Undekhi (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - True Lies - full transcript

As the Atwals prepare to welcome their new bride, Rinku doesn't have a moment to breathe. In the meantime, new secrets about the business are revealed to Samarth.

[Title Montage]

- Shera.
- Welcome, Ikjot paaji.

It's been long since I saw you.

-[Shera] 'What's going on?'
-[Ikjot] 'We've run out of stuff in Kasol.'

The foreigners are after our a***s
for more stuff.

[Ikjot] 'Where should
we get the stuff now?'

[Shera] 'The business is down, paaji.
What should I tell you?'

Forget the business, m**********r.
The business will continue.

I'm very happy today, Shera.

My good-for-nothing son has finally
passed his 10th grade.

-[Ikjot] 'Kirpal. Bring the sweets.'
-[Kirpal] 'Coming, paaji.'

Give Mannu some sweets. Go.
Mannu, have some sweets.

- Yes.
- Go ahead.

Rinku paaji took very long
to deliver the stuff this time.

[Shera] 'Paaji, the situation is very tight
at the factory right now.'

Since Samarth has come,
the b*****d has ruined the business.

[Ikjot] 'Hey, Kirpal, bring the bag.'

It's Rinku paaji who's handling it.

-[Kirpal] 'This is all of it.'
- That's how we manage to get...

...a couple of trucks away.

[Ikjot] 'Take this truck for instance...'

The truck must have stuff worth
at least 50 crores.

-[Shera] 'That's normal, paaji.'
-[Ikjot] 'Of course.'

- F**k, why do my eyes burn?
- It's nothing, Shera.

[Ikjot] 'These people that come from
Delhi and Chandigarh...'

...have turned it into a picnic spot.

[Ikjot] 'They've made the mountains

'Well, Rinku paaji is a smart man.'

He adds three or four high-value
trucks in every consignment.

Well, before taking the stuff
from the client...

...paaji keeps stuff
worth 10-20 lakhs aside.

Right, Mannu?
What happened to you, m**********r?

[Shera] 'I feel dizzy too.'

Ikjot, you a*****e.

I won't spare you.


Sir... What's happening to them?

I'll slap you, you b*****d.
Pick up the cash.

Stop looking at my face
and pick up the cash.

Check properly. Is it full?

What are you doing, sir?

[Kirpal] 'If Rinku paaji finds out,
he'll kill us.'

To hell with him.

Sir, I can't take the risk.

You don't want to take risk,
you b*****d!

You m**********r...

You can die then, a*****e.

[phone ringing]

Come on, let's do this.

Bhaiya, what are you doing?
They scored a goal. Come with us.

-[boy 1] 'Bhaiya, come on.'
-[boy 2] 'We scored a goal!'

Come on.

[Teji] 'You're so sweet.'

- [Rinku's mom] This one...
- [Teji] No way.

It'll look good on you.
Isn't it nice? I'll give it to you.

- Where the hell is everyone?
- What's the matter, darling?

Why are you sulking
early in the morning?

No one in this house cares about me.

Neither you, nor your
daughter-in-law Teji, no one.

She giggles with Rinku's mother...

...but she never spoke sweetly
with me.

Okay, never mind. Have breakfast.
I'll talk sweetly to you.

It's been very long
since we've made love.

I'll make sure you have
a good time.

Go away.

Your son just got married,
and you're aroused.

You're too much.

- Good morning, Mom.
- What's so good about this morning.

What's the matter? You're drinking
coffee instead of liquor today.

Your mom is after me
to drink some coffee.

But she doesn't know
that I've mixed rum in it.

What's the matter, Son?

I called him and personally invited him
because you asked me to.

He's bound to vent his frustration.

He won't come, I can give it to you
in writing.

Never mind, we'll find another way.

- Who are you talking about?
- Samarth.

Our plan was to invite him
to Rinku's wedding.

[Papaji] 'We'd meet each other cordially.'

'But the b*****d
is creating problems.'


I don't think we can do this
business without violence.

Just tell me.

Isn't Samarth your college friend?

[Daman] 'Yeah.'

Why don't you help out Papaji
with this problem?

[Teji] 'I'm sure if you invite him,
he won't refuse.'

He doesn't listen to Rinku.
You think he'll listen to him?

- Let me try at least, Papaji.
- [Papaji] 'Sure.'

Go ahead, speak in English.

Hey, Samarth!

[Daman] 'Yeah. I was trying
to surprise you, but you know...'


Since Samarth has come, the
b*****d has ruined the business.

[Saloni] 'Where the f**k were you?'

I was right here.
What do you mean?

Don't lie, okay?

I went to arrange for food.
So, thank me later.

How's your leg?
Did you take the medicines?

Are you hiding something
from me?

So f*****g annoying, Shash!



It's stuck.

When I first came here,
I was just like you.

Completely shattered.

[Abhaya] 'I got into the drug business
for money.'

But when my dear ones
fell prey to the addiction...

...that's when I understood.

[Abhaya] 'Then my uncle brought me here.'

It took me a while to get used
to reality.

Since then, I've been staying here.
I help with the monastery chores.

I don't know why I'm sharing
all this with you.

But you shouldn't lose hope,

[Abhaya] 'Everything will be fine here.'

- What about that! Where's Lucky!
- I'll call him.

Call Lucky! Where the hell
are all the boys?

We have to do all the work.

Lucky, where are you?
Where are all our men?

Paaji, the plan was for all of us
to come together.

But there's been a slip up.

[Lucky] 'The truck that Shera
was in charge of, is missing.'

He should have crossed the check
post with the consignment truck...

...and come back by now.

[Lucky] 'I can't even get through
to his phone.'


- Who else was with him?
- That dumb driver, Mannu.

[Lucky] 'I can't get
through to him either.'

Lucky, it'll be a mess,
you m**********r.

I know.

Find out if
the consignment reached.

That's most important.

-[Rinku] 'Check the road for any accident.'
- Okay, paaji.

I'll talk to the policeman
in Kasol.

Do what you have to, but hurry up
and keep me informed.

Don't worry, paaji.
I'll do something.

See, Samarth, the equation that
we share is not related to Rinku.

So, the problems between
Rinku and you...

[Teji] 'Daman thinks he can help you
get past that.'

So, for that sake,
please come to Rinku's wedding.

I appreciate that, Teji.
I really do.

But you guys have no idea how much loss
I've incurred because of Rinku and Papaji.

I don't know how much you know
and how much you should know.

Samarth, look, let's forget
what happened.

Let's start afresh.
Deal with Teji and me only.

[Daman] 'We'll handle all your problems.'

Well, honestly, that's a good idea.

You two should take over
the family business.

That's the plan.

- Well, then, it's worth a try.
- Awesome.

So that means you're coming
to Rinku's wedding.

-[Teji] 'Don't refuse, Samarth.'
- Come on, Samarth.

It's the first time my wife is
asking you for something.

You guys are very smart.

- Alright, I'll be there.
- [Teji] 'Nice.'

Shambhu ji, how much longer
will it take to heal?

It's healed.
Just continue the medication.

You know what, two people came
to me, looking for you both.

They asked about you,
but I didn't tell them anything.

They brought your photos,
but I took their picture.

[Saloni whispering] They're looking for us.

Get well first,
then we might ask them for help.

- Did I do the right thing?
- Yes, you did. Thank you.


[Shash] 'Shambhu ji.'

Take this, the amount I promised.

- Thank you.
- Should I keep all of it?

If you think it's too much,
give it back.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I knew something was fishy.

Where did you get
the money from?

♩ Milk churn ♩

♩ The girl musically wails and wonders ♩

♩ About the irony of life ♩

♩ The girl musically wails and wonders ♩

♩ About the irony of life ♩

♩ Chickpeas ♩

♩ She then calls out
to her helpless father, ♩

♩ Telling him that his beloved daughter ♩

♩ Shall soon be a stranger
In the distance ♩.

- What happened?
- Come with me.

Rinku, leave me.
You'll spoil my dress.

What's the matter?

There's been a problem.
It's serious.

- What problem?
- [phone ringing]

Rinku, I just found out from
my supervisor...

...that a high-value delivery
of ours is untraceable.

How can an entire truck
go missing?

I'll handle it, Samarth.
I just learnt about it.

Is this how you handle things?

You clearly don't have it
under control, my friend.

[Samarth] 'Yet again.'

'The truck is worth f*****g 50 crores,

You're finished. Done and over.

Hey, control yourself.
I've had enough of you, okay?

[Rinku] 'We've been doing business with
Azra Esher for years now...'

'...this hasn't happened before.'

I'll look into it.

- Listen...
- Listen, Rinku, don't worry.

You handle the business.
I'll take care of everything here.

Go. I know you'll set
everything right.

I'll try and come back soon.
Don't tell Papaji about it.

- So, I guess you guys have heard.
- Not from you.

This is alarming, Samarth.

[Isaac] 'Our client in Mumbai
told us about the truck.'

What's going on?

It's all Rinku. Their men follow
a specific protocol...

[Samarth] '...which they
broke today morning.'

Guys, I'm not involved in security
and transportation, Rinku is.

And when I asked him,
he didn't have an answer.

[Samarth] 'Nothing.'

But don't worry, guys.
I'll look into it myself.

You know what, Samarth?

I'm getting a little tired of this

...contest you've got
going on with Rinku.

We've always had a smooth
working system with the Atwals.

I don't want any
changes in that. You understand?

Exactly. We don't give a flying f**k
if you get rid of Rinku later.

[Isaac] 'But right now,
we want that truck...'

...and all of the s**t inside it...

- ...or I get rid of you.
- Absolutely.

- Hurry up.
- M***********s!

Where the f**k did the truck go?

High quality MDMA, cocaine,
everything was in it.

What the f**k were you all doing!

I don't understand, paaji.
Shera never turns his phone off.

Something's happened to him.

Did you check if any accidents were
reported? And that policeman Ikjot?

There was no accident
this entire week, paaji.

We went to Ikjot's house too.
It was locked.

He's not answering his phone either.

Lucky, you look for Shera.

And you m***********s
go look for the truck.

Half of our men are after Saloni
and Shashwat.

Lucky. What's more important
right now?

The truck.

The girl is shot in the leg.
She can't go too far.

Just do as I say.


I'll handle everything.
You should go home.

Today's a big day for you.

- How can I go home, Lucky?
- I'll handle this.

Lucky paaji, look at this.

Senior police officer
Ikjot Singh Maini...

...broke four bones
in his ribs in the attack.

He's currently in the ICU.

This was a well-planned attack.

The one who did this
is a famous criminal here.

This is Shera. This criminal's name
is linked to several...

...criminal activities
in the police records.

According to Ikjot Singh Maini,
Shera tried to kill him.

Take this.

No, paaji, our Shera can't do this.

Something seems very fishy.

Lucky, I don't care where Shera is.

Bring him to me.

[Punjabi song playing]

You look beautiful.

Let me set this for you. Nice!

Listen, don't worry.
Rinku will be back.

Rinku will be back.

- Look, there he is.
- See, I told you.

Where were you, dear?
I was worried sick.

[Rinku's mom] 'If you hadn't come now,
I'd have had a heart attack.'

I had some work.

Hurry up now. The auspicious hour
will pass. Come on.

-[Rinku's mom] 'He's so late.'
- Come.

Bring the rings. Take this, dear.

[Punjabi song playing]

Hey, Rinku, hold on a minute,

Listen, wake up. Wake up.

[Daman's mom] 'Rinku is getting engaged.
Wake up.'

- Mom, he won't remember anyway.
- [Daman's mom] 'Exactly, dear.'

At least in the pictures he'll know
who was getting engaged.

- The ceremony is on hold...
- [Daman's mom] 'Wake up, come on.'

- Wake up, Papaji.
- It's okay.

- Rinku is getting engaged.
- Papaji, come.

Wake up.

[Daman's mom] 'Come on.'

Let's go, come.

- Come.
- Come.

Fifty crores?
That's what you said, right?

The f*****g truck is worth 50 crores?


F*****g wowers, yo!

Imagine, Saloni, this has f****d
everyone who has f****d us.

Rinku is f****d.
Papaji, f****d.

Samarth, f****d.

All of them must be looking for
this truck with their sorry a***s.

This is called sweet revenge.

To our friends.

To Rishi.

Oh, God, these f*****g painkillers!

- Go to sleep, you need rest.
- Thanks.

- Carefully.
- Listen.

No matter what happens...

...you and I will share it equally.

Go to sleep. Get rest.

It's dry.

Do you really think Shera would
deceive you and steal the stuff?

Muskaan, in this business...

...you can't trust anyone.

It's possible that someone
stole it on the way.

Only one gang committed
such thefts.

Ghatak gang. They used to
rob trucks on the highway.

But its leader Arjan Singh
is a good friend of Papaji.

He can't do this.

Why don't you talk to Papaji?

It'll be a disaster, Muskaan.

Papaji is very happy
about my wedding.

His happiness matters the most.

I don't want him to worry.

Don't worry, I know you'll bring
everything under control.

[Samarth] 'I don't give a f**k about
how many investigators...'

...you're hiring or how many
resources you're using.

I need to know what happened
after it left the factory.

I want the CCTV footage
of the truck.

Who has the truck, where it went
and how it'll come back...

...I need to know
at any damn cost. You get it?


We've run out of stuff in Kasol.

The foreigners are after our a***s
for more stuff.

Where should we get the stuff now?

Paaji, the situation is very tight
at the factory right now.

Since Samarth has come,
the b*****d has ruined the business.

Well, before taking the stuff
from the client...

...paaji keeps stuff
worth 10-20 lakhs aside.

[Theme Music Playing]