Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 3, Episode 10 - Legacy - full transcript

An unlikely alliance is formed; Hunter receives files that reveal disturbing details about the infected townspeople.

Four weeks ago,

an invisible dome crashed
down on Chester's Mill,

cutting us off from the rest of the world.

The dome has tested our limits,

forcing each of us to confront
our own personal demons...




My God.

Now, in order to survive,

we must battle our most
dangerous adversary...

the enemy within.

25 years ago, a team discovered

fragments of what appeared to be an egg.

Whatever was inside that egg

altered their behavior.

Hektor Martin?

Apparently, he's the real head of Aktaion.

Last update has you

in Dr. Marston's custody.

The dome's surface is calcifying,

unless I can bring down
the dome with Joe's help.

- You're pregnant?
- It's a girl.

What are they all here for?

The future queen.

Sam, with the right
frequency and amplitude,

it's possible that the dome could shatter.

Sam's a part of the kinship,

and I think he took Joe.

The rest are at Coggin's funeral home.

Gather everyone you can and go there.

We're surrounded.

This is where we make our stand.

I'm right here. Come back to me.


Oh, my God.

- Are you okay? Did I hurt you?
- I'm okay, I'm okay.

Are you?

The shocks, I am so...

Julia, Julia.

I chased you down. I tried to kill you.

All of those things that I
said, I didn't mean any of it.

Same here.

Except how much I love you.

I love you, too.

You saved me from becoming one of them.

You never gave up on me.

I knew the real you was still in there.

- I am so sorry.
- Later.

The Resistance.

They're hiding in the funeral home.

They need all the help they can get.

Hell, there are dozens of
them. They're everywhere.

Stay away from the window!

That moves, shoot.

What do I do?

- Aim at the torches.
- Okay.

It doesn't work!

Safety's on.

They're not coming to capture us.

They're coming to burn us to the ground.

What the hell?

There's somebody else out there, shooting.

- Go, go, go! Move! Move!
- Get in there!

- Stay there!
- On the ground!

Who the hell are you?

Hektor Martin.

He runs Aktaion.

Look, I'm here to help.

Where can we take you to be safe?


All right, cover me.

I'll lead.

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Under The Dome SO3E10 "Legacy"

We need to talk about this
once, just the two of us.

Yesterday was awful, okay?

Everything's been pretty much a nightmare
since you came out of those cocoons.

We don't have to do this now.

Yeah, but we can't
pretend it didn't happen.

I know.

What I don't know is
how we can get back to...

what we were, or if we even can.

Look, things are different.

Eva is pregnant.

That baby is mine.

Now, I'm not gonna bail on being a father.

That child is innocent of all of this.

Barbie, your daughter...

Whoa, my daughter what?

Christine kept detailed
notes on a voice recorder.

It's an instruction manual on how to use us

to keep the life force alive.

She made it for her
successor, the next queen.

And she paired you and
Eva together for a reason.

Your daughter is that queen.

So Christine did this.

I know it's a lot to take in,

but at least we have nine
months to figure it out.

Norrie, Jim. They were all in there.

Stay here.

I'll check it out first.

Good work bringing Joe back.

When he took me to the funeral home,

he said he thought the schematic

was a way to bring the dome down

with sound waves or something.

That's why Christine wanted him.

We need Joe to start working immediately.

I don't see him cooperating.

We have ways.

Tell the others Norrie is not to be killed.


If we need it.


The kinship needs your help.

The dome is calcifying,

and for us to survive,
we need you on our side.

Never gonna happen.

You backstabbing ass.

Well, we tried nice.

It's possible nobody survived this attack.

The only bodies are out here.

Jim had other safe houses on his radar.

Maybe they escaped.

Yeah, or they were taken.

If they're alive, it won't be for long.

The kinship still thinks
that I'm a part of them,

so why don't I head down to town hall,

and see what I can find out.

Okay, I'll go check out the other places

the Resistance could be hiding.

What if...

somehow they know you're
not one of them anymore?

Hey, they won't. I can fake it.

And if you see Eva again?

I was used.

I was manipulated by
Christine to father a child.

The only thing that I
feel right now is anger.

So I'm gonna get in there, I'm
gonna find out what we need to know,

and I will come back to you.


- Be careful.
- I will. You, too.

Take this.

Hey, if-if I'm gonna pass with the kinship,

they need to believe that I killed you,

so if you're seen, we're done.

Take my car.

I'm dead, can't drive.

Meet me at Hallorann's Dock in two hours?



Hey, Indy.

Hey, boy. Let me look at that.

Oh, you had my back, huh?

Good boy.

I have an idea.

Want to go find Jim?

I think I know which one of us
he's gonna be happier to see.

Come on.

Let's go, boy.

Let's go.

Limited doors, secured windows,

closed-circuit camera.

Set up base!

We're holding up here with Aktaion?


What about Joe? We should go after him.

Newsflash... we're being hunted.

We just have to sit tight.

No one said you could stay.

This is my safe house.

That's a hell of a way to thank
the man that just saved your life.

I don't owe you squat.

Actually, you do.

Dr. Marston.

I sent supplies here for his rescue.

He wasn't at the funeral home,
he's not here. So where is he?

He's stashed.

In a safe place.


I'll take you to him.

No, no, no, no, no.

Just you and me.

I've never trusted anybody in a black suit,

tie or otherwise.

Jim, you don't call the shots.

Disarm him.

Take me to Marston.

What are we waiting for?

Back to work.

Take care of the injured.

Where's Christine?

She's at the Jacobsen's
farm, taking care of Eva.

I know about the baby.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, everything's fine.

Christine says they're not to be disturbed.

What about Julia?

It's done.

Where's the body?

Buried at Shumway's cabin.

The Resistance still out there?

Unfortunately, but we
have who we need... Joe.

You don't know?

Our survival depends on a device
that can bring down the dome,

and Christine needs Joe to build it,

but he refuses to help.

Well, where is he?

No, I've already tried.

Take me to Joe.

Hey, careful. That thing might be loaded.

It is, but... I don't know how to use it.

All right. Come here.

Now, your safety,

your slide,

your front, rear sight for aim.

Got it.

All right, that oak, that's your target.

Tell me what to do.

All right. Two-handed grip,

your feet apart.

Come on. Bend your knees.

This ain't Charlie's Angels.

Now aim...

and squeeze that trigger

steady and slow.

What the hell?

Noise will give away our location.

I hope you never have to use it.

You take a life, changes a person.

So what if you need to shoot?



I never thought we'd meet in person,

and now you're here.

Obviously, I've got questions.


I saw you fall.

Satellite surveillance.

I'm sorry.

You've seen a lot of other stuff, too.

Yeah, that file you sent me was

everything Aktaion had
on the dome from day one.

Why'd you dump it?

I thought maybe one day we'd need it.

And the folder with the M.I.T.
time-lock-level encryption?

Who's gonna need that?


An unnamed folder is buried in those files.

Someone worked very hard to hide it.

I didn't know it was there.

Do you think you can open it?

Okay, legend,

I want to watch. See Hunter
the hacktivist in action.

Lily, the last time I saw you,

you grabbed a hand cannon and booked it.

Someone was chasing you,

and you ran through the Red Door.

It's the only way to get here. What is...?

I want to tell you,

but I need to run it by Hektor first, okay?

Trust me.

Oh, my God.

I warned Marston.


Well, it was probably a raid.

You saw the way they came after us.

What was Marston doing
here? Why wasn't he with you?

Hey, hey.

I rescued him from those zombies, okay?

I told him to come with
us to the funeral parlor,

he wouldn't be safe here.

He said he needed to get back to his lab.

Oh, damn it.

If he's dead and his samples are destroyed,

then everything I came here for is gone.

What'd you come here for?

All right.

There's no more to see here.

Sorry about your friend.

Sorry doesn't mean a damn thing.

This isn't about Marston anymore.

This is about all those
people. It's about your son.

What about Junior?

He was one of the first infected.

This is it! This is it, bud.

We are putting Humpty-Dumpty
back together again.

Ah. Looks like a perfect fit.

This makes everything we've done worth it.


It's working!

This is the beginning.

Clean, unlimited energy for the world.

Unlimited clean money for us!


Patrick, what are you doing?


There's something drawing me to it. I...


- Patrick, what are you doing?
- It wants me to touch it.

Patrick, don't!

Remember Alaska!


No, Patrick!



All right, so your friend's an idiot.

What's that have to do with my son?

After Patrick touched
the egg, he deteriorated.

I hired one of the world's

leading epidemiologists to investigate.

- Marston?
- That's what he was doing here.

Finding a cure.

Without him,

without DNA he collected
from Christine Price, it...

And you.

He e-mailed us meticulous notes.

You gave him a hard time.

After that, I never saw him again.

We didn't have any eyes inside the house,

no satellite images of his... kidnapping.

We were on the move
when this raid happened.

Blind spots.

And you...

you're a killer.

Men, women,

young, old.

Your hands are soaked with their blood.

Hey, just, uh, calm down there, okay?


You killed him.

Marston wouldn't come back here
if he knew there was a threat.

Maybe Marston needed you. I don't.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

You shoot me, and you'll
never get what you want.

What's the first thing your company does

when they send a unit
into the Khyber Pass, huh?

They find a village or a local

who can tell them things
that no satellite can.

Access, intel...

Christine's DNA.

Whatever you need,

I'm the only one that can get it.

I'm here now.

No blind spots.

You better deliver.

Look, nothing you do to
me will make me help you.

There's no reason for you not to help.

The Resistance has been killed.

Including Julia, thanks to Barbie.

Is that true?

It's true.

Joe, it's time you started working with us.

You're fighting for nobody but yourself.

There's nothing left
for you but the kinship.

- Okay, that's enough.
- Go to hell.

That's enough.

I said, that's enough.

Hey, get out of here.

He's never going to listen to you.

- Good cop, bad cop. I get it.
- Okay.

Joe, I am not one of them.

Okay? It's really me.

I didn't kill Julia.

She's the one that brought me back.

What about Norrie?

And the others?

I'm hoping they're still alive,

but we got to get you out of here.

I fell for this before with Sam.

Look, I promise you, this is real.

Come meet Julia with me.

Joe, this is me.

It's the same guy that
found you at the Sweetbriar

after Angie died.

I was there for you then;
I am here for you now.

If I was one of them,

wouldn't I want you to stay
here and build this thing?

All right, point taken.

Welcome back.

So, the dome... is it calcifying?


Okay, then it's sealing up.

A-Air's not gonna get through,
and we'll-we'll suffocate.

Barbie, I have to stay
and build this device.

What are you talking about, stay?

I hate to help the kinship, but
it's the only way out of here.

And if I work with them and
figure out how to build it,

then everyone's free.

And then what?

I mean, Christine's got
to have other plans for us

once this dome comes down.

Well, I-I don't know.

But the longer we both work with them,

the better our chances of finding out.

And you know what's going to happen
to you after you build this thing?

Once they don't need you anymore?

I'll be killed.

But if I don't do this...

we're all dead.

- Joe's gonna work with us.
- Are you sure he's not gonna...

He's not your concern
anymore. Put Sam on him.

Copy that.

Let me explain something to you.

That, back in there...

that wasn't good cop, bad cop.

This kinship has a hierarchy;

we all have our place.

Remember yours.

Where you going?

If you're headed to see Eva, Christine
said no one's to disturb them.

I already told you that.

Eva's pregnant with my child.

I'm gonna make sure she's okay.

What did it feel like...

when you killed Julia?

Like I gave a great gift to our cause.

So this stuff is gonna save Junior?

We'll infuse the serum
with Christine's DNA,

which contains a pure
form of the infection.

- Once injected, the infection...
- Sounds like voodoo.

It's based on cutting-edge research.

Two days ago, I infiltrated
town hall and almost assassinated

one of the kinship's
highest ranking citizens.

Let's just say I'm not one
of their favorite people.

Hard to believe.

I go in there and get your sample
from Christine, it's a big risk.

I don't know if this
so-called "cure" is worth it.

- We can do it without you.
- Yeah.

Three of my men were SEAL team.

Well, good luck. It's
your guys against 2,000.

You know, Jim, you're not doing us a favor.

Last time I checked, your
backup was pretty weak.

Besides, if you care
anything about your son,

it's a risk you'll want
to take... trust me.

'Cause what can happen

will scare the living hell out of you.

Orange moons!

C-Can't breathe.

Pink stars.

So beautiful.

Oh, pink stars falling.

Falling in lines, falling in lines.

Patrick, n-nothing's falling.

Okay? You're safe here.

Launch them. Hurry.

After the queen is born, the war begins!

Hurry, hurry!

Listen to me, listen to me.

I've got a team on this, okay?

They're the best in the world. We're
gonna find a way to get you better.

The eggs are important.

You've got to keep going!

He's hurting himself.

Shh. Hey.

We've got to keep him restrained.

It's for his own good.

I'll be outside.


Hey, papa-dop.

I brought something.

Hey, listen, listen.

Remember every Sunday,
we'd go to that coffee shop,

read the paper and go to a movie?

Do you remember that?

I thought maybe the smell
could take you back there.

You'd tell me...

"Plenty of time later
in life for caffeine."

"One day, I'll be happy if that's
the only drug you ever take."


do you remember that?

It's time!

It's come.

We will live on!

We couldn't save him.

Well, that's a touching
story. Any of it true?

Why would that be a lie?

I don't know. Maybe someone's
trying to pluck on my heartstrings,

uh, so they can further their own agenda.

The only agenda we have
is to cure this town.

I know enough about your company
to suspect that ain't the case.

Jim, Junior's been
infected for about a week.

The longer you wait, the worse it'll get.

What happened to Patrick

will happen to your son.

- Freeze, don't move!
- Hold it right there!

Put your hands...

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Indy! Hey, there you are, boy.

Hey, Indy, how are ya?

Hey, what happened?

Don't you worry.

I know who did this.

Hey, Jim.

Over here?

Drop your weapons.

Raggedy Ann's with us.

Lower your weapons.

You don't look like you killed a man.

Didn't have to.

I got through to Barbie.

Whatever infected him, it's gone.

That's impossible.

And you are?

Hektor Martin.

Hektor founded Aktaion.

He's come bearing gifts.

A cure for said infection.

Well, whatever you
brought, we don't need it.

Dale Barbara isn't better.

He's in a dormant phase.

Once an infection's in a
person, it's there forever.

- It's like chicken pox.
- Exactly.

It can recur anytime.

It happened to my partner
after he touched an egg

we found in Mexico.

Once the dormant phases
disappeared, the infection won out.

Well, that was a different egg.

So was the one in Alaska.

You have no proof that what
happened to your partner

or those scientists will happen here.

Could I talk to you inside, alone?


What if Hektor is right?

If this infection can come back,

then we should go get Joe and
Barbie so they can be cured.

We don't know Hektor.

Or if what he's saying is true.

But we do know Barbie and Joe.

Barbie is the same guy
he was before the cocoons.

- Isn't Joe?
- Yes.

But Sam was himself, too,

and then after he was with Christine,
he went back to being one of them.

But Joe is strong; he's like you.

Right after the cocoons,
I was with all of them,

and I felt this pull to the kinship.

Barbie is at town hall.

He'll find Joe, and they'll come back.

We just need to trust them.

Good work leaving the
clue at the funeral parlor.

The baby bottle was brilliant.

I was looking out for you.

And now I want to do the same for Joe.

Why are you working with the people

who captured and tortured you?

After everything that has
happened under this dome,

now Aktaion's here to
help? I don't think so.

I don't trust 'em.

But they didn't blow my brains out, okay?

And on the outside chance
they do have a cure,

Junior's gonna be first in line.

I mean, don't you want a vial
waiting for your boyfriend?

I told you, he doesn't need it.

Love saved him.

Yeah, go ahead and laugh.

Love saved him, I see.

Yeah, so love trumps five
years of medical research?

I'll tell you, I have $1,000 that, uh,

Barbie's back at town hall
making more babies with Eva.

She's still alive?

What happened to plan B?

Didn't work out.


I'll be back. I got to go meet Barbie.

Joe's a double agent.

And all we have to do is stay alive

until he builds Christine's
device, assuming it works.

Well, it better.

Because the dome is calcifying.

If it doesn't come down,
then we're all dead.

And Aktaion's alleged cure,
that won't even matter.

All right, you ready to go meet Hektor?


there's something else that I need to do.

Christine took Eva out to Jacobsen's farm.

And you want to go out there.

I'm just worried about the baby.

Is that all?

- Julia...
- How was it,

being back with the kinship?
Did you feel any kind of a pull?

No. There was nothing at all.

I don't want you to go.

I want you to come back
to the Resistance with me.

But I understand why you need to.

I respect it.

You're gonna be a great father.

The baby... I just wanted that to be us.

I know.

Me, too.

Julia, I am with you.

And you need to trust me.

I do.

I just don't trust them.

When will you be back?

As soon as I can.


Stop touching me.

I'm tired of being cooped
up in this filthy barn.

- Eva, try to relax.
- I can't.

Where's Dale? He left
to kill Julia hours ago.

What if he couldn't do it?

What if they're out
there right now together?

The anxiety you're feeling is normal...

about becoming a mother, about the unknown.

I felt the same way.

- This is different.
- Of course.

You're carrying the queen.

But Barbie is your mate.

And once he sees you,
he'll never leave again.

Christine is making sure of it.


You're the first. Are you ready?



The queen needs you.

So don't be frightened.

What happens next will be beautiful.

This is it?

How am I supposed to figure this
out without the proper tools?

There are seven amethysts here.

It'll have to do.

It's all you could get, isn't it?

Because you're that low on the totem pole.

Babysitter duty.

Just a slave who does whatever he's told.

Hell, you even have to
do whatever I tell you.

Your words don't mean anything to me.

When I gave myself to
the kinship, my guilt,

my shame, and the need for
your forgiveness melted away...

What are you doing?

Isolating frequencies, trying
to see if I can break that bowl.

- Is that necessary?
- It is if I say so.

- You're alive.
- I'm hugging you, aren't I?

Is that a gun?

Yeah, I'm breaking you out.

Okay, if we distract Sam, then you can go

out that door by the old jail.

- What is that? Are you helping them?
- Yeah. But I'm not one of them.

Like, it's me.

Look how happy I am to see you.

Well, then why are you doing this?

My theory was right.

The schematic shows how
to bring the dome down.

And then we can finally be together

out of Chester's Mill in the real world.

Not some fake-ass reality

where someone's pulling our strings.

So you're gonna stay here then?

I got Barbie looking out for me.

And it's kind of badass.

Yeah, it is kind of badass.

Come here.

Look, you got to go.

- Sam could come back any time.
- Okay.

Guilt's a powerful motivator, isn't it?

This dome is here because of you.

I saw that footage of Christine and Eva

when they found the egg
and what happened next.

They work for you.

Yeah, when I sent them in, I had
no idea that a dome would come down.

It never happened before.

But you did know they could get infected.

That's why we kept working on a cure.

I knew I couldn't save my best friend,

but maybe I can save the 2,000
people that we put under here.

I got something for you that's bigger

than a cure for this infection.

There's a way out of here.

- How?
- Christine Price.

She's planning on bringing the dome down.

I saw a schematic.

Maybe... maybe that drawing's
the key. I don't know.

Then they kidnapped Joe McAlister.

He's a smart kid who was
already working on a way out.

All right, so what are you proposing?

I get you the DNA sample you
need to complete your formula...

you cure the town.

When the dome comes
down, we're both heroes.


Yeah, deal.

Oh, and, Hektor?

Don't get any ideas about
double-crossing me.

Hey, hold up.

- Let me in!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey!

Come on. She's kicking.


Christine made it happen.

With the help of some
very young devoted women.

I-I don't even know what to say.

Your face says it all.

Dale, we're gonna be a family.

Our daughter's destined for greatness,

and she's gonna be here any day.

We need to make sure she's safe.

Yeah, of course.

Did you take care of Julia?

Is she dead?

Julia won't be a problem anymore.

I-Is something wrong?


No. Hey.

I am just as excited about this as you are.

Come here.

- You find anything under the cabin?
- No.

But something real bad went down inside.

Yeah, but that doesn't
mean that Julia's dead.

Barbie said he buried her around
here, but there's no grave.

All right, you think
we should keep looking?

You know what I think?

I think Barbie lied.

He's a traitor to the kinship.

You go back to town. I'm telling Christine.

What are you for?

Okay, Lily, let's crack this folder.

Let's play.

Lily's dad? I thought he was dead.


this was four days ago.

What Jim said about a way out...


I know when we came here, we
thought it would be forever, but...

if he's right,

we could have a happily ever after.

We know too much.

I promised your father
that I'd keep you safe.

This is the only place
that nobody can get to us.

So, deal or no deal,

I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make sure

that this dome never comes down.

The team is all geared
up for Chester's Mill.

Just confirming your supply order.

As much as we can carry.
We're not coming back.

I'm sealing off this wing.

Is the Red Door set?

Explosives are all in place.

Military will not be able to follow us.


I have to go.

I can't take you with
us, but, look, I-I promise

I'll-I'll keep Lily safe, okay?

I'm-I'm sorry, Patrick.



Julia, what are you doing here?

Never mind that. What are you doing?

What happened to those girls?

They pledged their vitality to the queen

and safeguarded the future of the kinship.

- You mean they were sacrificed.
- Guard!


Don't. I'm your friend, okay?

You're a threat to Eva's baby, Julia,

and you must be taken care of. Guar...

All right, come on.

Let's go share our good news with the town.

I'm sure they'll be as happy as we are.

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