Undekhi (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Goons, Guns and Bombs - full transcript

The sound of the explosive is heard across the valley and the tremors are felt within the Atwal empire itself. Rinku decides to take charge of the operation but there's another surprise in store for him.

The truck should reach
in the next 90 minutes.

Yes, Lucky, tell me.

H-Hello, paaji...
There's been a problem.

The trucks were about to leave,
but one of them exploded.

- What do you mean?
- I don't know, paaji.

Someone might have planted
a bomb in it.

'S-Samarth is going crazy here.'

The trucks that had left
have been called back.

He says no truck will leave
the factory for Punjab...

...until he finds out who did this.

What happened?

Hey! What just happened?

What the f**k just happened!

Where's Rinku?

- Will you speak up?
- I told him.

He's out... He's not in Manali.

Where is he?

He's on his honeymoon,
but I've informed him.

There's been a f*****g explosion.
A bomb blast!

And he's f*****g some chick
in a hotel!

F*****g unbelievable.

'I have a team
of a******s.'

I want to talk to Atwal ji.

Tell him it's Samarth.
Tell him it's an emergency!

Who's Ashok Arora?
He's given Rs. 501.

- Bloody beggar!
- Papaji.

- What is it?
- It's an emergency. Samarth.

Samarth, what's the emergency?

Mr. Atwal, what's this
circus you're running?

One of the trucks that left
for Punjab had a bomb in it.

'And I'm giving you
this information.'

Do you even realise
what's at stake here?

'What are you blabbering?'

How could someone just plant
a bomb in it?

The gas stove must have exploded.

Perhaps, you don't understand.

'So, let me make this
very clear.'

I had given you the responsibility
of transportation and security...

...in which you have failed miserably.

'If you can't manage it,
give up security.'

That's enough now.

Don't teach me my job, okay?

We'll look into it
and find the person responsible.

But you, my dear,
be in your limits.

Okay, Mr. Atwal. As you say.

But listen to me carefully.

After this, you can forget about
the business in Himachal, let alone Punjab.


You're a rookie.
How dare you threaten me!

'You think you can get the Atwals
out of the business!'

You a*****e!
I'll shove an umbrella up your a**...

'...and open it!'



Look at him.
He broke another smart phone.

Why do the father
and son hate their phones?

Parjaiji, I'm telling you,
we should get them phones...

...that are really cheap.

So, should we cancel the plan,
or is there another way?

We have to cancel it for now.

Please forgive me
for wasting your time.

You had to stay back because of us.

Never mind, Rinku.
This is quite normal in this business.

We can do this another day.

But do let me know, okay?

I'll call you once everything
is in control.

- Greetings.
- God bless you.

Yes, Papaji.

I've got the news.
F*****g Samarth had called.

The b*****d was saying s**t.

I won't spare the m**********r.

He did this to try and get us
out of the business.

You're right.
Do what you have to this time...

'...but come back soon.'

Take the business under your control,
or we'll lose everything.

I'm just leaving. Let's go, Muskaan.

You... You have no feelings.

It's their first honeymoon.
Let them enjoy.

The mother of my son...

We've incurred a loss
worth millions...

...and you're worried
about their honeymoon.

There are rooms and beds
over here.

Our resort has 150 rooms.

He can f**k her wherever he wants.

'Stupid woman.'

'Where are you, madam?'

Making me wait for so long
will cost you, madam.

Yes, you're right.

Someone's going to pay...

...and that'll be you.

DSP Saab? Hello, madam?

How are you, Mr. Timma?
Long time, no see.

I thought you and I
were on the same team.

Sir, I'm still in your team.

I swear, I haven't said a word
to anyone.

You've told Teji madam
a lot of things.

You blackmailed her.
You threatened her.

And what did you tell her?

That you'd tell Rinku
about our plan?

Sir, it's all a lie.
That woman is a liar.

You b*****d.
I heard your phone recording.

I heard the nonsense
you told Teji madam. I know it all.

I'm sorry, sir, it was a mistake.

I've been wandering, sir.
I don't have a single penny.

My shop is shut too.

You tell me,
what could I have done?

You're lucky, Timma,
that I believe in second chances.

I'll let you go.

- But you must help me.
- I will, sir.

- Will you?
- I'll do as you say, sir.

Look at this carefully.
Dogra thinks it's trash.

What reminds you when you see this?

'Whose bracelet could this be?
I want that person.'

If you take me to them,
I'll give you a second chance.

I can't be sure, sir,
but the people...

...in the monastery wear
something like this.

We'll have to find out
who this belongs to, sir.

Find out. Bring that person to me.

'Control yourself.'

Don't overreact.
Teji and I are right here with you.

That should be enough for you
to believe us.

I agree that this is a huge crisis.

But blaming each other like this
is not the solution.

It's going out of hand.

I need to know
who the f**k has done this.

'Rinku, who else?'

Papaji and Rinku are losing Punjab.

So, it's f*****g obvious.

Azra Esher need proof.

And until this is sorted out...

...I won't let out
a single consignment truck.

- 'This is final.'

Stopping Punjab operation is not
a solution, Samarth.

In fact, we must bypass Rinku.

Let's release the next consignment
from an undisclosed warehouse.

We won't tell the location to anyone
except our trusted staff.

'What say?'

- It might work.
- 'Yeah.'

We can release the trucks from
one of our smaller warehouses.


'Yes, I know this girl.'

She was in a bad state
when she came here.

Then we treated her.
She got better.

After she got better,
she left with Abhaya.

Who's Abhaya?

He lives here.

He handles the work here.

Where did they go?

Look, Guru ji, you knew nothing.
You helped her.

It's not your fault.
I want to help her too.

But that girl Koyal
has been charged with murder.

'If I get the right information
from you...'

...it could save the lives
of many people.

'Just think about it.'

But if you kill that girl...

...then you too will be doing
what that girl did.

Fortunately, sir,
in my entire career...

...I never killed anyone.

I promise.

'I'll take that girl alive
to Kolkata.'

Abhaya's uncle lives
in a village outside Manali.

Those two might have gone there.

What's the name of that village?

Samarth! Come out, you a*****e!

Tell me what you have to say!
I'm here!

'Wow! Look who's finally here!

You've got some nerve.

You had the guts to come here
despite what happened.

Listen to me.
Don't talk to me like a c**t.

I handle the security
of this company.

If I had to plant a bomb...

...I'd plant it in your a**
and kill you.

Since you couldn't kill me,
you blew up the truck...

...to get even with me?

Don't act too smart.

Keep all the consignments ready.

I'll personally release
all the consignments.


Hey, get to work.

'Come on, get to work.'

Go on.

Okay, then.
I'll give you one more chance.

But this time, the trucks
will leave not from here...

...but from a different warehouse.

And I'll give the address
to Lucky, not you.

Coordinate with him.

Coordinate my a**.

- We still don't know.
- 'Lucky!'

Leave quickly.

Paaji, you came back so soon?

Did you leave me with
any f*****g choice?

What the f**k were you doing...

...when someone was planting a bomb
under the truck?

Paaji, I checked thoroughly
before the trucks were leaving.

- I wonder who planted it.
- Shut up!

Listen to me carefully.

Samarth will give you the location
for the next consignment...

...from where all the trucks
will leave.

No matter what
the m**********r says...

...I don't give a damn.

Change that location
to the warehouse in Naggar.

- Do you understand?
- Yes.

No one should find out about this.

I want this entire operation
in my control.

And if there are any mistakes
this time...

There will be no mistakes, paaji.

The trucks will leave
from the warehouse in Naggar.

Dogra, listen.

Rinku paaji is back.

But you said he was gone
for ten days.

Why did he come back?

You think I f*****g decide
Rinku paaji's schedule?

What the f**k is your team doing?

Why haven't you found the girl yet?

We're f****d, paaji
but we are all trying.

I heard that the Bengali has found
a strong lead.

'Just keep Rinku paaji busy.'

Listen, Dogra...

...I risked my a**
and called the DSP here.

Tell him to find the girl quickly.


Such a short honeymoon?

Namaste, sir.

- Have you seen this boy?
- Yes, I have.

- Where have you seen him?
- Over there, in the village.

I see.

- Explain it to the driver.
- I will.

Listen to him.


- Was this the house?
- Yes, sir.


- Where's the door?
- The door is here, sir.

- Here?
- Yes.

- Knock on it.
- Yes, sir.

Sir wants you to come downstairs.

'What's the matter, sir?'

I'm DSP Ghosh.

- 'Do you know these two?'
- He's my nephew, sir.

But he has quit doing
illegal work now.

Does he come to meet you?

Yes, he was staying here
for a few days, with this girl.

Is there a problem, sir?
What did he do?

Which room were they in?

Mrs. Atwal. Hello? Yes, Mrs. Atwal.

I have found some evidence.

Perhaps, Koyal is responsible
for the bomb blast.

- What?
- 'Someone's helping her too.'

But that is not
our immediate problem.

'When are your trucks leaving?'

Because I have to be there myself.

I'm sure Koyal will go there.

Okay. I... I don't have
that information right now.

'Actually, the location from where
the trucks will leave has changed.'

- I... I'll find out and inform you.
- Yes, yes, do that.

We're almost there.
Five more minutes.

But why do we need
to meet your friend?

After the blast at the factory,
they might change the location.

The guy we're going to meet
works over there.

He's their trusted man.

He should know where the trucks
are going to leave from.

But let me talk to him. Okay? Okay?

Come on.

Hey, Abhaya! Hey!

- How are you?
- Oh, my God! Where were you?

Our people were saying
that you've become a hermit.

- No...
- Namaste, madam.

Come in. Sit down. Sit, madam.

- What's up?
- Nothing much.

I was passing by,
so I thought I'll drop by.

That's great.

- Is she your girlfriend?
- Oh, no, she's a friend.

- She's a tourist in Manali.
- Namaste.

'You tell me. How's work?'

How's Azra Esher doing?

- I got promoted.
- Really?

Along with the trucks
and consignment operation...

...I handle its distribution too.

You've become a big man.

I'm not a big man yet.
I take orders and do my duty.

There's always a mess over there
these days.

- Why? What happened?
- Nothing really.

The same old problems
with the consignment.

They keep issuing
new orders every day.

Today, they suddenly changed
the location of the trucks.

That's a problem.

Yes, that is a problem.

Anyway, what's the location
this time?

You know that I can't tell you that.

Come on, I'm not a policeman.
You can tell me.

That's not the case.

But why do you want to know
the location of the trucks?

Paaji, I was simply asking.

We're old friends.
We've worked together, so...

Hang on.

Did someone send you here?

What are you saying, paaji?
I was simply asking.

- 'You...'
- That's it.

- Listen...
- Get up. Get out of here.

Ma'am, get out of here.
Get out, you two.

Koyal, no!

- 'Koyal, we can't hurt him.'
- Abhaya!

Don't forget why we came here.


Talk to him.


- Hello, Lucky paaji.
- What happened to your voice now?

Nothing, paaji.
I drank a cold drink over tea.


The location I sent you
has been changed.

'All the trucks will now leave from
the warehouse in Naggar. Okay?'

And only the driver
should know that.

Please leave me now...

She'll kill me, Abhaya.
Please save me.

She won't kill you now.

But if you tell Rinku
or anyone else about our meeting...

...then let me warn you.

This girl never forgets anything.

I swear on the Goddess,
I won't tell anyone.

- Ma'am! Please let me go.
- 'Koyal.'

- Ma'am...
- 'Leave him.'

Yes, parjaiji? You called for me?

Yes, Lucky, what's the update
on the trucks?

What update?

The plan has changed.
Didn't Samarth inform you?

What's the new location
of the trucks?

Yes, I told you.

The trucks are leaving
from Mandi.

But don't worry,
everything is under control.

Our plan is a secret this time.


One small thing, parjaiji.

It'd be great
if you didn't tell anyone...

...about the new location.

Don't worry. Thanks.

- Anything else?
- No.

May I leave?

Did you find the location, ma'am?

Yes, but I have a feeling
that Lucky is lying to me.

'Because Rinku is back.'

And my instinct says that
these people are up to something.

Instincts are mostly correct,

'Don't worry.'

- I'll talk to Lucky.
- Yeah.

F*****g Lucky.

We're late.
We must get there faster.

- Hello.
- Hello, Mr. Lucky.

Tell me, DSP Saab. What do you want?

- Do you need help?
- Actually...

'I'm trying to help you, Lucky.'

What do you mean?

Mr. Dogra told me everything...

'...about how you two are
playing games with Rinku paaji.'

Did you call to tell me this?

You want the girl, don't you?
Take her and get lost.

Language. Language, Mr. Lucky.

Koyal is after your truck.

- 'She planted the bomb.'
- What?

'She's headed towards
your other location.'

Get lost!

I want that location, Lucky.

Well... I can't give it to you.

You're an idiot.

Do you know what's going
to happen if you don't tell me?

Koyal will meet Rinku there.

'They'll come face to face.'

'After that, I need not tell you...'

...what Rinku will do
to your face and body.

'Right? So, think about it.'

Don't play games with me.

- Have you checked all the trucks?
- Yes.

Are they loaded?

There's just one left,
the rest are loaded.


Tell the drivers to follow me
in a line.


- I'll take this truck.
- Okay.

- 'Why isn't this working?'
-'Try again.'

'It's not working.'

'This is not working,
bomb won't go off!'

Where are you going?

Stop, Koyal!

Koyal, run!

M**********r! You knew
that the w***e was alive!

- Paaji, I didn't know.
- 'You lied to me!'

- No, paaji...
- You f****d with me!

I found out later, paaji.
I was scared, paaji.

Are you with the Bengali now?

No, paaji, it was a mistake.
Forgive me.

I thought I'd get rid of the girl
without telling you.

Hey, I feel like getting rid
of you right now.

But Lucky, you are not worth it.

I picked you up from the streets
and called you my f*****g brother.

I raised your standards.
I was going to give you the business.

But you f****d it all up,
you a*****e!

You deserve to be on the streets.

Get out.

Get lost, m**********r!

This is wrong, paaji.

You're angry. Calm down
and then I'll talk to you.

Listen to me.
If I see you in Manali...

...I'll shoot you myself.

Get lost.

I have always done what you asked
me to do without a question, paaji.

I killed my own brother.

And this is how you treat me today?

Yeah. What about it?

- I'll remember this, paaji.
- All right.

The m**********r
is going to remember this!

World full of life...

Amidst that...

- Please.
- DSP saab.

You and I...

...at the same place...

Rinku paaji, make a movie.

One Girl, Two Players.

'It'll be a hit.'

I'm going to kill her.

I'm going to save her.