Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 3, Episode 9 - Plan B - full transcript

Julia and Big Jim come up with a life-or-death plan involving Eva and Barbie intended to end Christine's control over Chester's Mill. Hunter investigates Aktaion.

Three weeks ago,
an invisible dome crashed down

on Chester's Mill, cutting us
off from the rest of the world.

The dome has tested our limits,

forcing each of us to confront
our own personal demons...




My God.

Now, in order to survive,

we must battle our most
dangerous adversary...

the enemy within.

Why do we need these amethysts?

They power the dome.

If we bring the amethysts
above ground,

I'm hoping we can recharge.

Christine has some sort

of a schematic in her office.

I don't know what it's for,
but those amethysts

are definitely a part of it.

You think you can
plant the explosives

and get out in time?

Yeah, not a problem.

Guys, go!

My mom sacrificed

herself so that her
child could live.

You set off those bombs,
didn't you?

The actions of this resistance

have threatened
our very survival.

We need to kill them all.

Really open to suggestions here.

These seven geometric shapes
on the schematic could be

the amethysts that were
in the tunnels.

This is serious.

We hit the kinship hard.

They're gonna come at us
with everything they've got.

Carolyn said that
the amethysts were important

to the kinship's survival.

That's why
Christine wanted them dug up.

I'm not feeling great.
Do you mind?

Of course. We got this.

She's taking Carolyn's death
pretty hard.

We all are.

All right, one... two...


- All right, muzzles down. Anything?
- All clear.

All clear.

- Upstairs?
- Nah, upstairs clear.

Where the hell are they?

Norrie's not the
only one creeped out

we're in a funeral home.

This could mean anything.

The only person who can tell us

what this design means
is Christine.

Torch the place.


focus on cracking the password
on Christine's recorder.

Maybe we'll find
an answer there.

John to Yoko.

George and Ringo just torched
the Aktaion house.

Looks like
Christine's out for blood.

We can figure out our next move
when you get back.

Yeah, copy that.

What do you mean
they weren't there?

Well, they knew we were coming.

My bet is they're
no longer on the island.

- They could be anywhere.
- We'll find 'em.

Julia and Jim will pay
for what they did.

Tell Eva I'll be home soon.

Oh, no.
Oh, no, I'm not ready yet.


Christine, what is it?
What's wrong?

It's nothing.

Here, let me help.

Here. Here.

Let me see. Let me...

- Christine, what is this?
- Eva.


It's happened.

What are you doing?

You're pregnant.

3x09- Plan B

I'm sorry about this place.

Jim thought no one
would ever look for us here.

I get it. It's just...

a lot.

Norrie, if I'd known that you
and Joe, or Carolyn,

were down in those tunnels,
I never...

It's not your fault.

It's Christine's.

And she's to blame
for all of this.

I promise you,

your mother's death
won't be in vain.

I didn't want to leave her.

She was in so much pain.

But at least she didn't die
as one of those things.

Because, even if it was just
for a few minutes...

...I had my mom back.

If you need

anything, I'm here, okay?



If there's any chance
to get Barbie back,

the real Barbie...

...you have to take it.

How is this possible?

We only slept
together yesterday.

You're carrying the new queen.

This isn't any
ordinary pregnancy.

What's with the guards?
Everything okay?

I'll leave you two alone.

What's happening?

Remember right before we woke up
from the cocoon world?

- Right.
- We were in the hospital.


You're pregnant?

It's a girl.

I mean...

Okay, okay.

Christine's certain,
but I don't...

All right, sit down.

But what's with the guards?

It's a precaution.

Big Jim and Julia...
they could be anywhere,

- and she might...
- Listen to me.

Nothing is going to happen
to you or this baby.

Understand me?

You leave Julia to me.

I still can't figure it out.

Happy to report all the bees
are back in Christine's bonnet.

Just don't get too comfy.

we're gonna have to move again.

We're at war.

- You said we'd be safe here.
- Yeah, I did.

I'm also student of history,

and, at war,
always have an exit strategy.


you got to hear this.

You cracked the password?

So, I rewound to the beginning.

This is Christine's first entry.

It's a shame we'll never meet,

but these recordings are meant
to guide you,

to help you and your parents,

Barbie and Eva,
usher in a new generation...

the next kinship...
with you as its queen.

Barbie and Eva,
they're supposed to...

Have a baby?

That's been Christine's
plan from the start?

It was my idea

to bring the amethyst here.

It'll be guarded at all times.

Good work, James.

We can't afford to let
anything happen to it.

I just wish
I could have stopped Big Jim.

I'll keep searching, I'll find
the Resistance and kill them.

Spare Joe.

But he's just as guilty
as the rest of them.

With only one amethyst

remaining, adjustments
will have to be made,

and I need Joe's help.

What about Sam?

I went back to the bomb shelter.
He wasn't there.

I gave Sam a choice:

He can either
live among us, or...

die with the Resistance.


I thought
the cocoon healed you.

It did.

Where are you going?

The dome wall.
I need to see it.

You don't have to be here,
if you don't want to be.

No. Keeping my mind busy helps.

What the hell is this thing
supposed to be anyway?

I think these oscillating lines

are sound waves?

In that cocoon world, I learned
how sound can be used as energy.

I just don't remember how.

Ever hear of a library?

They're filled with
these things called books.

You read 'em once in a while,

and they tend
to answer your questions.

You want us to go
to the library on a mission?

Well, if it keeps us
one step ahead of Christine,

you're damn straight.

She said she had a way
to bring the dome down.

I didn't, didn't,
I didn't believe her.

Seeing that thing,

I think maybe
she was telling the truth.

- We'll get our stuff and go.
- Hey, listen, guys...

none of those bastards can know
we're here, you understand?



I'm writing everything down...
about halfway through.

Safe to say,
she's not your biggest fan.

Yeah, well, feeling's mutual.


Me... I'm in a wheelchair
listening to a diary

while people are trying
to kill us.

Not exactly
pulling one's weight.


that recorder and then those
Aktaion files were coded,

so that means
they're important.

I couldn't hack that.

I'm pretty sure Julia, Norrie

and string bean
couldn't have, either.

So, without you, we don't
know what Christine knows.

That's pulling your weight.

Thanks, man.

I don't get why everyone thinks
you're such a giant tool.

Shut the hell up
and feed my dog.

Not too close to the window.

I know.

Every time I think this can't
get any worse, it does.

You know there's still time
to stop Christine.

No mommy, no daddy, no baby.

You want to kill Eva and Barbie?

What part of

"usher in a new generation"
did you not understand?


Not while there's still a way
to save Barbie.

You mean the same Barbie
who just burned down a house

trying to find us?
That Barbie?

There's no way to reach Barbie.

Or my son.

They're just gone.


Carolyn... they were taken over
by the Life Force,

but fought their way back.

Yeah, I tried that emotion stuff
with Junior.

It didn't work.

Maybe that's because
we were only half right.

Norrie just told me

that after the explosion hurt
Carolyn, she became human again.

What if

physical pain suppresses
the Life Force,

allowing emotion to overcome it?

What if you're wrong?

We do it your way.

I'll drink to that.

Julia, you copy?


I'm here.

God, it is so good
to hear your voice.

What do you want?

I just want to see you.

You have been right all along.

There is something
wrong with me.

Eva's really messing
with my head.

Meet me out
by the Soderquist farm.

Just you and me.

I'll be there in an hour.

Your gun!

Toss it in the woods.

I'm just here to talk.

Do it, or I'm gone.

All right.

I'm here.

Yesterday, when you asked me...

if I loved Eva,

I didn't know what to say.

I have not been able to get
that question out of my head.

And that's
when everything... when you,

me, Eva...
that all became clear.

I realized

that whatever I felt
for her... it isn't real.

- Barbie...
- Christine and Eva were using me,

and I am so, so sorry

that I couldn't see that.

For not believing you.

It's really you.
You're back.

I missed you so much.

We have got to stop them.

Christine is crazy.

But I think I can get
close enough to her to end this.

I wish
you hadn't have done that.

What did you do?

It's for your own good.

Nice work, Dexter.

Help me get him back
to the cabin.

Oh, no. It's begun.

The dome's surface
is calcifying.

Soon every living thing
won't be able to breathe

unless I can bring down the dome
with Joe's help.

I don't understand.
How is what's happening

to the dome making you weaker?

Because I'm connected to it.

And with the egg destroyed
and one remaining amethyst,

the dome has no power source.

It's shutting down.



You recognize this place,
don't you?

Julia, what the hell?

It's where
you murdered my husband.

Come on.
You got this all wrong.

I'm not like Christine
and Eva anymore.

Whatever was in me...
it's gone, I swear.

Well, that almost
sounded convincing.


Except for the knife
hidden in your boot.

What the hell is he doing here?

He's gonna help me fight
whatever's inside of you.

- It's probably gonna hurt.
- Okay, Julia.

Come on. Think about
what you're doing.

Please don't do this!

- It's okay. Let me see. Let me see.
- Junior... No, don't.

What can I do?



No more.


Barbie, focus on my voice.

Think about everything
that we've been through.

I know you can fight this.


That's it. That's it.
I'm right here.

I knew it.

I'm sorry.

But the two of you,
working together...

...that is priceless.

There's just

one problem...

with your whole plan here.

You've lost.

I'm part of the kinship now.

And I'm with Eva.

And nothing you do...

is gonna change that.

She's having my baby.

You two didn't know?


Though, in all fairness...

I just found out this morning.

So, hey, go ahead,
use your new pal here

to torture me all you want,

because every time you do,

all it does
is remind me how much

I don't want you
in my life anymore.

What are you doing?

He's right. It's over.

- It's too late.
- No.

There is still time.

Hey, Jim, you wouldn't happen

to have any parenting tips?

Would you?
'Cause you did

such a great job with Junior.

Shut up.

Why do you think

he was the first one to fall
in line with the kinship anyway?


- Junior's weak.
- Or...

he saw you...

for what Julia is now so willing

to look past.

That you are

a sad... pathetic...

cold-blooded killer.

Jim, that's enough.

What the hell are you doing?

The plan was to
suppress the Life Force

in Barbie, not kill him.

We've been doing this for hours.
He's toying with us.

You think I don't see that?

He's trying to pit us
against each other.

You really think he and Eva got
a cosmic bun in the oven?

- Who knows anything anymore?
- Well, this pain thing's not working.

Time to do things my way.

No, I am not
giving up on Barbie.

I know that I can
do this, all right?

- I just need to do it alone.
- And you're willing to do

whatever it takes?

Just give me more time.

- Here.
- What's this?

Back up.

Indy wouldn't let Christine
anywhere near him.

If you can't change
Barbie back, he'll know.

What are you gonna do?

Plan B.

All right, it should
be down here.

What about

The Truth Hertz,
A Fun Guide to Sound?

Even books with lame-ass titles
could probably

tell us something
about that sketch.

So you think
Big Jim is right...

that this is the way
to take down the dome?

The military has devices
that can immobilize armies

using sonar technology.

So, yeah, I guess sound
could be used as a weapon.

But what if it's not a weapon?

What if it's, like, a beacon?

Kinship phone home.

What are you doing here, Joe?

Get off me!

- Get off me! Come on! Come on!
- Joe!


- Hurry, Joe!
- Got it! Come on.

- Hey. Hey! Keep the door open!
- I've been looking for you two.

Open the door!

Your wound.

It's almost healed.

These human bodies
and their oxytocin are a marvel.

I'm glad you're feeling better.


this is temporary.

everything has a cycle,

and mine is coming to an end.

No, but...

I thought you were my mate.

What you and I have
is beyond mating.

But Barbie and Eva,
they're together.

I figured that you and I...

Eva and Barbie are special.

And so are you,
but in a different way.

While they're meant
to be with each other,

I've always seen you...

with many mates.

Sam, get out of our way now.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

I'm on your side.

- Then where have you been?
- I got captured.

Christine experimented
on me, but I'm fine.

If you go out that door, three
Millers are waiting for you.

Yeah, he's right.

The back stairs are
your only chance.

What's it gonna be?

Let's go.

Where's your better half?

I'm not sure.

Maybe he went to
take a nap, a stroll.

Maybe he went to kill Eva.

I didn't ask him.

You better stop him, Julia.

Big Jim is Big Jim.

A killer.

But come to think of it,
so are you.

How many people have you killed?

No one that didn't
have it coming.

Like your fellow soldiers?

'Cause seeing you like this,
the reporter in me

really has to ask,

was it really friendly fire
that killed them,

or were you just having
a really bad day?

That's low, Julia...

...even for you.

You... have no idea

what I am capable of.

What about after the army?

Most guys go back
to their lives,

go back to their families.

You became a debt collector...

killing anyone
who didn't pay up.

So is that what the kinship
wants you to be?

A killer?

What were my husband's
last words?

Did he beg for his life

before you shot him?

You know he wanted me
to kill him.

Or maybe you forced him

to sign over
those life insurance papers.

Was that the plan
this whole time?

Kill him, sleep with me,

then rob me blind?

And that would've worked, too,
but then the dome came down.

Do you even hear yourself?

I know that
you are in there, Barbie.

The real one.

The man who doesn't let
his dark past

define the man he wants to be!

Eva, the kinship,

they want you to be the man
that you were.

Not the man who
owns his mistakes

so that he can move past them

and be a better man.

That's the man
I fell in love with!

It's simple, Barbie:

Eva is your past,

and I'm your future.

So you fight for that future.

You fight for me,

and you fight for yourself!


Can I please...

have some water?

When Dale returns
from killing Julia,

send him to my room.

Slowly, slowly...

Thank you.

I need you to know,

I never wanted it
to come to this.


I know.

You always want to see the best
in other people.

And that's just...





Who hooks up with the guy

that kills her husband, anyway?

And you think that
there's something wrong with me?

I know this isn't you.

No, see, that's where
you're wrong.

The real me is the person
that you refused to see

the day that we met.

And just like a good soldier,

I knew exactly where to attack

my enemy at her weakest.

I'm not the enemy.

Caroline would disagree
with you.

That was an accident.

On second thought,
maybe you're right.

Because a good enemy actually
puts up a fight.

You were such easy pickings.

You were naive,

so desperate for a man,

for any man that would pay
more attention to you

than the racetrack.

And what did you think
was gonna happen

if we ever did get
out of the dome?

That you and I,

two people who couldn't be
any more different,

were what?

Were gonna live
happily ever after?

That was never going to happen.

Just face it, Julia.

You were nothing more
than comfort food

until I got out of here.

You're wrong.

You mourned me

in the Matrix.

I lied.

Go ahead, do your worst.

The restraints,

the pain,


none of that matters.

Nothing that you do

is gonna get me
to leave Eva's side.

Do you think that baby is gonna
have her beautiful eyes?

This isn't the kinship, Julia.

This is me.

This is the real me.

Whatever it was,

that you thought was between us,

it's over.



love you.

What about her?

Your mate needs to be in
the prime of her fertility...

healthy, strong...


She's perfect.

Charlotte Chastain.

She was a junior
when I was a senior.

The younger ones I need.

No, I want her.

Fine, but you need to find me
a suitable replacement.

I need at least 12 girls.

Have them waiting for me
when I get back.

Where are you going?

To say hello.



Oh, my goodness.

Such a beautiful baby.

Isn't she?


Where's Big Jim and Julia?

They left a while ago.

No, Hunter, it's okay.

Sam's on our side.

You finished with
Christine's recorder?


I seriously needed a break
from her voice,

so I moved on
to the Aktaion files

Lily sent.

- Who's Lily?
- Long story.

Hektor Martin?

Longer story. Apparently,
he's the real head of Aktaion.

I thought Barbie's father was.

Yeah, so did I.

Turns out, this dude's
been secretly

running it the whole time.

Why would he hide
his involvement?

Maybe because,
from what I can tell,

the government has their hand
so far up him, he's a Muppet.

A rich,

powerful and very bad Muppet.

Come on, Sam.

I want to show you something.




Have you heard from Dale?

He's been gone for hours.

Eva, stop worrying.

It's not good for the baby.

Who's she?

This is Harriet, your midwife.

Why would I need a midwife?

I only found out
I was pregnant today.

Eva, I told you,

this isn't
any ordinary pregnancy.

Your baby will be here

before you know it.

Now I need you
to pack some things.

We're going somewhere
your baby will receive

the special care she deserves.

I'm not going anywhere
until Dale's back.

But don't you want
what's best for your baby?

Of course I do.

I can promise you,

this'll only be
for a short while.

And when we return,
Barbie will be here

and you can be with him
for as long as you wish.

Go to the barn.

I'll let Eva shower
and then bring her to you.

I'm sorry, Joe,
I have no idea what this is.

Christine never talked about

building something that
could bring down the dome?

This can bring down the dome?

I'm not sure yet, but if
these lines are sound waves,

see how they're all directed

to this focal point
where they're expanding?

I would think that that focal point
would have to be some sort of amplifier.

Why would Christine need to
amplify sound inside the dome?

I was wondering that too.

Until I realized

that every single attempt
to destroy the dome

has come from the outside.

So what if the only way to bring
it down comes from the inside?

Let me just find the page...

Sam, with the right
frequency and amplitude,

it's possible that
the dome could shatter,

like an opera singer
breaking a glass with her voice.

Let me just find it here...

Does Christine know
you have this?

I hope not.

You know this is the part

where I tell you
it gets better with time.

When Alice died, I was...


But with Carolyn...

I'm just sad.

Then be sad.

Just allow yourself
to feel something.

God, with everything
that's happened,

I haven't even asked
how you're doing.

Sponge baths suck.

I am sorry.

If I hadn't been on that roof
when you came to find me,

- I just...
- No, you never have to apologize

to me, Norrie Calvert-Hill.

Besides, being paralyzed
isn't my long-term plan.

I'm getting out of here.

There's a girl in Zenith
I'm gonna ask for a dance.

Just a dance?

For your information, everything
down there still works,

thank you very much.

I didn't need to know that, okay?

Come on.

Let's see if Joe and Sam
have figured out that schematic.

Where's Joe?

Yeah. Where's Sam?

What happened?


Joe, where are you?!

How did you get
inside Town Hall?

This is my town!

How the hell did you know
I was coming?

I could smell you
from a mile away.

Guess I'm not the only one

who needed a shower, huh?

You made a mistake
coming here alone, old man.

I'm fighting for two.

That's for calling me old.

- Are you hurt?
- I'm fine, I'm fine.

It was Big Jim.
I stopped him.

Whatever is happening to me,

I am stronger. I'm faster.

It's the baby.

Come on, let Big Jim think
he's getting away.

We can't wait another minute

to get you and your baby
to safety.



We've been waiting.

Go ahead.

They'll take care of you.


What are they all here for?

Your child.

The future queen.

I told you I wanted Charlotte.

She came to me.

Wanted to be a part of this.

Don't worry.

I promise
she won't feel a thing.

No one comes in or out.



I can't find them anywhere.

The schematic and the recorder
are missing, too.

Indy and Julia are missing.

What happened there?

Sam's a part of the kinship
and I think he took Joe.

Well, how the hell did
he find us here?

We met him at the school

and we thought
he was still human.

Grab everything you can.

We need to get out of here.


The rest are at
Coggins' Funeral Home.

Gather everyone
you can and go there.

Where are you taking him?


I'll go get the car.


All right, I'm gonna
start loading.

Son of a bitch!
They're already here.

We're surrounded.


Then this is where
we make our stand.

You're going to shoot me?

I will.

Well, then, do it, Julia.

Come on, pull that trigger.
Go on.

Go on.

Right here, pull that trigger.


do it!

You should've let me go.

I love you.

All I've ever done

is love you,
since the moment we met.

If there is anything left

of the real Barbie in there...

I'm taking him with me
to the grave.


I'm right here.
Come back to me.

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