Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 1, Episode 6 - The Endless Thirst - full transcript

The residents of Chester's Mills face a new crisis when the town's water tower is damaged and the lake is found to be polluted. Big Jim knows where water can be found but it's going to cost him dearly. As the townsfolk learn of the shortage, panic sets in and riots erupt. Angie manages to get away from Junior and makes her way to Rose's restaurant. In the middle of the riot however, it's up to Barbie to rescue her from the town bully. Norrie is determined to find her sick mother a supply of insulin. While she and and Joe are out searching, Julia and Doddee are trying to pinpoint a strange power source - and realize it's coming from Norrie and Joe.

Chester's Mill is a place
like any other. At least it used to be.

Until we were cut off from the rest
of the world by a mysterious dome.

Invisible, indestructible, inescapable.

We're trapped.

We don't know
where it came from or why it's here,

but now that we're all trapped
under the dome together,

none of our secrets are safe.

- I know, Junior.
- What are you talking about?

About Angie.


Nobody's gonna follow you
anywhere ever

when they hear
just exactly who you are.

The military plans
to launch a powerful missile

in the hopes of destroying the dome.

All right, everybody, stay put,
remain calm.

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I can't believe it.

The dome's still here.

Good thing they evacuated
everyone outside.

Hey, you guys okay?

- We saw the missile hit the dome.
- Didn't even put a dent in it.

What's it made of
if a bomb couldn't blow it up?

She's right. How is that possible?

I don't know. Nothing about this thing
makes any sense.

You can say that again.
Still smooth as a baby's butt.

Stay back. Stay back, everyone.

Remember Sheriff Perkins?

Touching that thing
exploded his damn pacemaker.



- Oh, God, are you okay?
- I'm sorry I ran off.

If anything had happened to you...

Linda, where are your deputies?

Who do you think I'm trying to find?
Have you seen Junior?

He didn't evacuate to the factory
with everyone else.

Yeah, I know,
I've been looking for him myself.

But he's a big boy.
He can handle himself.

Yeah, well, I can't say the same
about Reverend Coggins.

Carter found his body by the dome
where we had Visitors' Day.

Good Lord.

- Coggins is dead?
- His hearing aid exploded.

He must have touched the dome
and it just fried him.

First Duke, now the Reverend?

How many more of us
is this thing gonna kill?

Just take it easy, Ollie.
You're scaring people, okay?

It's a little too late for that now. We've
got a right to know what's going on.

We've all banded together before
and we survived, okay?

- Yeah, until we run out of food in here.
- How about electricity?

- I'm nearly out of propane.
- Hell, I ran out yesterday.

Been warming up canned soup
in my fireplace.

I suggest we take this
to a town-hall meeting. We can...

What, so you can keep jawing
while more people die?

Hey, my jawing's gotten us
through plenty, Ollie.

Why don't you help by keeping
your damn head on straight?

Can we please just get out of here?

Yeah, before a fight breaks out.

- It's like a hundred degrees today.
- Let's get back to the car.

Joe, you can come with us.

Honestly, I'm a little scared.

What happens when
we run out of everything?

What do we do then?

I don't know.

The walkies aren't working.

I can't get a frequency.

Hey, Barbie,
till I can reach my deputies,

I'm gonna need another hand.

I'll help you,
but I don't need your badge.

Come on, I'll give you a lift into town.
We can talk about how this will work.

I'm gonna head over
to the radio station.

See if they're picking anything up
from the outside.

- I'll see you later?
- Yeah, okay.

You know what this means,
folks. We're never getting out of here.

Ollie, at least
you have a farm to feed yourself.

What about the rest of us?

You have my word, people.

No one's gonna starve
in Chester's Mill.

It's crazy.

Five minutes ago,
I thought we were gonna die.

It's worse not knowing what's next.

You don't need to be scared, Angie.

Didn't you notice I'm a deputy now?

People trust me, just like you should.

Whatever happens,
I'll take care of you.

Angie, don't do this! Angie! Angie!

Just let me out of the car.
Let me out of the car.

Why'd you make me stop?
What's wrong?

I just... I need some air.
It's boiling hot in there.

- Mom, are you okay?
- She's fine.

Alice, just get back in the car.
I'll blast the a.c.

- What time's our flight?
- What flight?

- To L.A. I don't wanna miss it.
- Mom, watch out!


Oh, my God.


- Are you okay?
- Sir, are you okay?

- Go, go, grab him!
- I've got you.

We're gonna get you out, okay?

Help me get him out.

Everybody okay? What happened?

Alice didn't see the truck coming.
The driver swerved and hit the tower.

Joe and Norrie
pulled him out just in time.

Okay, got him. Good job, you guys.

The pipe's a goner.

Where's your tower
get its water from?

Lake Eastpointe.
It's our main source.

Well, we'll haul water from there.

In the meantime,
we should check it out.

Okay, look at me, look at me.

Alice, when's the last time
you took your insulin?

I ran out. With the bomb craziness
and everything, I just...

I lost track.

Come on, we're gonna get you
to the clinic right now.

- What's wrong with your mom?
- She's a diabetic.

Kind of loses it
when she forgets to take her insulin.

What is that noise?

I don't know,
but it's jamming our broadcast.

Kind of sounds
like the alien from Aliens.

Well, all the police walkies
are making the same sound.

Is Dodee picking up any military
chatter from outside the dome?

Screech is jamming that too.

And if it's this loud,
then the source is probably close.

- How close?
- Best guess? Mile or two.

So it's inside Chester's Mill?

Listen, if it's that close,
maybe we can find it.

One step ahead of you, Julia.

Do I even wanna know what that is?

Us radio heads call it a yagi.

I rigged it to locate the source
of the screech

using frequency triangulation.

Look, whatever this screech is,
it can't be a coincidence

that it started just as the missile
was about to hit the dome.

You think the dome
was trying to scream?

- Or protect itself.
- Who knows?

But if it was, it might be
what's generating the dome itself.

We just have to follow the signal
to the power source.

Well, if that's true,
then if we can track it down...

Maybe we can turn it off.

It's none of my business,
but you're lucky to have her.


I have eyes, you know.

Oh, Julia and I aren't exactly an item.

Well, from the sparks
that I saw flying, you should be.

I'd kill to have Rusty back right now.

- How long you two been together?
- Three years.

We're supposed to get married
next month.

But now it just seems like
some dream I made up.

What the hell?

You shouldn't be out.
I was just here the other day.

You had insulin.

We have 23 diabetics in Chester's Mill.

Our insulin supply is gone.

Pharmacy has to have some.

When Reverend Coggins
ransacked the place,

he took all of the drugs,
including the insulin.

What are we supposed to do?


Jim, we have a situation.

- The water tower...
- Yeah, I know, it fell.

We'll just have to get our water
from Lake Eastpointe.


What are you doing?

This is the water from the lake.
It's polluted with methane.

Must've cut through
an underground mineral pocket

when the dome came down.

So it's undrinkable.

Yeah, until we figure out
how to filter it.

What about rain?

Is that dome high enough
for storm clouds to form?

I have no idea.

You know, not too many people take
the time to get to know their town.

A shame, really.

There's history here.

Right in our own backyards.

My grandfather gave me this map
when I was a kid.

I used to spend hours poring over it,
learning the lay of the land.

There are artesian wells
underneath Chester's Mill.

Now, some have dried up by now,

but this one here
is still flowing strongly.

It's right under
Ollie Densmore's place.

And I'm guessing he owns the rights.

- We have to go see him.
- No, no.

I've known Ollie long enough to know
that he can be a pain in the ass,

so I'll go talk to him.


Where you been? You okay?

I can't find Angie.

- She's gone.
- Was she with you

- when the bomb went off?
- Yeah, but she got away.

Well, then find her.

If she opens her mouth
about being locked up...

Now, I've been looking for her.

Besides, you're the one
who let her go.

Damn it, don't you put this
on me, Junior.

This is your mess.

And right now I got one of my own,
so for once in your life,

do your own damage control.
Get out there and find that girl.

Hey, so how long
has Big Jim known Ollie Densmore?

The way Duke told it, all their lives.

Jim and Ollie would be friends one day
and then enemies the next.

They'd patch it up over a burger,

but they'd be fighting about
something new the following week.

And speaking of fighting,
we should probably check this out.

Folks, listen, I'm sorry,

but the only payment I can accept
is either propane or batteries.

So our money's no good now?
I mean, we got cash.

And we've been waiting
out here forever.

Terry, what's going on here?

I'm just trying to explain
the new reality to these people.

Look, I can't feed my family
with money no one's gonna take.

New reality?

- Sounds like a scam to me.
- I'm not trying to...

- Hey, come on, guys, come on.
- Is it true the lake is ruined?

- I hear we're gonna run out of water.
- If we haven't already.

Starting a panic
is not gonna help anyone.

All right? So does anybody here have
batteries that we can loan to Dres?


Thank you.

There's no need for alarm.

I'm sorry for making a scene.

Thank you, sheriff.

You really believe that?
No need for alarm?

Rule number one
of law enforcement:

You always believe in
the goodness of people you serve.

That's what Duke taught me
on the first day of the job.

- Yeah, and if they prove you wrong?
- Rule number two:

You do what you gotta do.

- That's not a good idea.
- Why?

I mean, didn't you have a gun

- when you chased after Randolph?
- Yeah, but Randolph killed Freddy.

These people...

These people are scared.

To tell you the truth, so am I.

Ollie! Hey!

I won't take up too much
of your time.

All the time in the world
for you, Big Jim.

- We got a water problem.
- That concerns me, uh, how?

You got a well,

and the people of Chester's Mill
could really use your help.

- What's in it for me?
- How about a sense of civic pride?

That's typical. You always
take me for granted, Jim.

All us farmers.

Till now.

You still sore the town council took Kip
Lester's side on that fence dispute?

That so-called fence dispute
lost me seven acres of my farm.

It was 15 years ago, Ollie.

That's a drop in the bucket compared
to how long you and me go back.

I figured I could've counted on you.

You know the law
tied my hands on that.

Like that's stopped you before now.

- Damn it, be reasonable, Ollie.
- That's exactly what I'm being.

You want my water,
you'll have to pay for it.

Today at the dome, you were talking
about running low on propane.

You know, the propane it takes

to run your irrigation system
and light your house.

Let me guess. You have some.

- Plenty.
- Heh.

Why am I not surprised
Big Jim Rennie just happens to have

what Chester's Mill needs
in its moment of crisis?

It's nothing sinister, Ollie.

Town keeps a reserve
in case of emergency.

You get me propane,
town gets its water.

- Just in time.
- Things getting out of control?

Not yet, but the mood's pretty ugly.

Barbie, get inside
and keep peace at the register.

Carter, slow the flow
of people going inside.

Junior, where have you been
all morning?

Sorry, Linda, I got a situation
I need to take care of.

- I'm looking for someone.
- Well, I need you to do your job.

Ladies and gentlemen,
due to demand,

we are now limiting
each customer's purchase

to a total of two liters of water.

Work the aisles.
Just keep smiling and stay alert.

Waylon, Clint, put it back.

Well, isn't this cute?
Little Big Jim playing cop.

- Drop those and step back.
- Or what?

- You gonna teach us a lesson?
- If I have to.

Hey, come on. Are you serious?

Hey! I was here first!

- My son is sick. I need this!
- I don't care!

Hey, hey, come on, ladies.
Hey, knock it off. Knock it off.

Joe, what am I gonna do?

I can't just let my mom die.

Not like this.

Tell me how to help.

I'll do anything.

Where are you going?

Nurse said there's a bunch
of other diabetics in town.

Their files have to
be in here somewhere.

You think people will just give you
their insulin if you ask?

Who said I was gonna ask?

- Norrie...
- If you don't like it, don't come.

Are we getting closer to the signal?



Our source, all of a sudden,
it's moving.

- What kind of a power source moves?
- I'm not sure.

All right, well,
let's see if we can home in on it.


Hold it, hold it. What do we got?

No, no, no.

- Angie, where have you been?
- Oh. Rose.

Are you okay?

Junior, he...

What? Junior what?

The day that the dome came down,
Junior locked me in his fallout shelter.

- What?
- I tried to escape, but I couldn't.

- And then Big Jim found me.
- And he let you out.

- No, he locked me in again.
- Big Jim did?

And the only reason he let me out
this morning is because

he thought this missile
was gonna kill us all.

I can't believe Big Jim would do
something like that.

Rose, I'm not lying.

When he finally let me out, I ran.

And ran and I ran
to my parents' house.

- I couldn't find Joe.
- Oh.

- I couldn't find my brother.
- Oh.

Your brother is safe and so are you.

But Junior's a cop now.

And his dad's a councilman.

Who's gonna believe my word
against theirs?

I do.

I do.

Don't you worry, honey.

We'll make sure
that everybody else does too.

- Are you sure a diabetic lives here?
- Yeah.

Name's on the medical files I pulled.

Ray Garcia, 341 Cupidas Drive.

Yeah, well, no one's home.
Can we come back later?

Joe, we don't want them to be home.

Plus maybe they got caught
outside the dome.

Wait, wait, Norrie, we can't just...

What are you kids doing?

My mom needs insulin.

So you figured you'd steal mine?

She's... She's gonna die.

Just like the rest of us.

I took my last dose yesterday.

Now go on, get out of here
before I blow your damn heads off.

Back up! Move!

No, no, no!

Stop! Let her go!

- No!
- Get your hands off me!

Get your hands off of her.

Go to hell!

Out of the way. Move it! Move!


Barbie, get ahold of yourself.

Can I count on you?

It won't happen again.

This thing is starting to spread.
We need to do something and fast.

Carter, come with me.

What the hell do you think
you're doing?

We know that you still got meat
in that freezer of yours.


And it doesn't belong
to either of you.

You don't get it, Rose.
We're stuck in here with no water.

Food's running out.

A bomb couldn't even crack
that damn thing.

So we're just gonna take
what we want.

- Aah!
- Right after you kiss my ass!

No! Rose!

You bastard! Aah!

- Where have you been?
- At the station.

I remembered Duke telling me
about some riot gear

the feds sent us after 9/11.

This is it? This stuff is...
It's ten years old. It loses effectiveness.

Get ready to clear the crowd.

Tear gas isn't working.

Slow down, slow down.

- Damn it!
- Now what?

I lost the signal.

- How?
- I don't know, just give me a second.

Wait, wait, wait, it's back.
Hurry, hurry, go.

- Okay, all right.
- We're close.

The door's unlocked.
It's not like we're breaking in.

Now say it like you mean it.


What are you doing here?

We were just, um...

- Where are your parents?
- Mom went to the store.

Dad can't get back home
with that dome thing outside.

We're not gonna hurt you.

I'm not scared.

Mom says
I'm not a little boy anymore.

I even do my own shots now.

- You have diabetes?
- Yeah, but it's not a big deal.

Take these back to the fridge.


What the hell are you doing here?

Get out.

I'm sorry.

It was a stupid idea. You were right.

Let's just go back to your mom's.

Hey, Joe.

What are you guys doing here?

- Uh, we were just...
- Out on a walk.

What are you guys doing?

- Wild-goose hunt.
- Not anymore.

The signal's coming from right here.

From this house?

I think it's coming from them.

What's this?

It's my end of the deal.

Got what you want, Ollie.

So be prepared for townfolk to start
coming over and getting their water.

Well, it's a good start, anyway.

Need another delivery
about a week from now.

You know, I could always
seize that well,

you backwoods son of a bitch.

And I'm sure you'd find some bylaw
or loophole to justify doing it.

I mean, that's always been
the Big Jim way, hasn't it?

- But not anymore.
- What's that supposed to mean?

It means I don't give a rat's ass what
piece of official paper you pull out.

You step foot on my land
except to bring me more propane,

you'll get a bullet between the eyes.

I always could shoot better than you.

Be careful, Ollie.

Times like this,
you don't wanna stand alone.

Cross me.
We'll see who stands where.

Yeah, Junior's girl really
put up a fight.

She can't now.

Go watch the door, Clint.

Angie McAlister.

I don't think you're gonna mind.

Wait, this is our fault?

So you think we're what's jamming
all the frequencies in town?

All we know is,
whatever this signal thing is,

it started today
and it led us straight to you guys.

Yeah, but why today?
I mean, it's not like we did anything.

- I know it doesn't make any sense.
- It sort of does.

- We have to tell someone.
- Tell us what?

The day the dome came down,
we both started having seizures.

All the people who've seen us seize
have said that we said something.

The exact same thing.

- Okay, I'm officially freaked out.
- Here.

- Pink stars are falling in lines.
- Pink stars are falling.

- Pink stars are falling.
- Pink stars are falling.

- Pink stars are falling in lines.
- Pink stars are falling in lines.

- Pink stars are falling...
- Pink stars are falling...

Hey, break it up!

Sorry, man, diner's closed.

When did Rose
make you the doorman?

- Rose?
- Yeah.

Waylon, get out of there!


What happened?

Rose is dead.

Angie's got a nasty bump
on her head.


- Oh, my God.
- I need your keys.

I gotta get her to the clinic.

Damn it.

Someone slashed the tires.

It's time for rule number two.

Stop. Stop!

It can rain!

It can rain inside the dome!

It's rain! Came out of nowhere!
All right!

Don't just stand there, folks.
Grab a bucket, grab a trash can!

We need to save every drop we can!
Now, come on!

Hey, I gotta get her to the clinic.
Can you take her?

Of course! Is that Angie McAlister?
What happened?

Looters. They broke in to the diner.
They knocked her out.

And Rose...

What about Rose?

She's dead.

Two guys. One kept calling
the other one Waylon?

Sounds like the Dundee brothers.

Find them.

Dome's still here.

Outside it's totally dry.

How is it only raining in here?

The dome must have
its own microclimate.

The water from the lake evaporates,
but the dome traps it inside.

But the beautiful thing about
the evaporation process

is it filters the water
so you can drink it.

Guess we're not gonna run out
of water after all.

Yeah, great.

So now we can spend the rest
of our lives inside this damn thing.


Radio's working again. Whatever
was jamming the airwaves is gone.

It's because Joe and Norrie
touched the dome together.

What the hell does that mean?

Don't look at me.

You know what?
I don't have time for this.

- I've gotta get to my mom.
- I'll drive you.

No, the clinic's not far. I'll walk.

You come with.

They're connected to it.

It's like the dome is using them.


- How?
- I don't know yet.

We could have died today
in that missile strike.

And instead,
the dome ended up protecting us.

And just when we need water,
it rains.

I mean, this can't
just be a coincidence.

Okay, so, what,
now the dome's helping us?


Maybe it's trying to reassure us.

First it traps us.

Now it's trying to reassure us.


No, there's nothing warm
and fuzzy about this, Julia.

And we need to tell someone
about them.

Big Jim's gonna know what to do.

Do you have any idea what will happen
if word gets out about those kids?

The whole town will be after them.

Until we know what this is,
we can't tell anyone.


For now.

I don't know
how you guys came up with this,

but I'm glad you did.

When she needs her next dose?

Let's just be happy
she's better for now.


Barbie, I've been looking for you.

You okay?


You okay?

Yeah, it's, uh...

It's been a hell of a crazy day.

Yeah, I guess you could say
everybody went a little crazy today.

We're gonna be okay.


I'd take it easy if I were you.


What is going on?

Barbie found you knocked out
in the diner.


She needs help.

I'm afraid it's too late.

She was a good friend to me.


What am I doing here?

You can't lock me up again.

No, no, the front door's open.
You can leave any time you like.

Though I was hoping

that you and I could
come to an arrangement.

Junior kidnapped me.

No amount of money
can pay for that.

You'll get no argument from me.

You know, deep down,

I think I always knew
something was off with my son,

ever since his mom died.

I guess I just couldn't admit it
to myself.

So I'm not talking
about giving you money.

I'm offering you my word.

Your word?

Junior Rennie will never touch you
again. I'll make sure of it.

And, uh, well, I mean,
if you need money,

or what counts as money
in town these days,

you know, propane, food,
water, a gun,

you'll have it.

If you will just try to put
this terrible event behind you,

I'll get you anything
your little heart desires.

What about Joe?

I need to know that my brother
will be taken care of too.


We can be friends.

And, uh...

Trust me, times like these,

it's good to have a friend like...

Big Jim Rennie.

I don't know.

I have to think about it.



What's going on here?