well sweetheart, what a
wonderful day, magical, hm?

Oh, hell. I'm late for my
managers meeting at Gramercy Park.

Ow, you have to go... All right.

- Today really was fun.
- Really was.

- Be careful.
- Nothing's gonna happen till later.

By then I'll be home.


You know, you should probably kiss
me goodbye, in case anyone's watching.

Probably right.

I love you.

It's open.

- Well, hello.
- Hey.

I remembered.

O, eh, thanks, but eh... No thanks.

I don't drink on the job.

- Everything all right?
- Yeah, it's...

No, it's... it's not. Listen.

- Jay. Jay, do you read?
- Loud and clear, boss.

- What's going on?
- You got a visual on Carrie?

Indeed I do.

- Oh my God. I don't believe this.
- All right, all right, just sit down.

We gotta talk.

How much longer do I have to sit here?

How long do these things usually last?


About ten minutes. The
rest is all chit chat.

Listening to them drone on and on about
their jobs and their stupid, stupid lives.

You know, no-one is
forcing you to do this.

I take six classes this semester.

My time is precious. I'm not
trading it for minimum wage and tips.

Fine. I hear you.

Just seems like such a waste.

Do you have any idea how
much law school costs?

You're gonna be a lawyer?

- Why is that funny?
- You know what?

- Totally makes sense.
- Thank you.

This guy...

kills their wives, too?

We think.

He sees the wives as...

partners in the lie, their husbands' lie.

You have a partner?


Yeah, working with her, right now.

She's posing as your wife?


What's she like?

She's good at her job. I mean...

She's brilliant at her job.

In general, she's pretty...
she's pretty brilliant.


Now that's funny.


The guys I see, they...

They probably had their wedding
announcement in the Times.

They shop in the Style section, at
all these events, wives on their arms.

And yet they're here with me.

And I never hear even a whisper
of what I just heard in your voice.

What did you hear?

You know.

- Hey, Jay?
- I read you, Carrie.

Hi... how is Al doing? Any news?

He's just sitting there
talking to the girl.

- I can patch in if you want.
- No, no. Not necessary.

No, it's not a big deal,
you know They just...

No I mean it, really. No.
What else have you got?

Think I may have ID'd the undergrads
who were part of our escort operation.

Wow. How did you manage that?

Surveillance footage for the
college bookstore finally came in.

I isolated the girls who bought
Eileen Brenners burner cells.

Voil?. A prostitution ring.

Only cops drink Irish.
You're not a cop, are you?

Scotland Yard, retired.

The bookstore manager, that
guy. Harvey Reynolds, right?

That guy was watching Al and Lauren
at the Windover. He was there.

- You sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.

- Pick him up. Pick him up now.
- Copy that.

Harvey Reynolds? The N.Y.P.D. Mister
Reynolds, please open the door.

- Clear here.
- Clear.

- Nothing on this side.
- Hey Jay, over here.

Nah, stay put.

I'm not very good at staying put.

How much of a head
start does he have on us?

We don't know. We got a BOLO out on his
car. But if he is coming for you, for me...

That doesn't fit the profile.
He wants us both in this house.

My point... stay put. We're
gonna finish what we started.

I'm not arguing, I'm just
saying... I'm not very good at it.

Don't worry. I'll be home soon.

Oh, I'll have your pipe and
your slippers ready for you.

Oh, married life suits you.

Yeah. Bye.

So what happens to me now?

You take me in?

Know what?

Nothing happens. I made
a deal with your Madam.

- Go back to the books, Lauren.
- Please don't patronize me.

I know you feel old inside,
but you are anything but old.

Save your justifications for law
school. You don't belong in this.

And besides...

- You got lucky this time.
- Okay.

What about you two?

What about us?

You're gonna finish what you started?

- Yeah Jay.
- Hey, we found Harvey Reynolds.

- His body anyway.
- Are you sure?

Positive ID. Gunned through a Sig Sauer 40.

Looks like the kid offed himself.

Ready to go, guys, in...
you only needed 45 hours.

You owe me three hours.

We didn't even have to use your crazy plan.

Who you're calling crazy?

That's okay, doesn't
matter. We had a nice day.

Yes, we did.

Just tell me that you kept the receipts
for all the things in those bags.

Do we need receipts? Did you get receipts?

- Rich people don't need receipts.
- We didn't get receipts.

So boss, looks like it's open
and shut with Harvey Reynolds.

Even down to the murders in Columbus.

Coincides with the leave of absence
he took from the university bookstore.

We haven't finished our
analyzes, but so far,

he's a dead-on match with the
profile. Harvey was an orphan.

Raised in a state facility, abusive manager

who skimmed funds to keep
him and his wife in luxury.

He grew up hating and
resenting his parental figures.

When he realized how close we were,
he panicked. Suicide was his way out.

Well. Finish packing up, people.

Do you have any idea how much that
Brownstone is costing me by the hour?

- Sure, after dinner.
- Burns...

I'm taking my three hours.

Fine. Just don't break
anything. I want my deposit back.

- Okay, bye.
- Bye.

So what? You making me dinner?

I thought I'd get take-out.
Japanese place on Green?

- You happen to remember what we like there?
- You're kidding me, right?

- No.
- Twice in two days?

- Okay, fine. Shinko.
- Shinko.

River fish. Gotcha.

- And open a bottle of wine.
- All right.


I gave you a key.


- Hey.
- Mrs. Burns?

- Yeah?
- Eh, these are, eh...

- These are from your husband.
- From my husband?

- Can I just set them down?
- Oh sure, no wait, just...

- Kinda heavy.
- put them on that coffee table.

Right over there. It's totally fine.

Your husband must love you very much.

My husband, yes. He does love me very much.

Oh, would you, eh... would
you mind signing that?

That is a lot of diamonds.

147 actually.

Circular pair and marquise
cut diamond clusters...

Sure. That's an interesting ring.

It's a family heirloom.
It belonged to my father.

It's funny, I... I thought I saw
someone wearing the exact same ring.

At Versani, that jewelry store.

I've never been there.

No, mistake.

I'll sign this for you,
so you can... get going.

Okay, look, I don't know which
river fish is the one, okay?

So if there are two of them,
I wanna get both of those.

Whatever you want, you can have it.

It's not a robbery.

I hate this part but it's
necessary, you know? So you move.

- My husband...
- You move.

- Right now.
- Okay. Okay.

What the hell?

Hey Carrie, did you
turn this thing back on?

Hey Murray.

This thing came back on
by itself. I don't get it.

- Where are they?
- I don't know.

Well, rewind it.

Right. You know, with all this stuff
I keep... You know what? Forget it.

That's why we VCR people
are here, to remind you.

Oh my God.

That's the Dean from Hudson University.

Just gonna check. I want to make sure.



Get a radio car over there
right now. Heading over.

Yes, send PSU's and everything you've got.

- What about the other cameras?
- The system is pretty primitive,

but I think I can override the cut-offs.

- Meaning?
- I can turn it back on.

Got it.

This is a lovely place.

You have an excellent eye, you know that?

Well thank you. It, eh,
takes one to understand it.


I grew up in a house like this.

My father was a banker.

He was a handsome man.

Just like Mr. Burns.

Oh, we really loved him.


Mother and I.


- Please let me go.
- Yeah, she's playing along.

Yeah, that's smart. She just wants to
challenge his pathology. She's buying time.

I can't, don't you see?

He's been cheating on you, mother.

With a hooker.


- No.
- Don't...

Don't pretend.

You knew, didn't you? When he
touched you at night, you knew.

Yes. When you wore the clothes that he
bought you and you went to his parties...

- Admit it. You always knew.
- I just need to...

- I didn't...
- Don't lie to me.

I did know.

But I loved him.

We both did.

That's what's so hard.

- We do, we love him.
- Yeah...

I've watched you. You love him
so much you would die for him.

But don't worry.

It's gonna be all right.
We're gonna make him pay.

Honey, I'm home.

Say hi... just say hi.

Hey, honey.

- Hey, I picked up some Indian food.
- Oh yeah?

Yeah, from Jay's. A Murray
Curry. I got a double order.

You know what? I hate Indian food.

No, I thought you liked it.

Now how would you know what I
like? You're at the office all day.

- Be nice.
- Why should I be nice to him?

You said it yourself, he's a lying cheat.

I was just playing along to protect you.

No, no. You adore him.

You're just a little boy.

How could you understand?

We weren't lying to the world.

We were lying to protect you.

Oh no. No, I saw you.

I'm not your mother.

And I'm not your father.

- Murray Curry, huh?
- I had to improvise.


The best part is, I was expecting to
get nailed with expenses for all this,

you know? The Brownstone,
the boardroom, whatever.

But I just got a call from my
new best friend, Stanton Ward.

As controller he's got
access to discretionary funds.

And he thought it best if
our little operation didn't

raise any red flags, that's how I put it.

Uh, the puts will probably be
Mayor someday. Good job, Burns.

Hey, Al. Just got back
background on Proctor.

Turns out he was an only kid.

One of dad's regular hookers
turned out to be a federal agent.

Dad was sent up the river. Mom had a
nervous breakdown and poor little Adrian,

ended up in Foster care.

- And Harvey Reynolds?
- Proctor killed him.

Looks like they met when
Proctor was investigating

the call girl scandal
at Hudson five years ago.

I think he sensed Harvey's own damaged.

Figured he might find a future
use for him, which he did.


Eh, hey Carrie. Pretty slick
move turning on the camera.

Well, you know me Jay. I'm slick.

But I will say it's a little disturbing
that you could have watched us...

anytime you wanted.

Why, wh... what would I have seen?

Well, I'm a little
embarrassed to tell you, Jay.

You should have seen two people...

in an absolute frenzy...



raw fish.

Whatever happened to my sushi?

Oh, something came up.

- You still up for it?
- I'm always up for it.

I do have a question, though.

Two hours, alone in a room, with
an undergraduate call girl...

Three hours.

Even better. What happened?

We talked.

What, did you give her life advice?

No, she gave me advice, actually.

What kind of advice?

The kind you don't ask
for, but you get anyway.

Fine. Are you planning
on taking her advice?

You'll be the first to know.