Undekhi (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Revenge is Best Served Cold - full transcript

An intruder breaks into the Atwal resort and attacks one of the Atwals. Abhaya finds out he has more in common with Koyal than he thought. Daman-Teji make headway into their plan of becoming business partners with Samarth.

Come on, Arjan,
how can I doubt your gang?

Don't be ridiculous.

Do you remember how we used to
gulp down bottles?

We'll have to find the truck.

There's stash worth 50 crores in it.

'And you are an expert
at this.'

You can find the truck in a moment.

The Israelis are useless.
We're not sitting idle here.


What happened? Security!

- Where the f**k are you?
- Are you alright?

Koyal, let go of him.

Koyal, let him go. Koyal.

There are six guys,
and they are almost dead.

Two are already dead...

...the rest of them are lying here.
Hey, wait.

- Guard.
- 'Yes, sir.'


Tell the manager that I want
to see all of the resort's CCTV footage...

Get a move on!

'What happened?'

The security just told me.
Papaji, are you alright?

I'm fine, but our security sucks...

'...they couldn't even stop
the intruder.'

How can someone just enter
our house?

What the f**k were you all doing?

Parjaiji, are you okay?

The guards said
that you were attacked.

Who was it, Parjaiji?

I don't know.
It all happened so quickly...

- ...I didn't know what to do.
- That's alright.

We'll look at the CCTV footage.

Paaji, Dogra took the footage
with him.

But why?

He wants to find out about the girl.


- 'A f*****g girl?'

'...one of the guards
saw a girl running away.'


...you never mentioned
that a girl attacked you.

I said I didn't see
the person clearly.

Everything happened so suddenly...

'...whether it
was a boy or a girl...'

...anyway, the head was covered.
I don't know.

Daman, what happened to you?
Are you alright?


Everyone is alive, nothing has happened.
Stop making it a big deal.

Oh please.

You're always walking around
with a gun...

'...if you don't
shut your mouth...'

- I'll blow your head you idiot.
- Papaji, easy...

...the gun is loaded, please.

'And you, please be quiet.'

Yes, Dogra.

- Paaji, I checked the footage.
- What footage?

The footage from the resort...

Hold on.

Don't you know about the attack
at the resort?

The footage showed the tribal girl,

...Tarzan's sister.


Have you said anything
to Rinku paaji?

- No.
- Alright, stay right there...

...I'm coming to the police station.
And listen...

...turn off your phone.

F*****g hell!

The men who came after you...

...were Rinku's men.

How are you connected
to the Atwals?

Rinku and his father...

...killed everyone.

My sister... My friend...

I won't leave them...

...until they are dead.


I've turned off my phone
since I heard about this.

I don't know what to tell
Rinku paaji.

While you're thinking
about yourself...

...think about me too.

He's going to f**k both of us.

Dogra, you don't understand.

Rinku paaji is not
going to trust me anymore.

I'll lose the Punjab operation.

I understand your anger...

...but they are very dangerous.

If you do what they did to you...

...then how are you any different
from them?

What I would suggest is
that you leave...

I can get you out of here.

Didn't I f*****g tell you
to turn off your phone?


Yes, Rinku paaji.

Did you check the footage?
Who was that girl?

Yes, I saw the footage...

...but the footage isn't clear.

'And the guards said
it was a girl...'

...but there was a guy with her.

I'll send Lucky there,
show him the footage.

Yes, Lucky paaji is here.

Give him the phone.

Yes, paaji, speak to him.

- Yes, paaji.
- Why the f**k is your phone off?

And when did you go
to the police station?

I don't have any battery left
on my phone.

- Is everything fine at home?
- Yes, it is.

Dogra is saying that there was
a guy along with the girl.

Yes, but...

'...their faces aren't clear
because of their hoodies.'

Paaji, could it have been
Shashwat and Saloni?

Why would they attack Teji?


...call me as soon as you find out


Dogra, I want that girl
at any cost.

There's only one man
who can catch her.

Hi, Rinku.

How is parjaiji?

She's fine.

'Did something happen?'

No, I just wanted to check
if she remembers anything.

Who was that girl?
Have you seen her before?

Rinku, I'm very tired.

I wish I had something
to tell you.

You've a lot to tell me...

...but I don't think you want
to tell me.

You have made some enemies here already
and I don't even know about it.

I think this is enough for today.

And anyway, Teji is tired...

...and it has gotten quite late.

My bad.

Good night.


If you really want to take
revenge on them...

...then you must first destroy
Azra Esher.

'It's a pharma company.'

Not medicines,
they manufacture drugs.

If that company's over,
your enemy will be over too.

How do you know all this?

I used to work for Azra Esher.

When their Israeli owners
were starting work in Manali...

'...they took Rinku
and Papaji's help.'

They burnt warehouses and shops
of all their competitors.

And I used to...

...do that job for them.

I used to make bombs.

Will you make bombs for me?

Hello, Mrs. Atwal.

I think that you have
some good news for me.

Mr. Ghosh, Koyal is alive.

Are you sure, Teji madam?

I saw her myself.

Actually... She attacked me.

'But I don't know,
for some reason...'

...she let go of me.

So, I get a feeling that we're
going to meet soon, Mrs. Atwal.

♪ You live across seas,
oh foreigner... ♪

♪ I know you quite well,
oh foreigner... ♪

'You're absolutely right,
DSP Ghosh.'

Your culprit is alive for sure.

So, you're required to return to Manali
and capture her immediately.

But what's the point of all this,

Sir, those powerful a******s
in Manali will continue...

...to sabotage my investigation.

There's nothing I can do
in that situation, sir.

I will just be hanging
like a ceiling fan, sir.

Ghosh, this time,
the matter is totally different.

The Chief Inspector of Manali
police has requested for you...

...to be appointed
in a very special position.

- Dogra?
- 'And I put the word too.'

You will get the full support
of Manali police behind you.

- Promise, sir?
- 'Definitely.'

Well, now that
it's just you and me...

...tell me who the attacker was.

Are you serious, Daman?
You think I was lying?

Well, Teji,
to be completely honest...

...it doesn't really make sense
that you don't even know...

...if your attacker
was a man or a woman.

You know, I'm so sorry
to disappoint you, Daman.

I should have been
taking down notes...

...while she was trying to kill me.

How long will they take to call?

Look, all I was trying to say
was that...

...if you're afraid of something...

Guys, we've been waiting for
your call for so long.

I hope you're alone
and this call isn't being recorded.

We're not stupid.
Tell me where to meet.

Guys, there's something
we have to discuss first.

How much will we get
if we return the truck?

Are you f*****g serious, Saloni?

I mean, literally, you both
are running for your lives.

Cut the c**p, Teji.

That truck is worth
f*****g 50 crores.

And if you're taking this truck
without Papaji and Rinku's knowledge...

...obviously you're benefitting
out of it too.

Once a b***h, always a b***h.

Okay, what do you want?

Five crores.

Wow, you have some cheek, Saloni.

And how will we arrange
all this money?

I don't know, man.

I mean, you guys are the ones
that belong to a family...

...that runs
a criminal enterprise.

'Not me, so...'


'But when will
we get the truck?'

We'll give you the truck's location
as soon as we get the money.

'And it'll be your responsibility
to send us to Delhi safely.'

Okay, let me call you
in some time.

- What did you just do?
- Like I had a choice, Daman.

You know these guys are a******s.

We have to get the truck
in our custody anyhow.

This is our only chance
with Samarth.

So, are you leaving today?

- Yes, that's why I called you.
- At your command.

- This...
- Please take it.

Shambhu ji,
you have helped us a lot.

Thank you so much.

No one should get to know anything
about any of this, you understand?

Thank you so much. Thank you.


Sal, Teji. Teji. Easy.

What took you so long, Teji?

Have you ever seen
five crores in your life?

It takes time to arrange.

Okay, listen, I'm sending you
a location.

As soon as you get the money,
send me the location of the truck.

After that, a driver will pick you up
and take you to the helipad.

'And Saloni, just an advice.'

Once you're out
of Rinku's territory...

...don't ever come back here.

F**k it.


Easy, yeah.

This is it.

- F**k you, Teji.
- Did they trick us?

We did it.

We f*****g did it.

We've got the pin. Let's go.

Teji. Hello.

The car is coming to pick you up.

- Have a safe trip.
- Thank you, Teji.

- Oh, f**k.
- Oh, man!

That's a lot of money.

Looks like it's finally coming
to a good end for us.

End? This looks like a whole
f*****g new beginning to me.

We f****d those a******s
and now we're f*****g rich.

I like your style.
How did you do it?

A bit of risk, bit of luck.

For once, I thought of
giving the truck to Papaji.

His dealings with Azra Esher
would've balanced out.

But then, we can't let you
lose to Rinku either.

Now do you believe that I'm not
just another Atwal?

And we want Azra Esher to think
that you recovered this truck, not Rinku.

They should trust you completely...

...so that our partnership
is secured.

All right. Partners.

'After that, I was thinking
if we can move this here.'

What the f**k are you doing?

The truck has been found.
You've just got married.

'Go enjoy your honeymoon.'

- Rinku will handle everything.
- Mr. Atwal, I called them.

- For what?
- 'It's important.'

See, the thing is, Gerri and Isaac
trust me and I can't let them down.

They want me to let you know
about the new changes in the company.

- What changes?
- Coming to the point.

Point number one, you will no
longer be involved in any...

...business deal in Azra Esher
besides security and transportation.

- And point number two...
- Hey, a*****e.

You m**********r,
don't talk nonsense, understand?

Rinku will handle this business.
He'll handle everything.

You won't find anyone better
than him for Punjab.

It doesn't seem like that,
Mr. Atwal.

These guys have done
a great job.

'These two didn't just recover
the truck...'

...but also saved
the reputation of this company.

'Don't you think
that's remarkable?'

I should have shot him
the moment he was born.

- You f*****g traitor!
- Traitor? No.

- You underestimated me.
- Get lost! Nonsense.

We found the truck
and saved your partnership.

The truth is,
you never understood my value.

You f*****g a*****e,
I'll slap you!

- M**********r!
- Veerji, you be quiet.

'Are you guys done?'

All right. Let's get back
to business then.

Point number two, in all business
dealings of Azra Esher hereon...

...Daman and Teji will
represent the Atwal group...

Listen, you a*****e.
Do you know my name?

Rajendra Singh Atwal.

'The day I lose my mind...'

...I'll f**k you in front
of everyone.

- Do you see that, Mr. Atwal?
- Stay away.

These are the kind of
gangster talks...

...that get you into trouble
every single time.

There's a video on this pen drive.

Gerri and Isaac have watched it.

Stealing a few lakhs from
a multimillion dollar operation...

...doesn't suit you.

Pleasure meeting you again.
Do watch it.

This f*****g guy is still fine.

But look at this f*****g
family member of ours.

- Let's go.
- I'll see you at home.


You f*****g a*****e!
F*****g traitor!


You're amazing.

You got your friends killed
for this?

Veerji, I must say...

...I loved this side of parjaiji.

All the witnesses of Rishi's
murder case are finished, Rinku.

You and Papaji are safe now.

And is this how you thank me
for it? So ungrateful.

Anyway, you're welcome.

Daman, let's go?

- I'm going to win again.
- No, I want this card.

- Aunt, play a card.
- 'What are you doing?'

- 'Don't you know how to play?'
- Be quiet! Shut the f**k up!


Even if the house is on fire,
these two will roast corncobs in it.

You'll find them giggling. Idiots.

Stop being so dramatic.

Losses happen in businesses.

Mummy ji, there has been
a huge loss this time.

Why? What happened?

F*****g Samarth...

...is slowly getting us
out of the business.

Why don't you kill him?


You've said
my favourite thing, dear.

But this time, the situation
is different.

'The whole of Manali knows...'

...that the only person
that wants Samarth killed...

...is me.

If anything happens,
I'm going to be blamed for it.

So, let's go for our honeymoon.

If you aren't here,
no one will doubt you.


Listen, this thing just
pierced me right here.

'This is amazing!
Where did you find her?'

Look at her, and look at the useless
one that the other guy brought.

Take this.
You've made me happy today.

Take this. Take it all.

'Thank you, Papaji.'

Here's to new beginnings.

Teji, I'm taking Daman to show him
around the labs.

- Sure.
- It's your first day.

Enjoy your office.

And don't forget, you've got your
first call...

...with Gerri and Isaac today
later on.

Thanks for believing in us.

You've earned it.

Come, buddy.

- Hello, who is it?
- Timma.

'I called you so many times,

Tell me, what is it?

I want money, madam.
I'm in a very bad shape.

Money for what?
And listen, delete my number.

You're just like the Atwals,

'You forgot me after
your job was done.'

But I won't let you forget
so easily, madam.

'I hope you remember
what you did...'

Are you blackmailing me?

Madam, I'm asking money
for my service.

By the way, a murderer is greater criminal
than a blackmailer, right?

'You killed an on-duty
police officer.'

Moreover, you deceived Rinku
by saving that girl.

Even if you get away
from the police...

...Rinku will kill you for sure.

'Think about it.'

I'll call you again tomorrow.

♪ So open your heart
and speak... ♪

You love singing, sir, don't you?

♪ If no one comes after you call... ♪

♪ Then walk alone... ♪

♪ Then walk alone, walk alone... ♪