Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 1, Episode 5 - Blue on Blue - full transcript

When friends and family from outside the dome come to visit, Barbie learns the military plan to destroy the dome with a missile.

Chester's Mill
is a place like any other.

At least, it used to be,

until we were cut off from the rest
of the world by a mysterious dome.

Invisible, indestructible,

We're trapped.

We don't know where it came from
or why it's here,

but now that we're all trapped
under the Dome together,

none of our secrets are safe.

- I linked up with a bookie.
- Taking bets?

Making sure that people paid
what they owed.

When I get home,
you better be gone.

You ever consider a career
in law enforcement?

- The pink stars are falling.
- Shh.

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Norrie? Norrie, where are you?

Right behind you, genius.

I didn't realize that crashing
with a farm kid meant

that I had to get up
at the ass-crack of dawn.

- Come on, it's about the Dome.
- Really?

- Is it gone? Are we finally free?
- You'll see.

I've been thinking about our seizures.
About what we said.

"The pink stars are falling."
You figured out what that means?

Not yet, but if the Dome
is really sending out messages

then we're like human receivers.

We can catch a few
transmissions on our own,

but when we get too close
to each other...


Joe, why would the Dome
only talk to us?

I don't know. But when I came out
here to find out, I saw this.

- Oh...
- Yeah, right?

Monarch butterflies
aren't even in season.

They shouldn't be anywhere near
Chester's Mill this time of year.

Maybe the Dome sent them.

Maybe it's trying to tell us
that the Dome's just a cocoon

and when it finally goes away,
we'll all get to be something new.

You realize most caterpillars
are actually eaten

before they turn into butterflies?

Mr. Rennie. Oh, thank God.

What took you so long?

Feeling better there, darling?

I've been down here all night.

Why haven't you gotten
the police yet?

Mr. Rennie, you're gonna get me
out of here, right?

Of course.

Soon as you tell me exactly what it is
you're doing down here.

He's been keeping me prisoner.


Your son.


No. Why...?

Why would he
do something like that?

Because he's insane.

Please, you gotta get me out of here
before he comes back.

Big Jim? Please, please.

Listen, I just need to think on this
a little bit.

No, no, no.
You can't leave me down here.

You can't. You... No, wait! Wait!

No, help! Help! Help!

Help! No!

Help! Help!

I thought we were done.
What are you doing here?

I received a very troubling message.

No, I have to tell you.

- What message?
- From the Lord Almighty.

He whispered one word to me.

- Moab.
- Moab?


You'd better check the batteries
in your hearing aid,

because that's not even a word.

No, Jim, Moab was a place.
A very wicked place.

Much like Chester's Mill.

I'm warning you, Reverend.
Stay away from me.






- Over here.
- Look at them all.

Oh, my God, there's more.

Where did they all come from?

They're so beautiful.


What is this?

Isn't it amazing?

Huh. These guys are suddenly
paying attention to us?

Look, they're bussing in
more soldiers?

No, civilians.

- Hey, that's Frank.
- Who?

My cousin. He went away to college
before the Dome came down.

It's been nearly a week
since this thing came down.

Military hasn't let anybody near here.

So why bus the families in now?

Haven't you ever been to camp?

They're finally giving us
our own Visitors' Day.

We have official confirmation
from military representatives

that at 10:00 a.m. this morning,
the people of Chester's Mill

will be permitted to visit
with their loved ones on the outside.

The location for this
is where the Dome intersects

with the Sixth Street bridge.

For further updates,
stay tuned to WYBS.

- We need to talk.
- No, I know. You heard the news?

The feds are bussing in people
who got caught outside the Dome.


Yeah, they just started coming in
this morning. The press too.

Well, you're gonna need help
with crowd control.

Linda's already talking about
bringing in some more deputies.

The time for talk is over. I'm authorizing
you to recruit auxiliary officers.

- Dad, I...
- How about Carter?

The fullback from your year?

I should get some supplies first
from the old shelter.

When I tell you to do something,
Junior, what do you do?

- Dad, I know...
- Now!

Shouldn't we get your moms?

Why? It's not like any of their phony
L.A. friends are gonna make the trip.

Yeah, but you never made it
to where you were headed.

Someone out there's
probably worried.

Ugh. Who cares?
I'm just excited to meet your folks.

I can't wait to tell them
you're shacking up

with an underage girl
and two lesbians.


I could use your help.

We need to keep people
a safe distance from this thing.

We don't want people's cameras
or cell phones

blowing up like Duke's pacemaker.

String this up. Till we find out
what the hell this Dome is,

I don't want anyone on our side
touching it, no matter what.

Got it.


Hi, Mom.

- Hey.
- I love you.

- There he is.
- Hi. Alice.

I miss you so much.

Miss you.

- How are the kids?
- They're fine.

Get away from the Dome.

You two, back up.
Out of the way. Keep going.

Captain, keep those people back.

Is it true?
They're letting us see our families?

- Yeah.
- Really?

Hey, did Dodee pick up
any chatter about this?

No. I've been listening
to her E.T. phone-home thing,

but the military broadcast
dropped out last night,

so all we've been getting
are random numbers and crap.

Zone 1 is painted. Green for 1315.

Zone 1 is painted. Green for 1315.

- What does that mean?
- Who cares?

Getting visitors is the first good news
we've had since ever.

... where a global audience
awaits any hint of what's happened...

Do you think he'll show up today?

- Julia, I...
- Phil, it's all right.

Barbie told me
what you guys were into.

I know my husband left me
because he has a gambling problem.

But that was before all this.

He's gotta show his face today,
doesn't he?

- This is Jeff Glor.
- Yeah, I...

It's been five days since the invisible
barrier arrived over Chester's Mill.

That doesn't sound like
another Army guy.

...the military evacuated
surrounding towns

and established a ten-mile perimeter

around what's being called
"the Dome,"

the world has been waiting
for news from inside.

Last night, the government relented,
allowing select members of the press

to document
these emotional reunions.

Ladies and gentlemen,
as you approach the Dome,

make sure that if you have a tablet
in your hand

that you do not touch the Dome.

I repeat, do not touch the Dome.

Look, we're famous.

They wanna make
a reality show out of us.

I know.

- Who are you looking for?
- I'm looking for Angie.

You said your sister's a flake.

Yeah, she is,
but she'd definitely come to this.

What the hell?


No. My mom said
I came from an anonymous donor.

That's your mom.



Over and over, the Lord has spoken
one word in my ear, Moab.

Why? Because we are Moab.

- Moab!
- Okay, thank you, Reverend.

Thank you for those inspiring words.

Enjoy your loved ones.

So help me, God. If you ruin this day
for these people, I'm gonna...

What, beat me to a pulp?
In front of the congregation?

I'm not scared of you anymore,
Jim Rennie.

All I fear is the wrath of my Lord.

And the only way
we're gonna be spared his fury

is if we confess our sins.

- Sins?
- Yeah.

We saved Chester's Mill.

We helped drug dealers
make their poison.

We never let them sell it here.

It's not my fault
you dipped into their supply.

All you ever think about
is fattening your own coffers.

- Damn it, Lester, you listen...
- No, you listen to me.

You may have fooled
some of these people

into thinking
you're some kind of leader,

but nobody's gonna follow you
anywhere, ever,

when they hear
just exactly who you are.

What do you want, Reverend?

For you to admit your sins
before God

and every man and woman
in Chester's Mill.

You have one day.

One day to come clean,

or I do it for you.

It is the final hour of the
government's first Visitors' Day.

Families under...

Hey. That's my sister.

- Linda.
- Hey.

Any sign of your husband?

Not yet. What about you?
Did you find your fiancé?


Everything all right?

I just couldn't bring myself
to tell him.

About what?

His brother.

Linda, Freddy's death
was an accident.

He got shot on my watch.

It's my responsibility to tell Rusty.

I just... I just don't know how.

Yeah, you do.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Norrie? Norrie.

Where the hell have you been?


So it's true, this guy's my dad?

Norrie, it's complicated.

No, you told me
the records were sealed.

That we couldn't even look for him.

And all these years,
you've been lying to me.

How dare you?

You have never been anything
to this girl.

But the second
that cameras show up

you decide you suddenly
have a daughter?

- Alice, take it easy.
- I hate you.

I hate you all so much.

- Norrie.
- Alice.


Have you seen him?


I know that nothing that I'm gonna say
is gonna make up for the fact

that I should have told you
the truth sooner.

You're right. But I don't blame you
for my husband's bad decisions.

And if you really wanna
make it up to me,

just keep an eye out for him.

Excuse me. Sorry.


That's what they're saying.
I don't know.

Thank you.

Hey, what's the matter?

That was my sister-in-law.

What did she say?

She showed me a letter
that she got from my husband.

It said, "I know this is confusing,
but all I can say is sorry.

Tell Julia she deserves better."

Guy didn't even have the balls
to send his own Dear John letter.

I love you.

This thing brought you back to me.

Oh, my God.

I can't believe it.

Thank you so much for coming.

- It means the world to me.
- Ma'am.

They don't want anyone
touching this thing.

That's my son. I haven't spoken to him
in almost 10 years,

- but here he is.
- I'm sure. Yeah.

- This thing brought him back to me.
- I understand, but we've...


- Leave her be.
- You gotta be kidding me.

Somebody made you a cop?

We'll take it from here.

I have to tell you something.

It's about your brother.


I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

- Norrie, wait.
- I don't wanna talk about it.

- What did your dad say?
- He's not my dad.

He's just some creep
who wants to be on TV.

Look, I'm sorry.

I just always imagined that maybe
I'd get to meet a part of my past

and never really pictured it
going quite like that.

Yo, McAlister.

Ben. Were you at Visitors' Day?

Yeah, but pretty much everyone
I actually like is stuck in here with us

- so I just talked to random strangers.
- About what?

Did you hear China threatened to
attack us after the Dome showed up?


Yeah, this guy said
Beijing thought we were testing

some kind of illegal super weapon,

so the president
had to talk them off the ledge,

tell them we didn't even build it.

Great. Sounds like the grown-ups
have it all under control.

Excuse me, ma'am?

Excuse me. Can you read lips
as well as you do sign language?

Maybe. What's in it for me?


- You know this guy?
- No.

My old unit's kind of famous.

Do me a favor.
Just tell me what this guy's saying.

"It's an honor to meet
one of the Jackrabbits, sir.

How are things in there?"

Forget about us.

What's happening out there?

She can read lips. You're good to go.

"Something big is going down.

They told us to pull out after this.
All of us."

- What?
- No clue.

But they said once we leave...

"But they said once we leave
don't plan on coming back."

Sorry, sir. We're on the move.

No. Wait, wait, wait.

"Last night.
After the butterflies showed up."


Yeah, there was a whole swarm
of them. It covered part of the Dome.


- What?
- A lot of insects use magnetic fields

to navigate.
If the Dome is altering them, then...

There is no way in hell
the government would stand for that.

They're not about to let this thing mess
with the outside world.

Well, what does that mean?

- Moab.
- Come again?

What your reverend
was ranting about.

His hearing aid must have intercepted
a transmission

like the ones you're picking up
at the radio station.

But why would the Army
be telling Bible stories?

Moab is not a city, it's an acronym,
MOAB, Mother of All Bombs.

That's what we call the largest
non-nuclear missile in our arsenal.

You think they're gonna
launch that thing at the Dome?

- Would it work?
- Yeah.

Then why don't you look happy?

Because it'll also kill
everybody inside.


Dodee, Visitors' Day was not about
saying hello to your families.

It was about saying goodbye.

How'd it go with Rusty?

As well as it could, I guess.
He left without even saying goodbye.

Still, I'm glad I told him.
So thank you.

Councilman Rennie.

We're dead. It's coming down.

Whoa, slow down, Dodee.

What are you talking about?
What's coming down?

The Army is gonna
blow up the Dome,

even if that means
blowing us up with it.

That can't be true.

I just got the word
from a soldier on the other side.

They're gonna launch
a thermobaric missile right at us.

- Good Lord. Any idea when?
- I guess as soon as they evacuate

everyone from the outside the Dome,
but, no, I don't have a timetable.

I think I do.

At the radio station this morning,
Phil and I heard something,

"Zone 1 is painted green for 1315."

Yeah, "painted" means
that a target's been approved.

Zone 1 was written on all the trucks,
so it's gotta be Chester's Mill.

- And 1315?
- Military time.

That's 1:15 this afternoon.

- That's less than three hours.
- So that's it, we're all just gonna die?

No. No.
We get everybody to a shelter.

- Where?
- The old cement factory.

Some of those tunnels run
pretty deep.

So what, we relocate the entire town?
What about the sick, the elderly?

I'll dispatch a fleet from the lot
to help with transport.

- Let's do it the best we can.
- All right. Hurry.

I'm so sorry, sweetie.
I still haven't seen Angie.

Maybe she's volunteering
at the clinic.

We just checked there.

They haven't seen Angie
since the first Dome day.

This is Julia Shumway

with an emergency broadcast.

I know this news might be difficult
for many of you to accept,

but I give you my word
that it is the truth.

At 1:15 p.m. today,

the military plans to launch
a powerful missile at our town

in the hopes
of destroying the Dome.

- Did she say missile?
- Listen.

...It is imperative
that we take shelter.

For your safety, all residents
of Chester's Mill must go

to Sanders Cement Works

Please do everything you can
to help spread the word.

This is not a drill.

Mr. Rennie.

I can't apologize enough
for what Junior did to you.

He was a good boy.

I don't know where I lost him.


you can go now.

Why are you doing this?

Well, if we're all gonna die today,

you might as well die a free woman.

We're working on the lights,
sweetheart, okay?

So it won't be dark
for too much longer.

And we'll get you a cot
as soon as we can, okay? Hey.

You almost finished
battening down the hatches?


For what it's worth.

Julia, when that missile
breaks through here...

I know.

Hey, Dodee told me
how you got the story.

Said the soldier started talking when
you showed him some sort of a coin?

I'm not asking on the record.

Just you and me.

That guy that we met, he probably only
talked to us because he thinks that I'm

some kind of hero.

You're not?

One of my deployments in Iraq,

my unit helped rescue
a captured soldier from insurgents

after her company
had been killed by small-arms fire.


The insurgents captured that soldier.

They didn't kill her company.

We did.

We were on patrol, and all of a sudden
someone starts shooting at us,

and it's not until the dust clears
that we realize

we'd just shot up our own side.

Killed every soldier except the one
that the enemy hauled off.

Maybe this is how I deserve to go.

More friendly fire.



What are you doing here?

You first.

I heard about the missile.

I figured maybe we could go
take cover in the old bomb shelter.

I know, Junior.

- What are you talking about?
- About Angie.

I let her go.

You did what?

What the hell were you thinking?
I mean...

Junior. That doesn't matter anymore,
Junior. It didn't matter...

Junior, we just need
to get down to that factory.

The town needs us, Junior.

Junior! Junior!

Phil, it is way past go time.
Hurry it up.

Hold on. I'm setting up a playlist
to broadcast right after we leave.

I just have to play one last song
before this thing hits.

This is probably the very last thing
anyone's ever gonna hear, okay?

But I thought we were gonna be safe
in those tunnels.

From weapons of mass destruction?

So you think
this is gonna be the end?

Thirteen minutes, we find out.


Joe? Joe?


Where the hell is everybody?


I knew you'd come here.

We're not finished yet.

Just find a place somewhere
over there, okay?

Hey, how's everything out there?

Under control.
I think I got the last of the holdouts.

Where's Junior?

Just tying up a few loose ends.

Make sure your new guys
keep the peace in here.

- Where you going?
- Tying up a few loose ends.



Keeps the folks mellow.

Got something for you.

What are you doing?

It's your watch.

It's my grandfather's watch.

Yeah, I figured it probably had
some sentimental value.

I bet on the Browns, Barbie.

That's losing fair and square.

Well, maybe I'm getting out of
that line of work.

Good luck, Phil.

I got you this
in the fourth grade, remember?

When my parents took me
to New York?

Junior, what's happening?

This is
a prerecorded emergency broadcast.

At 1:15 p.m. today,

the military plans to launch
a powerful missile at our town,

in the hopes
of destroying the Dome.

What does that mean?

We're all gonna die.

- Junior, you don't...
- Yes, I do. From the very beginning.

I'm so sorry, Ange.

All I wanted to do
was to help you to get better.

I'm sorry.

Last call?

An editor gave me this bottle
after my first byline.

Been looking for a good excuse
to drink it ever since.

- Was it worth the wait?
- It's horrible.

My bosses always hated me.

You know, I still miss Chicago,

but Peter always said
I'd grow to love this place.

Where do you think he is now?
Some flophouse in Vegas?

Oh, Julia.

Well, I made my peace with it.

Besides, maybe he was right.

You know, I didn't understand this
place before the Dome came down.

But now,
after everything we've been through,

I'm glad I got to be a part of it.

Julia, there's something
that you need to hear.

- You don't have to say anything.
- You don't understand...

- Please. We need help.
- Has anyone seen our daughter?

Our daughter, Norrie.
She's tall, she's got red hair.

- Has anyone seen her?
- Alice?

- Yes.
- I saw your daughter at Visitors' Day.

So did we, but then she took off.

And we haven't seen her,
or her friend Joe, since.

I'm going back out there.

No way. Dome's about to come
crashing down on all our heads.

Our girl is still out there.

Sorry, you're not gonna
be able to leave.

No, you do not understand...

- Where you going?
- When I followed Junior down here

a few days ago, we found another
way out. We gotta find those kids.

- Angie?
- Angie?


- Angie?
- Ange?

- You should go back to the shelter.
- No, I wanna stay with you.

You should be with your moms.
They're your family.

But you're my friend.

All right. Come on.

You played this?

Skeeter Davis. She is a legend.

- Can I say something, Phil?
- Anything in the whole world.

I hate you.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hm.

I hate you too.

We're too late.

What are we gonna do?

All right, everybody,
stay put and remain calm.

I'm gonna get some answers.

- How...?
- When we touched,

we didn't have the seizures.

More importantly, we didn't die.

Linda? Linda, come in.

What's the word, Jim?

I'm not sure yet,
but everyone's okay.

He saved us.

What the hell are you doing here?

Hell's got nothing to do with it.

God told me to come out here.

To see the moment of our salvation
for myself.

- Lester...
- The good Lord saved Chester's Mill

because I repented.

And now it's time for you
to do the same.

Jim, I know you think
this town belongs to you,

and maybe it used to,

but today...

Today's a new day.

This Dome has only one master,

and we are all his servants.

You know, you're right, Reverend.

Today is a new day.