Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 11 - Spirited Away - full transcript

When a renowned ghost hunter is killed, Carrie and Al discover that his death is linked to a chilling discovery he made on a recent assignment.

Hey, what are you doing?

I'm telling the ward nurse!
I'm telling the ward nurse!

Whoa, nice bail.
You totally nutted that.

I hit something.

Yeah, a pile of you-suck.

What the hell?

Must have schralped yourself good.

No, it's not me.

We gotta get out of here.

Is there anything creepier
than an empty mental hospital?

- A full one.
- How long has this place been closed?

A dozen years, at least.
There was some kind of investigation.

Psychiatrist running the place
was an actual lunatic.

- Doctor--
- Dr. Helen Mostow.

You a fan of the creepy too, huh?

No, her name's still on the directory
out front.

Rumour is there's a mass grave
buried under the basement...

...but Dr. Helen disappeared
before anybody could ask her about it.

Time of death?

The MLI said around midnight.

- Appropriate.
- Clean edges on that wound.

So we're probably looking for a knife
or at least a manufactured blade.

No broken bottles or torn metal.
I'll tell the boys in blue.

I found this in a room down the hall.
Vic is Peter Suderman.

According to his licence, he was 42
and a partner at Spirit Trekkers, Inc.

- A ghost hunter?
- Yeah, looks like.

Find out if Inc. means
there are other people in the office.

- Stay out of my room.
- I'm really--

- You're not supposed to be here.
- Step aside.

Nurse said only me and the nurses
can be in my room. Nurse said. Nurse--

This is Gordon. He lives here.

I think he's lived here since
before they closed the place down.

And this is his room.

Okay. Let me....

- Hi, Gordon. Hey.
- No.

I'm Carrie. It's okay, it's okay.
I'm one of the new nurses here.

Did you take your pills today,

- No.
- No?

Well, I have an idea. Why don't we go
into your room just for a minute...

...we'll settle you in, and you'll be
ready when the cart comes, all right?

- Okay.
- No one else. Just me.

Right this way. It's right....


I like your collections, Gordon.

- Well, it's okay if I keep things.
- Of course.

Sorry I didn't have a chance
to make the bed. I didn't know....

I have all these things going on.
All this....

That's why I built this.

All this mail belongs to the staff.

They haven't picked it up
in a long time.

And this is my mail.

I'd been sorting it before you came in,
and it--

So I heard it was pretty busy here
last night.

They shouldn't let kids
in the hospital!

I-- I agree with you. I agree with you,
Gordon. I agree with you.

I actually have two people out there
telling them right now.

- No more kids in the hospital.
- Okay.

Did anything else happen here
last night?

Happen? Only Dr. Helen.

- And she was angry. I keep telling--
- Dr. Helen?

She's here every night.

Walks up and down the halls
with a black stick.

She blinds you with it.
That's what she does.

Gordon, there was a man.
He was attacked here last night.

She's wicked fast.
She jabs you with her stick.

Sucks your brains
right through your eyes and--

It's okay.
She's not here right now, okay?


All right, you wait right here for me.

- Okay.
- Okay.


He see something?

Yeah, but he's never gonna think
it's anyone but Helen Mostow.

I say we find the calmest EMT we can,
get him over to Queens Hospital Centre.

All right, well, I'll take care of him.

Take a look at this. Whoever did this
wasn't interested in his equipment.

This is what you call
a thermal-imaging camera.

Standard tool
of the ghost-hunting trade.

As anybody who watches
the Discovery Channel would know...

...ghosts give off heat
just like people.

- Probably didn't know that, did you?
- What do you got for us, Scooby?

Looks like our vic was in the middle
of recording something.

The guy heat-sensed his own murder.

The camera represents thermal energy
by converting it...

...to the colour scale we know-- Red,
orange, yellow, green, blue, whatever.

--with the red spectrum calibrated
to be consistent...

...with the heat emitted
by a human body...

...or, in this case,
a spectral entity or a spirit.

Tanya, can you turn that
into a person?

Not a recognisable person.

I would say a fairly distinct blob
is what we could hope for.

But your dead guy did have a digital
recorder in his pocket, voice-activated.

He was pushing the low end,
so I did some basic EQ work.

- And...?
- I have audio.

It's not synced to the visual, but....

Well, listen for yourselves.

- Sounds like a sneeze.
- Can you do any better?

I thought you'd never ask.

Denny, is that you?

Denny, is that you?

Finding Denny would be your job,
but I will keep working on the footage...

- ...and see what else I can get out of it.
- Thanks, Tanya.

- Really good to be back.
- You have fun with the feds?


The digital evidence lab
they have down there is ill.

- Well, we missed you.
- You did?

- I mean, you did?
- Yeah.

I mean, how are we supposed to tell
a mega from a pixel without you, right?


Happy ghost hunting.

- "You did?"
- Yeah, what?

It's purely professional, guys.
Come on.

All right, so who's Denny?

A ghost of somebody
that was killed in the hospital?

Or a living person who may have
killed Peter Suderman.

- You don't believe in ghosts.
- My family's from New Orleans.

- Place is crawling with ghosts.
- Ever see one?

One time there was this guy, got shot
by someone breaking into his house.

Now he's this ghost
in his old apartment.

He's living there,
trying to talk to his wife, but--

But let me guess.

There's just this one little boy
who can see him.

So you know the story too?

I saw the movie actually.
The Sixth Sense.

No, it was nothing like that.

I don't care what you say. I think
ghosts are real. I see them all the time.

Nina, there's one right behind you
right now.

There actually is something
back there.

You think I'm gonna turn around now?

- Wow, is anybody else seeing this?
- It's....

- Too bad. It's gone.
- Yeah. It's too late.

Mature. Very mature.

How long have you and Peter Suderman
worked together?

We went to PS 41 7 together in Bayside.
Lost touch over the years.

We reconnected when he was looking
for financing for Spirit Trekkers.

You believe in ghosts, Arthur?

I believe in people
who believe in ghosts.

- Who'll pay you to look for them?
- They're the best kind.

People pay to have their palms read,
to walk on coals.

My cousin shelled out 2 grand for
a pomegranate enema. Nothing illegal.

There was something illegal
about selling diet pills...

- ...made of sugar and baking soda.
- That was 10 years ago. Look.

When people pay for a fortune teller
or for a ghost hunter...

...what they're really paying for
is happiness.

Peter, bless him, he understood that.
With all the tragedy in his life--

He lost his wife and son
in a car accident.

--he understood how powerful
that drive for happiness can be.

- What was he doing at the sanitarium?
- He heard about how haunted it was.

- He couldn't resist.
- Did he find anything?

- Not that I know of.
- You know someone named Denny?

Yes, Denny Moskin.

He's a kid from NYU
who's helping Peter at the sanitarium.

We had to let him go.

He came to the office last week
super T'd off.

Yelling at us
that we owed him money.

We're gonna need
his contact information...

- ...and for all your recent clients.
- Sure, but...

...nobody would kill Peter
over money.

Okay, me? I'm a huckster basically.

But Peter was different. It was never
about money for him, not for a second.

He just wanted to help people.

Tenants were hearing noises
and threatened to withhold rent.

So I called Spirit Trekkers.
Suderman shows up with equipment.

Kids were taunting our children, said
the house we moved into was haunted.

Trent and Jane couldn't sleep
in their bedrooms.

It's the only haunted B and B
in the area.

We thought it would be an asset
to get certification, make it official.

- What did Suderman say?
- He went through the house.

Couldn't find a thing.

And he talked to our kids too.
No more sleeping problems.

Cheaper than the $1 75 an hour
I spent on that child psychiatrist.

- Suderman wouldn't certify us.
- So, what did you do?

Went to another guy.
He signed off right away.

You must have been upset.

At first,
but Suderman found the problem.

Faulty radiator caps. You believe it?

Anyway, a few changes later,
no more chains clanging at midnight.

- Not looking like one of his clients.
- You talked to everybody?

All except a doctor and his wife
in Richmond Hill.

Wife's been sick.
A couple other clients are out of town.

See if they were during the murder.

- How about the partner, Arthur Greene?
- Alibi checks out.

Meeting with his lawyers,
then dinner until late.

I got Gordon admitted at QHC.
He's still going on about Dr. Helen.

But he's not being violent,
he's got no history of violence.

- I don't think this is the guy.
- Suderman's cell and financials?

Nothing much. I got his credit card
charges for the last two months.

A couple months?
I spend more than this in two days.

But I pay my bill in full every month.

"Walker-Dunlap." What's that?
Bunch of charges to them.

It's a forensics lab out in Jersey.
Suderman used them from time to time.

Did anything else happen here
last night?

I don't know.

- Dr. Helen?
- Oh, she's here every night.

Gordon had an envelope addressed
to Walker-Dunlap in his room.

Maybe he got it off of Suderman's body
or out of his backpack.


- We gotta look at that envelope.
- I'll get Roe to pick it up.

NYU knows where
Denny Moskin might be.

- I'll grab Nina and head there.
- Great.

- Let's talk to that doctor and his wife.
- Sure.

Dr. Barlow, I'm Lieutenant Burns.

- This is Detective Wells.
- Carrie.

We called.

I already told the other detective,
my wife's not well.

That's why we came to you.
Thought we'd save you the trouble.

Just wanna ask you
about Peter Suderman.

Sure. Come in.


That's terrible.

Suderman was a good man.

He was conducting an investigation
for you?

We had an issue.
We thought we had an issue.

But it's resolved now.

What kind of an issue exactly?

This is an old house.

Lot of creaks and groans,
wind through the cracks.

Things that could be mistaken
for something else.

Like ghosts.

My wife thought she heard something
coming from the basement.

Some kind of voice.

- A voice?
- A woman's voice.

So we called Mr. Suderman.

And he came, found nothing, we
thanked him and that was the end of it.

Was that the end of it for you,

Of course.

How are you feeling? Better, I hope.


Anything else we can do for you,

I was wondering
what kind of medicine you practise.

Thoracic surgery.

But I developed a slight tremor.

Nothing big, I just had to close
my practice about a year ago.

- Early retirement.
- Right.

We're planning a long-overdue trip
to Paris.

That's nice.

I was asking because I was hoping
you weren't a psychiatrist.

Don't want you to laugh when I ask
if you mind if I look at the basement.

Why the basement?

You heard something in there, right?

You don't believe me.

Oh, no. It's not that at all.

I just thought I'd take a look around.

The basement's not Janine's
favourite place...

...but I'm happy to give you a tour.

Interesting place for a nap.

That. Ever since Janine's
been talking ghosts...

...our nieces and nephews have tried
to sleep down here.

No one's made it through the night.

Yeah, not sure I would either.

Detective, I feel like there's something
I should tell you.

For years, my wife and I
have been trying to have children.

Our last attempt ended
in a miscarriage.

We learned it was a little girl.

I'm sorry.

I think Janine never really
fully recovered.

This fixation, of course, has to do with
the baby. She thinks it was her fault.

That's why I called Suderman.

- Thought maybe it would help.
- And did it?

I think so, yes.

Do you think it's possible
Suderman was having...

...something related to your case
tested at a forensics lab?

Sorry? No.

Maybe we should go back upstairs.
I'm a little worried about Janine.


Cut. Cut.

What is happening?
Since when are there police?

- Dennis Moskin?
- Is it about the permits?

- Abby, did you file the permits?
- Everybody, let's take a break.

- I'm not budgeted for a break.
- Are you budgeted for bail money?

Take 10.

This look familiar?

- Sure, that's Peter.
- He's dead.

- For real?
- Very real.

He was murdered last night
in the Queens Park Sanitarium.

Audio makes it sound like
you were there.

And a witness saw the two of you
getting into it the other day.

- I didn't kill him.
- Then why were you at the sanitarium?

It was a joke.

Oh, I love a joke. How does it go?

I went to the sanitarium
because I was pissed at Peter.

Because he fired you, right?
Now, why did he do that?

- I don't know.
- You are five seconds away...

...from a long, expensive break
in production.

- Okay, I borrowed some equipment.
- So you stole.

I was gonna use it in my film, then give
it back, but he got angry and fired me.

So I took some stuff out
to the sanitarium.

Neoprene suit, some fibreglass.

Scatter the heat signature, create
some very kick-ass ghost effects.

When he realised it was me...

...he dropped the camera
and came after me.

So okay...

...this-- This is you.

Well, yeah.
That's actually pretty good.

Wait a minute. Go back a little bit.

Wow, there. That's not me.
It's moving. What is that?

So this is you, but this is not you?

So who else was there that night?

Just the kooky homeless guy
who lives there.

You realise how lame
this story is sounding?

I swear, I just scared him.
He was alive when I left.

Look, I shot my own film
of the whole thing. You can look at it.

Now, that is even lamer.

I must inform you gentlemen...

...whatever was or is in this envelope
may have been contaminated.

There's no chain of custody here.

Just need to know what Suderman
wanted tested.

Criminologist Tanya Sitkowksy.

I'm opening evidence bag marked
1 7-Alpha-591 ...

...containing one padded
manila envelope.

Approximately 20.3 centimetres
by 25.4 centimetres.

Gives new meaning to the word

- Removing one synthetic bag--
- What's inside the bag?

- That's what we care about.
- You can't rush science.

I believe Archimedes said that.

And I believe you say it
every time we come down here.

- It's a bone.
- What kind of bone?

A human bone, if I'm not mistaken.

Give me a moment.

Or two.

Yes. A human finger
would be more precise.

I would say the fifth distal phalanx
from the right extremity.

Pinky finger.

Hard to determine much more without
complete skeletal and subdural remains.

As you might say,
I need the dead guy.

Suderman found a pinky.
Where's the body?

And who's the body?

My guess, we find out,
we find who killed him.

"A brief assessment of the dorsal
surface indicates non-granularity...

...lack of macroporosity, lack of
striations," yada, yada, jeez, Tanya--

"Almost certain identification
of the subject as female...

...aged approximately 15 years."

Maybe those rumours about
a grave under the sanitarium are true.

This girl never would've
been admitted to Queens Park.

Run the DNA through the index system,
see if it ties to any open homicides.

Suderman could've picked up
that bone anywhere.

Our film boy, Denny,
seems like he's in the clear.

I watched that stuff he shot. Suderman
was scared, but they end up laughing.

Wait a second. This-- This bone
has trace amounts of zinc phosphide.

Zinc phosphide. Of course.

- Really, Roe?
- All right, go ahead.

Zinc phosphide is one of the key
ingredients found in rat poison.

The Barlows had rat traps
all over their basement.

You think Suderman found the bone
in their basement?

Janine heard a woman's voice
from the basement.

Maybe he found the bone there.

We're not getting a warrant
based on rat traps and a ghost.

I'll talk to Arthur Greene
and see if he knew anything.

I'm gonna head to the Barlows,
see what I can find out.

We should actually confirm Suderman
found the bone in their house.

You're absolutely right.

- You should confirm that.
- Carrie.

I'm not gonna try to get into the house
without a warrant. I'm not.

You heard that.

Dr. Barlow.

- Carrie Wells.
- I remember.

Yeah, is Janine around?

I wanted to ask a few more questions
regarding the Suderman investigation.

Detective, my wife, she heard voices.

- A voice, actually.
- The man came to the house.

He didn't find anything. I'm sorry
he died. I don't see how I can help.

We have a piece of evidence
from your basement...

...that could be connected
to Peter's murder.

- What piece of evidence?
- I'd like to talk to your wife.

She's inside, with a headache. Asleep.
She gets terrible headaches. Migraines.

A piece of potentially crucial evidence
was found inside your basement.

Me? I'd want to get to the bottom
of that as soon as possible.

I'm not gonna dignify that
with a response.

I thought we had an understanding.
I'm gonna go into my house now.

I suggest you get off my property.

- Hey.
- Where the hell are you?

Outside the Barlow house.

- Good.
- How we doing on that warrant?

- DA says were close.
- Close?

You know, Al...

...I think I'm hearing an argument
going on inside.

No, you're not.

Yeah, it's getting
pretty heated in there.

Carrie, don't even think about it.

- See, now I hear glass breaking.
- No, you don't.

Sounds like she might be in trouble.
We got exigent circumstances here.

- Carrie, you can't go in there.
- AI?

Al? I think I lost you.

No, you didn't lose me, listen to me.

Damn reception.

Please wake up. Please wake up.

- Oh, thank God you're okay.
- Where am I? What happened?

Sam. He was afraid
you were gonna tell someone.

- That I was gonna tell someone.
- Tell them what?

About her.

Are you gonna untie me?

- Wait a sec. Where's my gun?
- He took it.

After he knocked you out.
He was furious.

Then he made me come down here.

- Oh, God.
- He knows I can hear her crying.

That's why he locks me down here.
To punish me.

He's done this before?

For days, sometimes.

You gotta help me up.

You shouldn't have come back here.

We're gonna get out of here.

All right.

Do you hear her?


It's so dark where she is.

She's afraid of the dark.

- She's crying.
- Janine, listen to me. Look at me.

No one's gonna hurt you, okay?

- We're getting out of here.
- We're gonna die.

He's going to kill us both.

The ME got a DNA match
on that bone.

It's a runaway from upstate,
Lily Mueller.

She was 1 4 when she left.
Her mother's on her way.

- A shame.
- Yeah.

Anybody heard from Carrie?

I tried her cell, went to voicemail.
Wanted to tell her Janine Barlow's...

...medical records don't say anything
about a miscarriage.

Roe, get over to the Barlow house,
make sure Carrie's not in it.

I can't get it open.

I'm sorry, Carrie.
I deserve to be here, not you.

That's ridiculous.

I knew what he did.

In my heart...

...I always knew.

And I never said a word.

The girl.

Who is she?

Her name was Lily.

I met her in the park.

She was living there,
she ran away from home.

I know I should've called the police...

...but we started talking...

...and she told me about her life
and I felt sorry for her.

So I asked her to come here
and help around the house.

Have a roof over her head.

She was so sweet.

She made this old dead house
feel alive.

I always wanted a little girl
of my own.

But Sam wanted her too.

And when I confronted him,
he was furious.

He denied it...

...but I knew.

The next day she was gone.

He told me he fired her.

But he didn't.

I found a pair of sneakers
in the garbage behind the house.

There was blood on them.

I think it was his way of telling me...

...without telling me.

I know it sounds crazy...

...but ever since then,
I've been hearing her cries.

- But you don't hear them. No one does.
- Janine, Janine.

I'm gonna get us out of here.
We're gonna get out of here.

There's always a way.
I wish I had some light.


I keep this hidden because
sometimes he cuts out the light.

This is great. Okay, this'll help.
Let's see.

- Oh, boy.
- See? He's trying to kill us.

Janine, Janine. Look at me.

Stay focused on me.
I want you to think, really hard.

Is there any way
out of this basement?

- There's gotta be some way out.
- Yes.

- Okay, where?
- Yes, there is. There. There.

It's a crawl space
that runs under the entire house.

- But I've been afraid to use it.
- It's all right.

Take this. Hold on. All right.



Come on.

- All right. All right.
- No.

That's not gonna work.

No, no. no.

- Listen to me. I'll find another way.
- There is no other way.

Give me a second.

These old houses
were built for coal, right?

Question is how do you get the coal
to the basement?

You use a coal chute.

Hold this.


Come on. This way. Go. We gotta go.

- Isn't that your husband's car?
- I guess.

Why is his car still here?

That doesn't....

He's still inside.

It's not possible.

I want you to stay here and call 911.

- No, no. Where are you going?
- I'm going to get him. Call 911.

- Stay.
- Carrie.


Come on. Wake up.

- Carrie?
- Come on.

I'm over here.

Come on.

Sam Barlow's still in intensive care.

When he's up to it, they're gonna
transfer him to the prison.

So husband kills a girl.
Suderman found part of the body.

Guy sets fire to take out his wife,
destroy the evidence.

What's he doing in the house?

Had to get liquored to do it.
Never got out.

Findings on the doctor's bag
in Sam Barlow's trunk.

Got a bloody scalpel.
Their checking for prints.

Gonna match the blood
to Suderman's.

Mud on his tyres looks like a match
to the mud outside the sanitarium.

Why's the guy hire a ghost hunter...

...to look around
right where he's buried the girl?

Classic arrogance
of the non-believer.

See, Barlow's a doctor, man of science.
He thinks Suderman's a quack.

Gonna let him come in,
sniff around a little...

...calm the wife down,
send him on his way.

Then the bone shows up and it's like,
"Katy, bar the door."

But you gotta admit
there's no ghost in this story.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

What's the wife hearing
down in the basement?

- Did you just say, "Katy, bar the door"?
- Yeah, it's an expression.

Like, "Get out of my face."

Like, "Talk to the fist
because the hand is pissed."

- What the hell are you doing here?
- I'm okay.

Turns out you don't use the back
of your head for very much.

Mike tells me you went back in
to save Barlow's life.

I went back in to get my badge and gun.
Barlow happened to be there.

Least he won't be around Janine

We got her in touch
with a friend from school.

- Put them both up in a hotel for now.
- Good.

Look, I know you're gonna do
what you're gonna do...

...but going back
into a burning house?

Sometimes it feels
like you wanna get hurt.

He was in the house just lying there.
What was I supposed to do?

You could've died.

But I didn't.

- I didn't know you cared so much.
- Hate to lose a good detective.

- Really?
- Yup.


I did more work on the thermal footage.
That other shape in the background.

I called my friend at NASA
who gave me this algorithm--


Sorry. I was able to enhance it.

Turns out, it's a flashlight.

It's thermal.
Wouldn't it show up bright?

Yeah, if it was on. This one was off.

What you're seeing
is the vestigial heat pattern.

- What are those spots?
- Multiple bulbs. LED, halogen.

- It's one of those new ones.
- Can you tell what kind?

Ahead of you. Based on
bulb placement and light source...

...there are a few that
could produce this pattern.

But based on size and design of the
head chassis, there's really only one.

The Powerstream 4800.

I keep this hidden because
sometimes he cuts out the light.

She walks up and down the hall
with her black stick.

She blinds you with it.
That's what she does.

Janine had one of these flashlights
in her basement.

Can I borrow this?

- Why the basement?
- You don't believe me.

Please wake up.
Thank God you're okay.

- I'm going inside.
- Don't.

Carrie, don't. Please don't.

Hey, its Carrie.

When we processed Dr. Barlow,
did you check his blood-alcohol level?

Zero. Just like I thought. Thank you.

Listen to this.
Janine Barlow was a surgical nurse.

Dismissed from her last position
because of a violent incident.

It wasn't him. She knocked me out.

She's the one who set the fire.
She was trying to kill him.

And herself.
She locked herself in the basement.

Without you, she would've died.

There's a crawl space that runs
under the entire house.

No, no, no.

She thought she had a way out,
but the fire spread too quickly.

She was surprised.

Call Nina. Tell her to get to the hotel
where she put Janine.

She won't be there. She tried to kill him
once, she's gonna finish the job.

We'll call security on the way.

Excuse me, where is Sam Barlow?

Louis took him downstairs
for inhalation therapy.

- Are there other elevators?
- Around the corner. Down the hall.

- I got this one.
- All right.

- "Louis."
- Yeah.

Where is Sam Barlow?

The other nurse told me to come back
and she'd take him.

Nurse. This way?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Janine! Janine.


Janine, listen to me.
Put the knife down.

He was gonna tell you everything.

- No, he was trying to protect you.
- No.

Janine, hey.

Okay, put the knife down.

I loved him.

I loved him and he just wanted her.

He lied for you for years.
Think about that.

That's gotta mean something, right?

- I just wanna go home.
- I know.

Put the knife down and we can
all go home together. All right?

Just put the knife down.

That's all you have to do
and we can go.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can.

She's waiting for me.

No. Janine, no.

She's waiting for him.


I got her.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah. I just wanna get out of here.

- How about him?
- He's okay.

- Get a little help over here?
- I'm all right.

- It's just....
- You're gonna need stitches.

- Did I mention I hate needles?
- Quit being a baby, will you?

- I'm not getting in that thing.
- I got this.

You could be a little more rude
to him.

Thought I'd find you up here.

So Barlow's awake and talking.

He confesses to hiding the body
of Lily Mueller, but not to killing her.

That was Janine.


According to Barlow,
there was no reason.

She made it all up.

What about Suderman?

When Barlow realised
she killed him...

...he didn't have the heart
to cover for her again.

He told her as much,
that he was gonna come clean to us--

So he had to die.

Do you know she told me
she loved him?

Strange way of showing it,
burning him alive.

I'm more of a red roses kind of girl.

The weird thing with Janine...

...she didn't know
the body was down there...

...but she was hearing things.

Let me ask you.

After all these years...

...since your sister died...

...do you ever feel...?

I don't know. You ever get a feeling?

Are you asking me
if I believe in ghosts?

Yeah, I guess I am.

I wanna believe...

...that there's more after we die,
you know?

I wanna believe that Rachel...

...is still here in some way.

And sometimes I can feel her so close,
like she's all around me.

I can feel her
like I could just reach out...

...and touch her almost.

And I know she's there. I do.

I just-- I wish....


I wish she'd say hello.