Undekhi (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - The Girl and the Cop - full transcript

Rinku presses on with his plans of expanding into a new business territory, while those against him have different agendas. Ghosh makes progress in his investigation to find Koyal and take her to safety.


Son of a b***h!

[Title Montage]

Yes, paaji? You called for me?

Yes, sit.

Well, I'm going out for a few days.

Until I come back,
you have to handle the work.

I'll take care of it.

It's time to teach that f*****g Samarth
a lesson.

- Should I kidnap him?
- No, don't kidnap him.

I'll tell you what to do.

[phone ringing]

- You keep an eye on Teji.
- Okay, paaji.

She's in the mood
to do something big.

[phone ringing]

Why is Dogra calling you repeatedly?

- I don't know.
- Answer it.


Paaji, the driver did
pick up Ghosh...

...but they haven't reached
the police station yet.

[Dogra] 'The driver's phone
is switched off too.'

I hope the Bengali
doesn't make a mess.

Yes, everything's fine.
Is everything fine at home?

I feel f****d up since yesterday.

[Dogra] 'Before Rinku paaji finds out,
we must find...'

...the wild girl with the Bengali's help.

Okay, I'll let you know. Yes.

- What was he saying?
- Nothing.

He bought a new car
and his instalment bounced.

So, he was asking for money.

Paaji, Muskaan parjaiji is saying
that the luggage is packed.

She wants to know which
colour shirt you'd like to wear.

- Dear, the meatball is drying...
- I'm full. I don't want it.

Okay, eat a little. You have to
work in the office all day.

-[Daman's mother] 'Eat a little.'
-[Daman] 'All right.'

[Daman's mother] 'Eat a little.'

Let that be. I'll call for
another spoon. Kishanlal!

He only needs a spoon...

...as he has already stabbed
his father in the back with a knife.

If you have anything to say,
say it to me directly.

Talk to me. I'm right here.

You think I'm f*****g
scared of you? "Talk directly."

You're staring at me?
What are you staring at me for?

- Are you going to kill me!
- Stop it.

Don't do this at the dining table.

[Daman's mother] 'Don't ruin his mood.
How will he work if he doesn't eat...'

F**k the darn office!

He humiliated me
in front of everyone.

If you had brought
the truck to me...

...I'd have f*****g stood
proudly in front...

...of Samarth and the Israelis!

You insulted your father,
you humiliated Rinku at the office.

You bloody traitor!

Samarth was trying to get us
out of the business.

At least he can't do that now.

[Daman] 'Think about it.'

If Rinku and you aren't around...

...at least Teji and I will be
in office all the time.

[Daman] 'All deals will take place
in our presence.'

[Daman's mother] 'He's right.'

He's right, Papaji.

We were just playing
good cop bad cop with Azra Esher.

Stop blabbering in English.
"Bad cop good cop."

[Driver] 'We've reached, sir.'

[Ghosh] 'Who asked you to come
to the police station?'

Let's go back.

I want to go to
Great Lion Resort first.

But sir, Dogra saab said I should
bring you to the police station.

If you listen to Dogra,
your life will be futile.

I'll meet him later.

Let's go to Great Lion Resort.

I must find out why Rinku paaji...

...didn't inform me personally
that Koyal was alive.

We had to give the truck
to Samarth...

[Teji] '...so that he can trust at least
some of the family members.'

Which family members?

What are you talking about,

Nothing. You two should forget
about the hassles at home...

...and enjoy your honeymoon.
Be happy.

Okay? There were no honeymoons
in our times.

We had to make the most of it
in our own bedrooms.

What are you doing? Be quiet.

Yes, Rinku. You and Muskaan,
enjoy your time.

Don't worry about anything.
Daman and I are here.

[Teji] 'We'll handle everything.'

I know. I won't let you
miss me too much.

I'm coming back soon.

So, where are you two going?

Just close by. His friend
has built a new resort.

So, I thought we should
celebrate over there.

[Muskaan] 'We don't need to go too far.
Right, Parjaiji? '

That's great. Have fun.

- Take care.
- [Teji] 'Take care.'

If there's a problem, call me.


- Bye, Muskaan.
- Papaji.

Son, I know you felt bad
about Daman.

What can we do?
Daman is a f*****g idiot.

No, that's not the case, Papaji.

Where can we find Arjan Singh?

Oh, yes, I forgot about that.

Arjan won't meet. He'll call, okay?

Talk to him when he calls.

You might have to convince
the a*****e.

He's an old friend.

-[Papaji] 'He'll agree, okay?'
-[Rinku] 'Okay, Papaji.'

I've increased security
at the resort.

Lucky and his men
will be around. You take care.

- Okay?
- Okay.

I'll call you as soon as
Samarth is finished.

- Okay, then.
- Bless me.

Stop, stop, stop! Stop!

Inspector! What brings you here?

I never thought I'd see you
in Manali again.

I'm wondering
what will happen to you.

- Why?
- I went to Kolkata and came back.

You still don't know the difference
between an inspector and DSP.

Are you back here
for something important?

I'll tell you.

But first I want to know...

...what new games Rinku paaji
is playing with me.

What do you mean?

If Koyal is alive, then why
didn't he call me directly?

Oh, you're mistaken, DSP saab.

Rinku paaji was busy
with his wedding.

[Lucky] 'And he's not in Manali.'

He's gone on his honeymoon.

This is very wrong.

[Ghosh] 'Rinku paaji didn't even
invite me to his wedding.'

Now that I've come to meet him,
he's gone on his honeymoon.

Please tell him I'm very hurt.

DSP saab, so what
if Rinku paaji isn't here?

Papaji is here.
Come, let's have a few drinks.

Mr. Lucky, day-drinking
is not my style.

And one day, I made a deal
with one of the Atwals...

...while drinking during the day.

And that was the worst mistake
of my life.

I've never drunk with
an Atwal again.

Come on,
let's go to the police station.


Welcome back to Manali, sir.
We desperately needed you here.

I realised that
with the way you welcomed me.

Mr. Dogra, I hope this time...

...your team and you
will cooperate with me.

Absolutely, sir. You will have
full support from the Manali police.

Come, here's your desk.
I got it cleaned.

- My desk?
- Yes, sir.

- Okay, let's begin.
- Sir, get the details first.

- Come.
- Come.

Go on, get to work.

- So, Mr. Dogra, tell me something.
- [Dogra] 'Yes, sir.'

- Sit.
- Thank you.

Why did Rinku call me?

I know you don't even pee
without his permission.

Sir, Rinku paaji has nothing
to do with this.

Both of us know...

...that Rinku paaji has got
everything to do with this.

That's why, don't try to
play games with me.

Tell me the truth.

Well... Actually, sir, Rinku paaji
shouldn't even know about this.

[Dogra] 'I'll tell you
everything clearly.'

But please don't tell him
anything about this case.

So this time, the king's own men
are turning their sides.

Come in.

Oh, Lucky. Come, sit.

- No, I'm fine.
- Sit down.

- Would you like something?
- No.

Was there any work, parjaiji?

So much has happened lately.

[Teji] 'Let's get our business on track.'

You understand the operations here
better than Rinku, Lucky.

So, I needed your help.

Your plan is to sideline
Rinku paaji.

Don't you have any such plans,

You don't get the respect
you actually deserve.

I find this wrong somehow.

I can do something for you.

I'm not sure if Rinku
will ever do that for you.

I don't understand.

I'll tell you what, take Punjab.

The trucks are being loaded
to leave for Punjab.

This is the right time.

You won't find a better chance
to show Azra Esher your talent.

So, I don't have to tell you this.

If Lucky and you mess up,
I'll directly inform Rinku paaji.

But sir, I want you to catch
that girl and take her alive.

I've already seen this.

I was told that Koyal
has joined a gang.

No... Sir, I made that up
so that you come here quickly.

[Dogra] 'There is no gang here.'

The guards who were attacked
told us...

...that there was a boy with Koyal.

A Judo-Karate champion.

So, Koyal has found someone here
who sympathises with her.


I'll find your Jackie Chan.

Take care.

So sorry. Got held up there.
Shall we? Let's go.

What's bothering you?

I've been noticing since yesterday.
Why are you so quiet, Daman?

I'm not quiet, I'm speechless.

You said they'd be safe.

And I believed you.

You f****d over your friends,
and for what?

So this is about Saloni
and Shashwat.

But don't you remember that
we had to distract Rinku...

...so that we could take
that truck in our custody?

So I just took advantage
of the situation, Daman.

Advantage? Advantage...
Teji, do you even hear...

Please, just hold on.

Did you forget that Saloni
and Shashwat...

...were blackmailing us
instead of helping us?

Whereas we were trying
to save them.

So, they got
what they deserved, okay?


Sir, we've checked
this area before.

[Dogra] 'You won't find
anything here.'

It's a huge jungle, sir.
It spreads far and wide.

Wherever you go,
you'll only find trees and bushes.

What's this?

Bring my gloves
and the evidence bag.

It's trash, sir.

[Dogra] 'Tourists must have come
to drink in the jungle.'

'Someone must have dropped it.'

You call potential evidence trash?

You'll turn into trash one day.

How will you solve the case?

[Teji] 'Daman.'

I... I didn't kill them.

I have always loved you, Teji.

Because you were nothing
like my family.

Because you were actually
a good person...

...someone that I could trust,
someone that I could trust...

- ...to do the right thing.
- I'm still your same Teji, Daman.

- Please...
- Now see, the thing is...

...when I look into your eyes now...

...I don't see
the same Teji anymore.

This is someone else
who I don't know.

- Please don't say that.
- No, just...

Let's just not.

Rinku, did you hear that?

Who are you, a*****e?

[Rinku] 'How did you get in?'

Sorry for the wrong timing, son.

But when I found out
that the Atwals were looking for me...

[Arjan] '...I thought I should come
see you myself.'

I'm Arjan Singh.

Put the gun down and say hello
to your Papaji's friend.

[Timma] 'Did I disturb you, madam?'

Why are you calling at this time?
What do you want?

What else would Timma want
from you, madam? Money.

I've paid you.

No amount of money is enough
for a poor man, madam.

That's why from now on,
you'll pay double every week.

- Timma, you're crossing the...
- [Timma] 'Hold on.'

Before you abuse me,
let me tell you...

...that I'm still blackmailing you.

[Timma] 'I didn't tell the police.'

'But if Rinku paaji finds out...'

...he'll kill you for sure.

Listen, Timma,
you're crossing the line.

If Rinku finds out,
he won't spare you either, get it?

Rinku has ruined me already, madam.

Now I don't fear death or Rinku.

[Timma] 'But you have a lot to lose.'

Timma will make sure
everyone's destroyed.

Think about it.

Good night.

Is the initial forensic report ready?

- It'll be done by today, Mr. Ghosh.
- Okay.

I'll send it across to you as soon as
the report is ready.

Okay. There's a bite mark
on his neck.

Inspect it closely.

It would be nice if the DNA...

...and dental evidence
could be retrieved.

Let me know if you need
anything. I'll get it arranged.

[Ghosh] 'No.'

So, I'm done.

Please hurry up with the report, Doctor.

I can't let go of any chance
of catching Koyal this time.

The more evidence we find,
the stronger our chance...

...to put her behind bars.

Unfortunately, that's the only place
where she'll be safe.

- Okay, you go ahead.
- You...

I'll see you. I need to go
to the washroom.

- Let's go.
- Sir.

[phone ringing]

This is my number.

- Hello.
- [Teji] 'Hello, Mr. Ghosh.'

Now tell me, why did you need me?

I've heard the truck
has been found.

What you've heard is right.

I have a bigger offer
than the truck this time.

And the profit is even greater.

In simple words, I need your help.

We need to capture
all the territories of Azra Esher.

It's going to be a big fight.
This isn't a petty highway robbery.

You'll get one chance.
The work has to be done in one go.

No way.

Rinku, you're mistaken.

My Ghatak gang isn't
how it used to be.

We only do low-risk jobs now.

The scheme you're describing
has a high risk.

You can take this risk, Rinku.

You're young and passionate.

But son, with age, this passion
of taking risks dies down.

You know, Mr. Ghosh,
I still don't understand...

...why Koyal attacked me
that day and then let me go.

[Teji] 'I wonder why.'

It's her innate sense
of justice, Mrs. Atwal.

She wants revenge from Rinku
and Papaji, not you.

What about your friend?
Where is his video team?

Last time, Mr. Rinku was
hunting them.

Have they reached Delhi?

A lot has happened, Mr. Ghosh,
that you don't know of.

But before that,
I have something to tell you.

When I was taking Koyal
in the ambulance the other day...

I know, you probably think of me
as a terrible person.

But I had to confess to someone.

Since we're confessing today...

...I have something
to confess too.

Rinku and I had a deal.

Koyal instead of Rishi.

[Ghosh] 'I agreed.'

But Rinku,
that b*****d cheated on me.

[Ghosh] 'The poor boy got killed.'

I won't spare him.

DSP Ghosh, are we good guys
or bad?

Our choices are bad, Teji madam.

But we always try to do
the right thing.

You and I are fighting
a beast like Rinku.

So, we're warriors, not criminals.

What's your plan now?

Azra Esher is in your control.
How will you end it?

We will.

But before that,
you must do something for me.

[Timma] 'I didn't tell the police.'

'But if Rinku paaji finds out,
he'll kill you for sure.'

'Timma will make sure
everyone's destroyed.'

'Think about it.'

[Rinku] 'The plan is set. Look at this.'

Singh saab, we know that only
Ghatak gang can do this.

Listen, son...

...I came here
on your Papaji's request.

My Ghatak gang or I are in
no mood...

...to mess with Azra Esher.

- But...
- But sir...

...you don't have to mess with them.

You just have to bring an end
to them in one go.

Papaji has told me stories
about your friendship.

He said that if Arjan Singh
makes a demand once...

...the other person can't refuse.


That time is back, sir.

The Ghatak gang and Atwals
need to work together.

And once this happens,
Punjab will be ours.


Correct. Punjab is ours.

I came here
with the intention of refusing.

But you two...

...have marketed yourselves
quite well.

[Arjan] 'Go tell your Papaji...'

...that you have Ghatak gang's
full support.

-[Arjan] 'Full support.'
- Thank you.

Show me your plan.

Dear, pass me my glasses.

Singh saab, according to my plan...

...Azra Esher's truck will leave
from here with the consignment.

Load up all the trucks for Punjab.
Let's go.

[Arjan] 'You stay there.'

You take that corner.
All of you must scatter.

No one will fire unnecessarily.

Yeah, please give Isaac
the good news.

Everything is back on track.

All the trucks for Punjab
are heading out.

[Theme Music Playing]