Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 18 - The Comeback - full transcript

Carrie and her mysterious caller engage in a strange and dangerous cat-and-mouse game as Al and Carrie work to solve the robbery-homicide of a young female tennis player who was on the verge of a comeback after an injury. The chief suspect: a rich and prominent congressional candidate.

Previously on Unforgettable:

Queens homicide.

Man: Hi, Carrie.
You got a name, pal?

Man: Someone will die in 16 minutes.
That's all you get.

That's it, 16 minutes.

Carrie: So you know my name.
How come I don't know yours?

In time.

How about Fred?
So now he's your partner.

Why me?
The great sociopaths

like to go head-to-head
with the best.

Should have traced me by now.

Say around 2:27.

That gives you
a couple of hours.

Maybe you'll save him.

Well played, Carrie.


Whatcha got tonight, Augie?

She's got me on Kale.
Kale? Come on.

Yeah, no more peanut butter.

Says I'm getting
too tubby.

Mm, well, you
look good to me, baby.

Have a nice night, all right?

You, too, champ.

Be safe.

(Music playing softly on radio)


(Another gunshot)

Oh, no... oh...

Oh... no, no... hang in there!

I need an ambulance
to the tennis center, please!

Hang in there. Oh...

(Sirens wailing)

Al: Why didn't you bring a coat?

Carrie: I didn't expect to be
stopping at a crime scene.

Well, now I'm freezing.

Oh, how was the opera?

We hit that city heroes
charity thing tonight.

You know, Al used to invite me
to that sort of thing.

Yeah, but she looks
way better in heels.

All right.
We got Kayla Yancey.

She's a tennis player.

Took two shots
to the chest.

Casings recovered,
a nine mil.

(Camera shutter clicks)

Carrie: What are we picking up?
Roe: Little diamonds.

Looks like the perp tried
to grab her bracelet,

and it broke.

Uh, the guard says
that he talked to her

before she walked out.

He says she had a purse
with her when she left,

but there's
no sign of it.

Hey, I'm Carrie Wells, NYPD.

What happened here?

Did you see anything?

No. I was inside
at my station.

I can only see what
the cameras see.


There she is leaving,
right there.

That was the
commissioner's office

making sure
we're on our way.

Well, did you explain to him
we've been interrupted

by a little thing called "our job"?
No, actually,

I told him
we're on our way. Let's go.

I say we stay and
solve a murder.

You guys get out of here.

We got this.

The guard's security
footage is limited.

I'm thinking
you should...

Pull the cameras
from down the street,

see if we can catch our guy
making his exit.

Maybe run the M.O.
Through the database, like...

Like I said, we got it.
Just go.

I don't understand what we're

doing here schmoozing about
the value of police work

when we could actually
be doing some.

Okay, look, Norman
Snyder, deputy mayor.

Leonard Babbitt,
Babbitt securities.

Ellen Athans,
Athans and Gray.

They're not your usual
Astoria Boulevard crowd.

Mm, mm, so this
is ambitious Al,

working the room, making connections.
Oh, come on...

I like him.
He's sexy. No, he's great.

You're pretty sexy yourself, by the way.
Yeah, thank you.

That's why I'm here,
isn't it?

Uh-huh. I can't think
of anyone else

who could fit
in that dress.


Mm, and just as I'd forsaken

all hope of genuine
human interaction. Thank you.

Tell me, what is it about

truffle Sashimi that turns

relatively normal people
into dunderheads?


May we take a moment for what
a handsome couple you make.

(Wry chuckle) Yeah.

Barkeep, set this gorgeous
couple up with some bubbly.

Excuse me.

Did you hear that?

She called us
a gorgeous couple.

Thank you.



(Glasses clink)

And we're gonna continue to bust
our budget every year till

you guys on the council give us
money to hire more officers

or pass a law
making crime illegal.


Carrie, I want you to meet
these fine gentlemen.

Carrie Wells, Peter Sanders
from the mayor's office.

Nice to meet you.
Judge Leo Silverman.

Oh, nice to meet you.

Webster: And his partner

on the mayor's juvenile justice
initiative, Walter Morgan.


I read about the juvenile
justice initiative.

Alternative sentencing
for minors, right?

I read about it in the times.

Yeah, it sounds like
a cool idea

if you can get it
by the bar association.

I'll talk to his honor about it.

The judge is quite persuasive.

Which is why I'm pleased to have
so accomplished a partner.

Fred (On phone): I'm pleased to
have so accomplished a partner.

You're too kind, Walter.

Well, don't let it
go to your head.

Carrie: Why me?

Man: You know why.

Don't let it go to your head.

It's 1:38 now. At 1:56,
someone else is dying.

(Gunshot) 16 minutes.

Carrie: Drop your weapon!

Fred: Maybe I'll send another
one your way sometime.

Be seeing you, Carrie.

Maitre d': Dinner is served.

Oh, they're starting.

Shall we go in?


You okay?

You all right?


well, thank you for your help.

I'm, uh...
I'm sorry for your loss.

Okay. Bye.


So, uh, that was Kayla's aunt.

She located the parents.

They're in cape town
with Kayla's grandmother.

Oh, that's gonna make a long
flight home feel a lot longer.

All right. So my guy says
the jewelry we're looking for

is a vintage bracelet:
24-karat gold,

high-quality diamonds.

That is pretty pricey for a girl

who came out of a public
courts tennis program.

Al: What'd she earn last year?
Almost nothing.

She had an ankle injury
last winter,

and she was working
her way back.

You put out a bulletin?

Yeah, all the pawn shops and
jewelers in the tri-state area.

Oh, and I also got a call
from the tip line.

Witness saw a black sedan
on the street

a little bit
before she heard shots.

Got a partial plate.
Follow it up.

So, this is U.S. open,
maybe three years ago?


Kayla came in
as a qualifier,

made it to the quarters.

Yeah, the press was all over it.

She grew up poor,
learned how to play on a court

with no net, you know,
the whole rags to riches thing.

That's gotta be weird;

One second nobody's heard
of you, the next you got

your own cheering section,
politicians, movie stars.

Then you get hurt,
and it all goes away.

All right. Well, that was Gil
Hart over at the one-one-six.

He says they had a guy in the
same area holding up women

with a nine mil
end of last year.

Similar M.O.

The guy would get young women
coming out of work or the gym.

Carrie: Did you explain to him
that we've been interrupted

by a little thing
called "our job"?

No, actually, I told him
we're on our way. Let's go.


No. Whoever killed her,
she knew them.

What do you mean?

I didn't notice it before,

but right at the end
of the security video,

She recognizes someone.

Then I'll-I'll frame-by-frame
and see if we missed something.

Yeah, I'll go check with
Webster, see if she got...

No, you know what?
I'll do it.


I got it.

So you don't think it was
a robbery-homicide?

No, I don't.

You're already there?

Well, let's just say I've seen
a few muggings in my day.

The go-go '90s alone produced,
well, at least nine a night.

Kayla's wounds don't exactly
shout street robbery.

The first shot was from
at least 15 feet away.

The second shot,
the kill shot, that was close.

Somebody wanted
to end this decisively.

So the robbery happened
after the

to cover up the murder.

It's a theory.

Can I ask you a question?

It's about last night.
Oh, I knew it.

That comment I made about you
and Lieutenant Burns.

I apologize wholeheartedly,
wait, no.

But it was an open bar.

No, it's not about that.

You introduced me to someone,
Walter Morgan.

I just was wondering
what's his story.

Don't think he's married.

No, I didn't mean it like that.

I feel like I've met him before,
and I just...

I can't place him.

I know.

Crazy, right?

Okay. He's a partner
at Sanders & Coughlin.

It's a terrific firm.

Mostly criminal defense work.

But I don't know Morgan well,
but the buzz on him

is ruthless at work,
generous outside.

- Does that help?
- Yeah, thanks.

Kayla kept her head down,

worked hard, never had
a cross word for anyone.

Ella, shift the weight.

Come on, footwork.


Mr. Coleman,
we're working a murder here.

I'm sorry, it's just easier

to think about work
than someone hurting Kayla.

I mean, she was so excited
to get back from this injury.

She worked hard
to get back on tour.

Neighbors said something about

a boyfriend,
some fights recently.

You got a name?

They thought "Trey" or "Troy,"
something like that.

Troy Smolin.

Real pretty boy.

He and Kayla came up
in amateurs together.

He never made the jump to pro.

Ended up spiraling
pretty bad,

got in trouble supplying juice
to his buddies on tour.

You know, steroids, HGH.

Pain killers?

Oh, yeah. You'd be surprised
what they cook up these days.

But Kayla would never do that.

You sound pretty sure.

She was on her way back.

She wouldn't of taken the chance
of failing a drug test.

Getting back on top
meant too much to her.

You know where we find
this guy, Smolin?

Last I checked, he got kicked
out of his place in Chelsea.

I can ask around.

Al: What do you
want that for?

What? No.

Uh, souvenir.

Since when do you
need a souvenir?

A memento.

This is exactly what this guy
wants: To get inside your head.

Well, I have no idea why

since there's barely
room in there for me.

You think this is
some kind of joke?

You saw

what your "Fred" is capable of.

He turned one man
into a serial killer,

yes, I know what he did.
And then he sliced up Richard Simons

I was there actually.
Just to send you a message.

All right! I know what he's
capable of. Yes, I know.

Then why are you playing along?

Because he's still out there,
because he hasn't been caught.

Someone's got to catch him.

He's just walking around free...

We need to do that,
but we need to do that together

as a team.

No solo crusades,

no hotshot
off on her own.

Look, I watched you
try to handle

your sister's murder
investigation by yourself.

I saw what it did to you.


All right.

Uh, yeah, hi.

I'm calling for Walter Morgan.

I met him at the city heroes
event last night, and I was...

The zoo?

The one in the park?


No message.

(Puts receiver back in cradle)


(Sea lions barking)


I know you.

Fund-raiser, right?

At the Lancaster.

Yes. Yeah.

Uh, Walter...

Walter Morgan.
You remember?

(Laughs) Yeah, I do.

Forgive me.

I don't have your memory
for names.

Carrie Wells.

Ah, yes. Please.


What brings you
here, Carrie?

Oh, you know, I'm looking
for a little piece of mind.

I know what you mean.

It's nice...Away from
the human jungle.

Yeah. I was working
a case nearby here,

needed to clear my head,
get a little perspective.

Thought I'd come see
the polar bears.

Big fan of the sea lions myself.
Oh, yeah?

Equally at home
in water or air.

Now you see 'em,
now you don't,

and barely a ripple
in their wake.


You're a detective.

Good guess.

You said "case."

I figured it was that
or an attorney.

Gave you the benefit of the doubt.
Well, thank you.

Can I offer you a piece?

So what kind of
detecting do you do?


I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.

Someone's got to do it.
Like you said, "human jungle."

Some pretty nasty predators
out there.

Big eats small.

Natural order... they say.

Makes me mad, though,

that the big always
get away with it.

Not always.

That's right.
We resist, don't we,

we champions of the law?

As much as we're capable.

(Cell phone vibrating)

I'm-I'm sorry.

Would you excuse me for a moment?


Al: We got the boyfriend.

Private security just spotted
Troy Smolin's SUV

pulling into the regal motel,

40th Avenue
and Crescent street.

I'm really close to
there; I'm on my way.


Duty calls.

Some other time, then.

Yeah, you can count on it.

Good running into you.

Have a good day.

You, too.

What do you got?

I think your guy's in 164.

Oh, thanks.

Police! Let me see your hands!


Carrie: Hey!

I want to see your hands up now!

We've got a regular
drugstore here.


Well, looks like he was
traveling with his whole stash.

Fits the M.O.
Of a hunted man.

You know, procedure is,

you wait for backup.

Me, wait? Never.

Mike: Shooter escaped our net.

He must've just gotten out.

We got a caliber on the gun?

CSU's guessing nine mil.

Same round that killed Kayla.

Let's get those slugs
to ballistics.

I talked to narcotics
about this guy.

They said Smolin was pretty
scattershot with his operation.

He didn't seem to be encroaching on
anybody's turf, at least not enough

to put crosshairs on his back.

Just takes one shorted customer.
Keep looking.

Carrie: You know,
I want you to know,

I-I did think about waiting.

For a second.

Okay, this is kind of weird.

I'm looking
into Kayla's finances,

and it looks like someone

was helping her pay her bills.

Some kind of
trust, actually,

called eastern
associated trust.

Started with her medical bills
right after she hurt her ankle.

And then anything
insurance wasn't covering,

eastern was picking up.

Then it was her rehab.

Here are the invoices
for her coaching.

Some kind of business manager?
Mm. She didn't have one.

Let's get a warrant for the
account the checks come from.

Might help us I.D.
Whose they are.

Jo, hi. Did you ever read

the coroner's report
on Richard Simons?

Richard Simons...

(Gasps) Oh, the victim of your
illustrious stalker, Fred.

No, I did not get a copy

from my counterpart
in Connecticut, but I could.

No, I just wanted to know

if they found any hair,
DNA, any anomalies?

We never... we kind of
dead-ended on that case.

You know, and I just
can't seem to...

You're a bit of an obsessive,
aren't you?

Oh, you shouldn't
be ashamed of that.

I mean, it's highly desirable
in our business.

Practically a prerequisite.


All the best detectives
are obsessive.

All the best criminals, too,
so it's tricky.

Right. Well, I think
I can handle it.

So what's it like being you?

Your mind just eats everything...

moments, images, data...

and you never let it go?


it must be even trickier
for you.

Obsession, I mean.

Sometimes. Yeah.

Has this Fred

contacted you again?

I think so,
but I don't know for sure.

Did you tell Al?


It'll be our little secret.

Oh, I was gonna call him anyway
about Kayla Yancey.

She was taking painkillers,
and for a good reason.

Her entire anterior
talofibular ligament

was damaged beyond
repair or recovery.

I talked to her orthopedist,
who told her two weeks ago.

There wasn't
gonna be any comeback.

Her career was over.

Al: So Kayla knew she was
done with tennis?

Yeah, but the fact that she was
still playing on that ankle,

painkillers or not, means
was not ready to give up.

Or just denial. I'm thinking she
didn't even tell her coach.

Okay. So,

the warrant for the bank
got me no closer to identifying

who's behind this trust
that's been paying Kayla.

No surprise there, but I did
find something interesting.

The only other activity
on the account is a series

of regular checks being sent to
someone named Ella Zimmer.

Roe: Yeah.

We saw her at the tennis center.

Lousy footwork.
Same sugar daddy?

When did these payments
to Ella start?

Around ten months ago.
That's right after

Kayla got her injury.
Now she told the press

that she got it
by tripping over a rug.

Maybe that's not
what happened.

And Ella and Kayla are being
paid off to keep quiet.

So you've never heard of
eastern associated trust?

Never received any money
from them?

Maybe you have
the wrong person.

Carrie: Maybe.

So, maybe you could help us
find the other Ella Zimmer,

who's a professional
tennis player

and lives at 5104 bedford.

I've got nothing more to say.

Carrie: Looks like he was
traveling with his whole stash.

Fits the M.O of a hunted man.


Maybe you can tell
the other Ella

that the tennis federation
bans players

for using little
green pills.

Ah, hey, there she is.

Let's talk, okay?

Ella: Kayla and I were
playing a tune-up

down in Miami.

(Sighs) After the finals
party on the last night,

she and I and this guy
she was kind of dating

were partying back
at his hotel.

He was on a lot of blow.
I mean a lot.

The guy was a total
vacuum all night.

Suddenly, the cops
are banging at the door.

He forces us out on the balcony

'cause he doesn't want to get
caught with us in his room,

and Kayla and I jumped.

That's how she
hurt her ankle.

The story was

she tripped on a carpet at home.
Yeah, well,

that's what we were
supposed to say.

Who told you
to say that?

The vacuum?

Look, they paid us
to keep it a secret.

Who's they?

This guy.

He shows up the next day
and totally takes charge.

Offers us money,

makes us sign all
these documents.

Kept it out of the papers.

I need to know the name

of the man you guys were
partying with that night.

All those years

working on that serve.

It'd be a shame

to throw it all away.

Come on, Ella, a name.


Reed Benedict.

As in...

Yeah, one and the same.


Well, life's good when
your last name is Benedict.

Yeah, well, having $50
million doesn't hurt.

Yeah, a senator,
two governors in the family.

Guy's got a lot
to live up to.

Can't say he's
not trying.

Reed (Over monitor):
We can do better as a nation.

That is why I am today
announcing my intention

to run for congress from
the 14th congressional district.

Roe: Well, another Benedict
on the rise.

Not the best time to get caught
cheating on your wife

with some blow in a hotel room.

How much do you
want to bet

the Miami-dade police have
no record of that hotel bust?

That's why they call 'em fixers.

All right,

so Kayla found out her career
was over at the same time

the guy responsible for it
is running for congress.

And she figures he's not
in a position to say no

and decides she wants more
than her medical bills paid.

Ah, it just
doesn't sound

like this girl, you know.

...To support my husband.

Molly and I are very excited.

I mean, maybe it was
Troy Smolin's idea.

It's nice... I mean, it explains
his getting killed.


Morgan: Big eat small.

Natural order, they say.

Makes me mad,

though, that the big always

get away with it.

Nina: Whoever your fixer is,
he's been a busy guy.

I did some digging.

Reed Benedict, yeah,
he skirts trouble

as well as he finds it.

We're talking
drugs, bar fights.

Lot of charges
over the years.

Just, nothing seems to stick.

Also, there's no record of
any drug arrest in Miami.

(Smacks) Told you.

Also, I found out
more information

about eastern associated trust...

the fund that's been
paying off our dead girl.

They share
the same mailing address

as a big midtown law firm...
Suttleson & Levin.

Have 300-plus lawyers.

The fixer for the Benedicts
is probably one of 'em,

probably a partner.

171 names,

but it's a start.

Wait a second.


Morgan: We resist...
We champions of the law?


As much as
we're capable.



Jonathan Hedstrom...
he's our guy.

You sure?

Morgan: Makes me mad, though,

that the big
always get away with it.

Oh, yeah, I'm sure.

Ok, Jonathan Hedstrom...
bit of a mystery,

but... Navy seal
to Fordham law,

then office of
naval intelligence.

Bunch of classified
military stuff in the '80s.


Could be, but then he
joins Suttleson & Levin

as a partner in '91,

and here's the weird thing...

no client list
as far as I can see.

(Chuckles) Appears he mostly
handles trust accounts.

From which he pays off
enemies of the Benedicts.

Yeah, it's
tough to track.

He did cross paths with
Oliver Benedict... Reed's Uncle...

in the foreign service in China

and he shows up
around the family a lot, right...

weddings, summers at the cape.

We should get Ella to I.D.
Him, but this is our guy.

Hey. Hey, ballistics
just got back to me.

Kayla and Troy were killed
with the same nine-millimeter.

Oh, any chance that
it belongs to Reed?

Well, he doesn't own
any registered firearms.

He doesn't need to.

He owns Hedstrom.

Mike: Oh, you're not
going to believe this.

That was Ella Zimmer's attorney.

She was supposed
to come in today

to give an official statement.

Don't say it.
Well, it seems

she's accepted
a last-minute invitation

to play a tournament in Dubai

and one immediately following
in Morocco.

And just like that.

Yeah, what are
you going to say?

Guy's good.

Yep, all I know, you take on

the Benedicts,
you got to be loaded for bear.

First, you got to get
the bear's attention.

Hedstrom wasn't returning
any calls, so I tried

a buddy of mine over
at the New York ledger.

I told him Reed Benedict
might be a person of interest

in a murder investigation.

Well, 14 minutes later
Benedict's office called.

Of course he'll help,
whatever assistance we need.

That's a good start.

Al: Hey.

How'd you trip
to this Hedstrom, anyway?

Saw it on a bench.

There a story
that goes with that?

Of course there is, but
you don't want to hear it.

Funny, I do.

I have to make a phone call.

I'll catch up to you.

Walter Morgan's office.

Yeah, hi, this is Carrie Wells
for Mr. Morgan.

Oh, Ms. Wells, I'm afraid
Mr. Morgan is gone for the day,

but he did ask me to give you
a message in case you called.

Really, what's the message?

He said to say "you're welcome."

Thank you very much.

Shall we?

I last saw Kayla Yancey
on November 15

at an exhibition

We spoke briefly
and she expressed hope

that she was on her way

to a full recovery.

I did not hear about Kayla again

until I read of her death
in the times

two days ago.

She was an inspiring person
and a wonderful athlete,

and her death is
a true tragedy.

So, if you would confine

your questions
to the relevant portions

of our client's

Were you romantically
involved with Kayla?

As my client's
statement indicates,

he and Kayla Yancey
had been casual friends

for a number of years.

Mr. Benedict,
were you involved in any way

in the original injury
to Kayla's ankle?

I was not.

Carrie: You weren't
partying in Key Biscayne,

doing a little
coke, hanging out?

One thing led
to another,

cops got called?
Let's move on.

Al: Two nights ago,

can you account for your
whereabouts from 5:30 to 7:30?

Next question,

Al: This is a homicide

and Mr. Benedict
is not above the law.

We have a black sedan
and a partial plate

from the crime scene that matches
a car the Benedicts own.


This is a wrap, folks.

No, hold on.

I knew Kayla,

but I didn't hurt her.


I have nothing
to hide here.

You want to know where I was
the night Kayla was killed.

I was with a doctor,

a therapist actually.

I'm sure one
of these gentlemen

can put you in touch with him.

That's it,

boys and girls.


Carrie: Wait a second,
that's Hedstrom.

If they've got
their fixer here,

it means they're
circling the wagons.

First things first...

we're gonna find that shrink
to check Benedict's alibi.

No, first I'm gonna
talk to him.

Wait a second.

We don't even know
what questions to ask.

Oh, I got a question.

Did you kill Kayla Yancey,
for starters?

I'll fix you, you bastard.

I got the report back from
the Bridgeport M.E's office

on the Richard Simons murder.


Less than nothing.

He said it was the most
sterile crime scene

he has ever seen.

No prints, no hairs,

no skin shavings,

Okay, get this.

The body was stuffed
in a culvert

by the side of the
highway, right?

It had been raining
for two days straight,

so there was
mud everywhere.

Not a footprint,
not a tire track

for a hundred yards.

Morgan: Big fan
of the sea lions myself.

Now you see 'em, now you don't,

and barely a ripple
in their wake.

"Barely a ripple."

If this guy is contacting
you, Carrie, be careful.

I don't want to offer
him up another victim.

This may sound insane, but
what if he's trying to help me?

Then you're making a
deal with the devil.


My office.


What's up?

I just got a call from
the corruption commission

about you.

Corruption commission?

What did they want?

To inform me they're
opening an investigation

into your expenditures
and your earnings.

Oh, this is coming
from Jonathan Hedstrom.

And you know
what that means?

That means we're close
to the truth on Kayla Yancey.

He's behind this,
he's coming after me.

I don't care how
they got here.

I care about
getting them away.

So I'm gonna ask you, is there
anything for them to find?

I'll be fine, Al.

That's not an answer.

If your gambling shows
up on their radar...

Okay, you don't have
to worry about it!

I do have to
worry about it!

You leave your prints at
some underground casino,

I'm the guy that's got
to make that go away.

You remember that?

I've said thank you
for that.

You want me to say it again?
Thank you, thank you, Al.



you're getting a
higher profile now.

The whole team is getting
a higher profile.

Whether or not this Hedstrom
is coming after you,

you got to be careful,

and I'm not just talking
about your gambling,

I'm talking about
your gangster boyfriend.

Gangster boyf... what?

He's not a gangster,
first of all.

Second of all, stay
out of my dating life.

I'll stay out of it,

but I can't speak
for the commission.

I'm trying
to protect you.

It sounds like you're
trying to protect you.

It sounds like you're worried
people are going to find out

that your star detective
isn't mother Teresa

and you might not get invited
to your uptown events

to hobnob with the
deputy mayor anymore.

You're part of
a team here,

and you may not
like to believe it,

but we have your back.

You ought to have ours.


I'll handle it, okay?

(Door slamming)

Stop, stop,
you can't go in there.

You are messing

with the wrong person.
I'm in a meeting here.

Look, meeting's over.
Would you please...?

Detective, would it be the worst
thing to take some time off,

clear your head a little,

maybe start thinking
more clearly about things?

Listen to me.

You'd better start looking
over your shoulder

'cause I'm coming for you

and I'm not going to stop
till I take you down.

No offense, but I have dealt
with adversaries

far more challenging than you.

No, you haven't.

Here's what I don't get.

Reed's alibi checks out,
he's in the clear, right?

So why is Hedstrom getting
involved in any of this?

Well, maybe he killed Kayla.

No, that guy... he's a pro.

Kayla's murder... it was sloppy.

I think he's protecting
someone who did.

Roe: Only person
we're targeting

is Benedict,

and he's got an alibi.
You're right.

We're targeting
Reed, right?

But Hedstrom's got to be afraid
that someone close to Reed

is going to go down
in the crossfire.

His wife.

Molly had these red marks
on her wrist.

What if that bracelet
didn't belong to Kayla?

What if it belonged
to Molly Benedict?

That would make a hell
of a lot more sense.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

So Kayla's one
of Reed's old flames;

Now she's desperate, circling
back into Reed's life...

If Molly thinks

that Troy and Kayla
are going after her husband,

there's your motive.

Protect your marriage,
Reed's political career.

Reporter: How about you, Molly?

You ready for the campaign?

I'll do whatever I have to,
to support my husband.

She knew that if Kayla
told her story,

it would destroy Reed's career.

Where was Molly Benedict
when Kayla was murdered?

We had her at home, I think.

Roe: Okay.

This is across the street
from Molly Benedict's

design firm in soho.

This is 30 minutes
after Kayla's murder.

See that car pulling in?

Matches the car seen

leaving the murder scene.

Oh, we haven't even gotten to
our close-up yet, Mr. Demille.

Hello, Molly.

(Tapping at window)

You know what's great
about being a doctor?

Professional courtesy.

I just talked to a colleague
over at Bellevue

who told me that your
friend there, Molly Benedict,

has had her fair share

of psychiatric care
over the past decade.

Her latest stint
at bellevue

for acute
stress disorder,

or as you laymen
commonly refer to it,

a nervous breakdown.

Which doesn't make this
any more comforting.

You ready?

Molly Benedict obtained
a handgun license

three months ago.

Please tell me it
was a nine-mil.

Glock 17.

That's our baby.

Go get her.

Detectives, I've answered
all your questions.

I have nothing more to say.

Hi. We haven't met.
I'm Carrie.


Molly, did you
lose something recently?

A diamond bracelet, maybe?


Well, maybe you can explain
how a bracelet

you wore to a met opening
last month wound up

next to a dead girl
in queens.

You're under arrest

for the murder of Kayla Yancey.
Put your hands behind your back.

What are they
talking about?

I'm so sorry, Reed.
I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

For a second, when she
first came out of the courts,

I thought I should just
get back in my car.

But then she looked,
and she saw me.

She saw the gun.

And I was afraid
she would scream.

So I pulled the trigger.

And she fell.

And I ran over to her,
you know, to...

To see maybe she was okay.

And she grabbed me here.

I couldn't let her talk.

I couldn't let her tell anyone.

So I did it again.

And I thought...

I just kept thinking,
why did I do this?

I didn't have to do this.

Be back in a minute.

She didn't mention
Troy Smolin at all.

Claims she has no idea
who killed him.

That's because
it was cleanup.

Hedstrom, I know.
I tried.

She wouldn't flip on him.

Either she's scared

or the Benedicts
kept her in the dark.

All right, so we get

a search warrant, right?

We get into Hedstrom's office,
his house.

Good luck. You know
his pedigree.

With what we got, there's
not a judge in New York

who'd grant a search
warrant for that guy.

Judge Leo Silverman.

Morgan: Talk to his
honor about that.

The judge is quite persuasive.

Hey! Roe.

Can you do a search
for a criminal court judge?

A Leo Silverman?

Yeah, sure.

Sorry. Can you include
"Benedict" in that search?

Okay, here we go...
Silverman and Benedict.


Yowza. Got some pay dirt.

All right.

Looks like Leo Silverman
took on Reed Benedict senior

for his house seat in 1992,
and they nearly buried him.

"Leo Silverman tarred and
feathered by Benedict machine.

Loses by 30 points."

That is exactly why

Leo Silverman is the
one judge in town

who will give us a warrant
for Jonathan Hedstrom.

Thank you, Fred.

Oh, please don't get up.

No, it... it doesn't
work like that.

He can't.


I got to call you back.

Detectives, look,
I'd love to chat,

but I'm just on my way out.

Oh, what's the matter?

One of the Benedicts got
a runny nose, need a tissue?

Do you people
never tire of this?

Oh, this won't take long.

Based on the warrant
we just executed on your car,

we got a parking receipt
that puts you

one block away from where
Troy Smolin was murdered,

right at the same time.

Well, if you want to arrest me
for that, you go ahead.

Oh, no, it gets better.

We got a subpoena
for your safety deposit box,

courtesy of your buddy,
judge Leo Silverman.

You know what we
found in there?

The remnants
of Molly Benedict's bracelet,

the gun that Molly used

to kill Kayla, the same gun
that you used to kill Troy.

You have no idea
who you're dealing with.

Oh, that's what they all say.

Hands behind your back, pal.

(Handcuffs tightening)

(Knock at window)


You got a minute?

Not if it's like
that last minute we had.

What if it's a little bit
like that last minute?

What's going on?

I think...

I've been
in touch with Fred.

Listen, he gave me
Jonathan Hedstrom.

Hold on.
He called you?

Not exactly.
He also gave me

judge Silverman from when
we were at that charity thing.

Look, I looked into him.

He's an attorney.

His name is Walter Morgan.

I... called him.

I met him.

You're out of your mind.

Yeah, well, we both know that.

And you lied to me.

I had to be sure.

And now you're sure?


But we can't touch him.

I mean, I have looked
at every public record,

every brief.

Nothing traces
back to him.

I'm sorry I lied to you.

I shouldn't have done it.

You're just doing what he wants.

You realize that.


He's doing what I want.

He helped me with this case.


He's playing you.

That's what he does.

Oh, my God.


Hey, Carrie.

I was glad to hear
from you again.

Thank you for agreeing
to meet me.

Allen street foundation, no?

I'm sorry. What about it?

you're on the board.

Yeah, I am.

With Molly Benedict.

See, it took me a while
to figure it out,

but I got there.

What, did you get inside
the head of a fragile woman,

manipulate her,
give her some advice?

Is that how it works?

Uh, as I recall,
Molly asked for my thoughts

on her husband's
political career.

Apparently, she thought it
was threatened in some way.

And you told her how to...

Remove the threat?

I don't recall
the exact advice I gave her,

but maybe something
along those lines.

And she...

Shoots and kills Kayla,

a 19-year-old girl.

That is some game...




Excuse me?

You want to know how this ends?

You lose.

I know you think you're safe,
but I'm coming for you,

and I am not going to stop

until you're on your knees.

That makes me sad.

I thought we could be friends.

Not interested.

You're absolutely sure?


Piece of advice, Carrie?

Since it seems that's
all I'm good for.

They've rebuilt
the penguin house at the zoo.

Why don't you have a look?

See you around the jungle.

What did he say?

Nothing definitive.

You okay?


Fred: Be seeing you, Carrie.