Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 10 - Trajectories - full transcript

When a second murder suddenly occurs at an active crime scene, Al and Carrie must wade through hundreds of bystanders to uncover if it was retribution or an unrelated attack.

♪I want hold 'em
like they do in Texas Plays ♪

♪ Hold 'em, let 'em hit me,
raise it, baby, stay with me ♪

♪ Luck and intuition play the
cards with spades to start ♪

♪ After he's been hooked ♪

♪ I'll play the one
that's on his heart ♪

Ann McShane.

I'm, uh...

with Mr. Franklin.

♪ Oh, whoa, oh-oh ♪

♪ Whoa-oh-oh, I'll get him hot ♪

Miss McShane.

Ann. I've waited years

for a seat
at one of your tables, Mr. Lang.

"Frank" to my friends.

♪ Can't read my, can't read my ♪

So, is there a lot of money
to be made tonight?

I always have a lot of money
at my tables.

Well, then you and I are going
to be very good friends.

♪ P-p-poker face,
my p-p-poker face ♪

♪ P-p, my, p-p, my, p,
my-my-my p-p- ♪

Please, right this way.

♪ P-p, my-my ♪

♪ I wanna roll with him,
a hard pair we will be ♪

♪ A little gambling is fun
when you're with me ♪

♪ Russian roulette is not
the same without a gun ♪

♪ Baby, when it love, if it's
not rough, it isn't fun ♪

♪ Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh ♪

♪ I'll get him hot,
show him what I got ♪

♪ Whoa, oh-oh, whoa, oh-oh ♪

♪ I'll get him hot,
show him what I got ♪

♪ Can't read my, can't read my ♪

♪ No, he can't read
my poker face. ♪

Take your time, Larry.

I wouldn't want you
to make a mistake.

After all, there is
$67,450 here.

A couple of deuces.


Would you excuse me
for a minute?

Don't leave!

Nobody leaves here!
Freeze! Freeze!

Show us your hands!

This way out, boss.


(siren wails in distance)

(phone rings)

Good morning.

Morning. Where are you?

At my desk.

Where are you really?

I'm actually at my desk.

Hey, look, pigs are flying.

Very funny.

I got a new alarm clock,
you know.

It brews coffee
and picks out my outfit.

Where are you?

Headed to the Morganson
Rec Center.

We got a fresh one

at the Youth League basketball


All right, I'll, uh,
I'll see you there in 15.


Hundreds of people around,

nobody will admit
to seeing it go down.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

The Rec Center was
sponsoring a tournament

for all the borough's
youth league teams.

First game had just started
when the shooting happened.

Which was when?

Uh, 20, 25 minutes ago.

ROE: We got the
perimeter locked down?

Security on the scene did
the best they could.

I'm sure they lost some
people after the shooting.

Let me guess.
That camera's not working.

Yeah, apparently,
the neighborhood kids use it

for target practice.

Marisa Perez.

She's a freshman at CUNY.

Without video, we're gonna need
I.D.'s on all these spectators,

full interview
with everyone.

And I think I'm on
the last page of my notebook.


(multiple gunshots)

(people screaming)

(gunshots continue)

Steve? Steve...

Don't move.
All right, you're gonna be all right.

- I can't believe they shot me!
- It's just a graze. It's just a graze.

Hey, I want you to look at me.
Look at me. Look at me.

What's your name?



Beverly Jackson.

Okay, Beverly,
you're gonna be fine, all right?

It's just a graze.

These guys are gonna
help you right here.

- Oh, my God.
- You're gonna be fine, Beverly.

- Okay.
- I gotta go help other people.

Beverly, you're gonna be fine.


Caught these guys running away.

You got anything on 'em?


Yeah, you had a gun.

But if he pulled the trigger,
I didn't see it.

Okay. Get a residue test
on his hands,

see if he fired the gun.

I want you to get
all these weapons here

and hand-deliver 'em
to the lab ASAP. Go.

Do we know who this is?

No, but he's wearing
QB-6 gang colors.

Yeah, we got guns dumped
all over the place.

Seven so far. Looks like some
were fired, some weren't.

Smart. Don't want to get caught
carrying here.

Ballistics will be working
overtime tonight.

This is officially a nightmare.

Wait a second.

There-there was a guy running
towards Marisa's body

right before the
shots were fired.

White, mid-40s,
about six-one, six-two

wearing a blue-collared shirt.

Red shoes, by any chance?

Yeah. How'd you know?
You see him?

One of the other vics,
he had red shoes.

WOMAN: Let me go! Let me go!
She's my daughter!

Hey, hey, let her go!
I got this! Let her go!

Let her go!
Let her go!

Mrs. Perez, Mrs. Perez,
I can't let you

touch her right now,
okay? We can't let you.

No! No! (sobbing)
She's my baby!

I'm sorry.

One shooting victim DOA.

Another seriously injured.

Several others being triaged.

What's the vic's name?

Jim Clayburn.

His boy told me he's some kind
of community activist.

Works with kids.

That the son?

Got a name?

Jim, Jr. Goes by "JJ."

He give you anything else?

Nah, he wasn't up to talking.



I'm Lieutenant Burns.
This is Detective Saunders.

How are you?

I can't believe... I mean, how
did this even happen? (sobs)

That's what we need
to figure out.

Did you see who shot your dad?


One of our people saw him
running into the crowd

just as the shooting started.
Any idea why?

What? Your dad.
He was running just before he got shot.

I was here with friends.

I didn't even know that my dad
was gonna be here today.

He usually works on Saturdays.

What kind of work does
your father do?

He's, uh, he works
with gang members.

He tries to get them straight,
I guess.

We'll talk more later.
Go be with your father.

Clayburn works
with gang kids.

We've got
at least one gang shooting.

Maybe we can cross "accidental
victim" off our list.

My neighbor called to tell
me Marisa had been shot.

So, you live nearby?

Just three blocks.

I yelled at her
this morning...

for using the last
of my shampoo.

Hilda, is there anyone
you can think of,

anyone at all that might
want to hurt Marisa?

She's a good girl.

She's going to college.

She's a good girl.

Was Marisa in trouble?

Hilda, listen to me, okay?

All I care about is finding
whoever did this.

I need you to help me.

When she was 13...

that gang, DKK...

they got her to join.

She didn't know what she was
getting into.

And she was trying
to leave them.


She was going to school,
to college.

And then a couple
of weeks ago,

she went back to them.

I don't know why.

And now she's dead.

So, according to her mother,
Marisa Perez knew Jim Clayburn.

He helped her get into college.

When she got into CUNY,

she told her mom she was
quitting the gang for good.

Leaving a gang's hard
if those were her friends

and if it was
all she knew.

But if she was one
of his victories,

Clayburn might not
have give up so easy.

Could be he was going after

whoever shot her.

Clayburn's out of surgery.

- They think he's going to make it.
- Good.

What do we have on the two guys
we grabbed at the scene?

Well, one guy's gun
hasn't been fired,

and the other one had a .45,

and none of the rounds removed
from the vics are a match.

What about the other body...
the guy from QB-6?

Fingerprints peg him
as Oskar Mendoza.

Not the kind of boy you want
to bring home to mother.


Guy was dedicated
to his chosen career.

Which is what,
general dickishness?


But if QB-6 killed Marisa

and DKK killed Mendoza
in retaliation,

QB-6 is not going to let it go.

This whole thing
could spin out of control.

So what are
you thinking?

Time to call in the cavalry.

This is Detective Ben Cortez
with the gang squad.

He's going to give
us a better idea

of what we're
up against.

All right, these
are arrest photos

of known members and associates
of DKK, Dominican Killa Kings.

That's the gang that
Marisa ran with.

They recruit mostly
out of high schools.

They're carving out
their territory

in Northern Queens
and now the Bronx.

What about that
other gang, uh, QB-6?

Queens-Bronx Six.

Let me put it
this way.

DKK traffics narcotics and
occasionally shoots somebody.

QB-6 traffics narcotics,
guns, people.

They do hits
for hire,

arson, and that's
on a good day.

Well, did you
have any warning

that these two gangs were about
to start shooting at each other?

We made progress recently.

We just started to get
some better intel.

Hey. Sorry we're late.

We were finishing up
on-scene interviews.

This is Ben Cortez.

Yeah. You were at
the rec center.

Yeah, I was just getting
to that.

We got tipped
that some DKK members

were going down
to watch the tournament.

In QB-6 territory?

You didn't think
to mention that?

Look, I was there.
I didn't see who shot the girl.

The girl?

Marisa... her name is Mari...

But you know that, don't you?

That's why you were upset
when you saw her on the ground.

You knew her.

As a matter of fact, I did.

She was my CI.

She was your better intel?


You used a 17-year-old girl
as a confidential informant?

She was helping us build
a case against DKK.

She was informing
on her own gang?

For about a month. Yes.

Well, no wonder you
looked so shocked

when you saw her on the ground.

You got her killed.

I am all for taking down a gang,

but using a 17-year-old
girl as an informant...

Maybe her gang never found out.

I mean, we don't know

- that's what got her killed.
- Yes, we do.

She was turning her life around, Al,
and Cortez came in and screwed it up.

Then the best thing we can do for
her is find out who killed her.

Okay, but I'm not
working with him.

So take Roe,
get out to that Rec Center

and see what you
can put together.

We got ten shots
to account for.

Okay, yellow markers
are for shell casings.

Red are guns.

Cones are victims.

(gunshot, people screaming)

(three gunshots)

(two gunshots)

(four gunshots)

(one gunshot)

Okay, let's start
with the first shot.

It came from over... here.


Sound was muffled.

Had to be
point-blank range.

So that would make our first
victim after Marisa, Jim Clayburn.

Yeah, found him
right here.

So maybe we're right.

He knew who was after Marisa
and confronted him.

Okay. What's next?

(three loud gunshots)

(two more gunshots)

Five shots from over here,
three from a bigger caliber gun.

Six shots so far.

That's one of our
guys we picked up.

.45 automatic.

But none of the victims
were shot with a .45,

so he's just shooting.

So, from this angle,
one of the bullets

could have hit our bystander,
Beverly Jackson.

Bullet like that'd
do some damage.

No, it was just a flesh wound.

I mean, I'm sure
it stung a little,

but she was
kind of dramatic.

Your empathy's overwhelming.

Then the only
thing we've got

is the gang kid,
Mendoza, standing.

Four shots left.

(four gunshots)

Four shots.

(four gunshots)

And Mendoza's still alive.

(two gunshots)

Crime scene only picked up
ten shell casings.

Yeah, so?

(one gunshot)

So there was an 11th shot.

It killed Mendoza.

I heard it.

Yeah, where from?

Right back...


There was a Parks Enforcement
guard near there.

He might have had
a front-row seat.

Yeah, he was there.

He give a statement?

Herb Waters, age 51,
16-year veteran

of the Parks and Recreation

His statement, and I quote:

"I didn't see
any of the shooters."


Yeah, well,
we should talk to him again.

Even if he didn't
see a shooter,

maybe he saw someone
picking up the casing

or at least looking for
something on the ground.


Hey, quick... what'd I
have for lunch yesterday?

I don't know, Roe.

What'd you have
for lunch yesterday?

I don't know.

I was hoping you'd remember,
so I could order something else.

I just...

Like I said, I heard shots,
then I saw that guy go down.

Well, which one?

There were...
there were two.

Um, one of these?

Him. Older guy.

- Okay. Jim Clayburn.
- He okay?

It's too soon
to tell.

So you saw Mr. Clayburn
get shot.

Did you get a look
at who did it?

Everything happened so fast.

I went to go help him.

You know,
let's go over this again.

Let's see.

All right,
so where were you standing?


Okay, so you ran
from here to here.

All right.

Did you see this
kid get shot?

No. I didn't actually
get to Mr. Clayburn.

There were more shots.

It was chaos, kids
running everywhere.

I was just trying
to keep them safe.


Uh, what about afterwards?

You see anyone
scrounging around,

looking for something
on the ground?

What do you mean?
Looking for what?

A shell casing.

We got an extra shot,
no casing to go with it.

Wow. How do
you know that?

So did you see anyone or not?

Look, I-I shouldn't
have even been there.

I don't know the area.

I work out at
Spring Creek Park.

I'm just trying to pick up

some extra overtime before
I retire next month.

I get it. I get it.

You're dealing
with a gang guy.

Seems scary to come clean.


But if you got something to say,
I need you to say it.

It looked like he was
reaching for a gun.


You shot Mendoza.

He was reaching
to his waistband.

And all those punks were
pulling out their weapons.

I was just trying to
protect the other kids.

What was he reaching for?

A cell phone.

A lousy cell phone.

I got to take you in.

I wasn't even supposed
to be there.

Guy was just scared.

I mean, he didn't
have the training

to be in that

Hopefully, the DA
will cut him some slack.

Clayburn awake yet?

Last I checked, he was
just out of surgery.

Carrie! Talk to
you a second?

I don't care.
Just get me access.

There's got to be a doctor

with some parking tickets
he wants fixed.

- Okay.
- Hey.


Uh, I'll go check
on Clayburn.

Close the door.

No problem.

What's up?

I just got a call from a
lieutenant in the Three-Eight.

Why were your fingerprints
lifted after a raid

on an illegal poker game
in some Chinese restaurant?

- They have good dim sum.
- You're a cop.

Yes, whose annual salary

doesn't even begin
to cover my mother's care.

That's your excuse?
You needed the money for Alice?

Oh, come on, Al.

- It was a harmless card game.
- It's illegal.

Yes, and I'm sure they arrested
a lot of very bad people.

And you're lucky
one of them wasn't you.

You'd lose your badge
and you'd go to jail.

How would your mom be then?

What do you
want me to say?

- I don't know what...
- Ballistics came back.

None of the weapons
we recovered at the scene

are a match to the victims.

But get this...

the gun that shot Marisa
is the same gun

- that shot Jim Clayburn.
- We just don't have it.

- NINA: We just don't have it.
- AL: But if they're connected,

- we're looking for one guy.
- CARRIE: Oh, look at that.

Beverly Jackson,
the woman with the arm wound,

she's finally ready to talk,
so I'm going to go

- talk to her.
- We're not done here.

I am.

- I should go. Um...
- Yes.

Just go with Mike, see what
you can dig up about Clayburn.

MAN: The kids are
taking it hard.

That's what they call
them... "Jim's Kids."

Jim poured everything he had
into this mission.

When his wife died back in
'98, he decided to bring

all these lost kids
into his family.

To turn his grief
into something powerful.

But... and I'm sorry, Father...
but they're not all

going to turn out
to be success stories.

There's got to be somebody
who had a grudge against him.

Look, this neighborhood
has seen gang reformers

come and go for decades,

but Jim, he was... he was
in a class by himself.

People respect him,
and that's half the battle.

So no threats, calls, letters?

No, these kids love him.

They wouldn't have hurt him.

Or let anybody else hurt him.

Had you seen Marisa
around lately?

No. She was back with the gang.

And Jim knew that?

Yeah. He was upset.

He asked me a bunch
if there was something

he could do to get her
to come back.

So maybe he tried too
hard to convince her,

one of the DKKs started
to question her loyalty.

What else you got, Estella?


Some of the girls
from around here,

they were saying that Marisa
was in trouble with the DKK.

For what?

I didn't ask.

No one told me.

But I bet you got an idea.

In this neighborhood, having
ideas will get you shot.


Detective Wells!

I'm gonna sit in on the
interview, if that's all right.

What did you have
on her, Cortez?

She was getting out.

She was on her way to college,
she had a full scholarship.

You dragged her back in.
What did you have on her

that was so terrible?

She was in a car with a kilo
of coke in the trunk.

Was she driving?


Then no way that sticks.

But she wouldn't
know that, would she?

(sighs) What'd you do, threaten
to call the admissions office

if she didn't do
what you wanted,

- then bye-bye scholarship.
- Listen.

I did pick her up,
but I didn't threaten her.

When she found out
I was in a gang unit,

she offered to go
back in to help us.

Said she didn't
want any more kids

getting trapped like she did.

You could've said no.

And believe me,
next time I will.

There isn't a next time.
She's dead.

ROE: Thanks for coming in, Ms.

I would've come in sooner,

but I didn't think
I could be much help.

Well, you never know.

Yeah. Even if you
didn't see who shot you,

maybe you saw
someone running away?

No, I didn't see anything.

I was just walking back from
the cheese shop on 31st Avenue,

and heard some
loud sounds, and...

I didn't even realize
I was the one shot

till I saw my arm bleeding.

One of the ones...
who was shot.

A girl died.
I don't appreciate your attitude.

I know about the girl.

You're a lawyer, right?
Mulligan & Waters?

Yes. We're at,
uh, 40th...

40th and Park,
on the 59th floor, I know.

So you didn't see anything.

Nothing at all.

What about when you were
walking to the cheese shop?

Do you remember
which route you took?

Before you answer,

you should know that
we are going to use

all of our resources
to verify your answer.

You should be easy to remember,

you were wearing that
burnt orange jacket,

turquoise scarf, and those
earrings that were, frankly,

way too big for the outfit.

So what if I was? So what?

So... just because
you didn't see anyone,

doesn't mean someone
didn't see you.

Maybe someone in a gang.

CARRIE: It also means that
if you're lying to us,

we're going to charge you with
hindering the prosecution.

Want to take a peek at
these pictures again, ma'am?

I saw this girl.

She was arguing with a man,
I don't know what about,

but he was holding her arm,
and she was trying to get away.

Describe him.


Early 20s, brown sweatshirt.

Cap with a lot of metal
and stuff on it.

Wait a second.

Yeah. How'd you know?


Who's this?

Tito Alvarez.

- He's DKK...
- DKK.

I didn't see him
at the rec center.

I did.

You're thinking he's the doer?

Look, I was, uh...

I got a witness who saw
him manhandling Marisa

right before she was shot.


We've got some stuff
on Tito Alvarez.

The DKK practically
runs in his family.

He's got a brother that went
away for a drive-by in '08,

he's got uncles and cousins
been wearing the colors

going back a decade or so.

Any specific history
with Marisa?

- Well, none that I could find.
- How about him and Clayburn?

Well, Clayburn's program
reached out to all the gangs,

so Alvarez would've known
about him, but that's,

- that's all I got.
- All right. Good.

You... you want I should
close the door?

Why would I want you to...


Sorry about that.

It's none of my business, but
is there something going on

with you and our star reporter?


Same as usual.


Let me ask you:

that buddy of yours in Vice,
in the Three-Eight?

You guys still close?

Yeah. Jim Parsons.
He's a good guy.

And he's... discreet, right?


I mean... depends what
we're talking about.

Maybe I'll give him a call.

All right.

Like I said, it's none
of my business, but...

back in the day,
when you two were...

Was she...?

Was she always so...



I think I'll
give Jim a call.

If nobody's dead,
he can probably help.

(phone rings)



I'm heading over.

That was the hospital.
Clayburn's awake.

AL: Clayburn's conscious now,
but he's still touch and go.

This is our chance
to get his statement,

and make Tito as the shooter.

I should be out
looking for Tito.

Detective Cortez has the whole
gang squad out after him.

Oh, he's taking time out from
recruiting teenage informants.

How nice of him.

JJ, how you doing?


Mr. Clayburn,

are you able to answer
some questions for us?

He can't talk yet.
The tube.

He's been using this.

They're cops, Dad.

He wants to know if
"his kids" are okay.

Yeah. They're having a vigil
at the church for you.


No, I'm sorry.

"She was so brave.

A hero."

I know.

That's why we're here. We want
to catch whoever did this.

We think the person
who shot Marisa

is the same person
that shot you.

Do you recognize anyone
in these photos?

Tito Alvarez?

Is this the man who shot you?


(phone chimes)

Okay. I think that's
all we need. Thank you.

Ben knows where Tito is.

Girlfriend's house.

Great. Thanks.

♪ ♪

(knocking on door)

Can I help you, Officers?

We're looking for Tito Alvarez.
He here?

Oh, I don't know any Tito.

I think you must be mistaken.

Mrs. Garcia, please.

Is your daughter at home?

My daughter?



Where you going, Tito?

Right here...

Oh, I love what you've
done with the place.

Why Marisa?

Why Marisa what?

She was a good girl, Tito.

Hey, man, I wasn't even
at the game that day.

Sure you were.
I saw you there.

Well, baby, you
must be mistaken,

'cause I just told you
I wasn't there.

Brown sweatshirt,
blinged-out baseball cap,

little mustard right here from
the hot dog you were eating.


Okay, I was there.

But I didn't shoot nobody.

So what were you and
Marisa arguing about?

- What?
- Don't "what" me.

You were slapping her around
right before she got shot.

Hey, Marisa was
hauling off on me, man.


'Cause I didn't want to get
with her crazy ass anymore.

You and Marisa were involved?

No, baby.

Me and Marisa hooked up.

She got clingy.
I don't want to be locked down.

Supply can't meet
demand, you know?


And Clayburn.
What's your beef with him?

- Who?
- Don't play dumb!

You mean Mr. "Jim's Kids"?

Wait, hold up.

You guys think I shot him.

Yeah. We think you shot him.

Right after you shot Marisa.
You used the same gun, baby.

What? No, no, no. I didn't
have no beef with that guy.

- I didn't shoot him.
- Then why'd you run from the scene?

I didn't run!
I stayed there.

I left a statement
with the cops.

- Funny, I don't remember seeing that.
- I used a fake name.

I don't want you all calling me,
trying to get me to testify.

- You're full of it, Tito.
- The cop was a white dude.

Big fat-ass dude,
all right?

He frisked me and everything.
You gotta believe me.

All right, look, dont give me any leak.
Show me some ID.

You got ID?

What's your name?

Cop made you take your
sweatshirt off, didn't he?


Yeah, before he frisked me.
So what?

I need to talk to you.

Hey, yo...
this ain't right, man.

I want to talk to my lawyer, and
I still want my phone call!

Why don't you shut up, Tito?

Tito's telling the truth.
He wasn't armed,

- and he didn't run.
- You sure about this?

We didn't find the murder
weapon at the scene.

I saw that
officer frisk him.

At that point,
he did not have a gun,

which means he couldn't
have shot Clayburn.

So Clayburn was wrong.

Either that, or he's lying.

Okay, assuming you're
remembering right,

and Tito didn't shoot Clayburn...

She's remembering right.

It still doesn't mean
he didn't shoot Marisa.

He could've handed the gun off
to somebody afterwards.

Hey. When we brought Tito in,
he took his phone call.

Another perp overheard
him ordering a hit

on the amigo who
got him locked up.

What amigo?

Tito didn't mention a name.

If Tito handed his gun
off to someone else,

that someone can tie
him to Marisa's murder.

We better figure out
who it is and find them

before Tito's people do.

We know Tito didn't shoot you.

Why do you keep
insisting that he did?

Look, I'm not making this up.

Tito's a killer.

Look at me and tell me
who really shot you.

I don't know.

Who are you protecting?

One of the kids
in your program?

♪ ♪

"I forgive you."

JJ shot you, didn't he?

Your son?

Did he shoot Marisa, as well?

What? No.
Look, you don't understand.

Then make me understand.

It was an accident.

It's my own fault.

I spent so much
time with my kids...

my other kids...
that I neglected my own son.

I think that JJ wanted me
to feel the pain that he felt.

JJ wasn't there with you,

he was there
with the gang, wasn't he?

He's not in the gang,
but they let him hang around.

He does it to
get back at me.

You're saying
that shooting you

was some kind of teenage
cry for attention?

He didn't mean to shoot me.

I saw him there
with his friends,

I went to grab him,
and when I did,

I felt he had something
under his jacket.

I was afraid it was...
what it was.

A gun.

He's so much smarter than that.

I tried to take it away,
and it went off.

So JJ fought you?

I didn't know that Tito had
given JJ the gun

to get rid of it... you know,
give it to the white kid;

he's a lot less likely
to get frisked by the cops.

But JJ didn't know that
Tito had killed Marisa.

He thought he was just
helping out a friend.

But you knew.

You knew that
Tito killed Marisa.

That's why you said he was
the one who shot you, right?

Marisa called me in a panic.

She said that her gang buddies
had found out she was working

with the police, and Tito
was going to kill her.

I raced down to the park
to try and pick her up.

But she was already dead.

I told you...

I'm not lying about Tito.

He's a murderer.

Yes, he is.

And he knows JJ can prove it.

That's why he sent the gang
out looking for him.


Where is JJ right now?

I-I was sending him out of town.
He went home to pack his stuff.

We got to go.

Those guys were
at the Rec Center.

Al, there's JJ!
Stop the car.

(sirens approaching)

(handcuffs clicking)

This is the gun
Tito gave you?


And you'll testify
to that in court?

Yes, of course.

Then we're done here.

Hey, Burns, let me
ask you a question.

Wells... what's
her deal?

Her deal?!

You know, is she
seeing anyone?


She's in a relationship.



Look, I just wanted to set
the record straight on Marisa.

I told you that if had
to do it over again,

I would've said no.

But the fact is,
I'm not so sure.

You're not so sure.

This is a hellish job,

trying to stop children
from killing children.

And I say, God bless Jim
Clayburn for everything he does,

but unless those kids
see things another way,

it's never gonna stop.

And you and I
can't show that to them.

Only the Marisas can do that.

Not anymore she can't.

Don't be so sure.

Anyway, I just wanted
to be honest with you.


I appreciate that.

How is JJ?

Well, he's not completely
off the hook.

He did discharge
a firearm in public.

But with his testimony
against Tito,

D.A. should go easy on him.

So, uh,

about this harmless
little card game.

Do we have to
talk about that?

I get the money part...
your mom...

not saying it's right,
but I get it.

And, since nobody
was injured,

I'll square things
with the Three-Eight,

tell them you were
undercover on a case.

Thank you.

But you and I both know,

this stuff you do,
it's not really for the money.

Maybe not.

See, I think you get
a little bored sometimes.

You like to push it a little.

Maybe more than a little.

Except, there's this
whole badge thing,

you know, what we do here.

Right. I know.

I'm gonna work on that.

Just say you'll be careful.


That a promise?

That's a "hmm."


So you're on a waving basis now?


Yeah, it would
appear that way.

He's not your type.



How can you
be so sure?

Because I don't like him.