Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 19 - Allegiances - full transcript

Carrie meets Steve's parents and other mob related friends at the opening of his restaurant and is taken off a case because of guilt by association: her romantic friendship with Steve.

(indistinct chatter)

WOMAN: Now, my idea was
Texas barbecue,

but Steve would have none of it.

Right, Mom.

"Cioffi's finger-
licking ribs."

Not sure it has
the right ring to it.

Stevie, place looks
great, congratulations.

Five years... that's longer
than any of my marriages.

Appreciate that.

So you are from Dallas.

You really are, huh?
I didn't believe him.

He hates to admit it.

Boy's ashamed of
his own mother.

MAN: Imagine how he
feels about his dad.



Look at you, huh?

The restaurateur.

What'd that magazine say?

"The finest Tuscan
cuisine in New York."

- Eh?
- "One of the finest."

"Among the finest."

You're Memory Girl.

In the flesh.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

It's nice
to finally meet you.

Steve says I got to be careful
what I say in front of you.

Well, you should be careful
about how

you speak in front of me anyway.


She's a cop,
but she's a comedian.


Have a nice night.
It's a pleasure.

I need a drink.

Excuse me, may I
have a whiskey?

Mm, thank you.

Wow, I like him.

I mean, I'm scared of him,
but I like him.

Hey, he likes
you, too.

- How do you know?
- I had a girlfriend

one time in college
that Pop didn't like.

Right, and her ankle ended up
in Sheepshead Bay.

You can't tell me
the same joke twice.

We're together
three months,

- I'm already running out of material.
- It's awful.

MAN: Hey, Stevie,
how's everything going?

Everything's great, Tommy.

Let me top you off.
Keep that crostini coming.

You got it. Hey,
listen, can I ask her?

Let me ask her, come on,
I'm gonna ask her...

- Here it comes, ready?
- Oh, let him ask me.

February 10, 1991.

What happened on that day?

February 10, 1991.

- It was a Sunday.
- Uh-huh.

NBA All-Stars played
in Charlotte.

East won by two points.

I went on the worst
date of my life

- with Danny Kerr.
- There you go.

I was confirmed on that day.


Hey, listen,
you guys have a good time.

Nice work, Tommy.

CARRIE: You are a good man, taking
care of him the way you do.

Nah, it's hard
enough getting a job

if you didn't just
get out of prison.

Besides, he's my cousin.

You have so many cousins,
even I can't keep track.

Well, he's not
my real cousin.

We grew up together.

His dad had an accident
when he was nine,

and my family raised him.

MAN: Hey, there he is.

Congratulations, buddy,
congratulations. Yeah.

Carrie, this is Eddie
Dal Bello, my linen guy.

Eddie, hi.

Nice to meet you. We prefer
entertainment clothier,

but linen guy will do
for tonight...

and speaking of tonight, I got
a special gift for you guys,

a present, come on.

I'm getting whacked, aren't I?

Yeah, this is it.

It's going to happen.

Come on, come on.

Voilà! Whoa, hey. Ooh.

Barolo, Borzelleri...

Special occasions
only, okay?

Take care of this.

All right.
Got to go.

Wait, you're not
sticking around?

Yeah, I got something,

but this, this is,
this is really great,

you know,

All right?

And I-I'll see you
during the week.

And you... it was
really great meeting you.

He's a great guy...
you, you take care of him.

- I will.
- Take care, guys.


All right,
so how are they doing?

Anybody slip up?

You gonna have
to make any arrests?

Uh, well, your Uncle Vincent
is stealing his pay-per-view.

I'll call
the cable police.

Look how far
we've come

since you first held
me hostage in here.

- What?
- Yeah.

You weren't
a hostage.

Yes, I was.

The door was locked
on the outside,

and I was stuck in here
on the inside.

You make that
sound so dirty.

It is dirty.

How about we just stay
down here all night?

And make mad,
passionate love?


Until your mommy
comes looking for you.


Fine, then we'll stop.

Aah, good night!

That, that was huge.

That was a great
party, Stevie.

Great party...
it was.


Yeah, this is Tommy.

Oh, yeah, I'm
totally free.

Yeah, hold
on a second.

Hey, Stevie,
you got a pen?

Yeah... hey, remember, whoever
she is, she's got feelings.

Wow, when did you get
so sensitive?

I'm glad you came.
You are?


Hey, here's your
pen back, buddy.

All right, take care, buddy.

- Behave yourselves.
- Uh, never.

Right, so you
remember every kiss?

Oh, the memory games.

Yes, every kiss, ever.


(garbled radio transmission)



Vic's in the bathroom.

Manager found her.

Water was leaking into
the apartment downstairs.

Oh, my God.

MIKE: We got a name...
Francine Palmer.

Teaches ESL at
Queens Community.

Landlady thinks she has a
boyfriend, but no name on him.

Looks like she put up a fight.

Good for you.

No forced entry.

Windows were locked.

Whoever did this got in
easy, maybe boyfriend easy.

(loud buzzing)

Ah, the door downstairs
is ridiculously heavy.

It keeps
closing on 'em.

(keypad beeping)

So this maybe boyfriend...
his name on the lease?

Yeah, the name on the lease
is, uh, a Homer Simpson.

Yeah, well, we're running it
through the system.

We're canvassing
the neighborhood.

Congratulations. Carrie, this is
Eddie Dal Bello, my linen guy.



What's going on?

I know this guy.

His name is Eddie Dal Bello.

You know him?

Yes... no... kind of.

I met him

last night at a party
at Steve Cioffi's restaurant.

He works with Steve.

Oh, boy.

Hey, Dal Bello looks clean,

except for one disorderly
conduct charge ten years back,

and IRS has
him working

for Trinity Restaurant Supply
here in Queens,

and he and his wife live
in Sunnyside.

His wife?

Huh, now there's a theory.

Maybe Dal Bello's wife finds out

he's having an affair,

she takes the code and the key
to the apartment.

All right, did you send
a unit to her house?

Not home... neighbor has her
in Boston visiting her mother.

I called the mom's
house, left a message.

Mrs. Dal Bello needs
to get back ASAP.

I'm on it.

Was this guy alone
at the party last night?

As far as I can tell, yes.

Who else was at the festivities?

Oh, you know, the usual...
killers, thieves, racketeers.


Look, it was Steve,
it was his friends, family,

from the restaurant.

You met a guy last
night who is now

a person of interest in
a murder investigation.

Yes, I know that,
I'm not an idiot.

I'm the one
who gave you his name.

And I'm just asking you to
find out more about Dal Bello.

You've gotten it into your
head that this is mob-related,

okay, and on some level
you want it to be.

No, I want to find out who
killed Francine Palmer.

So do I.

And, by the way, if you
didn't know Steve Cioffi

and you heard Dal Bello
was at this party,

you'd be all over
the mob angle.

Look, you don't want to talk
to your boyfriend, I get it.

I'll talk to him.

- No, you're not talking to him.
- I'll go right now.

You are not talking to him.

I'll go.

Thank you.

You can be a real bastard,
you know that?

I try.

MIKE: Thank you for
identifying her.

I can't believe it.

W-We were just teaching
together yesterday.

She's got family in Virginia.

Have you called them?

We'll make sure
that happens.

How could anyone do that?

It doesn't make sense.

That's why we need your help.

We just have a few questions.

Did you know her boyfriend?


Yeah, I met him once.

She was crazy about him.

You don't think...

Did Francine know that
Eddie was married?



She thought they were
going to get engaged.

Were you aware of
any other things

that weren't on the up-and-up
in the relationship?

Did he ever hit her,
make threats?

No, not, not
that I know of.

She have trouble with any
of the students or faculty?


But a couple days ago,

a man knocked on the
door of her class,

and when she came back
she was kind of teary.

Did you get a look at him?

It wasn't Eddie.

- No?
- No.

This maybe the guy?

Oh, no, I don't
think so.

He was older
and balding.


Well, thank you
for your time.

Just through here.

So you showing her a
picture of Cioffi...

you know
something I don't?

Just taking a shot, that's all.

Am I the only
one who thinks

this guy might
really be clean?

Yeah, you and our star reporter.

Well, for her sake
I hope he is clean.

Yeah, for her sake,
if he's not,

the sooner we find out,
the better.

They found Dal Bello's
2010 GS 350 on Ditmars,

two blocks
from the crime scene.

Get anything from it?

Nothing that ties
to the murder,

but it probably means
he was there last night.

After Cioffi's party.

Yeah, could be, but then
why does he leave the car?

Maybe he left
with someone else.

All right, well,
the car has GPS, so

let me see what else
Tanya can dig up.

Hey, nice surprise.

Tell me you haven't eaten.

Alex is doing this risotto...

No, n-no, listen,
I, I wish I could... I can't.

I'm actually here about work.

- That sounds romantic.
- Yeah.

A girl was murdered
last night.

We found a picture of Eddie
Dal Bello in her apartment.

His car was parked
two blocks away.

They were having
an affair.

I figured the guy
played around.

He was always talking
and stuff, but...

nah, it doesn't
make sense.

Why is he going
to hurt her?

Well, I don't know, I was
hoping maybe you could tell me.

From what we're getting,

she didn't know
he was married.

Look, I don't know
how a guy acts

before he's going to
kill his girlfriend,

but I never got

the sense he's
a violent guy.

Sometimes when the truth comes
out, things can get ugly, right?

Look, I have no idea if Eddie
is a bad guy, mobbed up,

whatever you
want to call it.

Yeah, I hear things
around town.

Never heard anything
about Eddie.

- That's all there is.
- All right.

Well, I appreciate
you telling me that.

Well, I appreciate
you not asking me

what all your pals
at work want you to.

I'm just doing my job.

Well, you can tell them

I don't get the newsletter

Tommy! Eddie tell you
where he was headed

after the party
last night?

Uh, I don't know.

- Hey, Carrie.
- Hey, Tommy.

But, uh, to be honest,

I don't really remember
much about last night.

Have yourself
a little after party?

Yeah, I, it was good,
you know, uh,

(phone rings)
I'll bring her around.

I think, I think
you'd like her.

Hey, Jo.


I'll head over there right now.

Okay. Bye.

I got to go.

Am I gonna see you tonight? Um...

I got to go,
but I'll call you.

Water in the lungs,

definitely drowned
in the tub.

But there's facial
and tracheal bruising

and other signs

of strangulation.

Plus, some serious

blunt-force trauma
to the abdomen.

This poor thing
was beaten

pretty badly before she died.

Any idea what the weapon was?


there's petechial bruising
around the neck,

which would indicate
that she was choked

with some sort of flexible
ligature before she went under.

I'm thinking this is not
a crime of passion.

No, no. This was
a make-a-point killing.

Yeah. Question is,
make-a-point to who?


Dal Bello, the boyfriend, maybe.

Heard you were
looking for him.


Heard you bumped into him
the other night.


Oh, I hear things.

It's my open countenance.

Or your open ears.

Oh, look, if hanging out
at Steve Cioffi's restaurant

is a sign of guilt,

I should be doing
some serious time right now.

I, I, um, uh...

I just have one question:

Is there anything
you don't know about?

Oh, rugby...
certain marsupials.

- Oh.
- Oh,

and by the way,
guilt by association

is not my favorite
kind of guilt.

I don't know,
maybe it's my profession,

but I prefer guilt
by fingerprint or DNA.

Thank you.

I appreciate the support.

If anything else comes up,

you'll let me know?

Well, there was something
in the bath water

I couldn't identify.

I'm just waiting
for the lab results.


- Lieutenant Burns?
- Yeah.

Sharon Vega, Organized Crime.

Good to meet you.

Detective Costello.

- Pleased to meet you.
- Yeah.

Uh, can I talk to you?

Sure. About what?

Francine Palmer investigation.


In my office.

Your person of interest,
Eddie Dal Bello,

we've been looking
at him for sometime.

For what?

We believe he's affiliated
with Ray Marzulla,

who we've been
targeting for years.

Marzulla's into
drugs, guns,

anything he can steal
or sell basically.

He runs his profits
through legit businesses,

mostly restaurant
supply companies.

Like, where Dal Bello works,
Trinity Restaurant Supply?

Exactly. Or the restaurants
he supplies to.

Right now, we got
a missing married guy

and his dead girlfriend.

You got an angle,
we're open to it.

Problem with Marzulla is,

you can't get anybody
to turn on him.

If Dal Bello
got himself into trouble,

the DA's got
something to offer him.

I'm not fond
of letting killers walk.

He's up the food chain, Burns.

I'll show you
what we got.


Oh, got something for Roe.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yep.

Does it have to do
with Francine Palmer?

- Yeah...
- Yeah?

It does.

Well, he's... yeah.

- Not here.
- Not here.

I guess I could
give this to you.

I'm a cop.

Of course you are.

Yeah. All right.
You're a cop.

I analyzed the
GPS records from

Eddie Dal Bello's car.

Like everybody,
he's got his patterns.

But about five weeks ago,

he started going to a new place
multiple times a day. Here.


(phone ringing)
I just sent it to you.

Oh, yeah. Ooh.

And I just got it.

- That was fast.
- Yup.

Thank you.

You know, you could
just... wait for him.

- I could.
- You could.

I bet he'll
be back soon.

(clears throat)

Hey, so I got a possible address
on Dal Bello and...

Oh, I'm sorry.

Lieutenant Vega,

Carrie Wells.


Am I missing something here?

Turns out OCID's been looking
at Dal Bello for some time.



Shall we check
out that address?


I'll fill you in
on the way.

(door opens,
squeaking and clanging)

OFFICER: Clear! Clear!

Yeah. What we got?

Glassware, pots,
pans, appliances.

You could outfit a
really nice kitchen.

Or a restaurant.

Unless I'm wrong,
these match the contents

of a bunch of truck
hijackings over the past month.

All of them fronts
for Ray Marzulla's companies.

AL: So maybe Dal Bello's
stealing from his own boss?

MIKE: Well, whoever
killed Francine

might have been trying to
get her to say where he was

and then realizes
Marzulla was after him

and realizes he's got to
get the hell out of Dodge.

EDDIE: Voilà!

Barolo, Borzelleri...


(soft gasp)

Al... this is the exact
same kind of wine

Eddie Dal Bello brought
as a gift to Steve at his party.

I say we get Dal Bello.

VEGA: Maybe he'll talk
to save his own skin.


Little late for that.

CARRIE: This doesn't look good.

Well, you can read lips, too?

Oh, I can read Al.

Well, she's right.

He's making the
"squinchy" face.

The what?

You know, that thing
when you ask him for a day off?

He's all...

(Roe mumbling)

AL: May I have your attention?

As of this moment,
Organized Crime

is taking over the Palmer-Dal
Bello murder investigation.

MIKE: You gotta be kidding me.

We will be giving them our
complete and full assistance.

Detective Vega.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

Folks, OCID
believes that

Ray Marzulla had Eddie Dal Bello
and Francine Palmer murdered

to send a message that he
shouldn't be messed with.

Well, we're gonna mess with him.

Carrie, can I talk to you?

What's going on?


You've had me
under surveillance?

OCID's been looking at Steve
Cioffi for the past six months.

Imagine their surprise

when a Queens detective turns up
as his dinner date.

Hey, my personal life is none
of their business, hers...

No, but his is, and you gotta
admit, it looks a little fishy

when Dal Bello ends up dead
right after you talk to Cioffi!

what do you really know

about this guy?

'Cause I'm getting
an education here,

all right?

The restaurant he runs?

It was bought
at a substantial discount

from one of
his father's closest advisors,

Sammy "The Boot" Paluzzo,

with money, by the way,
of "dubious origin."

Half his employees
are convicted felons

either just out of prison
or on parole.

Nothing illegal
about hiring ex-convicts.

In fact, he helps get them
back on track.

Or he's running a halfway
house for wise guys.

I checked his record.

He's clean.

Carrie, he's clean...

he's so clean,
it makes my teeth ache.

(turns page)

"Princeton water polo"?

Look at it

from their perspective, okay?

Can you think of a better way
for Stefano Cioffi

to leverage his criminal
enterprise into the 21st century

than to hire his
Ivy-educated son as a beard?

Show me some evidence.

Just one piece of evidence
that ties him to anything...

Francine Palmer's murder,
a murder...

anything illegal...
just one.

It doesn't matter.

You're compromised.

You're off the case.


(wry laugh)


Well, at least
they got my good side.


(tosses photos)

(door slams)

Yo, Jo.

What do you got
on Dal Bello?


- Huh?
- I'm doing an autopsy.

Do you have any idea
where your feet have been?

I never had to do
this with Falcone.

You ever hear of Peter Gorelick?

Spent nine years
at Ossining for manslaughter,

convicted by a hair sample
connected to the victim,

except the sample came
from a detective

who'd interviewed Gorelick
at his home,

and then went to an autopsy.



So... about Dal Bello?

Oh, I thought you'd never ask.

Single GSW, the stippling
around the entrance

shows he was shot
at close range,

execution style.

In the last eight hours?

Rigor says no.

He's been dead at least a day.

Which means it was

before Carrie's lunch
with Steve Cioffi. All right.

I don't follow.

Lieutenant Vega in the OCID,

she thought
there was a connection,

pulled Wells off the case.

Never cared for Vega.

She pops her gum.

I gotta go tell Al about this.

Oh, you might want to tell Al
about this.

The contents
of Dal Bello's stomach.

You got your fettuccine
in a rich cream sauce,

some salmon and some capers.


Same contents
as Francine Palmer's.

They had dinner together.


Except Dal Bello's
hands were pristine.

No cuts, no bruises,

no scratches.

So you're saying
he was with her,

but he didn't kill her.

Makes sense why
his car was nearby.

Which means the killer
probably took him

to the storage place
from the scene.


you're a genius.

Don't I know it.

STEVE: Forget about it, come on.

I been dodging people
like Vega my whole life.

They couldn't get my dad,
so they came after me.

Okay, they have you
under surveillance;

they have us under

They're probably taking
our picture right now.

When I was a kid, I thought

everybody was
under surveillance.

It was a game, like Hide-
And-Seek or Capture the Flag.

This isn't a game, okay?

Vega, organized crime...

they think you are running
the family business.

I can't do anything
about what people think.

You bought your restaurant
from Sammy the Boot!

The Boot? Old Sammy?

Come on. Guy wears
a colostomy bag and man diapers.

He murdered three people
with his bare hands,

and those are just
the ones we know about.

Look, I don't know that Sammy.

Guy I know paid
his debt to society,

- retired a long time ago.
- Steve!

Where'd you get the money
for the restaurant, Steve?

Do we really need to go there?

Yeah, we really need
to go there.

I have an account
in the Cayman's. Big deal.

It's practically empty now,

because I put all the money
in the restaurant.

Wall Street guys do it,

which is where, by the way,
I got the idea.

This isn't a joke, okay?

You're using
your family's connections,

you're using
their money...

You want to know
where that money came from?

Yes, I do!

My mother's uncle
dug an oil well.

I can't help who I am,

Carrie, or who
my family and friends are.

I'm not going to deny 'em.

But I'm not part of 'em.

I thought we been through this.


You have every right to ask.

Vega is going to use Dal Bello's
murder to come after you.

You get it?

Of course she is.

She thinks she's got
her smoking gun.

Wants to prove
I'm the next Al Capone.

There's nothing you can do.

There's something I can do.

I can make sure the investigation
follows the evidence,

and not her fantasies.

And where's the evidence going?

(sighs) Oh, man.

This is...

All right.

Eddie Dal Bello was stealing
from Ray Marzulla.

Got himself and his
girlfriend killed.

Now, I need your help.

Where I can find Marzulla?

Carrie, that's not a guy
who wants to be found.

You got any ideas?


All right, there it is.

How'd you find this place?

A little bird told me.

I appreciate you coming along,
by the way.

Yeah. What's Al gonna do,
pitch a fit?

Toss me off the case, too?

It's not just that.
I know you had your doubts.

- I still do.
- Oh.

But the way I see it,
screw Vega and the OCID.

You need anything, I'm there.


(car door closes)

Things go south in there,

you give me a holler, all right?

Thank you.

Hey, a shot of Cutty.

(drumming fingers on counter)

What's this?

Water. Figured a cop shouldn't
be drinking on the job.

(laughing): You're good.

Where's Ray Marzulla?

Never heard of him.

Really? That's interesting,

'cause word is,
he owns this place.

And I need to talk
to him about a murder.

Yeah, sorry. I can't help you.

Hey, Steve, you got a pen?

Yeah, but remember, whoever
she is, she got feelings.

Yes. How sensitive
of you.

You're the regular guy around here?

Me? Lady, I'm just
filling in.

Oh, yeah? So, who would have
been working about two days ago?

Funny, I can't remember.

Well, thanks for your help.

(taps counter)
And the water.


A number.



Too short to be a phone number.

How about an address?

No. No street name.

Maybe it spells something.

Oh. Maybe it
spells something.


(keypad beeping)

Whoever did this got in easy.

Maybe boyfriend easy.

(keypad beeping)

What? What is it?

- You got that look.
- What look?

Well, the
"I remember everything" look.


No. It's nothing.

Let's just, uh, keep an
eye on this place, okay?

Oh, you got it.

(keypad beeping)


(woman laughing)

WOMAN: Oh, honey.

STEVE: God, you are beautiful.
I ever tell you that?

CARRIE: All the time, actually.

Romeo and Juliet.

STEVE: So, there's hope, huh?

Hey. Marco told me you were here.

What's going on?

Can I talk to
you for a sec?

Yeah. Something happen?

Where's Tommy?

My Tommy? I don't know.
In the kitchen probably.

No, he's not.
I already checked.


Listen, the night
of your party...

Tommy... he wrote a number
on his hand.

Yeah. Yeah, the girl's number.
I remember.

It wasn't a girl's number.

It was the pass code

to the front door
of Francine Palmer's apartment.

He was on the phone with
Marzulla or one of his guys.

Steve, look, Tommy... he's...

I know he's your friend.

He's more than my friend.

He's my brother,
he's like family.

I'm sure you do.

So you're not going

to tell me that suddenly,
he became a killer.

I wanted you to hear it from me.

Well, forgive me if I don't
take your word for it.

I know you're trying to do
the right thing here,

but I'm telling you,
you're wrong.

And I'm telling you,
you need to stay away from him.

From Tommy?

Never gonna happen.

Really? I'm gonna have to
tell my guys about this.

It's just the way it breaks,

You're a cop.
What are you gonna do?

Listen to me.

If you tip him off,
you become an accessory.

So do I.

I put myself on the line
for you.

Guess you shouldn't
have told me, then.


(elevator bell dings)

Roe, hold up.

Where you been?

Oh, sorry. I,
uh, had a thing.

Did you try to call my
cell, 'cause I didn't get...

Any chance this thing
involved Carrie?

No. No.

Ah. How's she doing?

I haven't seen her.

But, uh, if I had, I'd say,
she was on to something.


From our search
of Dal Bello's.

He planned every detail
of the hijackings.

He had the truck"
delivery schedules,

a file on the drivers,

where the guys live, where
their kids go to school.

A minor player
looking to make it

in the majors
with some outside help

at the expense of
Marzulla's profits.

Certainly reason
for him to end up dead.

Francine probably
wasn't a target.

She just had bad
taste in boyfriends.

Yeah, Marzulla didn't
do this himself.

Let's start looking
into his associates.

We can use the killer to take
down the whole organization.

And we're Homicide.

We want to find out
who killed an innocent woman.

After that,
you can do what you want.

(horns honking)

(phone ringing)

(slams phone)

Hey, listen up.

Anyone heard
from Carrie?

- No.
- How about Vega?

Oh, she left
about 20 minutes ago.

Do me a favor. See if you
can find her, will you?


Tanya, how long
would it take you

to get a location
on her cell phone?

- It depends. You talking GPS-enabled?
- No.

Well, I got to bounce it off
towers, but in the metro area,

I could get you in pretty close.
I'd say about 15 minutes?

- That the number?
- Yes.


Wow, it looks an awful lot
like Detective Wells'...


Not a problem.
Let me know

- if you get something.
- Yup.

I'm on it.

I got it.

The phone's just north
of the Triborough Bridge

on the Queens side.

She's been...

That phone has been
there for a while.

No luck yet on Vega.
No answer at OCID.

Looks like her whole
unit's in the field.

Keep trying.

STEVE: And you got a chance
for a new start now.

Whoa, man, another $7.25
an hour job?

I mean, come on, bro.

What do you even know
about that? You're Steve Cioffi.

You're Mr. Golden Boy.
You got everything. Come on, man.

(engine revving)

Still Hunter's Point?

All right, thanks, Tanya.

Burns here.

VEGA: Yeah.

So, we've been sitting on your
pal Steve Cioffi pretty close,

and it looks like
he's been making

a bunch of calls
to a cousin of his named

Tommy Rugolo, who's an ex-con,
been working at the restaurant.

Cioffi and he set up a meeting
in the middle of nowhere.

And I thought you might want
to be there in case

it turns out to be our guy.

Where are they meeting?

Up at Hunter's Point
near the pool.

All right.

(phone ringing through)

(phone buzzing)

Man, I'm telling... No.
Marzulla was offering me

real money,
he's offering me

- a real job.
- Tell me what you...


Hey, what are you
doing here?

- Listen...
- You brought the cops!?

- I'm here to help...
- STEVE: Have you been following me?

No. How could you do this to me?!

We don't have a lot of time. I
want you to listen to me, Tommy.

I want you to come
into the station with me, Tommy.

I want you to tell your side of
what happened to Francine Palmer.

Look, I mean, look, I was there, all right,
but I didn't... I didn't even touch her.

- I believe you.
- God, Stevie, what did you do?!

Hey, I believe you.
Come in with me.

Let me get you a deal

before Marzulla makes
sure you can't.

You got to trust her.

Marzulla's bad news.
Take the deal.

You set me up?

You set me up?!

Carrie, what the hell is this?!


STEVE: Tommy! No!

- Gun!
- No!

STEVE (echoing): No...!
(hammer cocks)

What part of "you're off the case"
did you not understand?

Listen to me.

I followed Steve because I
thought there was a good chance

he could get Tommy to come in
and talk to you guys.

And it would've worked if you
and Vega hadn't just shown up.

I don't need you

to protect me from Steve Cioffi.

- Okay? I don't.
- It's Vega

I was trying
to protect you from.

She's convinced you're dirty,

and I was afraid you'd
both end up dead, okay?

Now, look,

we found a shirt
with Francine's blood on it

in Tommy Rugolo's apartment.

Tommy had no history
of violence.

He said he was at Francine's
apartment, but he told me

he didn't kill her,
and I believe him.

Fine. Let's just say,
for the sake of argument, okay,

that Tommy was
telling the truth.

That means whoever did
this is still out there.

As far as Vega's concerned,
the case is closed.

It's not closed!

She grilled Cioffi downstairs...
his lawyer showed up,

pointed out there's
nothing to charge him with.

Just put me back on the case,
put me back on the case,

and I will find whoever
did this, I promise you.


(quietly): Yes.

You talk to Steve?


And after what happened
today, I, uh...

I think it's really unlikely
we will ever talk again.

First good news
I've heard all day.

(wry chuckle)



Hi. You doing okay?

I heard it was a
little hairy out there.

Yeah. Well, I'm doing
better than him, right?

Well, you've got
your guy, right?

OCID makes Tommy for
both the shootings.

Tommy told me he didn't kill
anyone, and I believe him.

The thing is, I
got to prove it.

I just want to know what you think.

Okay, the facts I have:

Eddie Dal Bello was shot
at close range

with a big old .44,
which may have left residue

on the shooter's hand.

Well, did Tommy have
residue on his hands?

No, but that doesn't
prove anything.

(sighs): Okay.

What about Francine?

Oh, Francine was
beaten about the...

face, shoulders, abdomen

by a right-handed person

with very large hands.

Kind of puny.

Also, starring

on the carpal bone indicates

irregular healing, fracture.

He broke his wrist as a child.

So it's highly unlikely
he could have done

that kind of damage.

All right, that's good.

- Anything else?
- Not much.

Uh... no definitive prints off
the body, no DNA to test.

I thought I got something
out of the bathwater,

but the lab
tests came back.

Our mysterious chemical:
ethyl acetate.

Also found in the abrasions
on Francine's neck.

That's a pesticide, right?

Mm-hmm. And a solvent
and an adhesive.

It's found in superglue.

It also activates
or hardens

confectionary, perfume, paint.

This guy could be
an entomologist

who works at
a candy factory.

What about someone
who makes models?

Like toy planes.

Yeah, possibly
in the paint.

Definitely in the glue.

- This guy a model maker?
- Him? No.

But I know someone who is.

- Thank you.
- Good!

(quietly): Happy!

Hello again.

How you doing?

You still working on
this thing? Wow.

Careful with that.

Looks good!

Albatross D-3, right?

The "V-strutter" is what
they used to call it.

Quite a dominant little fighter,

except for the occasional...
wing failure.

Kind of like that.

You are not the smartest
guy, are you?

I mean, you leave all
of the names and numbers

of the people you've hurt
right up there on that wall

for a cop like me to see.

2640 Ambrose Lane.

I did a little

Leo Riccard's hand
smashed with a mallet.

610 East 25th, apartment 2A,

Darren O'Malley beaten
beyond all recognition.

I could go on and on.

When Ray Marzulla wants
to send a message,

you're the guy who does it.

I never heard
of the guy.

No? Why'd you kill
Francine Palmer, hmm?

Was it 'cause
she fought back?

Don't know anything
about that.

The glue from your little hobby,

it was found in the water,
in her lungs,

it was found in the
scratches on her neck.

You understand?
We got you.

Hands behind your
back! Come on.

Come on.

You want to fight
with a woman,

you got to fight with a woman.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Thanks you calling.

Sorry, been
a little busy.

I walked past
the restaurant

a couple times.
It was closed.

Yeah, we're gonna have
a wake for Tommy.

Real old school.

Listen, I'm sorry
about Tommy.

I'm sorry about
all of it. I-I...

Oh, come on.

Just doing
what you got to do.

No. No, that-that
wasn't... me.

They've been watching
your family for months.

I saw your guy there...
Al Burns.

He wasn't there for you.
He was there for me.

I guess I could
see that.

Listen, I want
you to know

Tommy was telling
the truth.

He didn't kill Francine,
he didn't kill Eddie.


Yeah, one of his guys.

And we're gonna
get him.

Thank you.


Thanks for saving
my life.

Oh, yeah. Well, you know,
it's my specialty.

(car door shuts)

Oh, I gotta go.

It's family.

Right, of course.


"A divinity that
shapes our ends."

Romeo and Juliet.
That's, uh... (chuckles)

Well, at least we
rewrote the ending, right?

They, uh, died,
and we lived.

You won't forget
the good parts, will ya?

Me? Forget?