Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 1, Episode 4 - Outbreak - full transcript

The military units outside the dome are packing up, much to the consternation of many of the townsfolk. There is a much greater problem however when Linda falls sick, the first of many as an outbreak of meningitis spreads across the town. Julia continues to have her doubts about Barbie and visits a site he had marked on his map. She finds her husband Peter's car at DJ Phil's trailer but he says her husband sold it to him. DJ tells her about the cabin and when Junior tells her about meeting Barbie at a cabin, she's desperate to get there but having fallen ill, has to get out of the hospital. Angie, still a prisoner in the bomb shelter, faces rising water after a pipe bursts. Norrie and Joe realize they have a seizure when they touch.

NARRATOR: Chester's Mill is a place
like any other. At least, it used to be.

Until we were cut off from the rest of
the world by a mysterious dome.

Invisible, indestructible,

We're trapped.

NARRATOR: We don't know where
it came from or why it's here,

but now that we're all trapped
under the dome together,

none of our secrets are safe.


Thanks for letting me crash here.

My husband isn't here,
but he'll turn up.

- You'll see, Barbie.
PETER: Shut up!


That thing is never gonna go away.

Oh, no. No.



- Morning.
- Morning.

Feeling okay?

Yeah, it's just a headache.

I get them sometimes
when I'm stressed.

Yeah, you took the last one.

Dee's Pharmacy is closed.

- Maybe the gas station has aspirin.
- You know this town pretty well

for someone
who's just passing through.

Dee's is not really a hard name
to remember.

Think I'll go over to the radio station.

All right, well,
I'll catch a ride with you.

MAN [ON PA]: All right, everybody,
orders are in.

Pack it up, we're out of here.

Hey, you can't leave!


Back away, Ollie. Back away.

This thing could really hurt you.

Why is the military leaving?

We're American citizens.
The military is supposed to protect us.

LlNDA: Everybody, listen.
I understand that you're angry,

but I'm gonna ask you to disperse.



You weep for mercy

when you've lived lives
of wickedness and pride.

God does not hear you.

He is the master
and you will bend to his will.

- Go home. This is not helping.
LESTER: There they cry,

but none giveth answer,
because of the pride of evil men.

This dome is his wish
for a new Eden.

- What the hell's going on?
- Military's leaving.

It's been three days and no answers.
Folks are getting scared.

You think pulling a gun
is gonna reassure them?

All right, all right, I don't blame you
for wanting answers.

We all wanna know when this thing
is coming down, but this is not helping.

Government's left us here to rot.

You're a councilman, Rennie.
Why should we trust you?

Because they're out there, Ollie,
and I'm in here.

Now, please, listen to the sheriff.

Soon as we know what's going on out
there, so will you. Now go on home.

Come on.

- You almost lost them.
- I had it under control.

What are you gonna do,
open fire on the crowd?

Linda? Excuse me.

- Is she all right?
- You okay?

- Let's get out of here.
- Let's get her to a car.


Brought you
some comfortable clothes.

And a surprise.


You wore this
the first time we danced.

Junior prom.

You were so beautiful.

You want me to look beautiful?

I don't mind.

You're starting to act like the old Angie
I knew before the dome came down.

Turn around.

I think you're getting better.

With trust and a little patience,
I'll get her back.

- Right, Ange? Ange?
- Argh!

- I'm sorry.
- No, you're not.

No, I'm sorry.

I should have known.

You're not better.
You're just pretending.

Junior, please, let me out.

I won't tell anyone.
I will forget everything.

I will forget about everything.

Just let me out.

You can leave
whenever you're ready.

But not before.

Can I help you?

I'm Julia Shumway.
I'm the editor of the weekly-

Yeah, I recognize your voice.

You're the lady that's been doing
the news on the radio.

- That why you're looking for Phil?
- Phil?

Phil Bushey, the DJ
you work with at the station.

That's his car. He's gotta be home.

That's my husband's car. Phil!

- What is all the racket?
- What are you doing with Peter's car?

He sold it to me.


- I feel like crap.
- Phil.

I need some help!

One seizure happens,
maybe it's no big deal.

Two seizures in three days
buys you both a full workup.

- Mom, I feel fine.
- Yeah, me too.

I know, but we have to be sure.

Excuse me, I'm a physician.

We may be dealing
with something infectious

that's causing seizures
in both of them.

I want you to do a blood count,
an EEG,

and if they're negative,
get them MRls.

We can do the blood and the EEG
here, but the closest MRl

is at the big hospital in Westlake,
five miles outside of the dome.

I don't suppose
you have a neurologist.

We're fresh out of doctors.

Look, one of them's
on vacation in Vail.

The other drove his Porsche
into the dome.

- Dr. Shumway is MlA.
- Then I'll do the tests.

- What kind of doctor are you?
- She's a psychiatrist.

- She did her internship in medicine.
- Come with me.

Your moms are pretty hardcore.

You have no idea.

All right, I'll be right there, okay?

Hey, Junior, you haven't seen
my sister, have you?

I haven't seen her
since the dome came down.


- Saw her a couple nights ago.
- Where?

I don't know, around.

Anything else, little man?

I guess not.

NURSE: What's going on with her?
JlM: She collapsed

- and now she's burning up.
JUNlOR: Dad?

what happened to your hand?

Oh, chopping wood.

Ax slipped.

- Feeling okay?
- What happened with Linda?

I don't know.

We need some help.

More people are coming in
with fever and headache.

JlM: What are we dealing with here?
- I don't know, it could be the flu.

We need more cots up
in the basement.

BARBlE: I'll get it.
- Junior, help Barbie.

- He passed out.
ADAMS: Put him in Bay 3.

- What happened to Linda?
JlM: She passed out too,

probably from the same thing
that happened to Phil.

- What's going on?
- Wish I could tell you, Mrs. Shumway.

The town's out of doctors.
Sure could use your husband.


Help! Help! Help!


- Sweetheart, keep still.

Oh, you suck at this.
No wonder you became a shrink.

There, done.

- Will you run this to the lab?
- Sure.

So how's this thing work?

It measures the electronic activity
in your brain.

Is everything normal?

Nope, you're a mutant like Wolverine.

You know X-Men?

NORRlE: I know a lot of stuff.
JOE: Heh, heh.

Norrie, not now.

Your brain's as normal
as any EEG I've ever seen.

Then why'd we have the seizures?

Alice, Nurse Adams said
you'd be here.

We need your help right away.


I know this may sound crazy,

but we're lucky you got trapped
here in Chester's Mill.

Excuse me.

- What's going on?
- You tell me.

We need your help.

I'll need a mask and gloves

- before I examine anyone.
- We're out of both.

- What about antibiotics?
- We have that for now.


- Why are you here?
BARBlE: Linda got sick.

Jim and I brought her in.
Why? What are you doing here?

I just brought in a friend of yours,
Phil Bushey.

Go on up ahead.
I'll catch up with you.

If you've never been to Chester's Mill
before, how do you know Phil?

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

You went through my stuff?

You lied about having a fight
with Junior Rennie.

So, yeah, I thought I would check up
on maybe what else you lied about.

You owe me an explanation.

- Barbie, just tell me the truth.
ALlCE: Whoa, whoa.

I'm okay. I just have a headache.

Let's get her to the treatment area.

Set those cots up down there.
We are getting slammed.

Ms. Moore?

Linda Esquivel.

You were my third-grade teacher.

Of course. I remember you, Linda.

You were an amazing teacher.

Oh, you were a terrible student.


Do you think it's the dome?

Is that what's making us sick?

I don't know, Ms. Moore.

I don't know.

Dad, what the hell is going on
around here?

Some kind of outbreak.

Doctor, what exactly
is going on here?

I think it could be meningitis.

My cousin had that. It's bad.

One minute he was fine,
the next he was dying.

We can't be sure, because the clinic
doesn't have any spinal tap kits.

But the symptoms:
high fever, neck pain, photophobia.

I'd be surprised
if it was anything else.

I think we may have an epidemic
on our hands.

An epidemic? How contagious is it?

Very. If anyone who's sick coughs,
it spreads.

This damn dome.
It's like an incubator.

Your son probably got vaccinated
when he went to college.

So did my family, so we're okay.

Yeah, I got mine in the military.

Well, what about those who didn't?

Well, if there's no symptoms,

swallow an antibiotic
and you're protected.

But for these people who are sick,

they need antibiotics,
and they need them fast.

So then how much time
are we talking about?

Oh, 11, maybe 12 hours,
but that's not our only problem.

I checked. We don't have enough
antibiotics to treat all these people.

- Dee's Pharmacy.
- Listen, doctor.

Give me a list of what you need.

Let me be absolutely clear.

If these people leave
and it spreads...

Well, we're gonna make sure
it doesn't.

JUNlOR: Got that list from that doctor.
- Thanks. Go inside.

Guard the door.
Make sure no one gets out.

- Like a quarantine?
- Call it what you like.

Nobody leaves.

I'm counting on you, Junior.

The clinic is now closed.

No one leaves, you understand?

No one.


Junior! Junior!


- Phil.
- What?

Phil, I need to know
how you ended up with Peter's car.

Peter, I'm sorry, man,
I can't make it to the cabin tonight.

Cabin? What cabin?

- What are you doing out of bed?
- I think that he knows where Peter is.

Where my husband is.
I need to talk to him.

Well, okay, give him a few hours
for his antibiotics to kick in.

And you should go back to bed until
Big Jim comes back with your dose.

PHlL: Dodee, don't go.
- He's hallucinating.

One of the later symptoms
of meningitis.

It's a good thing that
you brought him in when you did.

Go back to bed.

What the hell?

Damn it.

Whoever did this took everything.

How many are we up to?

At least 30 with advanced symptoms.
Another two dozen with early signs.

- Any news from Big Jim?
- Not yet.

You don't look well.
Are you sure you haven't caught-?

We got vaccinated, remember,
when we took that safari to Africa?

I took my insulin without eating.

How much do you have left?

Can we please talk about this later?

How much?

- Definitely a few days' worth.
- Okay.

I'm gonna get you something to eat
and you're gonna eat it.

Dr. Calvert.


Linda's temp's 104
and Ms. Moore's BP is falling.

- How much antibiotic do we have left?
- One dose.

Give Linda the medicine.

I'll wait till the next round.

There's no way I'm gonna take it.

Go ahead, give Linda the dose.


Medical, this is Rescue 1.

- You need to let me out.
- Sorry.

Orders from my dad.

Nobody leaves until
we get this thing under control.


James, you don't understand.

I think that my husband
might be in trouble.


What... Unh.

All I know is that Phil said
that he was meeting Peter in a cabin.

Like the one I found Barbie at?

What are you talking about?

A few days ago,
I followed Barbie to this cabin.

End of Sparrow's Lane.

- You need to let me out.
- I wish I could,

but I can't.


BARBlE: At least whoever took all
that medicine couldn't have gotten far.

JlM: Because of the dome?
- Yeah.

And with a haul that size,
no way they're getting away on foot.

So we're looking for a truck or a van.

Or a hearse.

What, your reverend?

What the hell would he
be doing with drugs?

Nothing good.

His wrath burns like fire.

What the hell are you doing?

Honoring his plan.

When I heard folks got sick,
I broke into Dee's Pharmacy.

What are you, insane?
People will die without that medicine.

Those people are supposed to die.
It's God's plan.

Trust me.

He's the only one who decides
who lives and dies under his dome.

- There's nothing you can do about it.
- Unload the car.


What's happening?

They gave you antibiotics.

You should be on the mend soon.

And how are you feeling?

I've been better.

If you told me yesterday
that the idea of Junior Rennie

brandishing a shotgun
would be reassuring, ha, ha,

I'd have laughed my head off.

Actually, I might have said that
about you a few years ago.

Wasn't exactly the teacher's pet,
was I?

With that mouth of yours?

- Lord, no.
- Heh, heh, heh.

But now look at you.

The town sheriff.

I've had a lot of help, though.

Especially from Duke Perkins.

May he rest in peace.

But don't sell yourself short.

Ms. Moore?


Ms. Moore? Help!

We need help in here!

ALlCE: She's coding.
Starting chest compressions.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight,

nine, ten, 11, 12,

- I was just talking to her.
- 13, 14, 15, 16. Come on.

OLLlE: Out of the way, Junior.
MAN 1: You've no right to keep us here.

MAN 2: Right.
MAN 3: Yeah.

Can't stop all of us with that gun.

- Step back.
MEN: Whoa.

MAN 1: Hey, guys.
MAN 2: Hey, hey, hey.

Let's go.



Mr. Densmore, you remember
when my mother died?

And your wife,
she made that amazing corn bread.

From your own field, she said.

Even gave me the skillet.

I remember.

Now I'm in here,

with you, with this,

not to point a gun at you,

but because I live here
and I'm one of you.

We have got to fight
through this thing together

and trust that we're all in here
for a reason.

I believe in this town.
I believe in my dad.

And I believe in you.

Oh, Peter.



This is all I could scrounge up.

- It's a zoo out there.
- Thanks.

What are we gonna do
when we run out of, like,

peanut butter and jelly and bread?
What are we gonna eat?

We'll get out before then.

All right, so I was thinking...

Our seizures?

The last time one happened
was after we touched.

- Yeah, could've been a coincidence.
- Both of us?

At the same exact time?

What if we triggered it?

Okay, how would that happen?

I don't know, but we should test it.

Like, touch again?


Unless, you know, you're scared.

No, I'm not scared.

We should film it.

- Here, get on the floor.
- All right.

But if you pee your pants,
just know there will be video evidence.

Same goes for you.

- You ready?
- Let's do it.

Okay, I feel stupid.



Got the antibiotics.

MAN 1: Bring it straight on in
to the charge nurse.

- Any problems in there?
- Not at all.

MAN 2:
We got it. Right behind you.




So where's Julia?

Not a clue, man.

I barely know where I am.

What did you tell her?

- What did she ask you?
- It's blurry,

but I think it was about her husband.

Relax, it's not like he's gonna say
anything about you. He's gone.

What do you mean, he's gone?

Gone like gone.

Like, "Adios, Peter Shumway. "

About a month ago, he came to me
asking if I knew any hit men.

- He asked you about hit men?
- I know, right?

And I told him that crap
was only in the movies.

He was in a bad way.

He sold me his car for a steal.

I told him if things were that bad,
he should take the cash

and buy the first bus ticket out of here
and start over.

Sorry, man.

I don't know
how much he owed you.

You ain't getting that cash back.

And how much of this
did you tell her?

It's tough to say.
I was pretty out of it.



Hey there, Red.

Why didn't you tell me?

I'll tell you soon.

Norrie? Wake up.

You feel anything?

I don't remember.

JOE: Well, let's check out the video.
I'll rewind it.

Okay, here we go.

Okay, I feel stupid.


Pink stars are falling.

NORRIE: Pink stars are falling.
- Pink stars are falling in lines.

Pink stars?

I don't get it.


NORRIE: Pink stars are falling in lines.
- Do you remember doing that?

No. No way.

- What does this mean?
- I don't know.

Maybe we're not supposed
to tell anyone.

JOE: Norrie?
- Why not?

Norrie? Wake up.

Because the dome
doesn't want us to.

What happened?

You feel anything?

- Hey, have you seen Julia?
JUNlOR: Why?

Did she wise up and ditch you?

She needs antibiotics.
When's the last time you saw her?

Couple hours ago.
She kept asking about a cabin.

What did you tell her?

I just mentioned the place I saw you
a couple days ago.

Give me keys to your truck.

- No.
- Hey.

Now, she left on your watch.

She's sick and she will die out there,
so give me the keys to your truck.



JlM: All right, you were a brave
little girl back there.

Okay, get home and get better.
She's good.

WOMAN: Thanks.
JlM: Well, well, well.

Look who came back from the dead.

I heard you saved the day.

Well, that's what I do.

Well, your son takes after you too.

Oh, yeah?

He stopped what could have
been a full-blown riot.

People were freaking out
and he talked them down.

Chip off the old block.

You ever consider a career
in law enforcement?

Was that you?

Was that me what?

Was that you who saved my life?

I learned about Peter in that cabin.

We're broke.
He emptied our accounts.

And the house is in foreclosure.

So, what were you all into?



When I got out of the military,
I did, um...

I had a bunch of odd jobs.

I was a line cook.


And then, um...

Then I linked up with a bookie

out of Westlake.

Taking bets?

Making sure that people paid
what they owed.

You're an enforcer.

Guys like Phil owed
and they paid up.

And most of the time, it's like that.

Peter never gambled.

I've got the cash, but my wife's home.

Meet me at the other spot.

It's his voice mail from five days ago.

So where is he now?


I have to know.

He must have taken off.

You know, that happens sometimes.
Some guys, they get in so deep and...

You know, they skip town.

I'm sorry.

You're sorry?

I let you stay in my house.

I trusted you.

Your "sorry" means nothing to me.

When I get back home,
you better be gone.

So is the outbreak over?

Well, everyone who's sick
has been treated,

and anyone exposed to meningitis
got antibiotics.

So, yes, it's over.

How do you guys feel?
Any more seizures?

No, we're fine.

What have you two been doing all day?

Oh, you know,
just making out and stuff.

Right, it's the "stuff"
that usually worries us.

I am beat.
Can we go home, please?

Home? It's a room above a diner.

You have any better ideas, kiddo?

Well, I do.

I mean, both my parents
are outside the dome,

and there's more than enough
room at my house.

It's just me,
so you guys could stay there.

Please, don't say no. Please?

Thanks, Joe, that would be great.

CAROLYN: I'll grab our stuff
and meet you in the car.

Babe, what are you doing?

Are you stealing insulin?

You yourself said
you only had a week's supply left.

Alice, look what happened today.

We almost ran out of antibiotics
for everyone.

What happens when we run out?

Okay, what's going on?
You're not acting like yourself.

I'm scared.

What if the dome lasts forever?

It won't.

We will get out of here.


I promise.

JUNlOR: Sure you'll be okay?
- Yeah.

- Thanks for the ride.
- Yeah.

- It's not your fault, you know.
- What isn't?

Mrs. Moore.

She died saving my life.

She knew how important you are
to this town.

To all of us.

I'm not the only one.

What you did today
saved a lot of lives.

The way you did it.

Duke always said the greatest weapon
we have as police is a good heart.

Mrs. Moore was right.

About what?

We have come a long way.


If you came here to apologize,
don't bother.

I have nothing to apologize for.

I came to give you this.

My share of the profits.

Keep all the propane.

I'm gonna wash my hands
of our dirty little business.


Little late for that, Lester.

Never too late to repent.

You think you've saved this town,
but you've damned them.

You defied God's will.

And for that, you'll pay.

Lucky I didn't haul your ass into jail
for what you did today.

Luck has nothing to do with it.

You can't hurt me
without hurting yourself.

God bless.