Undekhi (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles - full transcript

Old players reappear as do some new ones in this game of Russian roulette, where the stakes are higher than life itself. Each one has a motive to take down the other - driven by their thirst for power, revenge and love.

Your father didn't speak to you directly?


Muskaan, get inside the car.

'Muskaan, get out of here.'

'I'm not leaving you.'

'Don't be a fool.'

There are around five to six more men.

F*****g hell!

- Timma, you were...
- Yes! I'm alive.

Come on, drop your gun.

You tried a lot to kill me,
didn't you?

Your pet dog Lucky...
He betrayed you.

M**********r, what do you want?

You have a gun pointed at you,
don't you understand?

I can live in peace
only after I kill you.

My Muskaan...


Let's go, paaji.


Mom, nothing will happen.
Believe me.

Papaji will come back,
everyone is looking for him.

He was screaming, "Help, help me!"

Where the hell was Bilal then?

And where were you?

Bring him back safely,
that's all I want, Daman.

- I don't want it.
- Please drink some water.

Aunt, please take care of her.



Where were you
when Papaji was attacked?

Didn't you hear anything?

No, I was with Mummy ji.

We were watching Rinku's
wedding film.

I went to the washroom,
and all of it took place.

That means while all of this
was happening at home...

...you didn't hear a single sound?

Why are you interrogating me
like Rinku?

You know, the security mentioned
that the attackers...

...did not enter
through the front gate.

Which is odd.
How did they get inside?

I mean, someone must have
helped them, no?

I wish I knew or I was there.

No, you were there...

...like the last break in.

'And both the times
you had no clue.'

Really, Teji?

Listen, Daman. If you are blaming me
for all of this...

- ...then just say it out loud.
- You're f*****g lying...

...about everything.

And if I find out...

...that you're not
telling me something...

...or that it was you
who gave up my dad...

...like you gave up your friends...

...then we are done.

Tell me, Shera.

'Paaji, why weren't you
answering your phone?'

Papaji has been kidnapped.

Some men came here
and took him away.

Why the f**k did he stop?

- Have you lost your mind?
- Paaji, Shera called.

He's saying Samarth's men
entered the resort...

...and took Papaji away.

Took him away?

Where did they take him?

Lucky, what did Shera say?

He didn't say anything more.

But if they were Samarth's men...

...they might have taken him
to the factory or someplace else.

Take Muskaan from here
and send the men to the factory.

I'm going to f**k Samarth up.

Let Rinku come here.

Your body will disappear
without any DNA evidence.

You're in shock, Mr. Atwal.
I understand.

But you can't leave
until you tell me about the trucks.

Understand that,
this is my territory.

F**k you, b*****d.
"My territory."

F*****g son of a b***h,
you're standing on my land...

...and you're calling it
your territory?

You piece of s**t,
this is my property.

I built this. I'm the f*****g king,
you a*****e.

Try and stop me, you f*****g p*****s.

You're just a w***e.
Do you know what a w***e is?

Huh? I put her on her stomach
and f**k her up every night.

Let Rinku get here,
he'll f**k you...

...and I will watch him do it.

Go fetch me a drink, a*****e.

Rinku is dead.

Don't you speak s**t,
I'll eat you up alive.

My men have killed him.
Nobody is coming to save you.

F**k you, a*****e.
You can't kill Rinku, you rascal.

Free me, I can fight
the three of you together.


DSP Ghosh.

Hello. Sir, this is Abhaya speaking.


I know you want Koyal to be safe.

'And I can tell you
where she is right now.'

And why did you change
your mind suddenly?

Sir, she has gone towards
the Atwal resort.

'If we don't stop her on
time, she'll kill many people.'

And I don't want that.
You don't want that to happen either.

'So I'm asking you for help.'

Okay, I'll go to the resort. Update
me if you've got more information.

Okay, sir.

Is there anyone here?

Come on, let's go.
Start the car.

I don't have time for your nonsense,
Mr. Atwal.

- Right.
- Start speaking...

- F*****g b***h!
- Hey!

Hey! Let him go!

'Take her away!'

Take her away!

'Let go of me!'

Let go!

He killed my sister,
he killed my friend.

'He's an animal.'

And if you interfere,
you will die too.

Okay then.

Whoever you are,
just wait for some more time.

Once I get what I want from him,
you can kill him however you want.

I don't give a s**t.


The b*****d is yet to sing.

Samarth, please listen to me.
I don't think he will speak.

'Everything over here is just
going to get more and more messy.'

So I think we need to stop this.

- This has gone too far and...
- 'What?'

I don't take orders from anybody.

Maybe we have gone a bit too far now.

Samarth, please listen to me.
You won't do anything to Papaji...

I don't make promises
I won't keep.

And what did you think?

That we're playing some make-believe game?

Daman is already suspicious about me.

'If he finds out that I was
involved in Papaji's abduction...'

It's too late now.

You've already started the fire.

But I don't want to burn in this fire.
Please, Samarth.

- 'Don't do this.'
- Yeah, you're right.

I don't need to.

'Mr. Atwal already
has many enemies...'

...so I don't have to kill him.

There is someone here
who is ready to kill him...

'...any second.'

- What?
- So let me take it from here.

- 'Lucky?'
- Yes?

I don't feel good about this.

Turn the car around.
I want to go to Rinku.

Parjaiji, I will go to him.
Nothing will happen to paaji.

'But it's important
to keep you safe.'

It might be too late by then,
he's gone there alone.

- I want to be with him.
- Parjaiji, please don't worry.

Paaji can easily handle
ten men at once. He'll handle it.

And our men are on their way there.
Paaji will be fine.

'Please don't worry.'

Turn the car around.

Lower the gun, Parjaiji.
The gun might go off.

Turn the car around
or I'll shoot you.

Hello, Mr. Ghosh.

Mrs. Atwal, I'm on my way
to your resort.

Koyal has gone there
to kill Papaji.

But Papaji isn't here.

Where is he?

'If you're my son, '

then keep this.



Samarth has kidnapped him.

'I think
they're in his factory.'

- Koyal might have gone there too.
- It's possible.

All right, Mr. Ghosh,
I'll call you back. Bye.

Yes, sir?

Abhaya, come to Azra Esher.
Koyal is over there.

Yes, sir.

Daman, where are you going?


Samarth isn't picking up my calls.

I'm afraid that he must have
done something in a fit of rage.

So what are you going to do now?
Listen, I don't want you in any danger.

Yeah? That's exactly how I feel
about my dad.

But I don't think you care.

Daman, I'm also equally worried.

It's just that I can't let you
go there alone. Let's go.

What's happening?

- What's going on outside?
- We're under attack sir.

That's the sound
of you getting f****d.


Look at her!
She's ready to kill you right now.

If you don't want me to unleash
this wild animal on you...

...then tell me the location
of my trucks.

- F**k you.
- You b*****d...

Rinku? F**k!

He was telling me
he got you killed.

F*****g a*****e.

You think you can kill me so easily?
You think a nobody can kill me?

How dare you touch Papaji!

He's my father.

'Tell me.'

'I'm here now, m**********r!'

How dare you kidnap Papaji!


You killed my sister!

Now I'm going to...


I'm here, a*****e!


'Rinku, check on Papaji.'




I should have listened to you.

It's not your fault.

You will be fine.
Nothing is going to happen to you.

Don't, Mr. Rinku.
I'm going to take her alive.

DSP, that's not possible.

I'm glad that today you will get
the revenge you were seeking.

I won't let you die.


Hey! Hey!


Teji, no! F**k!

Take Papaji away!

'Take Papaji away!'


Stop her.



DSP saab, what happened?

'I thought you wanted
to take her out alive.'

Since day one I've been telling you
that she won't leave Manali alive.

She never deserved to live anyway!

Her death will get you
a f*****g gold medal now.

You stay away!
Stay away from him.

Whatever you did with Samarth...

...to kill Papaji...

I won't spare you now.

She saved my life.

She's an Atwal.

Veerji, take Papaji to the hospital.

Good to finally find you, Rinku.

Are you okay?

What is your plan now
after damaging Azra Esher?

Why this meeting?

You might already know
who is the cause of this mess.

Samarth has taken us for a spin.

If you're still thinking of doing
business with Samarth...

That's never going to happen.

We are trying to track him down
but we have to be careful.

It's called a dead man's switch,
the thing that he has taken with him.

It's kind of an...


He has activated the switch
in our global network.

It will initiate a coded message
to the network.

Also, he has moved all the off shore
assets to an undisclosed location.

Which only he has access to.

And if we pursue him, find him
or harm him in anyway...

...his next activation will gather
evidence against us...

...and all our clients' information
will go public.

Isaac, Gerri...

...we will find Samarth,
the b*****d!

I want to show you something
before that.

'Let's go.'

These are the trucks
which were hijacked.

This... This is amazing, Rinku.

I have brought you here
to prove to you...

...that I meant no harm.

I have a question, Rinku.

In return, what do you want
other than business?


Lucky, double-check the stash
leaving for Punjab.


Isaac and Gerri are coming.

They want to close the deal
with Papaji.

What's up, Rinku paaji?

Your partners have become beggars.

You got Punjab,
but what is the big deal?

You're mistaken, Samarth.
You haven't won.

You're anyway a fugitive,

I'll kill you and bury you in a dump
and no one will ever find you.

Run as much as you can.

I'm coming for you.

Our plan is successful.

Gerri and Isaac are here.