Undekhi (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Hunter is Now the Hunted - full transcript

Rinku sets a plan in motion with Arjan Singh and executes immaculately. Samarth pulls in all his resources and announces a face-off with the mighty Atwals.

[Title Montage]

- Greetings, Papaji.
- Greetings, son.

- Greetings.
- Sit down.


Will everything be under control
this time...

...or are there any f**k-ups left?

No, Papaji, everything is good,
Singh Saab is also ready...

...and we'll attack when the time
is right.

Here you go, Son.

Stay at home today, we have a puja.

I'm sorry,
I've something important to do.

What puja?

Son, when we are facing
difficulties at home...

...we should offer prayers
to the Almighty.

The way that witch...

[Papaji laughing]

Witches live in this house,
do you think there is room for more?

[Papaji] 'Talking about witches.'


Daman, aren't you going
to the office with Teji?

I'm going a little later.
I've something else to do before that.

Son, please eat before going.

[Rinku] 'Hey, Parjaiji.'

You seem to be in a hurry.
Are you going somewhere?

There's a lot of work at the office,

But tell me. Make it quick.

The other day you didn't tell me
that the girl who attacked you...

...was Koyal.


Oh, the dancer?

Is she alive?

That's some bad news for you, Rinku.

But if you remember,
I didn't see the attacker's face.

I couldn't tell if it was your Koyal
or someone else.

My Koyal... I'll handle her.

But you should be careful.

If someone tries to harm my family...

...and now you're also a part
of the family.

You know that...

...a couple of them will be killed.


I don't know what you are
talking about.

Can I go?


[Rinku] 'Shera.'

Yes, paaji?

All the trucks have to reach
the border safely.


- I need an update every minute.
- You'll get it.

Good. Go on.

[phone ringing]

Tell me, Rinku.

All the trucks are leaving
in two minutes.

That's good.

My men are ready to welcome them.

Don't spare them this time,
Singh Saab.

There should be chaos.

Samarth should know that he picked
the wrong fight.

Only God can help him now.

Don't you worry.

Punjabi soundtrack.

Punjabi soundtrack.

Punjabi soundtrack.

[Rinku] 'We've got twelve trucks so far,
each worth 50 crores.'

M**********r 600 crores!

We will capture the rest of the trucks
by tomorrow morning.

We f****d them!

Azra Esher's power
is in our control now.

- We got them f****d...
- F****d...

Shera, I just spoke to the client.

The consignment must have reached
hours ago and they still don't have it.

What's going on?

I don't know, sir.

I made sure that the trucks
cross the border on time.

- F*****g hell!
- All okay?

Seems like it's happening
all over again.

I spoke to my contact in Punjab,
a single consignment hasn't reached yet.

And my ground staff in Punjab
is also missing.

Where is Rinku? What did he say?

That b*****d is not taking my calls.

It's a f*****g nightmare.

- And you guys...
- [phone ringing]

Tell me.

Sir, one of our trucks was getting robbed
on the highway...

...we've caught the robber.

Bring him in.

My men have caught
one of the truck robbers.

Send two of your men
behind the house.

Did you hear him?
Go behind the house.

Take your position.

And you go there and keep a watch
with your team.

And wait for my signal, yeah?


This Koyal does not sing.

- Go.
- Yes, sir.

- Come with me.
- Listen.

Who will stay with me
if you take everyone along?

- Leave one behind.
- Stay here and protect sir.

The rest of you, come with me.

Knock on the door.

[Abhaya's uncle] 'Who is it?'

[Policeman 1] 'Police.'

Come downstairs.

Good morning, uncle.

For your kind information...

...your nephew's life in in danger.

The girl who is with him
is very dangerous.

I'm here to nab her.

Call Abhaya.

Ask him to come here, now!

Come on.

Put it on speaker.

[phone ringing]

Yes, Uncle.


[Abhaya's uncle] 'Son, where are you?'

Why? What happened?

- Where are you?
- Have you taken your medicines?

Come home. Now!


Alright, Uncle, don't you worry,
I'll be there soon.


[Arjan's henchman screaming]


- Did he say anything?
- No, sir. Nothing at all.

Listen, a*****e.

Whoever you work for...
They're not going to come save you.

And until you tell me
the information I need...

...you won't be allowed to leave.

Pick him up.

[Arjan's henchman coughing]

Speak up, you f****r.

Speak up!

Let me tell you two things.


...if you curse a local man
in English...

...he won't understand s**t.

I won't leave this place alive...

...I know that already,

[Samarth] 'What is he doing?'

Stop him.

Stop! Stop it!

Sir, he's dead.

[phone ringing]

[Samarth] 'Tell me.'


F**k! Damn it!

Now what?

One more truck has vanished.


[Samarth] 'That's it.'

I'll go myself
with the next consignment.

I need to find out what the f**k
is happening.

I don't want to do this anymore.

What do you mean?

Don't you want revenge
from the Atwals?

You want to cause damage
by burning their trucks.

I want to kill them.

Why don't you understand, Koyal?
Those trucks...

You'll get your revenge
by burning the trucks with drugs.

I don't want that.

I want my revenge.

Then I can't help you anymore.

The way you want to go,
I've quit that long ago.

I know.

You saved my life.

I'll never forget that.

But we can't fight together
from now on.

Are you sure he's going along?

Yes, paaji, it's confirmed.

Samarth is going with
the next consignment.

Shera, that will mess things up.

The car he's going to take
should not make it to the truck.

Arjan's man turned out
to be very loyal.

Take care of his wife and kids.

He died but didn't utter a word.

- Papaji, we'll take care of everyone.
- Yes.


If you think Atwals are behind this...

I give you my word,
I'll help you find the trucks.

I'm coming with you.

[phone ringing]

Tell me, Shera.

Samarth is taking the car...

[Shera] '...but Teji Parjaiji
is also going with him.'

That's great!


I heard that you're going
along with the trucks.

Paaji, there's a problem...

[Shera] '...Daman Veerji is also
going with them.'

Why the f**k is Daman paaji
going with them?

F*****g idiot.
Always following his wife. A*****e.

[Rinku] 'Shera, do something
and stop Daman.'

It's too late now, Paaji.
They've left.

- Can you tell me what happened?
- Relax.

[Daman] 'What're you doing? Samarth!'

What happened?

- It's not breaking.
- What?

F**k, it's not breaking.

Teji, hold on.


[Daman] 'Samarth!'

What the f**k!
Come on, Samarth!

- Samarth!
- [car honking]

Hit the mountain.
Crash into the mountain.

- Crash?
- Listen to what Daman is saying.

Samarth, it's the only way
to slow down the car.

Crash into the mountain.

Hold on.


Teji, are you okay?

Uncle, it's me.

Uncle, open the door.


Your uncle is fine.

He's healthy.

Where is the girl...
who was with you?

I have seen you before.

The other day when you were looking
for Koyal near the river...

...I was also right there.

I know you're looking for Koyal.

But she's not with me now.

I found you...

...I'll find Koyal, too.

You're under arrest...

...for the bombings in Azra Esher.

Come on.

Handcuff him.

Shot can get fired.
Don't do that.

Koyal, Run! Run!

Koyal, don't. Relax...

Abhaya, don't do that.


I'll shoot. Koyal!


Go after them!
What are you doing? Quickly!

[Daman's mother] 'I'm
glad you're fine, Son.'

I was so scared that something
happened to you...

Mom, walk carefully
or you're going to fall.

No problem, break your head...

...we are in a hospital anyway
so go for it.

Get in the car.

Come on, easy.

Hop in, let's go.

Hang on.

Son of a b***h, wait.

[Papaji] 'Stop.'

M**********r, you're using my kids
for your own benefit.

If you have the urge to die,
I will shoot you right now.

Stay away from my kids.

- Papaji, we were together in the car...
- Shut up!

What if something had happened
to you both because of him?

It's okay, Daman... He's in pain...

...because his plan failed.
Isn't it, Mr. Atwal?

You wanted me dead so bad,
you risked your kids too.

[Samarth] 'I'm alive...'

...but now you and Rinku
start counting your days.

-[Samarth] 'I won't spare you.'
- Hey!

Enjoy while you can.

Good day, Papaji.

Did he threaten me in English?

Is he going to kill me?
Son of a b***h!

He'll kill me?
How dare he threaten an Atwal?

And why are you stopping me?

What are you looking at?
The f*****'s blabbering s**t.

[Papaji] 'Do you believe him?'

Get in the car.

Get in or I'll smack you.
Come on.

He'll kill me? An Atwal?
Son of a b***h! M**********r!

Get out of there, b*****d.

Threatening an Atwal?

He doesn't even know
that we are f*****g him...

...we made trucks worth crores vanish
and he doesn't know s**t.

Lucky bhai,
are you drinking during the day...

...all by yourself?

DSP saab, join me.

[Lucky] 'Do you want a drink?'

Or are you keeping an eye on me?

I'm wearing my uniform
so I'm definitely not drinking.

- Alright.
- I had a job for you.

[Lucky chuckling]

I don't think I can be of any help.

Rinku paaji has left me...


Step outside.

I'm afraid, I don't have the answers
you're looking for right now.

Then when will you have them?
When you have razed us to the ground?

Of all our problems, you seem to be
the biggest one, Samarth.

[Gerri] 'Our clients are backing out...'

'...we are burning millions
of dollars here.'

And we are putting an end
to this now.

We are done here. You're fired.


Have you guys f*****g lost it?

I'm the one who is trying
to retrieve the trucks.

[Samarth] 'I'm the one who is
trying to minimize the damages...'

...I'm the one trying to manage
the crisis.

You're not taking the hit alone,
I'm taking it too.

Your trying is not enough.

Gerri and I are coming over.
You need to go.

[Gerri] 'And let's be professional
about this, Samarth.'

'The losses that we incurred...'

...you should be glad that we are
letting you walk out of this alive.

Is that a threat?


You will be watched
till you're alive.

[Gerri] 'You know how our business works,

Listen, Gerri.

If you really want to work for Atwals...

...work for Teji Atwal.

[Ghosh] 'This is the right time for you.'

Lucky, if you leave
this game behind...

...you'll get nothing.

But if you play till the end...

[Ghosh] '...you might win
the man of the match award.'

'Think about it.'

Don't drink too much,
it's not good for your liver.

[Teji] 'Rinku's people are hijacking
all the trucks.'

I wanted to do this without
using any violence, Samarth.

[Teji] 'But Papaji and Rinku
live in a different world.'

It seems they want war.

Then let's give it to them.

What do we have to do?

Hello, Timma.

[phone ringing]


[Timma] 'Hello. Miss Muskaan.'

Yes? Who is this?

This is forest office Shafique speaking.

I work for your father.

Yes, what is it?

Is my dad alright?

He's fine. He wanted to see you
so that he can bless you.

[Timma] 'The snake temple
in Solang valley.'

'It would be really nice
if you bring Rinku Paaji along.'

Sir said he would like to bless
both of you together.

Thank you.

I had put some men behind Teji...

...and I was told that when she got
to the hospital...

...in an hour, she left for the factory,

Why did she go to the factory?

She had a meeting with Samarth
and then she went back home.

[Muskaan] 'Listen...'

There is something
I have to tell you.

Paaji, give me a shout
if you need anything.

Shera... It's nothing. Yes, tell me.

My dad changed his mind.

He has agreed. He wants to see us.

We'll go, right?

Stop it!

It'll kill me.

You didn't attend the puja
so I'm warding off the evil.

I hope a witch doesn't
pounce on you.

Why don't you pounce on me?

You will have fun with me today.

You've become such a rascal.

I'll pounce on the witch
and smoke her out.

Bloody witch!

Teji, my team is ready.

They are waiting for my sign...

...isolate the old man.

[Samarth] 'I don't want any interference.'

Got it.

You will have to guide the team.

I will wait for your signal...

[Samarth] '...and don't forget the CCTV.'

- One, two...
- No...

Stay at four...
and move forward again.

- Oh okay.
- Yes.

Mummy ji, well...

...has Muskaan and Rinku's
wedding video arrived yet?

I haven't watched it so...

You haven't? We've watched
the cassette a million times.

[Rinku's mother] 'But we can watch it again
if you say so.'

- That will be so much fun.
- Isn't it?

- It's a CD and not a cassette.
- Whatever.

[Rinku's mother] 'Oh, God.'

Why did you come here?

Let me go.

I can't let you risk your life.

And I can't let you kill anyone.

I told you to not come in my way.

Let me go. Let go!

[phone ringing]


My team is on the resort's ground.

[Samarth] 'They're heading
for their target.'

I can see them.

Path is clear.

That's enough Koyal.

F*****g hell!
I'll f**k all of you.


It's happening.

Let me know once they're clear.

[Papaji] 'I'll f**k you up!'

What was that noise?

Let me go, m***********s!

I think he ran out of liquor...

...that's why he's screaming.
Let me check on him.

What happened?
Why are you screaming...

[Papaji] 'I'll f**k you all up.'


What's going on?
Where are you?

Where are you?

Where are you taking him?

[Daman's mother] 'Daman!'

Daman! Teji! Is anyone here?

[Papaji] 'Son of a b***h...'


It's done.

Didn't your dad have another place
for us to meet?

I'm also confused.

But the guy said that this is where
dad wants to meet.

Muskaan, which guy?

Didn't you speak to your father yourself?

[Theme Music Playing]