Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 1, Episode 3 - Manhunt - full transcript

Deputy Paul Randolph escapes from custody and Linda Esquivel sets out to find him. In the meantime, Big Jim Rennie puts together a posse together and recruits Barbie to help out. Angie suggests to Junior that they try getting under the dome through the old cement factory tunnels. Most of those tunnels were closed off but Junior sets off to see what he can find. Julia follows him. Julia continues to wonder what the odds are of Barbie just being in town when the dome appears. Carolyn is worried about her daughter Norrie who was away all night. Norrie spent the night at Joe's house but when Caroline finds her both Joe and Norrie have a seizure. Junior begins spreading rumors that Barbie is a psychopath who attacked him for no reason.

NARRATOR: Chester's Mill is a place
like any other.

At least, it used to be,

until we were cut off
from the rest of the world

by a mysterious dome.

Invisible, indestructible,

We're trapped.

We don't know where it came from
or why it's here,

but now that we're all trapped
under the dome together,

none of our secrets are safe.


Thanks for letting me crash here.

My husband isn't here,
but he'll turn up.

- You'll see, Barbie.
PETER: Shut up!

That thing is never gonna go away.

Oh, no. No.

The pink stars are falling in lines.

Do it.

- Ride that dome.
GlRL: Nice.

BOY 2: Whoa, Benny.
Dome ride was sick, bro.

- Yeah.
PAUL [ON VlDEO]: It won't be okay.

This thing is never gonna go away,

and we're all gonna die.


Dude, you're watching that video

I still can't believe it.

DAN: You weren't kidding about that
Barbie. He took that cop's ass down.

I wonder if Barbie's, like, Black Ops.

- Oh, my God, your phone still works?
- So jealous.

Yeah, the camera and the apps.
Just no texting or calls.

I miss texting.

- It's been, like, a day and a half.
- Whatever. Don't be judge-y.

Dude. Show them.

- is never gonna go away,

- and we're all gonna die.
LlNDA: Paul, don't.

GlRL 2: The bullet just bounced
off the dome.

- Did Paul mean to shoot Freddy?
- I don't know.

He was acting pretty crazy.

- I wonder what they'll do with him.
- Cop killer's as bad as it gets.

Especially a cop
that kills another cop.

You in a hurry or something?

I wanna get to the police station
before they walk Randolph in.

What, you don't like my driving?

Not that at all. Just...

Nothing wrong
with using a little caution.

I don't do caution.

Heh. I noticed.

You're a real run-towards-the-fire
kind of girl, aren't you?

I'm a journalist.

I've gotta find out all I can
about this dome.

So me, you and everyone in this town
can get out as soon as possible.

I got a husband out there
I'd kind of like to see again.

MAN 1: There he is.
MAN 2: There he is.

- Deputy Esquivel.
WOMAN: Is that him?

That was a pretty daring thing
you did,

pulling Reverend Coggins
out of the fire.

Just doing my job.

So what,
with the entire Fire Department

and half the police force
stuck outside the dome

- and now two officers dead-
- What's your question?

Can you handle this alone
until we find a way to get out?

We'll be fine, Mrs. Shumway.

As long as we all look out
for each other.

- Murderer!
WOMAN 2: Killer!

MAN 3: Yeah!
MAN 4: Let's get him!

Any more of that,
and I'll haul your ass in.

Hey, it was the dome
that did it to Freddy.

And it's gonna kill more
before it's done.

Take him inside. I can control this.

Oh, so you're in charge now?


I'm asking you all
to let the law do its job.

The law did its job already.
Killed an innocent man.

No, no, no.
That was a tragic accident.

As the town's only remaining

I will not countenance
any kind of frontier justice.

Now, you go home, clasp hands

and pray for Freddy Denton's
poor soul.

Go on.

DAN: Too bad we can't upload
that video to YouTube.

Excuse me. Where can a girl
charge up in this town?

- I have a generator at my-
- Your house?

We saw you at the fire.

How'd you end up here?

I just followed some kids.
Heard them talking about a bonfire.

- No, I meant-?
NORRlE: I knew what you meant.

I was on my way someplace and:

Wrong place at the wrong time,
I guess.

I'm not usually a mooch,
but without my music,

I can get a little,
you know, super bitchy.

Can I refuel at your place?

Sure. There's no one home
except me-


I actually need a place to crash too.

If that's okay, I mean.

Oh, well, I mean,
I saw you with two ladies,

I thought you were with them.

Never seen them before.


...cool to crash?

I'm sorry.

Freddy, he was my partner,
and he was my friend,

but he wouldn't be dead
if it weren't for this dome.

You're gonna have to tell Rusty.

He'll understand.

Like hell he will.
He's Freddy's brother.

What did we do to deserve this?

Are you okay?



I warned you, Linda.

I warned you what would happen.

- This is all a misunderstanding, Paul.
- No, it's not.

It's the dome.

It's making everyone crazy,
and it's gonna kill us all,

if the town doesn't kill me first.




- Where were you yesterday, Junior?
- Nowhere.

Whole town pulls together
to put out a fire.

But you?

Nowhere to be found.

- Dad-
- Shut your mouth.

People are looking to me to lead,

to stand up like a man does.

It reflects poorly
when my son is AWOL.

This situation, it's an opportunity.

All your life,
I've provided you with advantages.

Opening doors,
like with the football team.

I never wanted to play-

Point is you only get
so many chances in life.

Do not squander them.

What happened to your face?

- Nothing.
- No, what...?

Who did this to your face?

This guy.

His name's Barbie, I think.

He's totally insane.

Nine years it's been
since your mother died,

and still it's like you're hiding
behind her skirt.

Best toughen up now, Junior.

Don't you let me down.

PHlL [OVER RADlO]: Your dial's set to
WYBS, literally the only

source of news here in Chester's Mill.
Couple of shout-outs.

First, to everyone
who grabbed a bucket yesterday

and joined the volunteer brigade,
way to stay civic-minded, people.

And big ups
to the lovely Linda Esquivel


for her daring rescue
of Reverend Coggins.

I made you some eggs.

Figured you could use some protein.

I get it.

You're angry,

but it's the dome
that's making you act like this.

Nothing's making me act like this.

It's you locking me down here
for two days.

Everything is gonna go back
to the way it was before.

You'll see, Ange.

Soon as we get out
from under this thing.

Has anyone tried going under it?

People took shovels
and tried digging-

No, I mean, way under it.

Like through the cement-factory

They closed those off

after the flood when those kids died
down there. It's dangerous.

You and I still went down there
all the time.

Walked through the tunnels

till we came across the town line
into Westlake,

hitchhiked back.

Maybe you're right.


things would be different
if you could find a way out.

Maybe we could start over.

I'll be back later.

Rise and shine, Reverend.

What the hell were you thinking?

I told you to find the evidence
and destroy it,

not torch a dead-man's house.

I did what you told me.

Found the bills of sales of propane,
set them on fire.

All the evidence destroyed,
just like you asked.

Listen up, Lester.

Now, the only files left that can
implicate us in this drug business

are right here.

So we have to trust each other
on the security of those.

Scoot on back to the mortuary and
take care of Freddy Denton's corpse.

So, what are the odds
that you just passing through,

happen to be here on the day
that an unprecedented,

possibly supernatural event

God, I swear, you ask more questions
than anybody I've ever met.

Well, you know you're pretty good
at evading them.

And asking questions is my job.

That's just your way of keeping people
from asking you anything.

All right. Your turn.

How does someone
as ambitious as you

end up here in Chester's Mill?

My husband grew up here.

And circumstances shifted

and it just made sense for us,

you know, to come here
and start over.

That's our DJ, Phil.

- You wanna meet him?
- Uh, no.

I mean, you guys gotta do work.
I'm gonna get a bite to eat at the diner.

Linda? Where are you?

Jim. Jim!

Jim, I'm down here! The keys.

Where's Paul Randolph?

He escaped.

Linda? I'd hoped you were ready

for the responsibility
of running this department.

With all respect,
I don't need a lecture.

Take a pause. We have
a disturbed fugitive on the loose.

As councilman,
it is my job to organize a search party.

Then go do it. But I'm not gonna wait
for someone else to get hurt.

Damn it, Paul.

- He took a rifle.
- Where you going?

Black Ridge Woods.
He likes to hunt there.

- Listen to me. It's too risky-
- Jim,

I know you like to control things,
but you do not control me.

Why worry? I bet they got government
scientists tapping on that thing,

trying to figure out
how to talk with us in here.

Maybe they'll figure out
how to get us more bacon.

Bacon's the least of our worries,

Any sign of your daughter?

Not since last night.

Alice is out looking for her.

I can't help but think that
it's just another one of those seizures

and Norrie's laying unconscious
on the side of a road somewhere.

Oh, now, I'm sure she's fine.

Excuse me, sir.

You wouldn't, by any chance,
have seen my daughter?

Your daughter? How's that work?

My partner and I
are a same-sex couple with a child.

Welcome to the 21 st century.

What are you doing here
in Chester's Mill anyway?

We got stuck here
on our way to drop Norrie,

our daughter,
our legitimate daughter,

off to a nearby private school.

Oh, the girl's reformatory, you mean.

Think they can pray the gay
out of her?

Why don't you come with me, honey?
Let's get you a cup of coffee.

Authorities outside
still don't know the composition

or the origin of the dome.

Presumably they'll keep at it
until they get some answers.


I like this symbiotic thing
we got going on, man.

Key to a civilized society
is a well-informed public.

Oh, that and indoor plumbing.

Oh, I forgot about indoor plumbing.

- Fingers crossed that holds out.
- Heh, heh.

JULlA: Where's Junior off to
in such a hurry?

PHlL: I don't know.
It's the councilman's kid, though.

If anyone's got the inside scoop,
it's him.


- Where you headed?
- Just going for a hike.

What's with the helmet?

I don't have to answer your questions.
It's a free country.

Thank you.

- Do you mind?
- Hey, it's your joint.

All mine, it seems.

Had a girl, Angie,
working the lunch counter,

but I haven't seen her
since Dome Day.

So how's it been staying over
at Julia's? Nice and comfy?

Small town, kiddo.

It's only gonna get smaller.

All right, listen up, people.
I got an announcement to make.

Former Deputy Paul Randolph
has escaped police custody.

Just as a precaution,

I'm gonna ask you all to stay in your
homes until this situation is resolved.

I'm also putting together
a search party,

and I'm asking if any able-bodied men
are keen to join up.

- Right here, Big Jim.
- Count me in too.

All right.
Roger, Ollie, thank you much.

Now, listen, boys, he's already
assaulted two other people,

and he's stolen a mass of provisions
from Casper's Department Store.

Now, he's on the run, but there's only
so many places he can hide.

He took a rifle from the police station,
so bring your firearms.

I don't believe
we've been formally introduced.

I'm Jim Rennie.
People around here call me Big Jim.

- Barbie.
- Barbie.

Well, that's kind of a funny name for
a fella with your particular expertise.

I saw you take that gun off Randolph

What are you,
a bounty hunter or something?


Just kidding, of course.

This Paul Randolph's
no fish in a barrel.

He was a marine,
served two tours in Iraq.

- Oh.
- Yeah. Won a Silver Star.


So, Barbie,

you in or out?

This is Phil Bushey with an update

concerning the ongoing manhunt
in town.

Former Deputy Paul Randolph's
squad car

has been spotted off the road
at Black Ridge Woods.

All Chester's Millers
are under an advisory

to stay home
until the situation is resolved.

Looks like he abandoned it.

Oh, fellas,
I got something over here.

Come on. This way.

Hey, hold on.

This guy's got military training, right?

That's a dummy trail, he'd never do
anything that obvious. Look at this.

These branches here,
they're all broken.

Right there.

Our man came right through here.

See, I knew you'd be useful.

Do you always eat standing up?

Animals eat standing up.

Good point, Joe.
These are really good.

They're, like, better than those
Amy's Breakfast Scramble Wraps

- my moms buy at Whole Foods.
- Your moms?

Yeah, my moms, my pops,
you know, like they say.

- Where are your parents?
- Outside.

My dad drives a rig,
so he's gone a lot,

and my mom was in Westlake,
the next town over, when- You know.

What about yours?

I was on my way to visit my dad
and, you know...

He's a musician.

But driving a rig's pretty cool too.

Guess we're both unsupervised,

Hey, Joe-Joe.

These two lovely ladies were hoping
to take advantage

of your sweet, sweet
homemade electricity.

- My family doesn't have a gennie.
GlRL 2: Mine, neither.

And the music they play on WYBS
is, like, totally schizo.

Did you invite anyone else?

I might have mentioned the generator
to a few people.

What about the whole
advisories-to-stay-inside thing?

Dude, it's the apocalypse.
Advisories don't apply.


Please tell me you hit that.

Uncool, bro.
Leave a brother hanging.

Just like Butch and Sundance, huh?

Are we the good guys
or the bad guys?

You're military, aren't you?

The way you disarmed Randolph
and the whole dummy-trail business.

- No, I was just a grunt.
JlM: You were over there, weren't you?

You ever been to war?

No. Never had the privilege.




Next time, I'll aim higher!

I'm warning you, guys,
you better leave me alone.

I don't wanna hurt anyone else.


Ollie, take Roger back to town before
that lunatic takes another pop at us.

You and me,
we're finishing this thing.

What's your objective here? To bring
him in or are we trying to take him out?

Don't see it makes a difference
to a guy like you, does it?

What, to a guy like me?

We're losing the light. Let's move it.

I found a way out.


You shouldn't have followed me.

Why did you come down here?

I was just hoping
you'd find a way out.

Sorry to let you down.

I hate this thing.

I hate you.


Junior, are you okay?

No. These tunnels are dangerous.
They're like a maze.

How can you even find your way
out of the dark?

They're even more dangerous
with this thing cutting into it.

What if it collapses on us?

People die in here.

I did a story once on coal miners,

guys trapped underground.

You see the way the flame flickers?

You know which way the air flows,
you follow it home.

Let's go home.



Dude, you're not gonna believe this.

The guys got The Simpsons Movie
going on a loop.

They totally saw the dome coming.

When can I ask people to leave?

Scarecrow Joe.

Nice house party, bro.

I used to go out with your sister.

Well, stayed in more than we went out,
if you know what I mean. Heh, heh.

Thanks for inviting us in, little man.
We'll just make ourselves at home.

Think about it.
You have a house to yourself.

You could become
the most popular guy in town.

Maybe even get a girlfriend out of it.

She digs you.

I've got an instinct
about these things.

Just don't tell her
about that funky seizure you had.

Don't want her to think you're a spaz.

Total spaz move.

Let's work on that, dude.

JULlA: Can you remember
which way we came?

- I don't have a lot of matches left.
- Who cares?

We're trapped down here,
we're trapped out there.

What's the difference?

I just wanted to do something
good today.

A man stands up.

A man doesn't screw up.

We all screw up.

We make bad choices.

Tell that to my father.

You wanna know how I ended up
in Chester's Mill?

I was covering the mayor's race
in Chicago.

The guy in the lead
was a real machine politician.

I really wanted to take him down.

About a week before the election,
one of my sources sent me

some documents
that showed bribery.

I thought the leaked docs
might be forged,

but I went ahead with the story

And it blew up in my face.

The truth about my little lie surfaced,

the guy got reelected,

and I was fired and disgraced.

And now I'm here.

So I know from screw-ups.

Tell you one thing, though.

I will never make that mistake again.

We just keep moving forward.

Who needs some juice?

Whoa, hold up, freshie.
Five bucks for five minutes.

Should I do something about this?

Yeah, and get your face Picasso'd
by a guy who's got 25 pounds on you?

He doesn't run our electricity.

- Did you ever take American history?
- Uh, yeah.

So you know about
the Sherman Antitrust Act?

I don't know, maybe.

Maybe not. Because if you had, you'd
know that what you're doing is illegal.

Monopolies are illegal.

Monopoly is not illegal.
We have the board game at my house.

Well, then maybe you should go back
to your house.

Play by yourself.

I think I'd rather play with you, Red.

- Why don't we take this upstairs?
- I think you should leave.

Oh, I am leaving, little man.

I'm going up to your sister's room.

I don't think she'd mind,
I been there before.

No, I want you to leave my house.

Move, now, or this gets ugly fast.

GlRL 1: The generator blew.
GlRL 2: Let's get out of here.

This ain't even close to over,


GlRL 2:
Let's go. It's done.

How many matches do we have left?


There's a reason for all this.

The dome,
all those people who died.

This all happened
when that Barbie guy showed up.

Sometimes, when we don't understand
the answer to a thing,

we look for someone to blame.

Oh, I understand.

I understand he attacked me
out of the blue.

See this?

You know how I got that?

Good old Barbie.

People think he's this hero,

but he's a psychopath.

Barbie just attacked you
for no reason?

That's right.

You don't know this guy.

I mean, what's he really doing here?

Has he been here before?
He has to answer some questions.

What do we do now?

Come on. I'll give you a ride home.

BARBlE: I think we ought to call it a day
and get a fresh start tomorrow.

Why, so we can give
Randolph a chance-?

To get away?

Come on, man, we're sealed in here.
Where the hell's he gonna go?

I told you, we're finishing this.

Why's that?

So you can show the town
what a big man Big Jim is?

You ever play football, Barbie?

No. I was never much
of a team-sports kind of guy.


I played cornerback.

A lot of smaller guys play it
because it requires speed and agility.

Back in school,
we had this all-state wideout, a real...

A real showboater, you know?

He called me "Big Jim,"

uh, but as a joke, you know?

Laughing at me.

And one day, we, um,
we had to scrimmage

and he was taunting me, you know?

"Come on, Big Jim," you know?

"You can't touch me, Big Jim,"
you know?

So I put the mother of all hits
on this punk.

I mean, helmet first, went in low,
completely shattered his pelvis.

Well, guess what.

"Big Jim" wasn't a joke no more.

What does that tell you?

I don't know.
Tells me that being on your team

could be hazardous to my health.

Sometimes an example
needs to be made, you know?

Command respect.

An eye for an eye.




I'll kill him
just like he was gonna kill me.

- Nobody wants to kill anybody here.
- He said it himself.

An eye for an eye, right?

Make an example out of me.

Drop your weapon now.

I said, drop your weapon now.



Evening to you, Lester.

I'm sorry to say
we brought you another customer.

I'm not finished
with Deputy Denton yet.

Patching a wound takes time.

Paul Randolph needs your help too.

The Lord never gives us
more than we can handle, Rev.


You clean?

Absolutely, Jim.

Any red you see in my eyes,
that's overwork, nothing else.

Let's keep it that way.

Would you mind waiting at the car?
I need to talk to Linda.

Yeah. Sure.

I'm sorry.

For questioning your dedication,
or if in any way I insinuated

that you weren't capable
of filling Duke's shoes.

He'd be proud of you, you know.

In fact, I bet he's up there right now

eating roast beef and mashed potatoes
with the big guy,

looking down on you and smiling.

We're gonna do big things,
you and I.

First, we gotta get you
some deputies.

There's a new sheriff in town.

And her name is Linda Esquivel.

Uh, so I was wondering
if maybe we could

keep what happened today
between us.

You know, we all have secrets,


You can call me James.

I never did like being called Junior

I'm guessing you're a Scotch guy.

You don't miss much, do you?

Straight up, of course.

Maybe we should do this
another time.

It's a small town, son.

And we all support the team.

What was that about?

Long story.

What kind of trouble
you been getting into?

No trouble.

I went down into the cement works
and tried to find a way out.

Failed, huh?


The dome cuts straight through.

Well, of course, it does.

You didn't think it'd be that easy,
did you?

What were you doing
with that Barbie guy?

- Well, that's none of your business.
- I'll make it my business.

Not unless I tell you to.

Don't you worry your head
over Barbie.

Let the grown-ups do their job.

Drink your milk now, Junior.

- What are you doing?
- I don't know. Maybe I can fix it.


That thing blew up
like the Death Star.

Yeah, but the Empire rebuilt the
Death Star in the Return ofthe Jedi.

It was almost fully operational.

I like nerds.


- Oh, God.
- Norrie, are you here-?

Carolyn, how did you find me?

Something goes boom in a small town,
parents tend to know.

Let's go.

Who is this lady?

- She's one of my moms.
- One of your-?

Okay, I guess there's just some things
I didn't want you to know about me.

But, hey, thanks
for almost getting beat up for me.

That was kind of chivalrous.


- Oh, my God.
- What happened?

Norrie? Norrie.

- The pink stars are falling in lines.
- Norrie.

The pink stars are falling in lines.

CAROLYN: Norrie.
- The pink stars are falling.

CAROLYN: Get help!
- The pink stars are falling.

- The pink stars are falling.


Hey, Angie.

Did you make it under?

Uh-uh. Uh...

There's no way out.

I made sure of it.

What happened to your hands?

I beat on that thing.

Stood up and beat on it
until the lights went out, Angie.

Because I love you.

So that comment that you made
about me running into the fire

was aggravatingly hypocritical.

No, especially considering
the adventure

you went on today with Big Jim.

Yeah, but there's a difference
between me and you.

How so?

I take off after the fire's out.

I mean, at least,
when there's somewhere to take off to.

You bruised your knuckles.

Yeah, I bruised my knuckles.

And you really were just passing
through Chester's Mill?

No connection
to anyone here in town?


Good night, Julia.