Undekhi (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Wedding Bells make a Loud Sound - full transcript

Rinku finds out who the real culprit is behind the missing truck while getting married to Muskaan. Daman-Teji get in touch with their old friends, this may give them an advantage over Rinku.

F*****g hell.

Rinku paaji...

[Ikjot] '...what brings you here?'

[indistinct chatter]

You've become quite famous.

[Rinku] 'I saw your interview.'

Tell me what exactly happened.

What can I say now, paaji?

I had no idea that Shera
would do this.

[Ikjot] 'As soon as I
handed over the cash...'

...he attacked me and Kirpal.

[Ikjot] 'Before I regained

...he fled with all the stash
and the money.

So you mean you saw Shera
take the truck, correct?

Of course, paaji.

Paaji, the b*****d betrayed you...

...without even a second thought!

Look, Ikjot.

Whoever betrayed me...

...will get punished.

I'll f**k them up.

You're one of our men.
You know that, right?

Yes, paaji.

Get well soon.

Are you sure?

Paaji, I'm not lying.

Lucky, come with me.

Keep an eye on Ikjot.

- Yes, paaji.
- Inform me if you find something.

Yes, paaji.

[Title Montage]

[knock on the door]


Paaji, it's a mess outside.

[Mannu] 'The police have posted your photos
all over the place.'

F*****g Ikjot has really got you this time!

I'm going to kill that policeman.

He has made a big mistake.

I'm not worried about him...

...I'm worried about Rinku paaji.

I don't know what he would
be thinking about me.

We should try talking
to Lucky paaji...

...I'm sure he'll believe me.

Then I went to his office and
uploaded the video on his laptop.


Why did you leave Shera's video
with Samarth?

That m**********r,
he tried to get us killed by Rinku.

Tension is rising between Samarth
and Rinku...

...and I just added to it.

Let the b******s fight.

Meanwhile, we can get out of here.


...we've to sort the scene
with the truck.

What I'm saying is...

...let's crack a deal, get some stash
and get the f**k out of here.

But who will we give
all this stash to?


If he wants his consignment worth
50 crores, he better f*****g pay up.

Or he could just simply hand us over
to Rinku again.

He's done it to us before.

We cannot trust these a******s
and neither the cops.

Dude, Teji and Daman,
they are our safest bet.

We will tell them that we have evidence
to expose their family's criminal business.

A little bit of blackmailing here and there and
I think we'll be able to make some good money.

How much longer?

Sir, we are down with five percent...

...there is plenty of footage left.

Give us five minutes.

- Can we talk for two minutes?
- Hurry up.

What is it?

Shera is on the phone.

Listen to what he has to say...
For my sake.

- Shera? Tell me the truth.
- [Shera] 'Paaji...'

...believe me. I swear on my mother,
I didn't do anything.

Ikjot said you attacked him.

The b*****d is lying, paaji.

I've been living in hotels lately.

[Shera] 'Paaji, I was unconscious,
I did not do anything.'

If you did nothing,
where the f**k did the truck go?

Paaji, his son cleared his exams,
so he brought some sweets.

[Shera] 'Mannu and I ate the sweets
and fell unconscious, paaji.'

When we regained consciousness,
Ikjot and the truck were missing.

[Shera] 'Paaji, Kirpal was also with him.'

'Paaji, believe me...'

'...or I'll come to you and you can
shoot me if you don't believe me.'

'Believe me...'


[Shera] 'Before delivering the stash
to the client...'

'...paaji separates stash
worth ten - twenty lakhs.'

You and your tourists will be happy.

[Shera] 'We'll be happy too.'

Now do you believe me that
the Atwals are up to no good?

This is Rinku's own f*****g guy
who is saying that they...

...have been stealing and selling
from our inventory for years now.


But why would he risk it?

Especially when he wants in
on the Punjab expansion.

There can be someone else
behind this.

[Gerri] 'Apart from this very
compelling evidence...'

...we have another problem.

Atwals know our business
in and out.

[Gerri] 'Unless we want any more trouble
than we already have...'

...we can't throw them out
of our business.

So we just let them go like this?

No. We won't.

But for now, we have to find out
about the truck...

...and for that, Samarth,
we need you to do something.

We cannot trust the Atwals anymore.


I'll do something
and I'll update you.

F*****g hell!

[folk music playing]

What the f**k is this?

Can we have some real entertainment?

What the f**k is going on over here?

[Rinku] 'Papaji...'

What the f**k is going on over here?

Where are the dancers?
What the f**k is this?

How is it possible that we won't
have dancers on my wedding?

Then what the f**k is this?

- What are they doing here?
- Come on, get on the stage.

DJ, play some music. Muskaan...

[Rinku] '...get ready. It's done.'

- Son...
- Mummy ji, get some rest...

Get some rest.
It's Papaji's time now.

Rinku is such a b*****d,
he's brought some beautiful girls.

Come on, move.

This is going to be fun,
such lovely ladies, I'll be right back.

Rinku is just amazing.


Rinku. Rinku!

Everyone should dance. Come on!
To hell with you!

Come on!


- Are you crazy?
- What happened?

The mess created over the last girl
is still not over...

...why did you bring them here?

- What?
- [Papaji] 'Rinku.'

- Hey, Rinku.
- Yes, Papaji.

Hey. Tell me something.

- Who am I to you?
- Father, Papaji.

- Who are you to me?
- Son.

Remember this, until we die...

...I'm going to be your father
and you will be my son.

Alright? Yeah?

Take this. It has a blank!

This is of no use to me.

Let me tell you one thing, Son.

Don't ever cheat me.

It's your wedding, Son.

I won't kill a girl today. Alright?

Don't you worry.
He was pulling my leg.

Come on, dance!

Come on,
it's Rinku's wedding today.


[Punjabi music playing in the background]

Guru ji says, when a human body
takes a dip in this water...

...all their wounds heal.

[Teji] 'These are my cousins from Delhi,
Manvi, Harshit and their son Ansh.'

[Daman] 'Good man, how are you?'

I decided that I had to get blessed
by Papaji.

Don't you think Teji Parjaiji
is being too friendly with Papaji?

It's Papaji's favourite food,
so you must have it.

- [Harshit] 'Yes.
- [Teji] Okay, see you.'

Keep an eye on her.

Alright, see you. See you soon.


Papaji, Daman has brought Samarth.

- He's here?
- Who is this dashing looking man, huh?

I like your pink pagdi.

This is great, such influential
people are here today.

You would have shot me
if I didn't come.

[Papaji] 'You shouldn't mind what
the elders say. Sit. How are you?'

All good, Atwal ji, how are you?

A drink in the hand makes every Jatt
feel like a king!

- Papaji.
- Yes?

Call for you.

F**k the phone call,
I'm not taking any calls today.

Alright, get lost,
I'll be there soon.

I'm sorry. I've to go.
Please enjoy yourself.

- Take care of him.
- Yes.

Get him what he wants.

- Get him a drink.
- We'll take care of everything, Papaji.

Great. Take care.

So what would you like to drink?

-[Teji] 'Thank you for coming.'
-[Samarth] 'I had to come. I promised you guys.'



I don't believe this.

He's getting married so peacefully
after what he's done.

What has he done now?

Are you serious?

[Samarth] 'You guys still don't know?'

Don't know what, Samarth?

What the f**k!

Hey, if this is not important,
I'm going to f**k you up. What is it?

- Papaji, it's urgent.
- "It's urgent." F*****g hell!

Hey! Isaac, Gerri.

How are you?
You've called at an auspicious moment.

Today is Rinku's wedding.

Of course. Congratulations.
We are sorry, Mr. Atwal...

...we couldn't come to Manali.

I'm sure you're aware of the situation.
Handling the client right now is a nightmare.

Which client are you talking about?
Please invite him to Manali.

Well, he would not like that.
Not until you solve his problem.

Come on, man,
there's a wedding going on...

[Papaji] '...and I'm quite drunk.'

I'm quite confused,
can you tell me what the problem is?

♪ Milk churning ♪

♪ The girl musically wails and wonders
About the irony of her life ♪

♪ Born to someone, and taken away by another,
Just because she weaves the dreams of marriage ♪

♪ The girl musically wails and wonders
About the irony of her life ♪

♪ Born to someone, and taken away by another,
Just because she weaves the dreams of marriage ♪

♪ Chickpeas ♪

♪ As she stands on the threshold,
Ready to fly, ♪

♪ She symbolically reflects upon the memory of rainbow pigeons
That freely sing in the courtyard of her father's palatial home ♪

- Jeet, come here.
- [Jeet] 'What happened?'

♪ Milk churning ♪

♪ Milk churning ♪

What are you doing here?
The guests are waiting for you.

- I'm fine here.
- Is something bothering you?

You can tell me.

And what are you going
to do about it, idiot?

What the hell do you know?

I know that you're worried
about the truck.

What the f**k did you say?

Everyone knows about it except me.

Oh, no.

Rinku hasn't told me a word
so that I don't worry.

[Papaji] 'He's fighting the battle
all by himself.'

How much can the poor guy handle?

Poor guy?

I just found out how Rinku is running
a side business under Azra Esher.

I know you're trying to poison my mind
about Rinku...

...and this should not happen again.

[Papaji] 'Understand?'

How the f**k did we get the money
to send you to America?

I know what he's doing.

We earn millions for the Israelis...

[Papaji] '...so if we take a cut,
there's nothing wrong with it.'

"Rinku is dealing on the side."
F*****g hell.

I told these people
to give me time.

We'll handle the problem. But no.

And that f*****g foreigner...

She said Rinku won't handle Punjab.

If it's not Rinku,
then who will handle Punjab?

I will.

This is not the time to be funny,
we are going to lose the business.

Papaji, give him a chance.

[Teji] 'He's serious.'

You know how Daman and Samarth
are already friends.

Daman can easily handle
business dealings with him.


You don't really know Samarth.

And if Rinku can't handle it,
how can you?

I'm your son, Papaji.


So you're my son?

Hold this.

And when Samarth declines...

...pump a few bullets in him,
my dear son.

You're impossible.

Can you come at the very first time
I call you? Leave.

Rinku paaji,
what brings you here again?

Paaji... Forgive me.
I wronged you.

I really needed the money.
My family is driving me crazy...

...they wanted me to buy my son
a bike and take them shopping...

[Ikjot] '...I was fed up, paaji.'

And Shera fled
with all the money, paaji.

Shera fled with the money.

- And he left this behind?
- Yes, paaji.


Paaji, don't trust him.

What lies did you tell paaji?

Everything. How you gave Shera
the sweets...

...and you ran away with the money
and the drugs.

Shut up, son of a b***h.

Paaji, don't trust him.
Listen to me...

- ...this guy is trying to frame me.
- Shut the f**k up, Ikjot!

Let me tell you what happened.

I just wanted to take the drugs...

...but before I gained

...the truck and the money
were missing.


And what do you think?

- Who must have done this great injustice to you?
- I don't know, paaji.

- Someone ambushed me...
- And f****d you up.

And now you're here
getting your mother f****d?

-[Ikjot] 'What's this, paaji?'
- Please get it.

No, paaji, please don't do this.

- Hurry up.
- [Ikjot] 'I don't want this, paaji.'

Listen to what I'm saying.

It's my wedding today.

I'm here instead of spending time
with my wife.

Tell me the truth
or all my guys here...

...will shove the drugs you stole
up your a*s.

Paaji, how many times do I tell you
that I know nothing about the truck!

- I'm telling the truth.
- Ikjot...

...your time is up.


- Shera.
- Put him down.

-[Shera] 'Don't worry.'
- No.

What are you doing to me?

Your son passed his exams, right?

I'm going to make you dance.

Lucky, you know everything.
I only have one son...

Don't you worry. Your son
is also going to dance.

Take his pyjamas off.

[Ikjot screaming]

Trust me, even Papaji did not know
about the truck.

Someone else has done this.

You really think so?

Then Rinku is also innocent, huh?

See, Samarth, we can't assure you
what Rinku will do...

...but trust me,
we can fix this together.

[Teji] 'And that's a promise.'

- Sir, main course?
- Get lost.

[waiter] 'Yes, sir?'

F**k off!

Why should I trust you both?

After all, you're just another Atwal.

And Atwals have their own ways
of f*****g people.

I'm not just another Atwal...

...and I wouldn't do this to you.

Prove it then.

Until then,
let's put our business plan on hold.

This was such a s**t show.

- So what will you tell Papaji now?
- I don't know.

But this... this is not working.

[Daman] 'We need something more concrete.'

Koyal, I've got you a place to stay.

You can...


Where did she go?


Hello, Teji?

Oh, my God, Saloni,
thank God you're alive.

Listen, are you guys okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. Shambhu said you
and Daman were looking for us.

Okay, Saloni, listen.
Listen very carefully.

Rinku's men are all around.

Even if you're better,
stay where you are.

And don't share your location
even with me.

Teji, listen, there is this truck.

What? Is that Shashwat?

[Shashwat] 'Yeah.'

Rinku is looking for a truck, right?

What do you know about that?

I know where it is.

In fact...

...we have the truck.

[Theme Music Playing]