Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 1, Episode 7 - Imperfect Circles - full transcript

Norrie and Joe go to the dome to see if they can figure out what powers they might have over it. Joe wonders if the dome might have a nucleus at its center. It the very middle of the area covered by the dome, they make a discovery. Julia's next door neighbor Harriet is expecting a baby very soon but when she goes into premature labor, she thinks the dome may have done something to her baby. She had a vision of her absent husband just before labor began. A healthy baby is born but tragedy soon follows. Big Jim lays down the law with Junior as regards Angie and throws him out of the house. He also tries to re-establish his authority in the town after he learns that Ollie has taken over his propane supply. The police try to track down the Dundee brothers who killed Rose at the diner.

Chester's Mill
is a place like any other.

At least it used to be

until we were cut off from the rest
of the world by a mysterious dome.

Invisible, indestructible,

We're trapped.

We don't know where it came from
or why it's here,

but now that we're all trapped
under the dome together,

none of our secrets are safe.

- What's wrong with your mom?
- She's a diabetic.

You want my water,
you'll have to pay for it.

Junior locked me
in his fallout shelter.

Junior's a cop now.

- Who's gonna believe my word?
- I do.

- We're gonna take what we want.
- No!


Rose is dead.

Joe and Norrie
touched the dome together.

- They're connected to it.
- I'm offering you my word.

Junior Rennie
will never touch you again.

Dad. Angie?

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Norrie. Hi.

Welcome to my room.

I want you to come with me
to the dome.

So we can figure all this out.

See how we're really connected to it.

Just because Dodee's gadget thing
beeped at us, doesn't mean that...

Listen, something happened
when we both touched it.

It was like we had powers
or something.

- Don't you think that's amazing?
- It's not exactly the word I'd use.

Well, you should.

Let's go see if we can talk to it
or something.

See what the dome wants,
and convince it to go away.

Can I get my pants on first?

Can I watch?



I'd like you to stay.

They will go away.


- Hi.
- Everything okay?

I'm sorry, I know it's early.
Do you have any yogurt?

The food mart's emptied out
after the people raided it,

and it's the only thing
I can keep down.

- Just a month to go, huh?
- Six weeks.

Greg's deployment was gonna be over
so he could be home

when the baby's born,
but with this thing, I don't know.

Oh, hi.


Barbie, this is my neighbor Harriet.

I think I have that yogurt.

I'm sorry.

Where are you off to?
Running away?

Half the town going nuts yesterday,
that wasn't a fluke,

so Linda could still use my help.

I told you last night
to stay away from Angie, didn't I?

I'm sorry. I went to her room
just to talk to her.

Please don't do this.
Come on, please, don't.

She... She can hear.

Oh, I'm embarrassing you? Huh?

The guy who locks a girl up
in a shelter?

I had to.
The dome was making her sick.

You're the one who's sick.

- Please don't say that.
- You have to leave.

This is my home.
Where else am I supposed to go?

Anywhere but here.

And if you ever so much as
get near Angie, I'll make you sorry.

I promise.

Dad, don't.

He is crazy.

Well, now he won't be a problem
for either of us.

You look tired. I know I am.

More than welcome to stay here.

You just wanna make sure
I don't tell everyone what Junior did.

No. I'm going home to my brother.

After I say goodbye to Rose.

Where did, um...?

Where's her body?

I don't know if you heard
about Lester Coggins,

but no one took over the mortuary
since he passed,

so Linda had to leave Rose
in the Sweetbriar kitchen.


I know it's a shame,
but it's just until she can get buried.


I want you to take this
and go see her.

- You have a key to the diner?
- Well, I'd better.

I own the place.

I kept loaning Rose money
over the years to keep it open.

It just seemed silly after a while,
so I bought it.

I know that she was your friend too.

Say goodbye for both of us.

- Thanks again, Julia.
- Anytime.


Honey. Come here.


You're really here?

I finally made it home to you, baby.

Greg? Greg?

- Julia.
- Harriet?

Julia. Anybody, help me, please.

I'm coming, sweetie.
I got you. I'm right here.

It's okay. It's okay.
It's just your water breaking.

No. It's too early.

I touched the dome.
I think it did something to my baby.

Something wrong?

You're the only deputy
that bothered to show up today.

Where else am I gonna go?

- Junior.
- Hey.

Anyone else wondering what's
gonna happen next in this town?

Yeah, well, we need
to deal with the Dundees.

Clint and Waylon
killed Rose yesterday.

I went by their place last night, but
they're smart enough not to go home.

Let's go track them down.
Junior, you stay on patrol.

If someone even looks like
they're even thinking of looting,

- you shut it down.
- Okay, just let him go on patrol.

I know the Dundees.

I might be able to talk them down
without things getting stupid.

That's fine by me.

All right, come on.

- Okay.
- Thank you, Julia.

- You thought you saw Greg?
- I did see Greg.

He was waving to me.

I thought it meant that the dome
was gone,

and then when I went to him
and tried to touch him...

He wasn't there.

I should've known
it was too good to be...

- We should get you to the clinic.
- Okay, let's take my car.

- Greg put a hospital go bag in there.
- Okay. Let's go.


Who's in there?

- Stay away from me!
- Whoa, whoa!

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Wait. You're Joe's sister.

I'm Ben.
I'm friends with your brother.

Is Joe okay?

Yeah, he's hanging
with his new girlfriend.

Seriously, you don't need
to be stabby with me.

I just saw the door open

and wanted to make sure
no one's wrecking stuff again.

Oh, damn.

Is that Rose?

Will you help me with something?

Go on, folks,

- take all you can carry.
- Thank you.

That well ain't running out
any time soon.

So business is booming.

That grin of yours is about
to cut the top of your head off.

Well, town needed me.
And I'm happy to help.

Sure you are. Long as I keep you
stockpiled in propane.

Just a capitalist. Like you, Jim.

But you didn't come out here
to chew the fat with your old pal.


I came to bury the hatchet.


Look, Ollie,
we can keep pissing each other off,

or we can get things done.

Okay? Now, you got the water.
I got lots of propane.

We work together, we can
get this town here back on track

and our friends and neighbors
back on their feet.

Good old Big Jim.
Always thinking of Chester's Mill.

Well, it's the right thing to do.

Still you sure
about that propane supply?

- Trust me, it won't run out.
- Oh, I don't doubt that.

But what I'm asking is
are you sure it's still yours?

What the hell does that mean?

Sure was a nice new dawn
this morning, wasn't it?


Yeah. You're really good at that.

From the dome, Joe.
Anything from the dome?

I didn't feel anything, like a seizure.

Me neither. Unfortunately.

Maybe we're going about it all wrong.

I mean, we've touched it.
We've talked to it.

- Made out on it.
- Which was awesome.

But every time
something has happened,

it's been because
we did something different.

Joe, I'm not having sex with you
for the first time against the dome.

I didn't mean that.

Wait, but you wanna do that?


I'm just saying.

Maybe we're trying to get a response
from it in the wrong place.

Maybe the real action
isn't along the perimeter.

Where else would it be?

If the dome is like an atom,
and these walls are just electrons,

that means there has to be
a nucleus in the center of it.

- Which could be holding it all together.
- Maybe that's where we should go.

You're smart, Joe McAlister.

What the hell is this, Boomer?

You better say you got lost
on your way to your damn cornfield.

Gonna have to stop you right there,
Mr. Rennie.

Ollie says no one's
allowed inside but him.

- Ollie?
- Yeah.

This is my property,
I'll do whatever I please.

Them keys ain't gonna
do you any good.

Now, look here, Boomer.

You get out of my way...

Mouthy townie bastard.

So, what happens
after we catch Waylon and Clint?

Put them in a cell.

Then what?

I mean, county court's
in Westlake outside of the dome.

We bring them in,
then we figure it out.

Dundees can't just walk free
after killing Rose.

Or what they were
gonna do to Angie.

- Wait, Angie was attacked?
- Just so you know, she's okay.

They were gonna rape her.

Barbie stopped them,
but then they got away.

Yeah, they won't get away this time.

- Can you go faster?
- It's just a few more blocks.

What the hell is this?

Sorry, I gotta...

Nobody move!
Or I'll blow your head off!

My God, what do we do?

- We do exactly what they say.
- Shut up!

- You got it?
- I can't believe we're being gas-jacked.

Car's not nearly as useful
as the fuel.

Come on, hurry up.

- Waylon, it's going.
- Move.

Linda? Linda, it's Barbie.
I just tangled with the Dundees.

Copy. Where?

Try and squeeze my hand.

He's okay. No one's hurt. He's okay.

We're at town center.
They took off to the northwest.

- We're on it.
- She's going into labor.

- We gotta get her to the clinic.
- That's not gonna happen.

- Just went by there. It's closed.
- My baby's coming.

Alice. She's a doctor.

She's staying with Joe McAlister.

- We gotta go.
- This car's not going anywhere.

Then let's start walking. Come on.
Get her out of there. Let's go.

Where do you think
Waylon and Clint are headed?

Not much northwest of town.

Except that salvage yard.

What, you never played
hide-and-go-seek there as a kid?

It's got lots of old buildings.
No one around.

If they're on the run,
they're probably there.

- It's worth a shot.
- Yeah. Let's go kick their teeth in.

Like hell. We're gonna arrest them
and read them their rights.

- What, seriously?
- We're not vigilantes, okay?

You only use that gun if your life
is in danger. Do you understand?

Yeah, I got it.
Whatever you say, sheriff.

Do you think we're getting closer?

About five miles from the wall.
We've been going perfectly southwest.

Shouldn't be too far now.

If we ever get out of here,

you should consider
a career in cartography.

Me and Ben mapped the dome
on day one.

Lucky I paid attention in trig class.

If we turn it off,
we can get my mom more insulin.

How is she?

She's good,
but we're gonna need more.

Joe, do you ever wonder
why it picked us?

Sure, but I'm mainly just glad it did.

Excuse me?

I mean, it's weird and it's scary,

but it's the first time anything
like this has happened on Earth.

That's awesome,
in the true "awe" sense of awesome.

Not to mention, if it hadn't come down,
I might not have met you.

- What's his problem?
- Truman.

Are you okay?


- Truman.
- He thinks something's wrong.

Should we go back too?

We can't stop now. We're close.

Man, I've never buried anyone before.
That was messed up.

I mean, it was nice.
It was nice of you to bury Rose.

I never appreciated her.

I was always too busy wishing
that I was somewhere else.

Someone else.

We gotta clean this place up.

Why don't you go see
if you can find us a mop?

What happened to you?

People making trouble
for themselves.

I need a drink.

Hell, yeah. Chug.

Didn't know
you had company, Angie.

Ben Drake, sir.
We met at one of Junior's games.

- You been talking about Junior?
- No.

Clean this blood up.

Babe, I told you,
I'm feeling much better.

For now.

I just don't wanna act sick
until I am sick.

- Honey...
- Please?

Your insulin has been so irregular.

- It has to be messing with you.
- I'm telling you, I don't need this.

Okay then, badass,
get up and dance.

I want to.

I'm sorry.

For what?

For bringing us here. For insisting
that Norrie be sent to that program.

I insisted too.
And I would follow you anywhere.

It is no one's fault.


It's my neighbor Harriet.
She's in labor a month early.

Let's get her on the couch.

All right, nice and slow.

- Harriet?
- Yeah.

- I am Alice Calvert.
- Don't leave.

- I'm not leaving.
- You're gonna be just fine.

Actually, you're gonna have
the first baby born inside the dome.

Oh, my God.
The hair's standing up on my arms.

And there it is.

What the hell is that?

It shocked me.

You've gotta be kidding me.

- Another dome?
- I think there's something inside.

Ten centimeters.
It's almost time to push.

- I can't do this without my husband.
- Harriet. Harriet, listen to me.

- This happens every day.
- I can't do this.

- You can do this.
- This is not every day, Alice.

This isn't right.

Bringing someone
into a world like this.

Harriet, you are gonna be
a wonderful mother.

Do you remember
when we first met?

You showed me the sonogram
and you couldn't contain yourself.

There's no hope
with people behaving this way.

And it's only gonna get worse,
isn't it?

With all of us trapped
under this thing? Isn't it?

- You don't know that.
- Harriet, look at me.

Look at me.
Good things happened today.

Right? Some people,
they're always gonna show up.

Now, we're here. All right?
We're not going anywhere,

but I'm gonna need you
to show up too.

- Okay?
- Okay.

- Yeah?
- Okay. Will you hold my hand?

Listen, I got you. Okay?
We all do.

Harriet, it's time to push, on three.
You can do this, Harriet.

One, two, three.

Hey, Jimmy.

I hear you had a little run-in
with the new security guard

at your old propane warehouse.

Had worse.

I hate to see my old friend
sitting here,

licking his wounds
like a fat-ass cat.

So I'll be brief.

Earlier, you said
we should be working together.

But you see, I got the well.

And unless I'm wrong,
I got more crops than you townies,

and now I got the propane.

So unless you want your beloved
Chester's Mill to starve to death,

you'll toe the line.

You see, it's my turn
to have my sweaty hand

wrapped around this town's neck.

So from now on, when I say "Jump,"

you say, "How high?"

Didn't I say it was a nice new dawn
this morning?

I don't see anybody, do you?

- What are you so scared of?
- Ah.

The guy that kicked your ass

Almost did it again today.
I think he's a deputy.

You know he's gonna tell Linda.

They ought to worry about us,
not the other way around.

Whole town's falling apart, Clint.

There's a lot of good opportunities,
going forward.

There's somebody on your side.

Damn, you're stupid, Clint.

Drop them and put your hands
where I can see them.

Do what he says. Now!

Put your hands behind your head.

You're both under arrest
for the murder of Rose Twitchell.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can
and will be held against...

Please. I'll go quietly, please.
I'll go peacefully.



Got him.

Maybe it's the generator
that created the whole dome.


Open and turn off.

- End program.
- It's not working, Joe.

You think?


- Begin communication.
- Who are you talking to?

- Hey, you. Initiate communication.
- Maybe it doesn't like being yelled at.

What if we ask nicely?

The big dome responded
when we both touched it together

and made the radio work again.


Outer space thing, we would like it
very much if we could just talk to you.



I need to find my mom.

Come on.

- Aaargh!
- That's it. That's it. That's great.



What? Is something wrong
with my baby?

No, you're fine, sweetheart.
Something's wrong...

- Alice?
- Uh...

- What's happening?
- Nothing. Everything's fine, okay?

You gotta keep pushing, all right?

Yes, all right? Push on three.
Ready? One.

- It hurts so much.
- Here we go. One,

two, three. Push!

Come on! Aagh!

No! No!

Okay, okay, okay. Head's out.
Is everything all right here?

- No. No, no, no. You can't.
- I have to.


Harriet, you need to stop pushing.

- I need you to stop pushing.
- What?

The cord,
it's wrapped around the baby's neck.

You're gonna have to
walk me through this.

- All right?
- You have to cut the cord

- so the baby can breathe.
- Okay.

- Clamp it.
- With what?

- A string.
- I got it.

- A string, yeah.
- Somebody help my baby!

Just don't push yet.

- I found shoelaces.
- Hurry, hurry, hurry.

- Tie it off in two places.
- This one.

- I got it.
- Yeah. That's it.

I got that. I'm good. You?

- Yeah.
- Yeah? Okay, here we go.

- Okay.
- Great.

- All right, cord's cut.
- Okay, Harriet, you can push now.

- One last big push.
- Come on, one more.

- Okay? On three.
- Push now?

One, two, three. Push!

Push, push, push.

Oh, ha!

You've got a beautiful baby girl.

- Look at her, look at her.
- There she is.

- Let's go see Mama.
- Swaddle her up.

- She's beautiful, Harriet.
- Oh, my lamb.


Thank you. Thank you.

- May I?
- Of course. Shh. That's good.

Oh, yeah. Be careful.

- Here she is. There we go.
- Oh! Ooh!



...meet Alice.

Thank you.

Oh, let's go back and see Mama.

Come here, you.

- She's a little traveler already.
- There we go.

- Alice?
- Alice? Alice?


- Alice.
- Alice, what's wrong?

- Heart...
- Alice.


I appreciate your help today, Ben.


What are you smiling about?

I just realized that this is
the first time I've ever worked here

and not been pissed off about it.

Hi, Angie.

Come on, I'm not gonna bite you.

Your dad told you to leave me alone.

I just need to tell you something.

So you can go home.

No, man, I don't think I will.


I just wanted to tell you that I know
I can't make you love me.

That was my mistake.

I just want you to know
that I'm sorry.

For everything.


You said it. Now leave.

Oh, and, uh, those Dundee guys?

They'll never bother you again.

That's all. Good night.

That was pretty amazing
what you did.

- Where's my mom?
- Upstairs.

- She said it was a heart attack.
- What?

Her system's just been through
way too much.

Mom, I'm here.


Baby girl.


Long time no see, you little brat.

- Thanks, man.
- No problem.

- You all right?
- Are you okay?


So glad you made it.

I knew something was wrong.


I saw you in the woods.

It was like the dome wanted me to.

- I sound crazy. Heh.
- It's all crazy.

I helped a woman give birth.

She said the dome
made her see her husband.

And now there's a new Alice here.

It all must matter.

No, Mom. You matter too.

But if it brought you here,

it must want me to go.


At least it let me see my beautiful...

...baby girl one last time.

You and Carolyn...

...take care of each other.

Mom, you're not going anywhere.

But I am.

So you have to be brave.


I will. I promise.

Love you.

I love you so much, Mom.

Nore? Norrie!


Bring her back.
I'll do anything you want.

Just tell me what you want.

Don't take her away from me.

Just tell me what you want!