Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 3, Episode 8 - Breaking Point - full transcript

A resistance forms against Christine, who is organizing a massive excavation project in the caves. Hunter and Big Jim make contact with the outside world.

Three weeks ago,
an invisible dome crashed down

on Chester's Mill, cutting us
off from the rest of the world.

The dome has tested our limits,

forcing each of us to confront
our own personal demons...




My God.

Now, in order to survive,

we must battle our most
dangerous adversary...

the enemy within.

Well, the sooner you become
his mate, the sooner he'll be

what I need him to be:
a protector.

You and I, we're part of something greater.
You're one of us.

I'm sorry, but I'll never
be able to be who you want.

What happened?
What do I do?

Get me to the caves.

Did that star just hit us?

Oh, my God.

Looks like a meteor!

We have a way to fight
the kinship.

- How?
- Emotion.

You all sure
you want to do this?

Like you even need to ask, Red.

Then the resistance starts here.

'Cause of you.

When she comes out, you're gonna
answer for what you did.

We're all that's left.

At least we have food.

Yeah, if that's what
you call this mystery meat.

So this is my army?

A cripple, two horny teenagers
and a plucky newspapergirl?

We're the best you've got.

Yeah, world's over.

Sam took out Christine,
the town's on its own.

We need a plan.

We find a way to use emotion.

It's the only way to fight
what everyone's infected with.

I'll take bullets
over group hugs, okay?

We found guns,
we ought to use 'em.

You do realize
we're outnumbered.

Yeah, and they
have weapons, too.

And why would you want

to shoot everyone
when they can be saved?

Because I don't know if anyone
who came out of those cocoons

is worth saving.
And that includes you three.

I'm going into town
to see how everyone's

coping without Christine.

All right.
We're coming with you.

Yeah, you need someone
to watch your back.


keep working
on cracking the passcode

to Christine's recorder.

Whatever she said
could give us an advantage.

No, no... he stays,
I'm staying.

I'm not gonna let
some pod person

stay here alone
with our supplies.

All right. Set these
to channel three.

We'll keep you updated
on what we find.

You really think,
this little recon mission's

- the best use of our time?
- I think if there's even

a shred of hope for the people
we care about, we have to try.

Don't stop.


how far you've fallen.

Well, you deserved it.

I'd do it again.

I could kill him.

Just a quick snap,

and he's no longer a problem.

No, I have other plans for him.

Just kill me.

I'll never help you.

Don't worry.

I can bring you around.

He should be out
for a while, but we need

a private space to work with him
where we won't be disturbed.

Our fallout shelter's perfect.

- What's wrong?
- I'm not fully healed.

I used most of
our energy supply

and oxytocin just
to get back on my feet.

I don't know
if it was worth the cost.

The kinship was lost
while you were gone.

You made the right choice.

They need you.

Do you feel different?

I feel like
a weight's been lifted.

Did you see that?

Dale, what's happening?

I have no idea.

3x08- Breaking Point


Look at the sky!
It's coming back.

Julia, pull over!

It's like a TV screen,

changing channels
back and forth.

From what's real to what's not.

There you go.

No way.

How can she still be alive?

She must have gone into a cocoon

after she was stabbed.

When Barbie came out of one,
all of his wounds were healed.

I know that there's been

a lot of confusion
over the past 24 hours.

But the destruction
that you witnessed

outside the dome wasn't real.

It was an illusion.

I projected it on the dome

as a crucible,
meant to bring us all together.

To strengthen us
for the tasks to come.

If we could just show them how
many times she's lied to them...

No, logic's not gonna work.

They're accepting

everything she says
without question.

There are amethysts
in these tunnels

that need to be brought
to the surface.

We've got some mining to do.

Even Barbie's buying it.

So is my mom.

Gather any picks or shovels
you can find at Town Hall

and meet back here.

Christine has some sort
of a schematic in her office.

I don't know what it's for,

but those amethysts
are definitely part of it.

Well, Joe and I can
go find the schematic.


Go now,
while Christine's still here.

Take my car.

Once you find it,
get it to Bird Island.

We'll see if we can
make sense of it.

It might be the key
to her whole plan.

You know what?
Give me your walkie.

Mine's running low on batteries.

What are you going to do?

Keep an eye
on the mining operation.

See what kind of information
I can gather here.

All right.

What happened?

The situation is more
complex than I let on.

Yesterday, Sam stabbed me.

I only survived
because James found me

and brought me to the tunnels.

Well, you want me
to track Sam down?

He's already in custody.

I need you to spearhead
the mining operation.

So why do we need
these amethysts?

They power the dome.

Like batteries.

The egg kept them charged,

but when it was destroyed,

the amethysts began
to lose their energy.

And I used most of
what energy was left

to heal myself
and to create the illusion

that brought us together.

If we bring the amethysts
above ground,

I'm hoping we can recharge them.

And if we can't?

The dome's surface will calcify.

Everyone inside would suffocate.

Okay. Well, then, we'd
better get started.

Eva, I need you to set up
a lunch station nearby

so everyone can be fed
without slowing down the work.

Well, now, hold on.

If you're gonna be on your own,

I want you to get a gun.

We may have Sam,

but who knows what other
threats are out there?

That's not a bad idea.

I'll grab one in Town Hall.

The two of you
seem closer than ever.

Have you slept together?


But I don't think he's completed
his transformation.

You're doing all
the right things.

Don't worry. It's just
a matter of time.

Look outside.

Apocalypse has been canceled.

It's not the first time
the dome lied to us.

Skies are clear.

We might be able
to get a signal.

There's a message...

sent last night.

"Emergency protocol.
Confirm receipt

and identity
with employee access code."

Put in your access code.

You worked for Aktaion.

Hunter May.

How goes dome life?

Do I know you?

Lily Walters.

Your disappearing act
got me a promotion.

What happened last night?

The whole dome turned black
until a few minutes ago.

Our satellites
couldn't see inside.

So no meteors landed?

The world is... fine?

Enough of your chit-chat.

I need to talk
to the man in charge.

I monitor all communication
in and out of the dome,

so you talk to me
until I say otherwise.

You think I don't know
who you are?

James Rennie, Sr.

Aka Big Jim.

Last update has you
in Dr. Marston's custody.

And now you're free,
and I can't reach him.

You've been
a bad boy again, Jimmy?

I'm one of the few
good ones left.

The people here are infected

by whatever came out
of that meteor egg,

they killed your team.

Marston's still alive.

Those, freaks captured him.

Now, I formed a resistance,
and I can get him back,

but, we're gonna need
something from you first.

Like what?

Care package.

Hold on.

Didn't you kill Dr. Marston?

Yeah, but she
doesn't know that.

The satellites
can't see indoors.

Okay, I can't make any promises,
but what do you need?

Well, we managed to
salvage some firearms,

but those won't be enough.

So first we need something
that's more explosive.

So we're gonna split up
into two groups, all right?

This group right here,

you're gonna chisel the
amethysts out of the cave wall.

Grab some tools.

You guys, you're
gonna help us build

a winch and pulley system
over top of this hole

so we can lift
the amethysts out.

Got it?

Let's get to it.
Come on.

What the hell?



I thought I made myself clear.

You're not welcome here.

Don't speak, just listen.

Look, I know you're
angry with me,

but I need you
to think about something.

When you were in the cocoons,
why did it make me dead

and have you fall in love
with Eva?

Jealousy doesn't
suit you, Julia.

Please just hear me out.

That alternate reality needed
to pull you away from me.

Have you thought about why?

Well, I'm guessing
you have a theory.

You're being manipulated
to be part of this kinship.

The man I love should see
right through that.

Don't turn away from us,
from what we have.

What we had is in the past.

It should still matter to you.

Look, what I have now
with Eva...

...there's no more tension,
no more drama.

We can just be.

But do you really... love her?


What are you doing out here?

Well, I... thought
I saw a deer.

Too bad
you didn't shoot it.

Could have had it for lunch.

Come on.

Junior, let me up.

You're not leaving
until Christine says so.

You're not yourself, Junior.

You were infected.

But you and I can fight this...
we're family.

My family is the problem.

Crazy mother, narcissistic
father, drunk uncle.

I'm part of the kinship now.

For the first time,
I have a real family.

Restrain his arm.

What are you doing to me?

Thank you, James, I
can take it from here.

Barbie could use

another strong pair of
hands back at the crater.

This is all for
your own good, Sam.

Good boy. Good boy.

You're not like the rest

of those cocoon
whack-jobs, are you?

I was for a while until...

Till what?

You fell off a roof and decided
to have feelings about it?

Nothing like breaking
your spine to remind you

of the most traumatic experience
of your life.

Short version:
my mom died in front of me.

Slowly and in agony.

My pain reminded me
of that day.

Also made me remember who I am.

Be skeptical if you want,
but I know she brought me back.

Hi, fellas.

Took your time, though,
didn't you, sweetheart?

My boss needed some convincing,

but he agreed to your plan
to free Dr. Marston.

Care package is on the way.

Pleasure doing business
with you, buttercup.

Hey, Julia, I'm on my way
into town.

Did you find out
anything useful?

Yeah, the world's
still out there.

Yeah, I picked up on that.

Any idea what that
was all about?

Christine did it.

As soon as the sky
turned back to blue,

she came out of the tunnels,
alive and well.

Now she's got the town
mining those amethysts.

Joe and Norrie are trying
to figure out why.

Who cares why?

Meet me at the high school.

I know how to deal with this.

Anything happens to my dog,

I'm gonna break your arms
and throw you in the lake.

There's not much gas left.

If we charge the battery,
we can make it last longer.

Watch out.

Keep your eyes open.

I think Christine, she may have
sent some people back here.

Come on, we got this.

We sneak in, we get
the schematic, and we get out.

- Here. Desk.
- All right.

Joe, come here.

I think I found something.

That's got to be it.

It's like Stonehenge,
except squiggly.

All right, let's
get out of here.

Hey, Julia, we've
got the schematic.

Copy that.

Look, there's my mom.

What are you doing?

Julia needs this.

If we get my mom alone,
we can convert her.

We want her on our side.

What is that?

Turns out Aktaion's actually
good for something.

After the dome cleared, Hunter
reestablished contact with them,

and then I negotiated, and they,
sent this up to the lake.

What did they want in exchange
for all these explosives?

They want us to,
free Dr. Marston

from his kinship kidnappers.

And, in case anyone asks,

I did not slit that
little weasel's throat.

At least we have what we need

to, take care of
Christine's mining operation.

You want to use it all at once,

or you want to save some
for a rainy day?

Nothing good came
out of those tunnels.

We use it all at once.

We're not gonna let Christine
rise from the grave again.

You know, if this plan works...

...some people
are gonna die.

This is war.

Up, up.

Keep going,
keep going.

We got this.

Almost there.

All right, place it down.

So... you and Eva?

Come on, Junior.

I'm a gentleman.

Do I have a sign on my back?

No, I'm not trying to pry,

I just think you guys are
meant for each other.

And that's what it's
all about, right?

Yep, that's it.

Eleanor, where
have you two been?

Remember my first day
of second grade?

When I took
a red marker to my face

and I pretended
I had chicken pox?

Eleanor, you need
to come with me.

No, no, listen to me.

Both of you knew I was lying.

But you still took care of me

because you knew
that I was scared

and that I needed my moms.

And now I need you again.

I know you have emotions.

I know it.

Show me.

You're wasting valuable time.

The kinship needs our help.

Norrie, this is not working.


Change of plans.

It was your fault
that Mom died.

If you hadn't forced me to go
to that stupid reform school,

then we wouldn't have even
been here in the first place.

But she was always
the one that I thought of

as my real mom anyway.

She gave birth to me.

We had a stronger connection.

And we didn't tell you,

but we both talked
about it all the time.


That time I slept over at
Michelle Caldwell's house,

we actually went to an
all-night rave in Long Beach.

We hitchhiked.

Norrie, this
is not working.

I did drugs.

Mom, Joe and I are having sex.

Say something, Mom!

Say something.

Take them to the tunnels

and put them to work.

- Get off me!
- Get off!

Get off me! Mom, please!

- Let go!
- Mom! Mom!

Please stop.

You've taken too much
of my blood already.

It's time to give some back.

You're transfusing me?

If you give me
the wrong blood type,

it'll kill me.

I'm Type O.

Universal donor.

That's your blood?

It's a gift.

I'm giving you what you need
to return to us.

I'll never be a part
of the kinship.

The life force
is already inside you.

This is just a boost.

You'll feel much better
when you stop fighting it.

I'm seriously
gonna get black lung.

Keep your eyes open, Norrie.

We'll find a way to escape.

All right, listen up!

Eva has set up a food station.

After you eat,

we'll finish up
with these amethysts.

Not you two.

Well, what about lunch?

You can miss one meal.

These amethysts
are necessary for our survival.

All right. Up!

You can start bringing it over.

All right, let it down.

They've already got one of them

out of the tunnels.

All right, everybody take
a break; Go get you some lunch.

We'll come back
to this afterwards.

Looks like they're
clearing out for chow time.

This is our chance.

Will you guys do me a favor
and hang here?

Keep an eye on these tunnels,

make sure no one
heads down there?

Only three guards.

We can handle that.

If I draw them away,

you think you can plant the
explosives and get out in time?

Yeah, not a problem.

There's no turning back
after this, Red.

If we do this,

they're gonna hit us back hard.

I'm ready.

Yeah, could be Barbie
leading the charge.

I'm not dying

'cause you can't pull
the trigger on your boyfriend.

Maybe it never comes to that.

Yeah, well, if it does,
you'd better not hesitate.

- 'Cause I won't.
- I get it, Jim.

When the job's done,
we'll meet back at the dock.

Good luck.

Please, no more.

We can stop the transfusion,
but first tell me,

does your old life...
your human life...

actually have value?

I help people.

Who have you really helped?

Have you saved anyone?

Your sister Pauline?

Angie McAlister?

And poor, lost Abby Dewitt...

where is she now?

You even tried

to kill me, Sam.

And all I ever wanted
to do was to help you.

All you have to show
for your time on Earth

is the shame

of your human failings.

Stop struggling,

and all your shame
will disappear.

You'd be welcomed.

You'd finally have value.

It's time to let go
of your pain.

I forgive you.

The choice is yours, Sam.

I hope you make the right one.

All right, one down.

What is that... fire?

Look, the guard!

There's no pulse.

Where are the other two guards?

The smoke was a diversion.

Yeah, I saw Julia
in the woods this morning.

She was planning something
the whole time.

The amethysts.

We only have one.

Okay. All right.

Stay up here.

Make sure no one
comes down after me.

What are you doing here?

You killed that guard,
didn't you?

That guard's the least
of your worries.

I rigged those tunnels
with enough explosives

to blow us both
to kingdom come.

We got to clear out
of here. Let's go.

If you don't tell me
where the bombs are,

you'll die right here.


Not long ago,
you wanted an apology from me,

and I never gave it to you.

I failed you, son.

Don't call me that.

I'm not your son anymore.

You know, I...

I said that to my father

once when I was your age.

I tried so hard
not to become him,

but I just kept the cycle going.

Pushed all that hurt onto you.

I never let you
be your own man.

I am so...



I am my own man now.

I moved on when I burned
your house down.

So, if you're done crying

like a little girl,
show me where the bombs are.


Just follow me.


Have Joe and Norrie help you

pack anything useful
from the house.

We're gonna need to clear out.

Joe and Norrie
aren't back yet.

I haven't heard from them
in a while.

Okay, I'll go look for them.

Do what you can in the meantime.

You shouldn't be here.

This is what it's come to?

We gonna gun each other down
in the street?

I'm guessing you're
not a very good shot.

But either way, you lose.

Oh, yeah, how's that?

You're too late.

Dale and I are bonded now.

If you kill me,
the man you love

will never forgive you.

What do you know about love?

Are you even capable
of feeling it?

Love is a human construct.

It has no value for the kinship.

I truly am sorry.

People like you
and Jim Rennie...

you'll be left behind.

Dale and I, we're the future.

What you have is built on a lie.

What Barbie and I have is real.

I don't have to kill you.

Everybody get out!

There's bombs in the tunnel!

Everybody, come on! Get out!
Let's go!

Clear out the tunnel!

- What's that yelling?
- Let's go!

Come on, get out of here!
Everybody, get out!

Drop everything!

Go, go, go!
Everybody out!

There's bombs in the tunnel!

Everybody out!

When Barbie finally
breaks free of this,

he's gonna choose me.

It's why I'll keep
fighting for him.

It's why I'll win.

Come on!
Let's go!

Norrie! Stop!


- Norrie, where are you?
- I'm here.

You saved me from that blast.

You're my daughter.


You're back.

Help me!

Get this off of her.

What happened to me?

- I'm so sorry.
- I can't move them.

No, I should be the
one apologizing.

All those things that I said...

I didn't mean them.

I was just trying

to snap you out of it, and...

I was lying.

Norrie, we have to hurry.

These tunnels
are gonna collapse.

You have to get out of here.

No, Mom, I'm not leaving you.

There's no time.

You have to go.


I said no!

That's my girl.

Such a fighter.

Keep her safe, Joe,

- keep her safe!
- I will.

I will, I promise.

I love you so much, Mom.

I love you, too, baby girl.

Go, Joe!

No, no.

- Go, Joe!
- Mom, please don't leave me!

- Go!
- We have to go right now.

- No...
- We have to go now!

Come on.

Easy, Annie Oakley.

What happened?
Are you bleeding?

No, that was somebody else.

Look, as much as I'd
like to stick around

and watch the people
of Whoville cry

about their precious
tunnels going boom,

we gotta get back
to Bird Island.

Not yet.

Joe and Norrie are missing.


You okay?

There were bombs.

Lots of bombs.

Big Jim did this.

Of course he did.



Who is that?

Down here!

Come here.

Is there anybody
else down there?

My mom.

Come on, Norrie. It's not safe.

Let's go.

You can't call yourself
"the new Hunter."

The old Hunter is still here,
thank you very much.

I didn't come up with the name.

They gave me your workstation

and people started calling me
that on their own.

Wait, wait,
did they swap out my PC?


And by the way,

it took me no time at all
to find all your "hidden" files.

There was a disturbing amount
of hentai in there.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I-It was there to hide
my actual secret files.


Seriously. No, no, no.

The file labeled "Tentacles"

has my password-cracking
algorithm in it.

Is there any way
you could send it to me?

I've been busting my ass trying
to rewrite it from memory.

Hiding secrets in the porn.

I'm almost impressed.

Sending the algorithm now.

What's going on?

They're here.

I need you to hold on
to some files for safekeeping.

I gotta wipe this drive.

"They"? Who's "they"?

Gotta go. Good luck, Hunter May.

Wait! Lily!

Stop, Joe, I can't go anymore.


When I came here...

...I had two moms that loved me.

And now I have no one.

What? No.

You have me here, Norrie.

And I love you.

Well, that's just great.


N... Norrie,
we have to go.

We're under a freaking dome.


Get in!

Let's go, come on!

I stashed the car
at Sam's cabin.

Still no sign of him.

We should keep looking, though.

He could be an ally.

There are no allies left
in Chester's Mill.

Those people may be infected,
but they're not lost.

I'm not giving up on Barbie.

Well, you should.

Poured my damn heart out
to Junior.

It's useless.

Emotion doesn't work.

It does work.

I got through to my mom.

For a moment, she
was herself again.

Why only a moment?

Because she's dead.

She was trapped.

She made us leave her behind.

We barely got out

before the tunnels collapsed.

My mom sacrificed herself

so that her child could live,

and there's nothing
more human than that.

You set off those bombs,
didn't you?

You had no idea

what was down there.
What were you thinking?

There's no regrets in war, Red.

Here's your schematic.

These amethysts were essential.

We'll find a way to push on.

Has Sam come back to us?

Depends how much fight
is left in him.

But if you provide people
with the right lie,

they'll believe
what they want to.

For this town, it was an image

of the end of the world.

With Sam,

all it took was
a pint of his own blood.

See? Not a scratch.

And my forgiveness.

That's the only one left.

How did this happen?

- Blame Big Jim.
- And Julia.

Thank God I had a gun.

Otherwise she would
have killed me.

She tried to hurt you?

I found her fleeing
from the crater.

She started shooting at me,

so I fired a shot in the air

so she'd take cover

and then I ran.

I barely got away.

She's obsessed with you, Dale.

She's not going to stop.

This is my fault.

I saw Julia this morning.

I... she-she told me that
she was just here to talk,

and I believed her.

She didn't care if
I died in those caves.

I could have stopped her,
and I didn't.

The actions of this resistance

have threatened
our very survival.

The time has passed
for peaceful coexistence.

We need to strike back.

We need to kill them all.

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