Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 9 - Golden Bird - full transcript

Al and Carrie investigate the murder of a teen who seemed to have no enemies. Meanwhile, Carrie looks to her estranged aunt for help with the investigation into her sister's murder.

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I always meet married guys.

What is it with that? Oh, hold on.

Oh, my God. Do we have to, Mom?

That's fine.


Yeah, right.

A good provider.

And funny. Uh-huh.

Listen, Mom. Listen, Mom.

This man does not exist in New York.


Yeah, in all of New York. Trust me, I've looked.

Why don't you come down here, and you...?

Oh, my God!

Mom, I have to call you back.

Everyone knows you can't make

a left on 5th between 7:00 and 7:00.

Hold on, Al. And then you're stuck

all the way to 9th before you can go south.

What? What tone? I'm educating somebody.

- I'm sorry. What did you say?
- You heard me.

Well, for your information, I did drive a cab,

and I did it a lot better than...

Hey, hey, you... you can stuff it in your...

Wow. Nice.

Very original!

Al, you still there?

Where are you, exactly?

I'm outside a club in Midtown.

I'm sort of here to try and see my Aunt Edie.

Aunt Edie?

What's she been up to?

I don't know. I, uh...

I just saw that she was in town for a few days,

and I thought I'd show her the sketch of Jonathan,

she if she recognized him.

Okay, but if you two end up in the penthouse

of the Four Seasons playing Battleship with B.B. King

and Mick Jagger, you got to call me.

How do you even remember that?

And it was Keith Richards, by the way.

When you're done with the family reunion,

we caught a body in Woodside... 64th

and Roosevelt.


Got it. Listen, I got to go. Wish me luck.


Edie? Edie?!

- Oh, my gosh. Carrie.
- Hi.

Is everything okay with your mom?

- Yeah. Oh, yeah.
- Oh.

Oh, good. Thank God. I mean...

Then what are you doing here?

Well, I saw in the paper that you were in town.

- Yeah.
- And I wanted to stop by.

- I actually have this...
- Um, you know,

we are so gonna have to get together.

I mean, it's really gonna be great, but this is...

It's a crazy time.

Okay, what about tonight? Any possibility...?

Oh, I wish tonight. I've got

- dinner with the Sony executives.
- Oh.

And then we're gonna go see a blues band

down at the Main Line.

Well, are you gonna be in town this weekend?

'Cause maybe we could go see Mom.

No. I'm leaving Friday.

- Oh.
- Otherwise...

Yeah, I gotta go.

- Yeah...
- Yeah.

- You should...
- Okay, babe.

- Okay.
- Carrie?

You look majestic.

You really do. So good to see you.

- You-You,
too. - Call me.

Uh, yeah, call you.


- Yeah, I guess I can see that.
- You're kind.

Sounds like Aunt Edie hasn't changed much.

She was totally manic, and-and

when I brought up going to see Alice,

it was like suggesting root canal, and she loves my mom.

So, I guess no sketch, huh?

You kidding me? I should have sent you.

She did always like me.

No, what she liked... was your butt.

Neighbors have her as Amy O'Malley.

Lived up in 3B.

Folks were away.

She's a junior at St. Bennet's.

Everything I hear, she's a good kid.

She come off the roof?

3B doesn't get you something like this.

- Suicide?
- Maybe.

Looks like the fall is what killed her.

And there's no other signs of major trauma, but...

- What about these?
- Yeah, exactly.

They wrap all the way around.

- These aren't from impact.
- Pretty consistent

with defensive wounds. Let's bag the hands.

She struggled with someone.

- Got it covered?
- Okay, parents are on route.

We got any witnesses?

Next case, Al, I promise.

You promised last time.

Well, we got the woman who owns the car,

but, uh, she didn't see anything.

- Where's Roe?
- He's on the roof.

What do you got?

Some sort of scuff marks.

I'm guessing they're from our girl.

Her back's to the edge, she's trying to get a footing,

her heel, uh, scraping against the wall right about here.

Let's play match game with the vic's shoes.

Got her initials carved "A.O."

"Amy O." Also got what looks like a "K.S."

And the neighbors say

it was some kind of teen hangout up here.

You okay?

Yeah, I just...

You know, the vic is the same age as my boy,

and I couldn't tell you where Spence is right now.

- So make the call.
- He prefers I text.

Front-row seats.

Let's get a canvass going.

If no one saw what happened,

they saw Amy up here other days.

Maybe they put her with someone.

And let's take a look at the sex crimes in the area,

see if there's a pattern.

Hey, guys?

Parents are here.

Oh, I'll get on the neighbors.

So, when does Amy usually get home?

Today is... Wednesday?


Um, Amy would have left school

at a quarter after 1:00.

Wednesdays are half-days.

She walks home.

Alone? With a friend?


She goes to St. Bennet's.

It's just a few blocks.

But usually, she would do her homework first thing.

Sorry to ask you this, but when did you

last speak with your daughter?

Uh, breakfast.

We all ate together.

It's okay.

It's okay.

How did she seem this morning?

Last few days?

Same as ever.

She was always a pretty even-keeled kid.

She didn't do this to herself, I know that.

Then... I-I can't think

of anybody who would ever... want to hurt her.

Does your daughter have a cell phone?


I saw it in the kitchen.

I'll grab it for you.

Thank you.

She won her

school contest with that

in sixth grade.

Wow, that-that's impressive.

She loved people.

Imagining their lives.

She, uh... she thought of herself as so

ordinary, and she's such an amazing artist

and writer.

Did she keep a-a journal at all?

Always. She was never without it.

Would it be okay if I took a look at it?


Um, it would have been with her.

- Right.
- I would've been here,

you know? I'm normally home at this hour.


they're working on the roof next door, and...

I couldn't stand the fumes, so I left the house.

Oh, the damned fumes.

Front-row seats.

Let's get a canvass going.

What do you got?

I'll show you.

Someone was working here.

Talk about front-row seats.

Looks like we got an eyewitness

out there somewhere.

Or a killer.

Hi, Edie, it's Carrie.

Oh, okay.

No, I was just wondering if you wanted to get a coffee

in between your meetings while you're still in tow...

Well, I-I could meet you anywhere.


Okay, great.

46th and Seventh. I'll see you...



Check it out.

That's Amy.

She looks happy.



I'm Adam Collier. I'm Dean of Students.

I'm Detective Costello. This is Detective Wells.

You can call me Carrie.

And this is Father Anselm.

He's our headmaster. Detectives.

Father, thanks for allowing us to come by.

We know this is a difficult time.

What an awful tragedy.

Our entire community is devastated.

I've assembled the students Amy's mother mentioned.

Right this way.

Okay, tech has the roofer's prints

going all the way to here.

Only a couple steps further than we were able to detect.

And still well short

of where Amy went over the edge.

Well, they say it's possible

he could have kept going

and footprints just weren't generated.

How about fingerprints?

Yeah, we got a good set off the radio

and the lunch box, but no hits in the database.

I'm heading over to see the site manager who hired

- the guys for the job.
- Yeah, we're still trying

to identify the other kids who might have been

on the roof regularly.

I mean, right? Someone's got to belong


Mike and Carrie are over at the school right now.

What about this journal Amy kept?

If her mother's right, she had it with her on the roof.

Strong chance our killer took it.

Could mean he's worried about what's in it.

Someone Amy knows, then.

We dump her cell?

It's happening right now.

Strange thing about that...

before I signed it over, I noticed

she made hardly any texts.

That's pretty weird for a kid her age, no?

Yeah, unless she deleted them 'cause she was hiding something.

Stay on those phone records.

Nina, the M.E.

I want to know what was in Amy's system... drugs, alcohol...

Yeah, he says we're in line and he loves us.

Is it Mishkin?

Send him a dozen crullers...


Let him love us more.


she didn't drink or do drugs or get into any trouble?

Did any of you guys hang out with her on the roof?

We all did.

Well, what did you do up there?

We usually just talked.

That's all we did.

What about boyfriends?

Anybody who liked Amy, maybe somebody that,

that she didn't feel the same about?

All right, guys, listen, I know this is really difficult, okay?

But we need your help.


you got something you want to tell me?

It's not that we don't want to help,

but Amy never had trouble

with people or...

She was just really cool.

She was just really cool to everybody.

He's right.

Amy was just like a really good kid

and an amazing friend.

So supportive.

Ask Katie.

What do you say, Katie?

Something you want to tell me about Amy?

When Katie hurt her ankle and had to quit gymnastics,

Amy really came through.

She seemed to make it her mission to cheer Katie up.

I'm sorry, Katie,

I didn't mean to make it worse.

Thanks, everybody.

Thanks, guys.

Thank you, Hannah.

- Take care.
- Hey, Katie,

let me help you.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I'm sorry we had to put you through that.

I know this is impossible.

Sorry I wasn't more help.

You did fine.

Thanks, Kenny.

Kenny? I thought his name was Gregory,

and believe me, I remember everything.

Yeah, it is... Greg Smith.

Middle name's Kenneth, that's what he likes to go by.

K.S... initials on the roof.

- He seems like a good kid, yeah?
- The best...

generous, intelligent, and a truly gifted violinist.

Thank you... Amy's class papers,

- as you requested.
- Ah, appreciate it.

Amy's mom said that Amy always kept a journal.

- Is there any...?
- Yes, she carried it with her often.

She was a marvelous girl,

marvelously creative.

We'll be sure to be on the lookout.

I'm sorry, Detectives, we're busy planning a memorial.

Stop by my office if you need anything else.

So I guess we should find out

where Kenny was yesterday afternoon.

It's always the violin player.

What do you got?

Hmm? Amy's writing.

I'm, I'm kind of in love with her.

She turns all the kids at school

into different types of animals.

In this one,

she can't hear herself think over the chickens

cackling and clucking about who's most popular.

It's a little George Orwell.

Animal Farm?

The pigs?

Is it that I look stupid?

Where's my roofer, Roe?

Okay, guy managing the job told me he only had

one worker on the roof yesterday

at the time of Amy's murder...

Ruben Lobato.

Even got a Social.

Only the real Ruben Lobato, same Social,

died three years ago.

So he's illegal.

Talk to the rest of the crew and whoever hired him.

Someone knew something about our Ruben.

All right, just got off with a lady who owns

a salon next to the O'Malleys' music shop.

She says the parents, Erin and Sean,

had a "wicked bad blowout" the other night

and that Amy was the topic.

Guys, I got a hit off of Amy's cell phone records.

- Sorry, Mike.
- Go.

A couple weeks ago, she was making calls

to Planned Parenthood.

You think she was pregnant?

- Could be.
- Ain't exactly a lot

of Catholic girls volunteering over there.

Would certainly explain the blowout.

Get with the Planned Parenthood office.

Okay, I'm also gonna call the M.E.,

find out if she was pregnant or recently terminated.

Hey, what about that Smith kid from Amy's school,

the one with the initials on the roof?

No, he did hang out up there,

but as it turns out, he was at orchestra practice

at the time of the murder.

It's never the violin player.

Listen to this.

It's from a poem Amy wrote.

"He came, cloaked in darkness, hair wet with stars.

"Told her to blind her eyes, forget who he was to her.

Now she bears a secret burden. "

Well, I didn't exactly ace English lit,

but I'm getting pregnancy.

"Forget who he was to her.

Cloaked in darkness. "

Not a boyfriend.

Maybe a father sneaking into her room at night.

Where'd we reach Sean O'Malley with the news

- Amy was killed?
- On his cell at his shop.

He was taking a delivery.

No, now h-hold on, the people at his shop

said that he was out yesterday from lunch on.

Oh, I don't like where this is going.

Wait a second, "A secret...

burden, the gift of the cicada and its irrepressible rhythm.


Amy's father is a drummer.

Clickety-click-click, clickety-click-click.

He was doing it the whole time we were interviewing him,

almost as if he couldn't not do it,

almost as if it were irrepressible.

Let's find out where Sean really was

when his daughter went off that roof.

Couple of times I've heard her.

Not in my head.

Her voice...

from the street.

I actually turned to the window.

Uh, are you sure you don't want me to call Sean?

He's just over at the shop.

No, that's okay.

So he's working today?

I know.

Anything to keep from hitting the bottle.

He used to drink.

Working helps him deal.

But he's, he's sober now?

A couple years.

Erin, I have to ask you a difficult question,

so I'm just going to come right out and ask it.

Amy made some calls to Planned Parenthood on her cell phone.

Is there any chance that she could have been pregnant?

Oh, God, no.

Amy didn't mess around with boys at all.

Okay, if there was any possibility,

any possibility at all that she might be pregnant,

do you know who the father could be?

Are you listening?

I told you, my daughter wasn't pregnant.

So that fight that you and Sean had in the shop...

that wasn't about Amy?

How do you know about that?


Is that why you're asking

about Sean, why you don't want him here?

Look, there was some money stolen from the shop.

Sean thought it could have been Amy.

He asked her, she denied it.

Why are we talking about my family?

There's a killer out there

- somewhere.
- I understand that.

We will get whoever did this, but I need your help, I do.

Why did Sean think Amy was stealing?

A couple weeks ago...

there was a little bit of cash missing from my purse.

Amy admitted to taking it.

She wouldn't say why, but she promised me

it wasn't to buy drugs or anything like that.

A couple weeks ago is when she was calling Planned Parenthood.

Well, I should have asked her why she needed the money,

and I didn't.

Now I'm gonna have to live with that.

So get this.

Uniforms went over to pick up the dad, Sean O'Malley.

So much for working today.

- He's in the wind.
- You serious?

Yeah, tried his cell.

He ain't just out for coffee.

How's the wife?

She's devastated, blames herself.

You know how it goes.

Yeah. You coming?

I got to go see Edie, get her to look at the sketch.

She agreed to meet, so...

So you guys talked?

For ten seconds. I don't know,

she comes into town, I haven't seen her

for a year, she doesn't call me to say

she's going to be here, I just...

- I need to go figure this out.
- So go.

All right, thank you.

Carrie, what...?

Well, you left me waiting

at the restaurant for an hour, so I figured

I'd show up here.

Either that or turn up at your show tonight

with a bag of tomatoes.

Oh, well, um, I'm sorry, I...

I was just running from meeting to meeting and...

And you forgot, right?


No, of course not.

I-I'm changing managers, yeah, and it's crazy.

But come on in.

Talk about "one of those days. "

I'm expecting another call any second.

Edie, are, are you okay?

'Cause you've been acting a little weird.

How am I weird?

This is performance energy, you know.

I mean, I have a performance.

I'm always weird.

It's... well, you know, you've been backstage.

Yeah, it's just, usually, you know,

if you're not going to show up for something, you would call.

I don't have your phone number.

You don't have my number in your phone?

This thing? Okay, I hate this thing.

Edgar made me get it.

It's already deleted half my numbers.

I'm sorry, I don't have your powers of recall.


I've been remembering stuff

from the day Rachel was murdered.

There's a man in the woods.

I got a sketch made up of him.

I showed it to Mom.

She thinks his name might be Jonathan.

I just want to know if you recognize him at all.


You know, it's funny,

this... this does kind of look like Jonathan Reese...

this guy your mom dated before she met your dad.

- Really? Well...
- Yeah, but...

Jonathan Reese died before Rachel

in a car accident.

Are you sure?

I-I don't think I'm wrong, hon.

I'm sorry.

No, it's...

Thank you for looking.

So you're leaving Friday?

No chance you're going to get to go see Mom, huh?

I'm sorry, I promise you I will go to see her

- as soon as I possibly can.
- Yeah.

But it's just been so crazy busy around here

lately and...

I'm switching managers.

I'm so excited.

Yeah, you just...

I have to take this.


It was great seeing you, Carrie.



So, Erin O'Malley thinks her husband's going after

some kid named Jared Raines.

Who the hell's Jared Raines?

Sean told her he's a junior at Garfield High.

Erin says when Sean got home

and heard Amy might've been pregnant,

he said it was this kid Raines and took off.

She say where he was headed?

I got in touch with Raines' mother,

and she says Jared's playing soccer over on 5th Street.

Let's go.

- Hey! Sean!
- Hey! Hey!

- Hey, that's enough!
- Get off of me!

Take it easy!

Son of a bitch killed my daughter!

When you hear from your wife about Amy being pregnant,

you beeline it over to Jared Raines' house.

Yet, everyone says there were no boys in Amy's life.

So where do you get that the Raines boy is the father?

A while back, Amy had written something about how she met

the kid at their Homecoming dance, how they messed around.

I didn't realize they'd taken things so far.

So, you read this in her journal?

Maybe it was lame...

looking at her private journal.

But other parents got

their kids' Facebook pages to check out.

Amy didn't go for that stuff.

When you got the call about Amy, where were you?

Why you askin'?

I'm not a suspect here, am I?

Well, you told the detective on the phone you were at your shop.

Uh... all right, uh...

look... I'd rather Erin not have to know this.

Depends what it is.

I've been on the wagon the last two years.

Done really well.

Going to meetings regular... I mean, every week.

About a month ago, I slipped.

It was a late set at the Vanguard,

I had a couple of shots, got me going really bad.

I've been tripling up on my meetings on account of it.

My wife knows when I regularly go.

If she finds out I slipped...

I mean, she said I go near a bottle again, it's over.

Look, ten other people

can put me at that meeting when I got your call.

So, you can get me some names?

It's supposed to be anonymous.

I'll get you names.

Got the M.E.'s report.

You ready? Amy O'Malley was not pregnant.

Little late for Jared Raines.

Yeah, not only did Jared not

get her pregnant, he barely knew her.

I don't get it.

She was writing about messing around with him.

Yeah, but didn't know him. Explain that.

- Wish I could. Now, where are we?
- Let me see that.



Got a tip on our roofer, Ruben.

Works part-time

delivering for a florist on the Upper East Side.

There's got to be, like, a hundred florists on the Upper East Side.

Start looking.

Sean, your daughter wasn't expecting a baby.

- Says who?
- Says the medical examiner.

Oh, geez...

Listen to me, Sean. We need your help, okay?

How? What can I do?

You read Amy's journal.

You said she met Jared Raines at a dance,

but he said he never heard of her.

But I remember the name.

She said they met, they danced, he kissed her.

What, you think this never happened?

I think that Amy wasn't happy being Amy,

that she desperately wanted to be other people,

and that in her journal, she could do that.

People she looked up to, loved, admired...

You think she was writing...

what... about a... a friend?


But you are the only person who has read that journal,

and I need you to think of anything

that can help us figure out who that friend is.

I don't know; I only flipped through it a couple times.

Come on, Sean. Help us out.

Anything. Anything you can think of.

All right, all right, there...

there was this one part I didn't understand.

Maybe, if what you're saying is true...

There was this part where she was a bird... a golden bird.

She was living in a golden world.

And, uh, there were gold horses,

and she could fly with the horses.

And one day, she...

she fell from the sky and she couldn't fly anymore.

I just thought she was being poetic.

A golden bird who fell...

I could meet you anywhere.

When Katie hurt her ankle Amy really came through.

She couldn't fly anymore.

That's... That's all I got.

Oh, no, that's plenty.

Long blonde hair.

Golden hair. Not Amy.

Her friend, Katie Monaghan, the star gymnast,

who, it just so happens, couldn't fly anymore.

After her procedure.

Whatever happened to Katie's ankle

was just a cover-up for "doctor's orders. "

She had that bruise on her arm, and the needle mark

that could have been from an anesthetic.

It was probably Katie who messed around with Jared Raines.

So Amy was writing about Katie's life,

- not her own?
- Right.

She was a star gymnast, popular with the boys, pregnant.

Not so ordinary.

We need to get our "golden bird" in here.

Hey, you call your son yet?

He's-He's got practice. He's a busy kid.

Mike, just leave him a message.

We found the florist our roofer works for.

Petals on Park. Roe and I are headed over there.

Good work.

I see, right. We'll see you then.

Carrie, that was Katie Monaghan's father.

He'll be in with Katie and an attorney first thing.

Well done, by the way.

Ah, well, we'll see.

Let me guess...

Aunt Edie.


Uh, sure.

Okay, I-I'll meet you there.

Bye. Interesting. All of a sudden,

she wants to meet, and I have no idea why.

Or maybe I do.

Oh, this weather...

it always reminds me of early Septembers in Westcott Beach.

Your father used to take us up there.

Sometimes we were the only people on the beach.

- Remember?
- Yeah.

Of course you do...

Yeah, we'd watch the sunset, talk about boys.

- Yeah.
- I felt very grown up.

Well, you were.

You were always a little accelerated.

Well, I got that from you.

You were wild. No one else had

an aunt who was traveling around the world with blues musicians,

singing in tiny, smoke-filled rooms...

Excuse me, the Hot House in Amsterdam has a capacity

of 450 Dutch people,

and that is a lot of... Dutch people.

Oh, I miss those Septembers.

I remember everything about them.

But yesterday...

this morning...

You guessed, didn't you?

- Guessed what?
- Come on, Carrie.

I remember enough to know that I owe you an apology.

I mean, when you came by,

I'd completely forgotten that-that we'd made plans.

I mean, I-I had no recollection at all.

That's why I was so ashamed and so embarrassed

and angry, and I...

I'm just so terrified.

Listen, it's... it's... natural to forget.

No, this is not natural. This... this I've seen before.

This-This monster, this thief of life.

I mean, I-I saw it take

a little piece of my sister every single day.

You know, I never had children of my own.

For all the places I've been,

and all of the men that I've loved, and...

and I've loved a lot...

They're all I have.

That's why I can't go see Alice.

I can't bear it.

Listen, you don't...

- you don't know for sure.
- Yes.

You don't. Have you seen a doctor?

No, but I know what he's gonna say.

- Okay, but you don't know, you don't.
- No...

But either way, no matter which way it goes...

I am here for you always, okay?

Thank you.

And I know you've been there for your mom, too.

Come on, you.

You know, I'm going to see Mom tomorrow,

- if you want to come.
- No, Carrie...

Just think about it. That's all I'm saying.

Ruben, right? Ruben Lobato?

Smells nice in here.

Lilacs, right? You know they're actually from the olive family?

Me, again. I think we got a lunch box belongs to you, pal.

I-I didn't kill the girl.

But I saw who did.

Okay, so Ruben over there says he's working

when a girl that matches Katie's description shows up on the roof

and gets in some kind of argument with Amy.

But apparently, Katie leaves.

20 minutes later, a guy shows up.

Did you get a description?

White, dark hair. Average height.

- He couldn't even say how old he was.
- Okay.

He and Amy argue. It gets physical.

So Ruben heads over to break it up...

- The footprints.
- Only, he doesn't get far before

the guy pushes Amy over the side.

Ruben doesn't want Immigration on his ass, so he bolts.

Get some pictures in front of him.

And see if he can't I.D. the guy.

You two had an argument, then?

What about?

Amy had stolen some money from her parents.

Her dad suspected her,

and she was really worried she was going to get in trouble.

Stealing money? That doesn't sound like Amy O'Malley to me.

Why do you think she was stealing money?

- I don't know.
- You don't know?

I believe my client answered the question.


do you want to tell them why Amy did it,

or do you want me to?

It's gonna come out eventually,

so either you can tell your father or I will.

Tell me what?

I was pregnant.

I had it terminated.


I had the procedure done last Friday.

You and Mom were in Boston.

Amy helped me get enough money to pay for it.

How long have you been lying to me?

I was eight weeks.

Why was Amy stealing money to pay for your abortion?

I didn't want my parents to find out.

It's the kind of friend Amy was.

What were you two fighting about on the roof?

She wanted me to come clean about why she stole the money.

She didn't like lying to her parents.

So she was a threat to you?

I didn't kill her.

When I left, Amy was still alive.

But you told someone else, didn't you?

Who was the father, Katie?

Why does it matter?

Because he may have seen Amy as a threat also.

Amy adored you, didn't she?

Must have felt really good to have a friend like that.

It's not too late

to be that special friend she wrote about.

It's not too late

to show her how much she meant to you.

Help us.

Who was the father?

- I have nothing more to say.
- Come on.

Sounds like we're done here.

I don't understand

how she can protect this guy after he killed her friend.

She doesn't think he did.

It's pretty obvious, no?

Not when you're in love.

She says she was two months along.

Let's see if we can't dig up

who she was seeing two months back.

Get with Katie's friends...

Two months ago.

Biology Trip was two months ago.

They were camping by the lake.

"Hair wet with stars. "

Adam Collier was the chaperone.

"Forget who he was to her... "

"A secret burden... "

the gift of the cicada

and its irrepressible rhythm,


It's Collier.

He's the father.

School receptionist says Collier just left.

Yeah. Thanks.

Phone company just got a ping

from Collier's cell phone, 14th and Euclid,

couple of minutes ago.

He's on his way to the O'Malleys'.

Back to the crime scene?

What's he gonna do there?

He's going to get the journal.

It's the only evidence of their relationship.

But there's nothing about Collier in the journal.

Sean O'Malley read it. He would have told us.

Yeah, but Collier doesn't know that.

He thinks the journal led us to Katie.

He probably thinks it implicates him.

You think it's still there?

Amy goes off the roof,

Collier's not gonna stop to read the journal.

He can't get caught with it,

so he stashes it before he leaves the building.

But why's he getting it now, out of the blue?

He doesn't know we're onto him.

Maybe he does.

She texted him.

She told him we were on to him.

He doesn't know if we have the journal or not.

Let's go.

Nina, Roe, go to the roof of the O'Malleys' building.

Lock down the stairwell.

Mike, go around back.

You're with me.

He's headed right at you.

Doesn't look like he has the journal yet.

He's stopping at some sort of AC unit.

I don't have eyes. I don't have eyes.

He's behind it.

The journal's gotta be there.

Okay, you're clear. Come on out.

He went the other way.

Hold it!


Hold it!

It's over, Adam.

I told you it was on the roof.

"Dad. Got Ur call. Game 2night. Xavier. Want to come?"

"C U 2 night"

Your turn, dear.

I'm sorry. Yes, okay.

Are you expecting someone?

No, I guess, I guess not.



Come on in.

Is this your friend?


Would you like to play?

Plenty of room.

I'd love to.

Why don't you two play

and I'll just sit this one out, okay?


Why don't you go first?

Age before beauty.