Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 20 - You Are Here - full transcript

The investigation of a suspicious research lab fire has the fire marshal reluctant to say the "B" word because the suggestion would mean post 9/11 red tape interference until Carrie tells him where the detonator is she passed in the hallway. A curious box arrives at the station for Lt. Burns just before going to the fire investigation and Detective Mike Costello feels there is still a wall up between him and his son Spencer when Mike finds out Spencer changed his Facebook password. Carrie finds out that , a defense contractor company called SPI had employed Audrey Cruz, the victim of the lab fire, for a classified security side project that tested for side effects of a water purification process. Back in the police lab Tanya exams the note Audrey received the day of the fire, revealing a threat to stay away from SPI and stop harming lab rats. Meanwhile, Joanne Webster, the coroner, has been studying the death of Rachel, Carrie's sister; and suggests that Carrie let Al (Lt. Burns) in on the new information that Carrie got from Fred. Carrie will but wants to keep it quiet for a while longer.

(faint crackling)

(faint crackling)

Hey, there, Salvador.

(faint crackling)

(two beeps)

(explosion, glass shattering)



Wha-What's going on?

Nothing. Nothing.
Wh-Wh-Why do you ask?


Uh... just got an e-mail.

As did a number of other
people on the floor.

What e-mail?

- What are you looking at?
- No. It's just...

(Roe laughs)
Very funny, Roe.

Yeah, very mature.

Thank you.

Could you describe
your assailant, Detective?

Greasy black hair, whiskers.

(in high-pitched voice):
Squeaky little voice.

All right, you know what?

I am not apologizing
for yesterday.

That rat came after me!

It did! He looked
me in the eye!

That rat had an intelligence.

I got this box downstairs
for Lieutenant Burns?

Oh, yeah, here, here.

Leave it there.
I'll give it to him.

(phone ringing)

Queens Homicide.

MIKE: I don't know.

You know, just, the last time
Spence got in trouble,

he called you,
so I just thought I'd ask.

And you think, just 'cause

he changed
his Facebook password,

he's in some kind of trouble?

Well, it's just,
I got a feeling, you know.

He's been acting
really secretive lately.

Thought you guys
just had a breakthrough.

That was last week.

Mike, I'm sure Spence is fine.

Maybe he just got sick

of his password.

Hey, guys.

Uh, we got a suspicious fire
at a research lab in Woodside.

One victim.

Oh, boss, hey,
got a box here for you.

Some, uh, books and stuff.

Oh, it's not my stuff.

(garbled radio transmission)

(garbled radio transmission)

MAN: How you doing, Detectives?

Jay Krause,
Fire Marshal.

Fire was pretty much
contained to this lab.

We think this is Audrey
Cruz, Research Fellow.

Been at the lab
about a year.

There's not much
left to see.

Ugh. How did you ID her?

Right now, just key card entry, but
we're gonna use dental records.

Where's your point of origin?

Right here.

Labs had gas canisters,

all kinds of
flammable liquids.

AL: You thinking some sort
of incendiary device?

Oh, it'd be premature
to reach that conclusion.

Well, there's a clear blast
pattern, and there's residue.

We're gonna
have it tested.

Are you considering PETN?

High brisance, burns hot, big
shockwave, explains the windows.

Right, but at this point,
that's all speculation.

AL: I'm sensing a reluctance on
your part to use the "B" word.

You're sensing
right, Lieutenant.

If we even suggest

there was a bomb
involved... New York,

post 9/11... I'm gonna
have 48 agencies,

federal and state,
all over my butt.

90% of the time,
it's just somebody

sneaking a smoke
in the wrong place.

Audrey smoke?

I'm telling you, absent some kind
of positive proof of a bomb,

like a chemical test, or a detonator
fragment, it's just a fire.

So, if I told you where
to find a circuit board

with a capacitor on it...

Yeah, but that's
a pretty big if.

It's out in the hallway,
blew right through the windows.

This wasn't an accidental fire.

We're dealing
with a real-life bomber.

If it is not Al's,
then who does it belong to?

Oh, hey.

Hmm. The Natural.

Mike, it's got
your name on it.

No, my copy's right by my bed,
where I always keep it.

Yeah, right next to his
Jose Reyes bobble head.


That's not funny.
That guy walked, okay?

I don't know. We could run
some DNA on this razor.

Hey, Roe,

you want to save us
some time?

I'm sorry, Nina.
I'm strictly an electric guy.

It's how I get the smoothness
I demand.


Sinclair Labs.
What do we know?

MIKE: Uh, been around
since the mid-nineties.

They rent space to a dozen
private and public clients.

perfume manufacturers,

even some defense contractors.

Anyone pop?

Nothing so far.

Anything yet on the bomb?

Webster's analyzing residue.

How about our victim?

Audrey Cruz.
She was a grad student

at New York Institute
of Technology.

She had a grant
to study the effects

of water storage in plastics.


Yeah, it's probably not
about her work.

Anything on the personal side?

ROE: I can tell you
that Audrey wasn't

supposed to be in the lab
last night.

How's that?

Well, after-hours
access is only granted

by special request.

Security guard said
she showed up,

wanted to get in
for just a minute,

saying she forgot something.

We know what that was?

No, but check this.

Pulled this from the security
cams in the parking lot.

It's just after
she got off work.

It was a wide angle.
We blew it up a little.


She gets this note,
she leaves.

Three hours later,
she comes back.

Could be she suspected
something was going down.

Or she's involved
with what's going down.

Well, I'm just saying,

she's in the lab
after hours, right?

We got to consider
the possibility.

Hang on. Someone must
have it the note.

They'd show up
on the tape.

Aah, I checked it out.

A huge crowd went though
around lunchtime.

Lots of heads and bodies.

Suddenly, there's the note.

I'll dump her cell, see who
she called after she got it.

All right, until we learn more,
no statements to the press.

It's a homicide, that's it.

Audrey was my idol.

When we came here from Cuba
30 years ago, we had dreams,

and our daughter
was living them.

Can you think of anyone
in her life

who'd want to hurt her?

No, no one.

She was an excellent
student, full scholarship.

Very serious about her
work and her life.

Right. What about friends?

A few close ones.

I'll get you their names
and numbers.

Did Audrey have any problems
at Sinclair?

What do you mean?
She loved her work.

No. I just thought maybe
she had a run-in

with a supervisor, a colleague,
something like that?

You think she did this?


My daughter is dead, Detective!

I know, and I don't think
she did anything wrong.

I just need to get
as much information

as I can from you so I can find
who did this, OK?

Her work was her life.

Mostly, she spent time here,
home, reading, studying.

So much going on up here,

she had a hard time connecting
with people.

You know?


Can either of you think
of any reason why

she went back to the lab
that night?

- No.
- Thank you.


KRAUSE: We even suggest

there's a bomb involved...

New York, post-9/11...

May I?

This is a paycheck.

I thought Audrey was only doing
her grant research at the lab.

Audrey said she met someone
from S.P.I. at the lab,

and he offered her a job.

S.P.I. Slater-Planck,

Do either of you know
what kind of company this is?

She said it was easy money.

Just a side project.

You don't think that...?

Oh, I'm-I'm sure
it's, uh... nothing.

(unzipping purse)

Whoa. We got to
fix that microwave.

(both laugh)

CSU found Audrey's purse
in the lab.

It was exposed

to high heat,
but not flame, so

the vinyl just melted
around the contents.

Oh, the note!

That's amazing.

And... iegible.

Ah, but it's only baked,
not burned.

Can you recover
any of it?

Some would call
this science,

but I prefer the term...


Tanya, I have kind of
a personal favor to ask you.

I'm down with favors.
What's up?

You have
that program,

right, where you put in lots
of someone's information,

and it helps you figure out
their passwords and stuff?

It's a random data algorithm.

It's not always perfect,
but I can get close.

- What's the case?
- Oh, well, my son, Spencer, actually.

He and I have

an agreement
about his online accounts,

and I happened to check
this morning, and he had

changed his Facebook password,
and I can't figure it out.


You don't think maybe
it's just, you know, boy stuff?

Right, of course,
and that would...

that would be fine. I mean,

- not fine, fine.
- Right.


It's just that...
that, uh... Whoa.

A bunch of kids got
him into something

(short staccato beeps) a
few months ago, and, um,

I'm just trying
to be proactive is all.

Does that make any sense?


I'll give it a shot.

Great. Oh, thanks.

Oh, I made a list of, you
know, his personal stuff.

You know, movies, music,
friends, stuff like that.



Yeah, it's pretty

(long, continuous beeps)
Oh. If we are lucky...

(beeping stops)

...the chloric gas will reveal
the ink in Audrey's note.



What's, what's that word?

Stay away!"

"We are all lab rats."



Hey, you got something?

I do.

A shopping list.

Oh, I'm scared to see it.

"Nitric acid, acetone,

sodium carbonate."

PETN. You were right.

All those things you can get
at your local hardware store.

You know, this, a beaker,
a stirring rod

and a thermometer.

You could make it behind a bar.

WEBSTER: Not a very good use
of bar space.

I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to leave

these pictures of your
sister lying around.

I was just trying
to get up to speed.

Just terrible.

Not like I haven't
seen them before.

If I find anything,
I'll let you know.

Thank you.

Depending on
where this leads,

I think we should loop Al in
that little offer you got

from your new pal, Mr. Morgan.

I will. I just, uh...

I'd like to keep it quiet
if you don't mind.

Just see how it plays out
for a little bit longer.




S.P.I. is a defense contractor,

which means that pretty much
all their work is classified.

So, we don't know what
Audrey was doing for them.

No, but I've been calling
their projects manager,

a guy named Thom Musso.

Hard man to reach.

I've gone through all of
Audrey's phone records.

She didn't call anybody
after getting that note.

- Not the police, not S.P.I.
- And she went back to the lab

- despite the warning.
- Yeah.

Feels like there's
a missing piece to this puzzle.

I think I know
who can fill us in.

AL: Our friends at S.P.I.

S.P.I. Can I help you?

- Excuse me.
- Don't worry about it. We're good.


I'm Lieutenant Burns.

I'm running a murder

and you're not cooperating.

What can I do for you?

My victim, Audrey Cruz,

got a threat the day
she was killed.

A threat related to S.P.I.

First I'm hearing of it.

We need to know
what she was working on.

Look, our work, all of it,

falls under national
security guidelines.

And until we
complete a full...

Spare me the
"cover your ass" speech.

I want to help, I really do.

If she was in danger,
she deserved to know about it.

Her family deserves to know
what happened to her.

Audrey was testing

a new military water
purification tablet on mice

for side effects.

- Sounds benign.
- Absolutely.

But we'd recently received
threats from an activist group

related to some
of our other projects.

Which are?

I'm not at liberty to say.


You know, it's got to be tough

getting defense contracts
these days.

The press hasn't linked
S.P.I. to the fire.

If they find out

Audrey was collateral damage,

and you guys couldn't
be bothered to help bring

her killers to justice,

that wouldn't
be a good thing, Thom.

Here's what I can do.

I'll forward you
the information we have

on the group that's
sending threats.

Hey, Mike.

I got that list
of possible passwords

- for your son's account.
- Oh, great.


I feel a little weird
about this.

I mean, what do I
know about parenting?

Right? But..

When I was a kid,
sometimes the point

of keeping secrets
was just keeping secrets.

AL: Okay, here we go.

I hope you're right.

Thanks, Tanya.

AL: This is a local cell
of the group, S.P.I.,

the recent threats to.

Earth First Crusade.

They do more than talk?

Their leader, Adam Frist,

is believed responsible
for inciting riots

and attacks on the
police at G8 summits.

He was also arrested

for firebombing a Humvee
dealership in Fort Lee.

(phone rings) So they might be
packing more than just granola bars?

ESU is geared up and
ready to go at first light.

(birds chirping)


Get on the ground!

Get on the ground!


Get down on the ground!


When the Feds get
a look at all this,

you're gonna wish you
never heard of S.P.I.

This is their game.

They threaten big, and then
they offer a deal.

Just stand strong
and stay silent.

CARRIE: Hey, you guys

can make your signs,
pitch a tent in a park,

knock yourselves out...
I don't care.

We have a homicide and an arson.

A young woman not
unlike yourselves

has been murdered.

Now you're looking at 25
to life for murder.

Unless someone maybe wants
to help me out. Adam?

Okay, so I threatened S.P.I.

I told them they'd get what's coming.
I was thinking

along the lines of, of,
covering their cars

in horse manure, not killing anybody.

Not murder.

Make me a believer, Adam.

I know who you want.

Here, open my e-mail.

- What's the password?
- FreeGaia.

- G-A-I...
- I can spell.

A guy who called himself


contacted us
a couple weeks back.

Said that he had
a beef with S.P.I.

Said he had a mission,

and going after S.P.I.
was just the first step.

First step in what?

I have no idea.

This guy's crazy
with a capital "K."

Which one is it?
That one?

That one.

(taps key)

Open the attachment.

There are four
more targets there.


Faraday's targets.
See, we got:

Sinclair's Research,
we know about;

a place called MegaTek,
it's a computer repair shop;

Mt. Hebron Medical Clinic,
kind of a walk-in joint.

We got Academy Books...
it's a textbook warehouse

out near Queens College...
and a branch

of the U.S. Postal Service

located right there
on Metropolitan.

We got the bomb squad
sweeping them all as we speak.

All right, so what's
the common denominator here?

We got science, medicine...
the government.

I'm thinking typical targets
for a guy with grievances.

What kind of guy?

MIKE: Well, according to
the standard profile,

our bomber's a white male, 40s, 50s.

He's been storing up resentment
about the system for years,

decides it's time to strike back.

Why now?

He feels his voice is unheard.

He wants people to hear him.
I don't know.

What do we have on this Faraday?

Profile created with that name
from the E.F.C.

message board had
that thumbnail picture.

Quality's too poor

for facial recognition
software to work.

MIKE: Guys like this are
looking for an audience.

Often they tip off what they're
gonna do before they do it.

Let's hope Faraday
holds true to that.

Make our lives easier.

(phone rings) What about
tracing an IP address?

Well, Tanya's trying,

but he's good;
he treads lightly,

leaves few digital footprints.

Okay. Hey, guys, it's Krause.

Bomb squad just found something
at another one of his targets.

(mechanical whirring)

KRAUSE: Normally we would just
seal, remove and detonate it,

but seeing this guy's
still out there,

I figure it makes more sense

to leave the detonation
device intact.

What's with
the blinking red light?

That probably means that
the bomb is about to blow.

That's why they use the robots.

Disarmed. All clear.

And 'cause they're good.

AL: How we doing for prints?

Not hopeful. These guys
say it looks pretty clean.

Was it linked to a radio
or a cell phone?

No, it had a timer.

A good bomber's part chemist, part
electrician and part toy maker.

This guy Faraday,
he's a triple threat.

Definitely deadly.

CARRIE: Hey, what's...

Whoa, you having fun
with that?

Oh, yeah.

I asked Krause
to send it over.

Told him I try to
isolate the components

and see if we can track
one of them to a buyer.

- Smart.
- Thank you.

So what's your take
on this person?

I'd say somewhere between
Ted Kaczyinski

and my weird Uncle Ralph
who makes his own Roman candles

every Fourth.

He's currently
in the Catskills

building himself an igloo
out of Gatorade bottles.

Are you sure you know what
you're doing with this?

- Of course.
- Okay.

See, if I just clip
the ground wire...



(chuckles) Oops.


Looks like Faraday switched the
ground wire and the trigger wire.

Cheeky little monkey.

At least you can't
do it twice.


So you said you had something
to tell me, what's up?

Right. Right.

I traced an IP address
linked to our man Faraday.

It's a shared hotspot in an
artists' complex near Gowanus.

Manager's name is Max Irvington.
Want me to send this to you?

- No, I...
- 'Cause you...

- remember everything. Yep.
- Yeah.

- Have fun with that.
- Okay.

I wonder if I could...

do it twice? Hmm...

(horn honking)

I can't say if that's him.

The Faraday I know
is maybe six-two,

has blondish hair,

How old?

I don't know, like,
40 or something.

He's a cool old dude.

He creates sculptures

using mixed media,
found objects,

household stuff.

Yeah? When did you
last see him?

Not sure. I lease out

over a dozen
of these studios.

Pretty tough to keep
track of everyone.

What's this, what's this about?

We just want to ask him
a few questions.

Well, that's his studio.

You got a key?

That's a real warrant.


- you guys are real cops?
- Yes.

And yes. Key?

My. Faraday?

It's clear.

CARRIE: You got something?

WEBSTER: A shopping list.

CARRIE: "Nitric acid,
acetone, pentaerythritol..."

This is where
he makes the bombs.

We should call Krause.

ROE: Yeah?

Who do we call about this,

Sigmund Freud?

(Carrie gasps)

All right.

Look for Audrey.

Look for Sinclair, look
for the Mt. Hebron Clinic.

We find a starting point,
we can make sense of this.

Yeah. I'm gonna say
that's a little ambitious.

CARRIE: I'm gonna say I
can make sense of this.

Hey, do you guys
want some light?

(flips switch)

AL: What's with the blinking
red light?

That probably means that
the bomb is about to blow.

(two short beeps)


Hey, you see this?

Look at that.

Oh, yeah, your
eyebrows got singed.

- They did?
- Yeah, makes you look a little bent,

but, you know, what else is new?

So, I found ten out of 12

of the artistes
from the warehouse.

They heard Faraday
in the studio,

but nobody knows the guy.

Yeah, well, the manager,
Max was no help.

Apparently, Faraday
paid cash every month.

No finances to trace, and
being artist-friendly,

no lease, no copy of the ID.

Well, at least we got
a bucketful of prints.

Maybe we can match some DNA
off that sleeping bag.

Any luck with
those passwords?

That's okay, go ahead.

T already told me
how she's helping you

violate your son's privacy.


I'm kidding, geez.

No luck, Tanya,
but thanks for trying.

It'll all work out.

I'm sure Spence isn't,
you know, building a bomb

or anything.


You guys got anything
special planned for tonight?

Your anniversary.

When I was entering
all your information,

I noticed that today is
the big day, right? Um...

no, no, the way it works
at my house

is Ginny and I
generally celebrate

with a couple of Carvel cones
and call it a night.


Wait, do you mind if I...

- Just...
- No, no, go ahead.

Just a thought.


And you're in.

Wait, florist, restaurant,

Confirming plans for
surprise anniversary...

What do you know?

He was up to something.

Hey, Mike, you got
to check this out.

Thanks, Tanya.

Happy anniversary.

Hey, what do you think?

- What the...
- Hey, guys.

She's got you
in on this?

Mm hmm.

She is
a willing co-conspirator.

- Semi-willing.
- MIKE: What are we looking at here?

- M-More targets?
- Not exactly.

- It's another map.
- Yeah, but a different kind.

It's connections, thoughts,

what Faraday loves, what he
fears, what he can't let go of.

It's a map of his mind.


I'm warning you, Wells, it's a tough
neighborhood to be fooling around in.

Stare into the
abyss long enough,

the abyss stares back.

It's Friedrich Nietzsche.

Polish cousin of mine.

Another nut job.

Nina, can you find me a picture
of a food wholesaler

on Orange Street, a newspaper
clipping, Daily News,

the FDA ruling on some
kind of a sugar substitute.

NINA: If only I could just plug
this into your head and scan it.


Oh, wait, Tanya
just got a hit

on a part
from the ignition device.

Comes back to a hardware
store in Pelham.

Got surveillance video.


MAX: Is that a real warrant?

Are you guys really the cops?

Hey, you guys, uh,
want some light?

(flips switch)

(two short beeps, explosion)

Smart move, Max.

The building manager;
you've got to be kidding me.

That's why Max
didn't have any info on Faraday.

They're working together.

- What'd you find?
- Check this.

Max Irvington was
a former lab assistant

at a perfume company that's
a former client of Sinclair's.

He worked in the very same lab
as Audrey.

We should've tripped
to him sooner.

Nah, the company
went belly up last year.

The records weren't available.

Did Max have any
connection to S.P.I?

Only thing I'm finding is

he was in the lab
when the S.P.I. guys

had a minor chemical spill.

A, uh, drum of calcium carbonate,

like a floor cleaner,
leaked a little.

How bad was it?

It wasn't bad at all.

They took the usual precautions,
checked everybody out.

No reason to set a bomb off.

So these earth activists
turned Faraday down,

but now he figures Max
can be his inside man.

Did Max know Audrey?

They had a time overlap,

but that's the only connection
I'm finding.

Ask her parents; keep digging.

And send out a BOLO,
bridges, tunnels.

This guy has a plan;
that means he's visible.

Roger that.



Got a second?


So, this box.

Some kind of mistake.

- I don't know who that's for.
- Oh, that's okay.

I do.

Sunday, March 10, 2002,

we went to that little flea
market up on Midler Avenue.

There was
an old coffee grinder.

You liked it, but the guy,
he wanted 60 bucks for it.

We were about to walk away
when I saw this.

Merkur stainless,


Got this and the coffee grinder
for 55 bucks.

What ever happened
to that grinder?

Don't answer, please.

You and Elaine?


We decided to call it quits.

Been heading that way
for a while.

I'm sorry.

Something happen?

No, not at all.

It's pretty mutual.

We decided a
couple weeks ago.

I just didn't want to have
to answer a bunch of questions.

Yeah, no, I...

I understand.

You know, I'm... here,

if you want to talk, okay?

Thanks. Wasn't a big deal.

Just time to move on.


Sir, we found Max's sister.

He's been staying with her.

Back to work.


(quietly): Okay.

I am speechless.

My brother is a
very gentle person.

He ever bring
any friends around?

Look, I gave Max the basement
three years ago.

It's got his own door;
he comes and goes as he pleases.

That's not really an answer.

I work full-time.

I got two kids.

- I have a mother in a home.
- Hey, listen.

We understand, and
we're not trying to say

you did anything wrong;
we just want you

to help us
the best you can.


I know, I just...

It's really hard to believe
what you're saying about Max.

Listen, did he ever mention
a guy named Faraday?

Uh, yeah, he did.

After Max quit work at the
lab, he talked about him.

A lot. I guess
they met

at the clinic where Max was
treated after some lab spill.

Which clinic was that?

It's up on 174th,
Mount something.

Mt. Hebron.

Where we found the bomb.

I should have known
something was wrong.

That guy Faraday put a lot
of junk into Max's head

at a time when he
couldn't handle it.

What do you mean?

After the accident, Max's
behavior went from...

let's say odd

to really strange.

He became obsessive.

In what way?

It was weird; he talked
about making files,

said he was gonna
make his case.


Do you know where they are?

- Yes.
- Can I see them?


In the basement.

(phone rings)

It feels weird
coming in here.

Sarah, was Max ever diagnosed
with mental illness?

No, but I was
getting worried,

so I got him to
see a shrink once.

He didn't have a
very good experience.

Why? What happened?

He said she tried to
control his mind.

He never went back.

Do you remember her name?

I wrote it down somewhere.

I can get it for you.

It's like he's still
in high school.

MAX: The only Faraday I know

is maybe six-two,

has blondish hair.



"Nicholas Faraday,

"beloved chemistry teacher
at Union High School

passed away Tuesday,
March 13th."

Talked to their
project manager...

uh, so Faraday definitely
never worked at Sinclair.

Faraday isn't working
anywhere any more.

He's been dead for five years.

Persecution, retribution,

all classic paranoid

Onset usually begins
late teens, early 20s,

when reality and fantasy
become interchangeable,

almost indistinguishable.

So, what's his goal?

I think the narrative
he's constructing

is that little chemical spill
at Sinclair

was targeted against him.

And the routine medical
treatment he received

at the clinic
was a cover-up.

And Audrey Cruz just got
caught in the middle.

Well, I think that part of him
that's still connected

to reality was actually trying
to save her.

So, the bombings are
his way of fighting back

against imagined enemies,

and Faraday is
what, projection,

alter ego gone wild?

Very good.

Date a shrink for a year;
something rubs off.

I think most importantly,

the actual Faraday
was somebody he trusted.

A teacher, a mentor, a guide

who's guiding him now.

LPR grabbed Max's car at the Toll
Plaza of the Midtown tunnel.

He's heading south
on side streets.

Are there any Brooklyn
targets on that map?

No, but guesstimating from
the total materials he bought,

minus what he's used already
and what we found at his studio,

I'd say Max definitely
has enough PETN left

to build one more more bomb.

So what's the target?

Max is heading to Brooklyn.

- Tell me you got something.
- Well, I got a lot of something.

- I just don't know what any of it means.
- We're running out of time.

All right, okay.
This is a portrait of the world

according to Max, okay?
These pictures over here,

it's all about chemicals,
fertilizers, growth.

That's Sinclair,
the research lab

where Max had
his accident.

That's where
his condition was born.

Now, this here, genetic
testing, physical monitoring,

this is Mt. Hebron.

What's that right there
in the middle?

Everything is pointing to that.

That's the post office
out on Metropolitan.

This is the big bad mama
running the whole show.

All images of dominance,

I'm thinking the Federal Government.

But we've swept all those locations.

We got units posted
at every one of them,

and Max right now is
heading to Brooklyn.

So, you got Coney Island
up here anywhere?

All right, listen to me.

I know the target's
in here somewhere.

I just need a little more time.

All right, you stay with this.
Roe, you're with me.

No, thanks, boss.

Honestly, my head's
about to blow off.

Could use a shrink
myself after all this.

CARRIE: Was Max ever diagnosed
with mental illness?

I got him to see
a shrink, once.

He didn't have a
very good experience.

He said she tried
to control his mind.

Max thought his shrink,
his psychiatrist, was trying

to control his mind...
that's what his sister told me.

This target represents

his fear of dominance,
his loss of control.

I thought post office,

But it's not the government.

It's his shrink.

Dr. Belmont.

Searching Queens.

Dr. Louise Belmont.

The address...
same address as the post office.

- Same building.
- That's it.

- Then why is Max in Brooklyn?
- Let's find out.



(line rings)

This is Dr. Louise Belmont.

You can leave a message
for me here,

or try me at my new office

at the Parkside
Psychiatric Center

in Park Slope.

- Park Slope. Brooklyn.
- Let's go.

(siren wailing, horn blowing)

MAN (over P.A. system): Please
evacuate in an orderly fashion.

This is not a drill.

(alarm blaring)

Please evacuate in
an orderly fashion.

This is not a drill.


Please evacuate
in an orderly fashion.

This is not a drill.

Please evacuate
in an orderly fashion.

This is not a drill.

(alarm continues blaring)

This is going too far.

I-I haven't...
I haven't forgotten

what's at stake.
I'm not giving up!

There are cops outside.

Where are
we gonna be

if I get arrested?

Now, just
listen to me.

- Listen to me
- Hey, Max.

For a sec...

There's enough PETN in here
to light us up.

There's no need for that, Max.
Take it easy, okay?

You're the one pointing a gun at me.

You're right.

You're right.
I'm putting the gun away.

I'm here as
your friend.

No one's coming after you.

You are coming after me,

and you should be
going after them.

Do you have any idea
what they do?

How they hurt people?

Listen, the only one hurting
people right now is Faraday.

You're one of them.

I'm not one of them.

I'm here to help you.

I want to make sure
no one else gets hurt.

(chuckles quietly):
I know.

Don't worry, Faraday,
I won't tell her.

You can't. She will
pretend to be your friend.

That's how they
get to you.

Max, talk to me.

- I understand.
- I'm right here. Talk to me.

- Do what you came here to do.
- Can you see me? Look in my eyes?

You're right.

Finish the mission.

Max, don't
listen to him.

Shut up.

Faraday was a good man.

He wouldn't want you

to take the knowledge he gave you

to hurt people.

That was then;
this is now.

Things have changed.

And I'm not hurting people,
I'm... I'm hurting them.

What about Audrey?


Audrey wasn't one of
them, and she's dead.

- That was an accident...
- Audrey was part of it.

No, she wasn't.

She wasn't supposed
to be there.

You wrote that letter.

Didn't you? To warn her.

- What?
- I just told her to stay away.

Do you realize
what you've done?!

Because you knew
she was innocent.

Because you knew she
didn't deserve to die.

It wasn't my fault! It wasn't...

I know it's not your fault,
and we can make this better.

Just put down the bag
and come with me.

CARRIE: Look in my eyes.
I'm here to help you...

...everything we
have fought for.

Do what you
came to do!

Put the bag down...


Shut up! Shut up!

Get out!
Everybody get out!

Stay back!

Looks like Faraday switched the
ground wire and the trigger wire.




(horns honking in distance)

- You doing okay?
- Yeah.


Krause offered me
a job on the bomb squad.

What's going on with Max?

The D.A.'s waiting to file charges
pending a psych evaluation.

Yeah, and Max's sister is using
some of the money he saved

to start a scholarship
fund in Audrey's name.

don't you have somewhere to be?

- Oh.
- Come on, man.

Can't be late for your 20th.

(laughing, cheers)


Actually, I've known
for a couple of weeks.

Spence called me.
He wanted to make sure

you didn't get stuck
working late.

- So you were in on it the whole time?
- Yeah.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

You got a sec?


What's up?


about me and Elaine.

It didn't end neat.

Fact is... it ended messy.

Yeah, well, the whole dumping-
your-stuff-in-a-box thing

kind of said messy to me.

- She kicked me out.
- Oh.

The box was her way
of saying don't come back.

She says I'm still
in love with you.

Well, that's ridiculous.

- Well, that's what I told her.
- Yeah.

She said she was
tired of waiting...

for the inevitable.

So I wanted
to tell you

before you noticed how wrinkly
my suits were getting.


Have you been sleeping here?


Well, did she have
a theory about me?

About you?

Yeah. You know...
how I feel about you.

She never said.


But who cares what she thought?


(chuckles): I mean...

she was totally
off base about that.

Yeah. Sure sounds like it.

- Totally.
- Totally.